Carrie 2: The Hate is a sequel to Carrie (Noahop5000)



Set 2 years after the events of the previous film, Chamberlain has recovered from Carrie's rampage and Thomas White has moved to a new high school in a town called framingham. There he meets a girl who has been tormented by bullies: Donovan Wilson the leader of the group, Jarvis and Timmy Fench, the second in commanders of the group, Barry Lopen, Joe Govenal and Rachel Oves. Thomas discoveres that she has TK powers just like Carrie did when they first meet and the girl mistakes him for a bully and pushes him away without touching him. Thomas then says "oh no,not again!" as he realizes how she did that. The only other witness to this is Principal James where the 3 meet up in his office. The girl's name is revealed to be Victoria Adams and she had issues similiar to Carrie only her mother was insituted an asylum and her father died years ago.

Thomas and Prinicpal James remember what happened back in Chamberlain and agree to work together to make sure that it is not repeated here. The Principal gives Thomas full permission to help Victoria while he takes care of the bullies. Thomas tells Victoria the story of what happened back in Chamberlain and this only makes her even more worried. Thomas takes Victoria after school to a daily training session where Thomas teaches Carrie how to control her powers and not to lose her temper. Victoria is revealed to also have a boyfriend at school named Peter Mallnay who comes to her training sessions to help her get through it. Meanwhile Principal James Punishes Victoria's tormentors by telling them they are all banned from the prom which is in 2 weeks. Furious, Donovan convinces the others to prank Victoria using Fake blood like back in Chamberlain. Jarvis then tells Donovan that getting them all killed is a bad idea, Donovan replies "It's not like she has TK powers or anything, besides if she did i would know, trust me it's fine".  Thomas had just finished another training session with Victoria when Donovan comes in.

He feigns an apology to Victoria for bulling her in the past and offers the 3 of them a vip Pass to a party at his Mansion (donovan is very rich) in order to make up for it. Victoria and Thomas fall for the trick and accept the invitation setting the stage for another disaster. At the Night of the party, Jarvis and Timmy are in position with the blood and the ballot for party king and queen has been switched for Peter and Victoria by Barry and Joe. Thomas, Peter and Victoria are completely unaware of any prank. Donovan meets up with the rest of the group and reveals a second part of the prank, a screen will show a shower prank they did on Victoria, ensuring complete humiliation. Peter and Victoria dance and laugh along with Thomas and have a grand time at the Party.

When Peter and Victoria are annouced party queen and king and they arrive on stage, Donovan gives the signal to drop the blood on them and Jarvis and Timmy do so sucessfully. Rachel then goes and turns on the screen that shows Victoria's shower prank humiliating her further as everyone laughs at her. Peter angrily shuts down the screen and is about to ask who dropped the blood when Jarvis accidently drops the bucket right on top of Peter's head, killing him. Thomas has several flashbacks of the last movie when this happens and then goes to help Victoria and tells her that he is here for her. Victoria them completely snaps, her boyfriend dead and humiliated. She tells Thomas that his training sessions have always been useless and tells him he should go to hell before knocking him through a door out of the room.

A massacre then begins with Thomas screaming through the door at Victoria begging her to stop this before someone else is hurt. Victoria kills several people in the room by collaspsing parts of the room on them, she also kills Barry and Rachel by dropping the screen of her shower prank on them. Jarvis and Timmy are still on the catwalk however and Victoria brings it down. Due to the catwalk being only a little high up they survive and attempt to leave. She then shocks them both to death with several wires and lights. Victoria then begins to finish her work by setting the room on fire by using flammable alchol and other things to burn the place down and kill everyone else. Meanwhile Joe is sneaking up behind her and grabs a knife to attempt to stop Victoria.

Victoria is stabbed by Joe but however she is only stabbed in the arm which is not fatal and she angrily chokes him to death. At this point Thomas runs out of the Mansion in horror who now has to stop a second Black Prom. Thomas manages to find Donovan who got out before the massacre started and he tells him if he knew Victoria had TK powers he would have never have done this. Donovan then convinces Thomas that he needs his help in order to stop Victoria from making another Black Prom. Thomas punches Donovan for lying to them and then calls Principal James and orders him to get Victoria's mother, Selina and drive to Donovan's house or many people will die. James quickly arrives at the house after the massacre with Donovan joining them.

