Story line: After the final battle against Azazel in X-C 3: Divide & Conquer, Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) learns her father (Nick Nolte) still lives and is in somewhere in Florida....looking for her. Accompanied by her love, Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler), he helps to find her father where new challenges.....and danger awaits them

References of other movies are in this and this fandom is rated R.


  • Chloë Grace Moretz / Carrie White
  • Alan Cumming / Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
  • Patrick Stewart / Charles Xavier
  • Nick Nolte / Ralph White
  • Dane Dehaan / Andrew Detmer
  • Sebastian Stan / Bucky Barnes (Winter Solider)
  • Judy Greer / Ms. Rita Desjardin
  • Gabriella Wilde / Sue Snell
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar / Lieutenant Vanessa Daniels
  • Aaron Eckheart / Derek Toomy
  • George O Gore II/ Wayland
  • Erika Gogan / Mouná Traorè
  • George Dawson / Demetrius Joyette
  • Lidda / Jamie Chung
  • Danny Glover - Manager


We take place at the Parker residents where Xavier (Patrick Stewart) just arrived, informing Carrie of her father. Everyone in the apartment was still asleep and Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) poured him some coffee.

Carrie: *Hands Xavier his coffee* I don't understand, if serebro detected my father, has he triggered a mutation? 

Xavier: *Sips* I can't quite place it. Serebro can also detect humans. It's possible your father may have a mutation, but I haven't comepletly traced it yet. However...I also detected Bucky Barnes hiding in Florida since the battle with Andrew, however....Serebro also detected massive activity at your father's location. Could be another mutant's a start. 

Carrie just paused in thought, carrying her coffee and looked toward a picture of her and Rachel (Odeya Rush) making funny faces and she made a soft sigh

Carrie: Professor...I'd like to go by myself. If my father is out there....and if he has triggered a mutation...I got to be possitive myself.

Xavier: Aren't you gonna tell Rachel?

Carrie I will. But.....Professor you know how my parent's marriage ended, right?

Xavier: Oh yes...I'm very sorry for that.

Carrie: That's why I want to make sure he ain't dangerous and.....I don't want to give Rachel's hopes up.

Xavier: I know you would never do such a thing. Family always finds a way.

Carrie: *Looks down* I guess...but I still need to do this alone. I can't wait another minute. I have to go now.

Xavier: At this time? This takes patience.

Carrie: I'm NOT waiting. Come on.

She soon wrote a note (The same one in Spider-man: Alien Activity), letting Rachel know it'll be alright and eventually left after Xavier did. She then called an old friend on her cell

Carrie: Sue? It's me. I'm sorry to disturb you but I need you to come pick me up. I have something you may need to know.

(Yes, she still doesn't have a ride yet)

(Title Sequence)

Meanwhile at Jacksonville, Florida, we cut to where Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) was acting all casual in a bar

Bartender (Stan Lee): What will it be, new guy?

Bucky: Just....just some wine would be good.

Bartender: Ahh. One in the house.

As he poured him wine, a guy (A bounty hunter) took a good look at Buck at the bar table and then he looked at a wanted poster of him beside him and he smirked.

Bounty Hunter: Bingo.

He got up and walked quietly towards Buck pulled out his gun, Buck just sat there sipping his wine, but just as the Bounty Hunter pointed his gun at Buck on the back of the head....

Buck's gun pointed at him from under his jacket and shot his leg

Bounty Hunter: *Falls* Ahhhh!!!!

Bucky: *Slams a tip on the table* Take it off my tab. *Stands up*

He walked right out just to see cops were outside pointing guns at him

Bucky: Really?


Bucky: Ah man....Look guys I get it. I might be the second coming of Al Capone but.....

He pulls out a smoke bomb from behind his jacket, unknown to the cops and right when they had him....

Bucky: Sorry.

He dropped the smoke bomb and the cops opened fire, but soon as the smoke cleared....he was gone

Later another cruiser pulls up and Lieutenant Vanessa Daniels (Sarah Michelle Gellar) of the Jacksonville Police Department steps out. (Who is also Sue Snell's cousin)

Vanessa: I missed it?

Cop: Yeah. He got away.

Vanessa: Dammit. Fiesty little bastard.

Cop: We'll get him next time.

Vanessa: You better or it's bye bye for your badge. *Storms out*

(Jeez harsh)

The next day, Carrie went on shotgun as Sue (Gabriella Wilde) was driving and Little Carrie was in the back of her car seat. They were driving their way through the highway to Jacksonville.

Sue: So after all these didn't know till now?

Carrie: We lost contact a month know....that night....

Sue: I see...when was the last time you spoke to him?

Carrie: Since I was 16. He was with a new girlfirend who was Rachel's mom and went dark on Momma and me just a month later.....I haven't heard anything on him since then....till now.

Sue: Jeez....and you said Xavier found him on his....what's that thing called again? The one where he locates mutants?

Carrie: Serebro.

Sue: Serebro, right. And since he found him on think he's also.....a mutant?

Carrie: I...I don't know for sure. If he is, he kept it well too hidden. And he has a LOT of explaining to do.

Sue: Why? Is your dad in trouble or is he the trouble?

Carrie: *Sighs* I don't know...I'm only saying he is in trouble or gonna be unless he has a good reason. I mean, Rachel was locked up in S.H.I.E.L.D. before I met her. If he was locked up too, he can be clean but....keeping this is a secret.....Yeah, that's trouble.

Sue continued to drive as Carrie tended Little Carrie, but they were all unaware they were being followed by a shadowy figure. With each step he made, the force shook the ground and the camera clears revealing it to be.....

Andrew Detmer (Dane Dehaan)!!! the police department, it was around the clock busy as usual and Vanessa was in a meeting with the Comissioner

Comissioner: Seems like you've had time to chew on this one.

Vanessa: That's supposed to be funny? Cause...I'd love to laugh right now.

Comissioner: Are you also aware, Lieutenant, that we also have a case of serial murders all the way from New York to Jacksonville?

Vanessa: It's news to me, Comiss.

Comissioner: It is to everyone. We've had 10 serial murders on 6 cops and four civilians. And all of them were found torn apart from the inside. Hung by their necks and crushed by street lights and...fried up. 

(He's talking about Andrew's doings)

Vanessa: Sounds like stuff out of a horror movie.

Comissioner: This ain't no movie. Maybe it's one of those stunts that was pulled off at New York. Washington DC. Sokovia. Lagos. Chamberlain. And finally Bayville. And some of the other cities had second events. 

Vanessa: That's Fury's doings. He assembled these freaks to destroy everything. (She means the Avengers) I'll find bring him in and behind bars.

Commissioner: I hope so. Because this is the second time I've had to report you. You mess up again.....and it's your ass on the line. Got it?

Vaness: Y-yes, sir.

We cut to Xavier's school for gifted youngsters where Kurt (Alan Cumming) was in his room hanging by his tail looking at picture of her and Carrie (The same one they had in X-C 2) then there was a knock on his door 

Kurt: Come in.

Xavier strolled in.

Kurt: Guten tag, Professor. Anything you need?

Xavier: There's something you should know. Can you come down?

He complied and jump down

Kurt: Ja?

Xavier:'s Carrie.

Kurt: Wha--what do you mean? Is she ok?

Xavier: She's fine. She left New York this morning and left for Flordia to find her father.

Kurt: Inr, Vater? But she said...

Xavier: Yes....but I detected him with serebro. He still resides in Jacksonville since 1991. I don't know what he's done,  but Carrie wanted to find out...on her own

Kurt looked outside flashbacking to the times they've had together and knew in his heart she couldn't possibly do this on her own

Kurt: She won't be alone.

Back with Sue's car Carrie and little Carrie were asleep for it was already night time 

Sue: We better stop in a Hotel soon.

That's when she came across the police station and seeing Vanessa coming out of the department

Sue: Vanessa! I forgot she lives here. *Pulls up*

Soon as she parked, she got out and ran up to her

Sue: Vanessa!

Vanessa: I already told you call me Lieut--- *Turns around* Sue??

Sue: Hey.....I hadn't seen since...

Vanessa: Since two Christmas's, I know. I've just been busy with the personal stuff since the crime wave went high. What brings you here?

Sue: Um...just taking my daughter and a friend out to see some sights and stuff.......

Vanessa: Well, I'd advise you all stay out of the streets at this time of night. We have a wanted fugitive and a serial killer on the loose.

Sue: Will do. You want to come out some time while I'm here? My friend here is here to visit her thought you'd like to get a chance to meet Carrie. (She means her daughter)

Vanessa: I don't think I can. I'm real busy. Better get in doors. It's late.

