Carrie is a 2019 animated kid-friendly horror musical film based on Stephen King's first novel of the same name and the 1988 Broadway musical. It is the first Disney film to have Stephen King to produced in this animated film. It is also released on November 18th, 2019 in the U.S.A. and October 18th, 2019 in the U.K.



Carrie White watches her neighbor Estelle Horan tanning. Than they both start chatting about her breast and tells Carrie that she'll have some when she grows up. But Carrie tells her that she won't because her mother calls them "Dirtypillows". Margaret White than interrupts them and picks up Carrie in her arms, while she calls Estelle a "sinner" for revealing her body. Then a rain of stones happens and Margaret rushes inside with Carrie.


16 years later in a high school name Thomas Ewen Consolidated High, a gym teacher name Miss Desjardin is leading a group girls in a volleyball game, during P.E. class. After class, the girls head to the locker room and have fun teasing a less attractive and plump now-teenage girl Carrie White. The girls start to shower while talking about boys and their plans for the upcoming Prom. Carrie has her first period in the shower and not understanding what is happening, she thinks she's bleeding to death, she panics and desperately pleads for help. The other girls, led by the arrogant, popular and beautiful student name Chris Hargensen who frequently bullies Carrie, gleefully respond to this by pelting her with tampons, laughing and chanting "Plug it up! Plug it up!" Miss Desjardin breaks up the commotion and slaps Carrie in the face in an attempt to calm her down. A light bulb mysteriously breaks as Carrie reaches the height of her panic. Miss Desjardin manages to console Carrie and tell her what menstruation is. Later, the high school principal, Mr. Grayle seems uncomfortable as Miss Desjardin expresses bewilderment that Carrie is so uninformed about menstruation. As he dismisses Carrie from school for the afternoon, she becomes frustrated at both cigarette smoke emanating from an ashtray and Mr. Grayle repeatedly referring to her by the name "Cassie", causing the ashtray to flip from his desk and shatter. On her way home, a young boy name Tommy Erbter teases Carrie, and she makes him fall off his bicycle simply by glaring at him. While walking home from school Carrie is hurt by name-calling and teasing by her classmates, but dreams of being vindicated and gaining respect from her peers ("Carrie"). At home Margaret is praying to God ("Open Your Heart"), when Carrie arrives home. Carrie joins her mother in prayer for a few minutes and then explains what happened in the locker room. Margaret tells Carrie that the blood is a sign of her "sin" ("Eve Was Weak") and forces her into the closet to pray for forgiveness. With Chris's parents out of town, Chris throws a party at which she recounts to the kids the details of that day's incident with Carrie in the locker room. However a girl name Sue Snell, who is Chris's best friend is confused and upset about the role in the hazing protests and that it wasn't funny, Chris perversely instructs her in the natural order of things ("The World According To Chris"). Upset by Chris's toxic message, Sue turns her back on her best friend and leaves with her boyfriend Tommy Ross. Back at the White's house, Carrie is still locked in the prayer closet surrounded by religious icons. Margaret, meanwhile, pleads for her own divine guidance. As Carrie puzzles over this new sensation she's been feeling, she grows more agitated. Suddenly, a little figurine of Jesus Christ levitates, leaving Carrie to wonder if this strange power might possibly be coming from within her. Margaret releases her from the closet and tearfully apologizes for her actions, prompting Carrie to beg for forgiveness as well. The 2 find solace in each other's goodnight embrace ("Evening Prayers"). The next day in English class, Mr. King praises a poem the Tommy Ross has written,and has him recite his work ("Dreamer In Disguise"). When the teacher asks the unruly students for reactions, Carrie volunteers. Her heartfelt emotion only provokes the other kids's mockery. After class, Sue tries to apologize to Carrie but, thinking it's some kind of trick, Carrie yells at her and storms off. Shaken and shocked into awareness, Sue muses on their encounter ("Once You See"). Miss Desjardin rebukes the girls for their reckless mistreatment of Carrie and demands that they apologize to her or else. They all do, except for Chris, who instead hurls a vicious invective at Carrie, causing Miss Desjardin to banned Chris from the Prom. Frantic, Chris tries to rally the girls to join her in defying their teacher until Sue shouts defiance. Battle lines are drawn, the best friends are now enemies. When Miss Desjardin apologizes to the sobbing Carrie for what just happened, Carrie surprises her by insisting that she's got to let Chris go to Prom. Carrie points out that for the girls like Chris, Prom is like a dream. When pressed, Carrie admits that she herself is not going. Moved by Carrie's lack of self-esteem and her need for support, Miss Desjardin assures her that things can change ("Unsuspecting Hearts"). Determined to do right for Carrie, Sue asks Tommy for help with a plan she's devised. Similarly, Chris, blaming Carrie for her humiliation, interrupts a make-out session with her boyfriend Billy Nolan to get his help in her plot for revenge ("Do Me A Favor"). Alone in the library, Carrie reads about telekinesis from a book. Concentrating intensely, she succeeds in moving chairs across the room without touching them, startling herself with this newfound power. In retrospect, the exploding light bulb in the shower and Tommy's tumble from his bicycle start to make sense. Later, at Carrie's house, Tommy surprises Carrie by knocking on her door and asking her to go to the Prom with him. Though at first Carrie is confused and uneasy, but eventually agrees to go with him. When she tells her mother the news, Margaret forbids her to go, insisting that all boys just want to take advantage of girls, including her own father ("I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance") and the Prom would be an occasion of "sin". Carrie reveals her telekinetic powers, telling her mother that she is determined to attend the Prom and she will not be stopped. Later, that night. Chris, Billy and his friends Jacking Talbot and Kenny Garson go to a pigs farm and they kill a pig to drain it's blood into a bucket and hang it above the stage at the school’s gymnasium, where Chris plans to dump it on Carrie at the Prom. Back at high school, Sue is confronted by other girls who are upset that Carrie is going to the Prom. Sue believes she is doing the right thing but realizes that doing the right thing is not always easy ("It Hurts To Be Strong"). Miss Desjardin, who is suspicious of Sue's motives in having Tommy invite Carrie, warns them both that if they hurt Carrie in any way, they'll have to answer to her. Sue worries that Tommy is mad at her too, but insists he's merely disappointed, wanting to take his girlfriend to go to Prom with him. To make up for the event that they're going to miss, he takes her into the half-decorated gym to share a private romantic moment ("You Shine"). It's finally Prom Night and Carrie is getting ready for the Prom and dreams about her date and in a positive display of her special powers, she sends her dress, shoes and hairbrush dancing through the air ("I'm Not Alone"). Margaret tries one more time to convince Carrie not to go to the Prom ("Carrie (Reprise)"), but Carrie doesn't listen. She leaves for the Prom with Tommy. Alone, Margaret mourns for the lost of Carrie for she believes that she finally lost her ("When There's No One"). Tommy and Carrie arrive at the Prom ("Wotta Night") and everyone is surprised at how beautiful Carrie is. Miss Desjardin is there as a chaperone and talks to Carrie about how it feels to be in love ("Unsuspecting Hearts (Reprise)"). Carrie is nervous about dancing with Tommy, but he finally convinces her to go out on the dance floor with him ("Heaven"). As the votes for the Prom Queen is cast, Tommy, Carrie, Sue, Chris, Billy, and Miss Desjardin soliloquize about the events unfolding ("Heaven (Reprise)"). Carrie is declared Queen of the Prom and is crowned as the students and teachers sing "Alma Mater". Suddenly, Chris and Billy dump the bucket of pig's blood on Carrie and run away. As the students and teachers's stunned silence turns into derisive laughter, her unimaginable humiliation turns to fury and then madness. Lashing out with her powers, she exacts a terrible revenge on the students and teachers ("The Destruction").

