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Carrie: Terminator: Judgement Day is a 2021 science fiction film and is the 2013 remake film "Carrie" and the 1991 film "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" of Crossover. The directed by Kimberly Pierce, produced by James Cameron. Based on Carrie by Stephen King and distributed by, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Screen Gems and Paramount Pictures.

It will feature cast Chloë Grace Moretz, Portia Doubleday, Gabriella Wilde, Ansel Elgort, Alex Russell, Abby Ryder Fortson, August Maturo, Judy Greer, Demetrius Joyette, Mouna Traoré, Devin Trey Campbell, Willem Dafoe and many more. Carrie and Terminator for Crossover.


In 2013, Carrie arrival, she find Tommy's still alive. In 2024, Carrie's son Tommy and Sue & Tommy's daughter Carrie. When Billy's alive unexpectedly appears at Carrie's galleria, she is numerously shot by Chirs's alive, as well as a T-800 Terminator... But is Billy/T-1000 all he normally is? What is her new purpose? What is her new mission regarding Carrie Snell and Tommy White?

Main Cast

Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White - Sue & Tommy's best friend and Little Tommy's mother.

  • Sissy Spacek as Elderly Carrie White

Portia Doubleday as Chris Hargensen/T-800/Terminator - Carrie's old arch nemesis/ally and Sue's former friend.

Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell - Carrie's best friend, Tommy's boyfriend and Little Carrie's mother.

  • Sigourney Weaver as Elderly Sue Snell-Ross - Tommy's new wife.

Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross - Sue's boyfriend and Little Carrie's father.

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Elderly Tommy Ross - Sue's new husband.

Alex Russell as Billy Nolan/T-1000 - Chris/T-800's boyfriend/enemies.

Abby Ryder Fortson as Little Carrie Snell - Sue and Tommy's daughter.

  • Danielle Panabaker as Adult Carrie Snell - Micheal's mother.

August Maturo as Little Tommy White - Carrie's son.

  • Robbie Amell as Adult Tommy White - Aurora's father.

Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin

  • TBA as Elderly Rita Desjardin

Demetrius Joyette as George Dawson - Tommy's friend & Erika's new husband.

  • Danny Glover as Elderly George Dawson

Mouna Traoré as Erika Gogan-Dawson - George's new wife.

  • TBA as Elderly Erika Dawson

Devin Trey Campbell as Danny Dawson - George & Erika's son.

  • Mehcad Brooks as Adult Danny Dawson

TBA as Aurora White - Tommy's daughter, Micheal's best friend, Carrie's granddaughter and Sue, & Tommy's god granddaughter.

TBA as Micheal Snell - Carrie's son, Aurora's best friend, Carrie's god grandson and Sue, & Tommy's grandson.

Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese (archival footage)

Willem Dafoe as Salon

TBA as Daniel Harry - Mary's husband and James & Katie's father.

TBA as Mary Harry - Daniel's wife and James & Katie's mother.

TBA as James Harry - Daniel & Mary's son and Katie's brother.

TBA as Katie Harry - Daniel & Mary's daughter and James's sister.

TBA as General Bentlon

TBA as Hanky

Cynthia Preston as Eleanor Snell - Sue's mother and Little Carrie's grandmother.

TBA as Edward Snell - Sue's father and Little Carrie's grandfather.

Julianne Moore as Margaret White - Carrie's mother and Little Tommy's grandmother.

TBA as Officer Tony Logan

(More coming soon...)

Carrie's 2013 all flashback & footage film

Barry Shabaka Henley as Principal Henry Morton

Zoë Belkin as Tina Blake

Max Topplin as Jackie Talbot

Connor Price as Freddy Holt

Derek McGrath as Commissioner Stewart Murohy

Karissa and Katie Strain as Nicki and Lizzy Waston

Samantha Weinstein as Heather Shyres

Kyle Mac as Kenny Garson

Jefferson Brown as Mr. Ulmann

Natalie Dale as Rachel Spies

Annie Chen as Anissa Chen

TBA as Jessica Upshaw

The Mortimer Snerds/Ultras

(More coming soon...)


Noon on a hot summer day. On an extreme long lens the lunchtime crowd stacks up into a wall of humanity.  In slow motion they move in herds among the glittering rows of cars jammed bumper to bumper. Heat ripples distort the torrent of faces.

Little Girl: *laughter*

(Laughter distorts, fades)

The image is surreal, dreamy... and like a dream it begins very slowly to The city, people, & children.


Same spot as the last shot, but now it is a landscape in Hell. The cars are stopped in rusted rows, still bumper to bumper. The skyline of buildings beyond has been shattered by some unimaginable force like a row of kicked-down sandcastles. Wind blows through the desolation, keening with the sound of ten million dead souls. It scurries the ashes into drifts, stark white in the moonlight against the charred rubble. All skull, skeleton, & body.

~Future Day~

~Los Angeles 2047 A.D.~

Los Angeles, California was destroyed. Vast tundra of skulls and shattered concrete. The rush hour crowd burned down in their tracks. Jungle gym, the blast has warped the swing set, the merry-go-round has sagged in the firestorm. Small skulls look accusingly from the ash-drifts. We hear the distant echo of children's voices... playing and laughing in the sun. A silly, sing-songy rhyme as we tracks slowly over seared asphalt where the faint hieroglyphs of hopscotch lines are still visible. DNA zooming along with Carrie's narration.

Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz): *Narrating* Three billion human lives ended on August 29th, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgement Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the Machines…

(Laser gunfire, explosions)

A metal foot crushes the skull like china. Tilt up, revealing a humanoid machine holding a massive battle rifle. It looks like a Chrome Skeleton... a high-tech death figure. It is the endoskeleton of A Series 800: Terminator. Its glowing red eyes compassionlessly sweep the dead terrain, hunting, endoskeleton. The sounds of roaring turbines. Searchlights blaze down as a formation of Tank HK (Hunter-Killer) Aerials patrol machines passes overhead. Pan with them toward the jagged horizon, beyond which we see flashes, and hear the distant thunder of a pitched battle in progress. The battle. Human troops is desperate combat with the machines for possession of the dead Earth. The humans are a ragtag guerrilla army. Skynet's weapons consist of ground HKs (tank-like robot gun-platforms), Flying HK Aerials, four-legged gun-pods called centurions, and the humanoid terminators in various forms.



Pursuing flying Aerial HK, bringing it down in a fiery explosion, Human Troops vs T-800 Terminators. HK-Tank was gun. Human troops short to Hk-Tank.

Human Troops Man: *screams*

Human troops man were killed by HK-Tank, Human troops man short to Flying HK, Human troops man were killed by Flying HK, again.


With flesh ripped open and back broken, gropes for a rifle on the ground & flying HK killed them, The truck in the guy troops.


The guy's troops were shot by Flying HK, Flying HK killed The guy troops for the truck fell.


T-800 short to Human troops, The T-800 was damaged.


T-800 was shot by Human troops, Human troops killed T-800, The truck in the guy, again, The guy got killed Flying HK.


Flying HK was shot by the guy troops, Flying HK was explosion & destroyed, Down as they ran. Fiery explosions light the ranks of advancing machines.


The combat with night-vision binoculars. He wears the uniform of a guerrilla general, she wears the uniform of a guerrilla captain, and a black beret. They are still amid running, shouting techs and officers. C.U. Men & Women, pushing slowly in as the battle rages O.S. He lowers the binoculars. They are all thirty-three's years old, features severe. An impressive man, forged in the furnace of a lifetime of war.

Carrie: *Narrating* The computer which controlled the machines, Skynet, sent two terminators back through time. Their mission, to destroy the leader of the human resistance. My name is Carrie White, Sue Snell & Tommy Ross, my best friends. Tommy White, my son and Carrie Snell, Sue & Tommy’s daughter.