She got in her car and drove off leaving Sue standing there

Later, Carrie (who just woke up) and Sue came across a near-by Holiday Inn and as they were checked in a room, Carrie checked on Little Carrie and saw she had a messy diaper

Carrie: Oh....Sue? Did you check Carrie's diaper?

Sue: Oh goddamn it...I knew I was forgetting something.

Carrie: Inside the car, hurry up then.

Sue went back out to the car in a hurry and Carrie looked at with a grin

Carrie: You're such a stinky baby aren't you?

The baby giggled as Carrie talked cutely to her

Carrie: You're mom is so clumbsy. *Giggles*

Sue was out in the car getting the diapers but....

The minute she turned around, she was grabbed by the neck

Andrew: Scream. Then you die.

She was choking and suffocating

Andrew: Where. Is. She?

Sue just pointed to the third floor, but Carrie was actually up on the SECOND FLOOR. She diverts him to protect her child.

Andrew said nothing of that matter. He just tossed her aside and went up to the third floor by levitating.

Back in the room, Carrie was wondering what was taking Sue so long; it really doesn't take that long for anyone to get diapers

Carrie: *Sighs* Anytime, now.

She waited a few more seconds, but still no show. Carrie put Little Carrie down and because she was still stinky, she puts her in the bathroom sink 

Carrie: No worries, hun. Mommy's gonna be in a little bit. She's just running a little late. Godmother Carrie is gonna go look for her. Wait here, and I'll be back.

Once she exited the room, she heard screams from the floor below her and then....she broke a flour part off and levitated down through the wall, only come face to face with Andrew and both their faces went blank as they stood face to face at each other.

Carrie: Andrew....

Andrew: Carrie....

Carrie: What have you done with Sue? Where is she?

Andrew: She's alive, but only just. It's mainly you I want.

Carrie: What'd you want from me?

Andrew: You and I are alike, Carrie. VERY alike. We posse the same power, same abilities, same torture from our pasts. And that's all I need form you. This guy named Toomy gave us an oppertunity to create a kingdom for ourselves. He says if we open an aurora of time or some sh** like that, we could rule this planet together with everyone beneath our feet.

Carrie: You can forget it! You hurt innocent people. I'm not gonna do anything to hurt anyone....not anymore.

Andrew: Innocent?! They were hardly innocent for what they did to us. We must CRUSH them! You must rule by my my mate.

Carrie: Ok, first of all: don't ever tell me what I have to do. Second: don't "mate" with who would hurt innocents. And THIRD......

She pushed him back with a telekinetic wave

Carrie: Stop hurting my friends.

Andrew recovered with his eyes turning black and it came to another power duel.

Meanwhile, Kurt appeared from his teleporting and saw Sue knocked out and aided her. Although, it took a few seconds longer for her to wake up.

Kurt: Sue? Are you....wake up.

Sue: *Wakes up* Kurt...

Kurt: Where's Carrie?

Sue: Kurt, Andrew's here. He's after Carrie baby's still in there!

Kurt: Gotcha covered. *Teleports then teleports back with little Carrie*

Sue: Carrie! *Takes her while she cries*

Kurt: You get your daughter to the car. I'mma get Carrie and meet you later. *Teleports*

We cut back inside the Inn as room service was delivering food to another room and the next thing you all know, both Carrie and Andrew crashed through the door startling the staff member and knocking off the food. Then they crashed through wall to wall until they burst outside and Andrew threw Carrie into the pool.

As people ran out for cover, Carrie popped out from the pool and spit out some water.

Carrie: *Coughs*

Andrew: Too cold?

Carrie: You're a real hot-head. And I think you need bath Yourself! 

She then leaps out of the pool grabs him and throws him into it as well.

He almost immediately bursts out and pushes Carrie with his powers into the main lobby, crashing through more walls. Carrie struggles to her feet and Andrew was about to make another strike 'till suddenly he felt Nightcrawlers tail around his neck. He spun him around to the clerks counter then bust through it while falling, knocked out.

Carrie recovered and just looked over at Kurt. He held out his hand and it didn't take long for her to take it and Kurt helped her up.

Kurt: I wouldn't possibly let you go alone.

Carrie: You didn't had to--

Kurt: I wanted to. We're in this to the end.

Carrie briefly grinned and then looked down to see his cross and smiled up at him but.....she looked back at the scared but angry residents in the Inn and turned back.

Carrie: We should go.

Kurt: Right on cue.

They held on each other and eventually teleported as more ligaments fell.

Later on, Bucky got off an airplane cargo hold and ended up in Chamberlain, Maine. He immediately went to a bathroom to get changed, so he wouldn't get reconized and went passed security. Then he later hot-wired a random car in the parking lot, then drove off.

After driving for two hours, he needed to make a call, so he came on the first house he found.....Ms. Desjardin's house

He came out of the car, went up to the house and knocked on the door.

Desjardin (Judy Greer) answered a moment later and were both stunned at one another for they remembered each other since the battle with Andrew.

Desjardin: I know you.

Bucky: As I know you. We--met two months ago.

Desjardin: Yeah. Can I--can I help you with anything?

Bucky: Um....*Couldn't stop staring at her* Do you have a telephone I can use? I have to make an important call.

Desjardin: Um.....*Turning red* Course...there's one in the living room.

Bucky: Thank you.

She let him in and the house showed boxes everywhere and it was almost completely empty in the living room

Desjardin: Oh please, excuse the mess. I'm moving to Flordia in a week.

Bucky: Oh...I was heading there too....

Desjardin: Ohh...umm....

Buck finds a house phone and dials a number with Desjardin looking at him with twitching her neck (Lol)

Bucky: Hello? Your Majesty. (He's talking to the Black Panther) I need to talk to Steve. Is he in? What?? Well, where is he? San Francisco? But I'm on my way back to Flordia! What's he doing there?! Well, when he gets back in tell him to meet me there. Thank you. *Hangs up*

He held his head down after hanging up

Bucky: God....How am I gonna do this?

Desjardin: Do what?

He turns up to see Desjardin perched up on the doorway, looking at him.

Desjardin: What's all this about?

Bucky: *Sighs* Sorry to break it to you, but....just for your safety, you may need to pack up for Florida a little early. I can help you with some stuff.

Desjardin: Hold up, hold up. What's going on? I saw you and one of my old students two months back. There's nothing you'll say I won't believe. So you can tell me what's happening.

Bucky: *Sighs* I'm sorry...what's your name again?

Desjardin: Rita Desjardin.

Bucky: Ok, Rita...I have a friend who needs me.

Desjardin: Who needs you?

Bucky:.....Captain America.

She slowly backed up when she heard that name

Desjardin: You mean THE Captain America?

Bucky: Yes, He and I are....buds in arms. And we're looking into something to get that chip that turns me into the Winter Soldier out of my head.

Desjardin: A chip?? Are you like....the Terminator?

Bucky: Uh...sort of.....but I'm orginally a man. But then lost my arm.....TWICE and got rebuilt into a this....*shows her her metal arm*.....and they....I don't know....Listen. For your safety, maybe you should tag along with me 'till we reach Florida. Cause everyone who's after me will surely follow me here. Some are dangerous bounty hunters and they will KILL anyone who gets in their way. It's best you stick with me.

Desjardin: Uhh...well, I....if we can get all this into my van in a matter of minutes, we could be out of here in an hour. *Smiles flirty*

We cut to into the middle of the woods. Sue's car was parked on the side road and Kurt and Carrie built a camp fire and she tried to warm up as Kurt got more wood and he gave Carrie his jacket to warm up faster

Carrie: Thanks.

Kurt: Bitte shcin. How come you never called me?

Carrie:....I had to know for sure if my dad isn't as rotten as my mom said he was....I need to know why he never came to find me when Momma died--

Kurt: But why go alone? I mean you brought Sue with you, but not me. I mean, why not inform me about it at least?

Carrie: *Sighs* I'm sorry....Ik I should have called.....I just left in a hurry. I'm real sorry, baby. I just....I just need to find him.

Kurt: Why? He was never there, Carrieta. He seemed like he bailed on you like my own Vater did on me.

Carrie: But before you knew who he was and what he done...didn't you want to know him?

Kurt: Well....Ja. But....Carrie I understand where your coming from, really. When I was left at the Minich Circus, I too wanted to know who my parents were. But....when I learned that Azazel and Mystique were my parents a part of me...wish I didn't....and you told me yourself your mother was CRUEL to you like everyone in Chamberlain. And that one story about your father you told me before.....he sounds worse.

