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Carrie: Power Rangers is a 2021 superhero, live action, adventure, drama, comedy and science fantasy movie and is that based around the 2017 "Power Rangers" film & the 2013 remake "Carrie" film to Crossover. To be included into both Power Rangers and Carrie franchises. It's based on the same superhero team from the same name from the 90's TV series "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and features a few of the same actors from the original show. Directed by Kimberly Peirce and Dean Israelite, produced by Haim Saban and Kevin Misher and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Screen Gems, Lionsgate and Saban Films. The characters Power Rangers created by Haim Saban & Shuki Levy and Carrie created by Stephen King.

This film features starring Ansel Elgort, Chloë Grace Moretz, Gabriella Wilde, Demetrius Joyette, Connor Price, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Elizabeth Banks, Portia Doubleday, Alex Russell, Judy Greer, Barry Shabaka Henley, Zoë Belkin, Max Topplin, Mouna Traoré, Julianne Moore, Cynthia Preston, Steve Cardenas, Bridgit Mendler, Catherine Sutherland, Austin St. John, August Maturo, Karan Ashley, Walter Emanuel Jones, David Yost, Karissa & Katie Strain, and many more characters.

Main Cast

Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross/Red Ranger

Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White/Pink Ranger

Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell/Yellow Ranger

Demetrius Joyette as George Dawson/Blue Ranger

Connor Price as Freddy Holt/Black Ranger

Bryan Cranston as Zordon/Red Ranger

Bill Hader as Alpha 5

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa/Green Ranger

Portia Doubleday as Chris Hargensen

Alex Russell as Billy Nolan

Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin

Barry Shabaka Henley as Principal Henry Morton

Mouna Traoré as Erika Gogan

Zoë Belkin as Tina Blake

Max Topplin as Jackie Talbot

Julianne Moore as Margaret White

Cynthia Preston as Eleanor Snell

Steve Cardenas as Detective Edward Snell

Bridgit Mendler as Sierra Snell

Catherine Sutherland as Penelope Ross

Austin St. John as Jason Ross

August Maturo as Matt Ross

Karan Ashley as Mary Emily Dawson

Walter Emanuel Jones as Wally Dawson

David Yost as Daniel Holt

Karissa and Katie Strain as Nicki and Lizzy Waston

Samantha Weinstein as Heather Shyres

Kyle Mac as Kenny Garson

Natalie Dale as Rachel Spies

Annie Chen as Anissa Chen

TBA as Jessica Upshaw

Jefferson Brown as Mr. Ulmann

Tyler Rushton as Tommy Erbter

Philip Nozuka as Ernest Peterson

Hart Bochner as John Hargensen

Jason David Frank as himself

Amy Jo Johnson as himself

TBA as Sheriff Otis Doyle

The Mortimer Snerds

TBA as Goldar

The Putties

(More coming soon...)


A group Five of Ewen High School Students acquire superpowers after they discover an Alien Space Ship, Zordon and Alpha 5. They soon learn about its origin and use their abilities for good. Five of Superhero call the Power Rangers.


~Planet Earth: Cenozoic Era~

65 Millions of years ago, the Cenozoic Period was attacked, the Power Rangers are tasked with protecting life on Earth and the Zeo Crystal, volcano, mountain.

Zordon: *breathing heavily*

The helmet's mirror, The Red Ranger was himself Zordon (Bryan Cranston), Red Ranger was damaged.

Zordon: *grunts*

[Spaceship approaching]

Spaceship got down & bomb exploded.


Red Ranger was fell.

Zordon: *Groans & Grunting*

Zordon was climbing & fasting, he saw her right hand is The Yellow Ranger. She gave him, Original Yellow Ranger was Power Down to an alien woman, she was naked.

Yellow Ranger: *gasping*

Zordon: *speaking alien language* I'm sorry... I'm sorry…

Yellow Ranger: *gasping*

Yellow Ranger was dead.

Zordon: *speaking alien language* Alpha, I'm the last one left. We must stop her. Send the meteor to my coordinates.

Red Ranger was Power Down to an alien man Zordon, he was naked.

Zordon: *speaking alien language* Seek only those who are worthy. Find only those who are strong.

Zordon holds five of the Power Coins, Zordon pulls Color Power Coins Red, Pink, Yellow, Black, & Blue. Power Coins is down, Power Coins is the meteor,

Rita: *laughing*

Zordon was looking up at her, The Green Ranger was himself Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), her plan was to create Goldar, Rita's wand, Rita betrays them and plans to dominate the universe, Zordon survives Rita's attack and hides five of the Power Coins.

Zordon and Green Ranger (both): *speaking alien language*

Green Ranger: *speaking alien language* With the Zeo Crystal, we could have rule the Universe together.

Zordon: *speaking alien language* That was never going to happen.

Green Ranger: *speaking alien language* Then you will die, Zordon.

Zordon: *Speaking alien language* We will die together, Rita.

Green Ranger: *gasps & turns her head*

Rita looking up at meteor rock was coming, Zordon got down, and a bomb exploded.


Green Ranger: *Screaming*

Rita's helmet's damaged, her plan was to create Goldar was destroyed, Rita's wand was destroyed, she to become comatose with her body withering away at the bottom of the ocean, and rendered the dinosaurs extinct, her Power Coins Green was dropped, she got down. Rita to the bottom of the sea, foiling her scheme.

Zordon: *breathing raggedly*

Zordon was asleep, the crystal, Alpha was able to save his essence and imprint it onto their ship.

