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Carrie: Spawn is a 2021 American superhero film the 1997 film "Spawn" and the 2013 remake film "Carrie". Into the "Carrie" franchise as well as "Spawn" franchise as to the crossover film. Directed by Kimberly Pierce, produced by Kevin Misher, David Heyman & Clint Goldman and distributed by, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Screen Gems, and Image Comics. The film will feature starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Jai White, Gabriella Wilde, Ansel Elgort, Portia Doubleday, Alex Russell, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, Abby Ryder Fortson, Judy Greer, Nicol Williamson, Miko Hughes, Demetrius Joyette, Mouna Traoré, D.B. Sweeney, Theresa Randle, Becky G, John Leguizamo, Frank Welker, Laura Stepp, Julianne Moore, Zoë Belkin, Max Topplin, Barry Shabaka Henley, Connor Price, and more characters.


After Carrie White Massacred her prom, her school, & her Tormentors, before dying herself, she finds herself back from the dead, in her now abandoned hometown. How did she return from dead? How long has it been since everything that happened? Find out...

Main Cast

  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrietta "Carrie" White/Spawn - The once shy telekinetic teenager become Spawn, Maragret & Ralph's daughter and Sue & Tommy's best friend.
  • Michael Jai White as Albert Francis "Al" Simmons/Spawn - Carrie, Cog & Zack's ally.
  • Gabriella Wilde as Susan "Sue" Snell - Carrie's best friend, Tommy's girlfriend and Little Carrie's mother.
  • Ansel Elgort as Thomas "Tommy" Ross - Carrie's best friend, Sue's boyfriend and Little Carrie's father.
  • Portia Doubleday as Christine "Chris" Hargensen - Carrie's arch-nemesis, Sue's former friend and Billy's girlfriend.
  • Alex Russell as William "Billy" Nolan/Hellspawn of Cyborg - Chris's boyfriend.
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Little Isabelle "Carrie" Snell - Sue & Tommy's daughter.
  • Abby Ryder Fortson as Young Sadie Cochran - Carrie's great-grandmother.
  • Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin - Carrie's gym/teacher.
  • Nicol Williamson as Cog - Al's ally.
  • Miko Hughes as Zack - Al's ally.
  • Demetrius Joyette as George Dawson - Tommy's best friend.
  • Mouna Traoré as Erika Gogan - George's girlfriend.
  • D.B. Sweeney as CIA Agent Terry Fitzgerald - Al's best friend, Wanda's husband and Cyan's father.
  • Theresa Randle as Wanda Blake - Terry's wife and Cyan's mother.
  • Becky G as Cyan Fitzgerald - Terry & Wanda's daughter and Al's ally.
  • John Leguizamo as Violator - Spawn's archenemy.
  • Frank Welker as The voice of Malebolgia - Spawn's enemies.
  • Laura Stepp as Angela
  • Cynthia Price as Detective Eleanor Snell - Gordon's wife, Sue & Sierra's mother and Carrie's grandmother.
  • TBA as Detective Gordon Snell - Eleanor's husband, Sue & Sierra's father and Carrie's grandfather.
  • AnnaSophia Robb as Sierra Snell - Eleanor & Gordon's daughter, Sue's young sister and Carrie's aunt.
  • TBA as Detective Sam Burke - Twitch's partner.
  • TBA as Detective Twitch Williams - Sam's partner.
  • Hart Bochner as John Hargensen - Ruth's husband and Chris's father.
  • TBA as Ruth Hargensen - John's wife and Chris's father.
  • Julianne Moore as Margaret White (flashback/ghost) - Carrie's mother.
  • Zoë Belkin as Tina Blake (flashback) - Chris's best friend, Jackie's girlfriend and Carrie's arch-nemesis.
  • Max Topplin as Jackie Talbot (flashback) - Tina's boyfriend and Billy's friend.
  • Barry Shabaka Henley as Henry Morton (flashback) - The principal of Ewen High School
  • Karissa and Katie Strain as Nicki and Lizzy Waston (flashback) - Twin sisters, Chris's friend and Carrie's arch-nemesis.
  • Samantha Weinstein as Heather Shyres (flashback) - Chris's friend and Carrie's arch-nemesis.
  • Kyle Mac as Kenny Garson (flashback) - Billy's friend and Carrie's arch-nemesis.
  • Connor Price as Freddy Holt (flashback) - Tommy's friend.
  • Jefferson Brown as Mr. Ulmann (flashback) - Carrie's teacher.
  • The Mortimer Snerds (flashback) - Carrie's arch-nemesis.


