Carrie: The Haunted Dead is an 2017 supernatural drama/psychological thriller two-hour special and is the sequel to "Carrie: Blood Of Redemption", "The Rage" and Shaun Of The Dead. This special will be directed once again by Kimberly Pierce, produced by Sam Raimi and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn Meyers and Sony. Most of the actors from Carrie: Blood Of Redemption returned to repraise their iconic roles, for the franchise had yet to reach its full potential. A loose draft of the plot was accidentally leaked online. Some fans had gotten ahold on it, and believed that this would be an interesting, if not phenomenal experience. The critics who saw the first screening, however were hesitant to try and enjoy it. But the cast in multiple interviews stated that they do what they do not just because they love it, but because it's for the fans. The film was granted a theatrical release in January of 2017.

This two-hour long special will feature Chloë Grace Moretz as the main character again, along with Simon Pegg, Taylor Lautner, Miles Teller, Gabriella Wilde, Deven Sawa, Kate Ashfield, Idris Elba, Scout Taylor-Compton, Jay Hernandez, Candice Accola, Clayton Walton, Jessica Stevenson, Bill Nighy, Nick Frost and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons.


Carrie (Chloë Grace Mortez), Sean (Taylor Lautner), Raymond (Miles Teller) and Sue (Gabriella Wilde) have their own Halloween party; but something has Carrie off edge, for something about Halloween reminds her of something from her past. And she doesn't want to think about it EVER AGAIN. Since it was getting too much for her,Sean plans to take her to have some quality time. But the fun is short lived when zombies begin to rise and crash the party. Some of the zombies are Carrie's victims from the karaoke club and the prom massacre. Will Carrie must find a way to stop these dead walking monsters from taking their revenge and destroying them?


  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White
  • Simon Pegg as Shaun
  • Taylor Launter as Sean Ford
  • Miles Teller as Raymond Ford
  • Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell
  • Deven Sawa as Jason Waylon
  • Kate Ashfield as Liz
  • Idris Elba as Lieutenant Nelson
  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Kaitlyn Lawrence
  • Jay Hernandez as Detective Jones
  • Candice Accola as Wendy Prescott
  • Clayton Walton as Mathew Miller
  • Jessica Stevenson as Yvonne
  • Portia Doubleday as Chris Hargensen
  • Mouna Traoré as Erika Gogan
  • Bill Mighy as Phillip (Zombie)
  • Nick Frost as Ed (Zombie)
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Little Carrie


it's October 17th and some Halloween decorations are out. The wind began blowing hard and Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) was shaking a bit in her sleep with Sean (Taylor Lautner) asleep next to her. Carrie wakes up panting and sweating as she went to the bathroom in their room for a cup of water. But as she looks in the mirror, she see's Margaret as a zombie standing behind her and grabbing her. She screams and she wakes up gasping and things fell down as they were flying by her powers and it wakes Sean up

Sean: Carrie? Babe, what's wrong?

Carrie: Huh? Nothing. Just a stupid dream.

She kisses his forehead and lays on top of him and he holds her. But then she starts twitching for the dream kept rushing back and the screen fades to......

~Title Sequence~

We see Raymond (Miles Teller) upstairs in his room with his door locked in the wee hours of the morning.

Apparently, he isn't a fan of Halloween anymore and for good reason. He's still a little traumatized after Carrie's recent karaoke massacre.

As he sat there looking around thinking, "Why do I gotta be a part of this?", the door creaks.

And Ray freaks the freak out.

It's Sean and he pushed it open to creak it to scare him.

Sean: Happy halloween, bro! Hahaha!

Raymond: Sean! Seriously, don't do that!

Sean: Whoa whoa relax; I was only playing. I mean Halloween's coming.

Raymond: I know. I just....Sorry. Ever since....that night and our friends being murdered by Kaitlyn and......Everything involved kinda made me feel different about scary stuff, even Halloween. But it's nothing about Carrie, so you know.

Sean: Oh....sorry Ray. I didn't know. Why didn't you say anything?

Raymond: I....guess I didn't want to sound like a little kid on the inside. But celebrating Halloween has always been a tradition for us and I don't want my superstition getting in the way of that.

Sean: I didn't say it was. But, you don't have to celebrate it this year if that's really your choice.

Ray gave his brother a hug and soon enough, Sean walked out.

Sean came down to see Carrie in the kitchen cooking eggs.

Sean: Hey.

Carrie: Oh hey. How do you like your eggs?

Sean: Scrambled. Sunny side up makes me yak

Carrie giggled

Sean: This the first time I saw you cook. Where you learn?

Carrie: I use to make tea for my mom. But your mom is a great teacher of cooking.

Sean: My mom taught you?

Carrie: Mm hmm. Where's Raymond? Isn't he hungry?

Sean: He's.....he's not feeling well right now. He woke up tight today.

Carrie: Meaning?

Sean: It means he didn't wake up in the best of ways. He's still messed up after what you did at the karaoke club. I think we all are.

Carrie looked down and shrugged. She didn't want to be reminded of her past anymore.

Carrie: *sighs* I don't wanna talk about it.

Sean: Oh Carrie.....I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean.....

Carrie: No, Sean. I understand. I know Raymond's still freaked out about my actions. I know he still doesn't like me after that. I mean, I did kill some of his friends too.

Sean: Carrie.....

Carrie: I'm fine. I just need some air.

She lightly slammed the barbecue fork down and stormed out

Sean: Carrie! *Sighs* Nice going Sean. A**hole!

