Freedom (2)

At last....she will be free...

Carrie: Freedom is a 2019 supernatural drama/ thriller film and is the last official sequel to the 2017 films Carrie: Judgement Day and Carrie: A Bloody Christmas. This time directed by Brian De Palma, produced again by David Heyman, and distributed by Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Screen Gems and Summit Entertainment, the film will feature Chloë Grace Moretz as the titular character once again. It will also feature Nat and Alex Wolff, Odeya Rush, Gabriella Wilde, Portia Doubleday, Scout Taylor-Compton, Idris Elba, Donnabella Mortel, Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek, Amy Jo Johnson, Jullianne Moore, Liam James, AnnaSophia Robb, Mouna Traoré, Ansel Elgort, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sigourney Weaver and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. Much controversy had taken place on whether or not ANOTHER film for the "Carrie" franchise would happen after the commercial success of Carrie: Judgement Day and the faliure of Carrie: A Bloody Christmas. Kimberly Pierce stated she didn't want the series to be tarnished by another potentially lethal sequel and eventually stepped down from the directors chair for good. However, the original director for the 1976 classic original "Carrie", Brian De Palma took the directors chair stating that he believes Carrie deserved another classic flick to be remembered by. When the film finished principal photography, it was soon released in the early summer of 2019 as an overwhelming success.


A year and a half has passed since Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Sean Ford (Nat Wolff) got married. And while they are living happily, they've been having trouble concerning Carries issues with the law. But all of that comes to a head when Carrie is finally arrested and charged with murders at both the prom and the karaoke club. And who led the police to her? None other then Kaityln Lawrence (Scout Taylor-Compton) who is still in a jealous rage. Not only that, but Sue was gunned down and placed in the hospital by Chris (Portia Doubleday) who somehow busted Kaityln out of jail. With the help of his brother Ray (Alex Wolff) and Carries sister Rachel (Odeya Rush), can they get Carrie out of harms way and help her get one final dose of payback? Will she finally get her wish and be freed from the sins of her past?

Main Cast

  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White - The once shy telekinetic teenager turned adult who is the sister of Rachel Lang, Sean Fords wife, Ralph and Maragret White's daughter and a dangerous force to be reckoned with
  • Nat Wolff as Sean Ford - Carrie's husband, Kaityln's ex-boyfriend and Raymond's older brother
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang - The second daughter of Ralph White, Carrie's sister and still wanted by the cops for multiple crimes
  • Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell - Carrie's best friend, Little Carrie's mother and one of the few people who managed to tell the stories of Carrie's rampages
  • Alex Wolff as Raymond Ford - Sean's younger brother and Rachel's boyfriend
  • Portia Doubleday as Chris Hargensen - The narcissistic and egotistical arch-nemesis of Carrie who teams up with Kaityln to take her down.....again.
  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Kaityln Lawrence - Sean's ex girlfirend who was busted out by Chris and still exacts her payback on Carrie.....again
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Detective Vanessa Daniels - Sues cousin, Nelson's new partner and the daughter of Garret and Beth
  • Idris Elba as Lieutenant Nelson - Head of the major crimes unit and has been on the police department for a couple of years
  • Donnabella Mortel as Anisha Paris - Another one of Sue's friends and joins Sean and the rest in the the last battle
  • Nick Nolte as Ralph White - Carrie and Rachels father and Margaret's husband
  • Sissy Spacek as Caroline White - Ralphs' mother and Carrie & Rachels grandmother
  • Jeffery Dean Morgan as Garret - Daniels father who has been skeptical of the case she was working. He later has enough when Sue calls him and tells him about it.
  • Sigourney Weaver as Beth -  Garret's husband who also agrees with the provada surrounding Vanessa's case
  • Reese Witherspoon as Barbara Lang - Rachel's mother and Ralph's separated second wife.
  • AnnaSophia Robb as Robin
  • Liam James as Peter Gunnslinger
  • Mouna Traoré as Erika Gogan
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Little Carrie - The daughter of Sue and Tommy
  • Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross - Sues boyfriend and Little Carries father.
  • Julliane Moore as Margaret White - Ralph's wife and Carrie's mother.


~Present Day~

Sue (Gabriella Wilde) was playing hide in seek with Little Carrie, her 6-year old daughter (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons).

Sue:....8, 9, 10! Ready or not, here I come!

So, she looked all around the house, and she couldn't find her anyway.

Sue: Nope, not there either. Dang, she's getting really good at this.

Soon enough, little Carrie gave herself away.

Sue: Wait a second. Coats don't have LEGS! *pulls the coat back*

Little Carrie: Aww....You found me again. No fair!

Sue: Of course it isn't. Now come here, you.

She picked her up in her arms and swung her around in the air. But the fun is cut short as soon as the news came on.

News: Breaking news, this just came in: Inmate Kaityln Lawrence is scheduled to be released from the psychiatric center sometime this week. There is no word on whether or not this allegation calls for a state of panic, yet this has worried the number of families whose members were taken away from them in a quadruple homicide over 2 years ago.

The news caught Sues attention as she sat down with Little Carrie in her lap.

Little Carrie: Momma? What's going on? *points to the news*

Sue: Just--- *chuckles*......entertainment.

She looked back at the screen, her eyes wide open as she couldn't believe this was happening again.

She exited the living room and went into the kitchen to make a phone call. The first thing she did is try and call Sean, but all she got was a voicemail.

Voicemail: Hey, this is Sean Ford. I'm not here at the moment, so please call me back when I'm available..

Sue was forced to left a voice message.

Sue:'s Sue. If you can hear me, you need to take Carrie and get out of there. Troubles about to head in your direction.....again......

She stopped because she felt a handgun pressed to the back of her head.

Chris: (Portia Doubleday): Put. The Phone. Down.

And so she did.

Chris: On the floor.

Sue: Is this really necessa--

Chris: On the floor, damn it!

And Sue sat there while Chris still held the handgun at her.

Sue: *thinking* Carrie....

Chris was about to shoot her with her finger on the trigger, but she didn't do it.

Chris: You know what? Get up. You're with me.....

And Chris dragged Sue to the door, but not before she shot at Little Carrie......but luckily she didn't get hurt. Little Carrie was screaming her head off as she closed the door behind her, desperate to escape the bullets.

Sue: CARRIE!! *looks at Chris* YOU SON OF A B****!!!

Sue tried taking the gun away, but Chris knocked her out immediately and then dragged her outside.

She put Sue on the ground face-first and put the phone on the back of her head while recording it and this is what she said:

Chris: Her name was Sue Snell. A dedicated mother and a friend to someone who doesn't know what does or doesn't belong to them. I've proven time and time again that imperfect beings are not fit for this world. Yet, she didn't listen. She refused. They all do. But, no more. This message is directed mainly for one person. And you know who you are. If you try and stop me, I'll guarantee your suffering. And if you care about this bastard well enough to TRY and save her're too little, too late. *chuckles*

She pointed her handgun at the screen and then shot it which makes it explode in blood and then.....

(Title sequence)

After the title sequence, we cut to Raymond Ford (Alex Wolff) in the house by himself cause his brother, Sean (Nat Wolff) and Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) moved to Palm Beach.

He was enjoying being alone and having the house to himself, but at the same time he missed his brother.

He was watching the news and realized that Sue hadn't called or checked in on them or anything. It was annoying him.

Raymond: Why hasn't Sue called? She's been AWOL for God knows how long. Ughhhh....

Then he got a call from someone and he picked up the phone immediately.

Raymond: Who is this?

Sean: Your flesh and blood.

Raymond: Oh thank God.

Sean: What? You thought it was someone else?

Raymond: Yes. Cause of the fact know....stuff is happening. But I gotta be honest: I miss you, man. Haven't been away from you since both our parents left us, you know? That puts more weight and responsibility on my shoulders. And it's very uncomfortable to say the least.

Sean: That's what you need. A wake-up call to reality. That's the first step of you being responsible and you becoming a man.

Raymond: It feels like Hell at the moment.

Sean: It always does. At least you feel what Carrie used to feel.

Raymond: How is that good, though? I still don't even know if I can trust her. You know what she's done and WE don't know if she'll do it again.

Sean: I highly doubt it, bro. But, never mind that. Did you see the news?

Raymond: I'm watching it now. What's the problem?

Sean: Just wait for it and you'll see......It's urgent.

Raymond: How eruge--Sean? Sean?!

Sean had already hung up, so Ray continues to look at the news until he saw it.......EMT's carrying Sue's body into an ambulance.

Raymond: Oh my god.....

He immediately got up, ran out the front door and got in his car (Yes, he finally got his own car.)

Then it cuts to the doctors leading Sue to the ER.

They discussed her injury, did CPR, checked for vitals, all of that.

Soon enough, Carrie arrives to see Sue in the ER.

Carrie: Sue?! Sue!!

She tried getting in to see her, but the doctors held her back.

Carrie: No! LET GO OF ME!!!!

Her powers shook the hospital, started flickering with the lights and knocked some stuff down. None of it harmed Sue, though.

She was forced to sit out down outside and worry about her friend.

Sean was there to comfort her.

Sean: I'm sorry.

After days of waiting, doctors came out of the ER with the news they were waiting for.

Carrie bolted up as soon as she saw them.

Carrie: Please tell me she's alright.

Doctor: ok, ok. Here's all we know. The bullet entered from the back of her head and is currently carved into her brain.

Carrie: Oh my---*covers her mouth*

Sean: Well, is she alright?

Doctor: We were unable to extract the bullet from inside her. But luckily, she is ok.

They both sigh in relief.

Doctor: Not a lot of people are lucky enough to survive a bullet through their head. Your friend here was.

Carrie: Can we see her, please?

Doctor: Right this way.

With Sean at her corner, Carrie slowly walked into the room Sue was held in and, to her surprise, saw Anisha Paris (Donnabella Mortel) sitting by her bed.

Carrie: Anisha?

Anisha: Carrie? What are you doing here?

Carrie: I was gonna ask you the same thing. I didn't know you knew Sue.

Anisha: You saw me with Sean when we came over to help you. I thought you would know. But, yeah.....Another good friend of mine....who I may not see again.

And then Sue spoke.

Sue: Who's there?

Anisha: Hey......

Sue slowly opened her eyes to see Carrie and Anisha on the side of her bed

Sue: *chuckles* Hey.....

