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Carrie: Blood of Redemption is a 2017 Supernatural Drama/Thriller film and is the sequel to the 2013 remake film "Carrie". Directed once more by Kimberly Pierce, produced this time by David Heyman and Jason Blum and distributed by Universal PicturesHeyday Films and Blumhouse Productions, the film features Chloë Grace Moretz, Nat and Alex Wolff, Gabriella Wilde, Portia Doubleday, Scout Taylor-Compton, Judy Greer, Donnabella Mortel, Amy Jo Johnson, Jay Hernandez, Asher Book, Skylan Brooks, Chris O' Neal, Andi Matichak, KJ Apa, Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek and Odeya Rush. Based on the Stephen King novel, "Carrie" and the original 1976 film adaptation, this follows the story of a telekinetic teenager who now searches for forgiveness. Kimberly Pierce had talked about more then one sequel to the 2013 film adaptation, but not enough money was made by Sony in order to continue forward with the project and Kimberly stepped down. However in late 2014, film studio and American entertainment company Lionsgate and Blumhouse picked up the project where it left off and confirmed that a Carrie sequel WAS in progress, which prompted Kimberly Pierce to come back to direct and David Heyman produce this time along with his company Heyday Films. Two years later, the film was released to critical acclaim.

Main Cast

  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrieta M. "Carrie" White
  • Gabriella Wilde as Susan D. "Sue" Snell
  • Nat Wolff as Sean Ford
  • Alex Wolff as Raymond "Ray" Ford
  • Portia Doubleday as Christine "Chris" Hargensen
  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Kaityln Lawrence
  • Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin
  • Donnabella Mortel as Anisha Paris
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Detective Vanessa Daniels
  • Jay Hernandez as Detective Jones
  • Asher Book as Thomas Holland
  • Chris O'Neal as Scott Heralds
  • Skylan Brooks as Alex Campbell
  • Andi Matichak as Tara Kendrick
  • KJ Apa as Ian Simmons
  • Elise Vargas as Isabelle Carrie Snell
  • Mouna Traore as Erika Gogan
  • Demetrius Joyette as George Dawson
  • Cynthia Preston as Eleanor Snell
  • Joey King as Aimee Summers

  • Nick Nolte as Ralph White
  • Sissy Spacek as Judith Cochran
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang


After Carrie White's recent rampage of destruction throughout Maine in 2013, the town of Chamberlain has desperately tried to settle back in and try to ignore the events that had transpired. But 3 and a half years later, the sins of Chamberlain follow Sue Snell and her new friends Sean and Raymond Ford down to Florida, as Carrie is revived. Even though the proclaimed Angel Of Havoc is still corrupted from what had happened previous, the trio eventually find a way to persuade Carrie to come quietly as she finally puts the past behind her and finds love. But with Carrie struggling to control her demonic side as well as finding out the truth about her seemingly deceased father Ralph, dealing with a vengeful ex girlfriend and a psychopathic killer on the loose, is it possible that Carrie can recover again before it's too little too late? Or will she forever be feared by the many people who refuse to give her what she had longed for: acceptance?


There is good and there is evil in this world and the life of one has been filled with evil....pain.....hurt.....and dare I say HELL. Even though I tried to do good for her and for others, evil comes in many different forms. It's evasive. It runs over all of us, like water. I thought I would be at peace after I showed my true colors but as I feared, God has yet to answer my prayers but maybe, maybe there is hope for us. But.......what if there is none?

~Chamberlain, Maine, January 2014~

As the mild glimmer of sunlight faded away from the cracked ground of pavement on the roads of Chamberlain, right aside the road was where the cemetery laid. There was also what appeared to be a sunshower occurring around the time the sun began to creep away.

Finally, the sky gave way as it fully erupted into rain. It did make for a pretty sight since it wouldn't take the scenery away from the area but it wouldn't make the graveyard any less presentable like it needed to be. Especially not since the year 2013.

It was only last year that countless lives had been robbed, taken, stolen from their relatives after a senseless act of violence shook the town of Chamberlain and burned it to its core. Needless to say, the one responsible for said senseless act had no chance to get the last laugh of any kind; as she had died that very same night. And that one grave of that one individual was the only one that stood out amongst all the others.

Her grave was nothing but a tombstone that had a heart-snapped crack over the stone, spray-painted in bright red paint.

It read: "Carrie White Burns In Hell".

Luckily, the excessive rainfall was washing away the paint over the stone. But it couldn't wash away the crack embedded within the stone; almost as if that crack was now a permanent part of the body that laid flat underneath. Despite no origin of how the crack came to be, it led straight from underneath the ground.....

....while a single white rose laid besides the stone, withered and nearly decayed.

Suddenly, a loud thump shakes the ground and the grave as the rose tips over and falls. The thumbing sound only grows louder and louder and louder as the ground began to slowly cave in until finally, another thump later and the entire tombstone breaks off and just crumbles from the weight of the force.

However for a brief moment afterwards, nothing happens. But then the ground begins to shake excessively until the ground continues to cave in.


A hand reaches out from below. Twitching violently with dirt staining the skin, another hand pops out seconds later as both arms sluggishly pulls up against the grass. Scratching and crawling and slipping repeatedly, both hands keep pressing forward until eventually, the upper half of the body gets above ground and just lies down.

Once it's face is shown, only one thing is certain: This is no zombie or ancient mythical being.

This was Carrie White (Chloe Grace Moretz).

Breathing in and out heavily and rather frantically, she managed to break herself away from what was left of her grave, slowly getting her lower body above ground, wearing the same clothes she wore the night she "died".

She crawled down onto both her knees and slowly looked down at her hand still resembling that safe cut from the night of the Black Prom massacre, not to mention the dry cuts below her right leg and left arm.

It wasn't long before she looked up to the sky with the rain pouring down upon her and as she felt raindrop after raindrop make contact against her skin, it made for a bittersweet realization.

This was no dream. No nightmare. No hallucination of any kind.

She IS alive again.

But all she wished was that she wasn't as she continued to look around her, coming back to terms of the very sins she had committed mere months ago.

Sensing nowhere else to go but forward, Carrie basically trudges up to a vertical basis, limping on both her legs before eventually losing balance, down to a knee yet again.

Unfortunately, upon getting the wherewithal to continue walking, walking a few feet and back onto the open road, she saw fog: an endless blanket of fog that leads back to the ONE place that had caused her so much trouble all those months ago.

She once again breathed heavily as she feels the ashy stoney ligaments of every pebble and texture underneath her bare feet. Anxiety wasn't the right word to describe how she felt, as her judgement was as clouded as the fog was. Without staring out into space any further, she slowly and calmly walked into the fog.

To her unfortunate surprise, what was left of Maine was left to be desired. Buildings were left uncharted and destroyed, sidewalks broken, cars demolished and Ewen High School.....the school where she became the person she was known as now, was reduced to nothing. Flooding herself with all these vivid horrific memories made it clear that Carrie was either hallucinating or that she was actually in her own separate reality of hell; one in which she wished all was left behind......

The city had became a ghost town in the following months and it never did rebuild itself from the ashes of the disaster, because the people lost their will to hope. Therefore, many, if not all of the residents decided to leave the town in order to forget the deaths and the Carrie White affair.

But forget is too strong of a word for some people to take in.

After revisiting the images from her violent and horrific past, she eventually trudges by and stops at the one location she remembers last being at: her house.....or what used to be her house.

The force of her powers, from what she remembered, had swallowed the house whole into a wormhole. But now, barely anything was left of it. To think the main source of all her pain, her sorrow, and her suffering would somehow end up being a part of her sadness. After all, it was the only home she had.

And it brought tears to her eyes. One teardrop dropped, rippling through a moderate sized puddle, spitting its reflection back towards the young girl. One half she saw simply herself while the monster revealed itself on the other: a cold, motionless devil of a girl with thick, crimson liquid running down her pale cheeks, blonde hair tainted by mud, blue eyes now red and lost.

Focusing on the past was strangely harder than usual since Carrie was suddenly overwhelmed by this nauseating head trauma as she stumbled over alongside the road; the rain still pouring harder and harder onto her as she just collapses beside the street.

With her legs, body and head giving away, Carrie just fell deeper and deeper into unconsciousness, slipping straight into a coma.

However, despite this town being deserted for the state of it, not all of the towns locals left just yet. A van filled with a family of four and packed bags happened to be driving by, just to pass through to get to the border.

The man behind the wheel and his wife in the drivers seat were the first to notice the poor girl perched on the road and both lift their faces in surprise as he slightly hits the brakes and stops the car which made the two children (A boy and a girl) slightly confused.

Boy: Dad, why are we stopping? Are we already there?

Man: No. Just something in the road."

Woman: Or someone.....get the umbrella.

The windshield wipers kept flapping on the windshield as the man came out of the drivers seat, opening the umbrella as he ran towards Carrie holding it over him. He kneeled down to observe and soon turned her over to her front side, for him to realize she's a person.

The sight was hard to put into words. "Jesus Christ....."

Going in to check for a pulse, the woman rolled down her window to stick her head out to check on her husband.

Woman: Honey, what is it?

Man: It's some kid....she's out like a light, but she's barely alive. Get my phone from the pouch of my seat!

as his wife reached back to the back of the driver's seat and grabbed her husband's cell phone there which worried the kids even more than before. The woman soon dialed 911.

911. What is your state of emergency?

Woman: Yes. My family and I found some kid out in the middle of the road. She looks 17 or older but barely alive.

Minutes pass later as the rain really started to pick up as a white minivan breezes past the charred remains of Ewen High School, for whoever was driving was also on it's way to the border of what was once Chamberlain. In the back of said Van was a few furniture suitcases filled with clothes, supply boxes and other toiletries and kitchenware.

The driver of the van, one Rita Desjardin (Judy Greer), also felt the need to leave this town after everything that happened months ago as she felt nothing but sorrow and sadness for everyone who died that night....but mostly for the one girl she grew to care for ever since she first came to Chamberlain High on her Freshman year almost five years ago: Carrie.

Desjardin, in a way, blamed herself after the prom incident cause while she wasn't responsible for playing a part in it, she could understand why Carrie did what she did even though taking their lives wasn't the answer. But deep down in her heart of hearts, she thought if she and the other teachers and staff were more cautious of what was happening to her and secured all the doors, then maybe what happened wouldn't have occurred. She even learned that Carrie and Tommy Ross weren't even the ones supposed to win the privilege of king and queen of prom in the first place. They really had less votes compared to anyone else because of Carrie and that the box filled with more votes for them were all fake.

After realizing that, she had been stuck in a mental state of depression for so long that she couldn't do anything about it. Months later and she still hasn't gotten over it as tears ran down from her eyes the further she drove on. Red and blue lights shine over her face as she inches closer and closer to the border which turned made her expression reek of utter confusion.

She managed to park her van on the side, getting a glimpse of the ambulance through the rain on her windshield, seeing two paramedics lifting the girl up on the stretcher while the family of four car still parked there.

Desjardin: What the--? 

Confused and also intrigued as she just rushes out the van, not caring how wet the rain would get her: She had to know what was going on but only if the paramedics would allow her.

Paramedic: Ma'am? Not now, stay back.

She couldn't reply to him even if she wanted to because when she got close to the two paramedics and the stretcher, her jaw nearly fell all the way down once she got a closer look on who was on that stretcher.

Desjardin basically stumbles over her words before could finally say something, given her shock and dumbfounded expression.

Desjardin: Carrie? Oh my god! OH MY GOD, CARRIE?!

Paremedic: Ma'am, we need you to stay back.

Desjardin: You don't understand. I know her!

Paramedic: This your daughter, ma'am?

Rita pauses at the statement. She knew the truth as much some other locals did but knowing some remaining locals might know what happened out here, she didn't want to take any chances in case things could end up worse for her than they already have.

So.....after looking back at the family car, she turned back to the paramedics, doing the only thing she could say, thinking of the only option she could muster to save Carries life.

Desjardin: Yes, sir! I was....I was looking for her on my way out of town. Is she alright?

Paramedic: She has a pulse but it's weak. Only time will tell if she recovers. We have to get her past the border cause every hospital has been closed down.

Desjardin: I know. Nearest hospital's in Wiscasset. Can I, at least, follow you there?

Paramedic: Yes, ma'am, of course. Your daughter's in good hands

The paramedics informed her as they loaded Carrie onboard of the ambulance as Desjardin hopped back in her van and tails behind them. Just then, the family car drove off a minute later.

One more hour passes by at Midcoast Hospital in Wiscasset, Maine as the ambulance delivers Carrie, wheeling her inside as Desjardin parked across from them with this petrified look of fear overcome her.

But little did she know: someone else who was present when the prom and town destruction occurred was at that very same labor.


Revolving and transitioning inside of the Midcast Hospital, passing by separate rooms and separate floors, it stops on Floor 6 and rotates to over to the room of one Susan D. "Sue" Snell (Gabrielle Wilde) A feeling of Deja Vu overtook her as she was screaming and writhing in excruciating pain, preparing to give birth to her firstborn. Only her mother Eleanor was present beside her as she had to watch her daughter keep pushing and pushing only for the pain to intensify.

It was at this moment where Sue flashes back to a nightmare she had in which this exact predicament happens, only a bloody arm would come out and grab her. Every time she goes back to that memory, it would scare her like Hell.

In the midst of the procedure, Sue began shaking and shuffling in her hospital bed as the doctors tried keeping her steady as she just kept screaming, "No!"

Eleanor: was just a dream. Keep pushing.

Knowing how close to over it would be, Sue followed her mother's advice, continuing to hold on for dear life until finally, she yelled in DEEP pain and agony, pushing as hard as she could muster until she just couldn't anymore.

Soon though, she heard crying......

.....faint baby crying....

If the sound wasn't angelic enough, the sight would definitely change that including what the doctor told her next. "You have a baby girl, Ms. Snell", he said. The words rang through Sue like a wrecking ball. She couldn't help but to smile while panting as she remembered what a certain somebody had said to her one night.....

It's a girl.


You don't know?

Oh my god......

As soon as they cleaned her up and wrapped the baby up in a blanket, they gave her to Sue as her mother smiled and looked closely at her new born granddaughter.

The baby just slides her hand across Sue's chin and it made her chuckle slightly at what had to be a dream come true. She lets out a small sigh of relief 

Sue: H-hi, hi little Carrie.

While it was all joy down on one floor, it was panic mode on the other. Desjardin has been outside in the hallway, twiddling her thumbs in sheer anticipation for the doctor to come and update her on Carries condition up to the last note. She honestly doubted she would ever see her again but it didn't mean it's what she wanted.

She was devastated when she heard the news of Carries supposed death, which made it all the more important to her that she returns the favor. Carrie technically saved her in the past so it made sense for Desjardin to do the same.

Finally, a doctor comes out the E.R room and approaches Desjardin as she bolts out of her chair.

Desjardin: What happened? Is she alright?

The doctor wasted no time telling her the basics.

Doctor: By the time paramedics arrived, she fell into a coma. Thankfully, it wasn't that serious as we first suspected. If it had been like that, there'd be no telling how long she'd be out for. Most comas don't last more than two to four weeks but your daughter is extremely lucky; she's regaining consciousness now, by some miracle.

Sighing heavily, Desjardin was relived.

Desjardin: Let me speak to her then. Please.

Doctor: I'll give you a few minutes.

In the E.R, Carrie was indeed slowly opening her eyes and regaining focus after hours of being knocked out. It didn't take long for her to see where she was, thanks to the gown she was wearing and the tubes connected to her body. She slowly sat up, grabbing her head and looking confused until the sound of a door opening creeps in on her.

An unsettling chill crawled down her spine every-time she heard a door opening. The memories of that dreaded closet door, the lonely nights she had to confess to sins not committed, all of the times she was confiscated against her will. Nothing else made her think more of those nights than that. By the time the door opened all the way, it made her turn her head over as the Doctor stepped in.

She was quick to ask "How are you feeling, young lady?"

The doctor got nothing but the sound of silence from Carrie. Not one word was ushered as she just stared at her almost in petrified silence. Rather it was confusion or plain curiosity, she just had to lay there and hear what the doctor had to say.

Doctor: It's alright. You're safe. Your mother is here to see you.

The word "mother" caught her complete attention and raise her expression and blurt out the first words she ever said in hours.

Carrie: M-Momma......??

The doctor moved back as who Carrie really expected to be Margaret White but to a bigger surprise, it was her old gym teacher.

Carrie: M--M---Ms---

Desjardin: Um....Doctor?

She intervenes, cutting her off before she can blow her cover.

Desjardin: Can we have our five minutes alone, please?

The doctor shuts the door to leave them in their privacy. Desjardin couldn't help but look at Carrie somewhere in-between happy and distressed. She was grateful that she was alive but there was no way for her to understand HOW. Desjardin let out a small smile and blushed.

Desjardin:'re alive.....

With no time for Carrie to reply, Desjardin just inches herself closer, grabbing Carrie in a tight hug and crying out loud from the guilt she felt from the months prior 'till now.

Desjardin: Oh Carrie....I'm so sorry....I'm so sorry I wasn't careful.

Carrie: What....what do you mean?

She lets go and looked at her dead in the eyes. The last thing she needed was her suffering from amnesia and having her forget almost everything. "Do you remember anything, Carrie?"

The expression over her face spoke volumes.

Carrie: Last thing I house was falling apart. I was holding my mother when she died.....

The further she pressed, the quicker her expressions changed and the more guilt ridden she became.

Carrie: She tried to kill me and I had to stop her. I never--never meant to but she really meant to kill me.....I....

Desjardin: Carrie, Carrie, look at me.

She looked back directly in her eyes with tears, just being reminded of her mother's death.

Desjardin: I understand it's all hard to process. I can only imagine how you've felt all this time since those months ago but--

Carrie suddenly flinches as she bolts up off the back of the bed. "Months? It's been months?"

This surprised Desjardin slightly. She really had no idea she was actually dead before and crawled out and away from a cemetery mere hours ago.

Desjardin: You mean you don't know how long it's been?

Carrie nodded no.

But little did any of them know, as Desjardin would tell her all she knew, there wasn't much thickness in the walls to fully distort their voices enough to make them unrecognizable, as Sue would find out. Hearing their faint voices on the other side, she frowned in confusion. She was certain she almost recognized those voices as she just approached the wall, holding her two minute old child who soon fell asleep in her arms. Needless to say, Eleanor noticed her and piped, "Sue, what is it?"

Sue: I....I don't know.....did....did someone we know come here with you, Mom?

Eleanor: No, just me. Your father's already in Florida setting up our new house. Why?

Having looked back at the wall and eavesdropping again, Sue couldn't hear anything no more, for the sound must've subsided.