They and soldiers saw Terminators, HK-Tank, & Flying HK.

Carrie: *Narrating* The first Terminator was programmed to strike at Sue aunt, Sarah Connor in the year 1984. Before her older cousin, John was born in the year 1985. Her aunt Sarah is saved by Kyle Reese from T-800. It not failed. The second was set to strike at her cousin, John himself, when he was still a child. As before, the resistance was able to send a lone warrior. Her aunt, Sarah and cousin, John were saved by another T-800 from T-1000 in the year 1995. The three was set to strike at Tommy & Carrie himself, when I was frozen still alive in the year 2047. I arrived at the year 2013. I found Tommy’s still alive. Sue, Tommy and I, The resistance was able to send a lone warrior a protector for Tommy & Carrie. It was just a question of which one of them would reach him first… Then in the year 2024… My old archenemy, Chris Hargensen, she became another T-800, her old boyfriend, Billy Nolan, he became another T-1000.

The name stitched on the band of his beret is Snell & White. We push in until our eyes fill frame, then… Adults human soldiers troops: Carrie Snell (Danielle Panabaker) & Tommy White (Robbie Amell).

Explosion was still big.

~Title sequence: Carrie: Terminator: Judgement Day~

Fire, slow, boiling, & enormous. Filling frame.

Terminator’s endoskeleton, red eyes, & head-up display is on fire.


Year: 2013

[Logos play over a recording from “The Terminator”.]

The policeman interviews the man, by the name of Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn).

The policeman: And who has the enemy?

Kyle: A computer defense system built for sac-norad by Cyberdyne Systems.

The policeman: I see. And thinks it can win by killing the mother of its enemy--killing him, in effect, before he is even conceived? A sort of retroactive abortion?

Kyle: Yes.

The policeman: Why didn’t the computer just kill Connor then? Why this elaborate scheme with the Terminator?

Kyle: It had no choice. The defensive grid was smashed. We’d won. Taking out Connor then would make no difference. Skynet had to wipe out his entire existence.

The policeman: Well, how are you supposed to get back? Is that when you captured the lab complex and found that...what was it called...the time-displacement equipment?

Kyle: That’s right. The Terminator had already gone through. Connor sent me to intercept, then they blew the whole place.

The policeman: Well, how are you supposed to get back?

Kyle: I can’t. Nobody goes home. Nobody else comes through. It’s just him…and me.

The man, by the name of Hanky and the general, with Bentlon, The men saw video logos playing over a recording on the viewscreen.

Hanky: You can stop there.

Logos stop over a recording on the viewscreen was freeze.

Bentlon: You’re sure this guy never worked at Cyberdyne?

Hanky: We’re positive.

Bentlon: How could he know about Skynet?

Hanky: This man, Reese, has information he shouldn’t have. Couldn't have.

Bentlon: You’ve got a leak in research and development.

Hanky: No, very few people know what it is they’re working on at Cyberdyne. We divide the labor to keep everyone in the dark.

Bentlon: What other explanation is there?

Hanky: *gulping*

Hanky: This is a proposed project. We were going to start channeling funds toward it sometime next year.

Hanky the notebook grave Bentlon, he looking the read.

Bentlon: Time displacement? Is this what I think it is?

Hanky: Yes sir.

Bentlon: This isn’t science fiction?

Hanky: It is right now. But we were planning on putting five hundred million into this project the first year alone. Forty years from now, who knows.

The man, by the name of Salon (Willem Dafoe), he was smoking, he saw Kyle talk with the policeman.

Hanky: We need to consider the possibility, as implausible as it sounds, that Kyle Reese is telling the truth. His value could be immeasurable to us. Not to menition the machine itself.

Bentlon: He’s being held by the L.A.P.D?

Hanky: He died in the year, 1984.

Bentlon: Who Connor?

Belton read the photo of the woman.

Hanky: Her name is Sarah Connor.

Bentlon: The woman.

Hanky: Yeah. She is in jail.

Bentlon: She escaped.

Hanky: Sarah with them.

Bentlon: The guy?

Hanky: Yeah, Sarah Connor’s son, John.

Bentlon: The boy.

Hanky: Right. Blowing up Cyberdyne.

Bentlon: What’s his name?

Hanky: Miles Dyson. He died in the year 1995.

Bentlon: Yeah, too, bad. What about the Connors?

Hanky: I don’t know.

Salon: He escaped late last night. Someone or something came in and blew the place to hell. Killed everyone inside. Reese recovered. Kyle Reese died in 1984. Miles Dyson died in 1995. Blowing up to Cyberdyne. The Connors escaped.

Bentlon: He died. A black site. I don’t want any interference.

Salon: Roll it back.

Salon, Hanky & Bentlon saw Kyle with the policeman, video logos playing over a recording on the viewscreen, again.

Kyle: Nobody goes home. Nobody else comes through. It’s just him…and me.

Salon saw Kyle’s recording.

~26 hours earlier~

~Chamberlain, Maine, Friday 21st June 2013~

Time: 9:55pm

Year: 2013

Later in the Alleyway, within the town of Chamberlain, Maine, all was quiet, apart from a local…

Suddenly, from an alley way, bit of garbage and other alley way trash came whooshing out and blowing everywhere, along with flashes of light coming from further down the alleyway…

Electrical flashes of lighting were everywhere, along with junk blowing everywhere, as a large sphere appeared out of nowhere. As the sphere then vanished, what could be seen, was a large naked girl roll, as She then fell stood up, with her face on, just as came round to investigate…

Carrie White arrival, she was alive, she got up, she was in Chamberlain, Maine, she was running, she was going a local clothes.

Carrie: *Narrating* You should see this place, Tommy.

At a local leather clothing store, within the town of Chamberlain, Maine, breaking the window…

Carrie: *Narrating* It’s unbelievable. They have so much of everything.

Carrie: Dammit. Dammit. There they are.

Carrie: *Narrating* Anything you can think of, it’s here in abundance.

Carrie got pants, Carrie found the clothes, hood, hat, jacket, shoes, socks & sunglasses, she smiled.

Carrie: *Narrating* It’s beautiful but it’s crazy too. Bizarre. I watched a guy throw away a huge bag of hot food. He just threw it out. God knows why. It was delicious.

Carrie was wearing clothes, pants, hood, hat, jacket, shoes, socks & sunglasses, she was walking, she was in the eat store, Carrie saw eggplant, the eat restaurant, The Chinese man, he pulled trash, trash was broken, Carrie was eating.

Carrie: *Narrating* But the craziest thing? There are people… everyone. You’ve never seen so many people. Just walking around. Happy. Safe. They’re not afraid like we are. All this time I had an idea of what we were fighting for, but I never really knew. Not until now. We’ve got to save it. I’ve got to find Tommy.

Carrie woke up, she was cold to her jacket, she saw the people, the morning was coming, Carrie smiled, she was still walking.

~26 hours later~

~Ewen High School, Saturday 22nd June 2013~

Time: 9:00pm

Carrie: *Narrating* Tommy told me when I got in 2013 he was dating me, tell him about the future. But Chris has prank to me for 6th bully to Chris & her friends. Tommy and I had a prom at Ewen High School. That there was pig’s blood. Chris & his boyfriend, Billy’s prank on me.

It was a dark starry night over the town of chamberlain. A lot had changed throughout the town since mid-2013. At that time, all was normal for everyone, except one person. That one person was known to the world as: Carrie White. Carrie had lived a living hell of a life, even since the day she was born. Her mother: Margaret White (Julianne Moore), was a mentally ill, bible bashing fanatic that was so ill, she used her own daughter only as a bashing object, to take out her anger on, since Margaret was raped by her husband Ralph White. She took her rage out for everything that went wrong in life on Carrie, even when it wasn't even Carrie's doing, even when Carrie had nothing to do with whatever situation she was on about.