Carrie went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. She sees her bloody prom reflection on the other side smirking at her and guess what?

This time, the mirror breaks.

Carrie: Oh my lord.....

A few hours later......Sue (Gabriella Wilde) and little Carrie (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) drove up and rang the bell. Sean answered and Sue went *Raaaaaahhh!!!!* with some monster mask and Sean jumped back and fell.

Little Carrie: *giggles*

Sue: *Laughs* Trick. Or. Treat.

Sean: Very funny.... *Gets up and sweeps the dust off his pants with his hands*

Sue: What's wrong with you? *Takes off the mask* You're all moody.

Sean: Oh. I think Carrie's pissed off at me again. Raymond got up tight today and it made me bring up the incident. I just didn't think.

Sue: Oh's never a good time whenever she starts to think about it. The same goes for me.

Sean: At least she isn't the only one traumatized by it. Come on in.

So Sue stepped inside with Little Carrie and Sean picked her up, tickled her, etc.

Eventually, they got to talking but it was quickly interrupted by Ray finally coming downstairs.

Raymond: *looks at Sue* Hey, Sue.

Sue: Hey, Ray. Do you know where Carrie is?

Raymond: She's upstairs, but I don't think she wants to be disturbed right now.


Little Carrie: Momma?

Sue: Hmm?

Little Carrie: Is big Carrie gonna go trick or treating with us?

Sue: I don't know, baby. But stay here with Sean and Ray. I'll be right back.

Sue was about to head up stairs 'till Ray put his hand in front of her.

Raymond: Did you catch the part when I said "She didn't wanna be disturbed"?

Sue: I heard you Ray. But regardless, her and I need to have a girl talk.

She went up and Ray just couldn't help but to sink in thought.

Raymond: Sometimes, she acts like she's Carrie's therapist.

Sean: She's known her a lot longer than us. I think she knows the right words.

Little Carrie: Mr. Sean? Wanna see my costume? 

Meanwhile upstairs, Sue found Carrie in bed.

She was facing away from Sue and she looked asleep. But really, she wasn't.

Carrie: I know you're there, Sue.

Sue: Wha-? How did-?

Carrie: Have you forgotten---? I can read your mind.

Sue: Well, I'm not the only one.

Carrie: Doesn't matter. *gets up and faces her* Just tell me why you're here.

Sue: *Crosses her arms* Why are you mad at your honey?

Carrie: Who said I was mad?

Sue: He did. He told me about the Raymond thing and the "other thing."

Carrie: I didn't want him to see me like this. *Lays back in bed*

Sue: You gonna stay in there forever?

Carrie: Mhm-hmm.

Sue: *Sighs* Move over then.

Carrie sighed and scooted over and Sue layed next to her.

Sue: Why does it matter of how he see's you?

Carrie: Cause he's the only thing that's made me feel more then what I already was. I hate for him to see me when I'm upset. And the last time I did,it almost got him killed.

Sue: Carrie.....In a way, you're new at romance; no offense.

Carrie: None taken.

Sue: But couples have fights all the time. There's no shame if he see's you sad or angry or whatever; he's still gonna love you. I mean....Tommy and I had fights too.

Carrie: You did?

Sue: Yep.

Carrie: How did you work it out?

Sue: Honestly, I'd say those issues go away on their own. But they don't.

Carrie: So how do they?

Sue: You walk.

Carrie: Wha--?

Sue: Yeah. Just walk it out. It clears your head and makes it easier to think.

Carrie: But that's the problem. My head won't tell me what to do.

Sue: Of course, it won't. But your heart will lead you in the direction you want to go. God will give you that call when he knows you need it.

Sue sat up and was about to walk out.

Sue: Can't stay in bed forever, you know.

Then she walked out. But that's what got Carrie thinking.

Sue came down and saw Little Carrie showing Sean her witch costume.

Sean: Wow. Going as the wicked witch?

Little Carrie: Not a wicked witch. A nice witch. A witch that makes wishing stars and singing animals.

Sue: Did I miss something?

Little Carrie: Mommy, I was telling Mr. Sean of the witch I'm gonna be.

Sean: How is she?

Sue: When she's up for it, take her for a walk.

They walked by each other, but didn't notice the news came on.

Reporter on tv: And this just in. A grave was found empty earlier last night. Police reports say that it was an attempted grave robbery, though details remain unknown. We'll have more for you when we have further updates.

Raymond: A gra-? Robbing a gra-? Graveyard robbery? What the hell is this?

Sue: Language.

Raymond: My bad. I'll just step out.

Sean: I think y'all should go. I'll see you later.

Sue: Alright.

So Raymond stepped into another room as Sue took Little Carrie and left.

Meanwhile, Wendy Prescott (Candice Accola), one of Sean and Rays new friends was on her way to the store to pick up some candy for Halloween and unlike Shaun (from Shaun Of The Dead), she notices a zombie and the wrecked up environment around her.

Wendy: What the---

The zombie vanished after a garbage truck passed. Later when she was on her way home, she happened to bump into Ray, Sue and Little Carrie

Wendy: Oh my god....Ray?

Raymond: Wendy? Oh my god!

They hugged and talked.

Wendy: Hey Sue.

Sue: Hi, Wendy.

Wendy: How you been doing?

Raymond: Ah same old? same old. But tell you the truth, I'm not up for spirit this year.

Wendy: Really? Last I remember you and Sean were all about it every year. What changed?

Raymond: It's complicated. 