Carrie: I know, baby. I know. *Sighs* Kurt. You and I lost so much in our lives. Both our parents went dark on us...and we're both orphans at Xavier's and we never had a strong relationship with our parents. They hurt us both Ik, but.....I have to know for sure if Daddy really loves me. I have to know why he's been gone so long. Kurt...don't you know what that's like? 

Kurt: Yeah, I did before. But I just think...*Sighs* You never really know what you have until it's gone.

Sue: *Walking by with Little Carrie asleep* Well, I guess that's the understatement of the week.

She put more wood in the fire after giving the baby to Carrie

Carrie: Sue, That's not funny.

Sue: I'm not trying to be. Honestly Carrie, no offense, but you're making a big deal out of this.

Carrie: Guys....he LEFT me before Momma brought me into this world. My life since then has been never ending hell. If I can find him.....and if you can feel what I'm'll answer the question of my life.

Kurt: Which is?

Carrie: WHO. I. AM?

Sue just leaned up a bit confused a little.

Sue: Y-you weren't really--

Carrie: I don't care what I have to do. This is MY family we're talking about. I know have you guys The X-men and the Avengers and Ms. Desjardin and all that, but I got to turn all this around please...guys, help me find my father. 

Kurt was stunned of the way she was saying that. He looked at Sue then turned to Carrie nodding at her. They would help her and she smiled and hugged him for that

However, none of them were aware that another mysterous figure in a long coat and hood (It's not Andrew this time) was leaning and watched them and listened in, but after hearing Carrie's speech, he took his arm off the branch and walked off without alerting anyone.

Back with Desjardin and Bucky, he helped her with all the luggage into the van

Bucky: Is that all of them...?

Desjardin: *Smiles flirty again* Yeah. No time to lose then....right? 

They both got in and eventually took off for Florida, but they were unaware they were being fallowed by an undercover suspicious cop hired by Vanessa

Cop: I've finally found you....Sergeant.

(What did he mean by that?)

While in the van, Desjardin pulls out her phone and makes a call to another one of her old students

Erika (Mouna Traore): Hello?

Desjardin: Erika? Hey, it's Rita Desjardin. Are you available at the moment?

Erika: Yeah. I am. Whatcha need?

Desjardin: I need you to get George and meet me down in Miami to help. There's a situation going on down there and would love for you two to give me a hand.

Erika: Sure, but what's the situation?

Desjardin: I'll explain when I see you there. of mine will be accompaning us there. I'll talk to you later. *Hangs up*

Bucky saw on the door mirror that the undercover cop car was following them and he got suspicious

Desjardin: Something wrong?

Bucky: No, just keep driving.

They drove on as the sun began to rise with that cop following them.

Back with Sue, Carrie, Kurt and Little Carrie, their car had just passed a sign "Welcome to Jacksonville" Sue was driving again and as well as Carrie on shotgun and Kurt was in the back playing with the baby.

Kurt: Goochy goochy. Ah goochy goo.

Little Carrie: *Giggles*

Sue: *Chuckles* You never told me your boyfriend was good with kids.

Carrie: *Smiles* He's cute that way.

Sue: You don't by any chance....have your dad's address do you?

Carrie: Sadly no. That's why I'mma search the whole town if I have to.

Sue: That'll take days. We need a place to stay during this search party, but sadly my credit card was left at the hotel when we had to flee from Andrew. 

Carrie: God....I feel bad for him, but I can't help but to feel disgusted. When he picked me as his "mate".

Sue: Ew.

Kurt soon saw a sign of a circus that was pefroming in town and gasped of what circus it was

Kurt: I know where we can go!

Sue: Where?

Kurt: The Munich Circus is performing here. They raised and sheltered me before I was recruited into the X-men. They can help us.

Carrie: The one you told me you were at before? What makes you so positive?

Kurt: Let's say....there's one little thing about the circus I didn't tell you about yet....until now.

Later, they arrived at the circus where they were rearranging or replacing stuff and they came out with Sue carrying her daughter and Kurt in Carrie in arm in arm and the baby was starting to cry

Sue: Shh. There, there. I know you're hungry.

Carrie: Do you remember where to go?

Kurt: Right now, the only place I remember is the mangers office. I think it's the left.

Sue: Well, I hope they have rooms here. Cause I have to feed Carrie soon.

Carrie: How far left?

Kurt: *Chuckles nervsouly* Hold on.

Sue: Oh god...not again....

Carrie: Aww come on. I love this part.

They teleported into the lobby and Sue looked looked she was about to puke

Sue: Take the baby.

Carrie: Wha--


Carrie took her and Sue ran holding her mouth to a near-by bathroom to YAK 

Kurt: Guess I forgot to mentioned not to ride on a full stomach.

Girl: KURT?!?!

Kurt: *Looks over* Lidda??

Lidda (Jamie Chung) ran towards Kurt and embraced him in hug

Carrie: *To herself* If that's his ex girlfriend, I'll choke myself.

Lidda: My's been too long. And...I love what you done with your hair. 

Kurt: You too.

Lidda: Thanks. *See's Carrie and Little Carrie* And who is this? And....ohhhhh who is this?

Kurt: Oh...Carrie? This is Lidda the highwire marshal artist. She's the reason I got into the circus. Lidda? This is Carrie the telekinetic goddess and my girlfriend.

Lidda: *Shakes her hand* Happy to meet you.

Carrie: Same here.

Lidda: And what's your daughter's name?

Carrie: My dau--?? (Lol)

Kurt: Oh sorry's not hers. Nor mine.

Lidda was confused at first till saw Sue coming out of the bathroom holding her stomach and groaning

Carrie: She's HER daughter.

Sue: Ohhh...good to know. Uhh..who are you?

Sue: Susan D. Snell. Just call me Sue. I'm Carrie's friend.

Carrie: She wasn't that at FIRST. But I'll get to that some other time. *Hands Sue back her child*

Sue: Thank you, Look we're on a bit tight of schedule here, so....

Kurt: Lidda, wouldn't happen to know where the manager is around here do you?

Lidda: Yeah, uhh....straight down the hallway the last door on the left.

Kurt: Thanks. And good to see you again *teleports*

Sue: *To herself* Please hurry up before I puke again. (Lol)

Meanwhile, Andrew later woke up in a hospital somewhere where no doctors were in the room. But when he tried to get up, he was taken aback by the news on T.V

Reporter on T.V: I'm standing here live where late last night, a Hotel Inn of State Flordia was parochially demolished by some extreme force. Details are unknown, but eye witness reports described a rioting fight between unknown teens and sightings of a blue fury creature that teleports.....

Andrew grew angry with his fists clutched and the T.V screen cracked by force of his telekinesis.

Andrew: Carrie White.....She will be mine....or. She. Will. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shear of his voice cause the whole hospital to collapse as it was demolished like the hotel he limpered out after the dust cleared then....he heard a voice that caught his attention

Man: You still got it.

He looked over to see "Derek Toomy" behind him

Andrew charged at him and grabbed him in force.

Andrew: Six months, I've been tagging along with you and still NOTHING! You promised I get her in my grasp and still she defies ME!

Derek Toomy: *Chokes* Please will have her, I swear...but...kill me now and you never will....

Andrew stood there and....let him go

Derek: *Breathes heavily* Listen....your problem is you're still abusing your power. And you're still hurting people.

Andrew: And you know....this stupid aurora you want me to open won't hurt anyone? You think your forsaken father is trapped in there, but how do you know whatever else is on the other side didn't send him to oblivion? And if I open it, what if it sends us to oblivion?!

Derek: We'd all do anything for our family, Andrew. If there was a chance you could see your family would you take it? 

Andrew: My family hated me, you pathetic sack of sh**.

Derek: That's besides the point, man. It's more than about saving your world. It's about saving theirs. 

Andrew: From what?

Derek: Eternal damnation.

Andrew just looked around at the chaos and destruction along beside him and just looked down

Derek: Andrew.

He looked back up at him.

Derek: I gaurantee you that you will find some measure of peace if you help open this aurora. But I need you to bring Carrie in alive to make it bigger and stronger than ever. She doesn't need to cooperate. But I need her to alive. Could you do that? 

As Andrew looked at him with an obvious sign of an annoyance in his eyes, he eventually lowered his rage.

Later, we cut back to Desjardin and Bucky as they just entered the state Flordia with that undercover cop STILL following them

Vanessa on radio: Anything?

Undercover cop: They're on route.

Vanessa: Good. Don't lose them.


Desjardin: Well, we're here.

Bucky: But not really. Where's the next stop anyways?

Desjardin: Oh don't worry. I know EXACTLY where to go.

