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Carrie is 2012 American cast ensemble supernatural horror film and a remake of the 1976 horror film, Carrie. It is loosely based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King with different characters, plot and story. Starring Rooney Mara, Dakota Fanning, Maggie O'Neill, Keke Palmer, Chris Pine, Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Meagan Good, Demi Lovato, Scout Taylor-Compton, Gus Carr, Ellen Wroe, Nathan Kress, John Karna, Patricia Arquette, Clancy Brown, Ana Golja, Thomas Mann, Christa B. Allen, Cameron Bright, Vanessa and Madeline Zima.


The story about Danielle Simpson transferring to her sister's school and she saw her sister Emily Simpson, Sue Snell and their friends bullying Carrie White. In prom, Sue is feeling sorry for Carrie, let her boyfriend Tommy go with Carrie to the prom and Chris, Billy and Emily drop the pig blood on Carrie. Then Carrie's telekinetic powers gets pushed too far on one special night.


The movie open with Margaret White (Maggie O'Neill) in her bedroom praying to God, asking herself why did she has sex with her husband, Ralph (Dennis Quaid) and saying sex is sinful. Margaret started to cried in fear before screaming. Flashback to few days ago, Ralph arrived home drunk. Margaret saw him and start to attack him. Ralph and Margaret start to have a argument before Ralph start to grab Margaret and abused her. Ralph push Margaret to the sofa where he brutally rapes her. The next day, Margaret woke up in the sofa and start to cry when she noticed a mysterious telekinesic power. In her bedroom, Margaret start to noticed a baby girl kicking inside of her tummy before discover she is pregnant with Ralph's child.

17 years later, Danielle Simpson (Rooney Mara) started at her new school where her sister Emily (Ellen Wroe) goes to. Danielle got kicked out of her old school because of her bad behaviour. Danielle's mother, Kate (Patricia Arquette) choose Emily's school as Danielle's new school which Emily was not happy about. Danielle start her first day by joining in Carrie White's (Dakota Fanning) class where she makes a friend with a christian girl, Rhonda Simard (Meagan Good), Sue Snell (Keke Palmer) and some students.

At the gym classes where sharing a lesson with Emily's class and other class, Danielle meets Chris Hargensen (Scout Taylor Compton), Emily's best friend who warned her to not be friend with Carrie or she will make a big mistake if she make friend with Carrie. After gym lesson at school, Carrie abnormally experiences her first menstrual period when showering. She naively thinks she is bleeding to death. The other girls including Chris, Sue and Emily humiliating Carrie by throwing tampons and pads on her. Emily attempted to get Danielle part of bullying but Danielle refused.

Miss Desjardin (Lindsay Lohan) arrived to stop the bullying and she tooks Carrie to the principal who keeps saying Carrie in wrong name when he allowed to have Carrie send home with Margaret picking her up. Margaret arrived at the school where she pick up Carrie. Danielle watched Margaret taking Carrie home from the classroom window.

Danielle gets suspicous when she saw a strange man outside. Danielle shouted from the window, asking the stranger a question before he walks off. Unknown to Danielle, the stranger was Ralph White, Carrie's father and Maragaret's ex-husband who walk away from his marriage for an another woman. When Margaret drive her home, a boy ride on his bicycle taunts her but a joke goes wrong when he got hit by the car after his bike's wheel got flat. Margaret and Carrie arrived at home.

When getting out of the car, Carrie saw Ralph standing watching. Carrie shout at her mother but Ralph walk off before Margaret saw him. Margaret refused to believe Carrie and take her into the house. At the house, Margaret started to attacked and abused Carrie. Margaret started to slaps Carrie and hihen tells Carrie that the "curse of blood" is divine punishment for sin and it's brought on by some sort of sexual sin on before locking Carrie to the closet.

After school, Danielle sneak off without anybody saw her. Danielle witnessing Emily with her friends before walk off. Kate arrived to pick up Danielle and Emily, but there was no sign of Danielle. Danielle walks by her myself before Chris and her boyfriend, Billy Nolan (Gus Carr) spot her. Billy asks Danielle if she wants a lift but Danielle said no. Billy drive off with Chris. Then Danielle saw Ralph on the other side of the road, Ralph calling Danielle "a monster" and "a bully" before walk off again.