Sue: reason....

She turned her attention back to her new born daughter.

On the other side, Carrie was left reeling with a lot more questions than answers given everything Desjardin briefed her on. But at the end of it, it left Carrie with only ONE question in mind.

Carrie: And why did that Doctor say you were my mother.....?

Desjardin: I knew you were going to ask that. See, Carrie....the entire U.S, the whole world knows what happened at prom that night. Many people thought it was an accident or that gangs burned it down....but some people actually know the truth. The ones who know don't know HOW you did it cause they don't believe in....whatever it was you did. I couldn't take chances without risking your life so I had to make it like you were my daughter.

More confusion and more guilt was evidently shown more in Carries eyes compared to what came out of her mouth.

Carrie: Why would you do that? I....I hurt people....I hurt you....I killed everyone.

Desjardin: I couldn't leave you back there to suffer anymore.

Carrie: What if I deserved it?

That statement took Desjardin aback a bit. Given how she's seen Carrie down on her luck almost all the time, this should've been no surprise. But it was.

Desjardin: Why would you say that?

Her answer was brutally honest.

Carrie: Cause I'm a monster. 

Carrie nearly broke down into tears again only to be caught in another hug as Desjardin shushed softly at her.

Desjardin: Maybe......maybe what happened at prom was partly my fault too.

Carrie: How...?

Desjardin: I should have kept an eye on Tina and her friends. Had guards at every door. Checked if we had outdoor security. Hell, I should have expelled them after that video they made of you. If I had......

Carrie didn't need to interrupt but she felt the need to.

Carrie: Principal Morton wouldn't have let you.

A slight groan passed through Desjardins lips. "Well, he should of.....but still...."

Carrie: Ms. Desjardin. You don't need you to take responsibility for whatever I did. Sure, I was scared to trust you at first but you had nothing to do with.....that was.....

Desjardin: Chris.....?

"PLEASE!" Raising her voice and startling her former gym teacher, the tone of her voice made the entire room, let alone the whole hospital shake and rumble with one fell swoop. Carrie had to calm herself down and keep a cool head, for the last thing anyone wanted was for anyone else to notice her.

She had gotten enough publicity for once.

Carrie: D--D---Don't say her name......

Understanding where she was coming from, Desjardin nodded respectfully and after a minute of silence, one MORE question popped in Carrie's head.

Carrie: What's gonna happen to me now?

For such a good question, it deserved an equally good response and Desjardin had something like that in mind. "Forgive me for answering a question with a question but....." A moment of silence flooded the room again as Carrie stared at her former gym teacher as these words came out:

Desjardin: How would you like to come live with me?

Carrie only raised her eyebrows when she heard that only to face down mere seconds later. Knowing her mother was gone and with nowhere to to go, she had no idea what to say or even how to respond to that. Carrie just kept to herself as Desjardin looked at her in concern.

Desjardin: Come on. Say something, Carrie.... 

~Four Years Later~

Maybe there has been some instances where I wish I didn't have go back and fix whatever it was I did but what a difference a few years make.

~Present Day~

~Tampa, Florida. January 2018~

Pain and trauma come in many different forms and while it is true that pain can be overcome, for others, such trauma can be carried on as it further greatens the burden of the host. Four years have passed since Chamberlain and nothing could appear to heal Carrie White's aching heart.

Agreeing to go with Ms. Desjardin, they both moved out of Maine entirely both vowing to stitch themselves up and leave the shadows of the past behind. Settling in a new house in a new neighborhood, it seemed like they were going to have that said opportunity to start over. But only if Desjardin TRULY knew what had become of Carrie since then. Carrie had gotten better at getting out more and trying to socialize but even at four years straight, not a lot of progress went through. Moving away from the lifestyle that her mother had forced her and grew her into was a tricky situation to try and detach herself from.

And this morning would be no different. Walking barefoot with the carpet gently rubbing off the soles of her feet made her feel like she was almost walking on water. With her powers, she'd definitely get away with that but that wasn't like her.

Creeping out the hallway in the wee hours of January 26th, 2018, Carrie still felt as alone as she did all these years back. Having to adjust to this new lifestyle wasn't as frustrating as she thought the second time around. As she scoured the kitchen and viewed over the kitchen counter, she couldn't help but gripe at the sight of the closet door from the other side of the room.

Or flinch at the sight of all the kitchen knifes laying aside the sink in horizontal position.

Or ponder over the thought of no Bible or cross or statue of Jesus staring down at her, dripping blood as if it was staring straight through her subconsciousness, into her soul.

It got to the point where even pouring a single cup of coffee became difficult for Carrie to muster, as the sound of the liquid being poured downwards into the mug was all the more familiar sense of Deja Vu: the dripping and splattering of pigs blood from that bucket that dangled above her head that fateful night. Having dropped the coffee pot when the imagery became too real, Carrie barely catches it an inch before it hits the floor. Having to exert very little brain power to pull it off, she levitates the pot through the air and carefully placed it on the counter.

Sighing heavily, she just sat there near the table, staring up at the ceiling.

Literally anything that reminded her of the life she had before or that night of the massacre, including her powers, was difficult to keep from her.

There's a scream that can't be silenced: Its rising, growing louder and louder. It's the scream of a child abandoned long ago......As the screams echoed endlessly in that bedroom, that closet, that bathroom, it echoes now in my mind. It plagues me, penetrating all the dark places. It slams into the loss and bounces against the regret and the pain: a permanent reminder of my own past, a past I can never escape.

Taking her coffee mug and taking a quick sip, she just closes her eyes, pondering to herself.

The river of death has flown through me and I can't put it out. It hasn't been contained because that's all it is. A river. MY river....flowing endlessly through every stretch of my being. And the current is filled with dead bodies; the bodies that I buried that night. Some speak to me, some don't. Some I recognize, other's I don't remember. But they're all still there. They all are......


The voice brings Carrie out of her head as she snaps her head back towards the hallway, seeing Desjardin perched up by the wall, arms crossed, taking a good long look at the girl she had soon learned to idolize.

Desjardin: Good morning. 

Carrie: G--Good morning.

Desjardin: See you've already made some coffee for the both of us.

Carrie: Yeah it's just--

It took a few extra seconds for Carrie to get her thoughts together 

Carrie: I needed something to energized me in some shape or form cause I couldn't sleep last night.

Something about the way she said that didn't really ring well with Desjardin.

Desjardin: Mind if I sit down? 

She does.

Desjardin: So is it....another nightmare? Hallucination? 

Carrie: I don't know what it was....

Fearing how this might get out of control she just places her mug down as Desjardin poured herself a cup of coffee.

Carrie:....but nothing seems to be enough to rid me of these horrors that continue to plague my head. It's hard.

Desjardin: Is it really that hard to let the past die?

That type of question is the type that gets ushered all the time and it's normally the one question people would try to avoid answering. All except Carrie. She took no pride in ignoring the question let alone not answering.

Carrie: If you've seen what I've the same things that I've done.....then there'd be no escape.

She brought up an interesting point. Not many people knew about Carrie's home-life and nobody really bothered to ask her to begin with. In a world where people want instant gratification and where everybody's so quick to judge people before they truly know them, she was the perfect example of one out of many pieces of society that was set to be buried and left behind.

Desjardin: Then help me understand. 

Carrie watches as Desjardin sips her coffee, gently placing the mug down.

Desjardin: Maybe if you put me in your shoes for once, I can help you escape.

In pleasant silence, Carrie just eerily turns away.

Desjardin: Please.

At the end of the day Carrie really saw no point of protesting against her request. Knowing Desjardin has shown her nothing but kindness and support all the years she's known her it made sense to tell her everything Regardless of how awful the truth is

Waiting a full minute too long, Carrie spills the beans.

Carrie: Momma did abuse me.

Desjardin immediately spits out her coffee amidst hearing that shocking revelation. "What?!"

Carrie: You may have heard some basic rumors about her but the only half of them are true. See....I never knew my Daddy. But when Momma talked about him all she explained was drunk  he was the night he---

Another slight pause.

Carrie: Well....he may not have been himself under that whisky but Dad held her down and forced himself on her. Momma said she was blinded by depression and fear that she always looked up to God for comfort. And the only thing she got into return

Sob story or not, it was effective in its own way.

Carrie: But while growing up.....Momma feared I was....some child of sin. She...used to hit me with Bibles....accused me of sinning as Eve.....locked me in the closet....

Having to look back at Desjardins closet door, she barely glimpses at it for a second before turning away. Desjardin was horrified of what she was hearing but it all made sense to her now. On one hand, a part of her felt sorry for Margaret for the incident with her husband but she was PISSED about how she treated her own daughter and the other part of her was glad she died.

It might've seemed wrong to be glad someone so awful died but it's understanding cause of what horrible acts they caused. Yet, she knew she couldn't tell Carrie that; not without internally crushing her. So she basically said what she could.

Desjardin: Carrie listen to me. You're not under that abuse anymore. I'm never gonna force you into a closet or beat you with any damn books.

Carrie just sits up sternly, remembering how she was taught to never curse. She found it shocking that her gym teacher said one of those forbidden words, let alone in front of her.

Desjardin: What? Carrie--

Carrie: I'm sorry, I just......I never have gotten used to those words everyone at school said all the time.....

Understanding that, she nods.

Desjardin: Sometimes, yeah. Either out of their control like when they're angry or having too much fun. But that isn't evil, Carrie. Everything isn't a sin. This is what you need to understand, which is why you need more time to make more progress out there.

Carrie: But....Ms. Desjardin.....I don't think I'm ready yet.

Desjardin: It's been years since Chamberlain, dear. You can't spend the rest of your life cooped up in the house withering away. It's not good for one even knows who you really are yet and many of the locals around here are nice. Like, our next door neighbors.

Given the years that have passed by, Carrie still knew relatively little about the people who lived either by her or close to her.

"Neighbors?", she ushers.

Desjardin: Yeah, the Ford brothers......they seem to be around your age, attending community college. They talk to me much but one of them does wave to me while I'm heading out for work and he's walking to campus. You should go there and meet a few people, if not at least visit the campus.

Carrie only squints her eyes and nods her head unconvinced. She didn't know and from the looks of it, she didn't want to.

Seeing how this was getting nowhere quickly, Desjardin wasn't giving up so easily.

Desjardin: Well...what'd you like to do for fun?

Carrie: Fun? No one's ever asked me that before. I hardly even know what fun is. But I guess.....I like knitting and sowing.

That made Desjardin's job all more easier, for the time being.

Desjardin: Ahh....well....I know a good knitting shop somewhere in town that could put your talents to good use. remember the 10 meters I gave you and the girls in my class?

Gym class: another part of her past that held a crucial piece to her puzzle she could never remove. She hardly remembered doing much of the exercise in most of her P.A. classes.

Carrie: The suicides? Yeah....?

Desjardin: Well, I was thinking....if you're ever up for it how bout you and I go to the park and take a jog together.

Carrie: You mean like a run?

She nods.

Desjardin: Yeah. When college gymnastics was my major back then, I took jogs every weekend. It helped relieve my stress from time to time. Maybe it can do the same for you.

Carrie once again, doesn't respond. Her former teacher can only be assume that she needs time to think over it.

Desjardin: You know what, sweetheart? There's no rush. Just take all the time you need and let me know.

Carrie turned around and walked back to the kitchen to refill her coffee mug, sinking back into her thoughts again. Even she had to admit, her offer felt too good to pass up as tempting as it was but that was yet to be accepted.

Outside, next door to Carrie and Desjardin's house opposite of the fence from them, two boys roughly around the age of 22 were out and about dressed in hoodies and shorts playing basketball in 62 degree weather.

Brothers Sean (Nat Wolff) and Raymond Ford (Alex Wolff) seemed pretty even on the score they set for themselves. Considering how both of them were pros at the game at basketball, it made fairly good sense but Sean was nearly out of breath from the vigorous workout, giving Ray the opportunity to knock the ball out of his hands.

Ray: Giving up already?

Sean just scoffs. "In your dreams. I'm just not re-energized."

Ray: Well, whose fault is that? You drank the last of the Gatorades.

"And whose always running low on cardio and forcing us to run double the suicides every weekend, huh?", Sean fires back.

Ray playfully nudges him in the shoulder. "Don't rub it in, Sean. We're already on a hot streak for this weekends game and if we wanna run the Turro team into the ground, gotta be more hard as ever."

Taking advantage of his younger brother lecturing on, Sean knocks the ball out Rays hands.

Ray: Oi!

Knocking the ball out his hands, he dribbles it underneath Ray and just slam dunks the basket. However, Ray couldn't help but to take a crack at Sean for his positioning on how he made the basket. "Umm, ok? What was that flash?"

Sean basically shrugs it off. "You were droning on. And besides, I figured I'd pull a Shaquille O'Neal on ya." Now that felt a little bit like an insult.

Ray: Shaq? For real, now? You know he couldn't make a free throw back in the day, right?"

Sean: Yeah? Well, when you're tall enough to the point where you can dunk without jumping, you ain't gotta make free throws either.

Partially finding the joke funny but mostly trying to laugh it off, Ray just chuckles endlessly as he tosses Sean his towel and walks back inside to get his. Wiping the sweat of his face, Seans eye caught a glimpse of Carrie stepping out to the back patio for fresh air. Almost immediately, he just stood there in place, letting his towel fall off his shoulder. It's as if time was held in place and everything just slowed down in his mind.

He had never seen anyone else so beautiful in all his life. It's almost as if in his eyes, Carrie was like an Angel that flew straight down from Heaven.

But only if he knew......

Besides from getting air, Carrie was just taking the thought into consideration of what Rita said earlier. And again, she did realize that Desjardin was in the right. Sure, she may not be living the lifestyle she lived all her life but then again, it's just hard to build a new one when you're used to the old one. And just for a minute, Carrie turned her eyes sideways with Sean looking at her and both of them flinched upon being spotted. Sean just chuckled nervously, already giving off the wrong impression.

Sean: Um....Good day, miss....

He gets no reply. Just another blank stare from Carrie before she just turned away only for Sean to approach the fence and call her out again. This time, she seemed to acknowledge his voice as she moved away from the fence.

Sean: I, um....I know some locals around here but I don't think we met before. Umm.....I'm Sean. Sean Ford.

A slight facial muscle contraction on the right side of Carries face caused her to twitch slightly at his direction. He had her attention again but she still said nothing.

Sean: I....don't suppose you you?

Carrie just suddenly rushed back inside, leaving Sean feeling like a complete buffoon for asking that.

Sean: I don't suppose you talk. Nice one Sean, you asshole.

"Oi!" Sean looked back seeing Ray in causal attire and a bac pack over his shoulder. "C'mon, man. Hit the showers. We got less than an hour to be at campus."


Minutes after the Ford brothers leave, the door bell rings on Desjardins new residence. The former Chamberlain High gym teacher put down her magazine and set her mug on the coffee table and walked towards the door, puzzled. She wasn't expecting anyone nor was she opening it right away. Even when the doorbell rang once more, she didn't feel the need to do such a thing. All she could do was respond from where she was.

Desjardin: Who is it?

Rita Desjardin?

Desjardin: Yes...?

I'm Dr. Anisha Paris. I'd like to make an appointment with your daughter Carrie.

A string of confusion overtook the gym teacher. She didn't remember making an appointment for her former student and she sure as hell knew it wasn't the right period of time for Carrie to be receiving any sort of treatment no matter how large or small.

She didn't want to come out as disrespectful but she felt something was off, in terms of who the doctor was talking about.

But finally giving herself a reason to follow through, she bolts the door open and the sight she was presented to was a black female (Donnabella Mortel) who looked a little less younger than her and a lot shorter in height. Regardless of appearance, she looked professional enough. "How do you know Carrie?"

Anisha: I've been keeping eyes on your 'daughter' for some time now, Rita. It's sort of come to my attention that she's been pretty much hiding from the outside world every chance she gets. But that only depends on what happened is true? About her past? How it led up to that fateful night?

Feeling uncomfortable, Desjardin wanted to leave the matter right then and there.

Desjardin: It's safe to say some things are better left unsaid. I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

But still, Anisha insisted. "You'd be throwing a golden ticket away, Rita. I might be able to help her."

One too many times that statement was ushered and one too many times did that alleged promise end up falling on deaf ears. The last thing needed was for history to repeat itself and God knows they don't need any more lives to be taken. Desjardin couldn't help but to feel disgusted when the doctor said those words.

Desjardin: Every other time someone told her that, she continued to get hurt. The last time someone tried to help her, lots of people paid the price for what she had to deal with. Whatever 'help' you have, its not gonna make this anguish disappear. It hasn't been that way since th—

Anisha: The Black Prom?

She just about had enough. Desjardin was nearly seconds from slamming the door in her face before it suddenly jerks all the way open as a force slams it back to the closet door on the inside. All the two women could do was just stare back at Carrie as she finally let her telekinesis be put to rest for the time being. The sight of Anisha would bring her some sighs of worry but since she had heard the entire conversation, there was no need to worry.

Once again, silence runs through the doorway as she approaches her.

All Carrie muttered was simply, "Help me how?"

That question was left to be desired at M&R Therapy Center where Anisha operated in her work. Against her better judgement, Carrie pleaded with Desjardin to take her there and to let her have her alone time with Anisha.

Needless to say progress was slowly building up as Carrie had spent the last FOUR hours in the room with her. It hardly felt like much though. So far, Anisha has gotten everything down from the date of birth all the way to the night before prom and insisted Carrie continue. She didn't really feel like it however as she contemplated getting up to the worst part.

Carrie had to stop herself from this tedious process and ask again, "What do you really want from me?"

For Anisha, she probably saw that coming.

Anisha: Like I've mentioned already, I just want to help.

Carrie: You're not the first person to tell me that. Only difference is the last person who tried to live up that promise died right here, next to my arms.

The way she was holding up her hands as she spoke, everything about it just felt completely unnatural and it was difficult for Anisha to dismiss that because it was so obvious. The bets she could do was to continue to ask questions and provide support without pushing too far deep.

Anisha: Can I—can I at least get a name?

That was the exact moment where Carrie just wanted to bolt off the couch and walk off. But she didn't......and she told her EXACTLY what she wanted to hear, just not without rarely breaking her voice.

Carrie: Tommy Ross.

She nearly choked out having to pronounce his name: the only boy in school who didn't treat her like a sack of shit and invited her out to prom for just ONE NIGHT of being more than what she was.......

At this point, she just about had enough. Bolting off the couch and heading straight for the door, she was prepared to just move away from the matter right then and there and just leave now. But not before those four words were ushered:

Anisha: Did you love him?