Desjardin kept looking in her rear-view mirror to see if the undercover car was gone. And it was still following her. She was still completely oblivious to the undercover car following her the majority of the trip, but NOW, she had the feeling she was being watched.

She finally stopped the car and got out as Bucky followed her. But Bucky was able to read the tension on Desjardins face and looked back to see the car following them, still.

Bucky: Cover your ears.

Desjardin: Huh?

Bucky: DO IT!

As she did, Buck took his gun and the undercover cop pulled up, got out of his his car and began shooting back. People became hysterical and ran in panic as Bucky fired back. Desjardin hid under a bench to further protect herself.

They fired on 'till the under cover cop got his shot off on Buck's knee. He yelled in agony and fell down as Desjardin watches in horror, seeing the cop approached him smirking.

Undercover cop: Hello....Sergeant.

Bucky looked up to him and was speechless when he found out who he was

Bucky: Wayland??

(Yep, Let's just say the undercover cop turned out to be....REALLY undercover...for HYDRA)

Wayland (George O. Gore II): You remember me. I'm touched.

Bucky: How could I not? You're one of the people that did this to me!

Wayland: Then I bet you remember....this!

He pulls out.....The BOOK!

Bucky: No...Not again.....

Wayland: Longing.

He tried to crawl to his gun with his shot knee

Wayland: Rusted.

Bucky: Please....

Wayland: Seventeen.

Bucky tried to reach for his gun but Wayland kicked it away

Wayland: Daybreak.

Bucky: Stop! You don't know what you're doing!

Wayland: Furnance.

Bucky: No!

Wayland: Nine.

Buck tried to crawl more

Wayland: Benign.

Bucky: PLEASE!

Wayland: Homecoming.

Bucky: No....

Wayland: One.

Wayland was about to say the last word but at the last second....

Desjardin hitted him from behind with an umbrella knocking him out and went to Bucky's aid

(That. Was. Close.)

Desjardin: You ok?

Bucky: Yeah. Hand me that book

Desjardin turned and grabbed the Mission Report December 16th 1991 and helped Buck up

Bucky: We have to destroy this book. It's the only thing that turns me into the Winter Soldier.

Desjardin: Well first let's move. Can you walk?

Bucky: Yeah.

Desjardin: Good.

They made a run back to the van just as Wayland recovered seeing the book was gone.

Wayland: No...Sh** no!

Back at the circus at the circus Lidda showed them their "Trailers" gave 'em each one.

Lidda: So you guys can crashe her if you like. Stay as long as you want.

Kurt: Thanks for everything Lidda.

Carrie: Yeah, it's real nice of you. Oh hey...tell me, did this guy ever came to any of your shows?

She showed him a picture of Ralph

Lidda: Ahh....hmm....can't say he did for sure. But I don't think this person ever came around.

Carrie: Oh....

Lidda: But the maniger may have some information for you about that.

Kurt: I went to his office his office earlier, but he was not there.

Lidda: He gets outside sometimes. More likely we just find him asleep somewhere. I actually saw him alittle while ago back in his office and....I think I saw that picture of that man in a portrait.

Carrie: On his desk or window?

Lidda: Window.

Carrie: Thank you.

We cut to to the maniger's (Danny Glover) office where he was asleep on his desk till a knock on his door woke him up.

Maniger: Huh? Ahh...ok ok I got it.

He walked up to the door and opened it and his reaction was almost priceless

Maniger: Am I seeing things? Is this really--

Kurt: The incredible Nightcrawler? Back in a flash.

Maniger: My god Kurt....I see you've grown up so much...I heard you were back but...never....

Kurt: Had the chance. friends and I need some information. My girlfriend is looking for her Vater. And he happens to be....*Points* That man on that poster.

He looked back and saw the "Missing Poster" of Ralph

Maniger: Ohh...that guy.....I think I saw him creeping by outside the circus about a week ago.

Kurt: A week? That means he's not far.

Maniger: But...some cop lady came by asking for him too and left this post here.

Kurt: Who was she?

Maniger: Someone named....Vanessa Daniels.

Kurt: Wh-what?? That's Sue's cousin. Hmm.....

Back where Buck and Rita's last stop Venessa was on the crime scene asking Wayland of what happened

Wayland: He was here alright. And he had a female accomplice with him who....knocked me out in the back of the head and...stole something of mine. A--red book. Something I had since I was in the army.

Vanessa: Alright good work. *Turns* I want a security cam footage of two hours ago showing the insident. I want an ID if this accomplice of his.

That's when Wayland made a smirk and sneaked away without no one noticing

Cop: Lieutenant.

Vanessa: Talk to me.

Cop: You're not gonna believe this. But some offices deep in the city felt some seismic activity going down. Could be an earthquake or something, but it was reported not be a normal activity for two hours ago a hospital was demolished. Sadly no survivers.

Vanessa: Andrew Detmer....

Cop: Lieutenant?

Vanessa: Andrew Detmer. Believed to be dead till other certian incidents. Now he's here. Take a squarden to that hospital. If you find him cuff him and bring his scrawny ass to the station. Right now I got to deal with a Terminator impersonator.

The officer obliges and took a few other men with him but as Vanessa turned back to talk more with Wayland but....he was gone

Vanessa: Son of a--OFFICERS!

Wayland sneaked over behind a wall of the building and talked on a radio

Wayland: Calling HYDRA. Mission report December 16 1991 is in HIS hands. I need backup imminently.

We cut to back at the circus where Kurt told Carrie what the maniger told him

Carrie: So he was here?

Kurt: I think so and he said that cop lady Daniels was looking for him too. And left that post.

Carrie: But if he's missing..that means no one knows where he is.

Kurt: No one we know so far.....

Carrie grinned then later they went around town Kurt had to wear a long coat hat scarf and sun glasses to disguise himself to avoid panics

They went from person to person house to house almost everwhere but everywhere they went the stories were the same

No one had seen him

Later Carr and Kurt were at a diner sitting in a booth sipping coffee

Carrie: It's like my dad doesn't exist. We haven't got anywhere.

Kurt: Don't be negitive. If he wasn't about how would the Professor find him on Serebro?

Carrie: It could have been Andrew. My dad was probably just in the crossfire.

Kurt: Still. *Holds her hand* We'll keep looking. I know it's what you want.

She smiled

Andrew stood outside and saw them through the window as he saw Carrie kissing Kurt he grew angry and clutched his fists

Andrew: You. Will. Be. Mine.

He turned away looking as if he was walking away but.....then stopped in his tracks smirking

He felt a near by car coming his way and immediately stopped it and it happened to be Erika and George's car and Andrew forcefully push them out of the car as they laid their knocked out he turned back towards the diner and smirked

Luckily Carrie felt the disturbance shortly afterwards and she got up to see

Kurt: Babe?

He got up alongside her and see's the car getting thrown in their direction

Carrie and Kurt in slow motion moved out of the way and everyone ran out of the way as the car crashed through the window

Erika and George soon recovered seeing the carnage

Erika: The hell?

Kurt and Carrie reappeared after dodging the car and turned back seeing Andrew levitate to them smirking and Carrie clutched her fists

Carrie: Leave. Me. ALONE!

Andrew: Not. A. CHANCE!

Just when he was about to attack Kurt teleported behind him grabbed him and teleported him away

Carrie: KURT!!!

She ran out the broken window and soon saw Erika and George and her jaw dropped

Carrie: Erika?? George??

Erika: Carrie! You're the last person I thought I bump into.

Carrie: No kidding. What'd you guys doing here?

Geroge: We were on our way to meet Ms. Desjardin and her mystery friend but....then we come into this disaster.

Carrie: Wha--Ms. Desjardin's here??

We cut to where Kurt and Andrew ended on top of a train and stood face to face

Andrew: Stay out of this demon!

Kurt: You're not getting near her!

Andrew made tree brances brake off from trees around the the train and threw them at him but Kurt teleported to avoid each one and kicked him to the front car

Andrew was getting more pissed he turned and saw the train approaching a bridge he smirked and focused his telekinesis on the bridge ripping it apart and turned to Nightcrawler smirking

Andrew: You have a train to catch!

He waved and levitated off the train Kurt saw him go and then saw the bridge was destroyed and the train was heading right for it

Kurt: Oh Schiza!

Kurt had a tight time limit so without considering the consequences he teleported as much people off the train as he could some got scared and ran but some others were greatful but there were too many people he couldn't get them all

So he thought about it and then teleported into the engine block and cut off the engine and cutted out the engine shutting the train down

Slowly but surely the train came to a crawl but stopped just BEFORE it went over the edge

Kurt looked outside and sighed in relief

Kurt: Thank you God....