Carrie: *smiles* Welcome back, my good friend.

Sue: *grunts* I never imagined I'd be in the position I am now. First Tommy dies and now....this happens.

Anisha's eyes bulge up

Sue: Guess I'm not *grunts* so lucky.

Anisha: It has nothing to do with luck, Sue. The bottom line is you're still here.

Then Sean walked in with Ray.

Raymond: You ok?

Sean: Yeah. Hey, Sue.

Sue: Hi, Sean. Hey, Ray.

Raymond: Oh thank God, you're all right. What the hell happened to you?

Sue: I don't remember a whole lot......but.....

She slouched back and stood up to tell them.

Sue: The last thing that....that I remember was.....I was playing hide and seek with my daughter and I was watching the news suddenly felt like I got grabbed by someone and the....voice sounded awfully familiar and then everything just....blacked out.

Raymond: And you don't remember who attacked you?

Sue: No. After that happened, it was just.....blank. I guess my memory got wiped out. The doctors said after surgery, only time will tell if I'll get it back.

Carrie: Well, I think you could use some company. I mean, after everything we've all been through, we've encountered a lot of people who want us dead.

Sue: I don't know if this is really what our lives have built up to, Carrie. I mean, are we all doomed to live like this?

Carrie: Of course not. We just have bad luck. I've had it all my life.

Raymond: But....I thought this luck would've run out by now.

Carrie: Sometimes it doesn't. Maybe.....Satan had its grip on us a long time ago.

Anisha: No.

Sean: Babe, stop talking like that. You said yourself the devil never wins unless you don't fight.

Carrie: It's the truth, though. Even if you do fight, it's not enough. Demons are hidden inside all of us and when they break free, they somehow destroy us. And when they do......*looks of amazement*.....they win. Every time.

Anisha: You might be right. But maybe fighting's not enough if you have to do it alone.

Sean: We're always gonna be here for each other.

Carrie smiled and hugged Sean and she soon turned to Ray.

Carrie: Ray? Have you heard from Rachel lately?

Raymond: Not really. I tried calling her, but no response. She's probably still in hiding.

Then doctors came in the room.

Doctor: Sorry. But we gotta move. It's for surgery.

They moved Sue out the room who quickly winked at them, letting them know it'll be alright.

We then cut to the Reception and Medical Center prison where Kaitlyn (Scout Taylor-Compton) was pacing around in her cell (if that's what they have in medical prisons). But then, a knock on her cell door interrupted her.

Guard: Kaitlyn Lawrence.....

And she just looked at "him".

Guard:.....You're going home.

Kaitlyn: Uhh...I-I-I'm sorry. What did you say?

Guard: Your folks made your bail. You're going home.

The guard opened the door and escorted Kaityln out the cell.

Kaitlyn: I never thought they would come around for me.

Kaitlyn attacked the guard, but then the guard pulled off the hat and glasses.

Chris: You idiot! It's me!

Kaitlyn: Chris...a little warning next time, would ya?

Chris: It was supposed to be a surprise once we got out.

Kaitlyn: Surprise. *scoffs* So much for my parents making bail.

Chris: The only thing parents are good for is giving you power. We used to have power before SOMEBODY took it away and now we're getting it back.

Kaitlyn: Here we go again. How do suppose we do that?

Chris: Come on, now. We both have a mutual understanding with each other, right? You know you want payback. I know you want to rip that b**ch's heart out just as much as I do. We can truly take her out for real this time. That is....if you're up for it......

Kaitlyn: Are you.....what makes you think we have a chance of getting her this time?

Chris then dragged Kaitlyn to a private area in the facility and whispered her plan in her ear.

Kaitlyn: Oooooooooooh......I didn't know she had one.

Chris: All the more reason we should take advantage of that opportunity. do you feel?

She held out her hand and Kaitlyn, after thinking about it, shook it firmly.

Kaitlyn: Pissed off and ready for another round.

Chris: Then let's stick it to 'em.

Kaitlyn: However, I still want Sean in my arms if you still expect me to help you out with your deeds.

Chris: much as he's pesky to me, you're better for him than that freak.

Kaityln: In that case.....

Guard: HEY!

Chris immediately clocked the guard and pushed him over the edge and down to the lower levels.

He dropped dead to the floor and everyone screamed and started goin' hysterical.

Chris: *to Kaityln* C'mon. We have bigger fish to fry.

Chris and Kaitlyn ran out and made their escape to the garage. They took a S.W.A.T van and eventually made their way out.

Meanwhile back at their new home in Palm Beach, Carrie was in deep thought about what Sue and Sean said.

Carrie: *thinking* Is there really a way out of madness? What if there hope for us? And will Sue get out alright?

Rachel (Odeya Rush): I'm sure she will.

Carrie was shocked to see her sister in her house.

Carrie: Rachel? How did you---

Rachel: Sean let me in.

Carrie: No. I mean, how did you find me?

Rachel: The same way I found you before. Besides, you did tell me you wanted to live close to the water at the wedding.

Carrie giggled and hugged Rachel as they soon got to talking.

Carrie: So where you been? I was worried.

Rachel: Yeah. Sorry about that, I just needed some time off and stuff.

Carrie: Have you talked to Ray lately?

Rachel: Err...not for awhile now.

Carrie: That's ...uhh...strange. I thought you two were......

Rachel: Oh, we are. It's just....Raymond's complicated......

Carrie: Even too complicated to tell your sister?

Rachel let out a long sigh and looked back at Carrie. 

Rachel: He proposed to me last month.

Carrie: Well, that's great. What'd you say?

Rachel: I wasn't ready. Carrie, I've gone through hell just as much as you have and everything keeps happening so fast. And it's hard for me to catch up. I--I love Raymond. Really, I do. But....I just don't feel strong about that decision as you did.

Carrie: I'm sorry to hear that. But I understand.

Rachel: I know you can, but him? He's a bit childish, but nowhere near Jesse's level. I still care for him, but.....I don't think I'm ready to tell him "No",

Carrie: I'm not saying you have to, but just put in your hip pocket and think about it. You DID talk to him though, right?

Rachel: Yeah.....I told him when I'm truly ready, I'll consider it......But I'm also worried cause of the cops.....I know they're still after me.

Then all of a sudden, she hears knocks at the door.

Police! Open this door now!

Rachel: Damn it. It's them. What now?

Carrie: Just hide. I'll lead them away.

So, Rachel hid in the closet and Carrie carefully peeked out the window to see Lieutenant Nelson (Idris Elba) with his new partner Detective Daniels (Amy Jo Johnson) along with other cops.

Daniels banged on the door again, with her flashlight.

Detective Daniels: Police, open up!

Without a little hesitation, Carrie opened the door to see them outside.

Carrie: Lieutenant? What can I do for you? I haven't heard from my sister in a while, but I--

Lieutenant Nelson: Save it. Right now, we have another important matter to attend to. And now that we really know what happened, I don't think we'll have to wait for an explanation.....or an excuse. Turn around. Hands up against the wall.

Carrie was confused and tried to shake them off, but eventually they caught her and forced her down.

The commotion rattled Sean as he ran downstairs and saw Daniels putting the cuffs on Carrie.

Detective Daniels: Carrie are under arrest.

Sean: What the hell? Hey!!!

Detective Daniels: Back off, son. This is police business.

Sean: Police business?! What business do you have on arresting my wife?!!

Lieutenant Nelson: I'm sorry, Sean. But your wife is now a fugitive. She's been charged for rampages at prom night at Ewen High and the karaoke club disaster.

Sean, Rachel (Who was listening) and Carrie gasped on what they just heard and the obvious question was: How'd they know?

Sean: But....but that's ridiculous! The prom disaster was a fire accident! And the karaoke destruction was the work of a serial killer who happened to be my ex-girlfriend! Let her go!! She had NOTHING to do with any of that!!!!

Lieutenant Nelson: The evidence says otherwise, Sean. She's avoided us for too long.

Sean: WHAT evidence?!

Detective Daniels: Don't worry. She'll crack soon enough. Nelson always gets them to crack.

They soon picked her up and put her in the back of one of the cruisers.

Rachel couldn't take it anymore. She burst out the closet and yelled at them.

Rachel: HEY!!!!

The detectives turned over seeing Rachel with the black eyes.

Lieutenant Nelson: Rachel Lang?!

Rachel: Leave. My. Sister. ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

She grabbed them both by the necks with telekinesis.

Rachel: Get Carrie out of here!!!

Sean made a run for Carrie and he broke the cuffs apart with whatever he got his hands on. He picked her up, took her hand and was about to run, but Carrie looked back remembering when Rachel wouldn't spare Jesse. She pushed her off with her powers without her noticing, saving the detectives and she fell out cold as her and Sean ran.

Luckily, they found transportation.

Sean: Taxi! Hey! *waves hands in the air*

Taxi driver: Whatcha need?

Carrie: What's the farthest place from here?

Taxi driver: Uh.....that would be.....

Raymond: Guys?!

He saw them at the taxi and was wondering what the hell is going on.

Raymond: What's going on?

Carrie: They found out about my incidents in the past. Now they're after ME!

Raymond: That's a surprise, honestly.

Sean: Ray, not now! *looks at cab driver* Just take us somewhere far away from this place. I don't care where! Come on!

They hopped in and the driver drove as fast as possible.

Raymond: I don't get how could they have found out about you. The only ones who knew was you, me, Sean, Sue, that Chris b**ch, Kaitlyn and Rachel. How could they know?

Carrie: You didn't tell anybody about me, did you Ray?

Raymond: What?! No! My mouth was sewn up. I swear.

Sean: Look, it doesn't matter how they found out right now! What matters is that we need to find a way to clear Carrie's name.

Raymond: Well, good luck with that. I tried to clear Rachel's since the wedding with no luck.

Carrie: We have to see my grandmother. Now! Taxi, can you take us to Maine?

Taxi Driver: You kidding me? Hope you have a saving.

But the driver went on anyway.

Sean: Wait....We're missing somebody.

Raymond: *thinks about it* Oh sh**.....

Back at the beach house, Rachel woke up to only find herself cuffed to the table and in an interrogation room.

Detective Daniels: Who'd thought sisters would be partners in crime?  