~Title Sequence: Carrie: Power Rangers~

~Present Day~

~Ewen High School, Chamberlain, Maine, USA, Monday 10th June 2013~

Time: 1:10pm

Year: 2013

It was gym class at the local High School, as one class of girls were preparing for volleyball practice in the swimming pool, including at ‘School Reject’ Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz)…

From the moment Carrie was born, Life for her… was Hell… she was raised by her mother: Margaret White (Margaret White), who was a Mentally Unstable and Religiously Fanatical Zealot, who believed that everything was sinful… and whenever Carrie had or hadn’t done something like that, Margaret would beat Carrie, and lock her in the Prayer Closet at their bungalow home… because of the way she had raised Carrie, Carrie had become an easy target of bullying from 6th Grade and beyond into High School, especially from her class group: The Mortimer Snerds, led by Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday), consisting of her friends: Tina Blake (Zoë Belkin), Nicki & Lizzy Waston (Karissa & Katie Strain), Heather Shyers (Samantha Weinstein), Rachel Spies, Anissa Chen, Jessica Upshaw, & several others...But secretly, One of the Group: Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde), one of Chris’s closest friends, had recently started to have second thoughts about their actions towards Carrie, especially as she had never done anything bad to any them, which was also shared with the School Gym Teacher: Miss Rita Desjardin (Judy Greer), who had suspicions of Margaret, from the way she acted in public, though no one was aware of Margaret’s true colors, Rita had a strange feeling about her…

Carrie was standing by the pool, in her black swimsuit with white trim as the Snerds all came walking out in their red and blue swimsuits, laughing to each other…

Sue was then approached by her boyfriend: Tommy Ross (Ansel Elgort), as he embraced her into a chucking hug, before the two began kissing… causing Carrie to raise a small smile…

Chris: Wipe that smile of your face!

Chris rudely snapped at Carrie, causing Carrie to lose her smile, as Miss Desjardin to blow her whistle…

Desjardin: *whistle blowing* Let’s go ladies, In the water, Caps on Please! Chris & Sue, Let’s go!

Miss Desjardin called, still blowing her whistle.

Throughout the game, everyone took part… except Carrie, who would spend most of the game standing in the corner, only taking shots that fell her way…

As Carrie was given a chance, she took her shot, but accidently hit Sue in the back of the head…

Chris: You eat shit.

Chris mocked as she threw the ball back at Carrie…

Meanwhile, in the Boat, Boat team, it rises from the fishermen, clutched by the fishes which led to be fished out of the ocean by the fishermen led by Tommy's father: Jason Ross (Austin St. John) and stored in their boat, Jason and the fishermen grab the fished box.

Jason: Hey guys, the fishing is finished?

Fishermen: Yes, we’re finished.

Jason: Good work.

Fishermen #2: Yep.

Fishermen #3: Hey Jason, how's your son?

Jason: He’s fine.

Fishermen #4: Too.

Fishermen #5: How are you feeling?

Jason: I’m good.

Jason and the fishermen (all) : *laughing*

Jason: Very funny. Okay, guys, grab the fish into the box.

Fishermen #3: I got it.

Jason: Okay, see ya, guys.

Fishermen #2: Me, too.

The fishermen are all laughing, Jason climbs down, Jason is laughing.

Jason: Funny, guys.

Jason and the fishermen are still all laughing.

Jason: All right, guys, go work for the fish. *chuckles*

Jason is going to work for the boathouse.

Later in the Changing Rooms, Everyone was washed and getting dressed, to finish for the day… Carrie however was still showering, washing her elegant and feminine body with a bar of soap…

As Carrie continued to shower, she and everyone were unaware, as the Pink bright, slithered up the shower drainpipe, gripping hard onto the tiled surface, despite the flows of shower water…

As the creature looked around, it saw there quite a lot of people within the changing room it had sneaked into, it quickly needed to find a new host to hide in… it could have chosen anyone, but would be spotted too easily… but then it noticed the closet person it could find… Carrie, as well as sensing a strange feeling from her, as it quickly slithered towards her unnoticed…

As the creature was about to latch itself to Carrie, Carrie dropped her bar of soap, panicking from seeing her soap covered in blood, from her first period… But as Carrie noticed the Pink bright like Creature, she gasped loudly…

As Carrie looked down to see blood streaming down her legs with the shower water…

Carrie: Wha-What's happening, what's wrong with-…? Pink? Oh it's my period…

Suddenly, tampons came flying at Carrie as Chris and her friends threw more and more at them, while chanting 'Plug it up' over and over, as Chris recorded them on her phone, Sue saw them, Sue not to laugh at Carrie.

Sue then tried to take Chris's phone, only for Tina and Nicki to push her to the ground, as they continued to laugh and chant at them…

Chris: This is certainly gonna make a great lesbo scene for the internet. *chuckles*

While still recording, as Carrie tried to help as Miss Desjardin tried to break the overcrowding bullies off Carrie.

Carrie then looked at Chris’s phone, but as she concentrated on it, the nucleuses in her right hand suddenly glowed a bright pink, along with Chris’s phone battery until…

*Chris’s phone explodes into sparks, and falls to the ground*

Chris and her friends and other classmates all gasped or screamed, as her phone just exploded for no reason, or so they thought…

Desjardin: What the hell is going on here?!

Miss Desjardin roared with anger at everyone, as she got in between the feud.

Sue: They were throwing tampons and chanting at Carrie, and recording it…

Sue said nervously, as Miss Desjardin, looked angrily at Chris and the other classmates.

Chris: *growled* Those freaks broke my phone!

Desjardin: *growled* Get dressed and get out, NOW!