Meanwhile, Carrie brought Erika and George into the destroyed diner; giving them a chance to explain everything

George: I am positive I dont know who he is. But....

Carrie: I'm not worried about that, I'm just looking for my father. that you brought up what does Ms. Desjardin need you with?

Erika: She didn't say.

Carrie: *Sighs* Well, I'll come with you guys to meet her soon as I find Kurt. But then I have to find my father.

Erika: Have you had any luck?

Carrie: No, I've been almost all over town and nothing. Kurt took us to this circus he used to live at to settle. But....nothing yet.

George: And....who's Kurt again?

Suddenly, Kurt teleported from behind and Carr spins her head around and smiled as she ran to him, hugging him

Carrie: You're alright; thank God! *Kisses him*

George was a little intense of his appearance

Erika: Relax, babe. I think that's her boyfriend. I saw him at Bayville.

George: R-right.

Carrie: Where's Andrew?

Kurt: Gone. He almost slaughtered people on a train, but they're safe.

Carrie: Oh good. I feared the worst when you disapeared with him.

It didn't take long for Kurt to notice Erika and George

Kurt: Guten tag.

George: What....?

Carrie: He speaks German sometimes. He says "Hello". remember Erika from our....first Magneto mission. This is her boyfriend, George.

Kurt: *Shakes George's hand* Kurt Wagner. In the Munich Circus and the X-Men, I am known as The Incredible Nightcrawler.

George: Uh....George Dawson.

Erika: Great well....we do need some wheels, but that weird guy with the same powers as you trashed our car.

Carrie: Maybe I can help. Depending if it still works. Everyone stand back!

They all backed up and Carrie focused her powers on the car and lifted it up and levitated it out of the diner through the broken window. It came through and she gently puts it back on the road.

Erika went into the car and checked on it. There was a little damage, but....everything seemed to work; still.

Erika: Ok....I think the car is still....drivable after that encounter. It's best if we move and find Ms. D. (Desjardin)

George: We'll have to give it a jump-start though. Most of the gas was knocked out.

Carrie: Let me see what I can do.

She tried to use her powers again to fix the car but unfortunately, it took up all her energy to fix most of the damage after Andrew threw it at them 

Carrie: Oh come on....NO! I hate it when this happens.

Erika: You're out of juice?

Carrie: Yeah. It'll take me minutes to recharge. Guess we'll have to do this the old fashioned way.

George: Oh worries. It shouldn't take long. Last time this happened, took me 2 or 3 minutes flat. 

Erika: Last time this happened, you got us lost in the middle of yesterday.

George: I had a GPS, Erika. It never lies.

Erika: *Laughing* Well it did that time.

George: That was a glitch.

Carrie and Kurt chuckled and then she heard a familiar voice in a distance in an allyway from behind.

Voice: Carrieta....

She looked over seeing some shadowy figure walk into an alleyway.

Kurt: Carrie?

Carrie: Stay with them for a sec. I....something just came up with them.

And she casually walked down to the alleyway, anxiety and nervousness growing with each passing step. Her breathing became irregular and she didn't know what to do.....but she went into the alleyway.

She looked around to see where that voice came from and then, from the corner of her eye, she saw a man turned over in some long light brownish coat and Carrie couldn't help but to feel a familiar presence in him. She spoke softly.....

Carrie: D--do I know you?

Man: I wanted to kill myself after that night. What I done to my darling wife, and forsaking you into a place of infested territories. And learning you were gone...brought me to a world of Hell itself. I prayed to the Lord for his comfort...till they did this to me....but now....You've come home......My sweet child.

Carrie gasps and tears up cause that talk reminded her so much of the person she had hoped to find. That's when she knew....

Carrie: D-daddy??

She was about to run up to him, but Ralph held out his hand.

Ralph: NO! Don't....come any closer.....

Carrie: Wh-why not?

Ralph: You won't like what you see....

Carrie: Let me be the judge of that. I missed you so much.

Carrie turned his head over only to see.....

Half of his face looked like a monster. (Kinda like Two-face; only half his face was mutated)

Carrie: *Gasps*

Ralph: I told you you wouldn't like what you saw.

Carrie: What happened to you?

Ralph: About two years ago, my...stress triggered this...making me into a monster that destroyed our family. I went to seek a cure and came to an organization called HYDRA. I....thought they would have my answer. My salvation, if you will. But...they wanted experiment on me. With little to no options left, I escaped two weeks ago....and now...I can feel the's getting worse. Carrie; sweet daughter you must go....before I--hurt you.....    

She didn't believe first.

Carrie: Wh--No. Dad, please jus--just stay with me. I'm begging you.

Ralph: Let God wipe all the tears away from their eyes.....and their shall be....*grunts* more death.

Carrie: Come on, come on, just talk to me!

Ralph: Neither shall there be sorrow....or crying....

Ralph stumbled and held onto his stomach as he started feeling intense pain.

Ralph: Neither shall there....*groans in agony* aNy MoRe PaIn....

Carrie: Daddy....?!


That's when it happened. There was this huge mutation that happened as Carrie was forced to back up and get out of there before it got worse.

As she ran out, she saw George STILL trying to Hotwire the thing and she yelled.....


George: What??

That's when they see Ralph coming out fully mutated as a 30 feet lizard creature roaring

George: F**K ME!!!

Geroge and Erika rushed to the car as Kurt and Carrie teleported in the back seat

Kurt: GO!!!

George started the car and since Ralph now as Ralpzilla!!! Had no control of himself he chased after them

George: The hell is that thing?!?!

Carrie: It's my dad.

Erika: What?!

Carrie: He mutated. That's how the professor found him on serebro.

Kurt: This is like when Mr. McCoy mutated.

They drove on with Ralphzilla still on their tale

Kurt: Uhhh...He's getting closer!

Carrie: DADDY, NO!!!!

He tried to eat the car but made a close second slip out and speeded to Broadway

With Desjardin and Bucky

Bucky: So...which way we go?

Desjardin: *Looks at a map*  Well....we're traveling down....Broadway and uh....make a right on sixth Avenue st.

As Bucky turned the car to that street that's where they saw "Ralphzilla" coming

Bucky: HOLY SH**!!

He spend the wheal turning over and George's car pass them and Carrie and Kurt saw them

Carrie: That was Ms. Desjardin!

Kurt: And Bucky!

Bucky: You ok?

Desjardin: Yeah.

Carrie: Turn around!

George: What?!

Carrie: DO IT!!

Erika: Wh-why?!

Carrie: Son of a--

She managed to take control of the wheel with her restored powers, yet the chase killed a LOT of time

George: Holy--

She turned the car around, making Ralphzilla trip and fall over himself. Then they speeded back to Desjardin's van in a hurry, but the beast soon recovered and tailed them again.

Carrie: KURT!

Kurt: On it!

He immediately teleported and got Desjardin and Bucky out of harms way back into Erika 's car with Carrie still in control of the wheel.

Erika: Talk about back seat driving!

Bucky: Holy hell was that?!

George: Freaking Godzilla!

Bucky: What?!

Carrie: No, it's my father.

Desjardin: Carrie?!

Carrie: Missed me?

Desjardin: Yeah, but what's happening this time?!

Carrie: I'll explain everything when we're not about to be EATEN ALIVE!

She kept turning the wheal back and around at every section she saw but Ralphzilla kept fallowing them

But they were all unaware that a trap had been set by the po-po's (Lol) (Police) intersection 

Vanessa: Hold it....hold it. They're almost here.

She was standing there twiddling the thumbs around anxiously waiting for them to show up

And soon they did they saw Ralpzilla coming

Vanessa: What in the NAME OF--?!?!

Bucky: Oh my--

Erika: Turn around! Make the next turn!

Soon George took back contorl of the wheal and turned the car Vanessa saw Raplhzilla coming at her and her men they made a jump for it at the last second and DESTROYED the trap 

Cop: What in the name of God's name was THAT thing?!

Vanessa: How should I know?! I want a swat team and helicopters on route. Orders are to shoot to kill.

(Uh oh)

Meanwhile Ralphzilla was still in persuit of the car

Kurt: Schiza! He's getting closer!

Carrie: Daddy! Please, snap out of it!

Bucky: *Points* There! The tunnel! Go in the tunnel!

George drove in the tunnel but only to find it was blocked off due to some construction


George hit the break and the car stopped too fast at the last minute then all got out seeing Ralphzilla's head sticking in the tunnel but could not reach them

George: Now what?!

Carrie: Kurt can you tell teleport us out?

Kurt: Too many to carry. And I can't see where to go in here.

Erika: So what'd we do?

