Judgement Day

Judgement upon us....

Carrie: Judgement Day
is a 2018 supernatural drama/thriller film and is the sequel to the 2016 film "Carrie: Blood Of Redemption" , "The Rage" and the 2013 remake film "Carrie". Directed once again by Kimberly Pierce, produced once again by David Heyman and distributed by Lionsgate, Screen Gems, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Summit Entertainment, this film will feature Chloë Grace Moretz as the titular character, along with Odeya Rush, Nat and Alex Wolff, Gabriella Wilde, Portia Doubleday, Idris Elba, Donnabella Mortel, Robbie Jones, Jay Hernandez, Sissy Spacek, Logan Lerman and Nick Nolte. A trilogy for the 2013 remake of "Carrie" was very unlikely at first. But after the commercial and box office success of Carrie: Blood Of Redemption, Sony was all too eager to green light the third film. The film was released in the spring of 2018.


After proposing to Sean (Nat Wolff), him and Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) lived happily.....until a pedestrian arrives on their doorstep asking for help. They try to help her, but when it's not enough, she eventually leaves. It's not until 3 days later that the unidentified person turned out to be Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush). After convincing her father (Nick Nolte) to tell her that she was Rachels sister, she unfortunately leaves the ones who have been kind to her and embarks on a journey to find Rachel. Unfortunately, Rachel also has telekinesis and has gotten in trouble with the police (Idris Elba) and is facing serious charges. With overwhelming pressure on her shoulders once again, Carrie has to overcome her past and her arch-nemesis (Portia Doubleday) once again in order to save another member of her dysfunctional family.


  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrietta "Carrie" White - the shy and powerful telekinetic girl who erupted hell on her hometown of Chamberlain back in 2013
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang - A wanted fugitive and Carrie Whites half-sister. She has the same father as Carrie and has been on the run for only a short period of time.
  • Nat Wolff as Sean Ford - Carries fiancé and Raymond's buddy. One of the few people who have shown nothing but love to her.
  • Alex Wolff as Raymond "Ray" Ford - Sean's younger brother and eventually falls in love with Rachel
  • Gabriella Wilde as Susan "Sue" D. Snell - Carries best friend, single mother of little Carrie and one of the few survivors of the Black Prom massacre.
  • Portia Doubleday as Christine "Chris" Hargensen - Carrie's arch nemesis, Sue's former friend and is absolutely hellbent on doing whatever it takes to get "revenge" on Carrie.
  • Idris Elba as Lieutenant Nelson - Head of the major crimes unit in Florida and eventually comes face to face with both Carrie and Rachel
  • Jay Hernandez as Detecive Jones - Lieutenant Nelsons partner
  • Donnabella Mortel as Anisha Paris - One of the lucky participants who saw the karaoke massacre and eventually offers to help find Carrie.
  • Robbie Jones as Alex Campbell - One of the lucky survivors of Carries karaoke massacre
  • Sissy Spacek as Caroline White - Ralph's mother and Carrie/Rachels grandmother
  • Alex Russel as Billy Nolan (flashback) - Chris' boyfriend and the one who participated in helping Chris prank Carrie at prom.
  • Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross (flashback/ghost) - Sue Snells boyfriend, the father of her child and another person who treated Carrie with love and respect
  • Logan Lerman as Jesse Ryan
  • Nick Nolte as Ralph White - Carrie and Rachels father who ultimately releases the moment of truth
  • Dakota Goyo as Gabe Vasquez
  • Billy Dee Williams as Dr. Roberts
  • Julianne Moore as Margaret White (ghost) (One scene)
  • Michael Douglas as Jefferson White
  • B.J. Novak as Henry Hargensen
  • Paul Giamatti as Howard Snell
  • Al Pacino as Theodore Ford
  • Danny Glover as Hugh Richardson
  • Liam James as Peter Gunnslinger
  • AnnaSophia Robb as Robin
  • Clayton Walton as Mathew Miller
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee as Nick Johnson (Australian descent)
  • China Anne McClain as Wendy Prescott


~1 year ago~

We cut to the clear outside breeze of nighttime when a S.W.A.T team is surrounded outside of a house in Jacksonville, Florida. A police cruiser then pulls up as Lieutenant Nelson (Idris Elba) meets up with his partner, Detective Jones (Jay Hernandez) as they slowly approach the crime scene from a-far.

Lieutenant Nelson: What's the story upstairs?

Detective Jones: We've had this suspect on the run for a couple of hours now, you now. But we tracked her down to this house here. She's facing a lot of serious charges.

Lieutenant Nelson: Ain't nothing else to describe this girl other then "trouble". She's avoided us for a while, and we sure as hell ain't letting her slip loose again.

Detective Jones: Better put this girl away as soon as we can.

He then offers to speak into the megaphone.

Lieutenant Nelson: Rachel Lang, this is Lieutenant Nelson speaking.....I don't really have to remind you this, but me and a few good men out here are placing you under arrest for capital murder. There is an army of professionals out here who won't hesitate to shoot first and ask questions later. I have no intention on hurting you, but if you want to survive this, you need to come out of there and you need to do it NOW.....

There was no response or no movement of any kind. Nelson looked over at Jones and he nodded. Nelson then spoke into his speaker and said....

Nelson: *over walkie talkie* Officers, you're clear to infiltrate. Find the suspect and bring her out here.

We see police officers getting ready and eventually going inside. They search down and low all over the building, but find nothing. Yet.....there was one room that was locked.....and the only room they didn't check.

That's when we see Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) laying on the floor inside that room, gasping for air and drained of her energy. She looks out the window and sees Nelson patiently standing there, waiting.....

Rachel: *to herself* You want me? Good.

She cautiously stepped out of the room and purposely made left herself wide open for the next police officer to come across her.

S.W.A.T Officer: Hey! Hands in the air! DO IT NOW!

Rachel casually raised both hands in the air, and it looked like she was about to surrender. But that's when she made her move.

As soon as the officer tried to cuff her, she countered and he screamed in agony. He tires to shoot her, but he misses. That was enough to prompt Nelson to engage.

Lieutenant Nelson: *over walkie talkie* S.W.A.T team, execute! Execute!

So the S.W.A.T Team gets ready and eventually made their way into the house to take care of her. Only to realize that she wasn't there.

(Dang, she's fast)

Officer: Sir! The killer behind the serial murders has been spotted. He's attacking teenage kids from the karaoke club.

Nelson: Then get down there with a few troops and handle it. I got bigger fish to fry.

Suddenly, the cars and guns began to crush by themselves. Rachel was nowhere to be seen, but she was crushing them and twisting necks of some S.W.A.TS and officers as Nelson and a few others got down and ducked for cover.

Rachel's voice: Get....OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then all of a sudden, the house started to break.

Only three of the S.W.A.T officers and police officers were able to make it out alive while the rest were crushed from the confines of the wreaked household.

A massive force pushed Nelson and Jones back as it also collapsed the house.

They slowly got up and went to the house to discover it was empty.

Detective Jones: She got out.

Lieutenant Nelson: Girl's smart. I'll give her that.

But that's when Jones spots some evidence (from The Rage) caught in the rubble. Luckily, most of it hasn't been destroyed.

He picks it up and then hands it to Nelson.

Lieutenant Nelson: wonder she was desperate. She had what she needed to put HERSELF away......Funny how the tables have turned.

Then they walked away as he made a call to dispatch.

Lieutenant Nelson: Lieutenant Nelson to Dispatch.

Dispatch: Dispatch to Nelson.

Lieutenant Nelson: Need you to put out another B.O.L.O on a Rachel Lang, age 17. Contact the supervisor and put all other police stations/boarding states on high alert. We need to make sure she doesn't get away again.

As they get in the cruiser and drive off, we then see Rachel run into a dark alley and then falls from the loss of power. She crawls up to the nearest wall; cowering, shivering and....scared.

We hear the beat of her heart and as it gets faster and faster, she screams as the screen shatters/explodes and starts raining blood.

(Title sequence)

~Chamberlain, Maine. May 16th~

Sean Ford (Nat Wolff) is on the pavement, outside with multiple bruises, cuts and a badly injured right arm.

He opens his eyes and as he gets up, he sees Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) from a distance away, leaning down to somebody's aid.

Sean: *weakly to himself* Hold on, Carrie. I'm coming.

He desperately started crawling with his other arm over to her until another figure walks up behind him and holds him down with its foot on his chest.

Figure: No, no, no, no, no, no.....

It kneels down and then points a .44 Magnum to his head.

The shadow clears and it reveals to be Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday).

Chris: Ahh ahh ahh.....Don't fade on me yet, big boy.

Sean: Chris f**king Hargensen. I'm really getting sick of your bullsh**......

Chris: Then why do you even bother getting in my way? Stop protecting the freak and I'll be out of your hair.

Sean: How about you shove it up your ass?!

Chris scoffs, picks Sean up and puts him in a choke-hold.

Chris: *sighs* Watch and learn......

She then smirked and points her .44 Magnum handgun at Carrie from behind.

Sean: You better not.....Don't you do it!

Chris shoots her. The bullet travels in access speed and it goes through Carries head, in slow motion, straight through the brain.

Sean: CARRIE!!!!!!!

He watches Carrie fall dead in slow motion with tears in his eyes as he gets out of Chris' hold and tries to attack her. But she knew where he was injured and after avoiding most of his strikes with ease, she shoots him in the leg. As he lies down in pain again, he looks at Chris angry.

Sean: How.....dare YOU?!?!?!

Chris: *Smirks* The whole world's better off without her. You'll thank me for this later. I know you will. Good ridiance to bad rubbish.

Chris walked away chuckling as Sean cried in despair. Then he looked out and saw fires and explosions from blocks away. Sean crawled to the dead Carrie, hugging her.

Sean: Don't worry......I'll be with you soon........

He kisses her on the cheek and then turns around to see the fires rapidly start to increase as it got up to him. The fire completely engulfs Sean until he woke up in his bed, gasping and sweating as saw Carrie still alive and asleep next to him. That's when it occurred to was just a nightmare. But the image wouldn't fade away from him.

As Sean slowly started to catch his breath and relax, he got out of bed without disturbing Carrie and went into the living room to clear his head.

Sean: Relax, was's nothing.

