The saga continues in the back ground story of Carrie & Kurt. After the battle for the future in X-C 4: The Langoliers of Time, the wedding bells are ringing where all the heroes gather at the Xavier's school for gifted youngsters for the wedding of Carrie White and Kurt Wagner. Unfortunately.....the wedding is crashed during Magneto's hunt for another mutant, which is.....Logan's offspring Laura (X-23). Now....Kurt and Carrie and a few others face a battle for love, companionship and devotion to the end......


  • Chloë Grace Moretz - Carrieta "Carrie" White
  • Alan Cumming - Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
  • Hugh Jackman - Logan (Wolverine)/X-24
  • Patrick Stewart - Charles Xavier
  • Ian McKellen - Erik Lensheir (Magneto)
  • Dafne Keen - Laura (X-23)
  • Liev Schrieber - Victor Creed (Sabertooth)
  • Odeya Rush - Rachel Lang
  • Sebastian Stan - Bucky Barnes (Winter Solider)
  • Jennifer Lawrence- Raven Darkholm (Mystique)
  • Jason Fleymng - Azazel
  • Gabriella Wilde - Susan D. "Sue" Snell
  • Ansel Elgort - Tommy Ross
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar - Vanessa Daniels
  • Gerald Butler - Sinster
  • Taylor Kitsch - Gambit
  • Shawn Ashmore - Bobby (Ice-Man)
  • Anna Paquin - Rouge
  • Ellen Page - Kitty Pryde
  • Lynn Collins as Kayla
  • Nick Nolte as Ralph White
  • Tom Holland - Peter Parker

(More Coming soon)


Ominous music plays plays on a black screen then it slowy cuts to a stormy night

Carrie (Chloe Grace Mortez) Narrating: Earth. Wind. Fire, and Air. Many children of God fear so many wills of nauture. But in my life....there's no fear.

We zoom at some facility where seconds later in the front side BLOWS up and someone or something yells out of the fire and the camera rotates as it lands on it's feet revealing to be.....

Laura X-23 (Dafne Keen)

She frowned deeply and turned over to see Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber) attacking, but just in seconds, she jumped up slashing him in the back (Ow!) as he fell and she looked down at him still frowning. Eventually, she soon runs.

Just as Azazel (Jason Flemying) and Sinister (Gerald Butler) stood by looking at the injured Sabertooth, the two "gloated".

Azazel: Handle the gun on your own, huh?

Victor: Shut up.

Sinister: Magneto's gonna have your fangs for breakfast when he gets back.

Victor: *Stands up* Hey. Who's idea was it to recruit this brat anyway? She's got my brother's abilities, but she's a f**cking weapon with legs!

Azazel: And maybe THAT is why we recruited her. Now without her we'll defenitely never beat the X-men.

Victor: We never needed that brat anyway.

Sinister: Magneto seemed like we did.

Victor: Hmph, fine. But where we suppose we start?

Azazel: She's only a child. Where would a child go lost in the woods?

Victor: Idk. Home?

Azazel: Nonesence. The girl has no home except with us.

Victor: *Scoffs* You're pushing it.

At that point, he starts walking away from the two and they both get confused and they were like "What's up with him?"

Sinister: Sabertooth.

Victor: Shut up.

Azazel: You can't just walk away.

He then turned around towards the two and slowly turned away again and ran off without saying a word.

The two of them sigh and look at each other as Sinister nodded to Azazel and he teleports

Sinister then reaches in his pocket pulling out an earplug and speaks into it

Sinister: better supersize that cage you had earlier.

It then cuts to the forest where we see Laura running again as fast as she can as we hear Carrie narrating again.

Carrie (narrating): Deception. Rejection. Alienation. All the things that I once felt in my lifeline that seems to have passed on to another. One who's seemingly frisked into the unknown, one with the most unique of abilities, one.....who's on the verge of corruption.

As the narration stops, Laura stumbles onto a narrow ravine which is a couple feet distance wise apart.

She breathed softly and takes a few steps back, looking like she's prepared to jump. But just before she can, she gets tackled by Victor.

Victor: You listen to me. You don't know what they plan to do to you.

Laura, ignoring the statement just yelled fiercely at Victor and attacks. Victor was forced to defend himself and even though he TRIED, it was next to impossible because Laura was all over him, hacking him up when she saw an opening.

At long last, Victor knees Laura in the face (which does nothing) and throws her into a tree, which breaks off of the bark.

She gets up completely unfazed and pulls out her claws again, breathing heavily as Victor wobbles to keep his balance.

Victor: *breathing heavily* I--I don't know....who you are...but I....can.....I can help.

(Laura stays silent until like halfway through this story)

Laura just stayed in position, pondering her thoughts and it made Victor wonder.....something.

Victor: *To himself* She...couldn't be Jimmy's.....could she?

(Title sequence: Carrie & Kurt 2)

That very day, the people in Chamberlain, New York and Florida were receiving something shocking and very interesting in each of their mailboxes.

Sue got hers and it touched her heart

Sue (Gabriella Wilde): Oh my....Tommy! It's happening.

With Rachel (Odeya Rush) at the T'Challas island......

Rachel: Bill. Bill. Bill. Urgent plea from Rob Lowe.....(lol).....*Gasps* Oh.....Sis. Pete? Get in here quick!

At Ralph's (Nick Notle) apartment, he was sitting in his kitchen looking at what he just received in silence as he sighed ever so softly.

At Stark Towers, Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) ,too, received the same thing as the others and he couldn't help but smirk.

Tony: I'll be damned.

What they all received were wedding invitations to Carrie and Kurt's wedding tomorrow afternoon at Charles Xavier's House of Mutants.

As we cut to Xavier's school for gifted youngsters, everyone was out back setting up the chapel, putting up seats and tables and in other directions. Some of the younger students were silly enough to use their powers during the process and they crashed a few things

Logan (Hugh Jackman): Ugh! They're gonna trash this damn chapel, before the ceremony.

At that point, he felt arms wrapped around him from behind and it didn't take long for him to recognize who it was.

Logan: You're not invisible, you know?

Kayla (Lynn Collins): They're just kids, Logan. Give a rest. You were one yourself, you know.

Logan: Yeah, but my childhood ended then too.

Jean (Famke Janssen): Trust me, Logan. I think all of ours did. We were all out of it in some way.

Logan: At least, your relatives; brothers or sisters, didn't have the fingernails of a bag-lady.

Kayla chuckled silently.

Jean: Not funny.

Kayla: Yeah.

At that point, one of the other kids zoomed passed Logan and it got him woozy.

Logan: Woah....Jesus....

Kayla: You ok?

Logan: Y-yeah. Just go deal with them, ok? *to Jean* Also, make sure that Charles sees what's going on with Carrie?

Jean: He's off.

Logan: Vacation?

Jean: Barely takes one.

Logan: Ahhh. Figures. Well.....that case I'll go check on the "It" couple.

Kayla: Thought we were the "It" couple.

Logan: Don't push it.

As Logan walked out the main room, we cut to upstairs as we see Carrie White, floating a few random objects into the air. She then places her ring inside one of them as a guessing game for Kurt.

(She's gotten the hang of this now, hasn't she?)

Carrie: Babe? Got a game for you to play.

Kurt (Alan Cumming): What's that?

Carrie: In one of these items, it holds my ring. And you have to try and find it. If you can guess correctly, you'll get a big surprise on our honeymoon.

Kurt: What if I guess wrong?

Carrie: Then you'll get a bigger surprise.

Kurt: Ok. Um.....

He took at his time, looking at the flying objects and he points at the left one

Kurt: That one.

Carrie smirked and levitated it down in her hand

Carrie: Open it and find out.

And once he did.....he had it right!

Kurt: Hahaha! Found it!

Carrie: Yes, you did.

Kurt: What's my surprise?

Carrie: Come on now. If I told you it wouldn't be one, now would it?

Kurt: Point taken.

Carrie puts her ring back on and kissed Kurt softly and then passionately and layed on him on the bed as they both groaned softly.....and rather erotically, but.....before things got too far, there was a knock on the door

Carrie: Damn it. Come in!

Logan comes in and Carrie just sat up on the bed quickly

Logan: Hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Kurt: Oh no......we were....

Carrie: Just rehearsing our vows.

Logan: Uh huh. Well.....I thought you two like to come give us a hand with a few stuff. Just because it's your wedding doesn't mean you get to slack off.

Carrie: Oh, that's right. Rouge's been DYING to show me the bridewalk since we announced it. Worse thing is she wants me to do it in heals.

Kurt: I thought you liked heals.

Carrie: I do, but my feet haven't fully recovered from my blisters since I went back to the past.

Kurt: Hey. You'll manage. *Kisses her*.....I'll check with Scott and Bobby.

He teleports away as Carrie nods with a grin and then turns to Logan

Logan: hear back from your buddies back at home yet?

Carrie: Not since I've came back from the past. But then again, I don't think they need to know what I did.

Logan: And you're fine with that?

Carrie: In a way of speaking, yes.

Carrie just sat back and sighed as Logan looked on, and he couldn't help but wonder if any part of her was anxious about this.

Logan: You ready for this?

Carrie: Ready? I'm so excited!

She then walked up and hugged Logan tightly as he quickly sank in and hugged her back.

It then cuts ALL THE WAY to Black Panthers island in South America in which Rachel was going over the letter that Carrie sent her, still happily surprised that the day is close.

That's when she hears a voice next to her.

Desjardin (Judy Greer): Something keeping you elevated?

Rachel: Huh? Uh, no. It's just.....Carrie sent me this letter not too long ago and.....

Desjardin: Is it good?

Rachel: Hmm.....surprised you haven't heard of it yet.

She handed the letter over to Desjardin and once she saw it.....

Desjardin: Oh my....*covers her mouth*......Bucky!

Bucky (Sebastian Stan) jumped down from a balcony and landed on his feet and ran, thinking there was trouble.

Bucky: What's wrong?

Desjardin: Nothing; look. We've been invited to a wedding at Xaviers. My former student Carrie White and that young man Kurt Wagner are getting married.

She shows him the invitation and as he reads through it, Buck chuckles softly

Bucky: Well, I'll be damned.

Desjardin: I know. I hoped for the best for her after everything that's happened and now she's getting married. We should attend.

For some reason, that particular idea didn't fit well with Bucky for a LOT of reasons.

Bucky: I-I don't know if that's such a good idea, Rita. I'm still a wanted fugitive. And what if Stark shows up?

Desjardin: But I thought you two had set aside your differences when you helped Carrie save her teacher from that nasty Azazel guy.

Bucky: That was a temporary truce. He'd still come at me if he saw me.

Rogers (Chris Evans): Not at a wedding......if he knows what's good for him

They all looked and saw the Cap and King T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) walk in the room.

Rogers: You shouldn't let Stark stop you from everything, Buck. We took some risks at the wars when odds were against us.

Bucky: That was a long time ago, Steve.

Rodgers: And it's something I still by.

T'Challa: And we'd still live by it.

Bucky just looked back over at Rachel and Desjardin as they nodded towards him. The decision.....came through rather cleanly.

Bucky: Son of a--Really? I-*sighs*.....I guess I'll consider going.