Sue: He doesn't feel like celebrating Halloween this year.

Wendy: That's definitely not like you, Ray.

Raymond: I know, but the fact of the mat--DUCK!

Without thinking, Wendy ducked and Ray clocked a zombie coming up from behind her. It didn't faze it.

That's when Little Carrie started screaming and soon enough they all realized the zombie wasn't really a human.

Sue: Oh s***.....

Raymond: Uhhh.....language?

Sue: Shut up.

Wendy: *Gets up* Who is that?

Raymond: I don't think that's a who. Look at it.....

They all took a close look at it and it started to flinch abit

Little Carrie: *Cries* Mommy! It's scaring me!

Sue: *Picks her daughter up* We better go.

Raymond: Agreed.

They all left till someone else found the zombie on the ground.

Little did they know that that someone was Shaun Of The Dead himself.

He slowly looked down at the zombie and looked back up and said.....

Shaun (Simon Pegg): Bloody hell.

Shaun went for his cell and speed dialed for Liz (Kate Ashfield)

Liz: Shaun?

Shaun: Liz....I think it's happening again.

Liz: Oh, for f**k sake! Where you at?

Shaun: I'm-- I'm at the avenue street. And some kids ran down the road.

Liz: Find them. I'll be right there.

He hung up and tried to follow them.

But at an intersection, he got lost.

Shaun: Come on......u f**king joking? Argh!

Then it cuts back to the house.

Carrie finally got out of bed and went downstairs to see Sean still looking at the news.

She sat down alongside him.

Carrie: Hey.....wanna take a walk?

Sean: Huh? Oh sure. But it's pretty scary out there. I mean around Halloween that's when the monsters come out.

Carrie: *Giggles* I'm not scared.

Sean smiled and they later went out for that walk.

Sean: You ever went out trick or treating when you were a kid?

Carrie: No. Momma always said it was an hour of apocalypse. Like when the zombies are supposed to rise and send us all God's judgement.

Sean: Hehehe....yeah. I've been kinda obsessed with zombies since I saw Night Of The Living Dead. There was a messed up one called Dawn Of The Dead. But the funniest one was....Zombieland.

Carrie: What was so funny about it?

Sean: More likely a zombie hunter obsessed with Twinkies.

Carrie giggled and then they saw a car coming by driven by Shaun and Liz.

Liz: Are those the kids, Shaun?

Shaun: No....there were three of them. That's two.   

the car parked behind them and came to a stop.

Liz: They might know something, though.

Shaun: What? How do we know these aren't more motherf-king zombies in disguise just waiti-

Liz: Stop being ridiculous. Just ask them. Go on. nudges him

Shaun got confused for a second. He was about to get out, but got cold feet.

Liz: Hurry up!

Eventually, Shaun got out. But he tripped and fell which caused Carrie and Sean to look at him oddly.

Sean: Sir? You ok?

Carrie: He's probably drunk.

Shaun: *Gets up* Please......I could use a bloody pint at the Winchester. Hey. Sorry to bother you kids, but....have you seen any zed-words around here?

Sean: Zed what?

Carrie: I think he said zed word.

Sean: I know what he said. I just didn't get it.

Carrie: Sir? Are you feeling under the weather?

Shaun: What?! No. I-I......I meant to say did you see anything unusual.

Sean: Sir, it's Halloween. Everything's unusual this month.

Carrie: And what's a zed word.

Shaun: It's something bloody ridicules! But we don't use it.

Carrie just backed up for Shaun was freaking her out. 

Sean: Sorry, sir. But it's best we get goin'.

Shaun slowly watched them walk away and Liz honked the horn.

Liz: The hell was that?

Shaun: I know, babe. Damn it....


Then it cuts to the police station where Nelson (Idris Elba) has reached the rank of Lieutenant after solving a few cold cases. But this...."case" will be unlike anything else he's seen.

That's when Detective Jones (Jay Hernandez) knocks on his door.

Detective Jones: Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Nelson: Yes?

Detective Jones: I think you might wanna check the news. The press is dying to hear from you.

Lieutenant Nelson: Well, how serious is it?

Detective Jones: It's ridiculous, but the threat appears to be real.

So Nelson called in a press conference later that night.

Lieutenant Nelson: Everyone we are aware of the situation. But there is no need to panic. My officers are looking into these mysterious empty graves and weird attacks. Now Halloween will still go on for children to trick or treat as long as they remain in public areas but if we have to issue a town curfew for your safety it would be wise to fallow order.

Female Reporter: Lieutenant? What exactly is the rumor of theses strange attacks? Is it possible there's another serial killer on the loose?

Lieutenant Nelson: We are looking into that. We don't have any suspects yet but if the culprit or culprits or not caught before the end of the month the curfew will be issued and we'll do a town search.  But understand this: we will catch who is responsible and be prepared to charge them with the highest extent of the law.

Another cut later and we get to Halloween day as Sean, Sue, Wendy and Mathew Miller (Clayton Watson) were putting finishing touches.

Sean: Alright.....

Mathew: Dang, how many bags of candy do you have?

Wendy: I'd say about 30 or more.

Sean: I'm no little kid, ok? Half of the time, it's Ray who's eating them. He always does it whenever nobody's looking.

Raymond: well, that's besides the point.

Sean/Mathew: Meaning?

Raymond: Candy's just my addiction ok?

Sean: Ah, Ray.....

Sean grabs his brother and nugies him

Raymond: Hey! Hahaha! Let go or your ass is grassed!

Sean: Let's go Old habits die hard.