She looked up to see Daniels and Nelson sitting across from her.

Rachel: Not very often. 

Detective Daniels: *scoffs* I'm just gonna cut the bullsh** and get straight down to business. Perhaps you can tell us where to find Carrie? 

Rachel: You'd really think I'd just tell you?

Lieutenant Nelson: Trust me, there is no doubt in my mind that we have the right person. This is the only chance you have to get this off your chest, so if I were you, I'd better start spilling it.

Rachel: Are you kidding me? Do you remember the last time a detective tried talking to me?

Detective Daniels: These are very different matters at hand, Rachel. Your sister is involved in something bigger then what you may possibly know. May I remind you, you're already wanted for killing Lisa Parker.

Rachel: Oh my g--No. I didn't kill her.

Lieutenant Nelson: I beg to differ. So here's what I'm gonna do: if you help us find your sister and turn her in, I'll talk to the district attorney and we'll bargain you for a plea deal. You would have to plead guilty, but you can prevent serving serious time for this. And I'll give you a chance to prove your side of the story behind Lisa Parker.

As Daniels looked on, Rachel only started to get angrier.

Rachel: ......You're asking give up my family.

Detective Daniels: Rachel, your family is the reason why YOU'RE in here, in case you haven't recognized it yet.

Rachel: No. I'm not taking the deal. I didn't kill Lisa. And my sister is innocent. You can't make me give her up. Even if I knew what she did, I wouldn't tell you anyways. And I won't.

Lieutenant Nelson: You sure that's the way you wanna go?

Rachel said nothing and gave them a blank stare.

Both Nelson and Daniels looked at each other.

Lieutenant Nelson: Well, that case, we gotta deal with this the old fashioned way. Take some time to think it over.

Both of them exited the interrogation room and explained their tactics.

Rachel then concentrated on her cuffs and they shook a bit.

Meanwhile, Sean, Carrie and Ray arrived in Maine, though the cab was expensive through this long way. Sean had to give him half of his savings. Carrie just looked all over the town and gave a stressful look.

Carrie: *thinks* Why do I keep getting pulled back here?

Raymond: So this is where you used to live? I'm surprised we didn't know this the last one we came here. But I'mma be honest. You unleashed HELL over here.

Sean: Agreed. But it wasn't all her fault.

Raymond: Tell me it had nothing to do with....

Carrie: was Chris that made me do all this.

Raymond: Son of a.....

Later, after walking for almost an hour and a half, they arrived at Caroline White (Sissy Spacek)'s house. They knocked on the door and Caroline answered a minute later.

Caroline: Carrie?

Carrie: Grandma. We need help.  

Meanwhile inside.....

Carrie: I can't seem to get this pressure off my chest. Now the cops are onto me. And no matter what, I keep getting called back here like its some sort of message. I....just want to be at peace with myself and still be a good person. But now......I don't think I can anymore.

Caroline: Are you....having second thoughts about this? About this journey?

Carrie just nodded "Yes".

Caroline: *sighs* I should've anticipated this. Like I feared, our grip on you has slowly loosened.

Sean/Ray: Huh?

Carrie: What does that---

Margaret (Julianne Moore): It means we're losing you....I'm losing you......

Carrie was deeply shocked to see her mother in the room with her.

Raymond: *deeply confused look* Huh? Who is that?

Carrie: Momma.....

Sean: Wha....that's your mom?? I thought she was dead.

Carrie: Y-you see her?

Raymond: Course, we can see her. Why you asked that?

Margaret: They see me because it's another ability you share with those close to you. This blessing had given me so many chances to see my daughter grow into the person I didn't think she would be. Oh, Lord have mercy....

Caroline: What she's trying to say, Carrie..... your other ancestor Ophelia White, who was Jefferson White's wife had a gift which gave her the ability to see dead relatives again, which is probably how you saw and heard Margaret when you first went down to Florida. And the reason they can see her as well is cause you married Sean into our family, so the ones close to your heart and their families can see them too.

Raymond: Sometimes, I feel like we're in some very disturbing scary movie. 

Ralph (Nick Nolte): Movies, my boy, are illusions to your cerebrum. This is reality. And God is where reality puts its faith into.

Sean: I feel the same way.

Ralph: That is good.

Margaret: *kneels down and looks at Carrie* God may have not saved you in time, but it's not too late. I thought the devil had already infested you with his cancer and his poison. But I was mistaken.

Caroline: Carrie, you need to know that we love you no matter what.....

Ralph: .....And we sincerely apologize if we haven't proved worthy of being cleansed of our wrongdoings or if we ever made you feel like our support was something you had to earn. But it's you who has to make the right choices. Not just for you, but for us and your friends. We're all in this together.

Carrie: Thank you. But like I said, you never lost me. Even in death, I'm right here in your hearts. As for you, were right. There will be a Judgement Day......and it happens to be today.

Both (Ralph, Margaret): Carrie......

Carrie: I think we're done here, Sean. You don't mind coming back home with me; do you, Dad?

Ralph: Not at all, sweetheart.

Caroline: I'll come with you.

Carrie nodded and walked out and soon enough, Sean followed.

Raymond: Wait a minute. Did we for----get---

Ralph: *sighs* It's not every day I get to see the outside world. I regret it dearly.

Margaret: We all do.

Sean: Carrie! What's going on?

Carrie: It's complicated.

Sean: Well, uncomplicate it. We're in this 'till the end, remember? I wouldn't haven't it any other way.

Carrie took a deep sigh and slowly turned towards him.

Carrie: You REALLY wanna know???

Sean: Yes.....please.

Carrie: *breathes and walks towards him* .....I'm tired of running.

Sean: From who?

Carrie:....From me.

Sean was shocked by her answer.

Sean: Wha---what?

Carrie: Don't you get it? I've been running away all my life and I never had to fight for anything. I didn't even have to fight to win your heart. I mean, I WANT to do the right thing, but my head keeps telling me something else, making me turn in the opposite direction and I'm sick of it. The only thing that matters now is what is RIGHT. And well...I know you wanna help, but the only way we can......

Sean: No. No! You're not turning yourself in! You've done so much for all of us; we can't afford to lose you now! If they lock you up, what if they don't allow me to see you again? What would---

Carrie: Hey.....You can't think like that.

Sean just looked down and away.

Carrie: Sean. Look at me. *puts her hand on his face* Look at me, ok? I know you're not pleased with this; but it's the last thing I would've wanted as well. My parents wanted to be cleansed of their sins all their lives; but I spent mine looking for forgiveness. An angel who causes havoc won't have its wings to shield itself when it falls from Grace. It's time I take my own fall from Grace and break free from this prison I kept inside of me. Sean, I--I love you. I will always love you. You're the best husband a woman could ever ask for. But, I have to do this......and nothing's gonna stop me.


Carrie hushed silently to him and kissed him softly. But then she placed her hand on his chest. Sean gasped and passed out.

Raymond: Whoa! What'd you do?!

Carrie: The right thing. He'll be fine. Just get him back home.

Carrie looked at Sean with a tear and soon went off. She flew (like in the first movie) over to the Maine Police Department, turned herself in and was extradited back to Florida for interrogation, while Ralph and Caroline tagged behind.

As news of her arrest spreads; hours after she turns herself in, it eventually reaches the hospital where Sue is just getting cleared to leave.


Meanwhile, Nelson and Daniels got the news themselves.

Lieutenant Nelson: *over phone* Yeah......Wait, what? She turned herself in? Just now?

Frankly, he wasn't the least bit shocked.

Lieutenant Nelson: Alright, put her in a room and I'll be there in a sec. *puts the phone down* Daniels, you still have Rachel.

Detective Daniels: Wait. What happened?

Lieutenant Nelson: Carrie turned herself in. Bet she couldn't handle the pressure and guilt anymore.

Detective Daniels: Makes it easy for us. I'll take of Rachel.

Lieutenant Nelson: You do that.

Soon, Detective Daniels walked in the room where Rachel was, sat down and broke the news to her.

Detective Daniels: Guess what? Your sister was brave enough to turn herself in, unlike you. Soon, you'll be in for a family reunion.

Rachel: She ain't gonna tell you s***....

Detective Daniels: Then why don't you tell me what happened? Huh?!

Rachel grew angry with her eyes slowly turning black, but suddenly some other detective in a hat came in

Mystery Detective: Excuse me, Daniels. Nelson wants to see you.

Daniels gave Rachel one last look and then left. Suddenly, the mystery detective poked a needle into Rachel's neck. She shrieked in pain then passed out from what she was injected with and it carried her out.

Meanwhile in another interrogation room, Nelson was just working on Carrie. She was sitting patiently, anticipating her doom.

Lieutenant Nelson: Carrie White?

Carrie: Yes, sir?

Lieutenant Nelson: Before I go any further, I need to advise you of your rights. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning. If you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights?

Carrie: Yes, Detective.

That's when Daniels walked in and sits down.

Detective Daniels: Now with these rights in mind, are you willing to waive them and tell us what you did?

Carrie started to tear up a little.

Carrie: *tearing up* I might as well get this burden off of me. I life is already gone.

Detective Daniels: By the way Nelson, what'd you wanted to see me for?

Lieutanent Nelson: I didn't ask to see you. I told you to keep an eye on Lang.

Daniels face dropped and rushed back to the room where Rachel was, but she was gone.

Lieutenant Nelson: You mind telling me how's this all started?

Carrie: I....I had been a victim to bullying and public humiliation all my life. Honestly, it ate at me for the next 16 years. But, that one night back in Maine.....I had enough. I lost my place in the world and.....I should've known things would take a turn for the worst.

Lieutenant Nelson: I'm listening.......

Meanwhile while Carrie was still being interrogated, Rachel woke up in some basement and saw Kaitlyn drawing blood from her.

Rachel: W-who are you? Where am I?

Kaitlyn: It won't matter for long. Pretty soon, I'll be the one with the power.

Rachel: What'd you doing?

Kaitlyn: Creating a new evolution. To win back what was stolen from me. *kneels down and looks at her* Surprisingly, I had time to learn about you and your "record". But there's no reason to be afraid of me yet....Rachel Lang.

Rachel: The f**k? How'd you know my name?

Chris: Take a guess, Rach.

She saw Chris emerge from the corner of the wall.

Rachel: You! But you're dead!