T'Challa and Steve just smiled and crossed their arms as Desjardin went up to kiss him softly.

Rogers: Attaboy, Bucky.

Bucky: Don't push it, man.

Rogers: Hey, no worries. I'm with you 'till the end of the line, remember?

Bucky: *chuckles*

Desjardin: Ok, now I can see how you and the Cap got so aquatinted with each in terms of.....I dunno....stuffs.

Rogers: Like what?

Desjardin: ".....till the end of the line." That implies travel.

Rachel: Oh and that reminds do we get a passport down here?

We look over at T'Challa smirking as it then cuts back to North America and to Magnetos base where Sinister and Azazel made awkward looks at each other.

Magneto: So.....he resisted. Turned from his calling card. Was it for the girl.....or for Logan?

Azazel: Didn't say.

Magneto: Hmph. Like he needs to.

He turned around with his back against them as he stared out into space with his eyes closed.

Sinister: Erik.....if it's all the same to you.....I personally think it's best to do away with the eyesore.

Azazel: He's been with us since the beginning; he might still be needed for this operation.

Sinister: We have the girl. Victor is irrelevant at this point.

Magneto: Gentleman, gentleman......*turns back around towards them* need for......arguments. We'll find the girl again and we'll see how Victor's affections are. *Smirks*

Later that night back at Xavier's Carrie came in her room tired out and she pulled off the high heals Rouge had her wear when they practiced the walk and sat on her bed rubbing her bare feet till.....

Carrie: *Smirks* Guten tag.

Kurt laughed, hanging from the ceiling with his tail.

Kurt: What gave me away?

Carrie: Just knowing you.

As soon as he gets down from the ceiling, She pulls him to her, kissing him ever so softly for minutes until they both pulled off, smiling.......

Kurt: You really excited about this?

Carrie: Course I am. Why wouldn't I be?

Kurt: Oh well.....

Carrie: Is there something wrong, babe?

Kurt: No. It's just.....This. You and me. This wedding. Everything around us. It's been the best time of my life. Even after everything we had to struggle through.

Carrie: Kurt, you know I love you more than anything. And there's no way on earth that's ever gonna change.

Kurt: *Chuckles*.....The first day you came here wasn't exactly the first time I saw you.

Carrie: What do you mean?

Kurt: I was training with the others in the danger room before I came into the surebro. When the Professor found you on it, that's when I first saw you, it was the same night you were telling your mother you were invited to prom. When I saw you....You seemed so sad. But so beautiful, the image of you on surebro had me weak at the knees and so stunned.....that's when I started to love you. 

Carrie was so touched of Kurt's words, she almost cried and hugged him

Carrie: That's so beautiful.

Admist the hug, a voice by Carrie's door startled them

Gambit (Taylor Kitsch): Hate to interrupt but we got to scoot, Kurt. *Runs*

Carrie: What's up with Remy?

Kurt: Oh....he and Bobby are throwing me a bachelor party at Sister Margaret's bar. I told them I didn't want one. I just wanted to spend time with you.

Carrie: Hehehe....As much as I want to too, the groom's rules can't be declined. Just don't sleep with any strippers.

Kurt: For sure.

Bobby: Hurry up, blue boy. *Runs*

They nodded and chuckled and kissed again

Carrie: I love you.

Kurt: Love you more.

She giggled and he teleported away as Carrie looked at her pictures and took the one with her, Rachel. Kurt and Peter by the water fountain.

Carrie: *Sighs*......Soon....very soon....we'll all be together again.

The camera then zooms out to outside as it cuts to the near end of the forest a couple hours later and it turns out Victor and Laura decided to least for the moment.

They finally stumble out or the woods and end up on the edge of the road, where traffic was....crazy.

Victor: Goddamn it.

Laura just looked down and away, once again with the apparent feeling that she looked.....emotionless.

Victor: You ok?

She didn't say anything.....again.

Victor: I'm taking that as a "Yes".

So once traffic cleared up, they continued to move forward and then stopped out front of Sister Margarets (how convenient) until Victor turned to his right and saw a quick glimpse of Gambit, Kurt and Bobby walking down the stairs on their way to the same location.

Victor: *chuckles* Wow......*to Laura*.....Stay here for a sec, ok?

He basically stood out in the open as Kurt and Bobby just stood still, a little bit surprised.

Kurt: Victor?

Victor: No surprise, Kurt.

Bobby: How is he--Wasn't he?

Gambit: We fixed that issue with the past thing, ok? Take a chill pill and let the professional handle this.

Bobby: *under his breath* Proff-

Anyways, Gambit walked down the stairs and confronted Victor as they met eye to eye.

Victor: Long time.

Gambit: Not in my eyes.

Victor: You seen Jimmy?

Gambit: Nah. The Wolverine....went off with Kayla to meet up with wise ol' Charles. Just us at the house.

Victor: Figures.......But since you're here......Something's come up and I'd think I better spill my guts.

Gambit: Like you had guts. *chuckles*.....Don't mind telling me your....."situation" over poker?

Victor: Gonna take my money?

Gambit: Not if you represent a challenge.

He flips a crimson coated "Jack" card around his fingertips, and while Victor's suspicions about Gambit were still unknown, he found someway to trust him.

Victor: Laura. Come on.

Upon hearing him, Laura eventually came out of the shadows, frowning as she inched closer to Gambit while the Kurt and Bobby just stared at her.

Gambit: *chuckles* You daughter?

Victor: My niece.

Kurt: Niece?

Curiousity certainly got the best of Kurt as he takes one precautious step, one at a time as he approaches.

Bobby: Wait, Kurt! I wouldn't do that.

Kurt: Why not? She's just a little girl.

Victor: Yeah. Don't do that.

Eventually, Laura's patience and space felt threatened as she snarled and pressed her claws out.

Victor: Laura, NO!

She yelled fiercely as she tries to attack.

Gambit: LOOK OUT!

Kurt immediately teleported all of them out of the way and she landed square on her feet as they ended up back near the road, across the street.

Gambit: Holy Jesus sweet Mary lord.....

Bobby: Dude! The kid's got some of Logan's moves.

Gambit: What is she? A female clone of him?

Kurt: I don't know about that. But I think the devil's hands have been really busy with that child.

Bobby: Doesn't matter now. Either way, Logan has to know about this. Cause this is definitely Erik's doings.

The trio eventually went off and made a beeline for their car as Victor just looked over at Laura as she retracted her claws.....which apparently caught everyone's attention.

Victor: *sarcastically* Nice going, kid.

Laura once again frowned at him as the two of them both felt a presence from behind them. But since Victor was familiar with the smell, it didn't take long for him to react.

He grabbed a old man (What?) behind him and it scared everyone who was watching as Laura just positioned herself again.

It was as if Victor had lost his damn mind, but in reality, he knew what was going on.

Victor: Just like're ALSO predictable.

That's when the old mans eyes went yellow and the two pushed each other back as the old man soon reverted into the one and only Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)

Once again, it scared and/or amused the crowd.

The first thing that Mystique noticed was Laura, positioned next to Victor and she looked PISSED OFF.

Mystique: Whats her problem?

Victor: Don't know. But my problem is somebody like her....she doesn't belong with Erik.....and neither do I.

Mystique: Oh so now, you're the traitor

Victor: She's my niece!

Mystique stood in silent

Victor: You want her, you get her. I'll have no part of it.

Victor pulled off his dog callers (Whatever those things soliders wear around their necks) and threw them down

Victor: If you have anyone meaning to'd do the same as me.

He walked off leaving Mystique think on what Victor just said and it did had her think of......Charles and Kurt 

Back at the mansion, Carrie was shaking in her sleep.

In her dreams (more like nightmare), she was back at her old house in Chamberlain and the block she was m, including he housbitself was quiet.....Too quiet. Undeterred by the lack of sound, she makes her way into the house where she immediately heard screaming coming from upstairs. It didn't take long before she recognized the screams.

Carrie: Momma? Momma?!

She immediately ran up and barged her way into the bedroom as she saw her mom being hacked and tortured by some unknown figure in a clocked hoodie.

Carrie: No! Get off her!

Quickly thinking, she pulled the figure off with her powers as it slid across the floor unfazed. But that's when Carrie turned her head over, seeing her mom covered and cloaked in cold blood.

Margaret: Wha--what m-madness......had befallen....befallen us.....?

Carrie: No....

She snapped her head over to the Unknown with her eyes slowly turning black.....that is until she saw......You Know Who.......

Carrie: YOU!

Chris: *Carrying baby Carrie* Time to roast this piggy!

(Don't worry it's only a dream)

Chris held a pair of scissors

Carrie: NO!

She swung it down then Carrie gasped out of her nightmare and panted

Carrie: *Sighs* God...

She started sweating profusely as she leaped out of bed and tried relaxing a little bit, but then felt Kurt's tail on her shoulder

Kurt: Ein weiterer Alptraum? (Another nightmare?)

Carrie: Ja, mein Liebling. (Yes, my love.)

He jumped down from the ceiling again and hugged her from behind to comfort her

Kurt: Was it her again?

Carrie: Every damn time. I can't go one week without having without having this girl....that b**ch invade my life, over and over and over, even though I know she can never hurt anyone again. But....*Sighs*.....that's not gonna stop our day from being magical.

Kurt: I was hoping you say that.

Carrie: *Smiles and sighs* Meine Geliebte.

As they continued to comfort each other, Logan and Kayla were a couple rooms away trying to get some sort of rest in, but Logan was also twisting and turning over some current events going on in his head.....(That'll be explained later)

He finally gets up and pants heavily as he tries to will himself stable until he caught that familiar scent again......but this time, he didn't get pissed off.

Logan just gently walks out of the room without waking up Kayla and when he gets to the edge of the stairs and turns around to Laura in front of him and Victor behind him.

Logan: I was thinking of a more heartfelt reunion then this.

Victor: Well, I was saving this surprise for later. But we both know how f**ked up life can be at times, Jimmy. Besides, I need your help with something.

Logan: Yeah, I know YOU need it......

He slowly turns back behind him, just staring at Laura as the hallway fills completely with silence.

Logan:.....but I don't think she does.

Victor: Jimmy, just listen to me.....This girl came off of Erik's hands and it became obvious that this girl is way to dangerous--

Logan: Even us?

He looks back at her again.

Logan: So you liberated her.

Victor: Jackpot.

The look on Logans face became serious as he once again turns around completely and kneels down to look Laura straight in the eye. Both faces showed almost no expression, at least for the moment, and it felt awkward with these two identical mutants staring at each other.

At that point, while looking at Laura, Logan asks......

Logan: What is she?

Victor: She's like you. VERY much like you, Jimmy. And believe it or not, she DOES need our help.

Logan: Someone will come along.

Victor: Somebody already has come along.

Logan and Laura both made eye contact with a since of familiarity and he was just about to open his mouth till......

Xavier (Patrick Stewart): Victor Creed.

They all looked up to him as Xavier (Who came back to attend the wedding) levitated down stairs on his hover chair.

Xavier: To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure?

Victor: Her.

The professor turned to Laura as she just made that emotionless face once again to him, but what Charles read in her mind made him feel like he was 'bout to have a heart attack.

It was too powerful, at least in his mind, to turn down.