Danielle started to follow Ralph into the wood. Later, Danielle had to been walk in the wood for hours and can't find Ralph. Danielle are about to walk off before Ralph appear and start to attack Danielle. Danielle runs off but Ralph grab her in tough. Ralph threatening Danielle if she hurt his daughter, he will kills her. Danielle noticed who Ralph is, Danielle begged him to let her go and saying her sister and her friends was only joking around, they did not mean to hurt Carrie. Ralph grabbed muddy Danielle out of the wood and warned her about his warning. Danielle walk off to home with Ralph watched her.

When Danielle arrived home, Kate went to answer from Danielle but she runs off to her room, locking her in the room. When sleeping at her own bedroom, Carrie start to have strange nightmare before having another nightmare when witnessing her own mother getting raped by an strange man. Carrie scream her mother's name and begging the man to leave her mother alone.

A man (Ralph) turn around and saw Carrie. A man says Carrie her name, Carrie left screaming in horror before waking up from her nightmare. Margaret arrived at Carrie's bedroom to check on her. Carrie quickly hugs her mother and asks her if she is OK. Margaret answer Carrie's question. Carrie asks her mother, have she been hurt before that leave Margaret confused. Margaret tells Carrie to go to sleep before walks off. Before going to sleep, Carrie saw a crack on her bedroom wall.

The next day, Danielle woke up after her sleep. Danielle brush her teeth in bathroom and put her clothes on in her bedroom as Kate walk in and wanted answer from other night. With Emily witnesses their argument, Kate and Danielle argue about Danielle going on her own to school and back home. Danielle walks off from her mother as Danielle grab her stuff and her breakfast. Danielle shout at Kate to leave her alone and mind her own business before Danielle walk off. Angry Danielle walking alone and then she saw Carrie and Margaret outside of their house. Danielle walks to them and asks them if she can join them in the car.

Margaret starts to get suspicious before Carrie told her, Danielle is her classmate. Margaret says no to Danielle, then Danielle told her, she and her mother had a argument and she refuses to take her to school, left Danielle to walks on her own to school. Margaret decided to take Danielle to school with Carrie. Danielle get on the car with Carrie as angry Emily watch them driving away. Emily calls Chris about Danielle and Carrie.

In the car, Danielle and Carrie talking about their childhood, family and life. When Danielle asks Carrie about her dad, Margaret angrily stop the car and shout at Danielle, Carrie's father is a bully, monster and devil. Danielle asks Margaret the reason why, Margaret attacks her and throw her out of car. Margaret drive away with Danielle stand in the road. Danielle jump out of the road after nearly gets run over. Danielle end up walks herself to the school. Danielle arrives at the school before getting attacked and throw stuff by Emily, Chris and their friends over her and Carrie. Sue walks in and stop the girls before Miss Desjardin step in. Miss Desjardin sends the girls into the gym and confronts them about their behaviour on Carrie and Danielle. Chris insults Miss Desjardin who slaps her in the face. Miss Desjardin tolds the girls that they are all in detention and warns to kick them out of prom over their behaviour. As Miss Desjardin walks away, Tina and Chris warn Emily about Danielle and told her to watch herself. Danielle starts to plays nice with Carrie after their English lesson which Danielle was the only person who enjoy listening to Carrie reading out as everybody made fun of her. At lunch time, Danielle meets Sue and they talks about their life. Danielle tells Sue that she moved Emily's school because she gets herself in trouble at her old school. Sue tolds Danielle about Carrie's family and life. Sue admits to Danielle that she feels sorry for Carrie and admits it Chris force her into bullying Carrie to become her friend. Then, later, Sue meet his boyfriend Tommy Ross (Chris Pine) after his basketball lesson and asks him to ask Carrie to a prom. 