Chris: Yeah. *shows the stitches of her katana wound* I've been hearing that all of the damn time. But it's your sister who needs to suffer and die. She should've taken the bite of the blade, not me!

Rachel:'ve completely lost your damn mind. Why can't you leave her alone, you psychotic bastard?!

Chris: I'm not one to losing to anyone I despise more than anything! There's only room for ONE person to be in charge, and I won't let that little asshole keep getting one over me. So I WILL use any and all tactics necessary, even if it means I have to kill every man, woman and child who gets in my way!

Rachel: You little......I can't believe anyone would ever be as evil as you. Jesse had his moments, but*Spits at her*

Chris smacked her the moment the spit connected.

Chris: Should've expected that from you.

Rachel: *scoffs* So're gonna....take a page out of Hannibal's playbook and hack me to pieces?

Kaitlyn: No, no, no, no, no. That'll come once we get rid of Carrie. And, funny that you two have different last names since your sisters. Different dads?

Rachel: Moms.

Kaitlyn: Ahh.

Rachel: You're the one who attacked Sue Snell, aren't you?

Chris: I see, you HAVE been doing your homework. Well....with one down and one to go, desperate times call for desperate measures. And there's no time like the present.

Kaitlyn: let's say that we found a way to settle the score.

And right before Rachel's eyes, both Kaitlyn AND Chris injected Rachel's blood into them. They both gasped in pain and looked up at a painting of Michael fighting Lucifer. They hear wolves howling and suddenly both of their eyes turn black.

Rachel: Aww come on.

Chris: This..... is......amazing. I could accomplish anything with these abilities.

Rachel: You'll never win. Powers or not, Carrie will still kick both of your asses. Especially yours, B**chensen!

Kaitlyn: Unfortunately, you've got other matters to attend to.

She immediately pushed Rachel back into the wall which collapsed on impact. They both left the area as Rachel laid there knocked out.


At Ralphs residence, he was, somehow, getting another bottle of whisky from the fridge. He took one quick jug out of it before his hand fell asleep and the bottle shattered.

He slowly tried sitting down as he started hearing voices again.

Ralph: Ughh.....

Caroline: Son.

He snapped out of it as he turned towards her. She was leaning on the steps.

Caroline: When will you put down the bottle for good?

Ralph: When God grants me the seemingly inconceivable promise of freeing me from my past......then I'll reconsider.

He goes to grab another bottle.

Ralph: It's the only way to repent against the enemies up in your head.

Caroline: Have you ever considered.....a leap of faith?

Ralph: I wouldn't. Even when it's my time to go; I won't. A family is only as strong as its key component. The one that keeps it from falling apart.

Caroline: Whether be dead or alive, we'll still be together as one. Don't you think it's time to pass the torch?

Caroline finished walking down the stairs and as she kneeled beside him, she held his hand.

Caroline: Ralph......If it's our time to go, it's our time.

Ralph, beginning to understand, finally puts the bottle down.

Ralph: I's necessary to pass the torch......when the time is right.

Chris: You're not passing anything down to anyone......

They heard the voice as they see Chris in the shadows of the hallway. Caroline could barely see her face down there, bit ralph had no idea who it was.

Ralph: Who comes in here?

Chris: Mr. White, I presume. And old Miss White? Hehehe.....I've heard so much about you.

Ralph: Who are you? How'd you get in here?

Caroline: That's her. That's the girl behind Carrie's torturing.

Chris: Jackpot.

Ralph: What??

Chris chuckled, then Ralph pulled out a small handgun.

Ralph: You are not welcome here! Leave now and leave my daughter alone while God still has mercy for you.

Chris: Jesus. And I thought she got it from "Momma".  

Ralph: No.....she got it from me.

Chris: All the more reason: Your faith is always your downfall. I want your daughter dead. Humiliated. But dead. Tell me where she is or I'll slowly rip it out of you.

Ralph: You listen to me, you brat. You lay one hand on my daughter and I'LL KILL YOU!!!!

He swings a punch at her.

But she stops it with "her" powers. And he freaks out cause he can't move his hand.

Ralph: When will this disease STOP spreading?!

Chris started to slowly twist Ralph's hand as he writhed in pain. Then Chris kicked him down to his knees.

Chris: Answer me, p---k.

Caroline went for his gun, but Chris destroyed (melted) it.

Chris: Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Ralph's head started to shake as he looked up at Chris. Then all of a sudden, something inside of Ralph was triggered as he pushed Chris down with HIS telekinesis and then socked her momentarily as she and Ralph raced upstairs as Chris followed them in pursuit.

Caroline: You said you wouldn't use it anymore.

Ralph: After what she did to my daughters, I couldn't stand idly by anymore. We have to escape to the roof. I build an emergency ladder.

Caroline: No use......

They looked back with Chris holding a part of the ladder and then she came in. She then forced both of them against the wall and held them down with knifes.

Chris: Last chance, old people. Where. Is. Carrie?

Caroline: *groaning* Never.....

Chris looked away and then looked back at them.

Chris: Typical. Your days.....are numbered.... Hehehehe.......

As Caroline and Ralph look at each other and anticipate the worst to come, it cuts to Rachel waking up in a car.

She looks around as her vision starts to come back.

Rachel: *groaning* H-huh? Wha-happe-*sees the figure next to her at the wheel* HEY! LET ME GO!

She struggled a little bit, but eventually pushed off the figure as it crashed through the door and landed in the street.

As soon as Rachel freed herself and got out, she approached the figure and pulled of its ski mask.

Rachel: It's YOU?!

Barbara (Reese Witherspoon): You really didn't think I would leave my daughter to fend for herself, right?

Rachel: But YOU DID! For 17 years!

Barbara: I didn't want to do it. But everything happens for a reason.

Rachel: Spare me the chit-chat. Tell me why you brought me here.

Barbara gave a look of concern and stood up to tell her.

Barbara: I think your dad needs help.

Rachel's anger quickly turned to concern as she had not heard from her dad since Christmas.

Rachel: Keep going.

Barbara: He's been suffering a minor spike ever since those drinks messed with his head. It's....starting to have worst effects.

Rachel: Oh yeah.....Carrie said he was addicted to whiskey. That's how.....Wait. What'd you mean "worst effects"? And how worse?

Barbara: It's making his nerve center go haywire. Making it react to mind errors. It could make him do things he's unaware of....or die. 

Rachel was now worried.

Rachel: Get in the car. Come on....

A cut later, we get to Ralph's house as they pull up and noticed that the door was left open.

Rachel: *Gets out* Daddy?! *Runs in*

As soon as they go inside, they were taken back by that familiar stench: the smell of death. Barbara looks around and sees a foot sticking out of a near-by closet. She cautiously approaches the closet, opens the door and sees the bodies fall out.

Barbara: Ralph....oh my god! *Rushes to a phone*

Operator: 911. What's your emergency?

Barbara: I need an ambulance right away! My husbands just been attacked! *off the phone* Rachel!

She rushed to her and saw the bodies as well. She fell to her knees.

Rachel: No! Dad, Grandma, please stay with me! Please!

Both of their fatalities were identical: crushed lungs and punctured heart.


Barbara: Rachel, relax! There was nothing you could've done.

Rachel: YES, THERE WAS!.......And there still is.

Barbara: No. I'm not losing you again.

Rachel: Why is it your concern? You've never really been there for me. I have to do what I have to do. You would've done the same for him if you're really half the person you say you are. I will avenge him one way or another.

Barbara: By getting yourself killed, Rachel? That's how far you're willing to go.

Rachel then uncharacteristically hugged Barbara.

Rachel:......You should know by now, Mom......I'm not afraid to die.

Then out of nowhere, Rachel and Barbara felt themselves being pushed and then strangled up to the wall know who.

Chris: Not afraid??? *You should be.*

She then knocks Barbara out and keeps the pressure on Rachel.

Rachel: *choking* killed them, didn't you?!

Chris: Just for Carrie. But I can kill your neglecting mother to push you over the edge.

Rachel: '*choking'* And you wanna push Carrie over the edge too?!

Chris: No. That already went as planned. I almost get her every time, but "almost" is NEVER enough for me! All I want is for that bastard to suffer and die!

Rachel: *choking* Well, you've.....done enough already! You done sealed your fate, b***h!

Rachel then starts choking her with her powers.

They both started choking each other so intensely that the force of their powers actually causes the house to slowly fall and collapse.

Rachel looked over at her mother knocked out near the stairs and realized she couldn't leave her there.

She, unfortunately, had to push Chris out, grab Barbara AND the dead bodies of Ralph and Caroline and shield herself from the collapsing house.

When the house finally fell apart, Chris stood up to see the carnage. She just smirked and took off.

Meanwhile, Sue was now out of the hospital and decided to call the babysitter to watch over Little Carrie for a couple days.

Anyways, she made her way to the police station and tries to explain the situation even more. And that's when she remembered everything that happened to her.

But there was no time to talk to Nelson and Daniels didn't have time to talk cause she went after Rachel.

So she searched for Carrie in the station.

Sue: Carrie?! Carrie, where are you?!

Carrie was still in the interrogation room, not doing anything. When Sue banged on the door of the room she was in, Carrie used her powers to let Sue in.

Sue: what are you doing here? Come on!! We gotta go!!

Carrie: What's the point? I'm gonna end up doing something worse then what I've already done.

Sue: Are you kid---Now is not the time!!! *tries to pull her off the cuffs*

Then all of a sudden, everything started to shake intensely. Then the lights blacked out.

Sue: Carrie.....

Carrie: Don't start. That. Wasn't. Me.

Then the walls were pulled back as everyone was either sucked in or went for cover.

And that's when Kaityln flew in and showed herself.

Kaityln then saw Sue was standing alongside Carrie and grew aggravated.

Kaityln: WHAT?! How are you here? I thought she got rid of you.

Sue: Some people are just lucky, I guess.

Carrie: How'd my powers?!

Kaitlyn: Well, I guess a transfusion can be something, huh? You mostly get powers from radioactive insects or toxic waste in the movies, but in blood!

Carrie: What'd you talk........what have you done to my sister?!!

Kaitlyn: SILENCE!!!

She pushed Carrie back into the wall, collapsing it on impact and severely damaging her left arm.

Sue: Carrie!!