Logan: Charles.....

Xavier: Logan. Victor's right; she needs our help.

Logan: What about the wedding?

Victor: Wedding??

Xavier: We have a few hours. Come.

As it cuts to the afternoon that same day, we head out back where just about everything was already in order.....well, most of it was. Cause they had a hard time keeping the pillars on the chapel stable.

But on the inside, Carrie was sitting by a mirror as Rouge (Anna Paquin) and Kitty (Ellen Page) were trimming and combing Carrie's hair.

Rouge: We need it straighten enough to hold it up.

Carrie: It could just be curled.

Rouge: You get knots from curls, Carrie.

Carrie: That really an issue?

Rouge: I'm just saying.

Kitty: Crap. Hold up, we forgot the flowers. I'll be back.

She ran straight through the wall and then as the door wiggles by the knob and unlocked.....guess who just came in.

Rachel: Carrie.

Carrie: *Looks over* RACHEL!

The sisters quickly latched on and hugged for they had not seen each other since her and Peter went away.

Carrie: I missed you so much. I was so hoping you'd come.

Rachel: Please, you'd think I'd miss my only sister's wedding? I wouldn't for the world.

That's when Ms. Desjardin followed by Buck came in shortly after and she gasped with her hands on her face......and didn't take long for Carrie to notice her as well.

Carrie: Ms. Desjardin!

Desjardin: Hey!

She also hugged her as well, as it was clear they both got the invitations and weren't gonna mis this for the world.

Carrie: So glad you could make it. I thought for a second that the letter wouldn't get through, cause you were so far away.

Desjardin: Well, the place has good service down there....somehow. And I guess I got lucky.

Rachel: WE got lucky.

Carrie chuckled to herself as she looked over at Buck who smiled back, but she could tell that he was anxious.

Carrie: Nervous?

Bucky: More like observant.

Carrie: Stark?

Bucky: Uh-huh.

Rachel: It's water under the bridge now. Who holds a grudge many years?

Carrie: Doesn't matter. What matters is that you guys are here.

She once again hugs them all.

Desjardin: Ok.....well.....I think it's best if we let you finish getting ready.

Rouge: Good. Cause maybe some of you can give me a hand with the hair till Kitty gets back.

Rachel: Allow me.

Carrie smiled for that and outside though both Tommy and Sue arrived by cab and saw the place was packing 

With Sue carrying little Carrie Tommy just looked at it speechless (Really being his first time here since the changing of history brought him back)

Tommy: Wow. I wish our school could be this big.

Sue: If it was, it be runned by a millionaire

That's when.....

The sky cracked open and the bifrost came down appearing Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Tommy: HOLY SH**!

Thor: *Looks over* Good day to you mortal. *Walks off*

Tommy: Sue, did that dude literately just came from the sky?

Sue: Actually I forgot to tell ya. Carrie's second superhero group has god members.

Tommy: Gods?? I thought there was only....

Sue: I know we all did. Mainly in his world most legends we heard in fairy tales are true.

On the other side of the mansion they finally got the pillars up then Jean was having drinks with Rogers and they got to talking

Roger: You sure he'll behave?

Jean: He says he'd try if....If he doesn't talk to him.

Rogers: That can arrange. long you knew the young lovers?

Jean: Oh...Kurt has been with us since.....our encounter with Striker. I think helped us before when most of us were younger with.....a mutant that nearly tried to destory the world. But that was almost a decade ago. Carrie however has been with us for five years.

Rogers: You know I first thought she was your daughter.

Jean: My daughter??

Rogers: Cause she has the same powers as you.

Jean: No. She was inherited. I mutated.

That's when they heard musical horns

Rogers: Kiss my grids.

A limbo pulled up and who came out of it was non other than.....Tony Stark

It didn't take long for Steve m to come out from the other side and then see him exit the limo with a tightly new white dress suit.

Rogers just stared at Stark for a few seconds until they smiled.

Rogers: Tony.

Tony: Steve.

They both shook hands and hug each other.

Rogers: Glad the hare came out of his rabbit hole.

Tony: *chuckles* Speak for yourself, it was no biggie. As long as I don't have to worry about--

Steve: You won't have to. I'll make sure he stays away from you.

Tony: Good. Where's the Mr and Mrs?

Rogers: Getting ready.

Tony: Ahh, no need to disturb the lot of 'em. They been through less then me.....which gives them the benefit of the doubt. Is--where's the chapel?

As that was happening, we cut to Logan once again with Charles, Victor and Laura in a lab on the bottom level going over the current situation.....and a more critical matter.

Logan: Come on, Charles. You're freaking me out with this. What's this all have to do with this kid?

Xavier: She's a subject of another's twisted experiment. From all I know, Erik stole her from them like he stole Rachel from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Logan: Who was she with?

Victor: And who's "Them"?

As they were all talking, Laura couldn't help but to feel very VERY bored. Pretty soon, she sneaked away back upstairs and explored around the place until she soon came across the room where Rouge, Kitty and Rachel were helping Carrie in her dress.

Rachel: Kurt is gonna have kittens when he sees you.

Carrie: I'm more nervous what dad will think. Did he and Momma ever show?

Rachel: I hadn't seen them.

Carrie: Uhh...I was hoping he'd be the one to give me away.

Rachel: What about Logan? He seemed like a nice father figure to you?

Rouge: Yeah, he was to me.

Laura couldn't help but to overhear their conversation when they brought up Logan. Sinking deep into her thoughts, he face free emotional for a few seconds, but she snapped out of her thoughts when she heard someone coming around.

Turns out it was Ralph (Nick Nolte) and Laura, somehow, was gone when he passed by.

He found the door which Carrie was in on pure accident and walked in as they turned over and both Carrie and Rachel gasped and smiled.

Both (Carrie, Rachel): DAD!!

The two sisters hugged tightly onto their father at the same time.

Ralph: Too fast, yet too long since I've seen my flesh and blood wrapping their arms around me.

Rachel:'s funny. Even when you're talking religious, I know what you're talking about.

Carrie: But that's cause you've been with him longer then I have......unfortunately. Speaking of which, where's Mom?

Ralph: Her own safe haven. Stubborn as always, she refused to reveal herself here if I went. But I wouldn't miss this day for the world.

That statement caused Carrie to look down a little bit, knowing her mother hadn't changed a lot since the past "past", but that.....that is when the wedding bells finally rung and that let Carrie know it was close to time.

Carrie: Umm.....Daddy, would you like to walk me down the aisle?

Ralph finally smiled as he just nodded.

Ralph: It would be my pleasure.

We cut back down to the lab where the trio looks over and noticed that Laura was gone

Logan: S**t! It's already time and we haven't seen where that kid went.

Victor: Hey calm down, Jimmy boy. I'm hardly a guest here, so I'll look for her. You guys just go on ahead.

They nodded and went off their ways own ways.

It then flicks back upstairs to where the brides maids, Rouge, Kitty, Rachel and surprisingly Negasonic walked out the aisle, throwing down flowers

Just as Logan and Xavier took their seats observing the area, it became clear that Kurt was feeling nervous as he stood at the alter. In fact, he accidentally teleported due to anxiety, but he appeared back in seconds

Kurt: Sorry. (Lol!)

Everyone laughed at the random nature of what happened, but soon enough, it started. They all looked back as the "Here comes the bride" played and they all stood up

Escorted by her father, Carrie looked around at everyone smiling at her.

First Thor and surprisingly Loki with Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis

Then Rogers and Stark

Bucky and Desjardin

Wanda and Vision

Then at her surprise.....

Tommy and Sue

She smiled at them with gladness as Sue smiled back and Tommy nodded with a grin and finally....

She made eye contact with her husband to be as she smiled with tears as did Kurt

But that's when Xavier turned his eyes back for he sensed someones thoughts from a distance. He managed to speak to them and realized it was a familiar adversary.....

Xavier: I'm glad you came, Raven. At least for your son.......

Raven: *in distance thinking* I couldn't miss this no matter what, Charles. Kurt is my only child. Despite our differences, even the most damned people can risk a bit to see their own son's wedding.

Minister (Stan Lee) (Yep!): Dearly beloved, we gather today in the presences of family and friends for the uniting of holy matrimony.

As the Minster continued onwards, it soon enough got to their vows. And as expected; the two were nervous, but it was too late to back out now.

Carrie went first.

Carrie: 2013. That was when it all went wrong. I was scared, I was worried, I was petrified by the thought, the reality that "This is it. I'm done. I can't go on much longer." Normally, with the world against me, I would've given in and threw myself under the bus......looks up at Kurt.....but I can't. Not anymore. Cause unless you count my powers.....there was nothing wrong with me. Nothing wrong with BEING me. You taught me that, as well as everyone who has supported me.....even the ones I thought wouldn't be back in the end. I'm glad that I have somebody as courageous and brutally honest as you. As our souls connect, I cannot say anything other then.....Ich liebe dich (I love you).....Kurt Wagner.

Sue and Tommy from the seats kept holding hands and from the other side, Tony kept his distance from Bucky, who was on the other side form him.

But then.....Friday contacted him in his ear.

Friday: Mr. Stark?

Tony ignored it at first.

Friday: Mr. Stark?

Tony: *whispering* about a little privacy? Tryna bore me to sleep?

Friday: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we have an unspecified bogey approaching.

Tony: Good or bad?

Friday: Far from it. Behind you.

Tony unwillingly looks behind him as he sees something bad in the air and it causes him to stand up. What he sees just pisses him off.

Tony: Oh s**t.

Rogers: Tony?

Tony: Get down.

Sue: Wait, what?


Magneto's jet came flying down and magnetic energy blew the equipment, festivities and whole equipment down, blowing everyone back.

Loki: Are they on the guest list?

Thor: Hardly.

Thor held out for his hammer as it flew into his hands as Loki's scepter appears in his

Logan: You two better come with me.

Logan led Carrie and Kurt to the limo they were supposed to ride in to their honeymoon and he quickly burst open the car doors

Logan: Get in!

They teleported in the back as he got behind the wheel.

Logan: Guess the honeymoon is starting a little early.

He pressed out one of his claws and noticed.....something was wrong.....cause his hand was bleeding profusely.

Kurt: Logan?

Logan: What the hell.....

He pressed it down for a minute and that's when he realized.....his hand was not healing like it should. In that case, it became apparent that something was wrong.

Logan: What in the.....

Carrie: Logan!

Logan: Hold on! We're going.

He pressed it out again, turned on the ignition and drove off

Meanwhile, Magneto, Azazel and Sinister came down from the hatch and was confronted by Xavier.

Xavier: Erik?!?! What's the meaning of this?!?!

Magneto: I do apologize for this.....unannounced entrance, Charles. Really, it shames to interrupt such an event. But the men and I actually came for the girl.

Xavier: What girl??

Magneto: Charles, you know playing dumb doesn't work. I know Victor brought her here.

That's when Xavier sighed and then.....stood up from his wheelchair and walked towards him (What??!!) but....his eyes suddenly glew a bright yellow and turned into.....Mystique and she was NOT happy.

Magneto & Azazel (Both): Raven?!?!

She flipped over and kicked them all down

Mystique: THAT was for ruining my son's wedding, assholes!

