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Carrie: Supergirl is a 2021 American superhero drama science fiction/romance film the 1984 film "Supergirl" and the 2013 remake film "Carrie". Directed once again by Kimberly Pierce, produced once again by David Heyman and distributed by, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Screen Gems and DC Comics. The film will feature starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Jamie Blackley, Gabriella Wilde, Ansel Elgort, Portia Doubleday, Alex Russell, Emma Roberts, Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson, Erica Durance, Tom Welling, Judy Greer, Barry Shabaka Henley, Demetrius Joyette, Mouna Traoré, Connor Price, Zoë Belkin, Max Topplin, India Eisley, Thomas Mann, Sigourney Weaver, Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek, and the other characters.

Main Cast

  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Kara Zor-El/Carrie White/Supergirl - An alien form Krypton. Zor-El & Alura In-Ze's biological daughter, Margaret & Ralph's adoptive daughter, Caroline, Daniel, Judith, & John's adoptive granddaughter, Superman's cousin, Lois's cousin-in-law, and Jon & Lara's first cousin.
    • Baby Kara Zor-El
    • Skyler Wexler as Little Carrie White
  • Jamie Blackley as David Carmody - Carrie's boyfriend and Tommy & George's best friend.
  • Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell - Tommy's girlfriend, Chris's former friend and Carrie's best friend.
  • Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross - Sue's boyfriend, and Carrie's best friend.
  • Portia Doubleday as Chris Hargensen - Carrie's arch nemesis, Sue's former friend, Tina's friend and Billy's girlfriend.
  • Alex Russell as Billy Nolan - Chris's boyfriend and Jackie & Tina's friend.
  • Emma Roberts as Nasty Luthor - Supergirl's nemesis.
  • Julianne Moore as Margaret White - Judith & John's daughter, Ralph's wife and Carrie's adoptive mother.
  • Liam Neeson as Ralph White - Caroline & Daniel's son, Margaret's husband and Carrie's adoptive father.
  • Tom Welling as Zor-El - Alura In-Ze's husband and Carrie's biological father.
  • Erica Durance as Alura In-Ze - Zor-El's wife and Carrie's biological mother.
  • Judy Greer as Miss Rita Desjardin - The Teacher/Gym of Ewen High School.
  • Barry Shabaka Henley as Henry Morton - The Principal of Ewen High School.
  • Demetrius Joyette as George Dawson - Tommy's friend and David's best friend.
  • Mouna Traoré as Erika Gogan
  • Connor Price as Freddy Holt - Tommy's friend.
  • Zoë Belkin as Tina Blake - Chris's friend, Jackie's girlfriend and Carrie's arch nemesis.
  • Max Topplin as Jackie Talbot - Tina's boyfriend and Chris, Billy, & Kenny's friend.
  • India Eisley as Eve Teschmacher - Nasty's friend.
  • Thomas Mann as James Dean - Nasty's best friend.
  • Sigourney Weaver as Judith Brigham (flashback) - John's wife, Margaret's mother, Ralph's mother-in-law and Carrie's adoptive grandmother.
  • Mel Gibson as John Brigham (flashback) - Judith's husband, Margaret's father, Ralph's father-in-law and Carrie's adoptive grandfather.
  • Nick Nolte as Daniel White (flashback) - Caroline's husband, Ralph's father, Margaret's father-in-law and Carrie's adoptive grandfather.
  • Sissy Spacek as Caroline White (flashback) - Daniel's wife, Ralph's mother, Margaret's mother-in-law and Carrie's adoptive grandmother.
  • Mehcad Brooks as Dev-Em - Zor-El's nemesis and Faora & Nam-Ek's ally.
  • Katie McGrath as Faora - Dev-Em's ally and Zor-El's nemesis.
  • Jeremy Jordan as Nam-Ek - Dev-Em's ally and Zor-El's nemesis.
  • Karissa Strain as Nicki Waston - Lizzy's twin sister, Chris's friend and Carrie's arch nemesis.
  • Katie Strain as Lizzy Waston - Nicki's twin sister, Chris's friend and Carrie's arch nemesis.
  • Samantha Weinstein as Heather Shyres - Chris's friend and Carrie's arch nemesis.
  • Kyle Mac as Kenny Garson - Chris & Billy's friend and Carrie's arch nemesis.
  • Tyler Rushton as Tommy Erbter
  • Philip Nozuka as Ernest Peterson
  • Grant Gustin as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman - Supergirl's cousin, Lois's husband, and Jon & Lara's father.
  • Danielle Panabaker as Lois Lane - Clark's wife, Carrie's cousin-in-law, Jon & Lara's mother.
  • Abby Ryder Fortson as Lara Kent - Clark & Lois's daughter, Jon’s twin sister and Carrie's first cousin.
  • August Maturo as Jon Kent - Clark & Lois's son, Lara’s twin brother and Carrie's first cousin.
  • The Kryptonian Science Councils
  • The Kryptonian Peoples
  • The Mortimer Snerds