(Title sequence: Carrie: Spawn)



~Chamberlain, Maine, USA~

Necro Units: 9:9:9:9

It was a dark, heavily raining night over the abandoned town of Chamberlain, Maine, illuminated by bright flashes of lightning in the sky, accompanied by loud rumbles of thunder, causing small parts of the abandoned building to crumble... The town been abandoned for some time, ever since the Black Prom Massacre in 2013…

*Flashback to Saturday night, June 22, 2013*

Around just after 10pm that night, the local high school: Thomas Ewen High School, was engulphed in flames, during Prom night for the senior students. Several students & teachers were killed, not just from being burned by the fires, some were electrocuted, some were trampled to death trying to escape, some were even found sliced in half by the bleachers… the cause of the disaster was never truly uncovered by the local authorities at first… but for some of those who survived, the true cause, was one of the very students at the school… A student that everyone treated like trash: Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz).

Born Carrietta Nicole White, in 1995, to Margaret Brigham White (Julianne Moore), & the late Ralph White (Liam Neeson), Carrie was abused, and treated like a spawn of the devil, by her religiously unstable and fanatical mother, who nearly killed her, just as she'd been born, who even home schooled her, never letting her into the outside world, believing everything to be sinful… even going as far as locking Carrie in the 'Prayer Closet', as punishment, for just trying to be normal and trying to fit in with the outside world…

Once the state declared that Carrie could no longer be homeschooled, she was sent to Ewen High School, where life from 6th grade was Hell to her… she was bullied for her beliefs, by nearly every student & teacher, especially by a group in her class: The Mortimer Snerds, led by Christine Hargensen (Portia Doubleday), who committed all sorts of sadistic and cruel actions towards Carrie. When Carrie had her first Menstrual Period, during gym class, Chris and the ultras continued bullying, and throwing tampons at Carrie she believed she was bleeding to death, while crying for help, while Chris sadistically recorded the whole incident, and would later post the video on YouTube. One of the Ultras though: Susan Dee Snell (Gabriella Wilde), had come to her senses, realizing what she had done and been part of, she knew it was all wrong. Sue attempted to make amends towards Carrie, as well as try to redeem herself, by asking her boyfriend: Thomas Everett Ross (Ansel Elgort), to take Carrie to the upcoming Senior Prom night, instead of Sue herself… Tommy was reluctant at first, as well as Carrie, but both eventually complied… Chris however, had been banned from prom, as she was found out to have posted Carrie's period incident video, by the school gym teacher: Rita Lauren Desjardin (Judy Greer), Chris even tried to get her lawyer & father: John Hargensen (Hart Bochner), to turn the tide, but as Chris wouldn't show evidence, he had no choice to go against his own selfish daughter… Chris then sought revenge…

After killing some pigs at the local farm, and stealing their blood, Chris, alongside her sort-of boyfriend: William 'Billy' Nolan (Alex Russell), and his gang friends, Jackie Talbot (Max Topplin) & Kenny Garson (Kyle Mac), they set up a prank for Carrie…

As Prom night commenced, everyone had the time of their lives, the students and teachers were all having the time of their lives, even Carrie & Tommy, who danced, and even won as King & Queen of the Prom… but after receiving a text from Chris, about her prank, Sue quickly rushed to the school, in an attempt to warn Carrie & Tommy, and prevent the prank, only for Miss Desjardin, to push Sue out of the hall, believing she was up to something…

As Carrie & Tommy were crowned on the stage, Chris & Billy pulled the bucket of cold pigs' blood, as the blood fell, and splattered all over Carrie… After their sadistic success, Chris's best friend: Christina Blake (Zoë Belkin), replayed the video, causing the whole hall to laugh at Carrie… but those choices and actions, along with Chris and Billy accidently killing Tommy in the process of their prank, was the final nail on all their coffins…

Carrie unleashed her secret powers, through a shockwave or rage, blasting everyone across the hall, killing Chris & Sue's friend: Heather Shyres (Samantha Weinstein), via smashing her into the fire escape doors, face first… Carrie then continued to pick off every single student and teacher who wronged her, one by one, even those who hadn't really done anything wrong to her, including Freddy Holt (Connor Price), who recorded Carrie, just before she fatally smashed a table into him, before setting off the fire sprinklers, almost flooding the hall floors… as several tried to escape to the fire exits, that Carrie had closed and locked with her powers, The Watson Twins: Nicole & Elizabeth (Karissa and Katie Strain), tried to get to the doors, only for Carrie to use her powers to push them over to the floor, allowing everyone else to trample the twins to death, in a desperate plea to escape…