Magneto then quickly stood up and quickly grabbed Raven in his grasp and pulled her close as she couldn't escape.

And even she reverts back to her normal form

Magneto: It did not have to be this way, Raven.

Raven: You....would've done the same.....for your son. For your family.

Magneto: Hmph. Like I had one.

Raven: still do.

(Referring to Quicksilver)

Having heard enough, she tosses her aside and looked back ahead, only to get outnumbered by Tony, Steve, Bucky, Thor, Loki and the other X-Men who were still there.

Magneto: Unpleasant to say the least.

Azazel: Playing a dangerous game, I see.

Tony: I believe you've underestimated the meaning of that adjective.

He clears his throat and yells out.....



The other guys were clearly confused on what Tony meant by that.

Thor: Stark?

Tony: Wait for it.

Rachel: The hell are you---

Tony: Wait for

All of a sudden, Laura burst out behind the chapel with her claws out and immediately goes after Magneto.

Sue: Ahh!

Tommy: Holy--

Sinister, unfortunately became the first victim. He did his best to delay her using his strength and durability, but when he kept trying to heal himself while going for another strike, he left himself open as Laura yells and pierces him straight through as she kept hacking him up.

But that's when Magneto grabbed onto her and slammed her down into a few chairs and as she laid there, Magneto placed his foot on her chest.

Magneto: Let's point theses claws in a safer direction.

He reaches out his arms as Laura's claws start bending slowly and slowly, but with each inch, the pain increases and Laura starts groaning and writhing in agony. But Victor then pounced onto Erik and threw him, freeing Laura as he then grabbed Laura while Mystique grabbed the real Xavier and hitched one of the cars there.

Magneto: VICTOR!!!

Back in the limo, Logan and the ALMOST newly weds were still on the road as Carrie began to stress and cry over the event

Carrie: Why did this had to happen to us? To our wedding?! To us?! WHY?!?! 

Kurt: Shh. It's gonna be ok. We been through worse situations than this.

Carrie: We have to go back for the others.

Logan: The others can take care of themselves. Right now we need to help ourselves.

That's when they heard another car honking and they looked over to see Xavier, Victor, Laura and Mystque at car.

Carrie: Hey....hey! It's them!

Logan: Who's them?!

Carrie: It's the Professor! He's alright!

At that point, Logan pulls over to the side of the road just to see Xavier and Victor in the other car, but that's when he noticed....Raven

Logan: Her too?

Kurt: What's that?

Logan: Raven's with them.

Carrie: I knew she come around....eventually.

She and Kurt eventually steps out of the car as Raven does the same then....they eyeball each other

Carrie: Raven, what the hell's happening here? Is there any particular reason why Erik just so happened to choose the WORST time to fight us?

Kurt: Ich mochte auch wissen!! (I'd like to know also!!)

Raven: I'm deeply sorry.....despite our past differences, I'm sorry, son.

Kurt: Nicht im dass (Don't call me that)!!

Xavier: Kurt. I can explain.....what they were after was this child.

That's when Laura stepped out of the vehicle, taking her time and startling Kurt as soon as she stepped outside.

Kurt: Her?!?!

Carrie: Kurt, what's wrong?

Kurt: She's the kid that attacked the boys and me last night I told you about.

Carrie just looked down at Laura, making eye contact with her as she kneels down and stares at her.

Carrie: What's your name, honey?

Laura didn't say anything and just looked down slowly as then Victor spoke....

Victor: Her name's Laura. She doesn't speak much. She's the one Magneto was after.

Carrie: But why?

Kurt: Remember when I told you she had Logan's powers?

Carrie: Oh.

Logan: I'd still like to know more about how that it is.

Xavier: We need to secure her somewhere first. Magneto isn't the only one who's after her and the mansion won't be the safest for her now.

Carrie: We can take her to my dad's apartment in Jacksonville. At least we'll have a place to stay until cooler heads prevail.

Xavier: Good thinking, Carrie. Let's move.

Eventually, they all got in the limo and drove off their way.

While they were on the road, they were all silent. Just silent. It choked the air to the point that Logan couldn't stand it anymore.

Logan: Who is she, Charles?

Xavier: Logan.....

Logan: Don't get me started, damn it. I've waited long enough. Answer the damn question.

Silence once again invaded the car as everyone looked at Xavier, anticipating his answer. He then slowly turned towards Laura as she looked up at him.

Finally, he said.....

Xavier: She's your daughter.

All: WHAT?!?!

The statement just hit Logan square in the face like two Mack trucks ramming into each other at high speed. It seemed unreal. He didn't know how he would respond at first.....but then he slammed on the breaks, bringing the limo to a complete stop.

Victor: Jimmy?

Logan: the HELL is that even possible?

Xavier: I don't know how to describe it, Logan but.....

Carrie: have a daughter? Why didn't you tell us?

Logan: Because I sure as hell didn't know.

Xavier: Logan, I....

Logan: No.

Victor: Jimmy, don't you think--

Logan: Shut up.....*sighs*......I'm not in the mood.......

Silence once again filled the whole limo as Kurt held Carrie's hand while staring dead at his mother.

Kurt: How was I born?

Raven: Pardon me?

Kurt: If you are my Mutter, I need answers from you, too. Why'd you leave me? Did you and Azazel hate me that much?

Raven: Baby, no. I wanted to be with you more than anything.

Kurt: Then why all these years plot against me and my friends? Most of all, crash our wedding?! 

Carrie: Kurt. Give her a chance. You know my mom was messed up to. But that's one of the things that brought us together.

Kurt sighed and held Carrie's hand tight then they both turned to Raven, anxious to hear what she had to say.

Raven: The night you were born, you were surrounded by so many people who feared and despised us. Believing you were some form of....the Devil's child, and then an angry mob chased us out of our home.

Carrie: What--what happened?

Raven: They wanted nothing more than to kill him before he grew up.....they were so determined to kill you, Kurt....that I had to insure your safety by placing you on a raft until I knew you would later be found.

Kurt: Wasn't Vater(Father) with you?

Raven: No. Knowing his capabilities, I couldn't let you fall into his hands. Kurt....letting you go was the toughest choice I ever had to make. I never wanted to, but I was low on options. You wouldn't have a real life with me, nor your father if I hadn't. I am sorry, sweetheart.

Raven once again turned back to the window as she buried her face against the screen and sniffles with tears. Carrie looked at Kurt, practically telling him to forgive her....a chupice that needed to be made. Kurt moved over to her and.....gave Raven a small hug

Kurt: It's ok, Mutter. (Mother) It's ok.

Raven nodded slowly as the car once again zoomed down the highway.

Meanwhile, it cuts back to the mansion as Kayla notices that there was a lot of chatter going on downstairs.

She didn't know what it was, but it definitely had something to do with the wedding.....and she didn't like it.

Kayla: The hell?

She quickly made her way downstairs as she went out to the back and she saw the altar and everything else just demolished.

Kayla: What in Gods name--

She was confused at how something like this possibly could've went wrong until she saw Desjardin being comforted by Bucky.

Kayla: Hey, what just happened?

Bucky: Magneto. The son of a b**ch came out of nowhere, and started crashing the whole place.

Kayla: Bastard. What about Logan?

Bucky: He took the Mr. and Mrs. somewhere safe. I don't know where. Listen, I got to get Rita to a hospital. We'll try to find the others as soon as we can.

Kayla helped Bucky with carrying the injured Desjardin till.....

Sue's car pulled up with her on the wheel and with Tommy riding on shotgun, carrying Little Carrie

Sue: Need a ride?

Bucky: Perfect timing.

Kayla: Who are you?

Bucky: That's for another time.

As soon as they got on the road, Sue reached for her phone, in hopes to try and reach Carrie

Her cell viberated under her dress, so she pulled it out and quickly answered

Carrie: Sue?

Sue: Carrie, ah thank God. Where the hell are you?

Carrie: I'm somewhere on the road. There's something I need to take care of.

Sue: What's that supposed to mean?

Carrie: I can't explain it right now. I need to find out more about this girl if we're to stop Magneto and the goons.

Sue: Hold on, what girl?

She waited for a response as Carrie stared over at Laura across from her and after a few seconds, she said.....

Carrie: Logan's daughter.

That statement paralyzed Sue for a brief second because despite how much she's heard about the X-Men already, she NEVER knew that Logan had a daughter

Carrie: I'll keep you posted.

She then hung up on her as Sue once again fathomed over the very thought of what she just heard.

Sue: Wha--how?

Tommy: What'd she say?

Sue: Uhh......You're gonna super freak out about this, but....she just told me.....her buddy Logan.....the guy with the claws.....

Tommy: Yeah?

Sue:.....has a daughter.

Both (Tommy, Kayla): WHAT?!


Everyone turned to him.

Bucky: During my days as the Winter Solider, HYDRA had some intrests in the Weapon X program. A LOT of interest. They had studied the Wolverine's DNA for decades and were so fascinating they began to make their OWN Wolverine. The worst thing is..... they used a child.

Everyone gasped.....

Kayla: That's horrible. Who would be so cruel?

Bucky: HYDRA's run by tons of cruel people. They put that damn chip that turns me into the Winter Solider in me, just to make me insane as they are do all their dirty work.

Tommy: And I thought Chris was the worst of them all.

Sue: Don't remind me.

Bucky: Listen. Let's just get to a near by hospital to help Rita. And we'll see if we can meet up with Logan and your friends.

We cut later that night where Carrie and the others finally arrived back in Jacksonville.

They soon got out of the limo and just looked on outside as Logan had to pick up Xavier from his hover chair

Xavier: This...this is it?

Raven: Not a huge place.

Carrie: I's not fancy. But it'll do. 

Logan: Huh....funny. That's exactly what you said.

Victor: I know.

Kurt: And you're sure this place is safe? We're sure to stay off the radar here until we finally--

Carrie: I'm positive. Dad picked the safest and most secure place away from...the modern signs of the city.

Victor: Is he here, though?

Carrie: No clue. But either he....

Rachel: He's not.

They all turned around to see Rachel leaning on the limo and apparently, she alarmed most of them. In fact, Laura was alarmed the most that she almost attacked her, but Rachel was then startled and had to use her telekinesis to stop Laura from getting to her

Rachel: The hell did I do?!

Logan: How the hell am I supposed to know?

Kurt: Cause you're her father, Logan.

Logan: Oh now you're falling for it too. How is she related to me?!


She once again looked at Laura deep in her eyes and sets her down gently.

Carrie: Wait, Rachel. What'd you doing here?

Rachel: That bastard ruined your speacial day, and I'm not gonna let that slide.

Victor: Well, aren't you tardy to the party.

Rachel: And....what's HE doing here?

Carrie: Don't worry about him. He's here to help. So is Raven.

Rachel: Raven?? Hold up did you say Raven??

Carrie: We should go inside. I'll tell you everything.

Inside the apartment, everyone was trying to settle in. Laura, however, just sat at the window not moving much.

And Carrie finished telling Rachel the whole story

Rachel: Jesus. What would Magneto and the goons want with her?

Carrie: I don't know. But this is just barbaric of what happened to one child.

Rachel: And if Logan's the parent, does that make Kayla the mother?

Carrie: I don't think so. He doesn't know himself.