For Carrie the entire world just stopped when those words were ushered. Nobody really brought up or mentioned the question up until now but even then the truth about how SHE felt about her "Relationship" with Tommy Ross was more tragic than sad.....and given how her expression changed as she let go of the doorknob even Carrie was ashamed

Carrie: True sorrow isn't as rare as true love...

That left Anisha confused

Anisha: Is that a yes or no?

Carrie: There's no simple answer to that. Does it look that way to you? 

She couldn't argue with that.

Anisha: If that's the case....then....eleborate.

Silence was deafening for the time being twas as the common response Carrie had giving other for hours on end. As expected though, she does open her mouth.

Carrie: I wasn't supposed to be the one with him. I wasn't supposed to go out with him that night.

Anisha: Why do you say that? 

As ashamed as Carrie was to admit the truth it was still the truth regardless and it needed to be said

Carrie: Because Tommy Ross was in love with someone else. Still, it was like....I knew he was during our dance and how he treated me sweetly. It was just out of sympathy....I--I don't know how to explain it but....I could hear what he was thinking.

Anisha: Hear? What he was thinking? Are you saying you read his mind?

Carrie: Look, I've said enough! Listen Dr....

Anisha: Anisha.

Carrie: Anisha. I appreciate this offer bit I don't see how this is suppose to help me. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered of coming here. 

She just stares at Anisha disapprovingly as she just turns the the doorknob and opens it about to make her way out.

Carrie didn't have to say anything - she could see that this wasn't going to go through as well as she thought. She didn't have time for this she truly believed it would be easier to work together with someone who had actual ANSWERS but if she had to find out out alone so be it

Anisha: I met other people like you!

THAT'S what stopped Carrie dead in her tracks as she slowly turned her head around looking at the therapist in curiosity

The very thought of what she said sounded blasphemous yet it felt too real. Carrie knew from her high school days that there were others out there like her thanks to her research Given how inherited and potentially dangerous the ability felt to her it was a fact she could not argue with whatsoever Jumping to conclusions didn't feel all that wrong right about now but given the "Confirmation" she received seconds ago, it was unsure as to what she was to feel now.

Anisha: One of my first patients actually had the same powers as you. And since I first learned about it.....Telekinesis has been my obsession for a long time. It's origins remain a mystery to me but it's development has drastically increased my interests and as much as I'm ashamed to admit it......I've come to admire the skills of the supernatural. I spent the last six years of my life studying those abilities trying to learn of how what exactly created this phenomenon....and how it gets down from generation to generation. 

Carrie mumbled between the crack of her lips as she closes the door and sits back down again this time Anisha had her full undivided attention

"Whether it was inherited or from natural causes", Carrie mumbled between the crack in her lips as she closes the door and sits back down again. This time, Anisha had her full undivided attention.

Anisha: There incident that I picked up a year before your case. It was unknown as to how he got his powers but something set him off as well.....and in his final destroyed him.

Carrie listened more carefully as she kept on curious on who this other telekentic before her was. But there's one thing she knew for sure. "His gift became his curse".

Anisha: His scenario was definitely something but it wasn't until your case opened that I truly began far is it possible to push someone like you to the brink of collapse. Four years later and I still know little about you. All I know is, Carrie.....this power may feel like a curse to you but deep down, you must know it can be used for something of a higher purpose. I can give you support but not until I know more

Once again the meeting started to go downhill as it didn't take long for Carrie to put two and two together.

Carrie: More what?

Anisha: About that night. About those involved. Do you ever think about them, Carrie?

Knowing where she was going Carrie sat there with a broody expression plastered across her face as her eyes began twitching, clutching her fists without Anisha noticing. Neither of them seemed to notice the bookshelf on the left side of the room began to shake slightly as only a few books fell over.

Pretty soon, the table began to shake as well.

Anisha: Do you....feel guilty about their fate? 

No words were spoken from her except for some more twitching in Carrie's eyes.

Anisha: I even borrowed something from the old Chamberlain evidence depository. They said they found it while investigating the remains of your house..

Carrie didn't even seem to notice Anisha had a suicase packed in her lab. Having a raised a few red flags already, Anisha opened the suicase which cause Carrie's powers to die down slowly. Everything present in the room that was shaking stopped....and what she pulled out.....

......was the the ruined torn dirt and bloody covered prom dress she wore that exact night in Chamberlain

Seeing it made Carrie react rashly on the inside as her eyes widen and mouth dropped and almost immediately, the room began to shake excessively again, even more violently than the last few seconds as the entire layout of the room began to shake, rattle and fall apart. Bookshelves were knocked over, the lamplight began to twitch, the glass table slowly began to crack. It felt like all hell was breaking loose.

Yet Anisha was still there seemingly unfazed by how far Carrie can push the limitations of her powers without exerting too much. Little did Anisha know Carrie genuinely felt no control over her abilities this time around.

Anisha: This was yours, right? The same night all hell broke loose, the very stain that continued to plague your mind ever since?

Carrie: Y--Yes.

Anisha: How many lives that day?

She was certainly pushing the wrong buttons but she insisted anyways for she deemed this too important.

Carrie: Three hundred

Anisha: Do you even remember them?

Hours ago, she wouldn't have been able to give out an answer but now that she was pushed to a limit she didn't want to go towards, all sense of awkwardness, uneasiness and fear went straight out the window. It's as if she was a completely different person compared to when she actually had control.

Carrie: I remember ALL of them.   

Her eyes pulsate rapidly at the sight before she just telepathically yanks the dress away from Anisha, finally ushering her to break out of her brief psychotic episode all while the room just laid in complete and utter ruins. Both women just stare at each other in stunned silence over what just happened. Needless to say, neither one of them could tell what was more terrifying: how extreme Carries abilities were, how close she was to snapping again or the fact that she just confessed to committing to the crime that would go on and make national history.

Finally having enough to deal with this, Carrie, still clutching onto the dress tightly, just bolted up from the couch and reached for the door yet again but not before she ushered a warning.

Carrie: If I were you Anisha....I would hope we don't meet again.

Anisha: I wouldn't dismiss that right away.

Carrie: Well, you should.

Finally, she exits.


Meanwhile, at the University Of South Florida, the occurring basketball came between the home and opponent team had came to a close almost half an hour ago. And unfortunately for the Ford brothers, things did not go the way they had hoped it would.

They lost to the Turros by ONE point.

Not to mention Sean had to sit out for the last two halves of the game after twisting his ankle near the last few seconds of the second game. As a result, Raymond had to work the the last two games with his friend Scott Heralds (Chris O'Neal)

Exiting the lounge area and having to head up to Scott's room for some breathing room, there didn't seem to be much stopping either of them from just spitting on the game they trained so hard for only to fail. And it was hard to tell who was frustrated the most.

"And THAT'S how you commit career homicide." Ray sits out as soon as they enter the doorway.

"More like suicide. As careful as Sean normally is, he basically did that to himself", Scott felt the need to point out. "Ok, THAT I can't really argue against but for the life of me, what were you doing out there?", Ray just expressed, feeling completely dumbfounded and lost in the moment.

Ray: This was your debut for the South Florida Bulls and you could've, at least, tried to make it worth while. Yet you were fucking paralyzed a-as if David Blaine was there, snapping his fingers and advra kadabra straight into the center of the arena. You barely knew what you doing down there, man.

Scott: What more did you expect me to do?! It was my first time out on the court!

Ray: We lost by one point!

Scott: Hey. You think it would've mattered less if Sean was there?

That brought the matter to rest almost immediately because Scott had a point there. Even if Sean hadn't twisted his ankle, the outcome of the game probably wouldn't have altered much in the long run and deep down, both of them knew it. Dropping both their book bags and dufflebags, they both just lay downwards onto the bed.

It was an exhausting journey of a day already and both men were just exhausted of energy.

Ray: I will say this though: the angle of that free throw looked dope as all hell.

Scott: One in a million shot, bud.

They both chuckle and the laughter immediately dies down seconds later. Neither one of them generally weren't happy with the outcome of tonight and it made Ray bring up some real talk.

Ray: When the hell did our lives get so complicated?"

Scott: You know that better than I do, man—

Ray: Only because me and Sean had it worse than you and we had to build everything back up from scratch, ok? No tricks, no good luck, no spells, no wingardium leviosa, just pure manufactured brotherly-labor. Parents or no parents, it probably wouldn't have altered much in the end anyways.

Scott: Ok, so let's just say maybe there were elements of the supernatural that existed in this world. Would prefer that if it makes your life a little less tedious and a little more fun?

Ray: I've never believed in any of that. Never wanted to Cause it's more harm than good. Always leads trouble.

All of a sudden, there were three knocks on the outside of the door of the dorm. The sound didn't startle them but it did raise some eyebrows.

Ray: You invite anyone?

Scott: No. Might be Sean; who knows?

Ray just looked him, almost in stupor. "You know it takes days to weeks to recover from a sprained ankle, right?"

"Again, you never know. Let me check first." Seeing how Scott had a point there, he just backs off while the knocks on the door continue to run through.....

Scott: Who is it?

Approaching the door with each passing second flying past him, he doesn't open the door. He just peeks out of the peephole to be able to see who it was first. Scott's eyes widen in shock before shutting the peephole and just locking the door. Putting his back up against the door, it raises more than just an eyebrow for Ray.

Ray: Ok? Should I be worried?

"I'd prefer 'scared shitless'." Scott spits out bluntly.

More knocks on the door formulate, each one more louder and aggressive than the last as an annoying female voice just echoes, screeching through the wood.


Ray: Is it just—me or does that sounds like—


By the time two and two comes together, Ray didn't like what he found out at all. Anything to do with who was on the other side meant more than enough bad news to him already. "No no no NO! Why her?"

Scott: Shush. Don't answer it and she'll go away.

Ray: No, she won't.

I'm not going anywhere till you open this door.

Ray: What the hell did I tell you?!

This just makes Ray groan loudly, slamming down on the bed. At this point, he didn't care whether or not the person on the other side of the door heard him or not. He was just frustrated that SHE had to come sneaking into his life again.

I'm waiting.

"BETTER KEEP WAITING, THEN!", Ray yells from the inside out only for Scott to pull him aside out of the way of the door and just stuffs him down near the cabinet near the bed. Any attempts to keep him quiet didn't go well, despite there needing to be a way to get him to lower his voice.

Ray: Don't shush me!

Scott: Whoa whoa whoa. Why you're so sour?

He just stared at Scott for a bit. Scott felt awkward, but he felt the need to say what he did. "Can you please just get rid of her?", Ray said with an uneasy vibe in his throat.

Scott: Why me?

Ray: Cause you got the hots for her.

Scott: But....that's the problem. I can't talk to her without being turned down.

If you boys aren't gonna let me in, at least tell me where Sean is. 

Ray: Forget it! You leave my bro alone. He's done with your bullshit!

Turning back to Scott, Ray just squealed under his breath, "Scott just do it!"

Scott: Ohhhh.....fine.

With Ray taking in his pride and hiding, this left Scott slightly grabbing the doorknob and just yanking it all way open, just to get a good look at Kaitlyn Lawerence (Scout Taylor-Compton). Almost immediately, Scott's jaw nearly dropped to the floor of his chin.

But then again, why wouldn't he?

In his eyes, he was drop-dead gorgeous.

Kaitlyn: Oh Scott....heh....normally, I wouldn't drop by if I hadn't know. But since Ray just so happened to slip by, you wouldn't happen to see Sean anywhere?

Scott: Errr....I uh.....hadn't seen him since the game. He.....had an accident during on of the playoffs...

Kaitlyn: Duh! I know that. I'm cheer captain; I saw the whole thing. Had to go to the nurse's office to check and he wasn't there. So when I saw Ray come in, I figured---

Scott: Yeah yeah yeah, I get it.....both brothers aren't always in the same spot as one another. But Sean; he....really needs time to heal.

Not buying the dumb gimmick, Kaitlyn felt something done when she asked of something she'd make sure she get it. And this time would be no different.

Kaitlyn slowly began tracing on Scott's chin which made him nervous as his cheeks blushed his eyes twitched

Kaitlyn: Let's cut the shit, ok? I know you been dying for a short shot at the hottest chick on the team. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the same around you. It would be very sweet if you can just.....spill out some info for me.

She suddenly presses up against his pants slapping her hand right alongside his crotch and it makes him jump slightly

Scott: Oof! Argh.....well, I....

Scott still tried to keep his game face on but his defense was deteriorating every passing second.

Kaitlyn: Just tell me, Scottie, where he is and I promise you, I'll make it very worth your while.

With Ray overhearing everything, he felt like he was gonna barf. He almost contemplated texting or calling Sean right now to tell him Kaitlyn was on his trail again but something told him not to but next thing he knew, his jaw fell completely opened as he just overheard Scott blurt it out, "He's in the men's locker room."

Satisfied, Kaitlyn just plants a small kiss on his cheek before slightly shoving him back into the room and walking off. Scott undoubtedly felt awkward after that but awkwardness quickly dissolves to disappointment as he looked past at his dorm door seeing a very pissed off Ray as he once again squeals....


Scott: I get it. I fucked up, I know. Everything just happened too fast; I didn't even know what else to say....

Scott had to know that wasn't a good excuse in the slightest cause all he could see was Ray's cold eyes just staring straight through him.

Ray: See, I knew you were into Kaitlyn but I didn't think you were dumb enough to let Poison Ivy get in the way of anything.

Scott: That happens when you come cross someone THAT drop dead gorgeous. If people were to take a survey on Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn alone, I'm pretty sure more than half of the schools population would vote "To die for".

Ray just scoffs and chuckles at that remark before he just picks up his bag and flips it into his back.

Ray: It ain't always about looks, Scott. Heart matters more. 

He storms out leaving Scott on his lonesome and feeling incredibly useless.

In the men's locker room, it was all but empty. No basketball players, no baseball players, no lacrosse teams, track runners, coaches, not a single soul was present. All but one. Only Sean was present in the locker room like Scott said, only he was in the medical room trying to readjust his twisted ankle. The ankle still made it difficult for him to stand after placing ice over the sprained area so without waiting much longer, he PAINFULLY lifted it up to his right knee.

Sean: Ah! Ahh! Damn!

Yelping in exasperation, Sean first rubbed over the cold bare skin of his foot before grabbing ahold of the ankle and then snapping it back into place.

Sean: Ffffffffuck ME, argh!!

Sean's leg just fell over as he breathed out and slowly. Willing to walk out of his own merit, he did, in fact, stand up on both legs.

While not at 100%, he'd be able to stand and walk again; however the chance of being able to play again was off the table for a week or two.

Looks painful.

There was a fine line between somewhat startled and just flat-out annoyed by the voice and her presence as Sean just stared at Kaitlyn standing in the doorway. He couldn't tell what was more nauseating now: her presence or the fact that she was wearing that innocent yet sadistic smile as she just giggles uncontrollably.

"Kaitlyn....this is the men's locker room. You know the coach would kill you if he catches you in here", Sean growled under his breath, making it clear how unwelcome Kaityln was no matter how much she insisted. And she continued to insist.

Kaitlyn: Why you always so pessimistic? He's never here on a Friday afternoon. I mean you gotta have someone looking out for you......bad leg and all.

He could suddenly feel the stiletto shape of her claw nails tracing the edge of his chin, crawling up to the side of his face. Seeing where this was going, Sean just smacked her hand off and away.

Sean: Don't. I'm really not in the mood for this. Not in the mood period.

Kaitlyn knew this was going south. "Sean, honey. I know you need your space. We've had a lot hiccups lately know Valentines day is in two weeks time. And February 10th is Karaoke I thought....."

Sean: Don't even go there, Kait. Do you even remember why we broke up?

Kaitlyn: Course I do. Said you needed time to grief. Hard to argue whether it mattered much of the same to Ray since your parents.

Insulted and offended, Sean flinched when she brought up his deceased parents. He was a millisecond away from losing his cool and just shouting at her until he remembered. Taking deep breaths in and out, the best he could do was try to speak firmly and as calm as he could. But he just couldn't resist gritting his teeth.

Sean: I had to call it off because of the way everything turned out wrong. Anyone with a half a brain in their heads could've seen it coming a mile away; I'm just surprised the only one who couldn't see past your beauty was me. We can't do this anymore, Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn: You know....'Can't' is usually a first....but it's always a road to 'Can'.

Sean really couldn't believe it. Either Kaitlyn just didn't care or she was this oblivious to every word that flew out of his mouth. It made it all the more difficult to feel sorry for her.

Sean: I'm not making that detour. Try to take the hint.

Kaitlyn: You used to hate saying that.

Sean: Well, there's a lot of things I hated about us, the more I look back on it.

Kaitlyn: Come on, Sean. Can't we just pretend for once that things are still like they used to be?

Sean: I can't.....because I don't trust the notion that what went down won't remind me of how I'm without any parents. As for you.....just.....let it go, Kait.

He had to reiterate for the ten thousandth time, walking past her on his way out the door. Kaitlyn grabs his arm only for Sean to yank it away before walking out and slamming the door. It wasn't locked but it left Kaitlyn moody as she folded her arms, flustered.

Kaitlyn: Why do they always play hard to get?

(You tell me, you hopeless romantic lovesick dope)

Two hours past by as Sean and Ray were on the road again. Nothing but cold glares were being exchanged between the two brothers for all that was on their mind was both of their utter disdain for Kaitlyn and how she had the gaul to try and sneak back into both of their lives again as if nothing happened. The only detail left out was Sean not telling Ray how Kaitlyn mentioned both of their parents, otherwise Ray would lose it.

But Kait's never ending infatuation was always something Ray was never very fond of to begin and spewing on and on about her seemed to be what he was good at. He didn't even have to try and get riled up for him to almost lose his cool.

The look on his face basically gave away the entire situation. They were almost home, to their safe haven where they were guaranteed to feel at ease for the few precious hours left of their day and Ray was fuming in the passengers seat.

"You know, I always admired you, bro. You were always the person that I admired myself to be one day. But in the back of my head, it always makes me wonder why couldn't you let your head do the talking instead of your heart sometimes?" Ray just spits right then and there unfolding his arms and placing them onto the dashboard.

As pissed as he was, he felt more frustrating than anything. He knew his brother had a big heart and an outgoing aura to him that made people want to know him better.

Nobody knew these qualities better than Sean but he didn't seem to get the full point across.

Sean: I'm not the same man I was in high school. Kaitlyns publicity stunts are greatly exaggerated and I promised to not let them get in the way of what's important.

Ray: Then why do you keep falling for it? You already know what her play is so why give in to this hotshot bullshit?! It's always the same pattern she pulls on every boy who comes in her path every day of the week and then some—how much longer are you planning to drone this on for?