Even at school since 6th grade, Carrie's life was hell. Everyone within her class, bullied her, by one group of them known as The Mortimer Snerds by Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday), consisting of her friends Tina Blake (Zoë Belkin), Nicki & Lizzy Watson (Karissa & Katie Strain), Heather Shyers (Samantha Weinstein), Rachel Spies (Natalie Dale), Anissa Chen (Annie Chen), Jessica Upshaw, & several others... But secretly, One of the Group: Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde), one of Chris's closest friends. Sue felt guilty for hurting Carrie like that for so long, so Sue decided to make up for her mistakes, By asking her boyfriend: Tommy Ross (Ansel Elgort), to take Carrie to the prom instead of Sue herself.

Later, in Ewen High School it was all going well at the prom, Until Carrie was crowned as the prom queen. It turned out to be a prank, That Chris had set up with her boyfriend: Billy Nolan (Alex Russell). They poured a bucket of cold Pig's blood on Carrie, causing everyone to laugh at her. Sue had tried to stop them, but was pushed out of the gym by their School Gym Teacher: Rita Desjardin (Judy Greer), Who believed Sue was involved in the prank. But that prank came with bad consequences. First, Chris & Billy dropped the bucket on Tommy, killing him. Then, Carrie unleashed her telekinetic powers in a surge of extreme rage, as she killed nearly everyone & destroyed the school completely. She also managed to get revenge on Chris & Billy, which cost both their lives as an eternal punishment.

Carrie: *Narrating* I’ll be ready.

Carrie on the motorcycle’s red & black Yamaha, Carrie find Tommy’s body & Salon, she saw fire smoke in Ewen High School.

Carrie: Ewen High School. I’m coming, Tommy.

Carrie’s motorcycle turn around is changed to faster.


Carrie’s motorcycle was faster.

Meanwhile in the man opened the door.

Man: Mr. Salon?

Salon was smoking, so he turned the man closed the door, he talk to Salon.

Man: Just intercepted a 911 call. School Fire said they had their the bucket by a boy with a...skull form his head.

Salon: Where?

Man: Thomas Ewen Consolidated High School.

Salon: What a boy? What his name?

Man: His name is Tommy Ross.

Salon: Tommy Ross.

Man: Yes. The bucket falls on Tommy Ross hitting him in the skull, he was killed by them.

Salon: Who killed him?

Man: They are named Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan. Tommy Ross was killed by Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan.

Salon: Are his eyes opening?

Man: Yes.

Salon: Let’s move. Tell the team we want the boy. In that order.

Later in Chamberlain, Carrie is out from Ewen High School, Carrie look around, she sees Chris & Billy in the Billy’s Red Pontiac Muscle car, Carrie got Chris & Billy for Tommy’s killer, Carrie killed Chris & Billy, Chris & Billy were destroyed & explosion by Carrie at Gas Station Teddy's Gas.

Carrie’s motorcycle was still faster, she saw the mirror, the sirens, Carrie saw the police, ambulance, fire department, & security, Carrie’s motorcycle was stopped, Carrie saw the school's fire, Carrie got out of the motorcycle, but local paramedics, police, security & firemen at Ewen High's prom, Carrie and the others saw everyone Ewen High’s fire & destroyed.

Police Man: Everyone, get back!

Security Man: Go go go!

The door opened from the car, Salon got out of the car, Carrie saw Salon.

Carrie: Salon.

Paramedics, police, security & firemen, they find everyone, paramedics find Tommy’s body.

Paramedics Man: Pulse is weak.

Salon & the security team, Salon saw they were killed, everyone was dead.

Salon: Dammit.

Salon looked around Tina, Heather, Nicky & Lizzy, Rachel, Anissa, Jessica, Freddy Holt (Connor Price) & the others were dead. Teachers and Students were killed by Carrie.

Salon: Collect the specimen. Get everything.

Security Man 2: Yes sir.

Salon: Where’s Tommy Ross?

The security man saw the paramedics man pulse Tommy’s head is skull, Salon saw Tommy’s body.

Salon: Is he dead?

Paramedics Man: No sir, he wasn't dead, his skull is best.

Salon: Is he alive?

Paramedics Man 2: Barely, sir.

Salon: Bag him.

The paramedics man 2 grab Tommy’s eyes closing, the paramedics’s injection, intradermal injection: ID, tuberculin for Tommy’s right arm, Tommy’s sleeping for a dead body being zipped up in a body bag and taken away.

Tommy: Sue.

Sue: Tommy.

Sue saw the paramedics pull to Tommy’s dead body.

Sue: *crying*

Sue sit down to Miss Desjardin.

Carrie: Sue. Ms. Desjardin. I'm sorry.

Carrie saw the security’s van, the security men pulled to Tommy’s dead body, Salon with them, Carrie got into the motorcycle, Carrie’s motorcycle turned-around, Carrie’s motorcycle was faster, Carrie’s motorcycle chased by the security’s van, Carrie gasped, she looked at the location Pasadena, CA.

Carrie: *Narrating* Oh my god, Tommy--I know this place. This is where we…

Carrie hide the tree, she saw the security’s van, the security men, Carrie was running on the mountain, she saw… the location Warehouse.

Carrie: *Narrating* I can’t do this alone. I’m going to need help.

Carrie: *Looks at her stomach* .....My baby....Oh my....What now?! My future son. Tommy.

Later, in Chamberlain after Carrie's vengeful prom massacre, her lips trembled and her eyes turned watery. Carrie washed her face twice and rubbed her eyes. She looked at her hands, still had blood on her. She tried to get the blood off her and cried for what happened; what she did, mostly. The clean water had turned into a bloodbath. Her knees pressed up to her chest and hugged it closer to her. She rocked back and forth like a traumatised child. All she could do was cry.

Carrie: I'm sorry. *whispered upsettingly & shaking her head* I'm sorry.

Once she got out of the red bathwater, Carrie wrapped a cream towel and dried herself: face, neck, arms, stomach, legs and feet. She entered her bedroom and took out a baby blue nightie from her drawer. She dropped the towel on the floor and put on her nightie. Then, Carrie walked out of her bedroom, planning to see her mother. The whole house was dead quiet as if it was a good place for a ghost to hang around it.

Carrie: Mama?

She spoke like a child and stopped at the edge of the stairs.

Carrie: Mama?

Carrie felt a strong presence behind her; someone was behind her. She turned her head and saw a middle-aged woman wearing a long white nightgown. Her auburn hair was down to her breasts and her bleak green eyes were looking at Carrie. Her mother, Margaret.

Carrie: Mama. Carrie went to her mother and they hugged each other tightly.

Carrie: Oh, Mama. You were right. They laughed at me, Mommy. They all laughed at me.

Margaret: I knew they would hurt my little girl. *whispered & sigh*

Margaret caressing her daughter's damp hair. Then, she confessed to Carrie.

Margaret: I should have killed myself when he put it in me. We slept in the same bed, lived together sinlessly. Then, one night, I saw him looking at me in that way. And we got down on our knees to pray for strength. And that's when he took me.

Carrie: No, Mama.

Interrupted Carrie, trying to get away from her but Margaret pulled her in closer.

Carrie: I don't want to hear it.

Margaret: And I liked it.

Margaret placed her left hand on Carrie's cheek.

Carrie: *whispered* Mama, no.

Carrie begging her mother to stop talking about the conception.

Margaret: I should have given you to God when you were born.

Admitted Margaret.

Margaret: But, I was weak and I love you so much.

Margaret her green eyes started to tear up.

Margaret: I said: 'God, let me keep my little girl. Let me keep her'.

Tears fell from mother and daughter. Margaret's cold hand still rested on Carrie's warm cheek. She took a breath in as she told her daughter the command in a whisper.

Margaret: *whisper* Let's pray."

Carrie: Yes, Mama. *kissed her mother's hands* Yes, we pray.