Rachel: Well by all means, those freaks of nature ruin your wedding just to kidnap one child?

Carrie: The professor says she needs us. Mainly Logan, but.....all the things he did for us......we couldn't let him do this on his own.

Rachel: What about Victor and Raven?

Carrie: You know Victor helped us once. Raven was also connected to the Professor when they were kids.

Carrie: Yeah, but that was until she paired up with Magneto.

Carrie: But she's devoted to her son. It's hard for Kurt to understand but he's coming around.

Rachel: I wonder how even that Azazel guy and Raven hooked up.

Carrie: I try not to find out.

Rachel: But, still it's hard for me to come around all this. How does this even add up?

Carrie: Rachel, calm down. This is the issue I brought up controlling your anger. Just calm your mind.

Rachel: *Sighs* Point taken. Peter already got me about that.

Carrie chuckled silently as Laura finally stopped staring out of the window and just walked to the front of the room. She then bends down on her right knee and pulls out her claws as she starts scraping the floor.

The scraping caught everyone's attention in the room.

Carrie: What the--

Raven: I don't like this, Charles.

Logan: Charles.....

Xavier: Shh.

They unwillingly let Laura finish scraping on the floor and as she got up and retracted her claws, Logan and Carrie looked over it and what It said told the whole story.....


They all slowly turn over to her as Laura finally shows some emotion on her face and utters her first words......

Laura: They started it.

It surprised everyone.

Logan: Wait. You can speak now?

Laura nodded silently as her expression went from anger to meddling sadness.....for the pain she felt can clearly be expressed from her eyes.

Laura: If you can only see what they took from me......

She eventually broke down emotionally and dropped down to both her knees and looked at both her claws.....

Laura finally broke down into tears as Carrie rushed to the poor child and hugged her tightly. As for Logan and the others......they didn't know what to say. Not anymore.

We cut to two hours later where she's in bed as Carrie sat beside with her with Kurt and Logan by the doorway.

Kurt: I've seen many terrible things, but this.....this is overboard.

Logan: And all these years fighting Victor, hunting down my past and training you kids, the goddamn HYDRA has made a new enemy. Out of everything else......

Kurt: This child needs her father more than ever.

Logan: Yeah.....I guess you can say that.

Kurt: You guess?

Logan: I KNOW.

Kurt: That's better. But, what could Erik want from her? Or my father?

Logan: I'd sure like to tear the answers out of them that's for sure.

Eventually, Carrie came out and sighed as she turned towards them both.

Carrie: She's fast asleep. She'll be ok.

Kurt: You're great with kids.

Logan: Even my own.

Carrie: Yeah. Well....we should all get some sleep. We're gonna need our energy for tomorrow.

Kurt smiled and took her hand as Logan gave one last peek at the sleeping Laura, for the father affection was starting to swell up in him

A mere 30 minutes later, just when everyone was fast asleep, the room was dark and filled with a dramatic silence.....until....Azazel, himself, appeared from HIS teleportation into Laura's room.

But the scent was too strong for one to ignore. It woke her and she peaked her eyes on as Azazel's shadow appeared over her face

The shriek she made woke everyone up and Logan and Carrie ran to the room

Carrie: What happened?!

Logan: No clue!

They both bargened into through the door, just to see the room was torn up, scratched and ransacked. But the most damning evidence: the giant gaping hole in the wall.

Carrie: Son of a--


He got into a fit and started slicing and dicing around the room clearly frustrated as Carrie tried to calm him down.

Carrie: Logan! This doesn't help!

At that point, that's when Logan points his claws at HER. She immediately becomes petrified, for this had NEVER happened to her.

Logan: If you know what's best for you, I wouldn't consider getting in my way.

He then retracted his claws away and then jumped out of the window to go get Laura.

Carrie just stood in place, looking at the gigantic hole in the wall as if it was like a black hole in space. That's when Rachel, Victor and Kurt came in and saw.

Victor: Azazel.

Rachel: Wh--what?

Victor: Azazel did this.

Kurt: Vater......

Kurt then looked down at Carrie, who just fell on her knees

Kurt: Carrita? What is it?

Carrie was just too stunned at what Logan just said to her, for he had never threatened her like that in all the years he's looked out for her.What had just happened just left her sinking deep into her consciousness.

Kurt: Carrita?

We cut to where Laura running into the woods again, panting heavily, but with Azazel on her tail she couldn't get far enough

Logan tried to pick up her trail by sniffing and fallowed the scent that led into the woods

That's then Azazel cut Laura off with his teleportation

Azazel: Magneto's not done with you just yet.

Out of nowhere, Logan jumped down yelling, trying to pierce Azazel, but Azazel teleported before he could touch him

He looked around, but he was no where to be found

Logan: Damn it.

Laura: What'd you doing here?!

Logan: What am I doing? I came here to save your a**. I mean, your my....

Laura: Listen. They're after me, not you. You and your friends are indangering yourselves by protecting me. Why else would they crash your friends wedding.

Logan: Listen, you can't just shut me out for MY protection. I mean, if it's true that you're my daughter.....

Laura: I'M NOT!


Logan: What??

Laura: They--they just injected your DNA in me. These....*retracts her claws*......don't make us related. That's what they want you to think. Just take your friends go while you can.

Laura then just walked past him as Logan kept his mouth open, watching her go

Logan: Wait, please....

Laura: If you want to help, DON'T follow me.

She walked off till she was out of sight, leaving Logan speechless


Logan just stands there, watching Laura disappear into the woods and once she fully vanishes, he picks himself up and starts walking off.

But as soon as he turns around to start walking away, she hears Laura screaming from the other end and immediately rushes over there. At that point, he sees Azazel struggling to keep Laura in his grasp because she kept slashing at him.

Eventually, he knees Laura in the face twice and tosses her aside. But just when he's about to strike again, Logan runs right through him with his claws, yelling fiercely and he pierces him through a tree branch.

He finally calms down and rips his claws out of him as Azazel struggles to get out, but eventually fades.....and dies.....or does he....

Logan then turns to Laura.

Logan: Professor doesn't lie. He knows it, and so do I. We're family. And regardless whether you believe it or not, I'm tailing behind you.

As Laura just looked at her father again with that blank stare, we cut back to the house in which the others were just getting out, so they could find Logan. But apparently, they found out they got a ride of their own.

Sue, Tommy and Bucky managed to track them down and they were parked outside the house.

Kurt: Guys.

Sue: *Gets out* Hey. *Hugs him* How are you guys? 

Kurt: We'd be more fine if my father hadn't crashed in.

Sue: He was here?

Kurt: Ja. And worst thing is....Carrie's not moving.

Sue: What??

He showed her Carrie in her state and Rachel tried to snap her out of it

Rachel: Carrie? Carrie?! Please say something!

Xavier: Stand back.

Xavier tapped into her head and focused all his power to see into her thoughts

Kurt: Well? Professor, what's wrong with her? 

Xavier: She's having a slide reaction that's causing her to sink deep into her thoughts, she won't be able to resond to any emotion.

Kurt: No.....*'Holds her'* Carrie. Please. Say something.

Xavier: Kurt, calm down. I can brake her out of her state. But I'm gonna need a minute with her.

Sue: Well we can't do it here. Let's get her some place safe.

Kurt and Rachel helped her in Sue's car as the others went back into the limbo and fallowed Sue's car

We cut back to Azazel's supposedly dead body as the camera zooms at him and....his hand moves

Back with Logan and Laura they walked further in the woods

Laura: Look. What's more important? Me? Or your friends?

Logan: My friends want to help you as much as I do.

Laura: Listen to me. Magneto and his forces aren't the only forces after me. HYDRA want me too. For your own good...."Father".....just take your friends and get out of here.

Logan: Forget it! We're all safer together.

Laura: No one is safe around me.

Logan: Listen, my friend Carrie was once like you, she......Carrie.....*Remembers*.....Oh damn...

Laura: Hmm?

Logan just stopped dead in his tracks and just sat down on his knees

Logan: Sh--she was alot like you. VERY much like you. And was so close to giving up, even after she came into our care. Me....Charles.....everyone else.....took her in and treated her like she meant something. Five years and she never had one problem with us. Except....

For some reason, the story was getting to Laura

Laura: What happened?

Loagn: I thought you were kidnapped. And....and I lost it. I--I treated now, she probably won't look at me the same way she did all the years back.....and all the time.....ALL THE DAMN TIME....bad s**t always happens to people I care about......because I SUCK at this!

He got up from where he was and took his shirt off, frustrated as he kept on walking.

But apparently, that story got to Laura as she started to follow him from behind.

It then cuts back to the road in the Sues car where the rest of the gang were in the back and Carrie was just caught staring out of the window, while Kurt held onto her hand. She was still "THERE" but she was so lost in her thoughts, that she couldn't take her mind off of it.

Rachel: Carrie?

No response.

Tommy: Carrie.

Still no response.


STILL no response from her.

(Talk about talking to a brick wall)

Xavier: Everyone, please! No shouting will help her snap out of her trance any faster.

Kurt: Come on. Please tell me you can help her. She's......*tears up*.....she's my life.

That saying from her son made Mystique tear up a bit.....just a little bit.

Xavier: I can. And I will. But first, we must pull up somewhere.

Sue: We're already here.

Sue had pulled up to another apartment and had keys of her own there. As soon as she got out the car, Sue unlocked the door with the others behind her.

Sue: Vanessa? You home?

That camera soon spins the screen around where Vanessa (Sarah Michelle Geller) was startled as was Sue.

Vanessa: Jesus!

Sue: Sorry! Sorry.

Vanessa: Where's the fire, Sue?! If you were coming by tonight, you could at least call.

Sue: I know, I know. I'm terribly sorry Vanessa, but we need your help. Bring her in.

Kurt and Rachel helped Carrie inside, followed by the Professor and Victor. But Kurt and Raven's appearances had Vanessa a little struck down.

Sue: They won't hurt you. They're mutants, but they're mainly friends.

Vanessa: Friends? Sue? What. In the name of God. Is going on?

Sue sighed as we cut to another room where they had placed Carrie down inside.

Xavier: I need you two to wait outside.

Kurt: What....but I can't just---

Xavier: You'll help her more if you let me tap in on my own.

Rachel: But, Xavier....

Victor: You heard the man. Come on.

He walked them out and shut the door as Xavier strolled in front of Carrie as he inserted himself deep into Carrie's mind.

At first, it seemed like easy pickings cause he was able to get into her mind. Unfortunately, that's where the trouble started. Turns out Xavier dig himself a little too deep and now, he couldn't get her memories out of his head. It made next to impossible for him to find out what she was actually thinking.

Xavier: *grunting*

He continues to struggle with her as he blocks the thoughts out one by one until he finally comes across one.....that stuns him.

In his head, he hears Carrie thinking......

Carrie: I don't belong here.....Not in this atmosphere......Goodbye......goodbye.....goodbye........

The thought kept repeating and looping itself in his head at nausea over and over and over and over again......until eventually he blocks it out with tremendous force......and it FINALLY snaps Carrie out of her phase.

Carrie: *breathing heavily*

Xavier: Carrieta.....I know your pain.....but you mustn't lose hope.