Sean: Maybe if the chick would take a hint! I bet you, if we're to put a restraining order on her at this very moment, she'd be hightailing it in the back of my trunk. There's no getting away from her, ok? That well's been poisoned.

Ray: Look, I'm not saying to file a damn restraining order cause that'd cost a lot of money and a lot of time; both of which we don't have much of since it's only the beginning of the second semester. I'm just saying don't fall into her Poison Ivy theatrics."

It had gotten bad enough to the point that Ray had to be blunt about the situation just to get the point across.

Ray: Bad enough it made Scott dumb enough to give things away and last thing we need is history to repeat itself.

"Ray, come on. It ain't gonna happen again", Sean says.

Ray just scoffs at the remark. "Exactly what you said the last time before you came crawling back for her to sniff away your undies. I told you you were better off without her, man."

Sean: I get that. Jesus, would you cut me slack?

Ray: I'm just trying to make a point here. What you need in your life now is normal. Social. A proper living. That's the whole reason we chose to attend college at home and not in another town. I mean, it's what our parents wanted, right?

Once again, the mentioning of their parents made Sean's nonchalant temper quickly erode from a physical perspective. For all that he could muster, the memory mentioned left little to be desired for the older sibling with his mind spinning at a hundred miles an hour trying his hardest not to comprehend what Ray has just said. The less he was briefed about it, the more Sean felt comfortable.

The only thing Ray got out of Sean was, "Maybe."

Ray: Maybe? Meaning what?

Sean: Not now.

He couldn't help but to leave the matter right then and change the topic as he finally pulls into the driveway of their safe haven. Turning off the ignition, he just rubs his hair.

Sean: You know something? I'm a little curious about.....getting to know Ms. Desjardin better. That daughter of hers is a mystery in itself.

That came off to Ray as new. Daughter?, Ray ponders, not knowing what to make of his brothers statement. But he didn't like where this would go.

"I saw her earlier today before practice. She seemed shy and quiet", Sean piped up.

"I wouldn't go there, Sean." Ray intervened.

Sean: You're sure uptight a lot. What'd you talking about?

Ray: Because it's not It's always the quiet ones for nothing.

Not taking what his brother said on deaf ears, Sean fist-bumps Ray just as Sean notices Desjardin's van pulling up on the road from the corner of his eyes. Carrie was the first one to come out the van only for Sean to immediately lock eyes on her yet again. The very sight of her just overshadowed almost all that was happening around him, including his own brother. Ray had to honk the horn briefly just to snap Sean back to this own plane of reality.

Perhaps thinking rationally was also something he didn't have to try at.

It was only hours after that unbearable session with the doctor that Carrie and Desjardin took time to collect some groceries on the way back, the latter of which were a lot. Carrie was awfully quiet throughout the whole trip on the way back which gave Desjardin pause for concern, and rightfully so. Whether or not anything Anisha said broke her was left to be desired.

But that's all the more reason why Rita had to be upfront about it.

Desjardin: You sure you don't want to talk about it?

Carrie only nods as she basically did all day, much to Desjardin's dismay. It was always a pain whenever she DID try to shut her out and it showed. Despite being the only person she can trust, the very figment of this sad sad world had already did a number on poor Carrie and that meeting with Dr. Anisha was just the icing on the cake.

But that hardly did much to stop Rita from trying after Carrie stepped in with her hands full.

Desjardin: Look. I won't pressure you on anything if you don't wanna to say anything. But just know if that lady shows up again....she'll find her a—Ahem—herself in a hall.

Carrie: Don't worry about me.....I'll be ok. And you know what? I'll....I'll consider going on this jog with you, just to prove so.

That's all she spoke, for the first time in hours. Rita's eyes widened as she gave her old student turned adopted daughter figure a wide smile.

Desjardin: Really? Well, that's great. You're going to love it. Trust me.

Two words, seven letters: Trust me. Carrie knew the only person who could say those words and actually mean it was the woman standing across from her. She just gave another nod as Desjardin stepped out of the van completely, only for Sean to get one more good look at Carrie again.

Nothing but stunned silence.

And there was nothing Ray could do about it. Unable to pass it by, he hops out of the passengers seat to saw Ms. Desjardin first.

Ray: Evening Ms. Desjardin.

Desjardin:Oh hello, Ray. How did the game go?

Ray groaned at the question. "Bad as shit. We lost by one point cause Sean....his ankle."

Desjardin: Oh no....that's horrible. Can he still walk?

Ray just nods Yes.

Desjardin: Well either way, I'm sure you'll get another chance.

Ray: Yeah, maybe next season but....not for awhile. However, I think something—

As Ray and Desjardin continued onwards with their conversation, Sean finally gets himself out of the fantasy warfare in his mind as he looked at Carrie opening the trunk of the van after taking the first few bags inside. With more groceries than they bargained for, Sean saw exactly how much and ran up to help.

"Need some help?", Sean yelled from a distance away, startling Carrie again. Looking back as Sean grabbed a handful, she basically stumbled over her words trying to say it was ok and that she got it.

"It's no problem", Sean persists anyway.

Carrie just looked at him all dazed and confused. Even helping out with the simplest of things like that was something different what Carrie'd see because normally that never happens back home and here was a complete stranger giving her and Desjardin a hand. Ray couldn't help but to notice but he didn't feel the need to flinch on what his brother was doing as Rita smiled again for Sean's helpful hand.

Carrie looked over, just for her nod at her this time, telling Carrie "It's ok".

Briefly grinning at Sean on the way, he just follows her inside, through the living room into the kitchen, placing the bags on the counter. Desjardins came in shortly afterwards while the three just circle around each other from different corners of the room as Carrie just sits down.

"Wow. This is some house. I walk and drive by it a lot but never saw the inside." Not much of a response came from Carrie then. She just nodded at Sean and then looked down at him nervously.

Sean: It sure could fit my whole room. You like it here?

Once more, Carrie still remained silent. Sean didn't want to pressure her like before even though he was certain what happened last time was on his behalf, so he only thought of one thing.

Sean: Oh ma'am, I'm sorry. Where are my manners?

He extends and holds his hand out to Carrie.

Sean: I'm Sean. Sean Elvis Ford.

She just stares at him. No tension was being built. Just a friendly meeting with the next door neighbor.

Nowhere near as hostile as she was in her meeting with Anisha, she slowly gets up off the couch, walking towards Sean in a way that made him back up a bit. Sean almost thought of backing up again. But he finds himself with Carries hand grasped with his as she shook his hand as normally as she could.

Carrie: Carrietta.....Elizabeth.....Mary......White. Carrie, for short.

Sean: Carrie White, huh? Got a bit of a ring to it, honestly. I like it.

This marked one of the few other instances in which Carrie's name wasn't made fun of upon being introduced. One of the few times Carrie could actually relax from within.

Carrie: Umm, your middle name was Elvis? As in—?

Sean: Yeah, Elvis Presley. Mom was a big fan back in the 50's. Me? Not so much when I found out most of his songs weren't his. Long story but....yeah.

This actually made her smirk for a brief moment. But that smirk fades once she hears Desjardin clearing her throat from the other side of the room, startling her. Story of the night it seems.

Desjardin: Sorry, just thought.....well, I see you two have so much to discuss. I'll leave you to it cause I think I'm gonna it call it a night. Night Carrie.

Carrie: Night, mom.

She watches Desjardin disappear into the hallway and off to bed. It felt awkward having to draw those words from her lips. But at the same time, it felt all the more genuine since Desjardin was a better mom than Margaret ever was. As much as she didn't want to admit that, it rung true at the end.

Her focus suddenly shifted back to Sean. She felt the need to make the visitor feel welcome.

Carrie: Well um...would anything to eat or drink?

Sean: I like a water. I'm gonna need a lot of it.

Carrie: It's in the fridge.

Sean: Thanks. Let me....ow!

Carrie: No no no. It's ok, I can get it for you.

He couldn't tell but having read his mind mere seconds ago, she could tell that he wasn't close to 100%, giving his excessive limping. She had to lay him down on the couch as she crossed into the kitchen and got him and herself a bottle of water.

She just tosses it to him as he barely catches it.

Carrie: Wow. Nice catch.

Sean: Ahh it's no biggie. I actually used to try out for baseball when I was a wee little lad. Took awhile though before making the swtich to basketball.

Carrie: Hmm. And what was your inspiration?

Sean: MJ.

Carrie laid puzzled as she sat down.

Sean: Michael Jordan. Who wouldn't want to take inspiration from a man whose always struggled through adversity right?

Truer words haven't been spoken. 

Carrie: Yeah, I guess so.

Sean couldn't help but to smile briefly before he went serious again.

Sean: Execpt adversity.....there's no simple way to it I guess......

No time to finish his sentence, Ray quickly comes barging through the door, startling Sean and making Carrie jump slightly.

Ray: O.....K........I'm forfeiting entry. You can put your clothes back on.

Sean couldn't help bit to scoff and chuckle again. "Dude, for real?"

Ray: Sorry man, it was right there. How could I not? Plus, would it kill you to NOT leave the door open?

Sean: How 'bout you try and not scare off the company, ok?

There seemed to be some miscommunication there since last Ray remembered Sean was the company in this house and not the other way around at theirs. Ray only hoped and prayed that his brother wasn't falling for Carrie.

As of right now, he felt no worry

Ray: Oh right then....I um...I guess you're----

Carrie: Carrie White.

Ray: Raymond Ford. Sean's brother. But just call me Ray.

She nods slightly.

Ray: So what's your story?

That left Carrie reeling in both confusion and turmoil once again. Having told her life story and her forbidden past to Dr. Anisha mere hours ago, she didn't feel the need to repeat herself. So she tried to avoid the question.

"I don't have a story.", Carrie says in the most chalant manner imaginable.

Ray wasn't buying it and neither was Sean.

Ray: What do you mean? Everyone's got a story.

Sean: Very true.

Carrie: Just....sometimes I like to think there's always more to a person than just one thing.

This made Sean reflect back on himself, when he initially thought ahead to his past relationship with Kaitlyn and where everything just fell apart. And it brought Carrie to another interesting point.

Carrie: Have you ever had the feeling where you can't tell if you're still awake or if you're dreaming? Have you ever had a.....a horrible, terrible, awful, no good, very bad day and you just wish that that day never existed? Is there anything about that you would want to change?

Both brothers had ONE day in mind that neither one were remotely proud of but just like Carrie, neither one of them knew it wasn't the appropriate time to actually express it and go into detail.

All they could do was just answer the question.

Sean: Yes. We did have one of those days.  But I wouldn't deem it wise to wish that day never came.

Ray: Because it marks another opportunity for you to learn from your errors. You can either run from it or learn from it.

Yet again, another pint that Carrie couldn't seem to argue against cause it made all the sense in the world. Suddenly, there's another brief chuckle from her. A rather uncharacteristic one, at that.

Carrie: You know I've watched "The Lion King" right?

Sean: Ha....she caught you there bro. Ray: Yeah I've noticed. Look, if you're done in here, we got to get home.

Impatient and acting impractical, Ray almost felt the need to pressure Sean into getting him out of there. Whether it was right or not, he didn't care; he simply wanted out.

Sean: Soon.

Ray: Sean...

Sean: I said soon Ray. 

Ray was already losing his patience with how much Sean still wanted to stick around and get to know Carrie more but again, Ray didn't seem to mind. But the way he proceeded to walk outside and wait gave Carrie a heavy suspicion about him as she looked at Sean with concern.

Carrie: seems....unapproving.

Sean: Don't mind him. He's been that way since.....

He stopped himself momentarily before continuing.

Sean:....since well....there was this girl and.....

Carrie raised her eye brows a bit and spoke out

Carrie: You have a girlfriend....?

Sean: What....?? No. No.....I mean I used to didn't last.

Carrie: What happened?

It eat at this moment Sean had to prevent himself from gritting his teeth.

Sean: Nothing really worth talking about. 

Even with no idea where he was going with this, Carrie, from reading his mind again, did seem to understand a little bit about where he was coming from on how he felt Not being the person to inject herself into something she didn't belong in, she decided not to push any further. Letting loose of her grip on his head, she turns away a few seconds too late just as Sean sees her perched her face looked.

Sean: You alright?

Carrie: Huh? Oh....yeah. Yeah I'm fine. Sean, it was....really great talking to you but....I need to turn in too. I've kinda had a long day.

Sean: No sweat. And Carrie....?

She turns to him as he approaches the doorway.

Sean: If you ever want to talk about anything, anything at all....I'm a real good listener. I'm just right next door.

Carrie only briefly smiled at him just as Sean went out the door, this time shutting it completely. From the moment he stepped out, so much was already running through Carries mind and there was something about it that she couldn't place her fingers on. Twiddling her thumbs as she lunges off the couch, it was a full solid minute just thinking in solitude.

As much as Carrie didn't want to admit it, it was hard not to: there was so much about Sean that reminded her of Tommy Ross that it wasn't difficult to place the similarities together: His kindness, strong-will, somewhat of a big heart and not to mention Sean was 'pretty dreamy' in Rita's words....most of which Tommy displayed similar qualities for. It felt eerily robust, churning with butterflies in her stomach but Carrie wasn't gonna plan on going there so fast like before.

Though she enjoyed her moments with Tommy Ross, that event cost him his own life. Plus, her moments would have been short lived anyways given that Tommy still loved Sue Snell. The last thing she wanted was for history to repeat itself.

Still clouded over her judgement, not much could come out of it. She too has to go up for the night......but not before she stores away her prom dress and conceals it away in the attic for good.

February 3rd

Following that week later, time had finally gone Carries way. Perched in the minivan on the passengers seat, sweatjacket and all, the two were finally going in for that morning jog they'd been planning on. Moderately cloudy, Mother Nature has been light at work today, drawing a light rain-shower to the surface.

Cypress Point Park; the area of choice for them to go through with their jog. Desjardins' van parked right alongside the park entrance way as she stops the ignition. Neither of them get out right away, instead they take the time to bask in the scenery of the park. Very few times had Carrie been exposed to wildlife throughout her life but here it felt like an eternity.

Carrie: looks larger than it does each time we pass it.

Desjardin: Well, when we do, we never see it up close as this. One of the best places around Tampa to just relax, play golf, go for a picnic or even feeding ducks.

Carrie: Ducks?

Animals; if she were to run into them, it would be very few of them. If this were Chamberlain, she'd be nowhere near any mammal, reptile or amphibian period unless it was something for the school and every time it did, it'd go horribly wrong.

"There's a few ponds here.....more or less. Anyway....let's get that energy out", Rita said with confidence, assuring nothing would go drastically wrong this time around.

Exiting the van first, Rita limbered herself up, stretching and lunging every step of the way. As Carrie got out, the further she entered, the more she discovered and observed over the park. Having seen parents spending time with their children, families throwing picnics, playing footballs and Frisbees, playing fetch with their dogs, it told her a disclosed story of joy in this cruel world that he lived in. Carrie never observed many unions like these before and seeing them have all the time and all the fun in the world, it only made her flabbergasted as to why she hadn't had times like this with her own mother.

But now with Desjardin, she's finally experiencing a daily routine in modernized civilization: a sight she seemed to be absorbed into by the time Rita walked right by her.

Desjardin: You ready?

Despite being too distracted by everyone's joyful moments around her, Carrie didn't bother to wait as long as before to answer.

Carrie: I've haven't seen so many people so happy in a while.

Hearing her vocally open up and express pleasure in the sights she sees was always a sight Rita had longed to see.

Desjardin: Exactly what we need. And this is an opportunity to build up on that.

After all this time, Carrie gave off a smile once more looking straight at her, realizing more and more Desjardin made a better mom to her than Margaret. Despite missing her and loving her deeply, she could not forgive the abuse and cruelty she passed on to her all her life and she had not received a SINGLE one of them since she went to live with her old gym teacher.

"GO!", Desjardin yelled out as gave out a head start and running three steps ahead of Carrie. But it didn't take long for Carrie to catch up after her. She kept the smile over her face the entire time.

For a full twenty five minutes, both continued to run through the track through the park. Every once in a while, they'd stopped for a water break and even stop to pet some along dogs the way. Though some of them were nervous around Carrie, most of them whimpered around her and only one growled at her. At that point, they kept on moving.

At the thirty six minute mark, Desjardin paused her stopwatch later onwards as she came across a two-way track. Catching up afterwards, Carrie felt exhausted and was just drenched in sweat, dripping off from her her face and hands and hair every second. From the looks of it, she weren't sure which path to take all while Desjardin was still moving her feet, running in place not wanting to actually take a breather.

Carrie: So.....which way should we take?

Desjardin: How bout we take one of each and meet up from the other side?

Carrie didn't like the sound of that. " mean like....split up?"

"This track only splits here but meets back up about a quarter from here. We can just cut each other off there." She could still see the sudden look of insecurity plastered over Carries face. "Don't worry. We'll meet up just sooner than you think."

Few seconds pass as Carrie looked at her and nodded. Continuing further with their jog, Desjardin took the left route while Carrie took the right.

The next four minutes pass and already Carrie had to stop again to catch her breath once more but something caught her attention....


That sound of a child's voice made Carrie look back behind her as she slowed down and between a pond and an pile of picnic tables was a little girl with light brown hair and blue eyes looking around, seemingly lost.

The look of despair and confusion on the kid's face was nerve wrecking for the abused teen-turned-adult worry and it tore her up. Despite how badly she wanted to help her, she didn't want to get in trouble for child harassment or child abuse and God knows she didn't want to be anything like her mother. It wasn't until the child called out for her mother yet again that Carrie sighed heavily and helplessly, for she just couldn't leave her on her own like that.

She had to go and check on her. "Hey, Hey there little one. Are you ok?" She couldn't help but to turn away for a few seconds as awkward as that sounded. As far as being a guide and offering advice goes, Carrie was far from the greatest at that but it was better late than never to start trying.

All she got from the little girl was just silent eye contact until she finally spoke out. "Sorry, ma'am. But I'm not suppose to talk to strangers."

Carrie knew that was coming. "Oh, that's very smart. But believe me, I don't mean you any harm. You seemed to be lost from where I was looking. Are you looking for your mom?"

"She was here a minute ago but I can't find her. Looks like I'm lost?" And she just points back behind as if she was signaling the direction where she came from. Whether it was the right direction or not remained to be seen.

"Well, she has to be about. Come on, I'll help you find her, honey."

Embracing her inner mom, Carrie smiles at the little girl unconditionally, holding out her hand to guide her forward. Considering her kindness, the child had reason to believe Carrie albeit at first glance but even though her head was telling her not to do so, her gut told her otherwise. Going with her gut, the child takes Carries hand after a minute later.