Margaret: I'll be the preacher.

Margaret had given herself the role and Carrie knelt on the ground, still gripping onto her mother's hands.

Margaret: You'll be my congregation.

Margaret knelt on the floor and began her prayer.

Margaret: Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

They wrapped their arms around each other as she spoke. "

Margaret: They will be done… on Earth.

Margaret took a kitchen knife out of the hole in the wooden floor.

Margaret: As it is. *the knife rose above her head* In Heaven.

The knife collided inside Carrie's upper back and her mouth opened, releasing a gasp. A sharp pain rushed through her back and Margaret's grip tightened around the knife handle.

Carrie: Mama!

Shrieked Carrie and a strong force pushed them apart: Margaret in her room and Carrie falling downstairs, hurting her back even more.

Carrie landed on her back on the living room floor. Her eyes opened and Margaret walked down on the stairs murderously, the blood-pointed knife in her right hand. Carrie began to move backward while mildly injured.

Carrie: No, Mama.

Carrie begged while crawling away in pain.

Carrie: Mama, please.

Margaret: This isn't your fault, Carrie. It's mine.

As Margaret sauntered closer to her child.

Margaret: You know the Devil never dies. He keeps coming back. You've got to keep killing him. Over and over again.

Carrie didn't understand why her mother was acting this way. She knew Margaret was crazily religious but she would never harm her in that way. She dodged the knife as mother and daughter started fighting. Fighting for survival. Knife-slashing, Margaret and Carrie screaming as they fought for dominance until Margaret got on top. The knife blade got closer to Carrie's neck.

Carrie: *yelled* Mama, stop it!

Carrie pushed her mother up. Margaret sliced her daughter's arm and Carrie screamed at the large slash. Both green eyes met, and Carrie knew one thing for sure. Her mother tried to kill her and she needed to get out. The knife rose up and a light gleamed at the blade. As the knife quickly dove, Carrie stopped the blade with her power. The blade stopped close to her face. Margaret, using her strength, tried to lower her knife down.

Then, suddenly, Carrie's telekinesis lifted Margaret up and off her body. Knives and needles flew out of their resting place and aimed at Margaret. Her green eyes widened in shock and gasped.

Margaret: *whisper* Carrie.

Margaret trying to calm her child down.

Carrie: I'm sorry.*crying*

Margaret: *yelled* CARRIE!

Then, Carrie screamed and Margaret flew to the wall near the prayer closet. Sharp objects flew towards the pinned mother and the blades penetrated her body: hands, chest and stomach. Carrie lifted herself up from the ground and slowly walked to her crufixed mother. The blood was draining out of Margaret and she gasped, raising her head. Carrie pulled out all the sharp objects, knives and needles, out from her mother's hands and chest. She held her mother in her arms and gently placed Margaret on the floor. Carrie rubbed her mother's auburn hair as she shushed her dying mother.

The door creaked open and a young woman entered the White house. Her blonde hair was damp and her blue eyes were watered. She was wearing her casual clothes: navy blue jacket, skinny jeans, a yellow top and a pair of blue tied shoes. She saw the mourning woman cradling her dead mother. Her heart ached for the daughter.

Female voice: Carrie?

Carrie responded to the voice by turning her head and saw the woman. It was Sue, one of her tormentors at school and was spotted at Prom. Carrie's muscles tensed as her eyes dried.

Sue: Let me help you, Carrie.

Carrie: Why couldn't you leave me alone? *crying*

Sue: I'm sorry.

Carrie looked at Sue and her right hand aimed at her. Sue's throat tightened and started to gag while gasping for air. Carrie didn't feel this sadness anymore. The only emotion she felt was anger.

Carrie: *whispered* Look what you turned me into.

Carrie cradling her mother's body and using her power to choke her bully.

Sue: Don't hurt me, Carrie!

Sue begged, managing to say through the choke.

Carrie: Why not? I've been hurt my whole life.

Carrie then lets go of Sue and picks up Margaret's body in a bridal style. The house began to creak and rumbled. She continued to cry through her words, speaking to Sue.

Carrie: I killed my mom. I want her back. I'm… I'm scared.

A large stone fell through the roof. The house rumbled as the raining stones continued to fall upon it. Carrie fell on her knees to the floor, still holding on to the body, as bricks and hailstones fell. The house was falling apart.

Sue: *yelled* We've gotta get out of here!

Sue ran towards Carrie, avoiding the falling stones as if she was in a video game. She stretched forth her hand.

Sue: Give me your hand! Come on!

Carrie looked up and sensed that something was odd about Sue. There was something moving inside her body. She led her hand to Sue's stomach and heard a rapid heartbeat. It wasn't threatening, but new.

Carrie: *gasped* It's a girl.

Carrie told her happily.

Sue: What?" enquired Sue bewilderedly.

Carrie: You don't know?

Sue's blue eyes watered. There was new life inside of her. Carrie, with telekinesis, lifted her up from the ground carefully.

Carrie: Get out! *cried* Get out!

She pushed Sue out of her broken home. Carrie turned her head, looking down, and brushed the thin piece of auburn hair away from her face. She kissed her mother's forehead.

Carrie: It's okay.

Carrie to herself quietly as the house started to collapse on her.

She was waiting for Death to come to her, taking her away from this hellish world. Everybody in Chamberlain hated her for all her life. She despised Chamberlain. But then, a glowing orangish red emerged on the ground. As Carrie watched curiously, it grew bigger and bigger. She fell down the mysterious portal and she embraced her fate.

Sue rubbed her stomach gently as she watched the house fall.

~1 year later~

~San Francisco, Wednesday 1st January 2014~

Time: 5:30 pm

Carrie White was life, her jeep, the dog, Bart. Carrie was pregnant. Carrie in San Francisco.

Carrie: Tape seven. January 1. Where was I? What’s most difficult is trying to decide what to tell you and what not to. But I guess I have a while before you’re old enough to understand these tapes. They’re more for me at this point just so that I can get it straight.

Carrie’s recording of the video, Carrie was the driver, Carrie grabs her gun, her gun down to the door, Carrie goes to the Gas Station CIGAROS & SODA, Carrie got up & the open door to her jeep, Carrie came to the guy,

Carrie and the guy (both): *speaking Spanish*

Carrie talking to the guy.

Man: Fill him up. *speaks Spanish*

Carrie looks the reading, Carrie’s record to video for her son Tommy.

Carrie: Should I tell you about me? Boy, that’s a tough one. Will it affect your decision to send him here, knowing that I am your mother? If you, you three send me you can never be. God, a person could go crazy thinking about this.

Carrie smiled, she looked her pregnant.

Carrie: I suppose I will tell you. I owe him that. Maybe it’ll help if… know that in the few hours that we had together… ...we loved a lifetime’s worth. Sue Snell & Tommy Ross, they were my best friends, Sue was pregnant, Sue & Tommy’s daughter: Isabelle “Carrie” Carrietta Snell. My son: Thomas “Tommy” Everett White. I’m going to need help from Sue. We found Tommy. The future.

Carrie smiled, his photograph of the boy, Carrie saw the boy,

Boy: *speaking Spanish*

The guy saw him talk to Carrie.

Carrie: *turned to him* What did he just say?

Man: He says you’re very beautiful. He is ashamed to ask you for five american dollars for this picture. But if he doesn’t, his father will beat him.

The boy smiled, Carrie smiled.

Carrie: Pretty good hustle, kid. *speaking Spanish*

The boy nodded yes, Carrie gave the boy the money, Carrie smiled, Carrie saw a photograph of Carrie.

Boy: *speaking Spanish*

Carrie’s snapshot hide at the desk, Carrie smiled.

Boy: *speaking Spanish*

The boy saw the storm, the boy ran into the gas station, Carrie saw the boy was running.

Carrie: *turned to her head* What did he just say?