Carrie just looks up at him with a serious look, as if all the years she had spent with him didn't do anything to improve upon herself

Carrie: How do you expect me to believe that? After everything they've ruined for me? After what Logan nearly did to me? Xavier: Logan?

Carrie: I tried to help. Then HE threaten me.Like they ALL did in my past!

Xavier: No....he never meant....

Carrie: It's sinked lower than ever now....

Suddenly there was a blinding light Xavier closed his eyes for a minute then......

He found a memory at Carrie's old house

Xavier: What in the....

Carrie: You never told me and they laughed. I didn't sin, you sinned.

Margaret: I did not. I did not sin.

It seemed as if so Xavier has slipped into Carrie's memories where her mother dragged her in the closet

Margaret: You go to your closet.

Carrie: No, Momma....

Xavier: It can't be.

Margaret: Go to your closet and pray for forgiveness.

Carrie: No....

She grabbed her and pulled her into the closet


Xavier: *Taps down on his head* Carrie, snap out of it. This had already happened. This is just a memory.

He then transported into (.....Oh god....) the girl's locker room

Carrie: HELP ME!

Chris: It's just your period. Plug it up.

Xavier saw the nasty event continue forward as it even took place back then and then still tried to reach her further.

Xavier: *Thinks* Carrie. Please. You're stronger than this now.  Carrie, let me in. I can help you!

But then he got transported to.....(Jesus Christ)......the prom massacre.

As he saw Carrie covered in blood, he saw her flickering the lights and looking at everyone ready to get the hell out of Dodge, but then it happens.

Carrie unleashes her shockwave, and it pushed everyone back. He then saw Heather making a run for it and her getting pushed into the glass window of the door frame, which kills her instantly.

Xavier had just about seen it all.


At that point, the rear image of Carries vengeful self caught a glimpse of him and then throws a table at him. He covers himself in a vague attempt to protect himself, but there was another flashing light and Xavier ended up.....(I kid you not) Hell.

At this point, going through and living through all of these horrible and tragic memories was actually staring to scare Xavier and he was actually shaking in his wheelchair as he observed the fire domains of the landscape known as HELL.

Xavier: Wh--what've I done to deserve th-this madness?!

He then feels pressure on his neck and arms as he feels himself lifted off of his wheelchair as Carrie emerges out of the fires with black eyes and face-closes him.

Carrie: They ruin me. And you do NOTHING.......

Xavier: Carrie....It's me. Your friend.

Carrie: Friends?! I have no friends!!

Xavier: Carrie....what about Kurt....Rachel.....they need you!

Carrie: Shut up....Shut up! SHUT UP!

Out in reality, Kurt could not wait no longer. He teleported back into the room and saw the shakiness and tension between the two. Kurt could even saw Carrie's eyes going pitch black and the Professor struggling in pain.


He ran to her, grabbed her and then teleported away, snapping Xavier back to his consciousness and also sending him tumbling back over his hover chair.

Xavier: Dear lord.....

The two ended up outside near the house by some bench, while it was raining outside. Kurt pulled her around to him, wiping her hair over her face.

Kurt: Carrie.... Bitte (Please).....come back to me.

Carrie woke up in black eyes once again, grabbed Kurt in the neck and slammed him down onto the water pavement and held him down in it.

Kurt struggled for a little bit, but then he teleported again as he then ended up behind her and wrapped her in his arms

Kurt: Carrie, it's me....

Carrie struggled at first 'till the rain increased rather hard and the cold drops somehow calmed her down.

Carrie's eyes turned back to normal after a little bit and looked over her shoulder to see the man she loved comforting her, as he always did.

Carrie: K-Kurt??

Kurt: Ja, meine Geliebte (Yes, my love)

Carrie panted heavily as she barely remembered anything much over what just happened. Whether it happened or not was a complete mystery to her. Then she turned over....and kissed him with fire in her eyes underneath the rain and somehow due to her powers, when they both fell down to the pavement, it sucked them in, like actual water.

(Oh boy....)

We then cut to Vanessa, Bucky and Rachel walking into the same room that Cavier was in, only to find out he was on the ground and unable to get back up.

Bucky: Holy--

Rachel: Charles!

She quickly laid down beside him and went it to his aid, but he quickly got up surely after.

Xavier: He's got her now.....

Bucky: Jesus Christ, you scared us.

Rachel: Save it, Buck. Where's Carrie?

Xavier vividly pointed upwards outside where the bench was surrounded by water. It scared the Hell outta both of them. Rachel immediately burst out the window with Bucky not far behind, and they soon realized that the bench was surrounded by solid ground.

So it seemed impossible that Carrie & Kurt slipped through it. But they saw a vibration.

Bucky: Wait. You see that?

Rachel: Where?

The vibration happens again.

Bucky: There. There! Right there!

Rachel: Carrie?! Carrie!

She immediately dives through the vibration and into the water with Bucky not far behind and eventually after a few minutes, they both got Carrie and Kurt out of the rippled water. But they were both unconscious.

While Bucky gets Kurt out unscathed, Rachel desperately tries to walk Carrie up with little to no luck.

Rachel: Hey.....hey! Come on. You breathe, come on! Vanessa! C.P.R!

Before the she could even get Vanessa out however, Carrie immediately bolted up and started choking out water which startled Rachel. But she still aided her.

Carrie: *Coughing* R-Rachel.....?

Rachel: Ah thank God. You scared me.

Carrie, at that point, tries to regain her composure as she tilted her head over to see Kurt out cold and she immediately ran over to give him CPR.

Carrie: Bitte! (Please!) Come back to come back to me, ok?!

Kurt's eyes suddenly popped wide open and he too had to cough out water from his system before making eye contact with her

Kurt: Carrita....

Carrie: Hey.

Then leaned their heads on one another and hugged just as the others came outside to see.

Back somewhere in the woods, Laura willingly followed her father's trail to a nearby river and saw him kneeing down in silence, before checking his claws again.

He noticed one of them was shorter then the other two, so without question, he had to mainly pull it further out of him as Blood once again spiked on it.

As he sighs heavily and retracts them, Laura walked over behind him and slowly held his hand.

Logan: I'm getting too old for this bulls*t.

He looks over at Laura holding his hand as he realizes that he somehow got through to her. He then turns to his right and skips a pebble across the river bank and just stared at the ripple it made.

Laura: What does she possess?

Logan: Hmm?

Laura: That girl....Carrie......what does she do?

Logan: Telekinesis. But she brings it to a whole other level once you loss her off. You do that, you won't last long.

He throws another pebble in.

Laura: You seek the end, don't you?.....You want to die......?

Logan: *sighs*......I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. From all the crazy s**t I've been seeing and doing, it's safe to say I wouldn't mind going out in a blaze of glory.

Once again, he skips another pebble.

Laura: Could I try?

Logan: This? *Holds up pebble* Sure.

He places the pebble in Laura's hand as he tries to go over the basics, but they're completely unaware that Azazel was lurking from behind, waiting......

She took the pebble and tossed it, which made much more skips than Logan did. He chuckled silently as they both skipped stones together till....

Azazel appeared from behind him, pierced Logan with his tail and then kicked him into the river.

Laura immediately looked up to him as he smirked down at her.

Azazel: You think you got rid of me that easily?

She screamed as he grabbed her and teleported with her just as Logan burst out of the water, holdings his torn chest as it slowly began healing.

His anger quickly built up as he roared up into the sky and it was loud enough that Carrie and the others back at the bench near Vanessa's house could hear him.

Carrie: You hear that?

Kurt: What was that?

Xavier: It's Logan, he and Laura are in trouble.

Carrie: Come on, then.

It cuts to when Azazel teleported back to Magneto's base and once again, Laura was so determined to get away, trying to hack him apart like she did to Sinister.

Azazel: Get off me!

He threw her down and just when she was about to attack again, he teleports and then stabs HER with his tail, but unfortunately he knows it didn't kill her because she too heals pretty quickly.

He had to pick her up with his tail and drag her all the way up to the roof, in which Erik was staring out into space

Fortunately though, he had sensed his presence.

Magneto: Took you awhile.

Azazel: She's worse than I thought.

He yanks her off his tail as she heals almost immediately and gives that stern look at Magneto.

Laura: What could you want from me?

Magneto: My dear.... it's not about what I want, but then it is for the sake of all other mutants. And it just happens that you're the key to the X-Men's defeat.....and the final your father's coffin.

(Yep, he knows too)

As Laura gets up to a knee and stares at Erik again, it then cuts to the side of the road in which Carrie and the others park and then head into the woods with no idea how to get through to the other side.

Carrie: I can't find my way around here.

Kurt: Allow me.

He took hold of both Carrie and Xavier and teleported as the others kept on trudging through.....and eventually, the three ended up at the river bed where they see Logan was, once again, taking out his frustration, only this time by cutting up trees and breaking a few branches. He had completely lost the plot.

Xavier: Logan.

Logan *Turns* Raaaaahh!!

Carrie: IT'S US!

As Logan calms himself down upon seeing Carrie with Xavier and Kurt, he pants and then takes a knee.

Kurt: Just tell us what happened. Let us help.

Logan: Azazel took Laura.

Carrie: What??

Kurt: Where?!

Logan: No damn clue.

Xavier: Logan, you must clear your thoughts.

Logan: *Pants* I'm's just....if anything happens to her.....she's my daughter....

Carrie: I know.

Carrie placed her palm onto Logan's face when they made eye contact....and that's when he remembered their incident from only a night ago.

Logan: Look, Carrie....I-I'm....

Before he could even finish the sentence, he sees Carrie grin and hug him more tightly then she's ever done before. He didn't mind. Cause he needed to blow off steam either way.

Carrie: It's ok. I understand. We'll get her back, I promise.

Back at Magneto's base, Laura was confined in one out of a bunch of rooms, restrained to some metal chair and she was in between angry and scared.

Laura: Why do you hate the X-Men so much?

Magneto: Hate?? Who said I hated them. My friend Charles Xavier and I made that school together. It's just they don't understand humanity's multiple attempts to try and bring many of our types to extinction. What I wanted the most from you is your initial on HYDRA.

Laura: What's your interest in them?

Magneto: They hold something that is a danger to all our race. We must swipe it from their hands.

Laura looked at him with the utmost anger, mostly in hopes that her father and the others would be able to find her in time......hopefully.....

We then go back to Vanessa's, where Xavier contacted Jean to try and track Laura current location using the surebro as Sue finished telling her cousin of the whole history as well as the entire story.

And lets just say....Vanessa was intrigued.

Vanessa: My god....all my years as a cop, I never thought there was anything as.....artistic as this.

Sue: Yeah. And we thought Carrie's trip into the past would change things. But not all the way. At least, Chris is gone.

Vanessa just didn't know what else to say afterwards. But as for Carrie, she was seen staring out of the window as Kurt calmly approached her from behind.

Kurt: Are you alright?

Carrie: No.....Not really......besides worrying about Logan's child, I just thought we'd be married by now. They had to ruin everything.

Kurt: Listen to me. All the years we been with the X-Men, we knew we were all gonna have flaws like this. Does not mean we should give up. Right after this is over, we're gonna try again.

Carrie: It's not only that. I'm also worried about Logan.

Kurt: What do you mean?