She smiles.

Carrie: I'm Carrie, by the way.

The girl suddenly bolts her head up to her, pleasantly surprised at the remark for some reason.

Little Carrie: Like me? My name's Carrie too.

Carrie's eyes widened hearing that. It was not every day you meet someone, let alone a young child, who has the same name as you. It didn't feel like a coincidence more than that of a pleasant surprise.

Both Carries eventually got a move on, walking throughout the entire layout of the park and back, asking other people if they seen the mother of Little Carrie anywhere but every answer was the same: no one had seen her or did not know if they had since they don't know WHO it was.

The search took well over almost fifteen minutes as both Carrie and Little Carrie were perched near the Lemon Street Canal. There, Carrie would again ask people around her the same question that's been asked for hours. Even if it was a lost cause, she at least would be determined not to give up so easily.

Little Carrie: THERE SHE IS!

Immediately bolting her head over at the direction Little Carrie was pointing, what Carrie saw made her widen her eyes with dumbfounded appall as her grip on the baby's hand lessened. By the time her grip lets go, the shock refused to leave her. It was one of the most gut-wrenching feelings she had ever endured for quite some time and almost contemplated leaving right then and there. It might've been better to abandon the scene entirely without a single soul knowing she was even there, dispersed without a trace.



But leaving a child unattended? Not the wisest choice by far.

Isabelle: Miss?

Carrie: You'll be alright, dear. Just—just go to her.

Something came off fishy about the way she quickly stuttered the sentence out like that, at least to the child. Two and two couldn't be put together in her mind but she was happy to be reunited with her mother. She thanked Carrie for her kindness and just walked a full quarter of a mile down to the nearest lamppost before yelling out for her mother.

A blonde woman in a black rain jacket hears the voice not too far away only to bolt her head back and see her baby daughter running towards her. Sue Snell quickly opens her arms wide, grabbing her daughter tightly spinning her around like a whirlpool.

She was happy to be reunited with her loved one.

Sue: Baby baby baby, where have you been? I was looking everywhere and nobody said that they saw you. I—Carrie, honey.....

"I'm sorry, Mommy", Little Carrie spoke sincerely.

"Please. Just stay close to me next time, ok?" Her mother pleaded with her as she hugs her tightly again.

The sight was heartwarming for Carrie; which didn't alter much about how she still felt about Sue since the last time they've seen each other. But a lot had changed since the events in Chamberlain and she really couldn't hide the fact she was proud of her. She managed to sustain herself as a parent, raising a single child on her lonesome in the brink of all that transpired. At least she knew saving her life that night was the right choice.

But at the cost and expense of one Tommy Ross. Because of that same night, Sue was left without a husband. Little Carrie was left without a father and she was never really going to know her own dad. A good chunk of the blame, in Carries head, is marked squarely on her shoulders and it made her feel very depressed.

She just looks over at Sue chatting onwards with the child as Sue places her down beside her. And then Little Carrie, to her surprise, POINTS her out only for Carrie to quickly turn over and zip away.

By the time Carrie finally made it out of that zone of the park, she basically made a de-tour on the supposed track she took moments earlier and regardless of how tired she was, ran all the way to the near beginning of where she had started, which was where Desjardin was patiently waiting.

Having almost flown past her, Carrie had to stop herself briefly before Desjardin could comment about it. But she comments anyways.

Desjardin: Well, that's the fastest I've seen you run yet.

"Wasn't trying", Carrie says out of breath again as she hacks spit out of her mouth.

Desjardin: You're not supposed to try. It's more or less second nat-

Carrie: Sorry to cut this jog short but something just came up. I need to get back home.

Surprised and rather a bit flustered by Carries sudden change of attitude, Desjardin takes HER on a detour away from the pathway and far away from the heart of the park up until they come near the river bed near the Old Tampa Bay of the park. Given the progressive change of behavior not too long ago, the former gym teacher thought taking one of her former students to somewhere refreshing and calm would hopefully clear her head for the time being. Luckily, Carrie seemed to listen up after about a minute of staring. So much so that she had to sit down near the edge.

Desjardin was quick to follow and after another few seconds of silence, she finally speaks up. "I'm not understanding any of this. Thought we were having fun. Where's the smile?"

No smiles when Carrie answered her.

Desjardin: I'm trying to help here, really, I am. You shouldn't expect nothing less from me.

And yet, you deserve better.

The voice rung a familiar tune in Carries head, one in which she hoped she would long forget about. She dreaded having to turn around. But she did.

And there was Sue looking completely distraught, holding the hand of her Little Carrie.

Carrie hadn't even gotten over the shock and awe from earlier and now Rita had to deal with the imagery as well. Sue only looks and waves at Rita, trying her best to stay positive but even as Desjardin waves back, nothing could cheer them up as of right now. Knowing how serious this was prone to be, Desjardin just backs away, keeping her distance as Carrie picks herself up off the grass and the two oddly approach one another.

Neither one of them looked happy in the slightest.

Exchanging glances between each other felt like an eternity as both of them looked exhausted, famished, worn out and incredibly tired as they continue to stare each other down.

Sue: C-Carrie?

In an odd turn of events, Carrie notices ONE tear, one single teardrop from Sues right eye trickle down her cheeks as she lets go of her child's hand, looking more distraught than she was seconds ago. Not a single word was ushered between the two and while Carrie couldn't allow her face to do the talking for her, Sue was a different story.

Finally, the tension breaks as Sue tackles Carrie in a tight hug, much to both Rita's and Carrie surprise. Only the young Carrie was amused by this sight, seeing how her mother and the women who helped find her earlier were supposedly friends.

Sue: I—I missed you.

Feeling a teardrop drop into her jacket, everything about this felt very very genuine. But this similar situation had already occurred when Sue confronted Carrie years ago moments before she supposedly died; the very moment she spared her life. As embracing as it might've felt, Carries' gut told a different story.

So despite what her heart was saying, she slightly pushes away from the hug.

Carrie: I don't think I can say the same.

Sue was broken by this but she was not in the least bit surprised she'd say that, knowing Carrie still wouldn't forgive her for the past. She was extremely lucky Carrie wasn't motivated to lunge forward and choke her out like before, especially not in front of the kid. Despite her pleasing of Sue's devotion to her child as she hoped she would, some things are impossible to simply be forgotten about because regardless of what the end result was, Sue was just as responsible for the harassment and the video and everything else in between.

At least she understood that as she held back her tears. Finally, Carrie had the courage to speak to Sue again after four years.

Carrie: What'd you doing here, Sue? Did you fallow me here?

Sue: No. Absolutely not.....I moved here just as you two have. But I—I had no idea you were still alive.

She pauses slightly. "I didn't even know you were living with her", Sue admitted, pointing to Rita.

Desjardin: I thought that was you at Starbucks last month. Guess it all happened too fast.

Sue: I was in a hurry to get my daughter to daycare.

This prompted Carrie to take another look back at Little Carrie as she examined her. More butterflies churn through her stomach as two and two finally come together. She finally recognized her for when she felt her inside Sue the very night she supposedly died. At a closer distance away, she even saw Tommy's eyes in her and it only made her feel more joyful for what once was....despite still not being comfortable around Sue.

Sue: Carrie, what happened? I saw the house tumble down on you after you.....forced me out. How did you get out in time? 

Carrie bolted her head back to her

Carrie: I didn't.

That rose a giant red flag for Sue AND Desjardin as both eyebrows raise all the way up. Despite learning about her powers too little too late, Sue was almost positive at this point that Carrie would've found SOME way to get out of the wreckage in one piece because if not, why else would she be in front of her now? Rita didn't even know half of it because Carrie had not told her that she actually resorted to rising from her grave like an episode of The Walking Dead. Carrie stood back realizing she said too much.

Carrie: I mean I did---I.....I hid in my Mom's closet while---I---

Lying was far from her strong suit either but as Carrie tried to come up with a fictitious factional statement, there was no use even trying anymore.

Carrie: Look I don't want to talk about it, ok? Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Hearing that made Sue realize more she wasn't going to forgive her so easily which again was understandable.

Sue: Carrie....I'm sorry. I really sorry. I thought having Tommy take you to prom would make up for everything but I was wr---

Carrie: Wait!

Abruptly cutting her off, Carrie had to collect herself and process all she just heard. Until now, Carrie, for all this time, thought Tommy just came up and asked her to prom himself. She knew he still loved Sue no matter the outcome there but she never read ANYTHING past that. By this point, the revelation felt too real.

Carrie: You.....asked him to take me? 

Sue: Well yes I.....

A slight gasp leaves Carrie. Nodding furiously and pacing over herself back and forth over the realization that she was only pitied yet again, something started to click to her. Knowing that Sue was Tommy's girlfriend, the mother of his child, You know who's best friend and all the years she had to suffer cause of her, if it was her who asked Tommy to take her to prom just to fall into that terrible made Carrie glare at Sue with a hostile stare with this demented look in her eyes.

Carrie: So it was YOU.

This left Sue hopelessly confused as to what she was talking about and Carrie didn't make it any easier for her.

Carrie: Now it all makes sense.

Sue: Carrie I---I don't understand.....

Now she was just feeling insulted by who she thought was Sue playing dumb? Carrie could barely hold back the growl in her voice now.

Carrie: No? Then let me fill you in: You had Tommy take me to Prom JUST to lure me into position for HER and her psychotic boyfriend to dump all that blood on me! YOU ALL SET ME UP! And like an IDIOT, I fell for it! All cause I believed Tommy actually cared for me by his own choice!

Sue: Carrie. I swear to God, you got it all wrong. It wasn't my fault....Ok, some of it was my fault but....I didn't asked Tommy to take you to set you up. I only wanted you to have something special for once in your life instead of all the grief we kept giving you. I had no idea Chris was.....

Carrie: DON'T!

Carrie screeched at the top of her lungs, startling Sue and cracking the ground from beneath them as the effect ripples into the lake bed. Her powers don't extend beyond where she stood but she was worried of almost suffering an anxiety attack from too much stress. She didn't need any mentioning of the woman who ruined her life over and over.....and OVER

Carrie: Don't.....say her name....I've heard enough. I should've kill you along time ago.

Neither Sue or Desjardin attempted to stop her from storming to the van. The sight was just as depressing from a distance then it was up close; seeing her sad, depressed, alone, the way she used to wasn't just fair.

Sue: Carrie--

Carrie: Just leave me alone. I hate you.

Finally getting to the van and slamming the passenger side door, the window shatters. Sue couldn't help but to look down at Little Carrie first to sustain her daughters control before looking at Desjardin, feeling helpless. Neither of them didn't have any ideas on what to say or to to from here as they both look back at Carrie in the van, looking flustered and on the verge of pulling her hair out.

Sue: Ms. Desjardin.....I swear I didn't set her up. 

Desjardin: Whether you did or not, Carrie is still in need of time. She's made heavy progress since she came down here but.....I think the weight caught up with her.

Sue: Any chance you can talk to her? She seems to listen to you. 

Desjardin: I can't overwhelm her with what she wants or doesn't want to do. that I think about it, if you can send her something for her birthday by the end of the week.

Sue: Her birthday's later this week? 

She only nods at Sue silently as just frowns in confusion but also pondering with anticipation. The very sight from where Carrie was sitting on the passengers seat couldn't leave her alone; once more an image from her past had come back to haunt her but not until Carrie threatened Sue out the car widow:

Carrie: If I see you again, you're gonna wish we never seen each other alive.

None of them seemed to be aware that from a measurable distance from the shore near one of the many ledges of the park, laid a hooded figure just leaning aside on a tree trunk sporting Ray Ban shades with a mouth mask and cap. Given either the declining temperature or the rain, it felt the need to keep itself warm. On the other hand, it was being awfully distant and very smallish, for the sight of the three women from where it was.

It briefly watches Desjardin nod to Sue one final time before walking past her and entering her minivan back away from the pier. Carrie was in its eyesight for a few seconds longer than Desjardin was as the van finally began to pull off. Turning its attention to Sue and her daughter, a pair of binoculars comes out as it zooms in to get a closer look. Nothing out of the ordinary stood out apart from Little Carrie, which drew its eyes suddenly.

Seconds after the sight goes through, it drops the binoculars and takes off its shades almost in bewilderment. But any shock that came through only vanished just as quickly as it appeared. The shades cover the eyes once more as the figure pushes itself off the tree trunk and walks off.

The dreary rainy weather of the morning elevates into a full thunderstorm as the afternoon rolls on by, for the most part. A good chunk of the people were already winding down for the day and Sue was one of those few people. But just not winding down the practical way.

Her mother was taking Little Carrie around for a literal spin in the back room, laughing and chuckling in joy. Sue however had a bigger issue on hand. Gripping her head tightly groaning loudly, she stumbles herself to the table. Before long, she reaches for the drawer and pulls out a bottle of Paracetamol under TYLENOL. Cracking the bottle open, she pops two pills in her mouth just as Eleanor comes out from the end of the hallway.

She briefly catches Sue gulping down the pills with some water but she sees the bottle on the table anyways, much to her shock and surprise.

Eleanor: Are you---still on the painkillers.  

Sue: I'm just troubled.

Eleanor: Sue...

She tries snatching the container away but Sue was a little quicker to snatch it back.

Sue: Doctor says I need two a day. What's the big deal? 

Eleanor: I shouldn't have to remind you on that. Too much of a good thing is not good for anyone. Hell, this isn't healthy period! 

Sue: If you only knew what I had to live with!

Eleanor snatches the bottle away this time with a visible frustrated glare over her face, having to look at her daughter in the most depressive matter she's ever seen her in. Not even Little Carrie frolicking around and hugging her mother by the leg could do much to cheer her up ether way. Sue felt like two completely different people trapped within herself and not much of that could really be changed anymore than it already was.

That only quadrupled the already busy schedule that's been on her mother.

Eleanor: Sue, honey, I understand the trauma. Take that and you losing Tommy and being a single's difficult to pass all that up. Numbing the pain, however, won't do anything to help you there. It's one thing to fuss and mourn the events that scarred you indefinitely but whatever you keep mentioning about Chamberlain.....

She pauses a second too fast, almost choking up having to even think about that tragic event from long ago and how lucky she was that they all got out alive. "You know I hate it when you bring up the past, right?"

That just froze Sue in place where she stood. So many times she had told her mother in full what happened that very same day and so many times she had her mother comfort her after a nightmare the night before and after. Nowadays, it feels like an afterthought to her.

An event like the one Sue witnessed isn't one in which you can just recover from after a few weeks.

It led Sue to raise an interesting point.

Sue: It seems as if the past never dies. It comes back when you least expect it to and when you least need it to. Do you believe sins can never truly be forgiven? Do you believe it's right for one to suffer by the hands of many? Do you believe in fallen angels?

For an interesting point, Eleanor couldn't really think of much of an answer. "Sue, I—I cant say I do."

Sue: Well, you should.

An interesting remark nonetheless, Eleanor only nods keeping her daughters cryptic message at heart as she exits the kitchen. By this time Sue's headache finally leaves her only for her cell phone to vibrate and ring. Barely dropping it upon taking it out of her pocket, she catches it quickly and then answers it.

Sue: Hello? Oh hey, Erika. Yeah, it's been a while. It's more or less—No, really, I—

She sighs heavily, looking back at her daughter.

Sue: Ok, ok, ok......very weird sense of Deja Vu happened this morning. Don't know the best way to explain it but I got a visit old acquaintance of mine. It's Carrie.

Brief silence in-between.

Sue: Yeah, I know. I don't know how she survived but she seemed to be doing well for herself. No, I don't think she has forgiven me. And I don't blame her for doing so.

She'd be right about that.

Back at Desjardins residence, there Carrie lies on the couch, pondering long and hard over the surprise and unexpected visit today from Sue. No tears were flowing but she didn't have much to say about it. All she wanted was to leave her past behind and even THAT was difficult. every time she'd two steps forward, it's always four steps back.

She didn't feel the need to express to Desjardin again about the fiasco surrounding Sue and the dreaded wings of the past bygone.

Only one person however came to mind, for she needed someone to talk to about this.

Snatching her raincoat from the closet, she immediately rushes out the house, sprinting down next door and up the steps. Knocking on the door excessively as the rain continues to pour harder and harder, the door finally swings open only for Sean to get bombarded with the sight of the angel he saw next door right in front of him.

Neither his eyes or Carries left each other's sight despite her being outside of the door, drenched in layers of precipitation.

"Hi.", Sean stumbles over his words.

Carrie: Hi.

Not even a minute before the awkwardness dies down, Sean just walked aside and gets out of the way, letting Carrie walk in only for Sean to close the door behind her. Slipping off her coat, she notices how inadvertently she was wetting the furniture around her but with nowhere to leave it in sight; she had to ask.

Carrie: You got like a coat hanger or something?

Sean: The couch is fine.

Carrie just had to point out, "The couch is already wet."

Sean: Just wring it out, I don't mind."

She only looks back at the sofa behind her and despite how awkward she felt around him again, she just wrongs out the access water, folded the jacket on to the left arm of the couch and places it there.

Looking back, Sean was already gone. Then she already heard the splashing of water running in the kitchen as she peeks inside. He was just finishing the dishes.

Sean: Sorry for the mess. My brother and I eat like monkeys.

Carrie: That's kind of common.

Sean briefly nods his head to the side. "Not according to most folks I know."

Turning off the sink and placing the last few bowls and dishes near the rack, he wiped his hands off getting rid of the access soap. Just as Carrie observed the living room much further, she again saw most of the items and material that her own house didn't have way back home: most materialistic items that Margaret continued to rant endlessly and drone on about. She would never hear the end of it from her given her mental state.

Carrie couldn't help but to seat down on the couch and take in everything around her; it felt really nice. Felt comfortable, soothing, heartwarming to the soul. She felt like a completely different person. A framed family portrait soon catches her eye amongst all the other frames of childhood pictures on the table. She could only assume it was Sean and Ray in their younger years. It was a silver plated framed family photo of Sean and Ray as kids and their parents. Both boys were in gray suits as the mother wore a flowered hat and dark blue dress while the dad wore a black shirt and red tie. All were smiling together.

Ray, ironically, had the biggest smile out of all of them in the picture.

That, in turn, made Carrie perk up a smile. She knew many families deep down were happy together and while she wished she had that to begin with, it only made her admire the years she spent with Desjardin. She spent more of her time cramped up in the sea of emotional vulnerability as opposed to the point where she wasn't comfortable to let anyone else in. Looking at this portrait only made her realize how much more she needed rather than just an emotional recovery.

The sound of a throat being cleared out startles Carrie again, lightly jumping as she turned her head over to Sean, feeling a very ominous shiver crawl down her spine. She slightly places the picture down which Sean didn't seem to mind.