Selina goes to talk to Victoria, Victoria stops her rampage for a moment as Selina reaches out to her. Selina tells Victoria that she needs to stop now and that this isn't what anyone would want. Selina then also reveals that she is Carrie's cousin which was kept a secret from her following what happened in Chamberlain. Victoria is convinced by her words until she sees Donovan behind Selina and thinks that her mother is trying to distract her.

As a result, Victoria kills her own mother by using her TK to snap her neck and is now completely and totally insane, not caring about anyone anymore. The principal activates the fire sprinklers inside while this is happening, saving the mansion from burning down and sees Selina dead, much to his horror. Victoria then throws an entire tree at Thomas and Donovan, determined to kill them. They dodge the attack and they flee inside with the prinicpal and now know that Victoria cannot be reasoned with and they must find a way to kill her. Thomas has an idea and tells the principal to find a flare gun and he will distract Victoria.

Donovan knows what he means and heads to the pool using the back door. Thomas manages to taunt Victoria into chasing him by telling her she is a slowpoke. Victoria angrily chases after him to a balcony on the third floor of the mansion where she walks toward Thomas. Before she can reach him, Donovan returns from the pool and tackles Victoria and himself off the balcony and they fall into the outdoor pool. Donovan gets out and tries to trap Victoria in there by using the pool cover. Victoria then lunges out of the pool and grabs Donovan who kicks her face, in order to get her off. She comes back, but before she can grab Donovan again, James comes back with the flare gun and shoots Victoria's side, causing her to go back in the pool. Victoria soon jumps out a third time and drags James under the pool as the cover closes, drowning him. Donovan has fled back into the house with Thomas and they try to think of another plan to kill Victoria. Victoria finds Thomas and Donovan and she chases then into the kitchen. 

She then grabs a knife and stabs Donovan's chest, apparently killing him, corners Thomas, and begins to choke him to death. Just then a fatally wounded but still alive Donovan grabs a knife and stabs Victoria on her left shoulder, stomach, and right leg while she focused with Thomas, apparently killing her. A dying Donovan then tells Thomas she might come back for a last scare when they walk away and gives him a handgun. A still alive Victoria does exactly that and tries to kill them by levitating a bunch of knifes.

Thomas then shoots Victoria 3 times in the chest and once in the head and she falls through a window to her death (she had died from the shots before she fell through the window). Thomas makes a final goodbye to Donovan and tells him that he partly forgives him for what has happened. Donovan accepts this and asks Thomas what would happen if he got involved in a 3rd Black Prom. He replies that there is no way in hell thats happening ever again. Donovan replies "you never know..." and dies of his wound soon after. Thomas is picked up by the police and is once again the only survivor of a huge massacre although they agree it could have been much worse had Victoria not been stopped at the mansion.

Thomas confesses that he had gotten involved with a second TK girl and asks himself why does he always have to be included in it. When he visits Victoria's grave Thomas apologizes for not being able to help her like what happened with Carrie White. Suddenly, when he is about to leave, Victoria's bloody hand grabs his leg and she simply says "apology denied" and Thomas sucked into the dirt. He then wakes up from this nightmare and it is revealed that he already visited the grave and has moved away once again, this time hopefully safe from any more "Black Proms". Thomas then writes down in his journal about Victoria Adams and Carrie White and is now finally ready to leave behind his past and start over as the film ends.