Miss Desjardin growled back, as Chris and the others went and finished getting dressed nervously, while she tended to Carrie.

Later in Principal Morton’s office, Miss Desjardin guided Carrie into Principal Morton’s office, where he was waiting… The School Principal: Henry Morton (Barry Shabaka Henley).

Morton: I’m terribly sorry about Miss Hargensen’s incident, girls, can we get you anything?

Principal Morton asked calmly, as Carrie sat down with Miss Desjardin.

Carrie: No, thank you, sir.

Morton: Can you tell us more on why Miss Hargensen and your other classmates would commit something like that? Do take your time, or if you're not comfortable, you don't need to answer.

Desjardin: Sue said Chris would do anything to hurt Carrie, she’s been like that since 6th grade.

Morton: I see, I’m afraid I can’t do anything about expelling them… but I could suggest 3 days detention, if they refuse, they should have 3 days suspension and Prom Ticket refusal.

Principal Morton suggested to Miss Desjardin.

Desjardin: Agreed.

Carrie: I-I'm worried that they may be even worse if that happens…

Desjardin: Don’t worry Carrie, we’ll make sure they don’t.

Miss Desjardin said calmly to comfort Carrie, as she gently stroked Carrie’s arms, causing Carrie to blush slightly, as Principal Morton called their mother…

Later in the Boat, Boat team, it rises from the depths, clutched by her desiccated body which led to her be fished out of the ocean by the fishermen led by Jason and stored in their boat, he and the fishermen all gasped Rita’s body.

Fishermen: What the hell!

Jason: What’s happening!

Fishermen #2: We found the body.

Jason: Jesus Christ.

Jason saw Rita’s body.

Jason: That’s the woman’s body.

Fishermen #4: The woman?

Fishermen #3: Is she dead?

Jason: Yeah.

Fishermen #5: Oh, my god!

Jason: Relax, guys. Don’t worry, I phone Detective Snell & Officer Doyle. That’s tomorrow, okay.

Fishermen #3: Okay, too.

Fishermen: I got it.

Fishermen #5: Good think, Jason.

Later in Ewen High School, Carrie was sitting and waiting by the lockers, for her mother to pick her up, while two boys sitting nearby, was making jokes about her, and making sexual poses and faces at her…

Suddenly, Carrie then growled at the boys, giving them an aggressive and monstrous look, as her face was covered in pink vessels, with massive aggressive eyes and sharp covering her mouth, causing the boys to jump, before getting up and walking away in fright very quickly.

Carrie gasped as her face returned to normal… she couldn't understand what was going on with her, what was causing her to act & retaliate aggressively? Why was she right in her hand? What was even that thing she saw in the showers that got on to her even?

As Carrie closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she opened them again, only to see her mother standing over her with a blank look…

As Margaret helped Carrie to & Into the car, Carrie noticed Chris angrily, she and the Snerds her phone was destroyed, with her boyfriend: Billy Nolan (Alex Russell), while he saw Chris angrily.

Billy: Chris, what is it? Why are you mad at her?

Chris: My phone was destroyed.

Billy: What?

Chris: Those freaks broke my phone!

Billy: Are you sure?

Chris: Yeah.

Billy: Babe, are you crazy?

Chris: I’m not crazy!

Billy: Okay, fine.

Chris is angry with Billy and the Snerds, except for Sue…

As Margaret and Carrie drove off, Miss Desjardin watched them, while still having her suspicions about Margaret… ever since the state had stopped Margaret from Homeschooling Carrie, she had not got on well with anyone in the school… not even the whole town for that matter, as Miss Desjardin walked back into the school…

Later at the White’s Residence, Margaret pulled up the drive of her and Carrie’s bungalow house, before getting out the car and going inside the house, while Carrie remained in the car for a bit longer, still trying to figure out what was happening to her… During the drive home, Carrie never said a word to her mother about the creature she saw in lockers, fearing her mother would either not believe her, or say it was some sort of devil sent from hell…

Carrie: I know I hurts Chris, but I does my hand. What do I mean? Wait a minute, I saw the pink bright on my hand. I destroyed Chris’s phone. No way.

Carrie asked in stern shock, Before Carrie could reply, a boy banged on the window making horrible faces at her.

Boy: Crazy Carrie, Crazy Carrie!

The boy mocked, as he rode away on his bicycle, before an unknown force knocked him over, leaving Carrie in shock again, before he got up and ran away…

Carrie: Was that you.

Carrie asked in shock, Carrie then quickly got out of the car, before entering her house, unaware that further down the road, she was being watched…

Inside the house, Carrie looked around all of downstairs, but her mother wasn’t downstairs. Carrie then heard a slight banging noise from upstairs, Carrie then went upstairs, and saw through the crack of her mother’s bedroom door, her mother was gently banging her head against the wall, while whispering religious words and sentences…

Carrie: Mama, Stop it… MAMA! I don't want to upset you!

Carrie called, as Margaret stopped, looking at Carrie…

Margaret: So, you’re a woman now…

Margaret said quietly…

Carrie: Mama, stop it.

Carrie said her mother stopped.

Margaret: And God made Eve from the rib of Adam, and say it Carrie…

Margaret said, trying to get Carrie to go along with her words…

Carrie: Mama, that’s not what the problem is…

Carrie said, trying to respond kindly.

Margaret: Carrie, stop it now…

Margaret trying to respond kindly.

Carrie: I’m trying not to, but it’s so hard…

Carrie replied nervously and sternly.

Margaret: What?!

Margaret asked sternly.

