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Carrie Poster.

Carrie (The New Story) is a 2015 horror film and a remake of the 1976 horror film, Carrie based on the book by Stephen King of the same name.


Carrie White is a shy girl that no one likes. She lives in an old creepy house with her Zealous mother. Carrie has no friends, but what she does have is telekinesis. Whenever she is irritated or stressed out, her powers start shifting objects around her. She is bullied by a girl named Chris Hargensen & her clique. The only people who like Carrie are Sue Snell, Tommy Ross, and her Gym teacher Miss Desjardin. Soon, the girls are thinking about pranking Carrie at the prom. Tommy offers her to go with him. At the prom, the mean girls and boys are botting the votes for the prom king and queen and due to this, Carrie and Tommy become the winners. Behind the stage, Chris tugs a rope causing a bucket of pig's blood to fall on her. Tommy then dies by getting hit on the head by the bucket and Carrie then enters a catatonic state where her powers start killing off those who wronged her.


Jemma McKenzie-Brown as Carrie White

Tilda Swinton as Margaret White

Ariana Grande as Sue Snell

Sasha Pieterse as Tina Blake

Anna-Sophia Robb as Chris Hargensen

Elle Fanning as Rhonda Simard

Cory Monteith as Tommy Ross

Jayma Mays as Miss Desjardin

Dreama Walker as Helen Shyres

Dakota Blue Richards as Norma Watson 

Chord Overstreet as Billy Nolan

Taylor Lautner as Jackie Talbot
Logan Lerman as Kenny Garson

Tina Fey as Mrs. Morton 


  • Carrie White
  • Sue Snell
  • Tina Blake
  • Norma Watson
  • Miss Desjardin


  • Tommy Ross
  • Mrs. Morton
  • Kenny Garson
  • Jackie Talbots
  • Billy Nolan
  • Helen Shyres
  • Rhonda Simard
  • Chris Hargensen
  • Rachel Spivey
  • Jessica Upshaw
  • The Thibodeau Twins
  • Harry Blake
  • Greg Delois
  • John Swithen
  • Melissa Cowan
  • Holly Marshall
  • Samara Stenchfeld
  • Sally Macintosh
  • Lennie Brock
  • Josy Vreck
  • Billy Bosnan
  • David Bracken
  • Peter
  • Genevieve Garcia
  • Don Farnham
  • Billy Delois


In the end, Carrie is rescued by Sue and is taken to Florida to start anew.

Main Cast Gallery

Sue and Carrie in the Mall

Tina:So Sue,honey what are you wearing for prom?
Sue:I don't know yet,maybe this blue gown from Chanel.
Rhonda:But...the prom is on Wednsday!
(Sue sees Carrie standing in front of a red dress at Top Shop)
Sue:Maybe,I'll find the perfect one at Top Shop!
Tina:Ergh! All the wannabees shop there!
Sue:I can't hear you,what did you say?
Rhonda:Be quiet! The whole mall hears you!Sue where are you going?
Sue:How I said!
Tina:Whatever! Call me byotch!
(Sue walks over to Carrie)
Sue:So,you're shopping for prom right?
Carrie:What? You want to blame me? Fine!
Sue:I don't want to! Carrie we're friends!
Carrie:Are we? You bullyed me too!
Sue:Because I'm popular! I have to take down the the unpopulars!
Carrie:Oh so my friends are bullying me?
Sue:What friend Anyway! Did this special guy from the swimming team askes you?
Sue:Sweety, Don't lie to me! I know you have a crush on him!
Carrie:Ok,yeah he asked me!
Sue:The red gown would look amazing on you!
Carrie:It's to extraordinary!
Sue:Darling? You're also nominated for prom queen,so you-
Carrie:What? Who nominated me?
Sue:This creepy girl, what was her name? Norma Watson!
Carrie:Wow! I think i'm gonna try it!
Sue:God will pray for that!