Sean: It's alright; you can look at anything you want. I don't mind.

Carrie still felt relatively uneasy in the sense that she was in someone else's house other than hers or Desjardins, practically touching items that didn't belong to hers. So she felt dirty just being in the same distance as him knowing what she was doing.

Carrie: I.....just don't want to violate your privacy.

Sean: Hey, you're my guest. I'm telling you it's ok.

Some form of relief came over Carrie, briefly grinning at him and then back down at the portrait. That was a beautiful smile, Sean briefly thought as Carrie continued to skim over the tainted metal of the portrait until finally she raised a question.

Carrie: Are these your parents?

Sean briefly nods, looking at the portrait almost in sorrow. "Yeah, that's them. That was taken on Thanksgiving day, 2007. I looked like a dork in that suit but Dad had one himself at that age so I guess....."

Carrie: Family air looms?

Sean: I guess they were to him.

Right before Carrie could ask where they might possible be, what Sean says next breaks the ice completely.

Sean: Both of them.....they died three years ago.

Carrie flinched and looked back at him. "How'd they....?"

Sean just turns away in silence, pondering the question on hand. Frequent tranquility sinks into his head as the expression over his face and his body language droops, much to Carrie's worry. Afraid she possibly offended him by triggering a painful memory, she felt the need to comfort him somehow.

No physical contact though.

Carrie: I'm sorry I shouldn't have---

She starts before Sean raises a finger, indicating her to wait. Nothing could make her understand why but the way he was taking his sweet time just to respond let it be known that something about the mentioning of his parents struck him.

Sean: Nah''s just complicated. I mean, what tragedy isn't? But....what happened to them is just—

Carrie thought it couldn't be more complicated than her past tragedies in terms of setting an entire tow ablaze or killing her own mother in self-defense but then again she never stepped in anyone else's shoes before. Now, it was understandable for her to realize that others like Sean had some things in common to her.

Once again, there's a sigh of relief. "Um.....Darn it. How rude of me for not offering hospitality? You hungry or thirsty or anything?"

Carrie politely nods no.

Carrie: Actually, I just needed to get out of the house....and.....kinda get something off my chest.

"Oh....well, that's new. Sure thing", Sean assures her, waltzing back to the kitchen first and like he was witnessing an extravaganza, he pulls out two Pepsi's from the fridge.

No manner of tension gets released before Sean bursts back in the living room, holding another Pepsi to Carrie and asking, "You want one?"

She again nods no as he sat beside her on the sofa, both cans beside him on the table where Carrie's jacket was. Sean says nothing more, taking a moderate sip from the Pepsi before speaking up again.

Sean: So....I guess whatever you got to get off your chest, I'm all ears.

A kind of surreal case for Carrie at this moment; the only person who she would've went to first for support used to only Desjardin back in the day. But she had longed for the day where it wouldn't be just her giving her tips and support and listening to her utmost fears and here Sean was fully opening up to her unlike nobody else would. 

Carrie: Well....this is strange cause....we've only been neighbors for a few years and only spoken once or twice. So I don't know if I'm talking to a stranger or some random neighbor but for some reason....I feel the need to open up if not make the attempt because I feel like you're someone I can--

Sean: I'm honored.

He chuckled slightly indirectly answering Carrie before she could finish. Yet, that only made what Carrie say next all the more awkward.

Carrie: you have any beliefs?

Sean: What do you mean? 

Knowing there was no turning back now, Carrie began spilling the beans again.

Carrie: I had one to many beliefs filled in my brain all my life. But the biggest belief that anyone ever told me.....was that the whole world was a sin.

Sean: Say what?

Carrie: Just hear me out for just a minute.......I've lived under so much more than I should've and because of it I can't seem to look foward to the things ahead I want to do when the weight of your failures and mishaps just run you down like a dog everywhere you go.

The vast cryptic statement didn't catch Sean as much as he tried to catch it Sean: Carrie I'm trying to understand and I'm not trying to rush you on the point of this but what'd you talking about?

Carrie: I saw someone I knew earlier before the storm. Someone who use to make fun of me in high school.

As vague as she got an itching sensation wanted more to be said from within. This however was as far from the right time.   Carrie: To be more specific, she didn't purposely treat me as rough or nasty as most of her other friends least....part of me doesn't think so. But the rest is unsure.

Sean: So you think this person you know is gonna torment you again? 

Carrie: I....I don't even know. I shoved her away and part of me should feel better for standing up for myself but part of me feels horrible about it cause she's got a kid. But the dad died and.....

Realizing she was dipping herself far too deep there she stops herself. Any more extraneous information and the entire story would come out: the last thing she'd ever want.   Carrie: I just don't know......

Sean just dropped a frown, the more she stared opening up as little as he now understood where Carrie was getting at with this. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't invested.

Sean: You got trust issues. I know what that's like.

Carrie: Do you?

He scoffs silently with a mild chuckle

Sean: Oh yeah.....if you remember what I said before, I had a failed relationship because of the stuff she used to pull off. What the guys she's got under her thumb pulled too. What she basically made me pull.....

He stopped for a minute; he could hardly stomach having to speak out about what happened with him and Kaitlyn without having to face down and turn away.

Sean: I couldn't live with myself because of her. I can't even talk to my own friends on campus about it cause most of them are her sheep. Hell, not even my own brother and that's saying something since Ray's normally a safe haven to reach to. He gets moody and strict about things way too much nowadays that I can't even talk to him without him getting riled out.

Having Ray described that way eerily reminded Carrie a bit about how her mother was, for she too was one to start on and ramble to the point where she never bothered to listen to her once. And needless to say, it got annoying to her and given Sean is talking about his brother being the same way, she happen to fill in his shoes and it got a little easy for her.

Maybe too easy.

Carrie: So....given you can't talk to your brother or your friends, you....can't escape huh?

Sean: Yeah. Something like that. Each time I run into her.....I just get as aggravated. But I can't get anything of my chest without more jumping right on it.

Execpt Carrie had already jumped further into the abyss of emotional vulnerability and what she discovered between Sean and Kaitlyn was no different.   Carrie: I see.....did you ever forgive her?

She felt the need to ask, recognizing the irony in that sentence. Brief silence occurred in between before then

Sean: I don't really know. All I do know is she's old news to me. Nothing more. So maybe....maybe this girl you're talking about should be too.

Carrie: That's the thing, Sean. I try to look at her as old news except it's hard. Cause she had most of everything. Great family, popular friends.....and this almost perfect boyfriend. Me? I had nothing.

This drew immediate confusion from the young man. Didn't she have already have a mother that supported and cared for her, he thought.

Sean: But....isn't your mom next door anything? 

Carrie: Ms. Desjardin's not my real mom. She was actually my gym teacher who....sort of adpoted me. My real mother died years ago. 

Carrie leaves at that and rightfully so. This made Sean bow down his head in sorrow.

Sean: I'm sorry. My condolences. 

Carrie: Don't worry about it. I don't want pity. Because honestly, I don't know if I should even grieve for her like I'm supposed to. She abused me as much as the kids at school did.

Sean: My god.....that's....that's just messed up. Nothing but cruelty? No. No one shouldn't be judged before they're known....I mean....not even someone as stunning as you.

This made Carrie look up at him in stunned silence once more over the remarks. She couldn't help but to blush as once more, Sean pauses before heading into deep silence. Not many seconds passed however before he got through to what he wanted to say as he drank down the rest of his Pepsi and slammed down the can.

Sean: You know what....I got an idea that might help you get adjusted from all the crap you gone through: How would you like to come to campus with me?

Carrie: You mean

A slight Hmm stirs from his mouth.

Sean: Well, obviously after whenever this storm passes. There's a lot of friendly people there who'd LOVE to know you. Only person we may have to avoid is my ex. Either way, I'm sure you'd love it there.

Carrie briefly turned away, not knowing how to take this. sure about this cause the last time she got offered something by a guy, it all imploded and everything just went wrong. The only difference here she found was while reading Sean's mind, she saw that he was truthful about his ex and that she had no idea about her so how could she be set up again?

Despite knowing Sean for a such a short period of time, Carrie somehow knew she could trust him and a glance later, she nodded.

Hours passed in the evening when the storm had finally dialed down, revealing a red sunset just as Sean and Carrie came out the house, jackets on, walking to the car.

Carrie: Are you really sure everyone's nice at your campus? 

Sean: Positive. And if they're not, I'll tell them to blow it off their asses.

Carrie tried not to be offended of his mild language except this time the way he put it together actually made her chuckle slightly. She just went along with it until another thought popped in her head: "Where's your brother? I noticed he wasn't around when I came earlier."

Sean: He's already there. We might run into him later. But don't let him get to you if he......

Carrie didn't like where that appeared to be going.

Carrie: If he what? 

Sean: Just let me do most of the talking with him. 

Sean then hopped in the driver's seat waiting for Carrie. stood there for a minute than went in shotgun soon as the ignition started. Backing out of the driveway, Sean had to alter the taillights and the rear-view mirrors due to the sunset before finally driving off towards the campus.

But little did they know, another pair of car lights flipped on as well as the ignition as a red Camaro pulls out from the driveway across from Sean and Ray's house and proceeded to follow Sean's car.

Somewhere along the mildly soothing ride joy came a few red lights and a little road rage from Sean due to the rush hour being from 3:30 to 7:30. It was only 6 p.m so it didn't do much to soothe him.

By the time they finally arrived to the University of South Florida campus grounds, Sean sighed a heavy sigh of relief, lucky to be out the rush hour of traffic as he puts his car in park and turns off the ignition. The second he looks besides him, Carrie was knocked out, fast asleep:

Sean: Hey.

He has to nudge her shoulder to get her up and running again. By the time her vision reappears, the change of scenery was evident within seconds.

Sean: We're here, sleepy head.

Having to look at the campus from a distance was intriguing enough but having stepped out the car with Sean and walk closer towards campus grounds, an immediate sense of insecurity and nervousness overtook the young woman once again. College was much different than high school or elementary school; nobody would be there to hold your hand. You'd monitor your own time, you pay for your classes, not to mention choose the kind of classes you have at whatever time you choose. The significant differences there wouldn't matter much if her situation altered VERY LITTLE.

It became apparent of just how uncomfortable Carrie looked to be once Sean saw how scrunched up her nose was as well as how sensitive she was, jumping at a slight ruffle in the bushes. Nothing but a squirrel ruffles through the leaves before leaping back out into the night. Luckily, Sean pulled her back to focus.

Sean: Sorry, forgot to mention the wildlife can get above average when the suns goin' down.

Carrie: This—pretty big place here.

Sean: You won't think that once we get a good look around. Now look, there's certain a timeframe where every one of us have to be in the dorms and off to bed cause we all have different schedules so we kind of have to make this quick.

Carrie: Mind if I—Umm, look over here first?

As she points near the stands in the circle, she just gets a foot away from reaching them before she hears: "Carrie, pay attention!"

Few seconds too late as Carrie ends up bumping across another solid figure and slightly falls over. She catches herself in time, looking up and seeing exactly what she bumped into as an old man, around his mid to late 60's with gray hair and a beard and raggedy clothes, covered from head to toe. The only obscure thing standing out was the beach hat covering his hair.

Carrie: Umm, sir, I'm—sorry. Sorry. Should've been paying attention.

No response back from the senile man. He briefly looked over in Seans direction before turning back to Carrie.

Now Carrie hadn't seen much of people who looked down on their luck or were less fortunate than she was since the big move. But while she would definitely wouldn't bat an eye to anyone like them who looked desperately in need, something felt extremely off about this one individual, despite the manner of his clothing. She felt something strangely amiss in the man's body language.

The glare in his eyes.

And even more amiss? The way he spoke.

Man: The world of demons, fallen Angels, is very real – a fact we need to know. We have to face up to this terrible reality, so that we do not fall unsuspectingly into their hands and come under their tyranny. Even the devil weeps when it remembers how it once had wings.

The structure, the layout, the manner in which it was being said; This religious message felt absolutely NOTHING like the religious rants that Margaret would spit out and yammer on about for days on end. And moreover, it wasn't something that DIDN'T make sense. Genuine or otherwise, those words immediately spoke to the young Carrie.

The sentence struck essentially harder given how much she's sinned. She felt the need to speak out.

"This......unfrequented place to find some ease, ease to the body some, none to the mind. Times past and what once i was and what am now.....O wherefore was my birth from heaven foretold. Twice by an angel, who at last in sight of both my parents......all in flames......ascended", she recites her old poem from high school in soothing tone and matter.

Despite Sean knowing how not to get into contact with strangers, the interaction between Carrie and that man was off to him in so many ways. He couldn't help but to think a little outside the box here and assume the possibilities. Who's to say these two don't know each other already?

Given what he already heard, it was strongly suggested that they did.

Man: I pray you find peace.

"You too", Carrie states firmly and oddly while nodding.

Not much else was said between the two. The old man simply stepped backwards and began walking away. But not before a slight clink rings through Carries eardrums. Immediately looking down to the pavement, she sees one sight unfamiliar to her: A diamond ring. Quickly suspecting the ring belonged to the old man, she just picks it up and only starts to run for him only to see he vanished into the night. Not one trace of him was present anymore.

Lost and unsure of where to go from there, Carrie just stands there glimpsing over the grooves and edges of the ring, almost as if she was mesmerized. She hardly notices Sean looking over her shoulder in a peeping Tom matter no less. Not that she minded.

"That.....poem? Was that Samson?" Sean spike out, recognizing the John Milton drama poem.

Carrie: Samson Agonistes. Yes.

Sean: So you're religious?

She couldn't help but to just stare back at him before looking back up in the direction of the night, right where the old man made his mark and then vanished.

Carrie: Where I'm definition of religion is way different from yours, by a wide margin.

He couldn't argue with that.

Sean: Hmm. Born of a different cloth, I appreciate that. So I guess I'll—

Carrie: I'll catch up to you.

Certain or not, Sean had all the trust in the world for her so he had no real reason to dispute against her on that. Walking further and further away, it left Carrie on her own with the ring as she continued to observe it. She rotated the ring around her fingers until she saw some carved words on it.

And those words said: In God's Blessed Time, We Are One.

They struck something inside of Carrie's heart, like someone was personally leaving a trail of cheat sheets to a test yet to expire except it wasn't like that. To her, personally...... was a sign.

But as much as she wanted it to mean SOMETHING, that was all it was right now. Carrie grasped the ring tightly in her hand and left it in her pocket as she kept on, moving forward ahead.

Two and a half hours pass. It's 9:14 p.m and in Rays dorm room, Scott and another friend of theirs, Aimee Summers (Joey King) asleep and not even moving an inch all while Ray was sluggishly and sloppily slipping back and forth between consciousness and slimming his pencil off the paper. There was this essay he, Scott and Aimee were working on together for Psychology and it was one of those instances in which all other work for in the way of this ones.

So at the dead last minute, he had to finish the last of whatever was there. Luckily, he does just that.

"Thank Fffff—Argh!", he exerts loudly, exhausted from the hard labor he's had to help put in for the past few hours. That loud outburst however didn't wake the other two up. Zonked and weary, he tosses the papers behind him barely crumbled up as he lays down, burning his face into the comforter.

Not even a second into getting some sort of stress relief, a mild knock in the door immediately wakes him up.

Bolting off the bed, he's quick to yank the door open to see his older brother and Carrie on the other side. Needless to say he's surprised to see them BOTH.

"Sean? Man, what you'd doing? You don't have class today", Ray says, paralyzed in confusion.

Sean: Or Wednesday or Thursday either, I know. Just figured I stop by, see if you made any—

He doesn't finish. He just glimpses behind his brother. The bulge of Scott's head sticking out from Ray's shoulder as he stepped into the room with Carrie was very tricky to ignore considering how he was perched on top of the drawer, knocked out like a light. The sight of Aimee dozing off didn't do much to appease Sean either. Glancing over a piece of papers crumbled and scattered over the bed, it was hard to see why almost everyone in the room was all but exhausted and tired.

Being hard at work all night will do that to you.

Sean: You know, bro? There's a difference between you and Stephen Hawking. At least Stephen Hawking actually did something.

"Aww come on, don't be slacking off on me now", Ray jokingly jabs at him.

"Wouldn't bet on it", Sean complies as they shake hands and hug.

They again look down at Scott and Aimee motionless and knocked out along the floor and so they had gotten an idea. Thinking alike, both brothers smirk just as Ray just mouths Watch this to Carrie on the outside. Both then start banging on the side jambs of the door excessively in sync with their feet yelling out "SURPRISE INSPECTION!", alerting Scott and Aimee out of their slumber as they both bolt up at the same time.

But not before bopping their heads into one another.

Scott: Jes—ow. Aimee!

Aimee: Why is it me? You got up first!

Scott: Well, who was kn—

Both brothers clear their throats loud enough to get both of their attention As both turn to them, they couldn't help but to notice Sean and Ray trying not to burst into laughter. Unfortunately, neither of them could hold it in.

They had to let it out. And the exception they got out was expected.

Aimee: Me estás tomando el pelo?! You couldn't have picked a worse time, could you?

"Opportunity was right there, I had to". With Ray not giving much of a reason as more of an excuse, it only raised more behind the possible motive.

Scott: Jesus Christ, why you gotta do this to me? You know I'm sensitive to loud noises.

Ray: Well, you know I'm sensitive to bright lights.

Aimee: So?

Having Sean intervene still didn't do much to dim the discussion.

Sean: So technically speaking that was, I guess, payback. Because when Ray was blinded, Ray was wronged. And according to the BBF code: when you wrong a friend, you have to make it right.

Scott: And THAT made it right?

"We all got our ways of handling stuff, isn't that always the case, Scott?" Ray reprimands as he points to Scott. No immediate answer came to Scott. In fact, he laid puzzled in the middle of the scene for a hot second and it got to to the point where Ray hoped he might've forgotten.

Sean: Please tell me you didn't forget the best friend code. You're already lingering on the—

Scott: I didn't forget about the best friends code. And the no dating ex's code.......

Aimee: So eyeballing Kaitlyn every step of the way isn't violating the ex's code?

Both brothers just nod "No".

Scott: And don't make me bring up the don't borrow underwear code.

He points directly over to Ray as Aimee and Sean just lock eyes onto him. He couldn't shake both of their cold stares off of him since he was guilty as charged.

Ray: What? It was one time!

This drew laughter from Carrie near the doorway. It wasn't abrupt or obnoxious laughter but it was a good laugh nonetheless. That just made Ray drop his mouth slightly as he turned back towards Carrie.

Carrie: I'm sorry, I'm sorry borrowed underwear?