In 1980, the planet Krypton, Zor-El & Alura In-Ze. To save Kara Zor-El, his infant daughter, Krypton is destroyed, her spaceship into Phantom Zone. In 1995, Kara was trapped in Phantom Zone, The ship lands near Chamberlain, Maine. Kara is found by Margaret & Ralph White, naming her as Carrie White. In 2013, Carrie's Kryptonian and the superhero "Supergirl".


CARRIE: Supergirl

~The Planet of Krypton~

Year: 1980

Kryptonopolis & Kryptonian peoples, sciences, mens, womens, boys, girls, & childrens.

(Later, in the Phantom Zone…)

Kryptonians were Hologram & AI were the Councils, Kryptonian Council man, by the name of Zor-El (Tom Welling).

Zor-El: This is no fantasy… careless product of wild imagination. No, my good friends. These indictments I have brought you today… ...the specific charges listed herein against the individuals… ...their acts of treason, their ultimate aim of sedition… ...these are matters of undeniable fact. I ask you now to pronounce judgment… ...on those accused. My brother, Jor-El, he and the council with General Zod, Ursa, & Non in the Phantom Zone. On this…. This mindless aberration, whose only means of expression… ...are wanton violence and destruction Nam-Ek. On the woman, Faora… ...whose perversions and unreasoning hatred of all mankind… ...have threatened even the children of the planet Krypton. Finally, Dev-Em. Once trusted by this council… ...charged with maintaining the defense of the planet Krypton itself. Chief architect of this intended revolution… ...and author of this insidious plot to establish a new order amongst us… ...with himself as absolute ruler. You have heard the evidence. The decision of the council will now be heard.

Kryptonian Villains, by the names of Dev-Em (Mehcad Brooks), Faora (Katie McGrath), & Nam-Ek (Jeremy Jordan), Zor-El talking with the Councils, Zor-El’s “S” symbol, Zor-El’s wand, Dev-Em, Faora, & Nam-Ek in The Phantom Zone, Three of them in the two-dimensional space.

The Councils: Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

Dev-Em, Faora, & Nam-Ek saw the Councils, The Councils talking with Zor-El, The Councils were gone, Zor-El saw Dev-Em, Faora, & Nam-Ek.

Dev-Em: The vote must be unanimous, Zor-El. It has therefore now become your decision. You alone will condemn us if you wish… ...and you alone will be held responsible by me.

Dev-Em talking with Zor-El, Faora, & Nam-Ek saw him talking with him, Zor-El’s crystal light wand, Dev-Em, Faora, & Nam-Ek gasped, and Zor-El walk downstairs.

Dev-Em: Join us. You have been known to disagree with the council before. Yours could become an important voice in the new order... ...second only to my own. I offer you a chance for greatness, ZOR-EL! Take it! Join us! You will bow down before me, Zor-El. I swear it. No matter that it takes an eternity, you will bow down before me! Both you... ...and then one day… ...YOUR DAUGHTER!

Dev-Em go mad, Dev-Em, Faora, & Nam-Ek see and gasped, Open black wall, Three criminals see Kryptonopolis, Flat Rhombus-Shaped mirror that moves by spinning, the two-dimensional space on the mirror's surface, which is then flung into deep space.