Cast Of Characters

  • Carrie White
  • Margaret White
  • Sue Snell
  • Tommy Ross
  • Chris Hargensen
  • Billy Nolan
  • Miss Desjardin
  • Tina Blake
  • Helen Shyres
  • Donna and Mary Lila Grace Thibodeau
  • Rachel Spies
  • Jessica Upshaw
  • Norma Watson
  • Rhonda Simard
  • Ruth Gogan
  • Vicky Hanscom
  • Myra Crews
  • Jessica MacLean
  • Frieda Jason
  • Cindi
  • Fern
  • Jackie Talbot
  • Kenny Garson
  • Freddy Holt
  • David Brackin
  • George Chizmar
  • Dale Norbert
  • Peter
  • Frank Grier
  • George Dawson
  • Vic Mooney
  • Mr. Grayle
  • Mr. King
  • Miss Fish
  • Tommy Erbter
  • Estelle Horan
  • Mrs. Horan


  1. Helen Shyres: Gets her face smashed into a firedoor window.
  2. Kenny Garson and Vicky Hanscom: Falling off from the bleachers and braking their backs.
  3. Jackie Talbot: Gets crushed to death by the bleachers.
  4. Freddy Holt: Gets crushed to death by a table.
  5. Donna and Mary Lila Grace Thibodeau: Get trampled to death by panicked students.
  6. Mr. Grayle: Gets electrocuted to death on stage by a wet wired microphone.
  7. Dale Nobert: Gets his fingers cut off by the doors and dies from hemorrhages.
  8. Norma Watson: Gets stabbed to death by a star lantern.
  9. Rhonda Simard: Gets electrocuted by a 220 volts wire and then burns to death.
  10. Ruth Grogan: Gets hit multiple times in the back and head by a chair and then gets fatally wounded by falling on a broken table.
  11. Tina Blake: Gets brutally wipped by electricity wires and then falls on the wet floor and gets brutally crushed to death by a heavy rafter that breaks all of her bones.
  12. Rachel Spies, David Brackin, Jessica Upshaw, Cindi, Frieda Jason, George Dawson, Myra Crews, Peter, Jessica MacLean, Frank Grier, Fern, George Chizmar, Vic Mooney, Mr. King, Miss Fish and the rest of the students and teachers: Get electrocuted to death by the wet electric floor.
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