As he was speaking to himself, he heard a voice near the edge of the stairs.

Raymond (Alex Wolff): Definitely doesn't look like it's nothing.......I thought you were asleep.

Sean: I was.....until I realized something.

Raymond: You're not gonna dump her already, are you?

Sean: Wha---are you kidd--- No. Don't bring that up again.....

Raymond: O.K.....*sheesh*......

Then he sits down.

Sean: *sighs* I'm sitting on the verge of a dilemma, Ray.

Raymond: I can tell. I haven't seen you psyched out like this. What's on your mind? Wait. Let me guess: You're worried that eventually this relationship is gonna go down the same way it did with Kaitlyn? Like you're afraid you're gonna lose her or somethin'?

Sean: Yes! Wha---How did yo---

Raymond: Sean, I've known you all my life. You're always like that with anybody.

Carrie: Bed bugs biting you?

That's when Sean and Ray saw Carrie at the edge of the doorway.

Sean: Huh? Oh sorry. I-I was actually trying to clear my head.

Carrie: *Lays beside him* In that case, talk to me.

Sean: *Sighs* It was that Chris b**ch again.

Raymond: Oh god......What'd she do now?

Sean: I couldn't was a little blurry, but she was too determined to take you away from me again......but this time, she did. She killed you and.....I couldn't do anything about.....

Carrie: Hey.....*puts her hand on his face*....Baby, I'm not going anywhere. It was only a dream.

Sean: I know's felt real.

Carrie: Hey. I had nightmares as well. Each one scared me more then the last. But it was just up here *points to his brain* No need to worry. Come back to bed.

She gets up with them as Ray watches them go back in her bedroom.

Raymond: Good night, y'all.

Upstairs, Sean and Carrie laid beside each other as he paused in deep thought and continued.

Sean: She wasn't the only one I remember seeing, though. There was another, but no one we know. But the weirdest thing is.....she was just like you. I don't even know who or why. I just saw another figure fighting with you......There's......there's just too much on my mind right now.

Carrie: *kisses his shoulder* Let's not talk about it now. Come here....

She pulled Sean to her and kissed him.

The same night somewhere back in Maine, a car drove up to the burnt up old Ewen High and who came out of it was an old woman. As she stared at the mangled remains of the destroyed school, she gets a phone call from "someone".

Old woman: Hello?

Rachel: Grandma? Where are you?

Old woman: I'm at the school your sister went to before her episodes. About two years before your dad met your mom, he had another daughter in his first marriage who had the same gifts as you. It was such a curse. There were horrible children here that had done nasty things to her. After the night of the prom, they triggered her levels like when yours was. Many people died here and she disappeared. Some people said she's gone, this day, no one is certain. 

Rachel: Sister???? Great. First, Dad says it. And now you? How do you two even know I have one? Do you even know her name?

Old woman: Yes.....But I'm afraid now is not the time to tell you. But it is a name everyone has feared since that day. Some people have called her a monster. A demon. A poor soul. Or an Angel of Havoc, seeking her redemption and retribution on all who have wronged her.

Rachel: They must've really hated her, then. And that was before the prom?

Old woman: I don't know. But she was just as special as you were and she had faith which is something you could learn for yourself. Up until then, at least.

Rachel: Grandma.....After what Jesse made me do, I......

Old woman: Rachel. Your sister had something to believe in during her dark times. And it's never too late to redeem yourself through what you believe in.

Rachel: But, how did you know I---

She didn't get a response as her grandma had already hung up.

Rachel didn't know what else to think, but her head was spinning too much. She had too much to worry about.

Back in Florida, on the next morning, it was close to graduation day and Sean, Carrie and his other friends Nick, Robin, Wendy, Mathew and Peter were talking about colleges and majors

Nick (Kodi Smit-McPhee): What'd about Texas University?

Wendy (China Anne McClain): Ugh. My dad says it's a place to get a proper scholarship. That's just for getting an advantage, people.

Peter (Liam James): What about Chicago?

Mathew (Clayton Walton): You kidding me? I spent summer school there.

Nick: Come on, it ain't that bad.

Mathew: I beg to differ.

Sean: Hey. There's a lot to enjoy besides college, you know. I'm hoping y'all can still make it to our wedding.

Robin (AnnaSophia Robb): You know we'll be there, Sean. Say, Carrie, have you picked your dress yet?   

Carrie: No.....but I shouldn't talk about it too least, not in front of Sean anyways. *rubs his shoulder*

Nick: And who's gonna make best man, Sean?

Sean: Well, I thought of Raymond. But, I would've picked Alex if he hadn't turned into a major ass months ago.

Wendy: And Carrie, have you picked out bridesmaids?

Carrie: Well, just one. Sue is gonna fill that out, but guys could too. You and Robin, that is.

Robin: Oh that would be great, except.....

Carrie: What?

Robin: Since my parents got divorced, it made me have second thoughts about marriage. I mean, aren't they supposed to be as one together for eternity and isn't eternity supposed to mean forever? Why couldn't it for my parents?

Carrie: Robin, I know how you feel. My parents weren't exactly happy with each other, either. They split before I was born. But it doesn't always happen with everybody. It won't be perfect, no; but....the point is you just got to be strong and have faith.

Nick: That's very rhetoric.

Peter: She's got a nice way with words.

Robin smiled and Sean placed his hand on Carrie's shoulder

Sean: That's my girl.

Later on that afternoon, Rachel was under so much pressure, she felt that she couldn't stay in hiding anymore, so she packed up whatever stuff she had and started moving.

She looked around houses trying to find Carrie until she conveniently rested her head on the same doorstep she was on.

And it wasn't until mere hours later 'till Sue (Gabriella Wilde) saw her on the doorstep to fend for herself. Without taking a second thought, she picked her up and dragged her inside using her own key.

She placed her on the couch as Rachel laid there, still asleep. Sue began to pace desperately.

Sue: Oh god....god....what do I do now? Come on, think.

She looked strangely at Rachel who suddenly opened her eyes and Sue backed up like a gun fired in her hands. Rachel slowly sat up as she gazed around the place and then saw Sue.

At this point, Sean, Ray and Carrie already walked inside to see the whole thing.

Rachel: Who....are you?

Carrie: We are not your enemy......

Then Rachel turned around to see them.

Sue: That is Sean Ford, his brother Raymond and my friend Carrie.

Rachel: *breathing heavily and shivering*

Carrie: what's wrong?

Rachel: H-H-help. I-I need h-help.

Sean: With?

And then she got up from the couch and slowly walked towards them. Sean & Ray continued to back up, but Carrie stood right there and stared at Rachel.

Carrie: Hey. Don't be afraid. We won't hurt you. Tell us your name.

Rachel: R-Rachel.

Carrie: Rachel?

For some reason, her name sounded oddly familiar to her. She tried to get an image going in her head, but nothing struck close to home.

Carrie: Have we met before?

Rachel: I-I don't think so.

Carrie: Well, from the looks of it, you've been in the worst position in your life. Come on. Let's get you cleaned up.

Carrie walked Rachel up stairs and Raymond was still in his trance over her as Sean looked at his brother completely paralyzed.

Sean: Ray? Hey.

He started waving his hand over him but.....nothing.

Sean: Oh god......Lovesick.....

Meanwhile upstairs, Carrie was upstairs making sure Rachel had someplace to rest for the time being.

Carrie: You sure we haven't met before?

Rachel: Well, I honestly don't know, really. Why?

Carrie: Your name sounds a little familiar, that's all. Tell me. Do you know people named Ralph and Margaret White?

Rachel didn't know Margaret, but she did know Ralph. But she wouldn't let Carrie know.

Carrie: Did you hear what I said?

Rachel: Huh? O-oh. Sorry, bu-but, I don't know them. I better lay down.

Carrie: Um....alright.....

Then she walked downstairs and sat at the bottom step praying quietly. Ray was still hypnotized while Sean and Sue were still confused with it.

Sean: This guy is just.....knocked out. I swear I'm gonna have to drag him upstairs.

Carrie: She's--she's just like me.

Sean: As in.....

Carrie: It's like I'm talking to myself in a broken mirror.....literally. I don't really know. But there's something about her that tells me she's like me. She might've had a "Chris Hargensen" in her life too. She needs someone to care for her.

Sue: Yeah, she looked fragile for sure. I'll see what I can do about that.

Sean: Thanks.

Carrie nodded and Sean kissed her. Sue walked out the door and Carrie turned to Raymond

Carrie: Raymond? You ok?

Raymond: Huh? Uh....wha-I.....

He was stumbling to get back on balance.

Raymond: Sl--sleep. Gotta sleep.

He passed Carrie and then went up the stairs. Carrie slept on the couch.

But Ray couldn't sleep that night.....

Raymond was watching Rachel sleep while Carrie and Sean were downstairs. He thought she was so beautiful sleeping. But just when he was about to walk out...

Rachel: Don't go.

He slowly turned around towards her.

Raymond: You're awake?

Rachel: Since, I heard you come in......

Raymond: I didn't mean to disturb you.

Rachel: You didn't.

Raymond closed the door, sat down beside Rachel and put on a night light he had. He then gave it to her.

Raymond: Here. Just in case.

Rachel: Thanks.....

Raymond: You know, this is the strangest case of Deja Vu. When we met Carrie, it was almost the same way we met you. Only our car was broken. She and her old gym teacher found us.

Rachel: Did.....she.....what happened that night?

Raymond: What night......Ohhhh.....that.....I....ummm......Well, Sean's obsessive ex teamed up with this b**ch who hates Carrie for God knows what reason. They were killing people and they got Sue's mom and our friend, Scott. Then they dumped all this blood on her and she snapped and went crazy with those powers of hers. I was too busy being, pardon my french, an a**hole to Sean for keeping me in the dark that I tried to get him to forget about her. Key word: TRIED. That's because he clocked me. And that's what made me realize I was being know what. So....yeah.....

Rachel: I'm sorry.

Raymond: No...I...I deserved it. I was a bastard to them and I wish I could take back what I said.

Rachel: No, I mean.... *Holds his hand* I'm sorry about your friend Scott. I lost my fair share of friends as well.

Raymond: Oh....yeah. Thank you for that. Honestly, if I had known she had those powers earlier, maybe I wouldn't have been such a pain in the ass. Besides, I was always secretly jealous when Sean hooked up with somebody.