Raymond: You sure you and Carrie don't wanna stay? It's a lot safer especially after I told you about that "thing" attacked us.

Sean: We'll be fine. It's just Carrie wants time with me. And besides, it could've been a mugger in weird make up.

Raymond: I don't know...but I hope you're right.

Sean: Relax bro. It's not like it's the end of the world.

Carrie was upstairs looking for.....somethin' (Don't know what)

Carrie: What to wear.....what to wear.....what to do......

That's when she heard a noise and everyone in the house heard it.

Wendy: What was that?

Mathew: No idea.

Then it shook again......

They looked closely and then the zombie burst out. Wendy screamed, but then Shaun came out and brought down the zombie, while trying to bash its head in.

Shaun: *bashing in its head* You. Undead. Bastard.

Wendy: What's that man doing?

Mathew: He's attacking that other guy with a paddle!

Mathew went outside, grabbed him and then pulled him off

Shaun: No no! He isn't what you think he is. And there's more on the way. Listen, we got to get everyone out now or they'll come and tare us to pieces and that is really gonna escalate things!

Mathew: Right. Well, trick or treat to you too. Look....

Wendy went over to the zombie thinking it's a man in a costume while Shaun and Mathew were talking.

Wendy: Sir....? Are you....?

Suddenly, the zombie woke up and growled and Wendy screamed 

The zombie slowly got back up and grunts.

Wendy: Hold on, where are the cops?

Sean: *looks at Sue* SUE!

Sue finally dazzled out of it.

Both (Raymond, Sean): CALL THE F*KING COPS!

Sue: *Sighs* The language never stops....

She picked up her cell phone as Carrie saw below, the zombie at the door and used her powers to push it away and hit a car REAL hard.

Shaun: Son of a.....

Mathew: Whoa! Did you see that?!

Wendy: It just flew back!

Mathew: I don't remember zombies flying off like that.

Shaun: Don't say the zed-word!

Mathew: What's the zed-word?

Raymond: Hey buddy. You mind telling us who you are and what the hell is going on?

Shaun: *Sighs* Ok. Sorry. My name's Shaun and I.....

Raymond: "Sean"? You and my brother have the same name.

That's when Sean took out the rifle and went up to the room where Carrie was in.

Sean: '*Comes in the room'* Carrie.

Carrie: '*Turns around'* Sean!

She runs to him and hugs him. .

Carrie: Sean, they're everywhere I saw them. They're killing everyone out there! We got to help them.

Sean: What do you mea--?

Sean looked out the window and saw the apocalypse erupting.

Sean: Oh my god.....

Carrie: "And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many."

Sean: Huh?

Carrie: Something I read in the bible. Look, keep everyone safe here. I'm gonna try and lure them away from the town before this disaster spreads and take them all out.

Sean: NO! I'm not gonna let you go on some suicide mission!

Carrie: Trust me. *kisses him* I've got the power.

Meanwhile downstairs.....

Shaun: And after my friend Evan saved Liz and me with an army, things been pleasant till now.

Raymond: And you really keep your friend Ed in a shack. What if he brakes out.

Shaun: The chains on him are too strong. But anyway.....

Wendy: Oh my god! Carrie's heading out in the outskirts of town!

Raymond / Sue / Shaun: What?!

They looked out and saw her land out in the yard as Sue and Ray saw her out the window.

Sue: Carrie?! What's she doing?!

Raymond: She's either brave or suicidal.

Shaun: I better call Liz! *Tries his cell but it died* Ohhh bloody f**king rubbish!! Who's got a cell?!

Raymond: What'd you need a cell for?

Shaun: Just give me the damn phone!!!!

Raymond: No need to shout.

Mathew: *Whispers* This guy should get his own comedy movie.

Carrie let out a loud SHRIEK which everyone ducked and covered their ears which drew most of the zombies attention Sean however wasn't backing down he kicked open a closet and took a rifle and a box of ammo  

Sue: Whoa! Where'd you get that?

Sean: I'd rather not say *cocks the rifle*

Matt: Hey hey hey. Be careful with that thing.

Sean marched out the house rifle in hand, and eventually made his way towards Carrie.

Carrie had just pushed most of the zombies back. But apparently, she didn't look behind her as there were some coming in her direction.

Luckily, Sean shot one of them and the shot startled Carrie.

Carrie: I told you I've got this.

Sean: And I told you I'm not letting you do this. But if you must, I'm doing this with you.

Carrie: *sighs* In that case.....get Ray and the others out of there. We gotta find someplace safe. Somewhere secure.

Sean: Ray and Sue's got them we're in this together.

Carrie: Sean.....

Sean: I know what I signed up for you. I'm with you to the end.

Carrie smiled and she and Sean stood together ready for battle. He clicked his gun, pointed it and Carrie raised her hands

Back with the others.....

Raymond: Alright, let's go! Find shelter! You better come back to me big bro. That's all I can say for now.

Sue: Carrie..... *Runs back*

Raymond: Hey! Where you going?

Sue: My daughter's back home! She's not safe! I got to get my baby! *Runs*

Raymond: Ah Sh**! Matt, you take over with the group. I'll meet up with you later.

Ray runs after Sue.

So the next heard of zombies came and Carrie and Sean fought them off.

Despite their best efforts, the numbers kept increasing.

Carrie: *out of breath* I'm out....out of energy....Can't....keep this up....

That's when Carrie saw a familiar face stick out from the rest of the zombie hoard: Tina Blake.