Carrie: Haven't you noticed? He's been.....a little off balance lately. I'm even wondering if his healing factor is still working.

Kurt: Hey....he's aged a little bit, yeah. First time in a long time, he's kinda showing his age. But he's still capable of fighting.

Carrie: Maybe......But....I just got a bad feeling about something. It's making me feel like.....he should sit this one out.

Kurt: With his daughter out there, I don't think anyone can stop him.

Carrie couldn't help, but to shed a tear as Kurt immediately pulled her in for a hug as Rachel saw them from the door way

Xavier later came out.

Xavier: Jean's found her.

Logan: Where is she?

Xavier: At the abandoned Essex corp research lab. It's near the coast of Florida.

Raven: I know where that is.

Both (Logan, Victor): Son of a b**ch.

Victor: Jinx.

Logan: Don't start. It's already been sh**ty week for the lot of us, especially myself. Last thing I want is any one of you down six feet under when it really should be me.....So after this.....I might have to sit this one out.

Everyone just looked at each other as soon as he said that because.....they never heard him say something like that before.

Carrie: Logan....

Victor: You sure about this, Jim?

Logan: If I had the chance to relive the life I once had, I'd take it. This just isn't for me.

Victor leaned onto him as he held onto his shoulder and chuckled, for secretly.....he felt the same way.

Victor: In that case, I'm going down with you.

Xavier: I guess it's settled then.

Logan: Thanks, Charles. I just gotta call Kayla for a second. Let her know what all of this will come to......

As everyone felt the weight of his footsteps slowly walking out of the room and upstairs, the rest of them looked at each other as Kurt turned to his Mother.

Kurt: Mom. You got a suit?

Raven: Yeah.

Kurt: Then suit up.

Carrie: All of us.

Back at the base Magneto continued to taunt Laura with his intrests in HYDRA until Laura blabbered out

Laura: HYDRA has a quarantine somewhere.

Magneto: A what?

Laura: A qurantine. They said a mutant's powers transfered it's DNA into a few others. The ones that were infected are devolping the same powers...and the same powers....also the same personallity. Maybe that's the weapon you're looking for.

Magneto: And....where is this...qurantine?

(That will be explained in X-C 5 which will be one of the finalies along with Carrie & Kurt 3)

One of Magneto's men came in before Laura could answer

Man: We have company.

The other men were searching around pointing their guns around and so far nothing was around till.....

Some of the guns flew out of their hands by force with telekinesis then crushed then Logan and Victor came charging and roaring as Carrie and Kurt appeared on teleportation as Bucky and Raven rode into battle

Magneto just turned to Laura and said....

Magneto: You'll see what I think about your acquaintances.

He quickly walks out of the room as Laura tries to get out of the chair again

We cut back to Logan Victor and Carrie slashing and pushing mulitible gaurds back and away as Kurt kept teleporting in and out of rooms

Kurt: She's not in any of these rooms.

Logan: Keep searching!

Then out of nowhere, Bucky and Raven rolled in from the outside as he shot more of the gaurds They then turned to Carrie and the others

Carrie: The Winter Solider ALWAYS has good timing. Why?

Bucky: Doesn't matter. Gotta keep moving.

So with little time to no time to waste, they moved along the research lab as Kurt for some reason was resent to check the top floor in search for Laura.

As soon as he got up there, he just so happened to run into....


Kurt stopped dead in his tracks and face closed his father before grabbing him and teleporting the room Laura was kept in.

(Talk about a lucky guess)

Azazel: So, my're still willing to go this far. 

Kurt: You've done a lot of sick things over the years. Holding this little girl against her will is far enough.

Azazel: You only rebel cause of the way those foolish circus freaks raised you. And your puny faith has only lead you into eternal damnation.

Kurt: I assure you. You're about to find out what damnation REALLY is.

The Nightcrawler attacked his sinister father teleporting while brawling in and out of rooms, like a glitchy teleporter.

The father and son battle ended up all over the place and it was clear that it could not be contained from underground to the roof and back in Laura's room, it was clearly all over the place and apparently, the very weight of their powers shook the building as Carrie and Raven could feel it. 

Carrie and Raven (Both): Kurt.....

They both looked at each other and immediately took off.

Logan: Hey, where you going?

Raven: It's Azazel. He can't handle him on his own.

They then made their own way to the upper level while taking out more guards, while Logan thought of something.....terrifying.

Logan: Wait.....what if she's not the only one?

Bucky: As in?

Logan: How many other mutants has he trapped in here?

Victor: Jimmy, this isn't Strikers island. There's likely to be nowhere in here.

Logan: Sorry, you're right. We should sh--AHHH!

At that point, he started feeling out of it and the effects of the adamantium showing in a not so good way. Logan tried walking, but he couldn't do so without limping. As he noticed the veins from inside him slowly turning black, It became clear the adamantium was finally killing him.

Victor however, went to his aid immediately.

Victor: Jimmy boy. Are you alright?

Logan: Don't worry about me....Agh....we got to.....

Victor: Jimmy.....there's something you're not telling there?

Logan: Ahh..... *Gets up*'s not important right now. Let's just find my daughter.

Even though he's worried for their concern, the trio trudged forward as Carrie and Raven searched desperately for Kurt till suddenly.......he and Azazel appeared behind them and Azazel had his grip on his son's neck

Carrie's eyes turned black and she pushed the demonic father off him very forcefully and both girls came to his aid

Carrie: Kurt, baby.

Raven: We're here, my darling. We're here......

Kurt: Ugh..... *Mutter*.....Carrtia.

Unfortunately, Raven noticed that Azazel was recovering and she quickly grew angry, while slowly standing up.

Raven: Carrie. Go find the girl and get out of here.

Carrie: Wha.....

Raven stood up and confronted Azazel face to face.

Kurt: Mother.....

Raven: GO!

Carrie: Come on. We'll come back.

They teleported together as Azazel and Raven made eye to eye contact, face off.

Azazel: After all this time we spent together, I figured we made progress.

Raven: But is all this worth killing your own son? Even ruining his wedding?!

+Jeronimo McArthur Azazel: Evolution requires sacrifice.

The statement made Raven twitch as her skin turned blue again and she went back to Mystique.

Mystique: Then consider me and him failed experiments.....because you've just shut us down.

She immediately ran up and kicked him square across the face and took him down. But Azazel disappeared and reappeared behind her as he grabbed her with his tail and slammed her through some walls. But Raven wouldn't stay down.

Mystique: Uugh.....ARGH!

It then cuts to Carrie and Kurt as they end up scouring the entire floor and they couldn't tell which room they were in, because none of the doors had windows tonsee what was on the inside. And eventually, it got to Carrie.

Carrie: Wait. Why are we scouring around like this? Can't you teleport us to the room she was in?

Kurt: Don't know which room.

Carrie: What?! How do you not remember? You were IN the room!

Kurt: I didn't know. I just teleported and I showed up in there by accident.

Carrie: Then do it again.

Kurt: What?

Carrie: You heard me. Take us to Laura now, please......

Kurt concentrated REAL hard then he and Carrie held on to each other then.....

They finally teleported into the room Laura was kept in

Laura: Carrie!

Carrie then pulled off the holdings on her with her powers till....

Some of the plates of metal were launched at Carrie and Kurt knocking them down

Magneto: Like old times. When we met I was facinated with your powers. Reminded me of so much of Jean's. I always thought how much of a Goddess you could have made.

Carrie: You're more of a lunatic than I thought. And to think I use to trust you for once.

Magneto: You never did.

Carrie: Oh yeah. That's right. I LIED.

Kurt: Nice one.

Magneto: Well, it doesn't matter at this point. We're due for a duel anyway.

Carrie: Please. Like you're gonna play fair. Just like Chris.

Magneto: Please, she could not be controlled. She made it clear she wanted you and you alone.

Carrie: Too bad, I had to stick it to her three times in a row. And I can never get her out of my head no matter how hard I try. Even now she's like Jack from the shinning.....

She got off her point and saw Laura sneaking behind the equipment that was behind Magneto as she noticed the grids above them were made of steel.

She smirks....uncharacteristically.

That's when she got her idea: Stalling

Carrie:....but maybe that's an exaggeration. Cause....I somehow have found respect for her. *To herself* I can't believe I said that.

Magneto: Why forgive her?

Carrie: Maybe because I pity her. For her sloppiness. Just like I pity you.

Magneto flinched and looked around and Laura yelled and attacked, but he caught her in his magnetic energy

But Carrie pushed him back with her powers, releasing Laura and she attacked by stabbing him in the leg

Erik yelled in pain and fell.

At that point, Carrie pulled down the grids from above her and trapped Erik inside them, reassembling the "X" logo.

They all looked down to him 'till Carrie turned to Laura

Carrie: You ok honey?

Laura: I guess. I just want to see my dad.

Carrie: I know. We'll take you to him. Kurt?

Kurt: Everyone, grab hold.

They both held on to Kurt and teleported just as Erik crawled away, bleeding profusely.

Outside in the fight zone, Logan Victor and Bucky continued to fight off Magneto's mutants as best as they could, but....Logan's side effect was really getting to him again as he stumbled and fell.

Victor: JIMMY!

But suddenly, before Victor could go to his aid, he was STABBED from behind by a....pair of claws?!

Victor: J-Jimmy......

Victor fell dead (Ik again)

And who the killer turned out to be was.....X-24

Logan looked up and saw

Logan: VICTOR!!

Kurt, Carrie and Laura appeared and saw as X-24 approached Logan.

Logan: What the hell are you?

X-24 didn't respond, and just went up and attacked him. Logan had to dodge his attacks about 60% percent of the time, because the side effects from his powers, kept getting to him and every time he hit X-24 or tried to, it stung.

They both pressed their claws together and yelled fiercely as they crashed onto the outside, plowing through the fences and vehicles that were there. Logan and his doppelgänger self recovered slowly, but Logans powers and healing factor was deteriorating more viciously now.

But he still went on to attack, but X-24 basically dodged all his attacks and Logan ultimately gets his ass handed to him. It became so embarrassing for Carrie and Laura to watch that Carrie had to lift Laura up in the air with her powers and throw her over to him.

Laura yelled fiercely as she stabbed the doppelgänger (X-24) square in the back and kept hacking him up. But since X-24 could also heal, it barely did a damn thing. But X-24 threw her aside and slammed her around. But halfway through the sequence, Laura brings out her foot claw, flips up in the air.....and cuts off one of his hands. That gave Logan enough time to step up and clothesline his copycat self inside out.

At that point, he looks over at Laura as she smiles at him.

Laura: It's true, isn't it?

Logan just nodded silently......

It then cuts back to Raven and Azazels brawl and once again, it was evenly matched.

Kurt and Carrie looked over and saw them brawling then they nodded to each other, quickly teleporting over to their fight.

But Kurt pounced on Azazel, pinning him down and giving Raven actual recovery time as Carrie then rushed to her aid

Carrie: You ok?

Raven: Never been better. I don't know what I saw in that man.

Kurt and Azazel kept on fighting and roaring as he pinned his father to a wall snarling and then began teleporting AGAIN!

Carrie and Raven (Both): KURT!