Carrie: *grunts* I....You......That's it. I'm done messing around.

Lieutenant Nelson: FREEZE!!!!

And he had his gun pointed at both of them.

Lieutenant Nelson: Hands on the back of your head! I'll arrest the two of you if I have to.

Kaityln just smirked and choked him out till he suffocated.

Sue: Let him go!!

Kaitlyn: If you insist.

Kaitlyn dropped Nelson's lifeless body. Carrie ran to him, checked his pulse and gasped. She looked at Kaitlyn with a distinguished look.

Carrie: You.....he HAD A FAMILY!!! WHY?!!!

Kaitlyn: Like you're any different. You could've lived like a Goddess with these abilities. Well now, I'm the Goddess.

Sean: HEY, KAIT!!!

They looked back ahead as Sean, Raymond and Anisha were driving in full speed at Kaitlyn.

They hit her causing her to fly back through the wrecked holes and made more on the other side and landed on the roads and soon Sue came out

Raymond: Come with us if you wanna live!!!

Without hesitating, Carrie took Sue and went in the car and high tailed it outta there.

Carrie: Oh my God.......

Sue: That was who attacked me. She almost put me in a f--king body bag like it was nothing.

Sean: I swear this girl has lost her damn mind at this point. She had to come crawling back. How'd she even get out?

Anisha: Good behavior.

Carrie/Ray/Sue: What?!

Anisha: That's the only thing I can think of. Why else would they let her out so early?

Then Raymond's phone started to ring and he soon picked it up.

Raymond: *over phone* Yello? Where are you? It's been like...who knows how---Really? What happened?

He then gave the phone to Carrie.

Raymond: It's Rachel.

She grabbed it immediately.

Carrie: *over phone* Rachel? Oh my god.....I'm glad you're alright. Well, at least you're safe. Where are you? Wait....what do you mean by that? How did-----Who? Are you kid---SHE DID WHAT??!!??!!!

She dropped the phone and immediately took control of the wheel with her powers.

Sean: Whoa!!

Sue: Hey, what are you doing?!

She managed to drive the car to where Rachel was: Ralph's house.

Unfortunately, the news isn't good.

They arrived and Carrie saw the house in a utter wreak. She also saw medics taking Barbara on a stretcher and into the ambulance.

Carrie: Oh my God......

She rushes through the carnage to try and find Rachel.

Sean followed her in, then Ray and Sue heard a report on the radio.

Female voice on radio: This just in: Florida Beach Police Department was in a total wreckage due to recent events. There have been several casualties as well as Police Lt. Detective Joseph Nelson, who was recently murdered by 23 year old Carrieta "Carrie" White, a spree killer responsible for the Ewen High Prom massacre back in 2013 and the Florida Karaoke destruction a little over two years ago. We now go live with Detective Deputy Vanessa Daniels. Detective?

Detective Daniels: We have positive evidence that Carrie White is not only the half sister of notorious murderer Rachel Lang but also an accomplice in her plans. Both of these girls are considered armed and extremely dangerous. We currently have everyone at the office working around the clock determined to bring these fugitives to justice. Not one stone will be left unturned.

Raymond: S***, this is bad. 

Sue: Vanessa Daniels?

Anisha: Wait. You know her?

Sue: *Sighs and nods* She's my cousin.

Anisha: Oh my god.....

Carrie desperately dig through what was left of the wreckage and found Rachel. She woke her up and then hugged Rachel and looked at her with weepy eyes.

Carrie: Rachel....please tell me it's not true.

Rachel: *Nods and cries* They're right down under here......

Carrie: No......                  

She helped Carrie search through more of the debris and destruction and eventually they found them on the floor.

Carrie looked at the lifeless bodies of her father and grandmother as she looked at the destruction with a look of annoyance, dismay and sadness.

Carrie: *kneels towards Ralph* No......Dad...daddy--*cries*----I'm here. Please.

Ralph was unresponsive for he was dead before they arrived.

Carrie: Grandma! Grandma!!

Rachel: They're gone......

Sean came in shock and he held Carrie as she cried while hugging him, as did Rachel who turned over and saw Raymond and Sue come in. She ran to him and they hugged as Sue broke down and dropped down to her knees. Anisha went to comfort Sue. With the authorities after them, they didn't have time to arrange a funeral so they took their bodies and buried them both in a deserted forest. After mourning, they were all on the road again.

Sean: We need to find some way to get the 5-0 off our asses. We can't keep running like this forever.

Anisha: Yea, like we're just gonna dissapear from the public eye like a smoke bomb. Persuasion can work, but it'll have to be inside help.

That have Ray an idea.

Raymond: Wait. Anisha may be on to somethin'. Sue, you said Daniels was your cousin. Can't you try and talk to her about this?

Sue: I don't think family meetings will cut it, Ray. Vanessa is pretty serious on her job anyways.

Rachel: Then try her parents.

Sue: Rachel, I just said----wait.

That got Sue thinking.

She ended up picking her phone and making phone call.

Sue: Hello? Yeah, nice to hear from you. I need to talk you. Yes, now. It's about Vanessa.

Carrie didn't say anything for she was sick and tired of everything. It gotten through to her.

It then cuts to Sue at the house of Vanessa's father, Garret (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Garret: I knew it. I knew----Goddamn it.

Sue: Save it. Now is not the time for exaggeration. Wait 'till she gets back.

Garret: Could take hours.

Sue: I'm willing to wait that long.

Garret: I'll call her, then. Saves us some trouble.

Hours passed by before Vanessa finally came over.

Vanessa was surprised to see Sue with Garret

Vanessa (Detective Daniels): Sue?? What'd you....??

Sue: Now's not the time, cuz. We called you cause we need to talk.

Vanessa: Well, I'm in the middle of a case so.....

Sue: And that's why we called you here. But please, hear us out before you act. Bring them down.

Garret went upstairs to bring them down. But Carrie didn't wanna come down so Sean stayed with her in the bedroom. But Raymond and Anisha brought Rachel down.

Detective Daniels gasped and drawned her gun but Sue held out her hands.

Sue: NO! WAIT!!

Vanessa: Sue, do you realize that you brought a mass-murderer in our house?!

Sue: she's not who you should be focused on.

Vanessa: Oh really?! I don't think you're aware of---

But Rachel had already emptied her gun as the shells hit the floor.

Rachel: You were saying?

Vanessa: I--*stammering* See?!

Garret: Vanessa, don't you think it's time to take advice from someone other then yourself?

Vanessa: Wha--what are you saying?

Beth (Sigourney Weaver): He's saying what was yet to be said for a while. I've always been worried about the work you've done, but now I'm sick of it.

Sue: Vanessa, just hear us out for once and you can make your calls.

Vanessa: *Sighs and puts her gun away* Alright. But this better be good.

They all sat down and Sue began to speak.

Sue: Carrie White's rampages were not caused at random, Vanessa. They were made by people who mercilessly hounded her for years....One of them was my former friend and I'm one of them myself. Or was one of them. Rachel's story is in the same situation.

Vanessa: What'd you talking about?

And that's when Sue told her black and white cousin the whole tragic and dark story of Carrie, along with the second events with Kaitlyn and her crew, the killer and Rachel's story as well.

Vanessa didn't know what to say. She just got up and went upstairs to clear her head.

But that's when she ran into Sean and Ray. Carrie wasn't there.

Carrie angrily stormed out the house undetected, extremely pissed at the fact that she couldn't save her father and grandmother.

That's when she did something she normally doesn't do: She calls out Kaitlyn and goes out to the entire city. Her eyes go bloodshot red, the ground begin to shake, the traffic/post lights started flickering to the max, car alarms were set off and then she then slams her fist into the ground which causes the ground to break completely. She was now standing on one end of the crevise in the ground. And then it started to rain rapidly and without end.

Carrie: Kaitlyn!! SHOW YOURSELF!!!!

It was silent for a moment 'till it began to storm and the rain fell harder. Carrie was standing face to face as the screen shows Kaitlyn appear on the other side of the crevise. She stood there with a smirk.

Kaitlyn: I am.

Carrie: WHY?

Kaitlyn: Should you really ask that? You stole Sean's heart from me and never had to fight for it. It sickens me seeing how you two are together. And worse, you're both MARRIED?! Hell no. THAT was the final nail in your coffin. I wanted you to understand the pain you caused me.

Carrie: Oh. I understand, alright. What I understand is that you're just some spoiled obsessive brat who favors a man you can't have! And you murder two important people to me just to win him back? No. The time has come for both of us to pay for our sins.

Kaitlyn: I thought you quit your killings.

Carrie: You crossed the line too many times for me to hold back anymore.....But if I'm gonna burn in Hell, I'll take you with me and I'll definitely have fun paying you back for everything you've done to me.......

Chris: What about little ol' me?

Carrie turned around to see Chris behind her.

Carrie: Chris.....of course.....why am I not surprised?

Chris: Cause you finally realized that I was right about you. You're just as useful as damn dead horse and that you're not meant to be happy. Just misery, loneliness and death is all that await you.

Carrie: No. I'm not surprised cause you don't have a new hobby yet.

Chris: Hey! Just so we're on the same page here, this isn't about hobbies. It's about making you suffer.

Carrie: I've had a lifetime of that. But things change, Chris. And as I told you before, you can't beat me. You WON'T. Honestly, I'm tired of facing you, but I'll make an exception because you took away my strongest allies. But you'll live to regret it.

Kaityln: Now.....*chuckles*.....why, in your monkey infested shell of a brain, would you expect us to believe that?

Carrie: Cause you don't REALLY know who I am. You didn't think I was powerful enough? You didn't think I was gonna fight back? That's all on you because everybody's got a devil and I had to wait sixteen long years just to find mines, only to realize that it was the demon standing right in front of me.

Chris: Enough with the gospel garbage. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and let the fight decide whose superior?

They (Chris, Kaityln) smirked 'till she looked down at Carrie's stomach and frowned for her newly powers allowed her to hear a small heart beat

Kaitlyn: I-It's a boy.

Carrie: What?!

Kaitlyn: And worse, it has YOUR blood.

Chris: Not again.....No way will I let you bring another bastard part of you into this world!

Then Chris attacked from behind with a wave of her powers, but Carrie shielded herself with hers and they pushed at each other.