Dev-Em: NO!

Dev-Em, Faora, & Nam-Ek screaming in the Phantom Zone.

Dev-Em: Let us out of here!

Faora: Help me!

Dev-Em, Faora, & Nam-Ek were still screaming in the Phantom Zone.

Faora: Forgive me!

Dev-Em: I shall return!

Faora: Forgive me!

Dev-Em: I shall return!

Dev-Em & Faora were screaming & Nam-Ek was mad in the Phantom Zone, Closed black wall, The Phantom Zone get away from Kryptonopolis.

(Later, in The Councils…)

Zor-El & Kryptonian Science Councils saw the computer.

[Machinery Humming]

The Krypton man: An unpleasant duty has been masterly performed, Zor-El. They have received the fate they deserved. Isolation in the Phantom Zone... eternal living death.

Zor-El: A chance for life, nonetheless. As opposed to us. It's suicide. No, it's worse. It’s genocide.

Zor-El talking with the Councils, The Councils are Kryptonians.

The Krypton man: Be warned, Zor-El. The council has already evaluated this outlandish theory of yours. Your brother.

Zor-El: My friends, you know me to be neither rash nor impulsive. I am not given to wild, unsupported statements. And I tell you that we must evacuate this planet immediately. My brother, Jor-El, was sent to my nephew, Kal-El.

The Krypton man: Zor-El, you are one of Krypton's Greatest Scientists.

The Krypton another man: Yes, but so is Lirl-Wp.

Kryptonian Council woman, by the name of Lirl-Wp, She walk and talks with Zor-El.

Lirl-Wp: It isn’t that they question your data. The facts are undeniable.

Zor-El saw Lirl-Wp, Lirl-Wp smiled.

Lirl-Wp: It’s your conclusions we find unsupportable.

Zor-El: This planet will explode within 30 days, if not sooner.

The Council saw Zor-El talking with Lirl-Wp.

Lirl-Wp: I tell you, Krypton is simply shifting its orbit.

The Krypton another man: Zor-El, be reasonable.

Zor-El and Lirl-Wp see The Krypton another man.

Zor-El: My friend...I have never been otherwise. This madness is yours.

The Krypton man: This discussion is terminated. The decision of the council is final.

Zor-El and the Krypton another man see The Krypton man, The Krypton man with the Councils, The Councils for Zor-El.

The Krypton man: Any attempt by you to a create a climate of fear and panic among the populace...must be deemed by us an act of insurrection.

Zor-El: You would accuse me of insurrection? Has it now become a crime to cherish life?

The Krypton man: You would be banished to endless the Phantom Zone...the eternal void...which you yourself discovered. Will you abide by the council’s decision?

Zor-El: I will remain silent. Neither I, nor my wife will leave Krypton.

The Krypton man got a small smile, The Krypton another man got mad & The Councils got mad.

[Machinery Humming]

The computer was gone, The Council got away, Zor-El got mad, Zor-El had failed the Councils.

(Later, in Zor-El & Alura In-Ze Home…)

[Machinery Hums]

Kryptonian Zor-El’s wife and daughter Alura In-Ze (Erica Durance) & Kara Zor-El. Alura hugged Kara was the baby.

Baby Kara: *cries*

Alura & Kara walking to Zor-El’s Science Room, Zor-El was working on the computer, and Zor-El grabbed and noticed, Zor-El saw Alura with Kara coming.

Alura: Have you finished?

Zor-El: Nearly.

Zor-El walk with his wife & daughter.

Zor-El: It’s the only answer, Alura. If she remains here with us she will die as surely as we will.

Alura: But why Earth, Zor-El? Jor-El & Lara. What about Kal. They’re primitives thousands of years behind us. The Council gets mad at you.

Zor-El: She will need that advantage to survive. Jor-El was sent to our nephew, Kal. Kara was sent to the Phantom Zone or Earth. Their atmosphere will sustain her. I have failed the Councils.

The baby Kara saw her father, Zor-El smiled, Zor-El, Alura, & Kara walk with her spaceship.