Ray: All my underwear were in the hamper I was out of fresh ones and I had a field trip to attend to. I had to get them from someone and Scott was theonly person available.

Scott: Aww that's bull.

Aimee: Sorry to end this reminiscing but---

He gets interrupted once Aimee looked over Sean's shoulder to see Carrie glare up at them. They back up quickly since neither knew her and Vice Versa

Scott: Ohhhhhhh......Kay. Sean you didn't tell us you--

Sean interrupts his usher  Sean: It's not what you think Scott. I'm just giving her a tour of the campus. And she's not really new here.

Ray: We only met her a week ago. And from the looks of it she's slowly growing out of her shell

Carrie nods slightly agreeing with how far she's stepped out of her comfort zone

Carrie: Baby steps. I'm Carrie by the way.

She extends her hand out to Aimee albeit slowly since she's still trying to reassure she and Scott are those kinds of people who actually care. In no time they both shook her hand first Aimee then Scott

Aimee: Aimee Summers.

Scott: Scott Heralds. 

Quickly Aimee backs up from Carrie after the introduction and just lingers up behind Scott Sean and Ray for extra layers of protection leaving Carrie in deep confusion

Carrie: Can.....someone explain.

Aimee: Sorry Carrie to leave you out of the loop but I broke up with Thomas again.

She confesses confidently expressing little to no remorse as to what she just said Carrie: Who's Thomas?

Sean: Thomas Holland. Her ex. Aimee: And anybody associated with Kaitlyn posse a bad banana with a greasy black peel

The loud cry "AIMEE"  from the other side of the door was exasperated louder than before. Nothing but an annoying wasp to the ears of her as she just shouts back in her best high piteched impression

Aimee: Aimee's not hime!

Ray: Right like he'll buy that.

That trick's old as my grandmother's old T.V. commercials! Just come out and talk to me ok? That's all I want.

Carrie didn't need to read Thomas's mind from the other side to make out his attitude but she felt the need to do so anyways. Getting the picture across and just looking at Aimee like she particularly knew why they broke up she said nothing about it even thouh she sill in a way understood. It was almost the same thing she noticed with Sean

She couldn't help but to glimpse at Aimee finally giving in and just waltzing the door opening it anyways facing one Thomas Holland out in the hallway. Black Jacket chains dangling from his belt bracelets studded with leather everything about his persona just spelled "bad boy" But his body language betrays him all while Aimee folded her arms as Thomas stood there paralyzed at her disappointed expression Not even noticing everyone in the room he cleared his throat and spoke

Thomas: Listen ok? I know I'm the last guy you wanted to see but I just need you to hear me out on things. 

Ten seconds into sentence and already she was drowning him out cause she was done with it Aimee didn't need to hear him out and certainly didn't want to embarrass herself infront of the guys nor the "New Girl"

Aimee:  Guys? Why don't you all go take uh....Carrie was it?

Carrie nods

Aimee: Right. Mind if you take her to the lounge and show her around more?

Ray: Aimee please tell me you're not asking us to step out so you and Thomas.....

Aimee: No! God no! That's long gone.

Hearing that chilled Thomas to the bone from where he stood outside. If that didn't sink in before then it did now.

Ray: more thing. It's only one more hour before we all need to be in our dorms so don't take more than 30 minutes.

Aimee: He's got one. So be back in ten. 

Hearing she was confirmed on that Sean nodded to the others before looking at Carrie too She nodded as well and the four squeezes out and exits the dorm. Thomas barely gets a sight at Carrie with a rare scent of familiarity popping in until Aimee shut the door and just crossed her arms again

Aimee: Sixty seconds.

He sighs heavily 

Thomas: Listen's been nearly three years. We've had good times along the way so many memories and ......well I just think.....some of them I would like to take away.

Aimee: Oh I bet.

Thomas: But cause it was all too good to let one stupid mistake get in the way between us---

Aimee: Try seven.

He sighed heavily again not outright denying everything

Thomas: Alright you got me. I'm a moron. I'm awfully an anti-verbal around you and your band of misfits.

Aimee: And?

Thomas: I sleep with severed head underneath my bed.

Aimee: And? 

She still presses on trying to get him to spill it. Finally she does 

Thomas: And.....argh! I don't what else to day but you get my point. Don't you think all Seven of these mishaps were really northing wrecking everything between us?

Aimee: Yeah I do. Cause two months ago was the last straw.

Thomas: Come on babe, please.....just tell me.....what can I do to make things up?

Aimee: Three things: One: You can't make it up. Two: Don't call me babe. And Three: Just.....let it go. It's over.

Thomas groaned slightly he practically saw ignoring hut he was so hopelessly determined that he continues to persist anyways against Aimee's better judgement 

Thomas:'re just never gonna forgive me are you?

Needless to say it hardly felt like he was even trying now as Aimee noticed

Aimee: Took you half of the semester to figure that out? 

Thomas: Will you give me a break? If this is about that stunt with Kaitlyn and the guys I can keep my distance----

Aimee: Good. You can keep your distance from me. Your sixt seconds are up.

Fed up with Thomas's sass she basically slams the door and storms away from it leaving Thomas frusterated

Thomas: Damn.......

With the other four downstairs and Scott whistling leading the way with the Ford brothers behind him and Carrie in the back Carrie had kept herself delightfully occupied. She was still observing the ring she got from that old stranger and couldn't help but to suspect he and the ring were actually linked to something rather familiar to her. There was no way to be certain for sure but Carrie's gut once again had that churning feeling of butterflies in the pit of her stomach the possibly had bound to be one in a million because not only did she not know her father she didn't even know what he looks like or where he lived and still doesn't

Margaret never even had a picture of him back in Chamberlain not even a wedding picture so that only made Carrie's job more difficult and since he was a blank to her memories.....that engraving on that ring was the only lead she had.

This drew her eyes from Ray however slight concern drew him from the sight of her It was already odd enough that his brother would be here on a day where he wasn't slated to have class since that never happened before but the fact Sean would bring their next door neighbor here at this hour felt too big of an issue to pass up and whispered in his ear

Ray: Sean why didn't you say you were bringing her along at the dorm earlier?

Sean: Well the commotion between the three of yall kinda had me distracted.

Ray: But why late at this hour? 

Sean: I don't know if you watched the weather channel but I never heard of grand tours and hairy storms as earlier.

Ray had to pull him aside briefly just enough for Carrie not to notice them By the way Ray had his arm gripped around Sean's shoulder he was serious again on this

Ray: That's not what I meant. We barely know this girl and you brought her here just for a tour? Please tell the truth. Sean this this time pulled him aside

Sean: Ray. Why does it have to matter? She's been indoors for the last four years. And I figured she should get an inside look of things. Starting with the campus. Help her make some friends.

Ray: That's real nice of you but.....what about Kaitlyn? Aren't you worried what she'll do if she see's you with her? 

Sean: Nah. I'm not afraid of her. She's gotta learn to deal with it and I have no doubt she will eventually. But still, we just gonna keep out distance.

Promise or not it couldn't be kept completely since through the lounge area two more students were present playing poker at one of the booths nearby both of which who were also people Sean Ray and Scott knew a little much

Sean: Ah man. Two of Kait's lapdogs nine a clock.

Sean pointed over at the two all while Ray huffs in frustration with Carrie confused

Carrie: Who are they?

Sean: Ian Simmons and Alex Campbell. No one you want to get acquainted with.

Carrie: Why?

She had to ask acting more curious than she'd ever had in the past Ray couldn't help but to glimpse over the pondering if she was curious George the way she was coming off with all these questions

Ray: If you must make a long story short my bro's ex has these two wired. About worse than Scott.

Scott: Hey.....I'm pledging their attorney.

Ray: Must be why you were pretty dumb enough to snitch on Sean. Scott: Can't a guy make one mistake?

Ray: Not when it comes to Kaitlyn.

Both Sean and Carrie chuckled as that small argument went on but it sure caught Ian and Alex's attention and it drew them over to them

And it didn't take long for the four to see them coming

Ian: Sean. Raymond. Scotty 2 Hotty. This is a rather pleasant surprise. First time in a year since we've seen you.

Alex: I'll say. What brings you guys here on THIS fine hour?

Ray: Knitting sweaters. What's it to you Campbell? 

Ray made a firm tone crossing his arms together 

Ian: Oh nothing just----hellooooooo. 

Quickly subverting his eyes on to the elephant in the let alone the first to see how close Carrie was distance wise with Sean curiosity rose out of Ian more than infatuation. He seemed to be just as stunned by her beauty as Alex was. Nobody was drooling luckily

Ian: I may know only half of the students on campus but I definitely don't seem to know you darling.

Sean pushed Ian's hand slightly back to himself when he reached for Carrie's seeing where he would be bound to go 

Sean: Hands off the merchandise ok? She's.....she's my next door neighbor.

Carrie let out a small an quick Hi before flashing her head away Ian just nodded politely and frowns However something in his cerebrum clicks. Glancing over at Carrie again he only looked puzzled more he surveyed her facial features and eye movements. He couldn't shake the feeling this new girl resembled something familiar that appealed to him

Ian: Wait a minute.....are you sure we haven't met before? Alex? Don't this chick look any familiar to you?

Bringing in Alex to take a look at her even he couldn't help but to be familiarized by the look of her presence too

Alex: Yeah she kinda does

Piped in confusion Sean stated the obvious

Sean: What'd you guys talking about?

Ian: Sean....your....neighbor here. She wasn't.....on tv or something like that years ago was she?

Carrie flinched hearing that. She knew where this was going dreading this moment which they would inevitably find out

Sean: What'd youth talking about? Of course not. Maybe you guys saw her sitting outside a window as you used to rive by my house. She's lived next door to me for four years.

Alex: Four years? 

This drew even more interest from Alex as he dropped a truth bomb stating something from the past

Alex: Four years ago the news reported a massive wave that tore down a town in Maine those are the same four years to today. Are you really sure there's nothing she knows?

Ian: Yeah. They even showed a picture of a chick who looks like your friend there and was covered in blood who last I checked burnt the town down with just wave of her hands. 

Carrie couldn't stomach to turn away from this. Her body language would betray her. Twitching down her neck and breathing heavily slightly increasing each passing second Tables even began sliding and the lights started to flicker slowly enough to a degree where nobody could sense it or see it but her The sensation was tingling in the back of her mind and she dreaded the feeling. Hearing that that they've heard of her wrong doings in Chamberlain wouldn't be no surprise if the event was fresh

But even for an event well forgotten it still mattered efficiently

This puzzled Ray to a great degree for he and Sean did hear of a similar event to that as well but never heard the whole story. Not that they wanted to not even Sean he didn't even care about it for he was NOT buying their theories and felt protective around Carrie 

Sean: If Kaitlyn put you two up to this it's NOT funny. 

Sean made it clear he wasn't willing to fall for this story considering the thought that they were nuts cause of who they to him serve under

Sean: Come on Carrie. We don't have to listen to this crap.

Ian: No seriously man! There was a real town destruction made by some powered bloody mary chick!

Carrie briefly looks back at them in question on not so much "how" or "why" but something vastly much worse from within the pit of her gut The thought continues to pierce through her even when Sean took her by the hand and pulled her away still not believing them. He didn't feel the need to listen but curiosity kills the cat when it came to Ray

Ray: Alright....fine you got a few minutes. Make it quick and tell me what you both know.

Commotion only continues to stir with the three of them as Kaitlyn appears coming out of the girls lavatory with a close friend of hers Tara Kendrick. Stirring onwards about to gossip and latest catch in the campus news the subject changes when Tara brings up the upcoming karaoke night coming

Tara: So....even without Sean are you still coming to the Karaoke Party?

Kaitlyn: Girl have I ever no-showed an event? Exactly of course I plan on showing up. Because I know he'll be there anyway.

Tara: You sure have a lot of confidence.

Kaitlyn slightly chuckled

Kaitlyn: Daddy taught me self confidence creates positivity.

Tara: That does explain the story you told us that he had confidence he had the perfect brother.

She referred to Ray not before she changes the tone

Tara: So what are you gonna sing?

Kaitlyn: Something that will drive Sean wild. I know a few of his favorite-------

Kait stopped in the middle of her sentence upon the next slight she witnessed. Only a glimpse of Sean and Carrie was caught in her line of sight the two walking to a Starbucks section HOLDING hands. Eagerness and excitement quickly dissolved into confusion as Kaitlyn couldn't fathom or muster to understand as why the man she always thought would be hers would ever be holding hands with another woman

Confusion dissipates away and nothing but utter jealousy rage consumed her as she balled up her fists crackling a few knuckles in the process 

NOW she understood what Sean meant by Just let it go and it made her feel all the more stupid that she was too blinded to see that. Tara couldn't necessarily see exacrly who she was staring at until Sean comes out of the Starbucks with Carrie both carrying tow cups of coffee STILL holding hands

Tara: Oh.......well....that's sad. I guess there goes your date.

Kaitlyn: Like hell it ends like this!

Shrugging off the comment Kait rushes onwards like a bull in china ready to plow through everything in her path Slowly coming into contact with her as soon as Sean see's her sprinting directly to him and Carrie

Sean: Oh no....

Carrie: What? 

Not answering her question Sean just grabs Carrie by the hand again and rushes to the nearest exit

Brushing past Ray and Scott along the way Kait couldn't care less anymore. Fearing the worst both Ray and Scott chased after her

Outside of the campus the low tumbling rumble of a red Camaro's engine was running and all that can be heard amongst the road kicking up against the pavement and polluting the air. The engine finally dies down as the driver adjusts the side mirrors the masked figure looks behind the car glancing over to the campus grounds Pulling out binoculars once more seeing Sean and Carrie were the first to come into view. The sight of them holding hands brought a feasible twtich to the side of it's neck for some reason and it continued to digest the scene further

It see's Sean rushing and jingling with his keys to get Carrie into the car only for Kaitlyn to jump across Sean's back as he drops the expressos splattering them onto the ground and staining the pavement Carrie didn't have much time to react before Sean just chuckled Kaitlyn across the other side of his car rolling over the roof Carrie barely gets out the way as Kaitlyn crashes into the pavement just in time for Ray and Scott to catch up to them as the rest of Kaitlyn's posse too. Thomas however was seconds late to catch up as was Aimee

Everybody just stood in stunned silence within one another with the exception of Carrie being the standout as she was the most emotionally awkward one in the midst of this situation. But seeing how she was already in it there was no escaping Kaitlyn's constant glares: A rather disgusting sight. But one quick look look ache scorned woman and reading her mind once more the connection couldn't be ignored

Carrie: Kaitlyn Lawrence?

Already Kaitlyn was fed up with it. Having to look down at her didn't make any prettier either 

Kaitlyn: Yeah....I know we haven't met before so how the hell do you know my name?

Sean: Because I told her everything.

Shocked and deceived was one thing now the realism couldn't be removed. Kaitlyn was being downright rejected and she would not bear the thought

Kaitlyn: I thought you use to tell me everything. What about just the two of us? 

Sean: The two of us is over. It has been since when it became a dictatorship. I was only lucky Ray and I got out just in time before we truly got caught in the loop

Ray: Wasted of my high school experience fucking around with a bunch of delinquents. I told you when I wanted out I was gonna take any route possible!

Nothing about this made any of sense to Carrie too much was already occurring in one night for her to fully process the picture surrounding the debacle Never had she actually been involved in any situations as minatory as this since the day that went down in National history; and none of this made for a pleasant experience. All she wanted was for this to just end but she was stuck here against her own will as Kaitlyn started off

Kaitlyn: Be that as it at least have to give me some props: At least I gave you a life worth living. Poster boys name recognition neing the big men on campus; didn't you enjoy any of that?

Steeping forward slightly off the pavement pressing his foot down some thought came out of this from the boys albeit short lived

Ray: I'm not gonna lie: All that being on top of the world couldn't really have been possible without. As far as accolades go we're pretty stacked. But in this course of camaraderie I am nothing like any of the sheep you have.

Sean: There always comes a point where you have to question the conditioning  of those around you need to eventually be proud of the type of message and feedback that you give out the students and staff that are possible more or less fortunate than you. How can you possibly be happy with the pain and misery that you always disperse thought out this school on a weekly fucking basis?!

Kaitlyn: So now you gotta drag a tramp like her to fill in that void?!

Sean: She's just our neighbor!

Kaitlyn: I know you wouldn't stoop that low. I know you wouldn't dare confuse this big dumb pudding pop with your own flesh and blood you hear me?! Nothing but a fucking cactus is all she is picked and left to die!!

Big dumb pudding pop

It was difficult for Carri to not take even the slightest insults from a stranger to her seriously given her odd twitching Anything too familiar what occurred before that wouldn't fly with her

Ray: If anything THAT'S what I'd consider you and your family tree because everyone on it has to be slobbering prick. 

Ray was not caring how offensive he was being. In his case Kaitlyn deserved every second of it. Funny how he mentioned slobbering considering how Scott was practically drooling throughout the entire midst of the conversation directly at the woman of the hour much to Ray's and Aimee's disgust

Ray: Dude stop drooling. 

He slightly smacks him in the back to his senses and Aimee pulls him back behind her

Kaitlyn: Is this really what you want Sean? To turn back on the best thing that ever happened to you?

Sean: Are you high?! 

Talking all this nonsense Sean legitimately had to know his  ex always had a level of crazy.

Kaitlyn: A little but that doesn't mean I don't mean what I say. Besides I think you know what haste makes.

Ray: Yeah. Haste makes a foot in your ass! 

Offended by Ray's outrages comment Kaitlyn lunges towards him only for Thomas and Ian to hold her back seeing how volatile she can be when the situation turns awry

Ian: Who are you to talk about haste? Letting cooler heads prevail for once Kaitlyn chuckles the comment off as she signals the boys to let go

Kaitlyn: Boys boys I'm good. All good alright? Just give us space get it.

She then turns to Carrie with fire in her eyes Kaitlyn: You oatcake. Just---just move ok? This is private property personalized space that you're invading and you're not invented. Just get in your little car and get the fuck out of here or I'll stuff you in the trunk!

Sean didn't like that attitude for his own started to take a dark turn as he slightly pushed Kaitlyn away from Carrie adding more to her astonishment

Sean: Back the hell up Kait! You will not demand or threaten anything on her! Who do you even think you're talking to?!

Kaitlyn: I gave you everything th---

Excessive yammering and commotion didn't help Carrie either Being dragged into this broken love story bravado and being told off again brought back one bad memory too many none of which could be made more clear than having to look across from Kaitlyn. Her posse was one thing but her? Her zeal for power her excessive moaning and whining the fact she was practically prettier than she is her bratty behavior her obsessive nature.....