But Carrie let her guard down and Kaityln pushed her back so hard that when Carrie crashed, the concrete broke.

She held her stomach and realized that she was pregnant.....just like her mother was.

But there wasn't enough time 'till Kaitlyn charged at her again.

Chris charged too and Carrie tried to hold them both back but was loosing power

Carrie: *thinking* No....I can't....hold them alone.....

But then, the child inside her started bonding his powers with hers. She really pushed them back as then rubble fell on Chris, breaking her legs as she yelled in pain.

Chris: Stop her, damn it!!!

Kaityln charged again and this time Carrie was ready.

Kaityln: You just signed your own death warrant.

Carrie: So did you. Only difference is when sign your name, you sign with your OWN blood.

And then she pushed her back. Then she went up, punched her and threw her into an electronic billboard.

Meanwhile, the news had gotten a hold of the battle and they got a freakin' helicopter spotting and recording the whole thing.

And everyone was watching it at home. Including Sue, Ray, Sean and Rachel who was still at Garrets house.

Beth: What the hell is going on out there?!

Sean: Carrie....

Rachel: Ray, Sue, Sean! We're going out there!

All (Beth, Garret, Vanessa): Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop!

Vanessa: What?!! You're gonna get decimated out there!

Garret: Come on, now. You're not thinking straight.

Rachel: Does it look like I give a f***?

Sean: Exactly. That is my wife is out there! You really expect me to stop and leave her to fend for herself? Hell no. If you like to arrest her, then tag along; but you'll have to arrest me too. One way or another, I'm getting my wife back.

Raymond: We're getting our family back.

Sean smiled at his brother and patted his shoulder.

Sean: I always knew you come around.

Raymond: Hey, man. Don't jinx it.

Vanessa was stunned as she saw the whole group head for Rays car and drove off.

However, they came to a complete stop as soon as they saw Chris on the ground. Pretty soon, they all got out and walked towards her.

Sean: Are you kidding me?

Raymond: Jesus Christ.....come on......

Anisha: She's got more lives than a cat.

Sue: Well, look who's back from the dead. Again. *to Chris* Where's Carrie?

Chris: Still so naive, all of you. Why do you even give a f**k?!

Sean stomped on her legs, which weren't good for her condition. She screamed in pain as tears burst from her eyes almost immediately.

Sean: Because. Not everyone hates her as much as you want them to. Even if they did, it would NOT change how I feel for her. Now where is she?

Raymond: I'd tell him if I were you. He popped me in the nose when I pissed him off.


Chris immediately pushed Sean back and into the wall (with "her" powers) before Rachel picked her up and slammed her through a window. As Chris struggled and scoured to regain her balance, Rachel held her down and held a pocket knife up to her neck.

Rachel: Answer. The question.

Chris: You wouldn't.....

Rachel: Believe me: I WOULD. You already killed the ones I cared about; Don't think I'm gonna show any f**king mercy. Personally, if I felt like it, I'd insure you I would've slit you before you run that big piranha vessel of a mouth again. Trust me, I'm a fast thinker.

Chris:'re the victims here.

Rachel: Aren't we all? *Holds the blade closer to her throat* Where. Is. My. Sister?

Chris panted as the odds were against her again and thinks: *Why can't I ever win?*

Chris: *breathes heavily* K---Kaityln.....

Anisha: Keep talking.

Sue: What about her?

Chris just points down the end of the street as they see Kaityln continue to battle Carrie out of the corners of their eyes.

Anisha: Thank you for that.

Raymond: See; that wasn't so hard, was it?

Chris slapped him in the face and Ray turned away, breathing heavily as he then turned towards Rachel.

Raymond: May I---

Rachel: Go for it, bae.

After a couple of seconds of hesitation, Ray clocked Chris in the jaw.

She fell and continued to struggle back to her feet.

Ray and Sue helped Sean up as he looked at Chris again.

Sean: You're lucky they spared your ass. Come on.

Anisha took an extra kick at Chris as they all got back in the car and drove off to help Carrie......but Chris wasn't done yet.

Meanwhile in the city, the fight began crashing the streets and bringing buildings down. Everyone ran in terror as they crashed into a diner. Kaitlyn threw flying tables at her, but Carrie dodged them except for one as she fell through the kitchen when the cooks ran out.

Kaitlyn: One way or another, I'm bringing you down.

Carrie: Many have tried. All failed. You'll be no different.

Kaitlyn: Sure, I will. Cause I have the power.

They charged at each other and *BOOM*

Carrie started to feel the abdominal cramps in her stomach again. While she knew what it was, she couldn't let it stop her.

Cars were destroyed, fires were set, people were hysterical and we were no closer to a clear winner.

Kaityln and Carrie backed up for their abilities took a tremendous toll on their brain and body. And Carrie was in worse condition.

But that's when both of them sent a shockwave with their own attacks that caused the roof of the diner to collapse and cause the helicopter to explode, lose altitude and spin out of control.

And it barely hit Raymond's car which was zooming past every obstacle that was there. Sue looked back at it a second it exploded into a huge fireball.

That's when Ray did a little favor.

Ray: *over phone* Robin?! Peter?! I could use some help down here!!!

As soon as Ray parked the car, Sean got out of the car and ran towards the battlefield. Carrie and Kaitlyn still held their own till Sean picked up a pebble and threw it. It hit Kaitlyn's head, causing Carrie to push her out of the diner, rather forcefully. And that's when she got up and saw Sean.

Kaitlyn: Sean?

Sean: I WON'T let you kill her, Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn: SEAN! HONEY! BABYCAKES! I'm not really impressed with your affections for this bimbo, but I love you anyways. So, I'll forgive you. Pretty soon, I'll have you all to myself.

Kaitlyn kissed him on the cheek and was about to walk back in the diner 'till Sean grabbed her arm with a VERY tight grip

Sean: You'll have to kill me first.

Kaitlyn then backed up and chuckled.

Kaitlyn: You know.....I had a special plan for the two of us. I thought we could rule this world together. But,'d rather be with that filthy son of a b**ch than your REAL soulmate. Well....I never wanna kill you, bae....but it doesn't mean I'll hurt you a little to get you out of my WAY!!

Kaitlyn grabbed Sean's neck with her powers then Carrie came and saw it.

Carrie: LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!

Kaitlyn looked over and Carrie pushed her back and flew after her (Like she did after burning the school down) as Sean fell, coughed and looked back.

Sean: Raymond?! *gasping for breath* Where's that backup you were talking about?!

Raymond: Patience is a virtue, Sean! You should know that!

Rachel: Well, it's not mine! *goes after them*

Raymond: Wh--Hey!!! Rachel!

As soon as she spotted them, she jumped on Kaitylns back which prompted Carrie to throw her out of the diner (for real this time), go straight through Rays car and crash into the lifeguards house.

Carrie started to limp cause of how much energy she wasted and she started bleeding.

Sean: Carrie? Carrie??

But she didn't hear him.

Raymond: Carrie!

Still didn't hear 'em.

After crashing through the lifeguards house, Kaityln picked Rachel up only to have herself head butted and kicked back through the sand on the beach.

Rachel: I've had enough of your bulls***.  Leave my family alone.

Kaitlyn: See, that's what makes you all so stupid. Even if I lose, I still win. I made sure of that when I uploaded the footage Chris sent me to the police.

Rachel: Y-you mean you.....

Kaitlyn: What? Did you honestly think they found out about Carrie's dark secret on their own? I'm the one that showed it to them. Me! Besides, Chris was right. You and your sister are the freak misfits of this world and with the lines you both crossed, all the lives you took; they will never accept you! You two made sure of that a long time ago when you killed that Jesse guy and those other miserable tubs of f**k!

Rachel: And you killed my father and grandmother for NOTHING?!?!! You piece of S***!

Rachel and Kaitlyn charged and begun their fair share of the battle. Then as Raymond, Anisha and Sean were watching from a-far, Robin and Peter arrived.

Robin (AnnaSophia Robb): Is....that Kaityln? And who's that she's fighting?

Sean: Long story short, that's Kaityln fighting Carries sister, Rachel.

Peter (Liam James): What?! Carrie has a sister? The hell is going on in this insane world.....

Raymond: There's no time for 20 questions. I brought you over cause I needed help with---

Before he could even finished the sentence, S.W.A.T arrives with Vanessa in control.

Anisha: We got company.

Sean stood with them in defense assuming they were after Carrie, but Vanessa waved her hand at him.

Vanessa: No need to be defensive. We only want to help her.

Anisha: that case, they're right over there.

Sean frowned and nodded. Meanwhile, Carrie limped over to the fight and saw Rachel and Kaitlyn.

She yelled in firece, but that only got her so far as Kaityln saw her coming and grabbed her.

Yet, Carrie broke her arm which cause Kaitlyn to throw Rachel and let her go.

So she grabbed Carrie with the other arm.

Kaityln: You know what they say: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well, I'm in full support of that statement cause I've just about had enough of your bulls***!

And she socked her in the jaw.

Vanessa: *holding assault rifle* Kaityln! Let her go or I'll shoot!

Kaityln: F**k you! You can't kill me! I'm on top of the f**king world.

And then Kaityln pulls out a tri-blade knife and then looks at it.

Raymond: Oh my....No, no, no, no, no, no, no.....

Kaityln: If I can't have Sean.....then neither can you.

Sean: Kait!!!

And then.....she takes the knife and......stabs Carrie....through one of her lungs.

Carrie was drained of her powers almost immediately as her eyes almost go blank and she drops to her knees.

Rachel: NO!!!!

She charged at her, but not before Kaitlyn throws Carrie into her.

Vanessa: FIRE!!!

S.W.A.T opened fire, but almost all of the bullets disintegrated before they even reached Kaitlyn.

But another shockwave was unleashed from behind them, completely destroying the S.W.A.T vehicles and knocking Vanessa out. Turns out Chris was somehow able to regain her balance as she flew in. She saw Carrie drained of energy and almost laughed in enjoyment.

Chris: Serves you RIGHT!

Anisha: Son of a.....Give me that! *picks up Vanessa's assault rifle*

She immediately started shooting at Chris, but the bullets, again, disintegrated.

Peter: Whoa, what'd you doin'?!

Robin: Let go of that!

Anisha: No! Get off!

Chris grabbed all three of them with the powers she stole from Rachel which caused Anisha to drop the rifle.