Alura: She will defy their gravity.

Zor-El: She will look like one of them.

Alura: She won't be one of them.

Zor-El: No. Her dense molecular structure will make him strong.

Alura: She’ll be odd. Different.

Zor-El: She'll be fast. Virtually invulnerable.

Alura: Isolated, alone.

Zor-El: *sighs* He will not be alone. He will never be alone. I finished Noticed.

He noticed her pod like ship, Noticed to The ship: Kara Zor-El & mission: Protect this infant alien, while keeping her true origin secret.

(Later, in The Councils…)

The Kryptonian soldier: The energy input to Zor-El & his brother Jor-El's now in excess. Our data indicates the loss is due to a misuse of energy.” 

The Krypton man: Investigate.

The Krypton another man: And if the investigation proves correct?

The Krypton man: He knew the penalty he faced. Even as a member of this council. The law will be upheld. Call your troops, NOW!

The Kryptonian soldier: Yes sir.

(Zor-El & Alura In-Ze Home 10 minutes later…)

The little baby Kara’s a red blanket with red trim, Zor-El fixed Kara’s spaceship, Alura cries, kisses, and goodbye to Kara, Alura gave Zor-El to Kara, Zor-El kisses and goodbye to Kara, Zor-El brings Kara to into the spaceship.

Zor-El: You will travel far, my little Kara. But we will never leave you... ...even in the face of our deaths. You miss me, your mother, your uncle Jor-El & aunt Lara, your cousin Kal-El. The richness of our lives, it will be yours. All that I have, all that I've learned, everything I feel… ...all this and more... ...I bequeath you, my daughter. You will carry me inside you all the days of your life. You will make my strength your own, see my life through your eyes... your life will be seen through mine. The daughter becomes the father, and the father the daughter. This is all I... All I can send you… ...Kara.

The baby Kara with her parents Zor-El & Alura, The baby Kara talking with her father Zor-El, The baby Kara goodbye to her parents Zor-El & Alura, Zor-El hugged Alura are sad.

The Kryptonian soldier troops going to Zor-El & Alura’s home.

(Zor-El & Alura In-Ze home 5 minutes later…)

The baby Kara to the spaceship.


Alura: What is it?

Zor-El and Alura see The Kryptonian soldier troops coming to the viewscreen.

Zor-El: The Troops. The Councils. They are coming.

Alura: Oh my god! Zor-El, hurry.

Zor-El: Calm down, Alura.

Zor-El with Alura in The baby Kara to the ship.


Zor-El walks into the computer.


Zor-El and Alura see The Krypton is coming and get exploding, Krypton gets an earthquake, Zor-El to the computer, Alura is standing, Zor-El yellows buttons, The Kryptonian soldier troops see Krypton is coming and get exploding, Zor-El walks with Alura.


Kara’s spaceship was up here, Zor-El and Alura were gasped, they saw the home get destroyed by Krypton’s exploding, The Councils grasped for Krypton’s exploding, Kryptonian peoples grasped for Krypton’s exploding.


Kryptonopolis was falling to crashing, The Kryptonian soldier troops screaming as the city was falling, the earthquake to Kryptonopolis.


Zor-El yellow button to Kara’s spaceship.


Zor-El easy walk with Alura.


Kara in the spaceship, preparing to be rocketed away from the dying Planet Krypton. Kara's spaceship was faster. Zor-El and Alura look in the sky at Kara’s spaceship.

Alura: Kara.

Zor-El: Farewell my daughter.

Zor-El and Alura cry for Kara, Kara to say goodbye to her parents, Zor-El and Alura In-Ze see Krypton explode.


The Councils screaming for Krypton to explode, The Councils see all crashing, he saw, The Krypton man being killed and the wall broken.


The Krypton another man, he saw & screaming, The Krypton another man being killed and the wall broken.


Karas’s spaceship had escaped for The Planet Krypton, Kryptonians people were screaming, Kryptonians people are running, Kryptonopolis was destroyed & crashed, The Krypton man see crash to fall, The Krypton another man screaming, Kryptonopolis exploded, Kryptonians people are still running, Kryptonopolis is still crashing, Kryptonians people fall to their deaths, Zor-El and Alura see Krypton’s explode.