Carrie: Imma try and talk to him. Desjardin: Carrie no....

Bucky: *Takes her hand* Don't fear for her, she can reach him. Like Steve reached me.

As Ms. Desjardin felt the warmth of his HUMAN hand she felt weak in the knees and Kurt watched Carrie in worry

Ralphzilla was still utterly confused and dazed as he still couldn't get in

Carrie: They always say the toughest battle is with the ones closes to you. I don't want that happen to you again....I believe in you...

She reached out her hand and the creature didn't know what was happening, Carrie touched the bridge of his nose as tears shed from her eyes

Carrie: I love you, daddy.

The others watched along as Carrie worked her magic soon enough after a few hand gestures and motions she looked deep into it's eyes and Ralphzilla shed a GIANT tear and eventually backed up from the tunnel and fell as he slowly turned back to normal

Kurt: Oh mein Gott. (Oh my god in German) She did it. She's amazing.

Desjardin just smiled brightly at Carrie as she held Buck's hand she went over to comfort her father who was shivering and nude and he looked up at his daughter in her eyes

Ralph: You found me.

Carrie: You weren't that hard to find.

Ralph: Yes, I was.

Unfortunately, amidst their chat the cops pulled up again and Lt. Daniels stepped out of her car first thing she saw was Bucky standing beside Desjardin and that's when she knew....

Vanessa: *Gestures* Take 'em.

George: Whoa whoa whoa!

Desjardin: Wha-NO!

Vanessa: I want them ALL arrested. Including that one on the blue make up. (Make up?) And get that old man to a hospital.

George: Whoa hold on lady!

Bucky: You two get out of here

Carrie: What? No! Not without my dad!

Kurt: I got him. *Teleports*

He appeared by Ralph and teleported him away

Vanessa: The hell?!

He reappeared by Carrie and teleported her

Vanessa: Get the rest in the van!

They threw the rest in the other four in the panny-wagen but Kurt appeared there late just as they drove off

Kurt: Schiza.

He couldn't get a direct aim to teleport to them then he vanished back to where he transported Carrie and Ralph

We cut at a HYDRA base where Derek Toomy escorted Andrew in the main control room by elevator

Derek: Welcome Andrew. HYDRA.

Andrew: *Looks around* I'll be damned. Reminds me of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Derek: HYDRA holds better positions than S.H.I.E.L.D. For years HYDRA has held the most inner massive powers. The best the government could ask for. 

Andrew: I hate governments.

Wayland: *Comes in* I assure you my boy, HYDRA is much higher than any government.

Derek: Wayland. Did you managed to apprehend Barnes and the book?

Wayland: Not yet. But I got a report from Lt. Daniels he was just apprehended by the authorities. That bossy hag made it too easy I'll leave immediately to retrieve them both.

Derek: You do that.

Wayland obliged and headed out to carry out his task.

Derek: Andrew, just in time. Follow me.

Andrew followed him all he way down to the detention level (I'm sure HYDRA has one as well) and put in a passcode for a super secure door.

Derek: Ate you ready for the magic?

Andrew: Hope it's worth all of it.

Derek: Behold!

The door opens up and as soon as Andrew walks into the room, he's taken aback by his auora of time machine (or something)

Andrew: I'll be damned.

Derek: 5 years to build and even longer to harvest the materials needed to access it.

Andrew: So all you need now is me and Carrie to fully open this thing, right?

Derek: Yes....but there's a catch to it. I mean....there's always a catch.

Andrew: That's what my cousin usde to say.

Derek: If we're able to suceed the aurora cannot stay open for long. See about two days after my dad's disapearance six civilians who disapeared with my dad they had journied to the past. Not like a past time the dinosaurs or when the pyramids were built in the earliest times of Egypt. The experienced...of when time moves on from yesterday. An empty world filled with sorts of strange creatures that eat anything they touch. So....the aurora must be minutes.

Andrew: Just in minutes, huh? I think I can handle it.

Derek: I just don't want to take chances. Idk if what those people say is true chances.

Andrew: If you're worried about it, why open it? *Walks out*

Andrew made his way to the elevator and smirked as the doors closed

Back at the circus, Carrie was aiding her father who was sweaty and sound asleep in her trailer when Kurt teleported back and looked over at her.

Carrie: Hey....did you get the others?

Kurt: Afraid not. They were all arrested. I couldn't get to them in time.

Carrie: Dammit.

Kurt: No worries, meine Geliebte (My love) we'll get them back.

Carrie: *Stands up* No worries? We can't just leave them behind.

Kurt: I never said we were. It's just--

Carrie: Just what?

All of a sudden, she unleashed a certian rumble below the surface 'till Kurt grabbed her to calm her down

Kurt: Carrieta.

She flinched and snapped out of it looking at him in the eyes

Kurt: I-I'm--I'm sorry....

Carrie: No. I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't mean to snap. I just....

Kurt: What?

Carrie: When is this all gonna end?

Kurt: You said you knew what you signed up for when you joined the X-Men.

Carrie: I know and I still do. What I really mean is....after everything....that happened to me before I came into the X-Men. My momma.....*Sighs* Her. (She means Chris) Scott. Mr. McCoy. I just feel I'm meant to lose everything in life.

Kurt: That will never come to that.

Carrie: How do you know?

Kurt: Because of faith, meine Geliebte.

Carrie, for some reason, always cracked big or small smiles everytime she heard the word "faith", but this one was a mild one,

She touched his face, looking at his symbols on his face

Carrie: These injelic symbols of Gabrielle, you never told me what they were for.

Kurt: For every sin I commited.

She nodded looking into each others eyes then before they knew it, they found themselves kissing with more fire and passion and this time they didn't hold back....till....

Kurt: Wait...are you sure?

Carrie: Yes.

Carrie let out a soft sigh as Kurt lifted her up and her legs wrapped around him and he carried her to a bedroom

(Yep. One thing lead to another)

We cut to the police station where Vanessa was interrogating the others one by one.

Vanessa: Now I'm gonna ask you this once: How long have you been the Winter Soldier's accomplice?

With George......

George: Accomplice?!?! Are you kid--I just met the dude!

With Erika.....

Erika: Look, I didn't know he was a wanted man. This has to be a mistake.

With Desjardin.....

Desjardin: This is ridiculous! I'm not a criminal and even if he is, he hasn't hurt me or took me hostage. This is crazy!

And finally with Bucky......

Vanessa: So you say you came here looking for a friend? And who is this friend you murdering son of a b**ch?

Bucky: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Familiar voice: Pardon me Lt.

That voice had Bucky blink and the screen cuts to Wayland smirking at him with....

The Mission Report December 16th 1991

Bucky: No.....

Wayland: Would you mind if I asked mr. Barnes a few questions myself?

Vaness: *Sighs and gets up* You got five minutes.

She walked out and Buck looked at Wayland scared

Wayland: Longing.

Buck struggled to brake out of the cuffs but it seemed pointless

Wayland: Rusted.

Bucky: Stop it.

Wayland: Seventeen.

Bucky: ENOUGH!!

Wayland: Daybreak.

Bucky: No!

Wayland: Furnance.

Bucky: WAYLAND!!!

Wayland: Nine.

Bucky: I'll never comply again!

Wayland: Benign.

Bucky: Aaargh!

Wayland: Homecoming.

Just before he could say the last two words Buck finally managed to brake free and kicked Wayland back causing him to drop the book and he took his own gun and shot at him six times and Wayland fell nearly dead

It attracted security near the front hall of the station with Desjardin George and Erika in a cell

Bucky: The Winter no more....

Wayland: O-on--one....

Before he could finish Buck quickly shot him in the forehead as the bulliet carved straight through his brain killing Wayland

He then took the book and ran out avoiding securty stealthly and finding the cell the others were trapped in and broke open the door

Erika and George were startled and backed up when he came in but Desjardin (I don't know how) wasn't afraid to walk close to him

Desjardin: How did you...??

Bucky: This. *Shows metal arm* .....wasn't what I signed up for. I just wanted to prevent myself and others from doing what I've done. And the thing that makes me do that is.....

Vanessa: *Points gun* Drop it!

Bucky: Lady, there's alot you don't understand that--

Suddenly Desjardin tasered Vanessa with a taser in her back pocket Vanessa fell knocked out

Erika and George's jaws dropped and they looked at Desjardin

Desjardin: What?! She was freaking me out! (Lol!)

Bucky: Nevermind that. Let's find a car and---

Just before Buck could finish Desjardin just suddenly grabbed him and pulled him to a kiss Erika and George looked at them in shockness and cracked up a bit

Bucky: *Nods* Hehehehe....we should go.