  • Rooney Mara as Danielle Simpson
  • Dakota Fanning as Carrie White
  • Maggie O'Neill as Margaret White
  • Keke Palmer as Sue Snell
  • Chris Pine as Tommy Ross
  • Lindsay Lohan as Miss Desjardin
  • Dennis Quaid as Ralph White
  • Meagan Good as Rhonda Simard
  • Demi Lovato as Norma Watson
  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Chris Hargensen
  • Gus Carr as Billy Nolan
  • Ellen Wroe as Emily Simpson
  • Nathan Kress as Roy Evarts
  • John Karna as Jackie Talbot
  • Patricia Arquette as Kate Simpson
  • Clancy Brown as Mr. Grayle
  • Ana Golja as Tina Blake
  • Thomas Mann as Kenny Garson
  • Christa B. Allen as Helen Shyres
  • Cameron Bright as Don Farnham
  • Vanessa Zima as Donna Thibodeau
  • Madeline Zima as Mary Lila Grace Thibodeau


The Opening Scene

  • (Black screen)
  • (Margaret cries)
  • Margaret: What have I done?
  • (Screen change with Margaret in her bed)
  • (Margaret in sad face)
  • Margaret: Why? Why?! Why did I had sex with Ralph? He forced on me. He... Raped me.
  • (Margaret cried)
  • Margaret: Sex is sinful.
  • (Margaret in angry face)
  • Margaret: SINFUL!!
  • (Margaret cried and start to scream)

Danielle start to follow a stranger before learning who is he Carrie's father

  • (Danielle walks)
  • (Car beeps 3 time)
  • (Danielle turn around and saw a red car driving)
  • Billy: Well? Well? Well?
  • (Billy stop the car)
  • Billy: Are you losing, Miss?
  • Chris: Hello, Danielle.
  • Danielle: Hi, Chris.
  • Billy: You know her?
  • Chris: She is just the new student.
  • Danielle: Danielle Simpson.
  • Billy: You are Emily's sister? The troublemaker!
  • (Billy laugh)
  • Chris: I am sorry about this, Danielle.
  • Chris: He is an idiot
  • (Billy hits Chris in the head)
  • Billy: I am not an idiot, don't call me idiot again.
  • Chris: I am sorry.
  • Chris: Asshole.
  • Billy: I heard that.
  • (Ralph walk in and saw Danielle talking to Chris and Billy)
  • Chris: Danielle, this is Billy Nolan, my boyfriend.
  • Danielle: Mr. tough guy.
  • Billy: Hey, Danni, need a ride.
  • Danielle: No, thanks.
  • Danielle: I like walking alone.
  • Chris: OK, that's alright with us.
  • Chris: By the way, Danielle, do you know your mother is looking for you?
  • Danielle: Where is she?
  • Chris: She is waiting for you in the house.
  • Chris: Be careful! Your mother is not crazy bitch like Carrie White's mother.
  • (Ralph growl in angry face)
  • (Ralph hold his hand hard)
  • Danielle: My mum is bit bossy not messy and crazy.
  • (Billy start to drive the car)
  • Chris: See you at school, Danielle.
  • (Billy drive off)
  • (Danielle watched Billy drive off)
  • Danielle: See you!
  • (Danielle saw Ralph in serious face)
  • Danielle: Hey!
  • Danielle: Were you watching me?
  • (Ralph shake his head)
  • Danielle: I called that yes.
  • Ralph: You are a monster!
  • Danielle: What did you say to me?!
  • Ralph: A monster!
  • Ralph: And a bully!!!
  • (Danielle gasp)
  • Danielle: I am not an person who stalking young girls.
  • Ralph: I am not staking anybody!
  • Ralph: I am stalking Carrie!
  • Danielle: Carrie?
  • Danielle: Carrie White?!
  • (Ralph walks off)
  • Danielle: Hey! HEY!
  • Danielle: Do you mean?! HEY!!!
  • (Danielle run after Ralph)
  • (Serious music plays with Ralph walks into the wood)
  • (Danielle saw Ralph walking)
  • (Danielle pants)
  • (Danielle walks into the wood)