Man: He said there’s a storm coming in.

Carrie gasped, she saw the storm coming.

Carrie: I know.

(Wind howling)

Carrie’s sunglasses, Carrie is the driver of her jeep, Carrie & Bart go to life.

(Thunder crashes)

Storm into the clouds.

~3 weeks later~

~Midcast Hospital, Chamberlain, Maine, Tuesday 14th January 2014~

Time: 9:05 pm

Year: 2014

Revolving and transitioning inside of the Midcast Hospital, passing by separate rooms and separate floors, it stops on Floor 6 and rotates to over to the room of one Sue’s feeling of Deja Vu overtook her as she was screaming and writhing in excruciating pain, preparing to give birth to her firstborn. Only her mother: Eleanor Snell (Cynthia Preston), she was present beside her as she had to watch her daughter keep pushing and pushing only for the pain to intensify.

It was at this moment where Sue flashes back to a nightmare she had in which this exact predicament happens, only a bloody arm would come out and grab her. Every time she goes back to that memory, it would scare her like Hell.

In the midst of the procedure, Sue began shaking and shuffling in her hospital bed as the doctors tried keeping her steady as she just kept screaming.

Sue: *screamed* NO!

Eleanor: was just a dream. Keep pushing.

Knowing how close to over it would be, Sue followed her mother's advice, continuing to hold on for dear life until finally, she yelled in deep pain and agony, pushing as hard as she could muster until she just couldn't anymore.

Soon though, she heard crying......

.....faint baby crying....

If the sound wasn't angelic enough, the sight would definitely change that including what the doctor told her next.

Doctor Man: You have a baby girl, Ms. Snell.

The words rang through Sue like a wrecking ball. She couldn't help but to smile while panting as she remembered what a certain somebody had said to her one night.....

Doctor Man: It’s a girl.

Sue: What?

Doctor Man: You don’t know.

Sue: Oh my god…

As soon as they cleaned her up and wrapped the baby up in a blanket, they gave her to Sue as her mother smiled and looked closely at her new born granddaughter.

The baby just slides her hand across Sue's chin and it made her chuckle slightly at what had to be a dream come true. She lets out a small sigh of relief.

Sue: H-hi, hi little Carrie.

(Meanwhile, Carrie’s apartment…)

Carrie at her apartment, the room of one Carrie’s feeling, she was screaming and writhing in excruciating pain, preparing to give birth to her firstborn.

Carrie: *screamed* Help. Help me! Help me, Lord. I’m dying.

As loud as she could stop her hard bed, Carrie began shaking and shuffling in her bed as she tried keeping her steady as she just kept screaming.

Carrie yelled in deep pain and agony, pushing as hard as she could muster until she just couldn't anymore.

Soon though, she heard crying......

.....faint baby crying....

Carrie: What is this? Oh my god… It’s a boy. I can’t believe. Hold on, honey.

Carrie shocked, the baby cries, Carrie grabs the baby, the baby just slides his hand across Carrie's chin and it made her chuckle slightly at what had to come true. She lets out a small sigh of relief.

Carrie: Shh. H-hi, hi there… little Tommy.

Carrie turned her attention back to her new born son.

(Midcast Hospital…)

Sue would find out. Hearing their faint voices on the other side, she frowned in confusion. She was certain she almost recognized those voices as she just approached the wall, holding her two minute old child who soon fell asleep in her arms. Needless to say, Eleanor noticed her and piped.

Eleanor: Sue, what is it?

Sue: I....I don't know.....did....did someone we know come here with you, Mom?

Eleanor: No, just me. Your father's already in Los Angeles setting up our new house. Why?

Having looked back at the wall and eavesdropping again, Sue couldn't hear anything no more, for the sound must've subsided.

Sue: reason....

She turned her attention back to her new born daughter.

~10 years later~

~Los Angeles, California, Saturday 17th February 2024~

Time: 1:30am

In the present day, Rodeo Bar, Los Angeles in California, the people were talking, a punk boy, by the name of Gable, he talked to a punk girl, by the name of Kelly, Gable & Kelly talked to the punks, Gable & Kelly were drunk.

Gable: I'm glad you c...hic...came to your sensibles.

Kelly: Attractive.

Gable: I just farted.

Kelly: You do know I prefer you this way.

The girl in the ladies room, her mouth to Revlon super lustrous red for the mirror.

Girl: If I don't get laid tonight, I'm gonna become a nun…

The girl turned to the bright blue & white.

(Electricity Fizzes)

Girl: What the hell?

The girl ran and pulled the open door to the ladies room.


The girl get out of the ladies room.

Time Sphere to Electrical flashes of lightning were everywhere, along with junk blowing everywhere, as a large sphere appeared out of nowhere. As the sphere then vanished, what could be seen, was a naked girl kneeling, as he then slowly stood up, with a blank expression on her face, she started to walk in a circle…

Chris Hargensen, she was alive, she turned to her head at the ladies room.









Chris was slow walk to the door to the ladies room.

(Country music playing)

Then everyone was still talking, the boy saw… the front door opens to the toilet room and a naked girl strolls in - that doesn't happen every night. All eyes simultaneously swivel toward Chris. Its emotionless gaze passes over the customers as it walks calmly through the room. Everyone frozen, not sure how to react.

The people was still talking, they turned… the open door to toilet room, Chris was stand, everyone was gasped, the girl was gasped, the boy was smile, Chris slowly walked, the closed door to toilet room, Chris find clothes & boots, her hud red is a head-up display for Termovision, the three of boys were smiled, the girl was mad.

The people saw the naked girl, everyone gasping, Chris walked, With alphanumeric readouts which change faster than the human eye can follow. In pov we move past the staring truckers, past the owner and the awestruck waitress, and approach a large nasty-looking biker puffing on a cigar. Her body is outlined, or selected, and thousands of estimated measurements appear. her clothing has been analyzed and deemed suitable…




Boy: Well hello!

Boy 2:Hi, looking for me? I'm a doctor you know…

Girl 2: What the hell?




Chris walked around, she looked around them, the men saw Chris, the men smiled.

Man: Hi, can I buy you a drink...maybe a shot or three?


Woman: Shoot.

The woman dropped the drink in tray, Chris turned them, everyone saw Chris, the girl's smoking dropped to shock, Chris turned around to them.




On a back route to north Los Angeles.





Kelly: You gonna tell me you crapped your pants?

Gable: No, that's not it…

Kelly: Really? Then…

Chris find the punk girl in her black leather jacket, shirt, gloves, pants & boots.

Chris: Your clothes. Give them to me, now.

The punk guys turned around... the punk gasped at Chris, everyone saw Chris was naked.

Punk Boy: Whoo, it's a girl.

Punk Boy 2: Yeah, too.

Punk Girl: Shit.

Kelly: What the fuck?

Gable: Here, put this on. What the hell are you thinking?

Chris: *turned her head* Not you.

Gable: What?

Chris grabbed Gable, Chris pulled around Gable, they got down, Gable fell off the desk, everyone was gasping.

Punk Girl: She pulled Gable.

Punk Boy 2: What the…

Kelly: What the hell? How could…

Chris: Your jacket, shirt and pants… Take them off now.


Kelly punched Chris's head, and Chris turned to face, Kelly got injured by a right hand.

Kelly: Ahhh! Ow! Ow! My hand! What the hell?!

The crowd was gasping & shocked.

She grinds the cigar out on Chris's chest. Which produces not the slight reaction of pain. Chris calmly, and without expression, grabs Kelly by her meaty upper arm… Kelly screams from the hydraulic grip.

Kelly: Oh! Aagh! Get her off me!

Chris doesn't see Kelly's friend, behind her, holding his bar stool by the narrow end like a Louisville Slugger. The heavy send whistles in a powerful swing and cracks in two across the back of Chris's head.