Suddenly security came running

Bucky: Go! I'll meet you outside

Buck held them off as the others watched amazed

George: Your boyfriend's a badass.

Desjardin: *Looks at him* Just shut up.

He beat them down and shot them in the knees (Not killing them) then looked at the mission report december 16th 1991

Bucky: Imma make sure you don't fall into the hands of HYDRA again. *See's the others* I told you guys to wait for me outside

George: W-we got distracted.

Desjardin: I'll say.

Bucky: Let's just go before backup arrives.

They made a run for it then later made it to the parking lot as the gaurds chased them shooting at them Bucky shot back at them allowing the others to get in the car and eventually they all took off

The officers were bumped they didn't get them as the Commissioner just happened to arrive and witness the carnage

Commissoner: Wha--H--how did this happen?

All the officers pointed down at the unconscious Vanessa (They hope she gets fired cause they were getting sick of her bossy additude)


He walked off and pulled off her badge and gun

Commissoner: You're fired.

Cops: *Silently* Yes!

We cut back to the four were on the road and Erika was on the wheal this time and George on shotgun and Desjardin and Bucky were in the back seats

Buck however was going through the pages on the book to find the words that trigger the Winter Soldier and then scratches them out but Desjardin moved closer to him 

(Oh boy)

Desjardin: Bucky...I have to be honest...I haven't felt like almost forever. I couldn't ever keep that day out of my head. The day you saved me from-- 

Bucky: Say no more, Rita. There wasn't much I else I could do. Right now, my main priority. *Shows her the book*.....if there was a chance I could live a regular life without having to resort to any of this bullsh** I would have taken it.'s a soldier's honer and I gotta do what I gotta do.

Desjardin: I adore you.

She immediately latched on and kissed him again and....they began making out and George however was getting a little....antsy about it 

Erika: Give it a rest babe. Nothing's gonna happen....yet.

Unfortunately, Erika had to stop the car cause a certian someone was blocking their way


But unfrotunately again Erika and George had never seen Andrew before so they had no idea who he was

George: Jesus...what the hell's this guy's problem?

Erika: I have no idea. *Honks horn* Hey buddy! Get off the road!

Andrew didn't respond he just stared at them all blanked

George: Last warning you moron! Move it!

That's when he smirked at them then during the makeout Bucky opened his eyes and eyed at Andrew and....remembered him from the events in "Avengers Chronicles"

Bucky: Holy sh--DRIVE!!!

George: What?!?!


Andrew grabbed the car with his telekinesis and lifted it up in the air

Andrew: Where's the girl?!

Bucky: Go f**k yourself! *Points gun at him sticking out his window*

He shoots at him but Andrew deflects his bullets with his powers but luckily it made him drop the car


Erika drove off and Andrew looked over at them...ANGRY

Back in the trailer it was already daylight and Carrie and Kurt slept holding each other "nude" under the covers till sounds of clanging woke her up she looked over and got up without waking Kurt and came out in a tank top and shorts seeing her dad making breakfast

Carrie: *Smiles* What'd you doing out of bed?

Ralph: Oh...considering this to make up for lost time, and...for trying to eat you.

Carrie: You remember?

Ralph: Like a bad dream. I could see what I was doing but....I had no control of myself. And...I'm very sorry Angel.


Before Carr could finish Kurt came in wearing only pance and Ralph dropped his coffee

Carrie: It's ok he isn't--

Ralph: My god...

Carrie: He isn't gonna--

Ralph: *Grabs her hand* RUN CARRITA! RUN!! *Runs out the door with her*

Kurt however came one step ahead of them as he teleported infront of them

Kurt: I advice you sir, I mean you no harm.

Ralph: Just--what in the name of Almighty do you want from us?

Carrie: Daddy, it's ok he isn't gonna hurt you. He's my boyfriend.

Ralph: W-what??

Kurt: And all I ask for....*Show him his cross* is your blessing....

Ralph just looked back at Carrie as she nodded then he turned towards Kurt and held both his hands and got down on both his knees

Ralph: We pray.

Kurt: Ja, Herr (Yes, sir) Wir beten. (We'll pray.)

Carrie looked down at them flashbacking to where she use to pray but then she looked up seeing Erika's car pulling up and the other two looked back

Carrie: *Chuckles* No way....

Buck rushed out running to them

Bucky: Hey uh.....we got problems

Before Buck could inform them the whole circus began to fall apart by force and the ground shaked and cracked and everyone looked over to see Andrew coming at them

Carrie: For the love of Mary.....George Erika Ms. Desjardin. Get my dad out of here. Kurt Buck get ready.

Bucky: Who put her in charge?

Kurt: Better go along. She knows her stuff.

Ralph: Carrita?!?!

Desjardin: She'll be alright, come on.

The four ran as Carrie Kurt and Buck stood ready as Andrew approached them with full force and his eyes black

Carrie raised her hands Kurt stood in postion and Buck held up his gun

Andrew: We cannot change our destiny Carrie.

Carrie: For once can't you think for yourself?! There is no destiny!

Andrew: THERE IS! You just won't admit it!

Bucky: Hey, buddy, can't you take a hint? The lady said....

Andrew just forced pushed him off braking through the animal tint lions roared and elephant shrieked

Bucky: Alright, now I'm pissed!

He immedietely came out of the tent and shot at Andrew but he blocked the bullets and fights him face to face

But just as Buck swung his metal arm Andrew catches it with his powers and BENDS it (Talk about a bullseye)

He cracks the metal arm but Carrie comes from behind and tackles him and tries to hold him down

Carrie: You must understand....I'm not the the devil's pawn. You can't convince me with what you know....

Andrew: I know enough....if you won't comply, then you will die.

Carrie: Or we both can live. You know Xavier still holds a place for you back at the school.

Andrew: I'm not fallowing him in his wheals. Don't even act like you're worried about me, cause you're not. It's all too easy.

Carrie picked him up and slammed him back down

Carrie: STAY. DOWN! Andrew: TRY. HARDER!

Then he pushes her out of the circus

Buck was down after his arm was bent and Kurt aidded him

Kurt: Hang in there.

Bucky: You go. I've had it. I can't fight like this.

Kurt: I won't leave you to die.

Lidda: *Runs by* You go Kurt. I'll stay with him. Go help your girl.

He nodded and gave Buck one last look before teleporting

Back at the fight the sheer forces of their powers knocked down trees and burst opened the grounds

They been fighting long enough both of their powers ran out of juice then fought with their bare hands and with some remaining force and fought all the way to a cliff with an ocean below then.....

Carrie was knocked down and Andrew took a large sharp tree branch and grabbed Carrie by her hair and dragged her all the way to a cliff

Carrie: Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhh!!

Andrew: I bet your parents taught you....that you mean something. That you were brought here for a reason. Mine taught me something different. Hating you for what you turned out to be. For no reason at all.

He threw her on top of the edge she cried out in pain as the camera zooms down to the ocean raging waters on the rocks

Andrew: They taught me the world only makes seance....if you force it to.

He approached her with the branch and pinned her down with his foot on her neck

Andrew: If I can't have you as my queen. Then the devil will.

He held it up and and Carrie closed her eyes tight but then.....Kurt teleported behind him and tied Andrew's neck up with his tail

Kurt: How bout he takes you instead!

He swung him off and Andrew fell off the edge


They watched him splashed into the water

As they saw they hugged each other while looking down where he fell

Back with Desjardin and the others they kept on running but then....Ralph was under so much stress he felt the pain of the change coming on.....again

Ralph: No....not again....GO!

Desjardin: No sir we got to keep moving.

Ralph: The taking control again....I can't....hold it....much longer....Rita Carrie....

Then he changes AGAIN

George: *Looks over* Awe come on....

Bucky: Everyone run!

They all ran for the hills as Ralphzilla destroyed the rest of the circus and STOMPED on Erika's car forcing them to make beeline for the closest that could offer protection

However Ralph's monster form froze as he heard a voice in his head.....

Xavier's voice: are more than what you are right now. You must repent.

The professor's voice caused Ralphzilla to screetch out loud everyone covered their ears

Carrie and Kurt however heard the screetch from where they were at a distance

Carrie: Oh

Kurt: You're not gonna go back out there are you?

Carrie: He's my flesh and blood, Kurt. I have to. Deep down I know you would do the same for your father if there was a chance he'd change.

Kurt: Carrita, don't.

Carrie: Meine Geliebte....I have to.

Kurt made a small emotional look then....they held each other teleporting

However Ralphzilla kept on shrieking as Xavier voice spoke on from surebro at Xavier's school

Xavier: are a danger to yourself and those around you. But I can help you. You must clear your mind I will help you gain control.