Carrie: Not you Mama... I'm in my hand a shower… I saw something not pink… and now it’s got into me…

Carrie trying to reason with her mother, as Margaret gasped.

Margaret: *gasped* What the hell?!

Carrie: Stop saying these you!

Margaret: *gasped* The Devil has got you now…


Margaret hit Carrie across the face with a large bible book, causing Carrie to fall to the floor, and her eyes, as she let a quiet growl…

Carrie then quickly regained herself and whimpered, before she quickly ran out of her mother’s room, and down the stairs, only for Margaret to follow and grab her by her hair… Carrie & Margaret kept fighting, causing Carrie to scream, as Margaret opened the Prayer closet door, and pulled and pushed Carrie into the closet, before locking the door on her...

Margaret: You Pray, you pray for Forgiveness, Little Girl!

Margaret mad, as lay against the closet door, so Carrie couldn’t get out, as Carrie continued to scream, with then quickly turned into more aggressive…

Suddenly, a bright pink arm with vessels & sharp edges smashed through the door, before grabbing Margaret round her throat, in a vice like grip, causing Margaret to gasp for fall…

Margaret: *gasped* W-what K-Kin-Kind O-of D-De-Devil H-Have Y-You…

Margaret for fall, she tried to pull the hand free from her head.

Carrie: *roared* I! ARE! NO! DEVIL!

Carrie before the door was smashed down, as Margaret fell across the hallway, into a sofa in the living room…

As Margaret looked back in horror, shaking & gasping in fright, she saw Carrie walk out of the Prayer Closet, covered in pink vessels, with her hand tendrils and tentacles swaying and slithering from her hand, & pink and large sharp fangs, aggressively… Before returning to normal, as Carrie was gasping in shock herself, seeing what she’d just done…

Carrie: We can’t just leave her like this… Why not? you hurt me, it’s either we leave… Or we find out which between Adam or Eve’s ribs taste better, take your pick…

Carrie in worry, she gave a look is disgust…

Without thinking, Carrie ran for the front door, and broke it down with a single kick, before looking around, to see if anyone saw her… Carrie then ran for the car, putting it on her back, before quickly running off down the street… while from a car further down the street…

As Carrie ran off, the mountain, Margaret woke up, she saw the Prayer Closet, the door was broken, Margaret saw Carrie was empty, Carrie escaped to the White’s Bungalow…

Later at the Ross’s Residence, Tommy in his residence, he opened the door, Tommy saw Tommy’s mother: Penelope Ross (Catherine Sutherland).

Tommy: Mom, I’m home.

Penelope: *turn her head* Hi honey. One second.

Boy: hey.

Tommy turned to his younger brother: Matt (August Maturo)

Matt: Hey, what's up, brother?

Tommy: Nah, Matt. Be quiet.

Matt: Too me.

Tommy: Too, Matt. *turned to his head* Hey, Mom. Dad’s coming here?

Penelope: One minute here.

Tommy: Okay.

Penelope: Tommy, how’s school?

Tommy: Good.

Penelope: And how’s Sue?

Tommy: She's good.

Penelope: Good.

Tommy: Yep, too.

Penelope: *chuckles*

[Phone ringing]

When she heard her phone ringing, Penelope grabbed her phone, Tommy opened the door to refrigerator,

Tommy: *sighs, sniffs & grunts*

Tommy get eat & drink, Tommy saw newspaper the note: CHAMBERLAIN MAINE’S GOLDEN BOY for Tommy’s football team,

[Door opens]

[Keys jingle]

Jason’s coat is off, he give the coat to the the hook, Jason saw Tommy, he turned his father coming.

Jason: Hi Son.

Tommy: Hi Dad.

Jason: Honey, I’m home.

Penelope: Hi Jason. Shh, my phone, I talked to him, okay.

Jason: Too. Hey Matt, how are you?

Matt: I'm fine, Dad.

Jason: Good. *turned to his head* Tommy, how’s school?

Tommy: Good.

Jason: And how’s Sue?

Tommy: She’s good.

Jason: Good boy.

Later in Tommy’s room, he fell into the bedroom.

Penelope: Don’t be so hard on him. How do you think he feels walking around town now?

Jason: How do you think I feel walking around town now?

Penelope: Let’s not do this tonight.

Jason: What’s the plan, huh? What’s he gonna do with his life? He could’ve been so much more.

Tommy sat up to bedroom, Tommy’s hearing from his parents, Tommy turns his head time: 6:22. Tommy nodded yes, Tommy’s phone, indicating he had a text.

TOMMY’s TEXT: Sue, I'm going with you?

GEROGE’s TEXT: Tommy, You coming to my home?

TOMMY’s TEXT: Okay, I got it. That night later?

GEORGE’s TEXT: Okay, good.


SUE’s TEXT: Yes, you are coming to my home at night.

TOMMY’s TEXTt: Okay.

Tommy got up & got out of his room, Tommy is going with Sue & George.

[Rock music playing for music]

5 minutes later, Jason was a workboat to the computer, Penelope came with him, she gave the drink to Jason.

Jason: Thanks, honey.

Penelope turns turns to Matt and is only seen in the living room, playing or texting on his phone.

Penelope: Matt, who text's?

Matt: Ethan.

Penelope turns to Tommy downstairs.

Penelope: Tommy, where are you going?

Tommy: I’m going with Sue to her home.

Penelope: You, too.

Jason: Hey Tommy, forget you texting us, okay.

Tommy: Sure, Bye Mom, Bye Dad, Bye Matt.

Penelope: Bye Tommy.

Jason: Bye Son.

Matt: Bye Tommy.