Rachel: never had a girlfriend?

Raymond: Nope. I mean I used to pretend when I was younger, but *chuckles* that's a different story. Nothing really worth talking about.

And then they just stated at each other.

Rachel: Umm.....

Raymond and Rachel felt an inch to each other but before they knew it, they pressed on to a soft kiss. But they pulled away a minute later.

Raymond: We should probably.....

Rachel: Yeah.....

Raymond: *Gets up* I'll just.....

Rachel: Good idea....

Soon as Ray left the room, Rachel felt like that was a rush as she panted heavily and laid down.


We cut over to the Florida State Prison as the camera transitions over the prison and stops at two guards guarding the cell of one Christine "Chris" Hargensen.

Chris was sitting down in her cell, still serving her life sentence for her previous offense (killing four people to get to Carrie). And apparently, she had time to dye her hair from brunette to blonde. Unfortunately, her mind was NOT set on staying behind bars for the rest of her life. She had one goal in mind and one goal alone: to humiliate and kill Carrie White for everything she had put her through.

Eventually, one of the guards was called off his shift and led the other guard there. Upon seeing her opportunity to escape, Chris came up with an idea....and she smirked. So at first......she attracts the guards attention by flirting.

Chris: My, my, my. Aren't you handsome? Did I mention I love a man in uniform?

Guard: Look, miss. I don't have time to play your games right now. You've still got about.....couple extra years left in ya.

Chris: I'm sorry. It's just.....not very sporting, putting a lady like me behind these bars.

Guard: Trust me, miss. YOU are no lady. I assure you of that.

Chris: *sighs* You know.....I know you've been a little depressed since your wife divorced you and....I just have a soft spot for lonely men.

Guard: What? How'd you know about....?

Chris: I can tell whether big boys like you are down in the dumps.....and if you like it.....I can make your desires come true.

Guard: I....uh....I mean.....

Chris then gets up from her bed and slowly moves closer to him as she leans on the bars, rather flirtatiously.

Chris: I mean.....I think you're kind of cute.

Guard: You....think so?

Chris: I KNOW so.

Chris pulls the prison guard close to her and kisses him and he couldn't help but to kiss her back cause of his depression of his wife leaving him. But while kissing him, Chris took his gun and shot him straight through his chin and his brain. Blood started to drip from his mouth as he slowly lost balance and fell dead.

Chris: Will they ever learn? I've got so little time with so much to do......

She grabbed his keys, stole the guards uniform, opened the cell door and walked right out the front door of the prison facility with no one suspecting a thing. She took another cop's car and immediately took off with a smirk on her face and revenge on her mind. 

Over the next 3 days is when things started to take a dramatic turn.

Back at school, Raymond was 3/4ths of the way through his end of the year essay, yet he couldn't take his mind off Rachel. He dosed off a couple of times 'till he heard.....

Gabe (Dakota Goyo): *whispering* Oi!

It snapped him out of it.

Raymond: *whispering* You really like doin' that, Gabe?

Gabe: *whispering* Yeah.....But you were spaced out for a sec.

Raymond: *whispering* And why does it matter to you?

Gabe: *whispering* I'm just saying you look like---

Then the entire class was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Dr. Roberts (Billy Dee Williams): Sorry to interrupt your class, Ms. Jackson. But could I borrow Raymond for a second?

And then Ray looked at Gabe.

Raymond: *whispering* Wish me luck?

Gabe: *whispering* Break a leg, man

They fist-bump and Ray goes with Dr. Roberts.

Raymond: So I guess I'm in trouble?

Dr. Roberts: No. But I'd recommend heading to the principals office. You got a phone call.

Ray squnched cause he barley ever gets calls from anyone other then Sean.

Raymond: Uh.....who called?

Dr. Roberts: A woman named Sue.....sneel....Snell....something like that.....

Rays eyes lit up and then it cuts back to Sean's house. Carrie was asleep on the couch when Sue snuck in from the back door as Ray followed her.

Raymond: What's this about?

Sue:  You'll see in a little bit. *approaches the couch*  Carrie!

Carrie was startled and without thinking, she opened her eyes and her powers pushed Sue into the kitchen which caused her to fall over one of the chairs. Ray backed up as a result of that.

Carrie: Who's there?

Sue: *aargh* Just a friend.....

Raymond: Make that two friends.....

Carrie then looked over to see Ray by the door and saw it was Sue in the kitchen and sighed.

Carrie: God, don't sneak up on me like that. I thought you were someone else.

Sue: I know, but save it. Something's come up, ok? Take a look at---

Then there's a knock on the door.

Raymond: The hell?

All three of them look at each other. Raymond and Carrie go behind Sue as she slowly reached for the door and pulled it open.

Sue: Lieu--Lieutenant.....


Lieutenant Nelson: Good day, Ms. Snell. Ms. White. Mr. Ford.

Carrie nodded.

Lieutenant Nelson: This is my partner, Detective Jones.

Detective Jones: *holds up a picture of Rachel* Have you seen this woman?

All three of them recognized the picture immediately. But Raymond was a little too quick to answer.

Raymond: Uh.....yeah. She's right upstairs in my....Hey!

Lieutenant Nelson: *moves into the house over walkie talkie* All units, target is in the area. Moving to intercept.

Both him and his partner went up to get Rachel only to find out that she wasn't in the bed.

In fact, she wasn't in the house at all.

Detective Jones: *over walkie talkie* All units, disregard. Area is clear.

Then all of a sudden, the guns from their waists were pulled away, emptied of bullets and destroyed as they look up at Carrie and Sue by the door in the room.

Carrie/Sue: What is going on?!

Lieutenant Nelson: Uh....Miss White, Miss Snell....perhaps we need to take this to my office. You don't mind coming downtown?

Carrie: No.....I-I....I guess so.

Later at the Florida police station, Nelson told Carrie and Sue about the Rachel Lang case.

Sue: What?!

Carrie: *Thinks to herself* She is like me.

Sue: I don't get it. What was her crime? What'd she do?

Lieutenant Nelson: Ms. Snell, Rachel Lang is considered armed and extremely dangerous. She's currently wanted on multiple charges for capital murder and conspiracy to commit the same. She wasn't as innocent as you thought she was.

Sue was just absolutely dumbfounded. Carrie still didn't say a word.

Sue: Did you, at least, find out if she was related to anyone?

Lieutenant Nelson: I assure you we're doing everything we can, Miss Snell. We looked up her background info and there was no criminal record. Although, we did find her state of address.

Carries eyes lit up when she heard the address. Now she was worried.

She immediately got up from the office and  rushed outside to hijack a random car and  drive to that particular address.

Sue: Hey!

Turns out the address is where her father Ralph currently resides.

So she figured it was best to pay him a visit......rather forcefully.

She eventually made it to her fathers house and just stares at it.

Carrie: What do you know about this, Dad?

She was just about to walk in, but Sue caught up with her as she pulled up in her car and confronted her.

Sue: Hey! What you doing? What was that back there?

Carrie: Sue, this girl came by 2 days ago and she didn't hurt me or the boys. She seemed like she was in my shoes from 3 years ago and from last year. Sue.....I think she may be a relative of mine.

Sue: How are you sure?

Carrie: Well, her name had me puzzled like I might know her from another life-time. And if she does live with Dad.....*looks back at the house*.....he may know the connection between us. Call me crazy, but he might know about Rachel.

Sue: Do you want to me to go with you?

Carrie: I would love you to, but this might be a family thing. I should do this alone. But, Sue......we can't let the police find her.

Sue nodded and she was about to walk to her car until.....

Sue: Carrie?

She turned and faced her.

Sue: I need you to promise me: after this, we are done. You hear me? No more breakouts, no more massacres, no more lives taken from their family's, no more of this revenge bulls**t. Please.....

Carrie just stood there and sighed.

Carrie: *nodding her head* Sue.....I can't promise you that. Not after what we just found out.

Sue looked away and then looked back letting Carrie know that she understood.

So Sue nodded and drove off as Carrie made her......dramatic entrance.....

She knocks on the door and Ralph (Nick Nolte) hears it from the inside.

Ralph: Ahhhh......*stretching* Who has decided to confront me on this peaceful day in......

So he opened the door to find no one there.

Ralph: Humanitarians......

And then the door and windows closed by themselves and he heard....

Carrie: Anything else you wanna hide from me, Dad? How long are you gonna keep lying to me? Huh? Tell me.....

Ralph then turned around to see Carrie looking at him.

Cornered, Ralph knew what he must do.

Ralph: *sighs heavily* I feared this day. I prayed that this..... may not be told. it is time.

Carrie: Time for what?! Scandals?! More lies?!

Ralph: No. The truth.

Ralph went to the back and grabbed some photo album, came back and gave it to Carrie.

Carrie: What is this?

Ralph: Your family heritage....*opens it up and shows it to her*.....I knew there would come a time where you would have to be told of how your powers were inherited. This is your great great great great grandfather, Jefferson White. He was a man of science dedicating himself to perverse the good for humanity. One day, he was trying to add the next step of evolution by creating a chemical reaction that released telepathic abilities, such as yourself. But the day that he got results, reckoning came when it backfired. A fault in his code was found which gave him the ability to use telekinesis, more powerful then he had anticipated. He dreaded having been the one who made that discovery and spent the rest of his life, trying to reduce it as low and as invisible as he could attempt.

Carrie: But he never got the chance.

Ralph: Right. And since then, it's been passed down from one lucky generation to the next. You were one of those lucky ones.....and so was my mother, your grandmother, Caroline White. She also caught these abilities at birth and taught a few others who also had them, and how to control these to help them fit in.

Carrie: And you were one of them? She taught you???

Ralph just nodded his head.

Carrie: I knew it.....

Ralph: I never used it after my scuffle with your mother. Nor will I ever use it.

Carrie continued to scour through the pages until she saw one picture of Ralph and Rachel together.

Carrie: Is tha---Dad. *shows him the picture* This is the girl I saw the other day. What do you know about her?

Ralph looked at the picture inside the photo album, saw the picture and smirked a little bit. But it quickly turned to dismay.

Ralph: This girl........Rachel other your sister.....