Ralphzilla roared as Kurt and Carrie appeared across the land across from him

Carrie: Daddy!

Xavier's voice: Carrie. You must help clear your father's mind. Otherwise he won't make it.

Carrie: What should I do?!

Xavier: Concentrate. Remember what Rachel taught you of your mind reading. I will help you reach him.

Carrie's voice in Ralphzilla's head: Daddy! It's me! Come back to me! Come back to Rachel!

He then began to shrink as he listened in on her voice

Carrie: Daddy...I love you.

And soon he was human size but....NOT human he was down on the ground but Zilla form and Carrie ran to him in tears

Carrie: Daddy....DADDY!

Ralphzilla: *Wakes up* Carrie....Carrie my child.

Kurt looked up and saw jets were coming

Kurt: Ok....everyone hold on!

Carr held on to both him and her father and teleported just when the jets were half an inch

Meanwhile, Buck and the other three were crowded around the back end of the circus with Lidda....hoping that the monster eventually had been stopped

George: I don't hear anything. You think it's safe?

Erika: No, it's probably waiting for it's moment and when we step out...WHAM!

Desjardin: Hey, relax you two. We're not gonna die. Ok? If I know Carrie she's probably dealt with it.

Erika: In that case let's hope she doesn't bring back the....AAAAAHH!! That scream brought up everyone seeing Carrie and Kurt bring in the mutated Ralph

Erika: I--is-Is Th--that-?

Carrie: Yes. But I can assure you he's better now. Well...almost we just got to get to him back to the Professor.

Bucky: Oh that reminds me.

He stood up picking up a stranded lighter and takes out the book and guess what happens....

(He burns it)

Desjardin: Well...I guess that's the end of the Winter Soldier.

Buck: Yes....and no. It's a start but....I still have that chip in me.

Ralph: With all things considered....I can never show my face to the world again.

Carrie: Dad. Xavier can help you. Kurt and I live at school for mutants. You can be safe there.

Ralph: I don't think I can Carr. I just...I'm too old for all this.

Lidda: Wait, hold up. I just got one thing.

She pulls some sample medicine type thing

Ralph: What is this?

Lidda: About 5 years ago they created a cure for mutants. I took one in hopes I give it to Kurt incase he ever came back. seems you need it more.

Ralph: I--I couldn't. If the boy here has a chance to be normal I can't take it from him. Not even from my daughter.

Kurt: No sir. She's right. You need it more. For your daughters both Carrie and Rachel need their Vater. And you're the only parent they have now. My father was a monster and he never came through for me. I don't want Carrie to have to go through that as I did.

Carrie: Take it for me daddy.

Looking into his daughter's eyes made him realize he could not took it....

Ralph slowy changed back and Ralphzilla was no more....

Carrie cried in joy hugging her father

Carrie: *Whispers* Thank you God....

That very later the whole group including Sue and little Carrie were picked up by Xavier and Colossus (Yep) by the Black Bird

Bucky and Desjardin were holding hands and leaning on each other in their newly relationship

Kurt and George played video games on Georges laptop

Erika and Sue were talking as Erika took a turn to hold little Carrie

As for Carrie and Ralph they had some time to themselves to catch up and she told him everything

Her incident at Chamberlain when she was recruited into the X-men and the Avengers even about Rachel and Peter (And no she didn't tell him he was Spider-man)

Ralph: Wow. It sounds like you and your sister had alot of adventure 

Carrie: We did. But we faced a lot of tragedy too but....we always found each other.

Ralph: It's great to know you two got better lives than you use to have. So now that it's over how bout after we get Rachel you two come with me to Rome?

Carrie: You mean for a visit?

Ralph: Nah, now that we're back together the three of us can live together. Rome is the most beautiful place in the world. You two can make the friends you never had and look up to a brighter future.

Carrie looked down in thought

Ralph: What?? Oh wait.....I get it. You could never leave your friends at Xavier's school.

Carrie: It's not just that....I love all my friends and family more than anything. It's just....ever since I learned I had these powers I was cursed with it as well. But Xavier has been teaching me to use it as a gift since he welcomed me into his school. And...that night at prom...I shattered a lot of lives. What they done to me was wrong yeah but....I've taken some innocent lives in the crossfire. And they're blood is still on my hands Daddy. Including Momma's and the only way I can make amends for my that I keep fighting with the X-men to protect the innocent.

Ralph: I see....

Carrie But Daddy....this doen't mean goodbye. I visit Rachel and Sue from time to time I can come visit you too. The Professor even allows everyone at the school to get visitors.

Ralph couldn't help but to grin and be proud for his daughter

Ralph: You are the Lord's most wise and strong fallower Carrita. I couldn't be more proud for this path you're fallowing. My little girl saving the world with a group of superheroes I am so blessed to see my oldest child a young heroin.

Carrie smiled with a tear and hugged him till....

Kurt: Carrie? Sorry for interupting but....the Professor detected Rachel's in trouble.

Carrie and Ralph (Both): WHAT?!?!

Kurt: There's something going down at a hospital called Ravencroft. (The events in Spider-man: Alien Activity)

Carrie: *Stands up* Then what'd we waiting for? Let's get down there, now.

Then they flew on to New York (See the final battle in Spider-man: Alien Activity)

(End Credits)

Post Credit Scenes

1. We cut back to Vanessa Daniels who was shrugged, uncomfortable and really pissed off after being fired

She continues to walk around until she decides to look up Bucky Barnes herself, in hopes if she catches him she'd get her job back, but she only found one thing on him. His friendship with Captian America.

Vanessa: Son of a--

She scrolled down the information and finds both Carrie White and Rachel Lang high lighted Wikipedias page and.....she saw their violent histories, past events and.....everything else

Vanessa: What in mother of Mary is this world coming to?

She heard a noise startling her dropping her phone shattering cutting to Andrew in the back ground

Andrew: Vanessa Daniels.

Vanessa: Y-you?!

Andrew: I wouldn't want to say anything.....unless that is....your cousin has something to say about it.

He then held her up gripping her throat as ominous music builds up....

Andrew: The future.....has BEGUN.

(Cuts out Credits continue)

2. At South Africa, (Black Panther's island) Buck was looking down at Desjardin down stairs where she was talking to Erika and guess WHO came by him....

Rogers (Chris Evans): and red, huh?

Bucky: What'd you talking about?

Rogers: Ever sice the flight back here I saw how you were looking at her. And how she was looking at you.

Bucky: You're an asshole. *Chuckles*

Rogers: Hey Buck, I think it's good for you. I mean after everything.

Bucky: Yeah well.....she's another reason why I got to get that chip out of my head. That book may be gone. But there's a lot in HYDRA that remember the words to set me off; they won't even need the journal. Wayland almost had me twice. Until HYDRA is defeated and....that chip is out of me...I'm still a danger. Even to her. 

Rogers: We'll find Hydra. And we'll get that chip out.

Bucky: Our problems won't end there. Cause you heard Loki. Thanos is coming.

(Cuts out)

3. After the battle with Venom, Carnage and Mysterio in Alien Activity Carrie and Rachel manged to continue their sister time out in New York they were out on a nightly walk and Carr told Rach everything that went on in Jacksonville

Rachel: So....Dad was...Godzilla? (Lol)

Carrie: Close but....not big enough. Kinda like the T-rex from that Jurassic Park movie. Only bigger.

Rachel: And you sure he's better now?

Carrie Yeah, he took the mutant cure and all is better. But don't worry I didn't tell him Pete's secret.

Rachel: Good. Cause he would freak. How did he react with you and Kurt?

Carrie: *Giggles* Well....

That's when she noticed up in the sky an aurora was ripped open

Carrie: What the hell....?

Rachel: What is that?!

Familiar voice: The end of the world.

Carrie reconized that voice and grew angry and was about use force behind herself but....Magneto blocked her force with his own.

Carrie: You have some serious nerve coming back here!

Magneto (Ian McKellen): I didn't come here to fight you, Carrie.

Xavier: *Strolls from behind Magneto* Same reason I'm here.

Carrie: Professor??

Xavier: That aurora up there is a time rip. Ripped open by both Derek Toomy and Andrew. And soon the world will face the terror behind it. Unless we stop it.

Rachel: What terror?

Magneto: *Grins mildly*.......The Langoliers....

They all looked up and the camera zooms up to the aurora and a swarm of Langoliers came flying out one came at the screen eating the camera to make you jump

(Cuts out)


Coming soon....


  • Wayland - Bucky shoots him multiple times after he tries reading the book.

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