Carrie: No way....

Sean: Why are you standing there frozen?

Carrie: Run. Go. Don't argue. Just run! Run! *goes with him*

They ran hand in hand as zombies limp after them.

  • You hear the screeching of an owl. you hear the wind begin to howl, you know there's zombies on the prowl! And it's terror time again. they got you running through the night! It's terror time again and you just might die of fright! It's terrifying time*

Shaun got separated from the others and went out to find Sean and Carrie as Liz tried to find Raymond and Sue.

Ray and Sue ran fought their way back at her house in hopes to save little Carrie, but the zombie number was growing fast.

Eventually, they got them off....barely. Sue rescued Little Carrie and Ray had to try and hotwire her car that had somehow shut down.

Raymond: Are you kidding me? Now?!

He kept trying to work on it till it turned it.

Sue: Oh my baby. I'm sorry. *tearing up* I'm here. Mommas here now.....

Raymond: HURRY UP!!!!

A zombie jumped on the car and they screamed till suddenly it finally started up again

Sue: Oh thank you, dear Jesus.

Raymond: Hang on to somethin'!

They drove off.

Liz saw them drive off

Liz: Hey! Wait a minute!! *Drives after them*

  • You hear the beating of your heart, you know the screaming's gonna start. Here comes the really scary part! And it's terror time again! They got you running through the night! It's terror time again! And you just might die of fright! It's terrifying time!*

Shaun soon saw Carrie and Sean running from the zombies. He bashed each one that got in his way to catch up but he was outnumbered and lost them again


And he bashed them like he was on a riot.

Sean and Carrie ran to some abandoned factory to take shelter? but the zombies were not far.

The zombies broke into the factory as Sean shot them off with his remaining ammo. But Carrie was still too weak to use her powers 'till they found a steel door to the cellar.

'*They've got you running through the night! It's terror time again! And you just might die of fright! It's a terrifying time!'*

They managed to get it open and seal it up again when they got inside.

Carrie: *Pants and cries* Sean! *Hugs him*

Sean: I know, baby. I know. I'm scared too.

Carrie: It really is the end of the world. Why else would these things come? God has decided our fate. Sean, just hold me.

They held each other tight and but then Sean notice a light down below.

Sean: Carrie, look. *points down*

Carrie looked where Sean pointed and saw a light down below

Carrie: What is that?

Sean: One way to find out.

They held hands while going down and they came across a room filled with lit candles and voodoo stuff

Carrie: What is this place?

Sean: Looks like a voodoo ritual room. I don't know. I don't have a good feeling about this place.

Carrie: But this place might have a connection with the zombies. Maybe something here can stop them.

Carrie then noticed a list of names and they were all assigned for funeral burials and Tina's name was on the list. Carrie remembered when she saw her as a zombie

Carrie: Oh my god.....

Sean: What?

Then a door a closed and they looked over and a young man standing across from them and Sean gasped he knew.

Sean: Jason? (Deven Sawa) Jason Waylon? But......You're dead.  

Carrie: Jas---What is going on, Sean?

Sean: It's complicated.

Carrie: Complicated? We're in the middle of an apocalypse and now you're gonna keep a secret from me?!

Sean: Well.....

Carrie started to purposely shake the place causing Jason to fall, but that's when police, Sue and Ray came in the exact same place.

Sue: Hello?

  • Police! Open Up!*

Sue: Oh thank god....

She rushed to the door and opened it

Lt. Nelson: Everyone ok here?

Sue: Not really.....there's f**king zombies out there.

Lt. Nelson: Well, don't worry we're safe.

Zombies came crashing through windows and doors


Lt. Nelson: *Pulls out his gun* Everyone get up stairs!

They ran up and Nelson shot at the zombies as he followed him.

back at Jason's lair Carrie and Sean kept arguing till Jason took a gun and shot Sean in the shoulder

Sean: AAAAAHHH!!!! *Falls*

Carrie: NOOO!!!! *Looks at Jason*

Jason: Don't blame him little girl. He's not the cause of this. The world is.

Carrie: *Holds Sean and cries then looks at Jason* What.....who are you?! Are you the one that raised the zombies?!

Jason: That I am. And for a reason. I was once like any other until my life was destroyed by everything around me. Sean here was a good friend. Till he stole the girl of my dreams from me. And then my friends got popular and never had time for me. My parents became drunken abusives!! Everywhere I went, I was an OUTCAST!!!

Carrie paused to thought from Jason's story and asked

Carrie: Was....Kaitlyn her name? The girl of your dreams?

Jason: How'd you....oh, of course he told you. Well, Kaitlyn said we'd always be together. After my parents became drunken maniacs, I felt hope when Kaitlyn came into my life. Until Sean ruined everything. Till everyone ruined everything!!! I was hated by everyone, so I faked my death went into hiding here. I became obsessed with dark magic which lead me to be able to bring the dead back to life. So I stole funeral lists from funeral homes, learned to resemble the dead and created an army of zombies to exact my revenge on this cruel world!

Carrie couldn't believe what she heard for in some way Jason reminded Carrie of herself.

Lieutenant Nelson: Anyone else in here?!

Jason and Carrie heard the commotion upstairs and Jason just smirked.

Jason: The cops?

Carrie: Uh-huh.

Jason: Well, in that case......Its best if I get going.

And then out of nowhere, he dropped a smoke bomb and he vanished.

Carrie: Wha?

Then the Lieutenant burst that door open.

Carrie looked up and saw them descend into the room.