Chris, Tina and their friends bullied Danielle 

  • (Danielle walk into the school with holding her bag)
  • (Danielle look at Carrie in her locker)
  • (Carrie look at Danielle)
  • (Carrie waves at Danielle)
  • (Danielle smiles)
  • (Tina push Danielle into the floor and Danielle grunts)
  • (Everybody watches Danielle)
  • (Danielle groan)
  • Tina: How is it, chick?
  • Danielle: What was that for?
  • Danielle: You push me for no reason.
  • Chris: No, no, no.
  • Chris: You got a reason.
  • Danielle: For what?
  • Chris: HEY, EVERYBODY!
  • Chris: Listen to this.
  • Chris: New girl Danielle Simpson become friend with loser Carrie White.
  • (Other students laugh at Carrie and Danielle)
  • (Carrie looks at Danielle)
  • Helen: Are you a lesbian, Danielle?
  • Danielle: No.
  • (Chris look at Carrie)
  • Chris: What the fuck you are looking at, pig?
  • (Carrie turn around)
  • Danielle: Come on, guys!
  • Danielle: She is a nice person.
  • (Chris, Tina and their friends laugh at Danielle)
  • Chris: You are a shit like this whore.
  • Danielle (about to stand up): I don't have to listen this bullshit.
  • (Helen throw milk at Danielle)
  • (Danielle groan)
  • Tina: How's your milk, cow.
  • (Chris throw red paint on Danielle's leg)
  • Chris: Let's teach that Miss petty, good looking girl a lesson.
  • (Chris grab Danielle and punch Danielle in the face)
  • Tina: Open wide.
  • (Tina throw a smooth on Danielle's face)
  • (Danielle groan)
  • (Chris, Tina, Helen, Norma and their friend attack, kick and beating Danielle)
  • (Danielle groan and grunts when getting a beating)
  • (Chris punch Danielle in the stomach)
  • (Danielle cried)
  • (Sue runs to Danielle)
  • Sue: What you are doing with her?
  • Chris: Her and Carrie White.
  • Sue: What about them?
  • Chris: They are friends.
  • Sue: So!
  • Chris: So?!
  • Chris: You are now stupid than White girl and that tart bitch.
  • Sue: Who give the order to beat Danielle up?
  • Emily: I did.
  • (Emily walk in and look at Danielle)
  • Danielle: Why, Emily?!
  • Emily: I had to tell them about you and Carrie White.
  • Emily: I saw you and her in the car, going to school.
  • Emily: Well, sort of.
  • (Carrie turn around and look)
  • Danielle: This is not your business.
  • (Emily grab Danielle in the neck)
  • Emily: I am your sister, this is always my business with you.
  • (Emily look at Carrie in serious face)
  • Emily: Do you wanted to help your girlfriend?
  • Danielle: Carrie, don't do this!
  • All: AW!
  • Emily: I feels like D'oh!
  • (Emily punch Danielle in the nose)
  • (Danielle loud groan)
  • Miss Desjardin: STOP IT AT ONCE!
  • (Miss Desjardin walk in)
  • Chris: What's the problem, Miss?
  • Miss Desjardin (mock as Chris): What's the problem, Miss?
  • Miss Desjardin: Here is the problem, Chris!
  • Miss Desjardin: First, Carrie, now, Danielle.
  • Tina: She's started it.
  • Miss Desjardin: How?!
  • Chris: Danielle is friend with that Carrie White


1. Tommy Ross: After Chris, Billy and Emily drop the pig blood on Carrie. he dies when bucket fall on his head.

2. Miss Desjardin: She was hit by the basketball rafter.

3. Tina Blake: She try to open the window. She fall and break her head.

4. Helen Shyres: She was electrocuted to death by Carrie.

5. Chris Hargensen: She and Billy was killed in car explosion.

6. Billy Nolan: He and Chris was killed in car explosion.

7. Rhonda Simard: When Carrie found Rhonda in her car and start to attack her. Carrie make knives flying into Rhonda that killed her.

8. Roy Evarts: When he and Sue are helping injured students to the emergency exit, Roy got crushed by the building after the prom flattened to the ground.

9. Margaret White:

10. Carrie White:


  • 122 minutes long.
  • Rated R for strong bloody & disturbing violence, language, some nudity and drug uses.
  • It released on August 8, 2012.
  • It will be distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Screen Gems.

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