Carrie is a 2013 supernatural drama starring Chloe Grace Moretz,Shenae Grimes, Gabriella Wilde, Keegan Allen Ashley Benson, David Boreanez, Alexander Dreymon, Ansel Elgort, Ariana Grande, Danielle Harris, Claire Holt, Demetrius Joyette, Peyton List, Lea Michele, Sara Paxton, Carlos PenaVega, Alex Russel, Mark Salling, Brittany Snow, Ashley Tisdale and Patti Lupone.


A girls gym class at Ewan High School is playing dodgeball when one girl, Carrie White, (Chloe Moretz) screws up and hits Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde) in the head. Sue laughs it off, but her best friend, Chris Hargensen, (Ashley Benson) insults Carrie. The girls play on.

The class heads in for showers and changing. Carrie is showering when she notices blood on her hands. One of the girls, Tina Blake, (Lea Michele) sees that it's period blood and tells the girls. Carrie begs for help and the girls throw tampons at her. Sue doesn't and runs to Mrs. Desjarden (Brittany Snow) and she stops the girls. Carrie, still scared, screams, opening all the lockers.

Mrs. Desjarden takes Carrie to the principal, Mr. Brookes, (David Boreanez) and they ask who started this. He tells her that they're calling her mother, and she freaks out, sending a pencil to stab into the wall. She waits for her mother (Patti Lupone) and she is brought home.

Margaret is telling Carrie that she sinned and got the curse of blood, when Carrie tells her it's not in the bible. Margaret hits her with the bible and tells her she must pray. She brings her to the closet and locks her in.

Meanwhile, Sue and her boyfriend, Tommy (Ansel Elgort) are with Chris, Billy (Alex Russel) and Helen (Shenae Grimes), who drive up to Chris' house and upload a video of Carrie's period. Sue and Tommy demand Chris to take it down, which she refuses. Sue then tells her that she'll pay for this in the worst ways ever.

Carrie gets out of the closet and goes up to her room to figure out all the strange things from that day. She raises the lamp, then her desk and her bed and books. Margaret hears something and checks on Carrie, who acts like she's asleep.

The next day, Carrie is going into school through the field, when Tommy's friend, Nico, (Carlos PenaVega) yells to her that he saw her video. Carrie questions this and Tommy feels bad. Nico explains the video that was put up and she demands to know who sent it. Tommy says, "Chris Hargensen." She storms off, hitting Nico in the face with the ball.

She walks up to Chris and confronts her, Mrs. Desjarden hearing. Carrie runs off crying and Mrs. Desjarden sends Chris to her P.E. class and goes after Carrie. Carrie tells her about the video and how she wishes it would all stop. Carrie goes to Study Hall and Mrs. Desjarden makes the class run laps the whole class.

Sue goes to see Tommy and tells him to bring Carrie to Prom instead. He is hesitant at first but he ends up agreeing. He goes to Carrie and asks her, which ends with her crying and running off.

Mrs. Desjarden is having Chris show the video to Mr. Brookes and he bans her from prom and she is outraged. Mrs. Desjarden sees Carrie running at the field and she catches her. She asks why she's so sad and Carrie tells her about Tommy. Mrs. Desjarden makes Carrie feel a lot prettier and then confronts Sue and Tommy. Carrie walks up to Tommy and says she'll go to prom with him.

Carrie goes to stores and buys dress material. She buys lipstick and eye liner as well. Chris and her friends see her and wonder why she's going.

Carrie gets home late and her mother is angry with her. She was worried and yells at her until Carrie forces her up against a wall. She tells her she's going to prom and "things will change around here."

Meanwhile, Chris, Billy, Nico, James (Mark Salling) and Tina go to a local farm and kill a pig. They then go back to the school and set up for prom. They know this prank will be awesome.

The next day, Carrie's mom is trying to keep her from going to prom in anyway she can. She threatens to drag her away or kill the boy. The doorbell rings and Margaret grabs a knife and heads to the door. Carrie pulls her back and locks her in the closet. She then meets Tommy and they drive to prom.

Carrie makes friends with George Watson (Demetrius Joyette) and his girlfriend Sam. (Claire Holt) they all have fun and the prom king and queen are voted. They are being hacked by Tina and Nico. Carrie and Tommy are crowned and Sue sneaks in. She smiles and watches Carrie smile. She then feels something drip on her hand and she looks to see Chris and Billy above, holding the bucket. Mrs. Desjarden sees Sue and kicks her out as the blood is about to be poured.

Chris looks at Billy and says they shouldn't do it. He shoves her away and pours. Carrie is splashed with the blood and Tommy is furious. Carrie looks up as Billy drops the bucket and she pushes Tommy to the back of the stage. Everyone sees this and Chris and Billy run outside before the doors are all locked. She sends everyone back and starts a whole rampage, George, Sam, Tommy and Mrs. Desjarden as the only survivors.

Chris sees the building on fire and they stop the car to look. Chris screams as Carrie jumps onto the hood of the car. Billy's thrown out of the car and it is lifted up. He is pulled under the tire and she makes the car fall on him, crushing his head. Chris screams and tries to get out, but Carrie takes the seatbelts and traps her arms behind the seat. She then sends the car to the docks and it falls into the water.