Chris seems not to notice. Doesn't even blink. Without releasing his grip on Cigar, he snaps his arm straight back and grabs the bar stool by the front of his jacket. Suddenly the heavyset biker finds himself flying through the nearest window.


The punk boy fell to the broken window, the punk boy was smashed to the car, she threw her into the kitchen, Chris hurls Kelly, all 230 pounds of her, clear over the bar, through the serving window into the kitchen


Where she lands on the big flat grill. We hear a sound like sizzling bacon.

Kelly: *screams*

Kelly flopping jerking. She rolls off in a smoking heap.

The second punk boy whips out a knife with a eight-inch blade and slashes at Chris's body.

Chris grabs the arcing blade with his bare hand. Holding it by the razor-sharp blade he jerks is from the second punk boy's hand. Ultra-fast here. She flips it. Grabs the handle like you're supposed to hold a knife.

Punk Boy 2: *bones crack*

Grabs the second punk boy and slams him face-down over the bar. Then brings the knife whistling down, pinning the second punk boy's shoulder to the bar top with his own steel.

Punk Boy 2: Agh! *groans*

Chris turned to everyone gasped & shocked.

Punk Boy 2: Pull it out! Pull it out! Agh! Pull it out!

Everyone was glup & whistling, they don't fight with Chris, the doors bangs open and Chris strides in. The Los Angeles cook does a fast fade as Chris walks toward Kelly, who is cursing in pain on the floor, Kelly gasped, she was injured, with his deep-fried fingers he struggles to get out the .45 auto tucked under his leather jacket. But he can't even hold onto it. Chris takes it from her. Instead of pointing it at her, Chris carefully examines the weapon, analyzing its caliber and operating condition. Chris never threatens... that's a human thing. She just takes. Kelly grabs his gun, Chris grabs Kelly's gun, Kelly glup.

Chris: And your motorcycle.

Kelly: Take it.

Kelly senses what he must do when the emotionless eyes come back to him. She slides the keys to her bike across the floor to Chris's foot. Kelly throws her key to Chris.

Chris: Your clothes, NOW!

Then painfully started getting out of her jacket.

~5 minutes later~

(GEORGE THOROGOOD: "Bad to the Bone")

Chris came out to the Rodeo Bar open. Chris strides from the kitchen, fully clothed now in a black leather jacket, leather riding pants, fingerless gloves and heavy, clean boots, ponytail affixed with a brown hair tie. She moves toward the moaning biker pinned to the table. Without slowing his stride he jerks the knife out. The punk boy slumps to the floor, groaning, behind him. Chris walks out with her key to her motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.

(Engine roars)

The man appears at the diner's door with a sawed-off Winchester Model 1887/1901.


He fires into the air and jacks around round in fast, aiming at Chris's back.

Man: I can't let you take the girl's wheels, kid. Now get off or I'll put you down.

Chris turns and considers by coldly. She eases the shifter up into neutral. Rocks the bike onto its kickstand. Swings her leg over and walks calmly toward the guy.

Man: That's it, goddamn it.

She grabs a Winchester Model 1887/1901, the man gasps, Chris walks slowly, the man gulps, Chris grabs the man's shirt pocket.

And slips the sunglasses out of the man's shirt pocket. Put them on. Strides back to the Harley and roars off in a shower of gravel. Chris gets black biker sunglasses, she then puts on a pair of black biker sunglasses, she turns around, she walks down to his gun for a motorcycle, her motorcycle is going.

Chris roars down the freeway, heading for Los Angeles in California. Cold neon flares across the chrome of the big bike. The 10-gauge is jammed through the clutch and brake cables, across the handlebars. The lights flow over Chris's wrap-around sunglasses like the tracks of tracer rounds.

(Later at Street Bridge…)

(Electricity fizzing)

The first street bridge. Rusting chain-link fence and graffiti-covered walls. Police car cruises the empty street. A police officer, by the name of Tony Logan, saw another electrical flashes of lightning. Police Series to the police car, the open door for the police's car, he saw a bright light, Logan got the radio.

Logan: R-31 Logan, Sherman Code the Sixth Street Bridge and Santa Fe on electrical disturbance.

Police Radio: Ten-four, R-31 Logan.

Logan's flashlight, he looked around, he saw…. his gun, he saw vapor dissipating as he approaches the spot where he saw the strange light. He draws his revolver and cautiously moves into the shadows between the rows of pillars, Logan sees the circle's strange light was destroyed.

Billy Nolan, he was alive.

Logan turns around, Billy glides from a shadowed doorway behind the cop.

Logan: Ugh!

Logan fell on the floor.

Nothing special about him. Certainly not built like a terminator. The flash of light and the fact that he is naked are pretty good clues that he just arrived from the future. His features are handsome bordering on severe. His eyes are gray ice. Penetrating. Intelligent. He grabs his policeman's gun.

(Cocks pistol)

Billy comes out in his policeman's clothes, and Billy is the police's clothes and shoes. He looked around, he got into the police's car, closed the door, and he looked at the computer controls.



Billy turns around at nothing.







AGE: 10 DOB: 1/14/14








No sign of Tommy White, Billy is mad, he buttons the computer controls more.









AGE: 10 DOB: 1/14/14









Carrie Snell is found by Billy, Carrie's grandparents new residence.


At the Snell's New Residence, she with her grandparents: Eleanor & Edward Snell, she runs, she grabs the newspaper.

(Engine revving)

Eleanor: Carrie!

Eleanor walked, she looked at the garden door, the motorcycle was fixed, the girl turned to Eleanor.

Eleanor: Carrie, get in there and clean up that pigsty of yours.

(Rock music playing)

Carrie Snell (Abby Ryder Fortson), fixed the motorcycle, and she got up.

Eleanor: CARRIE!

(Revs engine)

Little Carrie: Okay, Grandmother. *turned her head*

Eleanor: Good. Your grandfather and I at our home. You and your friend, okay?

Little Carrie: *nodded yes* I understand. I got it, Grandmother.

Eleanor: Okay, good. I text you on your phone, okay.

Little Carrie: Yes, I got it, Grandmother.

Eleanor smiles as she enters the residence.

Little Carrie with her friend Karly.

Karly: Your grandparents are kind of dicks, huh?

Little Carrie looked down at Karly.

Eleanor smashed the newspaper on the desk.

Eleanor: I swear, I have had it with that our granddaughter. She won't even answer me anymore.

Edward: Honey, move.

Eleanor turned & moved at the T.V.

Eleanor: Would you get off your butt and help me?

Eleanor looked down Edward saw the T.V.

Eleanor: Edward!

Edward: *turned his head* What?

Eleanor: She hasn't cleaned that room of his in a month.

Edward: Well, it's an emergency. Hang on. I'll get right on it. *sighs*

Edward gets up & walks around the door, he push to opens the door, he left the residence, Little Carrie outside for her motorcycle.

(Engine revving outside)

Little Carrie: Come on.

Edward: Carrie!

Karly with Little Carrie on her motorcycle.

Little Carrie: Yeah. What is it?

Edward: C'mon! Get inside. Do what your grandmother tells you.

Little Carrie: *turned her head* I'm sorry, Grandfather.

Edward: Look at me, Carrie.

Little Carrie: What about Aunt Sierra?

Edward: Your Aunt Sierra and her friends on vacation in China.

Little Carrie: And, Mom is coming back?

Edward: Not, yet. Your mother is on vacation.

Little Carrie: Not again.

Little Carrie is a little sad for her mother.

Edward: Okay, sweetheart. Your grandmother and I text you on your phone, okay.

Little Carrie: *nodded yes* Yes. Understand. I love you, Grandfather.

Edward: I love you too, Carrie.

Little Carrie and Karly were going for her motorcycle.

Karly: *laughs*

Little Carrie's motorcycle was going down the street.