Carries mouth dropped open as the truth was finally revealed. She almost dropped the photo book.

Carrie: I---Uh---I have a what???

Ralph: Months after your mom and I split up, I had a second wife and a second child. She left Rachel at my door when she was a baby. While growing up, she nearly had the same problems as you; only worse. A friend of hers took her own life and Rachel became a fugitive when the authorities wrongfully accused her for her murder. She's been scouring around since then. And as for your grandma, she STILL resides in that damned city of Chamberlain.

Carrie was stunned, as she didn't know what to say anymore.

Ralph: Forgive me if.....there is.....too much for one mind to comprehend. Too much light and the mere soul will go blind. Too dark and the devil will engulf you in its grasp to be sucked into obscurity.

And then he placed his hand on her shoulders.

Ralph: Embark on this journey, and you'll surely find her. But I worry that you seek the end. I lost you once, Carrieta. I swear on your life and mine, I will not lose you again.

But Carrie politely took his hand off her shoulder.

Carrie: I believe you, Dad. But you never lost me. I've always been right here....*points to his heart*

Having heard enough, she almost walked out the door.

But what Ralph said next stopped her dead in her tracks and caused her to look over.

Ralph: I trust you read about every urban myth about the end of the world in the bible.

Carrie: "As the sun blackens, sky's shall burn, flesh becomes stone, water shall boil and the dead rise from the grave."

Ralph:....Do you really believe all that?

Carrie: After everything I've seen and done, I think it's safe to say I do.

Carrie turned away and went out the door. Ralph sat down as he looked back at a framed picture of him and Carrie hugging, then opened a drawer and pulled out an unframed picture of Rachel as a child.

Ralph: Judgement upon us......all of us.....

Meanwhile back at Sean's house, he was antsy because he hadn't seen or heard from Carrie all day and gotten really impatient. He had left her multiple voice mails with no answers and it was really annoying.

Sean: *over phone* Carrie, I don't know where you are. What you've done. Haven't heard from you all day. Please, just call me back.

Ray was watching the news in the living room and was disgusted that they were featuring Rachel on it.

Raymond: Sean, look at this.....

News: It is now Day 4 into the investigation into the search for Rachel Lang, a fugitive currently on the run for capital murder. Very few information has been released about their new prime suspect, but further details will be..... Ray turned the T.V off before they could finish the statement. He'd heard enough.

Sean: Hey! Why did you do that?

Raymond: Its freakin' lies they're talking about. That's why! Why would they say that about her?! And how do they even know what she did? Did Satan tell 'em? I swear people don't know what they talking about these days.....

And then Sean realized something.

Sean: You're in love, aren't ya?

Raymond: What?

Sean: Come on, bro. Don't deny it. I saw the way you looked at her when she came here. You were f**king paralyzed.

Raymond: Well, what if I am? You were the same way when we met Carrie back at the highway. If she's what they say she is, she would've killed us all by now. So I can't help by refuse to believe what they say on T.V. I mean, I don't know about Carrie with those superpowers of hers, but Rachel....??? You'll have to really convince me otherwise.

That's when Carrie walked in the front door.

Carrie: Sean.

Sean: Hey. I've been worried. Sue called and told me everything.

Carrie: Sorry, I was at my dad's. Sean, I've been thinking....I....well...just look at this.

Carrie sat down at the coffee table looking through her family history. She put it on the coffee table and Sean sat next to her

Sean: What you looking for?

Carrie: There's something I missed here. Dad told me that my grandmother was teaching our family how to control our powers. He told me they spent years learning this stuff.

Sean: And you're wondering why....she didn't recruit you. Right?

Carrie: Inherited. I guess that's what Dad meant when said I was one of the lucky ones.

Sean: *sighs* Why do I get the feeling this is something you gotta do alone?

Carrie: Because it is.

She then got up and went to her room to pack up.

That's when Ray saw her.

Raymond: Whoa whoa whoa. You didn't say you were going anywhere.

Carrie: I have to go meet with my grandmother. There's something I have to ask her.

Raymond: Hey but....what about your wedding?

Carrie: It's months away, Ray. I'll be back before it comes.

Sean: *Walks in* Carrie, please. Let me come with you. We're supposed to be a team on this. Besides, who else are we gonna trust other than each other?

Carrie: I'll be alright, baby. Besides, this is personal. It's best if you stay here and don't get yourself hurt again. Heck, if it makes it better, I'll find Rachel first, alright?

Sean: *sighs* careful, OK?

Raymond: Good luck. And come back in one piece.

Carrie thanked them, packed up and then walked out the door.

But later that same night when she was driving Sean's car, she wasn't paying attention to the person who was in front of her in the street and the car tumbled over her which caused Carrie to crash.

Carrie: *Ugh*! *Oof!* Oh my god.....*Rushes out of the car* Are you ok? I'm so sorry!

Carrie turned her over and saw it was Rachel again. Her pulse was weak, but she was still breathing and the weirdest thing about her was that there was not ONE scratch on her. No broken bones, no lacerations, not even so much as a bruise.

Carrie: My god.....

Rachel popped her eyes wide open again and saw Carrie again. She then just shot up to her feet and stared at Carrie again. Carrie wanted to take things slow and steady, so she basically stated the obvious.

Carrie: I know who you are.

Rachel: No one knows me. No one knows what I've had to do to survive in this infested world. I just don't care anymore. You couldn't possibly understand.

Carrie: Stop talking like that. Trust me, I do understand. You're stronger then what they made you think. What would your father think?

Upon hearing about her father, Rachel used her telekinesis to push Carrie back REALLY hard into Sean's car. And SHE got severe cuts and bruises.

Rachel then walked up to her....demonically.

Rachel: If what he said is true, BOTH of you will suffer.

And as she walks off into the realms of the night, Carrie slowly fell off the shattered window shield and laid knocked out for the next few hours.

But by the next morning, she wakes up to realize the car was destroyed and there was no way to reach Sean, Sue, Raymond or even Ralph's cause her phone had died.

So she went over to the side of the road and used a payphone to try and call either one of them, but there was still no answer.

Carrie: Come on....come on.....

Half an hour later, and there's still no ring. But.....that's when the payphone rings and she wasn't sure what or who it was, so not fearing the anticipation, she picks up, for some reason.

Carrie: Look, I don't know who this is but I don't have time to play games right now, so--

Chris: *over phone* Come on. You always have time to play with me......

The voice was all too familiar to her.

Carrie: Chris.....

Chris: The one and only.

Carrie: Why must you keep coming back? And how did you even get out?

Chris: *over phone* First of all, don't act so surprised, b__ch. You knew this was going to happen. And knowing that my dad was useless in bailing me out, and by that I mean "Not even trying to show up and break his daughter out himself", I had to take precautions into my own hands. And if you're wondering exactly how, that's a trade secret I'll share AFTER, and only AFTER I see you suffer. But now that we got that out of the way, if you can excuse me, I'm gonna fulfill my promise and take care of your precious Sean.....and there ain't a damn thing you can do to stop me. ​Carrie: Why you little.......Chris, so help me God, if you lay a finger on him.....

​Chris: Uh uh uh. Not yet, Carrie. Come find me first. You know I'm gonna make you work for it......*cackles*......

Chris hung up, leaving Carrie growing furious. Once more, her eyes turned black as she crushed her phone with her powers. She walked into the street and she saw a truck coming and she stopped it with her telekinesis.

Truck driver: What the f**k?!

Carrie then looked at him with black eyes that caused him to back up and run away.

And then another car from Carries other direction came, but she stopped it before it could hit her.

Anisha: Carrie?

Carrie then turned to see it was Anisha Paris (Donnabella Mortel) behind the wheel. Her panic soon turned to anticipation.

Carrie: Oh, thank God it's you! Do you how to get Sean's, right?

Anisha: Yeah, it's not that far....

Carrie: *gets in the car* Good. Something bad's about to go down. I'll tell you about it later. Just drive!

So Anisha obeyed and drove back while Carrie was in hopes to stop Chris....again.

Anisha immediately drove back to Sean's residence.

Carrie: Stay here. I won't be long.

She exited the car and burst inside.....only to see that the entire house was ransacked (or trashed) and no one was there. She looked in every room there was.....but nothing.

Carrie:, no, no.....

Then the phone started ringing. She didn't bother picking it up.

And then it went to message. Chris: *over answering machine* I told you you're always two steps behind me. Your time has expired, b**ch. And now, you'll get to hear them squeal......Let's get the first contestant out here.... Carrie was confused when she heard "them". She then heard another voice on the line, it was rather frantic.

Sue: *over answering machine* Carrie, it's Chris. She did this to all of us. If you can hear me, get yourself over here and get us out, ok? There's not much time. She's got me, Sean and Ray over a---AAAHHHHHH!

The message eventually went to static and then it hung up.

Carrie didn't say anything. But anger kept building up as she balled up her fists and screamed at the top of her lungs. Her rage caused the whole area to shake, even the whole neighborhood.

As she got up from the ground, Carrie looked up and saw Rachel looking at her from behind. Carrie: I--I found you.....

Rachel: I don't need to be found.

Then she attacked Carrie, pushing her back into the kitchen. Carrie was then forced to defend herself as a fight ensued.

Meanwhile at some abandoned garage, Chris had Sean, Sue and Raymond tied up as she pulled a knife out of Sues shoulder and taunted all of them.

Sue: *breathing heavily* I can't believe you busted yourself out of jail for this.

Chris: If you REALLY knew me, you'd get how I handle myself. all found yourselves in this position the minute you all gave Carrie White what she doesn't deserve. It's really sickening having to look at all of you again. Sue, the hell happened to you? You were my friend and you betray me because of your self pity and newly love for the tramp.

Sue: You seriously need a new hobby.

Chris: Oh really? Are you afraid I'm gonna touch your root beer and turn to f**king gold?

Raymond: Would you....oh my....stop doing this stupid sh**! You can't make us speak.

Chris: *pulls out her gun* You know I can still arrange that. *looks at Sean* And as for you, gave Carrie your heart when she's NOT meant to have it. Kaitlyn was your soulmate. Why bury the gold and dig up the turd?

Sean: Because you and her have ONE thing in common: you're both scandalous B**CHES!

