Carrie is an upcoming American horror film based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. It stars Emily VanCamp as the titular character along with Julia Roberts as her crazy mother and Salma Hayek as her friendly gym teacher. The film is part of the Stephen King Cinematic Universe.


The film opens with a woman, Margaret White, alone in her house. She gives birth to a baby girl, who she names Carrie. Years later, Carrie is a shy, unassertive and friendless girl nearing her high school graduation. 

While showering after gym class one day, Carrie experiences her first period. Having no prior knowledge of menustration, Carrie freaks out, thinking she is bleeding to death. Her peers mock her and throw tampons at her, while popular socialite Chris Hargensen records the incident on her phone. A light bulb suddenly explodes and the other girls hurry out. Afterward, Carrie is comforted by her pregnant gym teacher Rita Desjardin. Whe Carrie returns home, Margaret tells Carrie that this is God's way of punishing her and locks her under the stairs to pray for forgiveness.

In retaliation for the shower room incident, Desjardin subjects Carrie's tormentors to a week long boot camp. Chris refuses to take part and is banned from the upcoming prom. Meanwhile, Carrie is gradually discovering that she has telekinetic powers. Desjardin convinces student Tommy Ross to invite Carrie to the prom. Tommy does so and Carrie accepts. When she informs her mother, Margaret tells her that the prom is a sinful occasion and forbids her from attending.

Chris seduces the leader of a gang of bullies, Billy Nolan, and convinces him to aid her in getting revenge on Carrie by publicly humiliating her. Billy and his gang head out to a farm and kill two pig, draining their blood into two buckets. They then break into the school and hide the buckets above the school's stage.

On prom night, Margaret still refuses to let Carrie go to the prom. Carrie angrily reveals her telekinetic powers, leading to Margaret renouncing her as a witch. Carrie uses her mind to lock her mother into the closet then puts on her homemade dress and leaves. At the prom, most students are surprised to Carrie there, but they mostly treat her as an equal. She has a wonderful time, and even shares her first kiss with Tommy. Meanwhile, Chris has her two friends, Tina Blake and Niki Watson, slip fake ballots into the ballot box.

Much to their surprise, Carrie and Tommy are crowned Prom King and Queen thanks to Chris' machinations. As they stand on stage, Chris dumps the pig's blood all over them. Her video of the shower room is then projected onto the wall. Carrie looks around the room and sees everyone laughing and jeering at her. One of the buckets falls and knocks Tommy out. Carrie finally snaps.

Carrie locks the hall's doors shut and telekinetically activates the sprinkler system, electrocuting Niki and Tina. This leads to a fire which begins to consume the trapped student body. Carrie then leaves the school building, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. Billy and Chris manage to escape into Billy's car and Chris orders him to run Carrie over. However, she flips the car over and it explodes, killing them both. Desjardin arrives just in time to witness Ewen High exploding. As the injured students pour out, she is shocked to learn that the one behind the chaos is Carrie and heads off toward her house.

Meanwhile, Carrie arrives home, where her mother escapes from under the stairs. Margaret reveals to Carrie that she was the product of marital rape by Margaret's husband Ralph. However, Margaret admits that she enjoyed it, and then killed him later. Enraged, Carrie crucifies her mother with a set of knives, pinning her to the wall. Upon hearing Margaret's cries of pains, Carrie finally ends her life by telekinetically stopping her heart.

Desjardin arrives to find Carrie standing next to her mother's corpse. Desjardin confronts her as the house begins to rattle violently. Carrie angrily grabs hold of her, but senses the baby's heartbeat inside of her. Carrie tells Desjardin that she will have a daughter and then shoves her out of the house and it collapses, killing Carrie. Desjardin looks on in a state of shock.

Some time later, the "Black Prom" has become known as one of the worst national tragedies of all time. Desjardin gives a testimony in court relating to the incident, and is then seen placing flowers on Carrie's grave, where her headstone has been descrated with graffiti reading "Carrie White burns in Hell." After she walks away, Carrie's headstone cracks and falls apart.

The film ends similarly to how it began; with Desjardin giving birth. As she screams in pain, a bloody hand suddenly bursts out of her vagina and grabs the camera, briefly flashing to an image of Carrie, ending the film by the implying that Carrie has been reborn.


Emily VanCamp - Carrie White

Julia Roberts - Margaret White

Salma Hayek - Rita Desjardin

Sarah Hyland - Chirs Hargensen

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