(Later, at Borrado, Mexico…)

Sue with the sniper gun, Sue with his friend, by the name of George Dawson (Demetrius Joyette), George has a gun.

George: You okay, Sue?

Sue: I'm fine.

George: Good?

Sue: Yep.

George: *laughs*

Woman: Hey.

They turned to Miss Desjardin.

Desjardin: That's funny.

George: Yeah, I'm funny.

Sue: I was training the sniper.

Girl: George.

George & Desjardin turned to Erika Gogan (Mouna Traoré), George's new wife.

Desjardin: What is it?

Erika: We saw her.

George: Who?

Erika: That's her. She's here.

George, Erika and Desjardin turned to them.

Desjardin: Oh, my god! Sue.

Sue: What? What is it?

George: She's here.

Sue: Who?

Desjardin: It's her.

Sue turned to Miss Desjardin.

Sue: What? What is it?

Desjardin: Look

Boy: Hey, Sue!

He appeared behind Sue.

Sue turned at Hajil, he with Sue, George, Erika & Desjardin.

Hajil: Found this girl in town.

Sue, George, Erika & Desjardin looked at her with them, Sue gasped, she looked at Carrie, she was still alive.

Sue: Oh, my god! Carrie! You're alive!

Hajil: You know her?

Sue: Yeah.

Hajil: She to your friend?

Sue: Yeah, she was my best friend.

Erika: We met her at the Prom.

George: Yeah, too.

Desjardin: Yeah. Before she died.

Hajil: Oh sure. Well, Sue, she was asking about you.

Sue: Carrie, you were dead.

Carrie: Yeah, I'm sorry.

Sue: You, too. What happened? I saw the house tumble down on you after you...forced me out. How did you get out in time?

Carrie: I didn't. It's a long story.

Sue: What do you want, Carrie?

Carrie: I need your help.

Sue: I don't understand?

Carrie: I mean I did-I...I hid in my mother's closet while-I- Look I don't want to talk about it, ok? Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Sue: Carrie...I'm sorry. I am really sorry. I thought having Tommy take you to prom would make up for everything but I was wr-

Carrie: Wait! You...asked him to take me?

Sue: Well yes I...

A slight leaves Carrie. Nodding furiously and pacing over herself back and forth over the realization that she was only pitied yet again, something started to click to her. Knowing that Sue was Tommy's girlfriend, You know who's best friend and all the years she had to suffer cause of her, if it was her who asked Tommy to take her to prom just to fall into that terrible made Carrie glare at Sue with a hostile stare with this demented look in her eyes.

Carrie: So it was you.

This left Sue hopelessly confused as to what she was talking about and Carrie didn't make it any easier for her.

Carrie: Now it all makes sense.

Sue: Carrie I-I don't understand...

Now she was just feeling insulted by who she thought was Sue playing dumb? Carrie could barely hold back the growl in her voice now.

Carrie: No? Then let me fill you in. You had Tommy take me to Prom just to lure me into position for Her and her psychotic boyfriend to dump all that blood on me! You all set me up! And like an idiot, I fell for it! All because I believed Tommy actually cared for me by his own choice!

Sue: Carrie. I swear to God, you got it all wrong. It wasn't my fault...Ok, some of it was my fault but...I didn't asked Tommy to take you to set you up. I only wanted you to have something special for once in your life instead of all the grief we kept giving you. I had no idea Chris was...

Carrie: Don't.

Carrie screeched at the top of her lungs, startling Sue and cracking the ground from beneath them as the effect ripples into the lake bed. Her powers don't extend beyond where she stood but she was worried of almost suffering an anxiety attack from too much stress. She didn't need any mentioning of the woman who ruined her life over and over...and over.

Carrie: Don't...say her name...I've heard enough. I should've kill you along time ago.

Neither Sue or George or Erika attempted to stop her from storming to the house. The sight was just as depressing from a distance then it was up close seeing her sad, depressed, alone, the way she used to wasn't just fair.

Sue: Carrie-

Carrie: Just leave me alone. I hate you.

Erika: Carrie's right.

Desjardin: Don't worry, Sue.

George: Yeah. You talk to her.

Sue: You're right. I need your help?

Carrie: I have reason to believe Tommy's still alive.

Sue, George, Erika & Desjardin were gasping.

Desjardin: Let him go, Hajil. I can handle it.

Hajil: Sure, Rita.

Hajil with them in the house, Hajil turned to them.

Sue: Tommy? Alive? *sobs*

Carrie, George, Erika & Desjardin saw Sue crying.

Desjardin: Is Tommy's still alive?

Carrie: Yes.

Sue: Tommy is alive. Thank god. *crying*

Carrie: I followed Tommy here from the year 2047.

Sue: *turned to Carrie* It's from the future.

Carrie: Yes. I was still frozen, I was still alive in 2047.

George: You were still frozen alive?

Erika: You in 2047.

Desjardin: You in the future.

Carrie: Yeah. After the Prom at Ewen High School, I watched his body get taken to a Secure Facility.

George: Secure Facility?

Erika: I don't get it.

Desjardin: Is he in trouble?

Carrie: Yeah. I believe he's being held there, but I can't get him out by myself…

George: Hey, where are you going?

Sue: I'm going to get a lot of guns.

Carrie, Sue, George, Erika & Desjardin turned at the boys coming.

Tommy White (August Maturo) & Danny Dawson, were running with them.

George: Hey, Danny.

Erika: You talking to Carrie.

Danny: Yeah, I'm talking to her.

Sue: Who's the boy?

Carrie: This is Sue Snell, George & Erika Dawson. Those are my best friends. That's my teacher Miss Rita Desjardin.

Danny: This is my parents.

Little Tommy: Nice meet you guys.

Carrie: Guys, this is Tommy.

Sue: Tommy?

George: Is he alive?

Carrie: No. That's not him. It's Tommy, he was my son.

Sue, George, Erika & Desjardin gasped & shocked.

Erika: Your son?!

George: Are you sure?

Sue: You are the mother.

Carrie: Yes.

Desjardin: I can't believe it.

Sue: He was my godson.

Carrie: That's right.

George: No way.

Erika: Sue is the godmother.

Carrie: I know.

Desjardin: Sure.

Sue turned knelt down and looked down to Little Tommy.

Sue: I can't be. I'm your godmother.

Little Tommy: Nice meet you, Sue.

Sue looked up at Carrie.

Carrie: Don't worry, Sue.

Sue: Yeah. Nice meet you, Tommy.

Desjardin: Sue, Tommy's alive. We need your help--

Sue: *stood up* Not yet, Ms. Desjardin.

George: Why not?" George asked in concern.

Sue: You guys, stay here, good luck. *turned to Carrie* All right, come, Carrie.

Carrie: *turned to Sue* Hey, where are we going?

Sue: We are going to Secure Facility. We found Tommy. Follow me.

Carrie: Yeah, too. Come, Tommy. Bye, good luck.

Little Tommy: Bye.

Desjardin: Bye, be careful.

Erika: Too.

George: Good luck.

Danny: Yep, yeah.

Finally getting to the Secure Facility. Carrie, Sue, & Little Tommy find Tommy's still alive, they save him.

(Later, at the Secure Facility…)

At Salon's office, he sat on the chair, the desk & the window. Salon turned on the secretary camera to video. Salon looked at the boy in the prison room. He sat on the wall.

Tommy is still alive, he looked up at the camera. He stood up & got mad.

Tommy: You can hear me, Salon? Fuck you.

Salon: Poor, Tommy.

Salon was smoking to breathe.

(Later, at the new Snell’s Residence...)

Billy’s arrival, looked, & found at the new Snell’s Residence, he looked at the mirror, he became his liquid meal face to Officer Tony Logan, he got out of the police’s car, he turned to people & walked to the new Snell’s Residence.