Chris: *smirks* You SO remind me of Tommy Ross.....*looks at Sue*....and that's really pathetic. Cause I know you're all easy. Yes; you too, Ray. So I'm gonna make it easy for you all. Cast Carrie White aside and help me finish what SHE started. What'd you say?

Sean: *Spits at her eye*

Back at the collapsed house, Carrie was thrown upstairs as she then saw Rachel heading towards her.

Carrie: What are you doing?!

Rachel: I'm here to warn you. Leave me alone or I'll make you suffer.

Carrie: Rachel, I tried to tell you before. Ralph White is my father too!

Rachel stopped with a stunned look on her face.

Carrie: Don't you know what that means?

Rachel took time to think about it. And then it clicked.

Rachel: No.....

Carrie:'s true. I'm your sister.

But she couldn't......

Rachel: I.....don't have a sister

She used her powers to push Carrie out of the remains of the house completely and onto Anisha's car which caused Carrie to spit up blood.

Carrie: At least.....tell me why.....Why are the cops after you?

Rachel: SHUT UP!

And she tried punching her, but Carrie came back with a counterattack of her own.

Carrie: Anisha, go!

Anisha: But, you're....

Carrie: NOW!

Anisha backed up and drove off in a hurry.

Carrie then used a massive force of her powers to push Rachel back causing her to fly through two houses as she broke the pavement upon impact. Carrie approached her as Rachel stood up, confused.

Rachel: How'd you do that?

Carrie: I told you we're sisters!

Rachel:'re no relation TO ME!!!

She pushed force as Carrie did the same. It became a telekinetic battle

Back at Chris's hideout, she wiped the spit Sean gave her and she felt disgusted with his loyalty with Carrie.

She smacked him, glanced at Ray, took out her gun, and shot him in both legs.

Sue: No!

Sean: Ray!

Raymond: *aargh* Son of a b**ch.....

Chris: *points the gun at Sean again* You truly disgust me. Your love for Carrie just makes me wanna puke out MY INSIDE!!!!!! *puts it down* You know what? You worthless pawns think about it. I don't have all day....

And Chris walks out....

Sue: Ray, you OK?

Raymond: Ahh.....quick....try to reach for his back pocket....and get the pocket knife.

Sue try to reach for Sean's pocket and slightly grabbed the knife.

Sean: Hurry, she'll be back soon.....

Meanwhile, the telekinesis force was very strong as both Carrie and Rachel try walking towards each other while the battle pressed forward.

Carrie: *straining* Why.....keep.....going? You'll wear......yourself.....out.

Rachel: *straining* Stop.....Just.....stop TALKING TO ME!

Their powers both exploded and collapsed the buildings closest to them and both of them were very worn out.

The fight was merely out matched 'till they were worn out to the point where they couldn't stand.

Carrie: Rachel, this can stop now. Let me help you. I was like you once.


Rachel was just about to strike again till Anisha came up from behind and hit her with the car, causing her to fly at one of those old, abandoned buildings.

Carrie just looked at Anisha, clearly distraught.

Carrie: You didn't have to---

Anisha: Why not? You were clearly hesitating. You would never do it. I had to do something.

Carrie then looked back at her sister knocked out in the rubble, and then she saw Rachel emerge from the destroyed building.

Rachel: You have no idea what you just started.

Then out of nowhere, tires start screeching on the pavement as cops pulled up and aimed their guns at Rachel. Nelson was also there.

Cops: Freeze! Down on the ground now!

Nelson: I wouldn't make any smart movements if I was you.

Rachel, knowing that she was caught, obeyed, put her hands up in the air and was eventually handcuffed by Nelson.

Carrie: No....NO! WAIT!

She was about to chase after her but other cops stopped her. All Carrie could do was watch them put her in the back of the cruiser.

Carrie: What are you doing?!!

Lieutenant Nelson: Just doing my job: Putting away criminals like her.

Carrie: She's no criminal, she's my sister!!

Lieutenant Nelson: Well, that makes it better. You'll get to testify once she confesses. Thanks for the help you've given us.

Carrie: Are you kid----I'm talking to you! Don't walk away from me! Don't do this to her!! NO!!! STOP! RACHEL!!!!!!

As Carrie is held back, Rachel gets driven away while Sean, Sue and Raymond watch on.

Meanwhile on the same day, they brought Rachel into an interrogation room in hopes for a confession.

Then Lieutenant Nelson and Detective Jones walked in and sat down in front of her.

Lieutenant Nelson: I would introduce me and my partner here, but I highly doubt you'd be interested. I'm working on a tight schedule here, so I'm just gonna cut to the chase.....

Rachel didn't say anything

Lieutenant Nelson: Why did you kill Lisa Parker?

Rachel still said nothing.

Sean had Raymond's arm around his neck due to his injury and they watched helplessly as Anisha tended to Carrie, crying in her hands

Sean: Lets get over to her.....

They took their time making their way over to her as she saw them

Carrie: Guys...SEAN!!! *Rushes to him* What happened?

Sean: Chris happened. We got out, luckily.

Raymond: But not before she popped a cap in my legs. Hold on. How did Chris get out and why did they take Rachel?

Sue: I don't know and honestly, I don't wanna found out.

Carrie was breathing heavily with tears still in her eyes.

Sean went up and hugged her.

Sean: Don't worry, babe. We're here. It's all right.

Carrie:'s not. She's.....*sniffles*......she's my sister.

They all stepped back in absolute shock.

All: She's what?!


Lieutenant Nelson: Miss Lang, I asked you a question.

Rachel:.....I don't answer to low lives.

Detective Jones: I'd consider what you say next. You see, Rachel......We heard from a Jesse Ryan (she looked up at him when he said that) that you were in fact near his residence prior to the event. And not only that, but he told us that you also murdered her sister, Rebecca. Two people dead because of you? That's a big no-no in our books.

Rachel: Stop. Tricking. Me. I didn't do s***.

Nelson and Jones looked at each other and turned back to Rachel.

Nelson: *Sighs* OK......Let's change it up a bit. So.....Carrie White said you were HER sister. But from what I just found out, you two share no records together. Would you mind explaining that for me, Miss Lang?

Rachel: *Looks wide at him with black eyes* I don't have a sister....I have nothing....

Suddenly, the glass window shattered and everyone panicked and ducked as Rachel broke off the cuffs making everything around her shake and fall as she walked by......

Then Detective Jones started firing off at her, only to have the bullets ricochet off of her. The bullets scrambled all over the place tearing everything in sight as one of the bullets goes straight through his mouth.

He dies almost instantly.

Rachel: They don't understand.....and they never will......

Then Rachel walks out of the demolished station.

Nelson looked around at the carnage that erupted and knew that more work needed to be done.


Carrie: Yes, it's true. Rachel is my sister.

Anisha: Now it makes sense why you kept pulling your punches.

Sue: But you said before she might've been a relative of yours.

Carrie: Yeah. We have the same father, but she came from another family he had. But nows not the time. Look, we got to do what we can to get her out of there.

Suddenly the gang heard ambulance heading for the police station.

Raymond: Ohh, hell no.....this can't be good.

Sean: Look, I'll take Ray to the hospital. Sue, you're with Carrie. Please deal with this situation and try not to die again while you're at it.

They split up as Carrie take Sues car and rushed to the station just to see it in a total wreck.

Carrie: Oh, God have mercy.....

Sue: What if we're too late?

Carrie: Don't say that!

Sue was stunned by her reaction.

Sue: Uh....

Carrie: Just drive.

So they drove for hours....until they saw Rachel right in front of them on the side of the street, walking slowly.

Sue: Alright, there she is.....

Carrie rushed out the car and yelled her name.

Carrie: RACHEL!!!

Rachel turned around and frowned.

Carrie: You've caused enough carnage already. I can't let you harm our father.

Rachel: Why won't you leave ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

She pushed her back with forced power causing Carrie to fly through a house across the street.

Sue: CARRIE!!!!!

Rachel approached Carrie and Chris watched from the bushes as Carrie fought back

Chris: Well...what'd we have here? *smirks*

Rachel threw her down and buried her face in the ground.

Carrie: *muffled* December 7th....1999....

Rachel then stopped for that was the day that she was brought into the world.

Rachel: How do you know that?

And she let her go.

Ralph: *From behind Rachel* That was the year you were born. My dearest Rachel.

Rachel: *Gasps and tears up* Daddy.....

He walked up to Rachel and she grabbed him in a tight hug and cried as Carrie looked on.

Later inside, Ralph told Rachel everything of her heritage and showed her the family book he showed Carrie earlier and she soon felt guilty.

Rachel: Carrie....I'm so sorry. I just....I...don't know who I am anymore.

Carrie: You're not alone on that. We've all been there before.

Rachel: But....I....there's no way I could not forgot everything that I did. I won't be able to last another day out here like this.

Carrie: Well, that's why I think you and I should go see Grandma. She may help you find redemption. Listen, I was lost too and drowned myself in revenge, but I got better. I'd like to do the same for you.

And she held Rachel's hand tight

Carrie: We're sisters. Once together, always forever.

Rachel then said something familiar....

Rachel: "This unfrequented peace to find some ease....Ease to the body some, none to the mind....."

Carrie: "Times past and what once i was and what am now.....O wherefore was my birth from heaven foretold...."

Both: "Twice by an angel, who at last in sight of both my parents all in flames ascended....."

Carrie was beyond shocked that Rachel knew one of her favorite poems.

Carrie: Where did you hear that?

Rachel: I-I can't remember.....

Carrie: It's OK. Listen, we'll rest here for now and we'll head off first thing in the morning. I got to call my fiancee and Raymond and let them know where we are.

Rachel: Are they....friendly?

Carrie: You'll recognize them when you see them again. They helped me during my crisis.

Rachel: What happened?

Carrie: *Sighs* It's  a long and complicated story. I'll tell all about it when we leave tomorrow.

Rachel: But what about the authorities? They're still looking for me.

Carrie: We'll find a way to clear you.

And they all embraced in a long, deep hug.

Later that night, Rachel was pulling up her hair in front of bathroom mirror and soon she opened the door just to bump into Raymond who was coming in the bathroom.

Raymond: I'm sorry.....

Rachel: No, I.....

Raymond: Hehehe....