Penelope, Jason & Matt goodbye to Tommy, Tommy is out of his house, Tommy going to Sue’s house.

Penelope: Jason, we love our son.

Jason: Oh, Penelope. You, too.

Penelope: You, too.

Penelope & Jason (both): *chuckles*

Matt: Funny.

Jason: Too, son.

Tommy rushed in his Jeep Wrangler, Tommy’s going to Sue’s home & George’s home.

Later at the Snell’s Residence, Sue’s parents: Eleanor & Edward Snell (Cynthia Preston & Steve Cardenas), her younger sister: Sierra (Bridgit Mendler) Eleanor is a doctor, Edward is a police detective, Sierra is only seen in the living room with her family playing on her phone, Eleanor & Edward seen a TV show, Edward turns looking up to Sue downstairs.

Edward: Sue, where are you going?

Sue: I'm going with Tommy here.

Eleanor: Oh, honey.

Edward: Yeah, Eleanor. Hey, forget you text us, okay.

Sue: Okay, Bye Mom, Bye Dad, By Sierra.

Eleanor: Bye honey.

Edward: Bye sweetheart.

Sierra: Bye Sue.

Eleanor, Edward & Sierra goodbye to Sue, Sue is out of her house, she sees Tommy’s coming, Sue going with Tommy into his jeep.

Eleanor: Edward, Sue loves Tommy.

Edward: You too, honey.

Sierra: Yeah, too, Dad.

Edward: Very funny, sweetheart. We love our daughter.

Eleanor: Me, too, Edward.

Edward: *chuckles*

Eleanor & Edward looked around a TV show, again, Sierra is playing on her phone.

Later at the Dawson’s Residence, Tommy & Sue going into his home, Tommy was then was then approached by friend: George Dawson (Demetrius Joyette), Tommy knock on the door, open the door, George parents: Mary Emily & Wally Dawson (Karan Ashley & Walter Emanuel Jones).

Mary Emily: Oh, Hi Tommy, Hi Sue, what are you two doing?

Wally: Hey, what’s up kids?

Sue: Hello.

Tommy: Hi Mr. & Mrs. Dawson, I’m so glad we are here. Is George here?

Mary Emily: Yes, he’s downstairs. The hidden room.

Wally: One second, *turns to his head* George, Tommy & Sue were here.

George: Okay, Tommy help me to the trunk, please, Dad.

Wally: Okay, son. *turns to his head* Tommy, help you George.

Tommy: I got it. Wait here. Excuse me.

Wally: Me, too.

Tommy: George, I’m coming, I'll help you.

George: Okay, come one Tommy.

Tommy goes to the hidden room, Tommy helps George with the box, Tommy & George wait for Sue, Mary Emily & Wally were stand stay here.

Wally: Mary Emily, he was a good boy, our son.

Mary Emily: Oh, Wally. Sue, are you okay?

Sue: I’m fine.

Mary Emily: Good.

Wally: How’s your family?

Sue: They’re good.

Wally: Good.

Sue: Yep, me, too.

Sue, Mary Emily & Wally were waiting for Tommy and George.

Meanwhile, later, Tommy was driving around Sue & George was in Tommy’s Jeep, they were going to the mountain.

George: It’s cool you actually showed up.

Tommy: Well, you guys are giving me my jeep.

George: Lending you your jeep. But, yeah. *Looks down*

Sue: Yeah.

Tommy: How much further is it?

George: Just 44 minutes and 52 seconds.

Tommy: Uh… *laughs* Okay.” Tommy laughed.

Sue: *laughs*

Tommy: *turns his head* It’s funny, babe.

George: *turns his head* Thank you for driving me today.

Tommy: That’s okay, George.


Tommy’s jeep was stopped.

Tommy: Uh… Okay, this is the entrance to the gold mine, and clearly, Sue, George, the sign says--


George: Keep driving. *turns his head*

Tommy turns his head & looked at the mountain.

Sue: *turns her head* Tommy, be careful.

Tommy: *turns his head* Okay.

Tommy’s jeep into Cascadia Gold Mine.

Later at Cascadia Gold Mine, George: If we find something cool, then you can keep half. It’s a rule that me and my grandpa made.

Tommy: Thanks, George.

Sue: Good think.

Tommy helped George with the trunk.

George: *grunting* They’re gonna blow this whole thing. It’ll all be gone in a week.

Tommy and George down the trunk.

Tommy: George, can I be honest? The deal was I drop you somewhere, and I get Sue in my jeep for a few hours, okay? This is weird. Like, we don’t know each other at all. *turns around* I don’t know what we’re doing here. And you seem kinda--

George: Wait, I gotta tell you something, okay? I'm on the spectrum.

Tommy: Well, is that like a workout program? Like Tae Bo?

George: No. It’s a diagnosis. Excuse me.

George down to the trunk.

Tommy: I know. It was a joke. I was kidding.

George: See, that’s the thing. I didn’t get the joke.

Tommy trunks around to the mountain.

George: Like my brain doesn’t work the same as yours does, you know?

Tommy grabbed the trunk.

Tommy: *straining* Yeah, well, consider that a good thing.

George: It’s just that I can’t read humor or- - or sarcasm. Oh! But I do remember things.

Tommy: Okay.

George: I remember everything.

Tommy: Okay. George, let me stop you.

George: Okay.

Tommy and George (both): *grunting*

Tommy and George down the trunk.

George: You don’t need to tell me all this.

Tommy: We’re cool.

George: Okay. Well, we’re almost there. Which is good news so.. *sighs*

George down, Tommy looked down George to the trunk, Tommy turned around.