The two eventually ended up back on the roof near the very edge of the building, feeling the pressure of wind blow between them as Azazel counters Kurts strike and held him over the edge.

Azazel: You brought this on yourself......

Kurt then teleported out of his hand and ended up behind him. He then tied his tail around Azazel's neck and then.....

Kurt: Guten Nag, Vater. (Goodbye, Father.)

Then he pulled his tail around, SNAPPING Azazel's neck, as his head dropped off the roof.....dead.

Kurt breathed heavily as he watched the rest of his father's body fall to the ground then turn to dust....AGAIN. But he slowly turned away and teleported back inside as both Carrie and Raven see him appear in worry.

Carrie: KURT!!

She ran to him and hugged him as did Raven afterwards

Raven: Kurt, what happened?

He remained silent.

Carrie: Kurt?

Kurt: Er trat den Eimer. (He kicked the bucket)

Upon hearing that statement, Raven slowly turns over and looks down suddenly feeling empty, given that she loved him once. Both Carrie and Kurt comfort her in hugs

Kurt: Es tut mir Leid Mutter. (I'm sorry, Mother.)

Raven: Es ist in Ordnung. (It's ok.)

As they stood there hugging, Carrie then noticed something.

Carrie: Wait....where's Bucky?

It cuts to when Bucky steps outside as Logan and Laura were recovering and he expected the body of X-24 as he checked his pulse (If he has one that is....) but then.....

X-24 got up and SLICED Bucky's metal arm off AGAIN!

(Jesus, I hope Bucky has spare arms)

Bucky yelled in agony as X-24 stood up, smirking dead at him.

Logan: You son of a B**CH!

Both Logan and Laura yelled in fierce anger and slashed all over X-24. But they were soon out of breath and Logan's pain began to get to him again.

Laura: Daddy....

Logan: I'm fine.

(Logan reference)

The doupleganger was about to attack but then....a gun fired out of nowwhere leaving this gaping hole in X-24's skull since his head was blown in half and then.....he fell dead..... Mystique.

And it's dsnt take long to realize she had found spare adamantium bullets.

Carrie and Kurt rushed to everyone's aid as Kurt and Raven went to help Bucky and Carrie checked to Logan and Laura

Carrie: You two ok?

Logan: I sure as hell can't imagine what would happen if I wasn't. 

Carrie smiled and Laura got up and hugged Carrie. She was actually stunted at first, but then hugged her back with a smile

Logan then smiled then looked down

Logan: Hey, kid. I'm really really sorry I threatened you like that. It wasn't my intention.

Carrie: Logan, I told you it's ok. I was taught to forgive. Even those to against me.

Kurt: Oh Schiza.. Buck your arm.

Buck: It wasn't the first time, hardly be the last.

Kurt: I just hope you have spares.

Carrie: Everyone ok?

Kurt: *Nods* Let's go home. WE have some unfinished business.

Carrie giggled then after the injured regained their balance, they headed their way

A few days later, after treating the wounded and looking into Logan's problems but found nothing.....

......It was once again the big day again.....or should I say.....

The big night.

Carrie, in her dress, and Kurt, in his tux, stood face to face in front of each other, looking eye to eye

Minister: I may now pronounce you: Husband and Wife together. You may now kiss the bride

And then without hesitation, Kurt and Carrie leaned their faces to one another then.....KISSED

The whole crowd cheered and applauded.

All the Avengers came back as well as Rachel, Sue, Tommy, Desjardin, Bucky (With a new arm) and of course....Logan couldn't miss this chance to see this event take place

And apparently, he wasn't alone.

Laura: Hmm.....*Smiles and laughs*......

Logan: What's so funny?

Laura: Nothing. I just never thought.....we'd actually be related.

Logan: Like I said.....The Professor doesn't lie.

Laura: But how do you know?

Logan: Laura....

Laura: Daddy....

All of a sudden he picked her up and hugged her tightly as he refused to let go

Logan: *Breaths mildly* So this is what it feels like.

Carrie and Kurt (Both): Hey, you.

They looked up to them as they walked down the aisle

Logan stood up grinning

Logan: Congratulations.

Carrie giggled and looked over to the other side and gasped

Carrie: Kurt, look!

He looked over to see Raven in her human form applauding for them smiling as Carrie and Kurt smiled back

Logan patted their shoulders, then they walked down the end of the aisle with Laura tagging behind.

Later during the respetion, there was a.....pretty awkard moment at the bar, like it usually is when in-laws meet.

Ralph:'re the boy's mother?

Raven: Biologically, yes. You're the father of the bride?

Ralph: That's me. Where's the....uh.....

Raven: He died. But he was an asshole.

Ralph: Sorry to hear that.

Raven: And where's....

Ralph: Marriage ended badly. She didn't like my drinking habits. She died in another time till my daughters changed the future and now last I heard she's plain stubborn.

Raven: Hmm.....I think we'll get along just FINE.

We cut to where Carrie and Kurt got their picture taken by.....Peter (Tom Holland)

Peter: Ok, one more time. Just.... move a little to the right.

He took another.

Carrie: Thanks for being our photographer, Pete.

Peter: No prob. For once, I get to work without by the Daily Bugle.

They laughed and hugged Pete

Carrie: Hey, I umm....I heard you were considering on retiring from Spidey.

Peter: Trust me. I didn't want to at first. But....I think it's for the best. The last I want to do is get anyone in danger or worse all because I try to do the right thing.

At that point Kurt and Carrie just smirked at each other....for what they had planned

Kurt: don't mind we take you to the back right?

Peter: What for?

Carrie: A surprise....a thank you gift....for taking care of my sister when I'm not around.

Peter: I-I guess.

They lead him to the back and Pete was confused till.....

They revealed Rachel in a dress for she waited on him for a private dance

Peter: Rach?!

They ran to each other and hugged

Peter: My look so beautiful.

Rachel: Thanks. I asked Carrie to bring you out here in case you came. Just for a chance to have something normal for once.

Peter: I don't know what to say.

Kurt: Bitte Schan. (You're welcome)

Carrie: Have fun.

They teleported away and left the other two lovebirds face to face.

Rachel: So....may I have this dance?

Peter: I haven't done this homecoming.

Rachel: So why don't I help you catch up? *Chuckles*

She held his hand tightly and even though Peter didn't know what to do, he eventually pulls her back and spins her around until she face-closed to him

Rachel: I love you, Peter.

Peter: I love you too, Rachel.

As the other power couple take their sweet time and dances the night away, we cut back to upstairs in which Carrie and Kurt were also dancing

And apparently, Carrie has a new tune

(Charlie Wilson - You are)

Carrie: What'd you think?

Kurt: Better than what I had in mind.

And then they all took their dances as the song played along all the couples went to the dance flour

Logan and Kayla

Scott and Jean

Remy and Rouge

Stark and Pepper (Idk if they actually broke up in civil war cause he actually said they were taking a break)

Thor and Jane

Even Loki and Darcy

Bucky and Desjardin

Tommy and Sue

George and Erika

Clint and his wife

Vision and Wanda (They did end up together in the comics)

However, Romanoff, Rogers and Negasonic joined Ralph and Raven at the bar:

And then later.....

It was time for the newly weds to head off to their honeymoon

Kurt: Come on, babe. Let's see who's the next blushing bride.

Carrie giggled and turned around and by the time she threw the bocce, the one who caught it was.....Rachel!

Rachel: What?! *Giggles*

They applaud and Carrie blew a kiss to her sister.

Rachel smiled and soon Logan tapped on Carrie's shoulder

Logan: Hey, kid. Just want to say congradulations and to give you these.

Carrie: What are they?

Logan: The keys to your present.

What he showed them was a van with a motor boat tied to it

Carrie: Oh god....Logan.

Logan: Bought it myself. Figured you two could make good use for a boat in your future.

Kurt: Thanks for everything.

Carrie: We couldn't ask for anything better.

Logan chuckled briefly and Carrie hugged him one last time and her and Kurt teleported in the van waving goodbye to everyone and they head off their way as the camera pulls back from above.

Carrie (narrating): Families never have it perfect. It's not the way humans nor mutants were designed. No one is designed to be that way. My friend Logan taught me that. His hell was relentless as was mine. But's what makes us all a family.

(End credits)

Post Credit Scene

About a week later the black bird landed on a roof top and Xavier levitated from the ramp with his hover chair

Seeing there was a lock down facility and the door was secured tight

Xavier: Hmm....I maybe psychic but I have no idea how I'm suppose to get in.

Computer: Voice print: Confirmed. Welcome, Charles Xavier.

Xavier: Unbelievable.

The doors opened and he levitated in and came down to a secret lab which brought shockness to him

Xavier: My god.....what is this place?

He soon saw four people in cells and they all.....had "Electrical" eyes

1st man: What'd you want baldy? Coming here eye balling me?!

2nd man: Oh don't tell are the mutant Professor of the X-men! Well grab a seat. Cause JB don't do requests.

Woman: Miss me already Mag....oh it's you, Professor Boardem. What have you done with my soul mate? If you come between us: I'll cut you open like a piggie

3rd man: Professor? Thank God! You have to get me out of here! They locked me up like I'm some ginipig! Th-there's nothing wrong with me!

Xavier turned and there was....Magneto??

Xavier: Erik??

Magneto: I'm glad you came, Charles. You need to see this.

Xavier: What's all this about Erik?

Magneto: Did Carrie and the others tell you I needed the child's intial on HYDRA's weapon?

Xavier: Yes.

Magneto: Apparently, she wasn't lying. This was the quarantine that they were hiding. Before her mutation, young Chris Hargensen's father use to give blood to the city. That was after Carries episode, by the way. But what he didn't realize was his blood carried the mutant gene, which triggered his daughter's mutation and now. these people are all in a transfusion with Hargensen's blood, DNA and her mutation injected into them. They're becoming like her. They're becoming.....

Xavier: god....

Magneto: So far, we only have five people on the list. Any others who've caught the infection are yet to be pronounced. As we speak: Her personalities and her powers are growing forever strong in them. These cells will sustain their powers for now.....for God knows how long.

Xavier: What about that one? He doesn't look like the others.

Magneto: That's John Hargensen, Chris' father himself. His DNA created his daughter's mutant gene. Somehow....he's also the key to all this.

John: I cooperated, dammit! I've done everything you asked!

Xavier: You can't hold him here against his will.

Magneto: I'm arawre of the cause. But we're close, Charles. We can't let him go until we find this cure. His DNA holds the answer to it.

Xavier was skeptical to say the least, especially when he turned to behind him only to see the other cell was empty, with not a soul inside.

Xavier: said five people. I only counted four.

Magneto walks over to that empty cell and muttered......

Magneto: She'll be here soon. ("She"?)

(Cuts out)


Carrie White

Kurt Wagner











Rachel Lang


  • Azazel (twice) - First got pierced by Logan and stabbed through a tree branch; then......Second his neck was SNAPPED by Kurt's tail
  • Victor Creed (Sabertooth) - Stabbed from behind by X-24
  • Sinster - Hacked up by Laura
  • X-24 - Head blown in half by Mystique


  • Avengers: Galaxy At War, Part 1 (Coming soon........)
  • Avengers: Galaxy At War, Part 2 (Coming soon......)


More coming soon......

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