Rachel: Hey, Ray. I'm all right. Still shaken up, but OK. Look, I didn't mean to run off like that before. I just.....

Raymond: Trust me. It's fine. Nothing to worry about.

Rachel just looked down.

Raymond: Well....listen. I know we barley know each other, but I am an open book. So if you ever want to talk to anyone....

Rachel: *Smiles and looks back up* You sound just like Carrie. Thanks.

He nodded and went down the hall as Ray saw her go.

The next day at the airport, Carrie had Rachel dressed up in a hood and sun glasses to keep her covered from the authorities (who were still watching her) and they were at the airport about to board a flight and Carrie kissed Sean goodbye

Carrie: You sure you're gonna be OK? With Chris out there again, she could hurt you again.

Sean: It's mainly you she wants. You'll be much safer with your grandmother. We'll handle Chris; you just go help your sister. And please be back before the wedding.

Carrie: *Smiles* three days.

Sean: *smiles* Don't keep me waiting.

She kissed him.

Raymond: You just have a safe trip. And don't worry, we got you covered.

Rachel: *smiles* You're really nice.

She kissed his cheek then her and the two of them made their way to the plane. Carrie smiled and waved at Sean, so he smiled and waved back.

But Nelson was watching.

Lieutenant Nelson: Dispatch, we need to have the location of where they're headed A.S.A.P. The sooner we have Rachel again, the better.

Soon enough, the plane took off. Rachel was a bit scared of flights and she panted.

Carrie: Hey. Keep holding my hand.

Rachel: *Nods* So.....if we're really sisters. We should take time to get to know each other. say you too had a rough path. What happened?

Carrie: They were very inhuman, I'll tell you that.

They both chuckled.

For two hours, Carrie told her half sister about her tragic and dark past. She talked about Chris, her mom, the period incident, the prom and of course when she met Sean and Ray, the murders that happened and her last tangle with Chris

Rachel: Oh my....that's horrible. And to think no one gave a s*** about me.

Carrie: Everyone has their unfortunates. Things got better when I found Sean. But at that karaoke club, I was stupid to doubt him cause it almost cost me his life. But....when I found Dad, he and I got engaged.

Rachel: That's a beautiful ring.

Carrie: Thanks. So....your turn....what's your story?        

Rachel took a deep breath.

Rachel: Well, my mother wasn't even around by the time I was close to finishing high school. I mean, she came back at the LAST minute, but I had to live with my dad before......I moved. Basically, I had at least two friends there but some stupid jockeys pulled one on one of them and she was murdered....

Carrie: And you haven't really been the same since?

Rachel nodded.

Rachel: I never felt like much of an outsider until that happened. I couldn't hold in that anger and pain for long, and when Jesse pulled one on ME.....I needed to....take it out on....somebody......

Carrie was now fascinated by this familiar story.

Carrie: this why Florida's finest are after you?

Rachel: That and more other reasons. I lost control of myself for awhile and.....I've....taken innocent lives.

Carrie: I know what that's like. My hands aren't the cleanest, either. I mean after I wrecked half of the town......twice. All because know......

Rachel: And our grandmother? You really think she'll help us?

Carrie: It's worth a shot. She's family.

An hour later, the plane had just landed and Carrie and Rachel were in a cab driving to Caroline's house.

Little did they know, Chris knew they were back in Maine.....

So basically, she had followed them there.

Chamberlain had barely become a deserted ghost town....

Carrie: Oh Lord.....have mercy on my soul.....

Rachel: Carrie? Does it hurt so bad to be here again?

Carrie: Yes. But if I let it effect me, I'll go crazy. I can't afford it now.

As they moved forward, Chris on the other hand had time to study Rachel and soon had another sick scheme in mind as she made that satisfying smirk she made a quick call

Chris: Hello, Lt. Nelson? I've got a package for you. *Smirks*

Lieutenant Nelson: And what would that be? (He doesn't know it's Chris on the other side.)

A day later, Carrie and Rachel arrive at Caroline's house. They were both nervous cause years had passed since both had seen her. But Rachel rang the door bell and eventually a maid answered.

Rachel: Excuse us Caroline White in?

Maid (Betty White): Oh, she's on her sowings right now. May I ask who you are?

Carrie: I'm Carrie. This is Rachel. we're her granddaughters.

Maid: Oh well, come in then.

She let them in and they looked around.

Maid: Madame, you got visitors.

Slowly but surely, Caroline White (Sissy Spacek) emerged from the bedroom to see two rarely familiar faces.....

Caroline: My my my......Ain't this a pleasant surprise.....

Both Carrie and Rachel looked at each other

Carrie: You remember us?

Caroline: Oh Carrie, I never forget family. Especially you, Rachel.

Carrie and Rachel smiled and hugged their grandmother.

Anyways, they all sit down and had a very long talk about their powers.

Caroline: Telekinesis was and still is a very hard ability to learn. It takes a long amount of time for one to master it.

Rachel: Like years?

Caroline: Decades.

Rachel looked at her shocked.

Carrie: Umm.....Grandma......I....have to come clean. I've done some things in life that I'm not proud of. I knew better back then yet my emotions got the better of me. I came all this way to confront my past and ask God for another chance at redemption. At this point in time, however......Judgement day is upon me.....

Caroline: Yes. I've heard rumors that you've been swallowed by the drug of your gifts and since then, you've searched for forgiveness. I understand you've had unfortunates yourself, Rachel.

Rachel: Yes.

Carrie: And we traveled a long way to know if our powers can be used for a greater good something that they can do not in the devils name but God's.

Caroline: The answer is how you choose to use them. Yes, they can swallow our emotions and make us do terrible things. But when your ancestor Jefferson White was gifted with these abilities, he was cursed himself. He spent his whole life looking for redemption. Like you two have come here for.

Rachel: And....did he?     

Caroline: That is for another time....But all I can say is....     

Before Caroline could even finish her statement, bullets started ringing through the household. Carrie got Caroline out of harms way while Rachel blocked the bullets.

When they finally stopped, the smoke cleared up as the shooter turned out to be Jesse Ryan (Logan Lerman)

Rachel: Really, Jesse?!

Jesse: Should've seen this coming.

Chris watched from behind a tree and was puzzled about Jesse

Upstairs, Carrie had Caroline stay in her room and she rushed back down and saw Jesse

Carrie: Rachel, who is that?! 

Rachel: Remember when I told you that I needed to take my anger out on someone?

Carrie just nodded Yes.

Rachel: Good. *points to him* that's Jesse Ryan.

Jesse: No need for the introduction. It took me a f**king year just to track you down. Now I get the chance to avenge MY sister.

Carrie: Sister? Did you- Why is he here?

Rachel: Cause I CLEARLY killed the wrong person.

Jesse: Yeah. Guess I'm really lucky to survive that. But, I tried to help you before. And that's how you respond?! That act isn't gonna put up with me!

Jesse pointed his gun at them. Carrie and Rachel were ready to defend themselves till another gun was fired at Jesse's knee

Jesse: Aah!!!

He fell and the girls looked over, but saw no one saw Chris duck under a bush with a smirk

Rachel then grabbed Jesse with her powers.

Rachel: Guess you need a little reality check. Now stay still, so I don't make a mess.

Carrie: Rachel, no! We don't kill!

Rachel: Spare me the preaching, Carrie! You know what he's done to me!!

Carrie: Chris Hargensen did the same to me! I had temptation to kill her too, but it wouldn't make me better! Killing him won't do it for you either!

Rachel: But I told you what he's done! He has to pay!

Carrie: Not for his life! For treason. Please sister....don't give in again.

Jesse looked at Carrie and Rachel with an obvious look of fear in his eyes. Rachel looked down and then looked back up at Carrie.

Rachel: *sighs* You know something, I can already tell there's one major difference between us:.....

Rachel snaps Jesse's neck and then looks at her.

Rachel:....the word "Mercy" is not in my dictionary.

Despite the fact that she was close to losing control again, Carrie didn't say anything. She walked inside to cool her head.

That's when Chris saw her opportunity.

Soon as Rachel was alone, Chris came from her

Chris: Unmerciful is something we have in common.

Rachel: Huh?

She then turned around to see Chris.

Rachel: W-who are you?

Chris: A friend perhaps. Tell me: would it be so interesting if you could live your life so freely, you would never had to be merciful or run from anyone again? And what if I told you that.....I have the solution for that?

Rachel: And what would that be?

Chris: The death of Carrie White.

Rachel: What?!

She pushed her down to the pavement and continued to do it to the point where the pavement on the street began to crack.

Rachel: Are you threatening my sister?!

Chris: She tried to hold you from your free will. As she did me. And you possess the same powers as her, only you're stronger which means you can destroy her.

Rachel: Hey. Just because we have different purposes for our enemies doesn't mean I wanna kill her. So you can count me out, freak.

She loosened her grip and Chris got up.

Chris: I wasn't offering you a choice. See, I know Florida's finest are hunting you down, so I told them your daddy and that boy Raymond you like so much were involved in your murders and I snitched on them.

Rachel: You what?!!

Chris: You heard me. I set them up. You can kill me now if you want but if you do, you'll never get them out. Freely, that is. They'll be fugitives like you. And they'll have no one to blame but you and your degenerate sister.

Rachel: Wh-what the hell you want from me?!!

Chris: As I said. You get rid of your sister and I'll bail your daddy and boyfriend out. If not, I'll kill them AND her myself. I don't mind which, either way. What's it gonna be?

Rachel fell on her knees in defeat. Meanwhile, Carrie had a call from Sean

Carrie: Baby? You OK?

Sean: We got a problem.  

Carrie: Problem back there?

Sean: Uh.....hehehe...yeah....

Carrie: Sean......

Sean: You're gonna have to go on another rescue mission. I'm sorry, but me, Sue and Ray had to follow you. It was for your safety. But Ray got captured. Think you can reach him before I do?

Carrie: I'll see what I can do. But if I can't, you'll have to improvise.

Sean: Trust me, I can handle improvising.

As soon as she heard that, she hung up and went outside to see Rachel on her knees. Chris had disappeared.

Carrie: Sis. Come on, we gotta go.....

Rachel: She-sh-s----Daddy.......

Carrie: What about him?

Rachel's eyes started to dilate.