George: Take my spare flashlight now, ‘cause it’s gonna be dark when we get back.

Tommy: *turns around* Bye, George!

George turned to Tommy walked.

George: Okay! *looks down to the trunk*

Tommy walked to his jeep for Sue, she was standing waiting for Tommy, Sue saw Tommy’s coming.

Tommy: I’m sorry, babe, George and I got th--

Sue: It’s okay, Tommy, come on.

Tommy: What is it?

Sue: Look, these.

Tommy and Sue turn around their heads to the train.

Tommy: What’s that?

Sue: A train.

Tommy: Train. Train car.

Sue: Yeah. Train tiny house.

Tommy: No way.

Sue: Too, you. Come on, your jeep.

Tommy: Okay, I got it.

Tommy and Sue in his jeep, Tommy and Sue were in love.

Later in the Train Tiny House, A boy, by the name Freddy Holt (Connor Price), Tommy was then approached by friend of his, he was in a tiny house on a train.

Freddy: *humming & looked* Ah, she’s back again. *chuckles & turns his head to look down*

Freddy gives the old photographer a zoom.

Freddy: Oh, Carrie. Just like clockwork.

Freddy looked at Carrie, she was in the mountain, Carrie was standing.

Carrie: *breathing heavily*

Carrie looked around Chamberlain, Maine, she looked down, her right hand is pink bright, before Carrie had escaped to White’s Residence. Carrie turned around to Freddy at the train tiny house.

Freddy: Is she still standing?

10 minutes later at Tommy’s Car, Sue & Tommy were driving around in Tommy's Jeep, as an hour of making love. The couple had also been talking about what had happened with Carrie in the lockers…

Tommy: Look, Sue, you're not always responsible for what Chris does…

Sue: Yeah, but it was me too, Tommy… Chris & her friends threw some tampons at Carrie, But I stopped…

Tommy: They threw Tampons at Carrie White? What did she ever do to you?

Sue: I know, I'm thinking tomorrow as soon as I see her, I'm gonna apologize, I don't care what Chris says.

Tommy: You threw some tampons at Carrie?

Sue: No, I did not threw some tampons at Carrie.

Tommy: Oh, okay, too.

10 minutes later at Cascadia Gold Mine, George pulled the trunk & walked to the ground.

George: *panting*

George opened the door for the trunk for worker electrical. He wore a hard hat that was light on.

George: Grandpa, I hope you’re watching. Gonna make you proud.

George fixed the metal mountain. He moved electrical cables more.

George: Grandpa, I forgot to tell you, uh, I took Tommy's jeep without asking Mom’s permission. Too, Dad & Grandma. Well, I’m telling you, so I think that’s okay. *grunts* Anyways, I gotta focus. Okay. *walked*

5 minutes later at Tommy’s Car, Sue & Tommy were sitting around in Tommy's Jeep.

Sue: So what are you doing up here? Did you follow us?

Tommy: We, uh, came with… George.

Sue: George, yeah. Weird. But I’ve seen him up here before. My house is on the other side of the mountain. I hike these trails sometimes, hit my head, and I stare down at Chamberlain, Maine and wonder how such a small, crap town could cause me such misery.

Tommy: *laughs*

Sue: *turns her head* That funny to you?

Tommy: *turns his head & chuckled* No, I just-- I feel the same way.

Sue: Yeah. Babe, star quarterback, swimming and burns. Destroys his career and destroys our season. *whispers* Go Tigers.

Tommy: Yeah, now I walk around town and everyone’s looking at me like I ran over their dog.

Sue: So why don’t you leave? You know, just go. I could leave here, you know?

Tommy: Where?

Sue: *scoffs* God, anywhere.

Tommy: So let’s go.

Sue: *laughs*

Tommy: What?

Sue: You’d never do it.

Tommy: Try me.

Sue: Oh, what, you and me? You got your jeep?

Tommy: I have a jeep.

Sue: Ooh, that’s creepy.

Tommy: *laughs* It’s not that kind of jeep.

Sue: Every jeep is that kind of jeep.

Tommy: So, let’s go.

Sue: Are you daring me? ‘Cause I’ll go.

Tommy smiled.

Sue: Tommy, we are thinking tomorrow as soon as we see Carrie, we're gonna apologize, I don't care what Chris says.

Tommy: Okay, got it, Babe.

3 minutes later in Cascadia Gold Mine, George on the electricity to R/V’s box with the note: DANGER/POISON.

George: *quietly* Okay.

George fixed the key to the button.

George: *looked up* Grandpa, get ready.

George pushed the button to red.

[Clicking switch repeatedly]

The wall did not bomb for George did not work.

George: That didn’t work.

George found one of the electricity cables in the red box.


George: *screaming & fell back to the ground*

Tommy & Sue turned and looked around.

Tommy: What the...

Sue: Oh. my god, bomb.

Tommy and Sue (both): *looked expensive* George!

George: *sat up on the ground* Whoa! Whoa! That really rung my bell. *got up standing*

Tommy: Hey, hey, hey!

Sue: Go, go, go, go, go!

Tommy and Sue were running at Cascadia Gold Mine.

George: Oh! Wow!

Freddy: Hey!

Freddy was running at Cascadia Gold Mine.

Freddy: What are you doing, George?

George: I been digging up here for some years.

Tommy was running, he pulled stop to George and Freddy.

Tommy: Hey! Easy, Freddy. Let’s sort this out, huh?

Freddy: I seen him up here before.

George: Hey, Tommy.

Freddy: George cannot be walking around blowing stuff up!