Chris: Resistance is futile, worms.

They were struggling to get out of her grip until a shot was fired. It went through Kaitylns shoulder and throat and Chris' chest, causing her to fall and forcing her to let go of Anisha, Robin and Peter.

They all slowly looked over and saw Sue with a handgun of her own.

Sue: School's in session, b**ch.

Anisha: Well, I'll be damned.

Kaitlyn grabbed hold of her throat gagging and gushing of blood. Rachel, inraged, took the knife and stabbed Kaitlyn in the back of her brain, deeper than her throat and she drops dead.

Rachel turned around to see Carrie struggling to her feet. While she was still functional, she didn't have long to make it due to Kaitlyn stabbing her.

Rachel ran to Carries aid with the tri-blade knife still in her hand and helped her up.

Rachel: Come on, you're alright.

Carrie: No....I'm....not.....

Chris saw Carrie being helped up and soon everything started shaking.

Chris: Out my way, Rach! I gotta send this piece of s**t back to the fires of Hell!


Chris didn't listen and charged at them. But Anisha was able to pick up the assault rifle again and get a shot at Chris as she shot her through the leg. Then, all of a sudden, Carrie grabbed the tri-blade out of Rachel's hand and due to split second timing and accuracy, she finally stabbed Chris through the heart (for real, this time).

Chris: *screams in agony*

Carrie, on the verge of collapsing, pulled Chris close to her ear and spoke the last words Chris would ever hear from her:

Carrie: Rest......In.....Pieces.......

Chris: One.....bright side....Carrie hell...... *smirks*.....where she....belongs.....*cackles*

Carrie immediately pushes the blade deeper into Chris' heart causing her to suffocate faster. She eventually falls in slow motion and drops dead.

But, the loss of blood from her lungs was too much for Carrie to overcome. She slowly collapsed and fell down.

Rachel: No!!!

Sean yelled in depression and ran towards Carrie's body. He held her crying as Rachel, Sue, Raymond and all the others got up and was stunned in despair. Even Vanessa was shocked.

Sean: *tears streaming* No, no, no, no, no, no, no.....Carrie.....

Carrie: *weakily* Hey.....*chuckles*

Sue: Carrie, this isn't funny. We gotta get medical help, now!

Robin: I've got that covered.

As Robin went to call 911, the rest still surrounded Carrie.

Carrie: Don't's fine.....

Rachel: No, it's NOT FINE!!

Raymond: You saved us more times then I could even remember. We can't let you go like this.

Anisha: We WON'T let you go like this.

Carrie: *weakily* will. *Smiles*. God has....answered my prayer. You've set me free from my past. Thank you. It was meant to be......

They all looked at each other looking more disturbed and sorry for their fallen friend/sister/wife.

Carrie: *weakily* you, sis.

Rachel: *crying* ​You too, Carrie.

Carrie: *weakily* Sue.....Ray.....thank you .....for everything. *turns to Sean* Sean....*puts her hand on his face*......

Sue: Carrie, please....

And that's when Sue realized Carrie was still wearing the braclet she gave her for luck. But that luck had unfortunately ran out.

Carrie: *weakily* I'

She pointed towards Sean's heart and gave him one last kiss before she finally succumbed.....and died.

Everyone got emotional at that point. Not even Ray or Anisha could hold back. Sean wouldn't let Carrie go cause she was everything to him. But he was unaware that inside her womb, Carrie's unborn child still lived and as it began to beat out from it's heart, the powers within him began to flow from inside Carrie.

Later at the morgue, Sean stood by Carrie's body on the table still in tears; but outside, the doctor told Rachel, Ray and Sue the inner information.

Sue: She was pregnant?!

Doctor: Yes. We're unclear if the baby's still alive or not. We're gonna a quick operation in hopes that we can save him.

Raymond: Him??

Doctor: She's carrying a baby boy. 

Rachel: Oh my god.....*covers her mouth*

Raymond: Excuse us, please......

The doctors then took care of the situation until they realized something....

Doctor 1: Do you hear that?

Doctor 2: I don't hear anything.

Doctor 1: No. Listen closely.

That's when they heard the heartbeat of Carrie's son....slowly increasing.

Doctor 2: Is that supposed to happen?

Doctor 1: I have no idea.

Meanwhile, Raymond and Rachel were in the hallway as she looked at him with tears.

Rachel: My sister was gonna be a mother. She won't get to see or hold it.....*sniffles* What....

Raymond: Rachel....

Rachel: Oh screw it!

She grabbed Ray's head and pulled it to her face and kissed him which left him stunned

Raymond: What....

Rachel: Shut up and keep kissing me.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as they began making out on the wall. Meanwhile in the morgue room, the docs were still stunned of what they heard inside Carrie. Sean was standing behind them and inside, the baby's powers began mending Carrie's wound.

Doctor 2: What the hell? Is this girl some kind of alien?!

And then Carrie's heart began, beating slowly.

Doctor 3: I'm picking up a heart rate. It's low, but it's at a normal pulse.

Doctor 1: That's impossible.

Sean: C-Carrie....??

And suddenly...............

Carrie: *Wakes up and gasps heavily*

Doctor 3: Holy....

Carrie: Wha---? Sean?

Sean: CARRIE!!!

He hugged her while on the table which resulted in some blood getting on him.

Sean: *tears* Baby.....I'm sorry.

Carrie: I'm here. I'm alright, Sean.

Sean: Sue, get Ray and Rachel.

So she did. She walked out the room and called them.

Sue: Umm....I don't mean to disrupt your....moment, but I think you should see this. Now.

Rachel: what is it?

Sue lead them into the morgue and Rachel gasped.

Both (Raymond, Rachel): Carrie???

Rachel:...but we saw Kaitlyn kill you....

Carrie: I know. For a moment, she did until I could feel my pulses increasing from him. When our powers bonded, he must've learned how to interact with his own. He saved me.

Sean: He?? Carr--- wha.....

Carrie: Oh, should know....*without hesitation*.....we're having a baby.

Sean's eyes jolted up and Carrie took his hand and put it on her stomach.

Sean: Th-this....this is....I don't know what to say. Is it really real?

Carrie nodded with a smile and tears and he smiled and kissed her. Everyone got their fair turns hugging Carrie.

~9 months later~

Carrie was screaming in pain and covered in sweat. The doctors kept telling her to push while Sean was there next to her in a blue doctors outfit

Carrie: AAAAAHHH!!!! OHH GOD!!!!

Sean: Keep holding my hand, baby! you're almost there!

Carrie: UHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

They heard baby cries and the doctor was carrying little Tommy and Carrie cried in joy. Years ago when Margaret gave birth to Carrie, she claimed it as cancer and a test from God and was about to kill her, but luckily her powers saved her making Margaret believe God stopped her. Now....26 years later, Carrie has given birth to her new born son naming him after the first boy that showed her kindness and hope.

Carrie: My little Tommy....You will be so special. So loved. Momma loves you. Daddy loves you. Everyone who will touch your life will fill your heart with love. Together, our power is indestructible.

Sean wiped her head smiling as they gave her the baby. She laughed softly looking at him and Sean leaned down getting his first look at his son

Sean: Hello, my boy.

Carrie giggled as soon she and the baby were moved to a room holding Sean's hand. Sue, carrying 4 year old Little Carrie, came in and saw little Tommy for the first time.

Carrie: Sue.....

Sue: It's not just me. You have more visitors outside.

Then walked in Raymond and Rachel.

To Carrie's surprise, she saw a ring on her hand.

Carrie: Rachel? said yes?

Rachel: *smiles and nods*

And then she hugged her.

Vanessa: Alright then.....

Everyone was surprised when she walked in the door.

Sue: Vanessa, what'd you....??

Vanessa: I just came in to inform you that we took charge in the jury and it's safe to say that both Carrie White and Rachel Lang have been cleared of all charges.

Carrie and Rachel: *Gasps*

Vanessa: For your brave attempts to stop a rampaging escaped hospital inmate, we've erased all your connections to those causalities and declared them as tragic accidents.

Carrie: *Holding baby Tommy* Th-thank you. 

Vanessa: Hey, it was the least I could do after someone (Sue) opened my eyes a little bit.

Sue: Thanks, cuz....

Vanessa: Hey, don't worry. If you ever need me, just give me a call.....or invite me over.

And then she walked out. 

Sean: *Touches Carrie's shoulder* You gonna be ok?

Carrie nodded carrying little Tommy and Ray comforted Rachel from her emotional state.

By the next scene, after Carrie came home with baby Tommy, she sat on the bed upstairs rocking him.

Sean, Ray, Sue and Rachel also came in and Vanessa was invited as well.

Vanessa: Wasn't Tommy also the name of---

Sue: Yes. I asked him to take Carrie out to prom instead of me.

Vanessa: May I ask why?

Sue: Cause I was being a b**ch to her. I know I did the right thing, but what I didn't count on was.....everything burning up in smoke.

Raymond: did what you could. I mean, I didn't have the slightest clue on what to do when Rachel came along.

Rachel: It doesn't matter.

Raymond: Huh?

Rachel: It doesn't matter how you start off in the past. As long as you're in good hands, the future will always be yours. *Looks at Carrie* She taught me that.

Sue: Yeah. Me as well.

Raymond: I guess that sounds right. So bro, what's it like being a dad now?

Sean: It's sudden, sure....but....*smiles at Carrie* A baby is just what we need to bring our family closer.

Raymond: All the more reason we should call Mom and Dad and tell them about it.

Sean: Sure. I'll call them in a little while.

Little Carrie: Can I play with the baby, Momma?

Sue: He's sleeping right now, little fairy. Perhaps whenever Carrie brings him out.

While they were talking, Sean walked to Carrie.

Sean: My life has really took a crazy turn for the better. I really wasn't expecting this. So.....what's next for us? All of us?

Carrie: Just lead a normal life. One things for sure......I'm sure as hell not gonna kill anyone again. *chuckles*

Sean: That's what I'm hoping for.....besides who knows what the......*points behind Carrie* .....hell is that behind you?

So Carrie turned around and put her hands on her mouth as Sean held the baby and let Carrie sink it in as she couldn't believe who she just saw.

Carrie: Sue!!

After Carrie called Sue, she came in the room in absolute shock as she had no words to describe how she felt.