Main Characters

  • Victoria Adams- She is the Anti-Heroine protagonist edventually turned Antagonist of the film. She is a telekenitic girl in Framingham high school whose mother was insitutionized and is tormented at school like Carrie was. When Thomas White discovers her secret he is desperate to avoid her going insane and killing everyone just like his sister did. However things go wrong when they fall for a trick by Donovan to go to a party where she will pranked thus setting the stage for another massacre. Thomas will have to use every trick that he has to stop Victoria before she ends up killing hundreds of people in her hate.
  • Thomas White- He is the Main protagonist of the film. Thomas is the only survivor of the events of the previous film where her sister went on a muderous rampage after being humiliated. Thomas has just gotten used to his new life when he meets the telekenitic girl, Victoria Adams and desperatly tries to keep the Black prom from reapeating. Despite his efforts, he ultimately fails to prevent another killing spree and must stop victoria before she murders hundreds of people in her hate.
  • Donovan Wilson: He is the Main antagonist edventually turned tritary Protagonist of the film. Donovan is the rich leader of the bullies that torment Victoria at school and is responsible for her breakdown. He is shown to be smart and a good actor as he feigns an apology to lure Victoria to a party where they drive her mad, unaware of what he is about to unleash. Donovan must now cast aside his discontent and help Thomas defeat Victoria before she can kill hundreds more people in her hate.
  • Principal James: He is the secondary protagonist of the film. James is a nice principal and the only other person other than Thomas who knew about Victoria's powers. He is shown to be fully supportive of Thomas's plan to make Victoria stable. James is also Present at the final battle with Victoria and Helps Thomas and Donovan.


  • Peter Mallnay: After dropping the fake blood Jarvis discards the bucket by dropping it. However Jarvis unintentionly drops the bucket on top of Peter's head, fracturing his skull and killing him in front of Carrie, starting the rampage.
  • Barry Lopen and Rachel Oves: The two are the first victims of Victoria's rampage when Victoria drops the Screen showing the shower prank on their heads, killing them
  • Jarvis and Timmy Fetch: Victoria targets the Fetchs next and collapses the catwalk the two are standing on. They survive this and look for a way out. Before they can escape however, Victoria shocks them to death by using wires and lights.
  • Joe Govenal: Now the only one left alive in the room other than Victoria, Joe tries to sneak up behind Victoria stop her by stabbing her arm. While this does injures her, it also makes her even angrier to the point where she burns Joe to death.
  • Selina Adams: Principal James gets Victoria's mother, Selina out of the insitution and gets her to help Victoria. Victoria stops her rampage and calms down she sees her and Selina tries to reason with her and also reveals She is Carrie white's cousin whose death was kept a secret from her. At first this is working as Selina reaches out to Victoria with her hand. However Victoria then sees Donovan behind Selina and thinks this is a trick. Victoria then kills her mother by Snapping her neck with her TK much to Thomas and Donovan's horror.
  • Principal James: After gettting a Flare gun as Thomas instructed him too, he goes to the pool and sees Victoria grabbing Donovan again. James saves Donovan by shooting Victoria's side with the flare gun. The pool cover is about to completely close when Victoria gets out again and drags James under the pool as the cover closes, drowning him.
  • Victoria Adams: After kiling James, she corners Thomas and Donovan in the kitchen and Fatally stabs Donovan. Donovan is still alive however and stabs Victoria in 3 different places while she is choking Thomas. Donovan then gives Thomas a handgun and warns him that Victoria will likely get back up for a final scare. Donovan proves to be correct as Victoria gets up, levitates knifes and aims then at Thomas. Thomas notices this and shoots Victoria 3 times in the chest and once in the head which causes her to fall out of a window (she had died before falling out the window), finally killing her.
  • Donovan Wilson: After Victoria chases him and Thomas in the kitchen, he is Fatally stabbed by Victoria in the chest. Donovan is fatally wounded but not dead yet as he manages to stab Victoria 3 times. He then warns Thomas that Victoria could come back for a final scare and gives him a handgun should that happen. When that does happen, Thomas shoots Victoria reapeatingly until she falls through a window. Thomas then returns his attention to a dying Donovan and tells him that if it helps he partly forgives him for what has happened. Donovan accepts this and asks him what will happen if he gets involved with a 3rd Black Prom. Thomas tells him that there is no way in hell thats happening ever again. Donovan then tells him "you never know..." and then dies of his wound.
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