Alura: I love you Zor-El.

Zor-El: I love you too Alura.

Zor-El kisses Alura, Zor-El and Alura get killed from Krypton’s explosion, and the explosion destroys the Planet Krypton.


The Planet Krypton was destroyed, Farewell Krypton.

(Later, in the Galaxy…)

All Galaxys and All Stars.


The baby Kara in cockpit, she saw her cousin the baby, by the name of Kal-El, he in his spaceship, Kara & Kal-El’s spaceships, Kara & Kal-El’s spaceships to the Phantom Zone, Kryptonian Villains, by the name of General Zod, Ursa, & Non, they saw Kara & Kal-El’s spaceships, Zod, Ursa, & Non were screaming & mad at Kara & Kal-El’s spaceships to get away.



Kara & Kal-El’s spaceships was still faster, Kara & Kal-El’s spaceships to the Phantom Zone, Dev-Em, Faora, & Nam-Ek saw Kara & Kal-El’s spaceships, Dev-Em, Faora, & Nam-Ek were screaming & mad at Kara & Kal-El’s spaceships to get away.



Kara & Kal-El’s spaceships are still faster, Kara’s spaceship into the Phantom Zone, Kal-El’s spaceship going to the Earth, Karas’s spaceship was knocked off-course by a shockwave and sent into the Phantom Zone, a region where time does not pass. Kara was awake for at least part of this time, as she remembered feeling trapped and alone inside her spaceship.

Zor-El [Over Computer]: --which einstein called... ...his theory of relativity. Embedded in the computer before you is the total accumulation of all literature... ...and scientific fact from dozens of other worlds... ...spanning the 28 known galaxies. Early Chinese writings point out the complex relationships... By carrying this complex equation to its ultimate power, my daughter… Chief among these powers will be your sight... ...your strength, your hearing... ...your ability to propel yourself at almost limitless speed. The early history of our universe was a bloody mosaic of interplanetary war. Each of the six galaxies which you will pass through... ...contain their own individual law, space and time. It is forbidden for you to interfere with human history.

Zor-El’s voice talking with his daughter Kara, Kara’s spaceship continued to still faster, Kara slept in the Phantom Zone for 15 years until her spaceship reactivated, her spaceship then left the Phantom Zone, Kara’s spaceship going to the Planet Earth, Kara’s spaceship going to the place: Chamberlain, Maine, Kara’s spaceship finally landed on Earth in year 1995.

~Chamberlain, Maine, USA, Earth~

(Just under 15 years later…)

Date: Thursday 21st September 1995

Time: 10:00pm

On her way home from the hospital, Margaret & Ralph White (Julianne Moore & Liam Neeson) were driving home in Ralph’s pickup truck as normal, but inside, they were sad as ever, they’d been through a tough life recently. They had recently learned that Margaret was infertile, & could never had children naturally. She had only just been released from hospital, and it felt like the whole world around them was against them. Nearly everyone she knew had started having their own families, & it all felt like that God had taken Margaret & Ralph’s family from her, what had she ever done to deserve it all. After Margaret & Ralph had got married years ago, they had tried for a baby for so long, it was hard enough that nothing was working, but to learn of Margaret’s infertility, was the final nail on the coffin of their happy future life… or so they thought…

As they were driving along further, she then noticed, in the starry sky above her, that one star seemed to get bigger and bigger, like it was getting closer and closer, to Maragret’s surprise, it was getting closer, right to her location…

Ralph suddenly slammed his foot on the brakes, stopping the car just in time, just as the star, which was more like a meteor or a comet, crashed into the road in front of her, before crashing into the woods at the side of the road, leaving a long burning earth trail behind from the impact. Margaret & Ralph were breathing heavily with fright, having narrowly escaping the surprise impact, before slowly calming down and catching their breath back.

Margaret: *gasping* What in God’s name was that?!

Margaret while still catching her breath.