George: *loudly* I was just trying to dig a little deeper! Maybe I dug too deep, huh?

Tommy: *turn his head* George, you don’t have to yell. We can hear you, okay?

George: *yelled* Okay!

Carrie: Hey!

Tommy, Sue, George and Freddy turned & looking up at Carrie to the rooftop mountain.

Carrie: You guys looking to get busted or something?

Sue: Carrie.

Tommy: What are you doing?

Carrie: *turn her head & looks down* This place is a restricted area!

Freddy: Oh, really, Einstein? Restricted? As in, we shouldn’t be standing on Crazy Carrie doing shy, right?

George was running, he saw the metal wall rumbling.


George: *turns around* Uh… Guys… *turn his head*

Freddy: Yeah. I see you.

Carrie: *turns around* Yeah, or camping out on old trains. I see you, too, Freddy.

George: Uh, guys…

[Rumbling continues]

Carrie: There’s a lotta mine security out tonight.

Sue: Is Carrie okay?

Tommy: She’s fine.

Sue: I’ve never seen her before.

George touched the metal walls.


George: Oh, no.


Carrie: *gasping* Whoa! *screaming*

Carrie fell to the walls cracking, the rock was dropped.

Tommy, Sue, George & Freddy (all): *screaming*

They got down to the ground, the walls fell, Carrie to fall & roll.

Carrie: *grunts & coughing*

Freddy sees smoke.

Sue: *groans to her head*

Tommy breathes heavily & looked them.

Tommy: Are you okay, Carrie?

Carrie: Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

George was breathing heavily, he got up, he saw…

George: Whoa.

Carrie, Tommy, Sue, & Freddy (all): *coughing*

Freddy: *gasps*

Carrie, Tommy, Sue, George, & Freddy see the colors on the meteor for the walls to Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Black.

George: What is it?

Tommy: Whoa.

The meteor, the flashlight on to George, the flashlight on to Sue’s phone, Carrie, Tommy, Sue, George and Freddy were gasped & shocked, they walked to the meteor, Carrie, Tommy, Sue, George and Freddy touched the meteor.

George: I’ve never seen glass like this before.

Sue: Oh, my god.

[Thunder rumbling]

Tommy looks around the thunder.

Tommy: *whispering* What is it? What is that?

Tommy sees the Red Power Coin for the meteor.

Sue: There’s something in there.

Sue sees the Yellow Power Coin and Carrie sees the Pink Power Coin for the meteor.

Freddy grabbed the hammer.

Freddy: Move. All right, watch out, watch out. Look!

Sue: What are you doing?

Freddy hit the meteor…


George: Wait, no, no, no! No, no!

Carrie: Seriously?

Sue got mad, Freddy’s hammer hit the meteor.

George: What are you doing?

Freddy: Oh, yeah!

Freddy pulled back the meteor rock that dropped, they looked down at the meteor rock, Sue found the Yellow Power Coin for the meteor.

George: My grandfather always knew the right spots.

Freddy: There’s gotta be more. Let’s get it!

Sue sees the Yellow Power Coin for the meteor and Freddy smashed the meteor.

Tommy: Get out of the way.

George: That doesn’t mean keep banging!

Freddy grabs the meteor rock and the meteor rock is dropped.

George: Oh!

They looked down at the meteor rock.

Freddy: What is it?

Tommy and George saw Freddy grabbing the meteor rock.

Tommy: What is that?

Freddy found the Black/Purple Power Coin for the meteor, Freddy shocked, Freddy pulled George’s back.

George: What? No, no! Don’t break it.

Tommy: No. No, no, no!

George: Don’t break it! Don’t break it! Don’t break--

Freddy smashed the meteor rock and broke it.

George: You broke it. Okay.

Tommy got mad. Freddy found the Black/Purple Power Coin and George found the Blue Power Coin for the meteor.

Tommy: Wow. What?

The flashlight went on to Tommy’s phone, Tommy found the Red Power Coin for the meteor, Red Power Coin too bright, Tommy shocked.

Sue: *exhales sharply*

Carrie, Sue & Freddy saw the Yellow Power Coin for Sue, Sue gasped.

Carrie: Oh, my god.

Sue: What is that?

Carrie saw the Pink Power Coin. Sue turned to Freddy.

Freddy: Yo, look, we all found these. If they’re worth any money...

Tommy: No, he found them. Now chill out.

[Alarm blaring]

Freddy: Chill out?

Sue: Guys, guys, do you hear that?

[Alarm continues blaring]

Tommy, Carrie, Sue, George and Freddy were hears for alarm blaring, they looked & turned around.

Freddy: Mine security. Peace.

Carrie: Somebody should have pointed that out. Wait, I did. *turned*

Freddy: George!

Tommy nodded yes, George saw the meteor, Tommy grabbed George.

George: Wait, okay, okay.

Tommy: Run!

Tommy, Carrie, Sue, George & Freddy were turned & running.

Tommy: George! Just run to the… come on!

Tommy, Carrie, Sue, George and Freddy have escaped to Cascadia Gold Mine, Tommy and George get his jeep.

Tommy: George, let's go! Haul ass, dude!

George: I'm coming!

Tommy grabs his door to the jeep.

[Jeep alarm blares]

Tommy: Are you kidding me?

Tommy got into his jeep, he opened the door, George grabbed the locked door, Tommy closed the door, George knocked on the window.

George: Tom-- Tommy! Tommy!

Tommy: What are you doing?

George: You gotta open the doors! Open the door!

Tommy pulled open the door.

Tommy: Yes, okay, just get in.

As George got into Tommy’s jeep, George with Tommy.