Lieutenant Nelson: Miss White? You ok? Anyone else in here?

Carrie looked down at Sean and then at the book.

Carrie: Not anymore.

Then Sue and Ray followed where Lt. Nelson was.


They both hugged her and Raymond looked at Sean.

Ray: BRO! *rushes to him* Come on! Come on, damn it. Stay with me.

Sean: *slowly getting up* You really can't watch that mouth, can you?

Raymond: Oh, shut up. *hugs him* You got hurt again? Why is it always you getting the punishment?

Carrie: It's complicated. I'll let you know at the hospital.

Lieutenant Nelson: We got that covered.

Carrie and Raymond put both Sean's hands around their necks and carried him outside. They got in Nelsons police cruiser, but Carrie didn't get in.

Carrie: You stay here with him. I have to find Jason. He created these things he'll know how to stop them.

Raymond: *Flinches up* Jason?

Carrie: I guess you knew him too. Look, stay here with Sean. Whatever happens, don't leave him alone.

Sue: But, Carrie? How you gonna find him? Your powers are used up.

Carrie: Then I'll have to improvise. Gets out

Sean: Carrie.....

Carrie: I'll be right behind you baby. GO!!!

They drove to the hospital as Carrie ran quietly in search for Jason.

Carrie: too easy....

Carrie let out a long sigh.

Carrie: ....I can't believe I'm doing this......

She pulled out her phone and made a phone call to the last person she'd ever want help from.

Kaitlyn (Scout Taylor-Compton): Hello?

Carrie: Hello, Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn: Ohh you again?

Carrie: Listen to me. I need your help to stop the zombies before it gets worse. I've never asked for help before, so you might wanna consider it.

Kaitlyn: Now why the f**k should help you?

Carrie: Because without your help, Sean will die.

Kaitlyn: *gasps*

Carrie: His only hope is that we find the person who started this zombie apocalypse and get him to stop it! We can't get him to a hospital with these things flooding it!!

Kaitlyn: *Sighs* Where should I meet you....?

Carrie: That's the problem....I don't know that many safe-spots. Do you know the safest place from here.

Kaityln: Typical. I'd say the factory at the end of---

Carries eyes lit up cause she just left that place.

Carrie: You kidding me?

Kaityln: It's like the Winchester, ok? U want my help or not?

Carrie: *ugghh* Alright, alright, alright.......

Then she hung up.....

......But that's when Shaun and Liz startled her.

Liz: Relax.....we don't mean any harm. All we need is your help.

Carrie: With what? I just called for help.

Shaun: I apologize, miss....But you need more then that to deal with....uhh.....these zed....words......

Carrie: Trust me, sir. I've got enough help already.

She turned around and was about to walk away. But what Liz said next stopped her dead in her tracks.

Liz: Wait! Stop! Shaun's done this before!

Carrie heard the name.....and she knew it wasn't her Sean.

Carrie: Your name's Sean too?

Shaun: With a S.H.A.U.N. yes.

Carrie: And you guys fought zombies.

Shaun: Don't say that.

Carrie: Say what?

Liz: Shaun likes to stick with "zed-word" cause he thinks the name is ridiculous.

Shaun: Because it is!

Carrie: Well, that's pretty ridicules. Well you say guys dealt with a "Zed-word" Apocalypse before.

Shaun: Pretty much. Time to time love.

Liz: So if you wanna fight these things, you and your friend who you called may need our help.

Carrie: Well, she's not really a friend. She''s complicated.

Shaun: Well, just remember. If you get cornered, bash 'em in the head. That's their weakest.

Carrie: Come on. I'll tell you guys everything on the way.

And suddenly they ran into Shaun's friend Yvonne (Jessica Stevenson) and her remaining group and there was one that resembled Carrie a little.

Yvonne: Oh my god. Shaun!

Shaun: Yvonne?

Liz: What are you doing here?

Evan: Ahhh, this is what I do for a living now. You two seem to be doing better.

Both: *look at each other* Yeah.

Yvonne: And who might this angel be?

Carrie: Carrie White.'s complicated about what's happening.

Yvonne: Makes sense. So where you headed?

Liz: Abandoned factory over there.

Yvonne: Ahh, kinda like the Winchester.

Shaun: It's NOTHING like the Winchester.

Carrie: Wait. Winche--- *looks at him* Ar--are you.....

Shaun: No....

Carrie: You didn't know what I was gonna ask.

Yvonne: Well, good luck.

Yvonne gave Shaun a hug and Carrie and that one girl that looked identical to her stared at each other oddly as Liz and Declon smiled and went on their way.

Back with the others, Nelson kept driving around the hospital only to see it engulfed in zombies.

Sue: You kidding me?!

Ray kept pressure on Sean's gun shot. Sue covered little Carrie's face but the car ran out of gas

Lt. Nelson: Dammit no.....NO!!

Raymond: Why'd we stop?!

Lt. What'd you think it?! We're out of gas!

Raymond: No....*Looks back*

The zombies spotted them and approach the car

Sean: Carrie, better do something fast....

So Carrie, Shaun and Liz came by the factory and with no zombies in sight , they went inside. Though, the place is a mess and Kaitlyn stepped out of the shadows they made a frowning eye contact for two seconds till Carrie spoke.

Carrie: *sighs* thank you for coming.

Kaitlyn: I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it for Sean.

Carrie: I understand that.

Shaun: This is your "friend"? She's worse then Philip.

Carrie: Yeah, but there's another that....I don't want to mention. But....never mind. *to Kaitlyn* Listen, do you know a Jason Waylon?