Ralph: I have no idea, Maggie… 

Ralph while catching his breath back aswell.

Margaret built up the courage to get out the truck, and go out and investigate the crash site, while using a torch to light her way down the trail to the crash site.

Ralph: Margaret, What are you doing? Where are you going?

Ralph called with worry, as he got out of the truck aswell, while grabbing a torch also…

Margaret & Ralph walked cautiously down the slightly burning impacted trail, being careful that there no wild animals were going to attack them, but was very unlikely to happen, from the impact of the unknown object that fell from the sky, until they finally found & saw what fell from the sky, as they gave a slight gasp each… it was a ship, a pod like comet shaped ship. Margaret & Ralph knew judging by its shape, design & features, it was surely not of earthly design. Margaret & Ralph may have come from families of very unusual & supernatural beliefs, but she had other beliefs outside of them. Ralph had beliefs about life on other planets & in other Galaxies, he was determined to find evidence, but in these moments, it looked like it was best to keep this discovery a secret… As Margaret got so close to touching the metal hull of the spaceship, some steam burst out of a gap in the hull, before opening up, with lots more steam and gas coming out, causing Margaret & Ralph to cough a bit. When the steam and gas cleared, Margaret & Ralph was able to see, as she & her husband gasped in shock, to see what was inside the ship.

It was a little sleeping baby Kara, a baby girl, who was wrapped in a red blanket with red trim. Margaret cautiously but slowly got closer to the baby Kara, knowing she was surely something alien, but see looked so human, not sure of what could happen.

Ralph: Margaret, be careful, we have no idea who’s baby this is, or even what kind of baby that is…

Margaret: Ralph, keep your voice down, we don’t want to wake her & upset her…

Margaret whispered cautiously told her husband to lower his voice.

Margaret slowly, and gently got the infant girl out of the ship,and held her close to her chest, not taking her eyes off her for one micro-second. Margaret gave a big smile, seeing how beautiful the infant girl was, despite her being not of earthly origin. As Margaret & Ralph looked at her, a tear fell from Margaret’s eye, before falling on the little baby Kara’s head, causing her to slowly wake up, opening her eyes, which gave a slight glow of red light, before turning baby, as she gurgled, before looking at Margaret & Ralph in curiosity. The baby Kara than gave a loving smile before gurgled and laughing sweetly at Margaret & Ralph, as Margaret then began giving her a gentle rocking, as she & Ralph then noticed an odd name like word from inside the ship: Kara Zor-El. Margaret & Ralph weren’t sure whether that was the baby Kara’s name, or where the baby Kara had come from, but they knew if anyone saw or found that word, or found out about this new infant they had found was alien, she’d be treated as an outcast, or rejected but nearly all of humanity… Margaret & Ralph knew now she didn’t just have a new ‘daughter’, they had a lifelong mission: Protect this infant alien, while keeping her true origin a secret…

Margaret: Don’t worry, we’ll protect you, little Kara… 

Margaret gently whispered, before gently kissing her new infant daughter on her forehead…

Ralph: Well, for a start, we’re gonna need to give her a different name, a more earth bound name for that matter…

Ralph said in concern & wonder of what to name their new alien daughter…

Margaret: I know, how about: Carrietta? Carrietta Naomi White for her full name?

Ralph: I like it, we can even nickname her: Carrie. 

Ralph smiled, as he let baby Kara/Carrie grab one of his fingers, before nearly breaking it accidently with her grip…

Deleted Scene(s)

Coming Soon...

Post-Credits Scene

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  • Carrie White/Supergirl
  • David Carmody
  • Sue Snell
  • Tommy Ross
  • George Dawson
  • Erika Gogan
  • Margaret White
  • Ralph White
  • Rita Desjardin
  • Henry Morton
  • The Students of Ewen High School
  • The Teachers of Ewen High School


  • Zor-El - Krypton get explosion & destroyed
  • Alura In-Ze - Krypton get explosion & destroyed
  • Kryptonian Science Council - Krypton get explosion & destroyed
  • Kryptonian Peoples - Krypton get explosion & destroyed

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