George: What are you doing?

Tommy: *turned his head* Did you see them? Are they down the road?

George: I don't know.

Tommy: Okay. *turns around*

Tommy’s jeep is back & faster.

George: Okay, what about the others? *turned to Tommy* You gonna leave the others?

Tommy: *turned his head* Hold on.

[Tires screeching]

Tommy’s jeep turned left around to locked chain link fence note: ATTENTION

George: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Tommy!

Tommy’s jeep crashed into the locked chain link fence.

[siren wailing]

The security truck was siren wailing to the street.

George: *screaming*

[tires screeching]

Tommy’s jeep turned right around to the street.

Tommy: Whoo!

George: Oh, my parents are gonna kill me.

Mine security: Stop right there!

Tommy turns to the security truck siren coming.

Tommy: Shit! Put your seat belt on.

George: I got my seat belt on! Tommy! Somebody’s gonna die.

Tommy: Whoa!

Tommy & George looked at the two security trucks.

George: Whoa, whoa, whoa! *turned to his head* Whoo-hoo!

Tommy turns & drives left to his two security trucks, and Tommy's jeep is faster.

George: Whoa!

Tommy’s jeep is the way to drive & turn left around to the street, three security trucks were faster, the security gets them.

Tommy: There they are!

George: Okay, so...

Tommy: Up the hill. Come on!

George: Get 'em!

Tommy & George looked & found Carrie and Sue up the hill and the girls were running.

Carrie: Okay! *breathing heavily*

Carrie and Sue were running, Sue pointed to the way & she with Carrie.

Tommy: Okay, you drive.

George: No, I-- I really don't drive.

George grabbed the drive.

Tommy: Okay, then really don’t drive, so I can pull them in.

George is the driver.

George: I don't drive!

[tires screeching]

George: Get your foot!

Tommy: I got it.

Tommy opens the door.

George: Wait, it says that the door’s open.

Tommy: That’s because it’s open, George.

The security trucks chased Tommy’s jeep.

George: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Tommy: *laughing & looks around the security trucks*

[siren wailing]

The security trucks to the door note: SECURITY

Tommy: Go, go, go!

George: Okay. Okay.

Tommy: There they are! Get closer to them.

Carrie and Sue were still running, to the hill down and the girls found Tommy’s jeep.

Tommy: Get in!

Tommy’s left hand, Carrie & Sue were running, Sue grabbing Tommy, Sue into his jeep.

Tommy: Gotcha.

Carrie grabs Tommy in his jeep.

Tommy: I gotcha!

Carrie: I'm in!

Carrie got into his jeep, Tommy closed the door, Tommy’s jeep was still faster, Tommy, Carrie, & Sue got up, George’s drive.

George: *turned to them* What about Freddy?

[alarm continues blaring]

Tommy, Carrie & Sue looked around to see that there was no Freddy.

Sue: Just go!

Tommy: Go! Go!

George turned to the street for the drive.

Sue: George, look out!

[tires screeching]

Tommy's jeep turned right around & smashed the vectorstock, construction tower crane was dropped, the security truck was stopped. Tommy’s jeep was faster, Tommy, Carrie, Sue & George had escaped from Cascadia Gold Mine.

Tommy: Let’s go downhill! Go to the lights below!

George: *turned to his head* You wanna drive now?

Tommy: Keep going, George, we’re almost there.

Carrie looked...

Carrie: Guys! Guys, there’s a train.

Carrie moved, George was driving.

Tommy: We got it.

Tommy and Sue turned and the train was coming. Freddy was running, he saw Tommy’s jeep.

[train horn blowing]

Tommy's jeep is faster to street.

Tommy: Okay.

[loud thud]

They gasped, turned & looked up.

Carrie: Oh, my god!

Sue: Oh, my god!

Tommy is looking up at his jeep on the top, and Freddy looks down the window.

Freddy: Hey!

They turned to Freddy at the window.

George: *turned his head* Hey, what do you want me to do?

Freddy: *turned his head* Hey!

Tommy: Keep going! I’ll pull him in!

George: Okay.

Tommy pulls open the door.

Freddy: *down & yells*

Tommy grabbing him and Freddy into Tommy’s jeep.

Tommy: Are you crazy?

Freddy: *chuckles* Yeah, I am.

[train horn blowing]

Tommy gets mad at Freddy, Carrie sees the train coming.

Carrie: Yo, it’s catching up.

George saw the train & the railroad crossing had a red light.

Tommy: Look, there’s the railroad crossing. That’s the way out, George.

Carrie, George & Freddy looked at the railroad crossing, George pulled the accelerator pedal for Tommy’s jeep to the street.

[train horn blowing]

Tommy's jeep was faster, they looked at the railroad crossing.

Tommy: You got it.

Freddy: You got it!

Carrie: I hope he has it.

Sue: He definitely doesn’t have it.

Tommy’s jeep plowed through some of the railroad crossings.

George: I got it! I got it!

Tommy’s jeep to the streets.

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Mid-Credit Scene

(In Mr. Ulmann's Class...)

Mr. Ulmann saw announces that one of student.

Ulmann: "David Carmody." David Carmody? David Carmody! David Carmody? David Carmody!

The one of Student David Carmody will be joining them, but the desk is empty save for a green jacket.

The all the locker hallway door assembly.


The one of locker hallway door assembly was broken, smoking, & destroyed.

Ulmann: George.

George: That might have been my fault. That might have been my fault, I'm so sorry.


  • Zordon/Red Ranger


  • Yellow Ranger - She was killed by Rita Repulsa/Green Ranger

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