Sue: N-no wa-way.....

Tommy (Ansel Elgort): You missed me?

Sue: Tommy.....? But you're dead.....

Tommy: But I never left. Hey, Carrie.

Carrie: Tommy....

Sean: That's Tommy? Are you a ghost too?

Tommy: More or less. When Carrie's parents told me that she could let anyone close to her see us, I had to see if Sue would see me.

Sue: Oh Tommy, I missed you so much.

Tommy: I missed you too. *Notices little Carrie hiding behind Sue's leg*

Tommy reaches out for Little Carrie. She was the only one who couldn't see him.

Sue: *smiles* it's our baby.

Tommy: She's a real angel. Sucks I can't be around to look out for her. What's her name?

Sue just looked at Carrie.

Tommy: You named her after Carrie?

Carrie: And I named mine after you.

Sean held up little Tommy and chuckled

Tommy: Well, I'll be. You seem like a good guy, Sean. Carrie never had never had much of that. He's got your eyes.

Carrie: And she's got yours.

She went up and hugged him and Sue did the same.

Sue: We miss you, babe.

Tommy: *smiles*

And soon he disappears.

Then Carrie turns around to see Rachel and Ray holding hands.

Carrie: You saw that, didn't you?

Rachel: We did...and we saw them.

Rachel and Ray walked across them as Ralph and Margaret came in hand in hand with smiles. Caroline was with them as well.

Carrie: Momma, Daddy...?

Rachel: Grandma?

Sean: My god....

Margaret: Aren't you all grown up, Carrietta?

Ralph: The woman we hoped you would be.

Caroline: It only seemed like yesterday when you were still a young angel.....

Carrie smiled and they saw their grandson in their son in law's hands

Margaret: Is this....?

Carrie: Y-yeah. My son. Tommy.

Margaret: That boy you went to prom with?

Carrie nodded and Ralph looked closely at his newborn grandson and smiled

Ralph: He's got your eyes.

Caroline: Beautiful eyes.

Carrie: *smiles*

Margaret: God has truly blessed us in this moment together.

Ralph: It's moments like this that make this family so special.

Caroline: This is what we're here for. To show the world that we belong here. Now it's time for them to pass it on.

Rachel: We promise we will.

Ralph looked at both of his daughters and hugged them both.

Even though Rachel wasn't her daughter, Margaret looked upon her as if she was and Caroline jumped in. It became a family hug. Soon, Ralph and Margaret disappeared as Caroline did the same.

Rachel and Carrie were in tears, but Sean and Raymond were holding their shoulders.

Sean: We're all here together.

Raymond: No matter what.

Carrie and Rachel smiled and kissed them. Sue joined in and they eventually got into a group hug.......

~Cuts to credits~

Alternate Ending

After the doctors hear the beating of the baby, the belly actually starts thumping like crazy. Sean and the doctors began freaking out until the baby slowly removed itself from inside of Carrie.

Little Tommy: *crying*

Sean: Oh my god....

Without even thinking twice about it, he picked Little Tommy up and wrapped him in a cover the doctors gave him.

Sean took his new born son with tears

Sean: It's alright. Daddy's got ya. I'll always be here for you....Tommy.

He walked outside the room as Rachel and Ray stop making out and turned to him. Both of them get emotional as they go up and hug him.

A week later, everyone attended Carrie's funeral and Sean and Rachel were in deep depression. Rachel cried harder on Ray's shoulder as he held her, trying to hold back his emotions.

Priest: As God showed us the will of our journey, he will be there as well to open his arms to us at the end of her journey. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. May our sister Carrietta White find salvation with thy self and rest in piece.

Sean cried harder, carrying his son,

Two days after the funeral, Sue came into Sean's house with Anisha and Erika (Mouna Traoré) to check on Sean and the rest. She sees Ray on the couch holding and rocking Little Tommy.

Sue: Hey......

Raymond: Hey, Sue. *looks down*

Sue eventually sits down and tries to speak to him.

Sue: I'm....I'm sorry about this....All of this. I take full responsibility for this. If I had just gotten Carrie the help she needed years before, we never would've been involved in this in the first place.

Anisha: And maybe one of our friends would still be alive.

Erika just looked down.

Ray slowly turned towards Sue.

Sue: Look, I never meant to---

Raymond: Sue....I miss her too. I mean, technically, she DID put us through hell repeatedly, but.....she always made up for it or TRIED to at least. And now, I think I know.....what's it's like to be in her shoes now......

Erika: If I had known about what was gonna happen to her that night, I would've went out of my way to help too. With or without George.

Anisha: At least, we did what we had to.

Sue: what cost?

The conversation was interrupted by Rachel running down the stairs and saying:

Rachel: He's not here!

Erika: Who isn't?

Rachel: Sean! I can't find him at all! He's NOT here!

Raymond: Son of a--

He ran upstairs to see what Rachel was talking about. He looked through Sean's bedroom and found his G.P.S tracker. He looked into it and found out where Sean was.

It then cuts to Sean standing on the edge of a cliff while looking at the beautiful sunset.

He sighed and took off his ring and was about to throw it into the ocean until a hand came up and stopped him.

He turned to see who stopped and his face dropped. He couldn't believe it.

Carrie: I'm still here.....with you.....

Sean: Bu--but how?

Carrie: Like I've always been. Like we promised each other.

Sean: Am I dreaming? Going insane?

Carrie: No. This is real.

Sean: Are you....revived? Like you were before we met?

Carrie: More or less.

Sean sighed deeply and sat down.

Sean: I....

Carrie: What is it? *sits down beside him*

He closed his eyes and said something familiar just as Ray and the others were pulling up.

Sean: They who fear the most special people are the ones with nothing special to share of themselves. Though it is our nature to not understand the unusual, it normally comes to down to someone just like you who will have the power to change people's lives and the whole world forever. As you shatter tears from the heart, it shows the perseverance of someone whose heart was filled with pureness and courage. May you walk this earth with beauty and divine......

Carrie was almost in tears due to how beautiful it is.

Carrie: That was beautiful.

Sean: It took me two weeks to write that. I never had a chance to read it to you until now.

Carrie: I'm really glad that I have someone like you, baby.

Sean: Are you gonna stay? Our son needs you. I need you.

Carrie smiled mildly till.....

Raymond: Sean???

That's when they all saw her.

Sue: Carrie?

Rachel: Carrie!

She ran up and hugged her sister, despite the fact that she was a ghost.

Rachel: I miss you. So badly. Please tell me you'll stay.

Carrie: I wish I could. I really do.....

Rachel: Stop talking like that. You can. And you must.

Caroline: It's not up to you.....

They all heard the voice as Sean, Ray, Sue and Rachel saw Caroline with Ralph and Margaret. Anisha and Ericka weren't there to see them.

Carrie/Rachel: Grandma.....

Raymond: Ms. White, please try and understand.....

Caroline: No worries. We've all reached the end of our journey.

Ralph: Twas a time when we wished for a experience our daughter would enjoy. Something much better then the dreaded life we once had her lead. But now I can see....all she wanted was to be freed.

Sue: Free from what?

Margaret: From herself. The powers that be, I wish He could unwrap me from this prison and send me back down to Earth, so I could just explain my gratitude for all of you. For granting her wish.

Ralph: Maggie......

Margaret nodded uneasily.

Ralph: Escape seemed impossible. We were all two steps from hell, and just like the archangel itself, Carrietta.......shielded us.

Sue: Mr. White. That's the point. We can't just let her go like this. She's done so much for us all.

Raymond: It''s not her time yet.

Carrie: My time was long overdue....unfortunately. Rachel will still be here, guys. And you all will have a part of me with you, always.

Sean: But....I need you.

Rachel/Sue: WE need you.

Carrie: I will always be with you. You've all helped me so much and I can't think of a better way to express myself then this. But this isn't goodbye forever. It's goodbye for now. I will be watching over all of you 'till we meet again.

Sean: ....Carrie. Don't go.

Carrie: *Touches his face and smiles* I love you.....Sean Ford.

Carrie gives him a final sealing kiss and then she slowly disappears along with Caroline, Ralph and Margaret.

Sue: Carrie! NO!

Sean and the rest became distressed until Vanessa suddenly shows up.

Vanessa: What's happening here?

They all looked over to her.

Sean: Mourning.

Raymond: Over family.

Vanessa looked down, for she could understand. She walked to the edge of the cliff looking at the sunset. Eventually, they joined her up there with Sean in the middle, Rachel leaning on Ray holding hands on the left, Sue and Vanessa on the right and Erika and Anisha on the far ends.

Vanessa: I took charge in the courtroom and cleared Rachel of all charges. I....I.....don't know what to say now.

Sue: Cous, it's better left unsaid. We're all a wreck right now.

The camera goes to behind them, as it shows all of them looking at the sunset.

Sean: We miss you, Carrie.

Rachel: We all will....

The screen eventually goes black and then......

~Cuts to credits~


  • Carrie White
  • Rachel Lang
  • Sue Snell
  • Raymond Ford
  • Sean Ford
  • Garret
  • Detective Vanessa Daniels
  • Barbara Lang
  • Beth


  • Ralph White - Crushed lungs and damaged heart caused by Kaityln
  • Caroline White - Crushed lungs and damaged heart caused by Kaitlyn
  • Kaityln Lawrence - Shot in the shoulder and throat by Sue and then stabbed in the back of the brain by Rachel
  • Chris Hargensen - Stabbed through the heart (for real this time).
  • Lieutenant Nelson - Kaityln uses her powers to choke him and he eventually suffocates.
  • Carrie White - Stabbed through one of her lungs and succumbs


Most fans were against the idea of another Carrie sequel after how horrible "Carrie: A Bloody Christmas" did, but Carrie: Freedom was a commerical success and recieved overwhelming positive reviews from audiences and the critics. While it holds a 7.9/10 on IMB, review aggravator website Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a surprising 93% score stating that, "As the next inevitable installment into the "Carrie" movie series, Carrie: Freedom proves that Brian De Palma hasn't lost a step as a director as he presents us with what proves to be the new successor to his classic 1976 film adaptation."

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The film is rated R for bloody violence, disturbing images, language and some sexual material.

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  • ~Through Fire (ex. Emphatic) - Life After Anger~  (Trailer song)

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