Carrie walks home, Tommy, Mrs. Desjarden, Sam, George and Sue following from a distance. She gets most of the blood off of her in the house and finds her mother, waiting for her. She hugs her, but instantly screams as it is revealed that a knife was stuck into her. She flies back and rolls down the stairs. They fight until Carrie shoves some nails up from the floor and sticks them into her mother's arms, pinning her to the closet door.

Tommy, Sue, Mrs. Desjarden, Sam and George run in. She tells them to leave, when Her mother kicks a chair to her and knocks her down, ripping the nails out of her hands. She runs at her with the knife, but Carrie breaks the windows, sending the glass into Her mother. It is revealed that Sam was cut badly by some glass.

Carrie freaks out after killing her mom and screams, sending everyone back. Mrs. Desjarden, Sam and Tommy outside, George and Sue hit the walls, breaking George's neck. Carrie tells Sue she should have left her alone. Sue begs her not to hurt her. Carrie tells Sue her story, and Sue apologizes and says she had Tommy go to prom with her and she told Mrs. Desjarden about the tampons.

Carrie's house starts to collapse and they run to the door and get out safely. Tommy and Sue bring Carrie with them to a new town where they each start over.


Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie White

Brittany Snow as Mrs. Desjarden

Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell

Keegan Allen as Jackie Talbott

Ashley Benson as Chris Hargensen

David Boreanez as Mr. Brookes

Alexander Dreymon as Mr. Thomas

Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross

Bree Essrig as Erin

Ariana Grande as Lizzie

Danielle Harris as Nikki

Claire Holt as Sam

Demetrius Joyette as George

Peyton List as Kylie

Lea Michele as Tina Blake

Sara Paxton as Sarah

Carlos PenaVega as Nico

Alex Russel as Billy Nolan

Mark Salling as James

Shenae Grimes as Helen Shyers

Ashley Tisdale as Carly

Patti Lupone as Margaret White


Students, Teachers, Carly, Sarah, Kylie, Lizzie - Impact of throw.

Mr. Thomas - Hit in face by lamp.

Jackie - shoved against wall, crushed by tables.

Helen - Thrown into Glass.

James - Bleachers crushed back.

Nico, Erin, Mr. Brookes - tossed up and slammed down.

Nikki - thrown to ground, trampled.

Billy - Run over by car.

Chris - Drowned.

Margaret - Cut by glass.

George - Neck broken.



Mrs. Desjarden





Carrie's video

Carrie - [Walks by Nico and Tommy]

Nico - [Laughing] Hey, nice job the other day!

Carrie - [Turning around] What?

Nico - Your video. The one where you had your period.

Tommy - Shut the hell up.

Carrie - [Shaky] Who uploaded it...

Tommy - Chris Harensen.

Nico - Don't get blood on her!

Carrie - [looks at the ball, forces it to fly up and hit Nico's face.]

Nico - What the fuck!

Tommy - [Laughing.]

Carrie - [Walks to Chris] You think you're so much better than me, don't you? Well, you're wrong!

Chris - What the hell is wrong with you?

Carrie - I know about that video! You are possibly the worst person I've ever met! You may be rich, but money doesn't buy you a way out of everything.

Chris - What're you gonna do, put blood on me?

Carrie - [Slaps Chris' face and runs off]

Sue - [Smirking] You go girl.

Carrie gets home late

Margaret - Where were you?

Carrie - [Walking up to house] Sorry.

Margaret - Where were you, Carrietta?

Carrie - Getting ready for prom.

Margaret - What?! No! [Continues yelling]

Carrie - Mom. Mom! MOM! [Sends Margaret against wall] I'm going.

Margaret - You- You witch!

Carrie - There are no Witches! You know about the powers! Grandma had it! Unless daddy gave it to me.

Margaret - He left me with a monster!

Carrie - Mama! You bitch! [Slams Her into wall again]

Tommy picks up Carrie

Tommy - [Knocks on door]

Carrie - Yes! He's here!

Margaret - Don't go! I'll kill him just so you don't go!

Carrie - [Walks to stairs]

Margaret - [Shoves Carrie down and rushes down the stairs to grab a knife. Walks to door]

Carrie - No! [Opens closet and pulls Margaret back into Closet, locks]

Tommy - [Waiting outside when door opens] Hi.

Carrie - [Smiles] Hi.

Why Not?

Margaret - [Body falls down]

Carrie - Mama? Mama! Please, wake up! [Screams]

Tommy, Sam, Mrs. Desjarden - [soar out door]

George - [slams into wall, neck cracks]

Sue - [hits wall]

Carrie - Why didn't you just leave me alone?

Sue - I-I'm sorry, Carrie. I really a-

Carrie - [raises arm, telepathically grabs Sue's throat] Be quiet.

Sue - Please, don't hurt me, Carrie!

Carrie - [Sobbing] Why not? I've been hurt my whole life.

Sue - That was Chris! I swear, I helped you, I wanted to!

Carrie - [Scans her] Oh. [Smiles] It's a girl.

Sue - What?!

Carrie - The baby. You don't know?

Sue - [screams]

Carrie - [looks up to see house debris falling]

Sue - Carrie!

Carrie - Get out! [Shoves Sue outside, runs after her]

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