Rachel: Carrie.....I...I'm sorry.....

Carrie: Sorry.......sorry for what?

Rachel: FOR THIS!!!!!!

Rachel unleashed a massive force at Carrie and she flew across the street hitting through three houses and she landed where Ewen High use to be. Rachel approached her.....

Carrie: Rachel, no! I know you're in pain but believe me, I was too all my life. This used to be the school that caused it all. But please you don't understand! You don't have to do this!

Rachel: There's no other choice! I have to do this or she's gonna kill them!

Carrie: She?! Them?!

Rachel attacked again, but Carrie was forced to fight back thus beginning Round 3 of the telekinetic duel.

Unfortunately, it stopped just as soon as it began.

Sue: HEY!

Sue fired her gun in the air multiple times which caused both of them (Carrie, Rachel) to stop and turn towards her.

Sue: *aggravated face* I've had enough of this.......You two should know better then that. Carrie....I said no more of this bulls***.

Carrie: Sue, I wasn't....I was trying to talk to....

Rachel: YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!!!!!!!!

She made Sue's gun explode blinding her. She screamed and Rachel pushed her away

Carrie: SUE!!!!

They turned to each other and both frowned at each other and charged with massive force as they shook the whole area as they hit each other again.

Chris: *hiding* fight since Freddy Vs Jason.

Meanwhile, at the prison system nearby.....

Raymond: HEY! Let us out! Damn it!

Ralph: These are just a stepping stone compared to what bigger challenge lies for us if we get out. We likely won't experience this ungodly pain else-where.

Raymond: Come on! Cut the religious act already. Don't you see we're in a....

He was distracted by the parole guard coming near his cell door.

Parole guard: Raymond Ford, Ralph've made bail.

Both: Huh?

They both see Sean and Anisha standing at the end of the door.

Raymond: Sean!!

He ran up to him and hugged him.

Raymond: I love you, man.

Sean: Love you too, Ray.

Anisha: Ummm, sorry to break up this rekindled brotherhood, but we are on a mission here.

Ralph: And what mission would this be?

Sean: It's Carrie. She may need help.

Raymond: Is Rachel still there?

Sean: From what I know, yeah. We gotta move.

Meanwhile, the fight back at Ewen High went on for a few minutes until Rachel wasted her energy and allowed Carrie to get the upper hand.

She blocked her kick and socked her to the ground.

Carrie:......Don't.....make me do this......

Rachel: Trust me.....I know you won't. You said yourself you don't kill anymore. All cause of your redemption.

Carrie: Dad....wouldn't wanna us to fight.

Rachel: What if his life depended on it?

Carrie: What do you mean?

Then Maine police cars pulled up and officers stepped out and pulled their guns out.


Carrie simply used her powers to push them all back.

Rachel then pushed a distracted Carrie off her and used whatever power she had left to try and choke her out.

Meanwhile, Sean and Anisha had just arrived and he saw Sue out cold with the melted gun in her hands.

Sean: Sue! *Rushes to her* Come on, wake up! *Lightly taps her face*

Sue: *uh uhhhh*

Sean: Oh thank God.

Sue: with them.

He saw them wrestling with each other

Sean: Carrie!!!!

Rachel saw him coming and did something that she would regret


Rachel made him fly at some car and he crashed through the wind shield as he landed real hard inside the car.

Carrie: SEAN!!!!!!

As Carrie drowned in thought seeing the man she loves hurt (Thinking he's dead), she flashed back to the times they had together and grew angry as her eyes blacken completely and turned to Rachel

Carrie: RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She used her full power on Rachel and she forced pushed her through the rubble and attacked.

Anisha backed up from the intense pressure.

Anisha: What the hell?!

Chris: Ah, the final round begins!

Sue spotted her

Sue: Chris.....?!  

Sue was about to catch Chris, but Chris proved to be the faster one as she momentarily got away.

Sue: Damn it!

But Sue continued to chase her.

The fight still endues until Carrie finally slams Rachel into not one, not two but three cars.

Rachel: *grunts and whimpers* O-OK. I've had enough. This never should've happened.

Carrie: You wanted this....and now you see what happens when you piss me off. Only difference is....I'm not gonna kill you. I'm just gonna hurt you. Really, really, REALLY....bad.....

Rachel: Who's more ruthless and vengeful now? You said you wouldn't kill anymore cause of your redemption.

Carrie: That all went away when you hurt the one thing I love dearly in this world. Sean was everything to me!! EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! AND YOU TAKE HIM FROM ME?!?!?!?!?!?!

She attacked and *BOOM*, it shook the rubble in the pavement again. Meanwhile in the broken down car, Sean, covered in cuts and bruises, slowly began to move his hand a bit as Sue caught up and confronted Chris.

Sue: CHRIS!!!!!!!!!

She looked over and saw Sue angry

Chris: *licks lips* Isn't it beautiful?

She then runs off and Sue doesn't do anything about it.

As the fight continues to get heated and Rachel attempts to escape, a unidentified person jumped on Carries back and stabbed her through her other shoulder with a katana.


As she fell defenseless, the person pulled down its unitard and revealed itself: Alex Campbell (Robbie Jones).

Alex: You thought you could just.....walk away after what happened? You thought I wouldn't be back to finish this, huh?!

Sue then ran back out and used binoculars to see him.

Sue: Alex?

Anisha: Are you f***ing kidding me?

Then Alex turned to Sean.

Alex: Sean....

Sean: *sees Carrie injured* CARRIE!!!!!!

They looked over and saw him

Sean: Alex, you bastard! What have you done?!

Alex: Like I said before, doin' this world a favor. Now MOVE.

He slowly made his way to Carrie, katana in hand.

Alex: This is for my friends, you ignorant pr***......

Fortunately, Rachel wouldn't let that happen.....

Before Alex could deliver the potential killing blow, he felt himself lifted up and Rachel held him with her powers.

Rachel: sister.....ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

She slammed him to the ground and then sent him flying into the gapping hole where Ewen High used to be.

Rachel: *breathing heavily*

Then she went to Sean.

Rachel: Where's Carrie? Sean, where is she?

Sean just pointed over behind her.

She looked where he pointed and Rachel went up to her. That's when she saw Anisha tending to her.

Rachel: How is she?

Anisha: She's out.

Rachel: Carrie....wake up. I'm so sorry.

Carrie began to glimpse, then they heard someone saying ALRIGHT!

They looked over and saw Chris pointing a gun at Sean's head while holding him by his neck

Chris: Anyone makes one wrong move; his brains will be all over the place

Carrie was fully awake and saw them.

Carrie: *Gasps* Sean.....

Chris: One use of that hocas pocas, Pig and he dies. Rachel, finish her off!

Anisha slowly turned towards Rachel with a "Don't you do it" look.

Sean: No....don' this....!

Carrie: Chris! One. Last. Fight. Anything goes. You win, you kill us all. I win, you go away.

Chris was tempted to accept, but she wouldn't.

Chris: Not this time! You're out of options, out of ideas, out of time! As a matter of fact, just to save me the trouble.....*points the gun at her*

Rachel: I said LEAVE HER ALONE!

Chris immediately shot Rachel 4 times, but luckily only one of them hit.

Carrie: NOOOO!

She immediately ran to her aid with anger building up inside her.

Chris: *smirks* Delying the typical of you.

She points the gun towards the back of Carries head. And this is when Sean remembers the image from his nightmare.


Carrie looks up, melts Chris's gun in her hand, charges, and tackles her as she lets go of Sean. Using whatever energy he had left, Sean crawled to Alex's katana and grabbed it. He slowly got up and watched them wrestle as they rolled down to the old school cellar (What's left of it).

Carrie: Why won't you ever leave us alone?!

Chris: I told you before! I hate you! I just want to see you suffer! May I remind you who the F**K I AM?!?!

Chris rolled on top of her and tried to choke her then suddenly......Raymond, out of nowhere, struck Chris on the back of the head with a steel pipe which prompted Sean to stab Chris through her chest with Alex's katana. She screamed in agony as Anisha walked up to her and pushed it DEEPER into her chest. She dropped in slow-motion to her knees holding the katana in her hands a sudden the blade stuck out from the other side.

Chris: *spitting up blood*

Rachel slowly got up while holding her left arm, made her way to Chris and grabbed her with her powers.

Rachel: You son of a b**ch. I can't believe I almost fell for your sadistic trap.

Then more force was applied to Chris and Rachel turned to see Carrie doing the same thing as her.

Carrie: Thanks, Rachel.

Rachel nodded and let go.

Carrie: *to Chris* The worst thing about this is nobody won here. We've all destroyed lives, broken hearts and scarred people for life. But not as much as you, Chris. I pity you. Really, I do. But you brought this on yourself. And in the changed me forever. And I have to.....thank you for that. So.....thank you....for everything. May God have mercy on you......

Carrie let loose of her grip and Chris fell into the hole.

Raymond: Good riddance to bad rubbish, right bro?

And they fist-bump.

Sean: *looks down into the hole and looks at Chris* Go f**k yourself in hell....

He passes out.....

Carrie then turns around to realize Sean was unresponsive and unconscious.

Carrie: Baby? Baby?!! No......please. Don't go. Come back to me. Sean!!! Please, I love you!!!

But Sean was still unresponsive.

That's when Rachel went up to Ray.

Rachel: Raymond.....

Raymond: You ok?

Rachel: Yeah, but I thought you got arrested.

Raymond: Sean bailed us out with a saving he had and when I heard you were in trouble, I hauled ass over here and I....I.....

Suddenly, Rachel grabbed Ray's head and pulled him to her to kiss him which stunned him afterwards

Rachel: You came all this way to help're a hero.

Raymond chuckled slightly and soon Sean woke up slowly

Carrie: *Smiles and cries* Sean.....

Sean: You didn't think getting rid of me would be that easy, right?

Carrie giggled and kissed him.

Carrie: Babe? I think.....we have to reschedule the wedding. We need a break from all this.

Sean: *smiles* I couldn't agree more. I guess we got....Carrie-d away.

Carrie giggled as Ray and Rachel had their arms around each other watching them. Sue was doing the same as Anisha was helping her up.

Then the screen fades out into the background and goes black.