After Carrie picked off more of her former tormentors, Carrie broke some of the stage lighting cables, causing sparks from the cables to trigger a fire, which quickly spread throughout the hall. Carrie then noticed Tina being recused by Mr. Ullman (Jefferson Brown), another teacher, who tormented her, under Tina's influence… in their attempt to escape, Carrie used her powers to throw the burning moon prop at them, separating them, before Carrie began whipping her Tina with the electric cables, until she stood in some burning furniture, as Tina caught fire, and burned to death, as Rita Desjardin, Tommy's best friend: George Dawson (Demetrius Joyette), & his girlfriend: Erika Gogan (Mouna Traoré), all watched in horror from the sight…

As Rita turned to Carrie, Carrie used her powers, grabbing her gym teacher by the throat in a vice like grip, before lifting her up into the air… Rita was sure Carrie was going to kill her too, before Carrie threw the cables onto the flooded floor, electrocuting several students and teachers in the process, including Ullman… But just as Rita thought Carrie was going to drop her and let her be electrocuted as well, Carrie flung her onto the stage, next to Tommy's body, before Carrie levitated and floated out of the burning school, as Rita watched in disbelief…

*Flashback ends*

Outside the wreckage of the school, as the rain continued to heavily pour down, the thunder clapping lightning illuminated everything, including an unknown figure… a figure in a Crimson Red hooded cloak, with a massive hellish looking collar, which looked as if it was dribbling with Blood, standing amongst the wreckage of the school… Inside the figure's hood, there was nothing but darkness, as the sound of heavy breathing could be heard from within the figure's hood…

*Flashback to 2013 again*

As Carrie landed outside the school, as it was quickly engulfed by the fires she caused, Carrie then heard the rumble of a car she recognized, as she saw Chris & Billy attempting to drive away and escape from what they had made Carrie do… As Chris & Billy managed to avoid the quickly rushing police cars, after arguing and agreeing to leave town and never look back, they began driving off, until Carrie used her powers again, as she caused the road to crack & collapse in front of them, as they nearly fell in… as they turned around back the way they came, they saw Carrie standing in the road before them… Chris influenced Billy to run Carrie over, which he complied, but before they were about to hit her, Carrie's powers blocked them, crashing straight into her powers, killing Billy in the process, banging his nose fatally on the steering wheel…

After coming round, and finding Billy dead, as well as Carrie still alive, Chris attempted to escape, only for Carrie to lock her inside the car, before attempting to strangle her with the seat belt… Chris managed to get free, before trying to finish Carrie herself, attempting to run her over again, only for Carrie to lift the car off the road, and throw it into Teddy's Gas Station behind her, as Chris's head went face first into the windscreen, getting stuck in the process… As Carrie walked over to her, Chris tried to beg for help from Carrie, but was too injured, as her face was pierced from the glass of the windscreen, and bleeding to death, until she stopped functioning… But despite seeing her arch nemesis die before her, Carrie just walked away, before she caused a nearby power cable to break, and crash down on to the leaking Car, before the car, and the gas station exploded into flames, as Carrie walked away…

*Flashback ends*

Outside the wreckage of the gas station, the cloaked figure stood among the remains, the darkness of the figure's hood, was now lit up, by the bright burning glow of 2 aggressive Necro green eyes, which then turned to sadness, as a strong wave of guilt washed over the figure, as the flashbacks kept returning to her mind… as the figure then walked off, in the same direction that Carrie walked off…

(Later on...)

The figure arrived at the street where the White's residence once stood, standing amongst the abandoned wreckages of houses alongside…

*Flashback to 2013 once again*

Carrie returned home, grieving in both her humiliation of being crowned with pigs' blood, as well as the death and destruction to all her former tormentors and hometown that she had caused, as she entered her home, crying for her mother… but her mother was nowhere to be seen or found, all that Carrie could have known of her presence, was the prayer closet door, which Carrie had locked her mother into, only find the door had been ripped open…