Kaitlyn: Who?

Carrie: Jason Waylon. He said you went out with him.

Kaitlyn: Idk where this is going, but I don't know who you're talking about.

Carrie: What? Are you playing dumb or did it just slip your mind? Jason Waylon?

Kaitlyn:, I don't know anyone by that name.

Carrie: Well I hate to break it to you. But he seemed to know you.

Jason: And that's another thing.

They all turned around to face him.

Jason: She never remembers her ex's.

He took out a skull and lit the candle inside

Liz: What is he doing?!

They looked over and saw zombies coming

Carrie: Calling for backup.

Shaun: Liz!

Liz throws him his paddle and she took Ed's shovel.

Shaun: Sorry, we're closed!

They fought them off as Carrie saw Nikki, Lizzie, Heather and Tina as zombies. Carrie frowned and stepped forward and pulled off her jacket.

Carrie: You want me? HERE I AM!!!!

Kaitlyn: Oh my god.....

Carrie: Get back! Cover your ears!

All (Kaitlyn, Shaun, Liz): For what?!

It took a while, but her abilities were restored and now she was ready.

Carrie: screams

The shockwave pushed the zombie back and completely destroyed the front of the factory.

Everyone in the room (Kaitlyn, Jason, Liz, Shaun) were startled for this the first time they saw Carries abilities.

Shaun: Holy hell.....

She then turns to Jason and see's the skull and figures it out.

Carrie: That's it. Jason. Listen......I know what it's like to feel alone and to think no one cares. About almost two years ago, I felt the same way.

Jason: Don't you pretend to understand! Your parents never beat you, starved you or denied you from your dreams!

Carrie: My mom did. She did the same to me before she died. We're the same, Jason. We've both been hurt by this world. But, it's not too late. Believe or not, Kaitlyn wants to be here for you too.

Kaitlyn: No, I don't!

Carrie choked her neck with her powers.

Carrie: You DO!!!

Kaitlyn: I mean....chokes yes....I do....

Liz: Get to the bloody point! We can't hold it for long!

Carrie let go and turned to Jason.

Jason: Is this true?

Kaitlyn: Sure....

While Kaitlyn had Jason distracted, Carrie tried to get to the skull, only to realize it wasn't where Jason left it. Shaun and Liz kept fighting off the remaining zombies, but then..........

Liz: Shaun look! *Points*

Ed (Nick Frost) comes up

Shaun: Ed??!!

Ed however was actually eating the other zombies. (After living with Shaun and Liz for awhile, you could say Ed was like a loyal dog zombie)

Shaun: Atta boy Ed!

He tore through them one by one but they kept coming.

Shaun: What'd we gonna do now?! We're f**king out-numbered!

Liz: That girl's our only hope.

Shaun: to Jason HEY! You pile of rubbish!!

As soon as he saw him, he shot him in the shoulder.

Shaun: Ahhh!

Liz: Shaun!!!

Kaitlyn ran until Jason grabbed her from behind and held his machete up to her neck.

Jason: I know how you feel about Sean! But I'll send my hungry children after him. And believe me they'll find him. Unless you do everything I say!

Kaitlyn: F**k you!

Jason: Pretties?

The zombies by him looked at him.

Jason: Find Sean Ford. Rip him slowly limb from LIMB!!!

Kaitlyn: NO!!!! Alright! What'd you want?

Jason: Stand by my side, Kaitlyn. As my queen. With these zombies under my control, we can rule this world together.

That offer made Kaitlyns eyes bulge a little bit.

Kaityln: Ooooohhh......*giggles*.....I like that offer. However there' teeny tiny problem.......

She grabs the machete and stabs Jason with it.

Jason: *groans and gags*

Kaityln: *up to his ear* I'm no queen. I'm a GODDESS. This world WILL be mine.....under my terms.

She then takes it out of him and cuts his head off.


Lieutenant Nelson: I told you there's no way to move this vehicle!

Sue: Well, what's the matter of giving this thing a jumpstart?

Sean: '*holding his wound'* Did you hear what he just said?!

Sean now has a tourniquet in his wound.

Zombie Philip (Bill Nighy) popped up by the window by Sean and groaned at him

Sean: F**k A doodle do!!

Philip burst the window open and grabs Sean and his would leaked a bit

Raymond: SEAN!!!!

They grabbed him trying to pull him back in, then Nelson took his gun

Nelson: Sorry Philip.....

He shot his brains out and fell and got pressure back on Sean's wound

Sue: You knew that guy?

Nelson: I lived in London before I became a detective. Philip was one of my colleges. He had this odd stepson that hanged at a pub a lot.

Raymond: Uh...guys?

They all looked over and saw more of them coming.

Sean: Come on, Carrie baby.  

Back with Carrie, she saw what Kaitlyn did and gasped.

Carrie: NO!!! What'd you do?!!

Liz: She did the f--ker in.

Kaitlyn: He just wouldn't face facts. *Picks up the skull* I'm gonna be a goddess with this army. Sean will rule with me NOT him and I'm gonna feed YOU to these walking that I have what controls them.

Carrie: If you were a goddess, you would do this.

She grabs her in her powers and makes the skull fly in her hands.

Kaitlyn: No fair!!!

Carrie: It wasn't fair what you did to Jason. He loved you and you've killed him all because you want control and a boy who NEVER wanted you. You're just like Chris. it ends. For the first time in awhile, I clean my OWN sins by saving the world.