~5 months later~

Church bells were ringing and everyone was gathering around in tuxes and dresses. Raymond and Rachel developed a new relationship and came together, Sue's daughter little Carrie turned 4 last week and Sean was standing by a minister at the front of the chapel. Soon the doors opened, little girls came in throwing flowers down followed by the little boy carrying rings and then once a piano plays and everyone stood up looking at the door..........

....Carrie walked into the room looking just as beautiful as she was at prom.

Escorted by her father, she walked down to the chapel carrying flowers and as she came up to Sean, he held out his hand and Carrie took it and smiled. She kissed Ralph in the cheek and he sat by unaware Margaret's (Julianne Moore) ghost appeared next to him. She held his hand and while he didn't say anything, he knew she was there. Right by Sue and little Carrie, Tommy (Ansel Elgort) appeared unseen and held Sue's shoulder and smiled at his daughter.

Priest: Dearly beloved, we have gathered together in the presence of God in holy matrimony.

For some reason, Carrie and Rachel could feel the ghosts in there. Carrie smiled but Rachel was getting nervous and the area shook a little 'till Ray calmed her down

Raymond: *Whispers* Hey, what is it?

Rachel: Oh, nothing. Just a little nervous. I've never done this before.

Raymond: kidding. It's my first time as well.

Sean:......from the bottom of my heart and soul. No other words can express what I have to say other then....I love you, Carrie White.

Priest: Ms. White?

Sue: *sniffling*

Carrie cried a bit as she spoke

Carrie: ......I was an outcast until I met you. You made me believe in myself even through my dark times. Even with my back against the wall, you stood by my side, and you helped me discover the person who I really was. I could not say no more other than, I love you....Sean Ford.

Sue cried more and ghost Tommy held her in anyway he could as did ghost Margaret for Ralph, who was close to falling apart.

Priest: Then by the power vested in me, I here by declare Sean Ford and Carrie White; Husband and Wife. You may now kiss the bride.

Sean opened her wage as tears fell from Carrie's eyes with a smile and then they kiss. Soon, everyone applauded.


Then there's an outro, this time by Rachel.

Rachel: At first, I didn't believe in redemption, but that was until my sister taught me that whatever blood spills on your hands is not your cause. Even the most tortured and damned souls have a what it takes to turn over a new leaf. Carrie is the one who put faith and strength in me when I barely had any left. She is my savior and somebody whose name will be remembered. She be remembered.

~cuts to credits~

Alternate Intro

In Washington D.C in 1943, there was a convention hosted by Jefferson White (Michael Douglas), Carrie's ancestor to show off his latest project

Jefferson: May I have your attention, ladies and gentleman. Please take your seats for I am ready to show my newest invention.

The people took their seats two men named Howard Snell (Paul Giamatti) and Henry Hargensen (B.J Novak) (Yes, Chris and Sue's ancestors) were whispering to each other.

Howard: What do you think White's got up his sleeve this time?

Henry: Who knows? You know how loopy he is.

Jefferson: My latest project is the next big step in human evolution. It WILL be the answer to outstand the millions of years of our past endeavors. This formula that I have brewed will give us the ability to become beings more scientifically superior than we normally are. Allow me to demonstrate.

He drank the formula down, which burned his throat a little and he cried mildly in pain. After regaining his composure, he focused on a candle holder by waving his hand but nothing happened. Everyone laughed, even Henry and Howard.


He was in his lab under stress with all the humiliation, but under his stress without noticing, one of his chairs moved slowly.

He turned around to see, but then it stopped moving. So he turned back around and continued writing in his journal.

  • October 11th, 1843. Those fools once again reject my work. My will to create unlimited force for humanity has proven useless. Hargensen is so determined to throw me off the board and wipe me off my feet. While insuring his son, Dennis is elected as president, my work falls more into the abyss. Howard Snell may be humble, but with Hargensen pulling his strings, he too has turned foolish. The head of the board, Theodore Ford (Sean and Ray's ansaster) runs against young Hargensen to keep the world from falling into corruption. However, my work is still far from over. Humanity will be reborn with this.         

Jefferson was getting more and more under the pressure that none would ever notice his work done for others. He got so frustrated and upset that he started shaking and eventually......all of the lights in the room popped and the windows shattered.

At first, he wondered if it was something else. But then he was him. It was him the whole time.

Jefferson: My god......I've done it......

The next day, there was a staff meeting that Jeff was to attend to demonstrate his ability. Henry and Howard were just snickering as Theodore Ford (Al Pacino) and Hugh Richardson (Danny Glover) called him forth.

Theodore: Jeff.

Jefferson: Thank you, Mr. Ford. My work for unlimited force had taken much more time than I had anticipated.

Hugh: But now.....has there been any new progress?

Jefferson: As a matter of fact.....

Henry: Oh please! Richardson, White here is nothing but a loony! Ever since you made him head of our research, he's been running our company to the ground. He's a fraud! And when my son wins the election...

Jefferson grew angry and restless which prompted him to demonstrate on him at his heart.

Slowly but surely, Henry started breathing irregularly and soon enough, his heart stopped.

Jefferson looked at him and almost immediately became guilt ridden.

Jefferson: Excuse me, gentleman.

He immediately walked out the room.

Howard: Henry? Henry?? Wake up.

Outside of the room, Jefferson placed himself on the wall near the elevator embarrassed that THIS is what his journey lead to.

He looks at the camera, steps toward it and crushes it.

The screen cuts to static, as it slowly turns to red and explodes.

And the broken glass forms.....

~Title Sequence~

Deleted Scene(s)

Sue had just put little Carrie to bed and her eyes caught the attention of one of her pictures with Tommy. She smiled and looked at it and remembered when it was taken during sophomore year.

Tommy (Ansel Elgort), Sue and their friends were on a field trip at Main Zoo. Tommy and Sue were having the time of their lives and as soon as Chris, Tina, Nikki, Liz and Heather showed up along with Billy (Alex Russel), they all took a group photo by the monkey's preserve. Meanwhile, Carrie was looking over at the tigers and Chris and Billy were sneaking up behind her. They were about to push her in with the tigers until....

Tommy : HEY!!!!!!!!!

Chris, Billy and even Carrie looked over at Tommy as he came up to them

Tommy: What the hell you two think you're doing?


Billy: Ahh....we were just....horsing around.

Tommy: Yeah? Looks to me you were about to push her into the tiger's preserve.

Carrie: What.....?

Chris: So, Tommy? What does it matter to you? Like anyone cares for this tramp.

Carrie ran away as they laughed and Tommy looked at them, pissed off.

Billy: What a cry baby.

They were just about to walk away till Tommy grabbed Billy's arm real tight.

Tommy: Hey! You better back off, man.

Sue soon walked by and saw Tommy and Billy's argument

Billy: You better take your hand off me, boy. What's your problem?

Tommy: What's my problem? What the hell's yours? You're being such an a**hole. Would it kill you to show some respect?

Billy: Jesus Christ, you're such a boyscout, Ross. Are you actually thinking about cheating on Sue for that whore?

Tommy punched him and everyone gasped, even Chris and Sue. Billy was bleeding and he was just about to hit back 'till Sue pulled Tommy away

Sue: Tommy, no. It's not worth it. Come on.

Sue walked off with him as Chris chuckled.

Tommy: They were gonna push Carrie over the edge, Sue. I saw them.

Sue: I believe you, but...Billy Nolan isn't someone you wanna pick a fight with.

Tommy: Why not? Sue. Why are you even friends with Chris anyways? I mean, you've seen how she is. Acting like she's in control all the time. Her boyfriend's worse.

Sue: I just....I don't know.

Tommy: Look....I'm not gonna force you to do anything....and I know you're not responsible for anything that SHE does, but....just try to think about your relationship with Chris (Friend relationship) cause....I should be honest...I don't trust her.

Sue: Yeah....but....

Tommy: Sue.

Sue: *sighs* I'll think about it. I promise.

And that day was the first time Tommy stood up for Carrie, the first time Sue began to doubt her friendship with Chris.

More to come.....


  • Carrie White
  • Rachel Lang
  • Sean Ford
  • Sue Snell
  • Raymond Ford
  • Lieutenant Nelson
  • Chris Hargensen
  • Ralph White
  • Caroline White


  • Jesse Ryan - Gets his neck snapped by Rachel
  • Detective Jones - Bullets from his gun ricochet off of Rachel and one of them go straight through his mouth
  • Chris Hargensen - Stabbed with katana through her chest and then falls to her death (Or did she????)
  • Alex Campbell - Falls down the hole where Ewen High used to be


Despite the trailer getting much criticism, the film received mixed to positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. It has a rating of 5.8/10 of IMB and review aggravator movie website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 62% stating, "Chloë Grace Moretz and Odeya Rush's questionable chemistry aside, Carrie: Judgement Day has intense drama, decent plot and a clever use of foreshadowing that helps put balance on this questionable film series while leaving most fans satisfied at the same time."

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Carrie Judgement Day (Fan-made Trailer)

Carrie Judgement Day (Fan-made Trailer)

Judgement upon us.....

Post-Credits Scene

Night time was amidst and the wind was utterly moving fast with a cold sting wrapped around the atmosphere.

The camera slowly moves up to the gaping hole where Ewen High was at.

And then all of a sudden, Chris' hand shot up and grabbed the edge as she was struggling to get up to the edge.....with the broken katana still in her.

She eventually made her way out, laid on her back and slowly tried pulling the sword out of her. Chris screamed in agony.

Chris: *coughs and hacks*

Chris limbered up, holding her wounds and looking up at the hole she fell into.

Chris: Damn that can anyone show her such loyalty?!! She....she doesn't DESERVE......

She stopped and then thought about something. She got her phone out, looked through her contacts and found ONE name she knew she could POSSIBLY depend on.

As always, Chris couldn't help but smirk.

Chris: *chuckles* Pretty soon.....Soon enough, you will meet your end......

The camera zooms in on her phone and cuts to black.

Featured Songs

  • Halsey - Gasoline
  • ~Imagine Dragons - Demons
  • Rise Against - Zero Visibility (Offical Tralier song)
  • From Ashes To New - Farther From Home
  • Two Steps From Hell - Shadows Of Beauty
  • Nickelback - Lullaby (Credits song)


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  • Carrie (2013)
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