Carrie then got out of her blood drenched prom dress, before she took a bath and washed herself clean, while continuing to grieve for everything she had gone through and caused, before dressing her nightdress, and going to her mother, only for Margaret to attack her with a kitchen knife, intent on killing her, believing she was consumed by the devil, from discovering her powers before prom… Margaret managed to stab Carrie in the back, before slashing her right leg and left arm, but before she could deliver a fatal stab to her daughter's head, Carrie retaliated in self-defense, lifting her mother, and pointing every knife at her with her powers, but after a final cry from her mother, Carrie threw the knifes into her mother, fatally impaling her against the prayer closet, in a crucifixion like stance… Carrie managed to free her mother from her stance, only for Margaret to quickly die in her grieving daughter's arms… But as Carrie cried for her mother's death, Sue showed up, offering to help the emotionally drained girl, even apologizing to her for all that happened, Carrie then grabbed Sue by the throat in a vice like grip with her powers, Intent on strangling her to death as well, but at the same time, Carrie managed to read through Sue's mind… the result was a shock to Carrie, as she discovered the truth Sue had nothing to do with what Chris had done, even trying to prevent everything… Carrie then let Sue go, before grieving for her mother again, as stones began raining down on the house, destroying it, piece by piece… Sue tried to help and save Carrie, trying to get her to come with her, but the rocks and the house were coming down too fast… Carrie, in a final act of kindness to Sue, used her powers one last time, sending Sue safely out of the house, as she watched in sadness and failure, as the ground swallowed the White's residence, burying Carrie and deceased mother…

The figure: Sue… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry… *cried*

The figure cried in sadness & guilt, in a very familiar voice…

The figure then noticed her reflection in a large puddle from the rain on the road. She then pulled down the hood of her cloak, revealing she was wearing some kind of living or symbiotic black mask, with strange white markings around her glowing necro green eyes, she also had long and messy Blood red hair, which was also dripping and drizzling like blood, matching her hood and cloak… her mask then retracted from over her face… what she saw in her reflection… Was that she was: CARRIE WHITE

Carrie gasped into heavy breathing of shock, at the sight of her new reflection… Carrie's reflection revealed mostly how she looked when she was alive… only her skin was dead pale and cold, while dripping with blood… very much looking like how she looked after her humiliation that night… as the laughs of that tragic night echoed through her mind… Carrie then slammed her spiked fists into the puddle in a mixture of anger and regret, before crying and sobbing more…

The voice: *chuckled* Aww, don't cry… You got revenge on all of those who hurt you, didn't you…?"

A voice in sinister tone, as a short 3 ft tall, fat dwarf of a clown appeared, as Carrie looked up to see…

The clown had blue make up on his bold face, with Black outline in the shape of an M, he also had glowing red eyes. The Clown wore a mostly homeless looking attire of clothes, mainly a navy-blue jacket, with torn sleeves and rusty spiked shoulders, a black and white striped shirt, that exposed his stomach, filthy brownish green trousers that weren't zipped up, and brown boots…

Carrie: Who are you? & Why do you care about what I did?! *growled*

Carrie growled at the clown, thinking on how he knew about what she caused, all that time ago…

The Clown: *chuckled* Oh, I'm just someone… Someone who knows every bad thing, that people do, before they become like you, Spawn.

Carrie: Spawn?

On why he was calling Spawn, and not Carrie…

The Clown: Yep, that's Spawn, as in 'Hellspawn'. You best get used to it, because your former self, Carrie White… is Dead…

Carrie: You're lying! If I'm not Carrie White, then why do I have her memories?! Why do I even look like her?!

Carrie lashed out, grabbing the clown by his jacket.

Before Carrie do anything else, the Clown pushed her off with such force, as Carrie landed on her back, before watching the clown gruesomely transform into a more demonic looking being, as his skin tore & ripped open, before Carrie knew it, the Clown, was a monstrous demon, with grey demonic skin, covered in spikes, with one massive horn on his head, and two more on the sides of his face, with a much more muscular build, larger and more aggressive red eyes, and sharp teeth and fangs…

Carrie: *gasped* What are you?!

Violator (John Leguizamo): I am more than just that crappy Clown, I am Greater, I am Superior, I AM THE VIOLATOR!

As Carrie got back up, prepping to fight…

(More coming soon...)


  • Carrie White/Spawn
  • Al Simmons/Spawn
  • Sue Snell
  • Tommy Ross
  • Little Carrie White
  • Cog
  • Zack
  • Cyan Fitzgerald


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It will was the distributed by, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Screen Gems, and Image Comics.


  • Carrie (2013)