(Knock on the door)

Edward grabbed the door, he pushed the door open. He looked at Officer Logan.

Officer Logan: Are you the legal guardian of your granddaughter, Carrie Snell?

Edward: That’s right, Officer. What’s she done now?

Eleanor walks & sees Officer Logan, she turns to Edward.

Officer Logan: Could I speak with her, please?

Edward: You could if she were here. She took off on her bike this morning so she could be anywhere.

Officer Logan: Do you have a photograph of your granddaughter.

Eleanor: Yeah. Hold on. *turned & walked*

Edward turned to Officer Logan. Eleanor got her granddaughter a photograph.

Edward: You gonna tell me what this is about?

Eleanor gave Officer Logan a photograph of Little Carrie.

Officer Logan: I just need to ask her a few questions.

Officer Logan looks down to a photograph of Little Carrie. Eleanor turns to Edward. He looks up at the Snells.

Officer Logan: She’s a good-looking girl. Do you mind if I keep this picture?

Eleanor: No, go on. There was a girl here this morning looking for her, too.

Edward: Yeah, a big girl on a bike. Has that got something to do with us?

Officer Logan: *looks up at Edward & nodded no* No. I wouldn’t worry about her. Thanks for your cooperation. *nodded yes*

Officer Logan is away at the new Snell’s Residence.

(Later, at Federal Security Bank...)

Federal Security Bank a note.



Little Carrie: Please insert your stolen card now.

Little Carrie gave the card to the subnotebook to note.


She buttons the controls to PIN note.


Little Carrie: PIN number.

Little Carrie buttons to arrow down. Pin number to still to subnotebook.

Karly: Hurry up. This is taking too long.

Little Carrie turned to Karly, she looked down at the subnotebook.

Little Carrie: Go, baby. Go, baby.

Little Carrie read a note.


Little Carrie: All right! PIN number 9003.

Karly turns to Little Carrie but controls the PIN number 9003.

Karly: Where’d you learn this stuff from?

Karly walked & looked around.

Little Carrie: From my mom. My real mom, I mean.

Karly turns to Little Carrie.

Little Carrie: Withdraw three-zero-zero bucks.

Little Carrie buttoned the controls still. Karly turns around and she turns to Little Carrie to bank.

Little Carrie: Come on, baby. Come on! Come on!

Little Carrie gave Karly a subnotebook note.

  • FEDERTELLERLittle Carrie pulls open the door for the money.

Little Carrie: Yes!

Karly: Hey, it worked.

Little Carrie takes the money. She turns to Karly.

Little Carrie: All right. Easy money. Come on!

Little Carrie came with Karly. Little Carrie turns around, she & Karly were running to the bike. Little Carrie is a school bag. Karly is a music box.

Karly: Yes! Piece of cake.

Karly clapped hand to Little Carrie. Little Carrie put the money in her hands, Karly put the subnotebook into her school bag, she pulled, she gave the photo, Karly saw the photograph of Sue & Tommy, they were happy.

Karly: Is that her?

Little Carrie: Yes.

Little Carrie takes her parents' photo, she drops it into the school bag, Karly looks down.

Karly: She’s pretty cool, huh?

Little Carrie: No, she’s a complete psycho. That’s why she’s in Mexico for vacation, with Miss Desjardin & her friends, OK?

Little Carrie dropped the money into the school bag.

Karly: Who's that the guy?

Little Carrie: Tommy Ross.

Karly: Tommy Ross.

Little Carrie: He was my father.

Karly: What! Your father! You are...

Little Carrie: Yes. I’m Sue Snell & Tommy Ross’s daughter.

Karly: Your parents were in love?

Little Carrie: Yes.

Karly: Wow. That’s amazing.

Little Carrie: My dad's dead.

Karly: What? How?

Little Carrie: My dad was killed by Chris Hargensen & Billy Nolan.

Karly: No way! When?

Little Carrie: Prom at Ewen High School to 2013. My dad is going on a date with her.

Karly: Who's that?

Little Carrie: Her name is Carrie White.

Karly: Carrie White. That's some name, right?

Little Carrie: Yeah. Don’t worry. She killed them at Ewen High School.

Karly: Oh, my god. How much?

Little Carrie: Chris Hargensen, Billy Nolan, Tina Blake, Nicki & Lizzy Waston, Heather Shyres, Rachel Spies, Anissa Chen, Jessica Upshaw and her friends, all teachers & all students were killed by Carrie White in 2013.

Karly: What about your mother?

Little Carrie: She did not kill my mom, Miss Desjardin, George Dawson & Erika Gogan. They were still alive. Carrie killed her mother, Margaret White at her home. Before she died. She tried to help them.

Karly: Wow. That’s impossible. No shit.

Little Carrie: She's a total loser.

Karly: I’m sorry to hear about your father.

Little Carrie: Yeah, too. Come on. Let's go spend some money.

Little Carrie & Karly on their bike to the street, the alleyway, the Harley motorcycle is wheel to stop. Chris, in her black leather jacket, leather riding pants, fingerless gloves and heavy, clean boots, ponytail affixed with a brown hair tie. She then looks around, but there is no sign of Little Carrie… Chris was going to find Little Carrie.

(Later, at U.S./Mexico Border...)

Sue was sick to her stitch.

Sue: *HUAAAA!* *PTTT* Ugghh. *breathing heavily*

Sue follows Carrie with Little Tommy.

Carrie, Sue and Little Tommy (all): *breathing heavily*

Little Tommy: Mom, I'm hot.

Carrie: I know. *turned to Sue* Sue? Quick question. Are you sick?

Sue: No, I’m okay.

Carrie: Are you feeling?

Sue: Yeah. Carrie, before I was pregnant. When my stomach to your house was destroyed last night. My daughter, Carrie. I was the mother. I know Tommy.

Carrie: Oh my god. Tommy? Tommy is the father?

Sue: I know it must be hard to wrap your head around.

Carrie: She was my goddaughter.

Sue: You are the godmother?

Carrie: Yes. Where is she?

Sue: She's at my parent's new residence.

Little Tommy: She still?

Sue: Yeah, I know.

Carrie: You and your parents moved to Los Angeles?

Sue: That's right.

Carrie: And your sister?

Sue: Sierra and her friends in China on vacation.

Carrie: That freaky, time-traveling… *turned around*

Sue: Where are you going?

Carrie: I’m taking you back. *turned to Sue*

Sue: What?

Little Tommy: How, Mom--

Carrie: Please, Tommy. There’s no way I’m taking you on this mission when you’ve got the leader of the resistance in your belly.

Sue: Carrie?

Sue appeared behind Carrie.

Little Tommy: Mom, look.

Carrie: What?! *turned her head*

Sue gave a gun to Carrie.

Carrie: *gasped* Oh... *turned around*

Sue’s gun to Carrie’s standing and Little Tommy sees the girls.

Sue: I met the love of me… the father of my daughter and 2013 in the past he was dead. Or at least I thought he was. Now I learn he’s still alive and being held prisoner. If you think for a second that there is anything on this Earth that can keep me from finding him NOW, you’re out of your f*$#ing mid. I’d love to have your help, but I’m going either way. The prom at Ewen High School. I with Commissioner Stewart Murphy. The Black Prom Massacre. Most of my friends died that night in 2013. You killed Chris, Billy, Tina, Jackie, Heather, Nicki & Lizzy, and the others. You killed your mother, too. I was pregnant with my daughter, Carrie. Carrie was born in 2014, My nightmare, I saw you with my daughter, I screamed. She was 10 years old. She was a little girl. 2024 here, 10 years later. Get away my daughter. What’s it gonna be, Carrie?

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  • Margaret White - Killed By Carrie White.
  • Officer Tony Logan - Killed by Billy Nolan.

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  • Carrie (2013)

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The following film is rated "T" for excessive violence and strong language throughout....