Kaitlyn: NO!!! DON'T YOU DARE!!!!

But she dared. She cracked the skull into pieces and all the zombies, except for Ed dropped DEAD. As the others slowly regained their composure, they noticed all the zombies were dead.

Raymond: Uhhhh.....O....K.....???

Shaun then slowly got up.

Shaun: Ahhh....damn. What happened?

Carrie: Relax, Mr. Shaun. The skull that Jason had was the source of all this.... "Zed-word" disaster. I destroyed it which killed them all.

Shaun: Guess that explains why Ed is still here. Why didn't we think of that before?

Liz: We were trapped in the bloody Winchester.

Carrie: *Laughs* You guys need to remind me to come to London one day. But first....

Kaitlyn was about to attack Carrie with Ed's shovel. Shaun and Liz yelled "LOOK OUT!!!" Carrie wiggled her nose and the shovel hit Kaitlyn by itself and it knocked her down. Shaun and Liz was just shocked and Carrie laughed

Carrie: We better get this brat to Lt. Nelson and find my fiance and friends.

Shaun: Uh...yeah why not?

But Carrie buried Jason deep in under the factory first and then carried Kaitlyn out. Meanwhile, the others got out of the cruiser and looked at all the dead zombies.

Sue: I don't understand.

Sean: Carrie. She must've stopped Jason.

Then they looked over and saw Shaun, Liz and Carrie carrying Kaitlyn on her left shoulder

Sean: Carrie!!!

He limbered up to her and hugged her and she giggled while hugging him back

Carrie: I told you I'd be behind you.

Sean: *See's Kaitlyn* Where'd you find her?

Carrie: Don't hate me , but I asked for help. She'd do it for you but she double crossed me. But I destroyed the skull controlling the zombies.

Sean: And Jason?

Carrie: He's dead. Kaitlyn killed him.

Sean: *Sighs* That b**ch. You ok?

Carrie: Yeah. Sean, I'd like you to meet....

Sean: Shaun Of The Dead???

Shaun: Of the dead??? Sounds like a classic name for a bloody horror comedy.

Liz: That could be the name of your own movie.

Shaun laughed and Sean shook his hand

Sean: Thanks for the help.

Sue: Look, sorry to interrupt this really awesome moment. But you need a hospital and SHE *points to Kaitlyn* needs a cell.

Lieutenant Nelson: A cell is too good for her. Based on the history between you two, y'all can bet she's goin' straight back to.....

And that's when he locked eyes with Shaun.

Shaun: Nelson....

Lieutenant Nelson: Shaun

Sue: Y'all know each other?

Shaun: He was my dad's stepdad's colleague.

Nelson: It's good to see you, Shaun. And Happy Halloween.

Nelson then took Kaityln and put her in the back of the cruiser and then Carrie somehow got the car to work.

Lieutenant Nelson: Huh? That' mind.

So he got in the car and drove off with Kaityln.

Raymond: Ok, I'm calling it. That is the absolute LAST time we celebrate Halloween!

They all looked at him with a smirk.

Raymond: What?

Both (Liz, Shaun): Bollocks.

Shaun: My z day wasn't on Halloween. It was on some any menthol day. Liz dumped me; I hated my stepdad and Ed was being a slice of fried gold. But why give up one holiday just because of YOUR z-day for Christs sake?

Raymond: Its just.....Life hasn't been the same since I turned 14.

Sean: Um....guys? May I have one minute with my brother, please?

Shaun: Oh yeah, mate. Take your time.

Carrie: Don't take long, babe. We got to get that looked at.

Sean: Ok.

Raymond: What's this about?  

Sean: Man, for once in your life, lighten up. You're almost 18 now and you still have this issue with judging others. But these zombies had nothing to with Halloween. They were just a revenge scheme by Jason Waylon.

Raymond: What?? But Jason's dead.

Carrie: He is now....

Raymond: Uhh....

Sean: Point is, bro....not celebrating Halloween is like not celebrating Christmas. So it's up to you, but don't force it on anyone. Remember last time you did?

Raymond: Oh, you had to bring that up.

Sean: Yep.

Both (Sue, Liz): Boys.

Carrie: Giggles I know.

It then cuts to the penitentiary where Chris (Portia Doubleday) is being held.

She watches the news accounting the effects of Z-Day (again) and she can't help but smirk.

News: After the aftermath of what was considered to be another "Z-Day", the effects were just as destructive as 2004's Z-Day.....luckily CNN caught some of the footage of zombies rampaging throughout the city. And we did catch this one image of a woman and a man standing up to them and fighting alongside each other. No word yet on who this two individuals are.....

Chris: evil chuckle So now they think themselves as heroes. If only the world knew Carrie White's true colors. Little Miss White thinks she's on top of the world. But, just wait. Oooh....Just you wait. I'm gonna show it to them one way or another. Ain't no f**king torture chamber gonna keep me away from you. You hear me, Carrie White?! You're going to get what you DESERVE!!!!!! YOU'RE DEAD!!!!!!

Guard: Hey! Shut up in there.

Chris: *Chuckles*

More to come.....


And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many......


  • Carrie White
  • Sean Ford
  • Raymond Ford
  • Sue Snell
  • Shaun
  • Liz
  • Little Carrie
  • Lieutenant Nelson
  • Detective Jones
  • Erika Gogan


Jason Waylon - Kaitlyn stabs him with his own machete and then cuts his head off.

Phillip - Nelson shoots him in the head as he tries to get inside the cruiser

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