Everything about this woman needed only only word to describe her and Carrie wanted nothing to do with that what so ever. With nobody watching her at the moment she just decided to leave. Unfortunately Thomas wouldn't let her go that far purposely bumping her back the other direction

Thomas: Where you think you're going?

Carrie: Anywhere but here.

Bolting up to her feet she again hears the slight think of metal scraping the pavement beneath her and she freezes. Slowly eyeing over behind her she see's the ring had fallen out of her pocket 

Thomas: Well what's that you got there?

Carrie tries to hide it but Thomas plops almost on top of her struggling much harder with her than she should. Aimee see's the brawl not that far from her so ducking around Ray she pulls Thomas off Carrie only for both of them to realize Thomas had forcefully taken the ring out of her hands despite the fact her grip was as hard as a bed of nails

Carrie: Hey! Give that back!

Thomas: Or what? It's junk either way. I'm just gonna crush this thing. You'll be thanking me later. 

Methodically stepping back, Aimee immediately sucks under Thomas' arm in a contorted fashion to get him to let go but it only results in Thomas slapping Aimee down.

That was the last straw.

She didn't care who saw her or not, something needed to be done about this. Exerting her brain power over to Thomas, after seconds of deep concentration, she snaps her head over to Thomas and he immediately flies backwards into Ian and Alex. Tumbling over each, it makes Thomas drop the ring and Carrie flings it back to her before anyone can see what she did. Not phasing him, Thomas bolts back up only—FLEX—he then finds himself flung to the nearest lightpost, his head bouncing off the metal.

However, it did attract the others attention. Luckily nobody suspected what actually happened. With Tara briefly nearby as she watched the three stumble over themselves, a surprisingly livid expression from Carrie catches her eye. She couldn't help but to notice how oddly the pupils in Carries eyes were pulsating and pumping back and forth like it was matching her accelerating heartbeat.

Dragging Aimee up to her feet again, Carrie only stares at Tara momentarily before she just growls at her menacingly, forcing her to back off.

Now all that was left was Kaitlyn.

Carrie: HEY!

Pointing directly at Kaitlyn, trying her hardest to make what she said next sound as intimidating and threatening as possible.

Carrie: Do me a favor: Tell punk rock to keep his hands off Aimee. Don't lay a finger on Scott and if I see a speck of your hair lurking around in Sean or Rays backyard, I swear I'm gonna—

"You'll do what?", Kaitlyn tried to retaliate. "Whatcha gonna do?"

Staring down one another, the tension suddenly grew vastly larger. Kaitlyn thought nothing of this encounter but Carrie couldn't help but to uncharacteristically reminisce what was happening: being able to stand up to those above her was one of many things she wanted to do all throughout her high school life. At least where she messed up with Chris, she could make up for here with Kaitlyn. But it came out in the most atypical manner there could've been. It felt like Carrie mentally wasn't herself.

Kaitlyn: All bark, no bite. You bitches are all alike.

Carrie: Well, who's the bigger one here? Huh?

She rebuttals again as she suddenly pushes Kaitlyn back slightly. Being the sore loser of the debate, Kait hacks and spits right into Carries face.

Kaitlyn: Keep your paws off of me, you freak.

Immediately afterwards, Carrie sends retaliation her way via a forceful slap across her face not even minding the saliva dripping down her face. Putting a strong telekinetic force behind that slap, she almost left a imprint of her hand across her face as she crashed over the hood of Seans car. Grasping over her nose as blood trickles out from underneath, Kaitlyn continues to stumble and trip over herself making her way back to her posse as she and Tara have to help the others up. This left Kaitlyn groaning and whining excessively with the blood from her nasal fracture smeared all over her face and mouth. Ray, Scott, Aimee and Sean seemed to look pleasantly surprised at how well Carrie handled herself. Even Carrie was surprised by how her sudden burst of confidence came in on display.

With her pride and dignity possibly shattered, her and her group back up and away from Sean and the others, but then she goes against it. She continues to pressure and approach the young adult, pointing at Carrie in disgust before raising her hand on the offensive with Carrie bolting her eyes not letting fear turn her away.

Kaitlyn couldn't slap back at her for a tight grip holding her wrist in place kept her from inching barely forward.

Sean: You hit her and that nose won't be the only thing broken.

Sean says as Kaitlyn turns and see Sean holding her arm back. Kaitlyn jerked her arm away and just looked at her angry ex. Somewhere in-between anger and sadness, the notion of disbelief couldn't pull the wool over Kaitlyn's eyes.

Kaitlyn: I just don't understand can you dump me.....for this scan ass freak?! I would have done ANYTHING for you......and yet, I didn't release what I had—

"—Until I left", says Sean finishing her statement.

Kaitlyn: Sean, you're the only man I've ever loved.

Sean: But I'm not the only man that you will ever screw. We been diner than done for the past two Goddamn years, Kait and all these years later, you still never took a hint? How many times I am gonna have to spell it out for ya?!

Yelling that to her face made EVERYONE freeze up and stop, staring at them in shock. Even Carrie felt lost within the shuffle yet again, snapping out of her mild trance for a second or two.

Sean: Don't you get it? Me....and you.....We. Are. D. O. N. E. Done.

Not even trying wanting to acknowledge her anymore, he just grabs Carrie's hand and takes back to the car, opening the passenger side of the door to his car. One brief moment of silence resonates from the young telekinetic, looking between him and Kaitlyn before giving Sean a small grin being proud for the way he stood up for both of them: something she had yet to see since Tommy Ross.

She then sat in and Sean closed the door for her, giving Kaitlyn one last look of disapproval. Even the others who still stood where they were looked bummed over the outcome, all except Ray. Sean couldn't help but to look back at his brother before he soon went over to the driver's door.

Sean: You coming home tonight? You can ride with us.

Ray: Nah, look like you need your space. I'm fine here.

This drew some level of urgency from the older sibling considering what just happened seconds ago only for that mentality to die down quickly. Sean knew Ray could handle himself. He only nods as he shakes his brothers hand. "See you on Friday? Maybe earlier?"

"You know it." Ray remarks, hugging him back.

He finally climbs in, shutting the door before backing up and driving off campus as both Ray and Kaitlyn watched his car slip further and further off into the night. Soon as his taillights vanish, Ray quickly disperses from the scene completely ignoring Kaitlyn, still standing there in utter shock. Everyone else just walked back to their dorms dragging Thomas out carefully, leaving the scorned woman all alone in the dark. Perhaps she needed time to react accordingly to said event in a different light.

The reaction left by Kaitlyn was her left fist CLUTCHED tightly. She was not going to let this slide with the man she so desperately wanted back in the arms of Carrie White. Never before had she seemed so hopelessly embarrassed and lost without a sensible direction of power or curtesy. All it left her ushering was a phrase all too familiar.

Kaitlyn: Nobody disrespects me and gets away with it! You hear me, bitch?! This isn't over! I ain't through with you, not yet by a long shot!

Ignition can once again be heard from the other side of the road curtesy of the unknown. In the rearview mirror of the red Camero, it just watches as Kaitlyn storms off in a white hot ball of rage. Tapping on its ear, it sets off its earpiece which in turn, sets off the Bluetooth connection that recorded the whole outburst from afar. Sitting in the dark, taking notes from scene to scene, the light within the car highlights the subtle hand movements of its handwriting from pen to paper but even more alarming?

The last thing it wrote.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Perfect.

The trip was eerily quiet from the timeframe they left the campus.

Mild drizzle lighting up the road drew Carries eyes to the night scenery, her heart pumping and glistening with a new profound joy unleashed prior to the beginning of the week on the ride back home. She then finds herself humming along to the radio to a Sick Puppies song albeit an autistic version. Uncharacteristically, she slowly begins to humming to the tone; then as the infectious beat and melody takes over, she nods her head to the chorus smiling widely. It caught Sean off guard for a moment as he turned in her direction. Both Sean and Carrie immediately look away, too shy to actually say anything.

Sean felt so embarrassed that Carrie had to see the personal drama he and Ray have to endure daily not to mention the way Kaitlyn overreacted.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, Sean thought to himself keeping his eyes locked tightly on the road so any slight distraction wouldn't turn him away. But distractions came anyway as Carrie this time was the first to brake her silence.

Carrie: That was brave the way you stood up to her.....for me.

Sean: I shouldn't have to. If anything, Kait needs to just go away. She just doesn't get I want nothing to do with her bullshit....

Catching himself, he covers his mouth. He was quickly to adapt to how Carrie handles cussing.

Sean: Oh....sorry. I know I shouldn't use language around you.

Carrie: Don't be sorry. I understand now.

Sean: Yeah but still.....I'm sorry you had to see that.

"I'm still grateful, though. No one besides Desjardin's ever stood up for me like that", Carrie unwillingly speaks.

Sean: Well....first time for everything.

Minutes pass and once again, the light glimmer of the rain drew Carries fascination once more.....but only for a short while as she glanced over and down at Sean, eyeing his right hand on his lap. Slowly reaching over, she slightly reaches over and held it. Sean eyed over at the sight for a moment before looking back at the road. Next second, Carrie was smiling WIDELY at him.

Sean had to briefly look away for that. It only added more nuance to how quickly her opinion on this girl was changing as the seconds and the minutes tick by. He couldn't help but to grin mildly as he stopped at the nearest red light ahead. Another car had driven in, stopping at the light adjacent to Sean's direction.

Sue briefly lead her foot off the gas as she stopped at the light on the way home. With the kid sound asleep, Sue suddenly banged her head on the horn, slamming her fist amongst the dashboard. So much was running through we head regarding Carrie, Desjardin, Tommy, everything that lead her to where she was right now; all of which made her feel absolutely miserable. Even with a kid and her dignity taped up here and there, the innocence in Sue was robbed from her those years ago; innocence she can never re-attain again. She was suffering Carrie's hatred over her and has been hated by Carrie all through her life.

All she could think about was Desjardin's offer: her telling her about Carrie's birthday.

If she could possibly do something for her then maybe they could understand each other more than the other thinks they do.

But as soon as both red lights switched to green, both cars moved forward only for the back tire on Sue's car to blow out and Sue lost control of the car almost immediately, which automatically woke Little Carrie up as they headed straight for Sean's car.

Both her and her daughter screamed in terror as she slammed on the brakes to no avail. Sean widened his eyes as he realized at this moment, he was truly screwed. However, as Carrie gasped and held her hands out to brace for impact, a strong invisible force slams against both cars, denting the front of both of them and stopping each of them, flat seconds away from careening into one another.

All four of their lives were luckily spared in a moment of quick wit and selflessness. Sue looked back in shock as her daughter bawled out in tears, scared out her wits. This same occurrence left Carrie panting heavily without end as she lowered here hands slightly; her hearts acceleration died slowly and Sean......

.....looked at her, shocked.

Carrie looked back and was stunned herself that Sean saw her used her powers. So many questions were zooming rapid fire through Sean's mind at the sight he witnessed before him.

Sean: Did you—How did you learn—?

Carrie: I...I....well I.....

The constant stuttering and choking up upon blowing her cover.

Carrie: Can we not? Not right now. Please?

She got her wish when Sean looked up and saw Sue standing out in front of the car looking concerned. The expression spoke more than words could muster as she just flinched at the ruptured hood of the car. Carrie gasped softly seeing her again as Sean got out of the car, slightly taken aback by her appearance.

Sue: Sean Ford?

Sean: Sue Snell?

Brief silence overlapped the two, much to Carries bewilderment.

Sue: I didn't think I run into you like this.

Sean: No kidding. I....I was taking a friend home after a tour of the campus turned into a shitstorm then suddenly it followed me here.

Sue: tire just blew out. The freaking auto repairmen told me they fixed I feel ripped off that it almost killed us again. Even before this, I.....sorry, is your friend ok?

She points over and they looked back. Sue's eyes widened to see Carrie in the passengers suit who looked at her in-between confusion and anger at Sue.

A very somber atmosphere choked the air out from above them as both felt themselves almost suffocating just from the repulsive smell of the stain from the history that both these women shared. Neither of their stories could sync well without the other and given Carries constant twitching and reluctant behavior, it was understandable for Sue to understand why she would want to keep her distance from her.

But that wouldn't mean she wouldn't stop trying to press through to her. "Carrie.....I—" Sue chokes up before she could finish.

Her eyes were locked onto her the entire time all while Carrie hopeless tried to block her out with no avail. It did however catch Sean's attention as it came to the attention that it wasn't just him that Sue had a somewhat of a past experience with. So maybe everything was coming around full circle.

Startled by the stared own, he just bolts out the car.

Sean: Hold on....Sue, you know her?

Sue: Yes.

"No, she doesn't", says Carrie, intervening in a way that let it be known to Sue that she is still mad. Neither her or Sean liked what she meant by that.

Sue: Come on. Could you at least give me a chance----

Carrie: Every other time I've given out chances, look where that's left me. I never had a chance to relax the entire time I was here. My life has been nothing but pain since the day I was born.....and there isn't anything good to come out of that. Every time this happens, I just....I.....never wanted this.....

This time, she chokes up.

Carrie: I never wanted Chamberlain to happen and now look what they've done to me. What you've done to me......

She couldn't muster the strength to carry out the rest of her sentence for the realization again began to sting at her fiercely. Briefly turning herself away, she was just about to climb back into the car once more. However......right as Carrie went for the door.....

Sue: I've been taking painkillers.

She confesses as Carrie stopped in her tracks and froze very abruptly. This was shocking to Carrie, at the very least. She heard how much Desjardin had changed on a mental level thanks to the events in Chamberlain but not once did she even think about Sue let alone how condescending the event was around her. Ever since the exact same event, the first glance of her didn't make Carrie want to be in the same presence as Sue. Now she was starting to think differently.

Sue: The last year and a half, I've been tagged with a lot of prescriptions to help me cope with my mental and physical trauma. Headaches, fevers, schizophrenia, PTSD, you name it. The nightmares in my head multiplied the more I thought back to that night and not one therapeutic session that I took could heal me.

Finally getting something out of her former classmate that actually resembled any kind of remorse, Carrie slowly faces Sue once more.

Sue: Carrie, that event in Chamberlain broke me in ways I never thought the human psyche could be broken before and as one of the few survivors of that night, I have never felt more embarrassed to be alive.

Carrie: But, how'd you expect me to believe that? I mean, back when I first had my period, I thought I was dying cause my mama never told. And you push me and called me a freak.

Sue: I know. I should've been more supportive cause you don't know... *sniffs* but I'm so sorry, Carrie...

There unfortunately wasn't much use blocking out the tears as they begin to trickle down her eyes and drench her cheeks. At that point, Sue turned away slowly as she buried her face deep into her hands and cried. Sean felt awful, but for Carrie, it struck her. She meant it.....It felt like she actually meant it. This feeling of sorrow and sympathy never crossed her mind before, but it was overwhelming now.

She felt sorry for Sue for once.

Sue: Only thing to keep me safe is her.

She grips ahold of her daughters shoulders, hugging her tightly.

Sue: You're the reason why I'm still alive. That she got a chance to live. That she has to experience the life you never had. I couldn't be more thankful.

Briefly glancing down at her daughter, it once again brings a slight smirk to Carries face. But it only lasted for a short while. Despite giving out all the signs in the world that Sue meant every word she just ushered, it still couldn't get through to Carrie fully. She felt how much her event made her somewhat like her in a sense but apart from that, there still wasn't much in a sense to forgive her. And again, it didn't long for Sue to realize it. Thinking a little outside of the box for a little, Sue felt the need to kick herself coming off this new idea because she hadn't really thought it before until now. And it all raised off of one question:

Sue: Would you read my mind if you could?

Carrie: What kind of quest—

Sue: You want proof? It's right here in front of you.

She grabs her by the shoulders, rather firmly as she just sits on the edge of the hood of Sean's car.

Sue: Let me through your head. I want you to see for yourself.....because while I'm every bit as guilty as you say I am or if you still hate me, I never meant to cause you suffering.

An interesting offer made, to say the least. While Carrie didn't feel the need to pull anymore strings with Sue, the sight of the child again made her think twice about it. This kid was practically the only reason why Carrie even saved Sue in the first place so it only made sense to follow through; but not until she received one of the cutest sights she ever saw from the child: her puppy dog eyes.

Not even she could resist them.

Finally giving in she felt the need to place both her thumbs the cranium of Sue's forehead and press ever so slightly up against her somehow reverse-engineering her broadcast telepathy. Allowing Sue into her head made it easier for her to collect her thoughts feelings and deepest regrets as well as fears all of which were welcome. But the one that concerned her the most was what happened on May of 2013. She also had to see how ugly she behaved tore Carrie at the shower incident and for a while which breaks her heart ever sense.

Following the next few seconds Sue knew something felt amiss once she felt Carrie's arms shaking abruptly but slightly. But then she see's the look on her face: pure bewilderment blinded by a small degree of relief happiness compassion sorrow and joy. So many kaleidoscopic emotional beats were hitting her right where it hurt but at least she found some peace within to know the truth: Sue was innocent

She never really felt any personal hatred towards her.

Sue: You were never alone as you thought Carrie. *sniffs* I'm so sorry that I hurt you.

Sue saw how torn yet gracefully embraced Carrie looked in her eyes At this point Carrie needed no more proof. She then grabbed Sue wrapping her arms around her in a tight hug with Sue just looked over to Sean her cheeks drenched in tears as he nods silently towards her

At long last the grudge had been put beside them

Following the wee hours of the morning back on campus nothing really newsworthy out but news differentiates to a lot of people and to a good chunk of the students there that isn't hard to see through

It was another day off for Thomas and the gang a very uneventful day at best. Homework was far from their issue upon further notice. It was more or less Thomas acting like a complete baton giving his situation from last night. Being knocked back by Carrie nearly gave him a mild concussion and he was handling it like he never suffered in injury before. Talk about overselling

Tara: Drama king. 

The way Tara mocked him for overselling a head injury was not as serious as he made it. Made it rather embarrassing for her to look at

Tara: Would it kill you to tone it down? 

Thomas: My head's still spinning. Ok? Don't judge me.

Tara: You're acting like you just went through the ringer

Thomas: Because I technically did. Thankfully, nothing major. Almost suffered a slight concussion last night from that push.

A slight confusion started to center in once the world push was ushered

Oh boy, Thomas thought to himself dreading how far he was going to have to go with this

Thomas: Nobody physically did so. There was no one around but us. But it felt much like me crashing into a pile of bricks or running into a straight on collision with a Mac truck when I got flung over.

His eyeballs drew larger

Alex: Oh Christ.....

As Alex facepalmed he had already gotten Thomas and Tara's attention with that remark. Because nothing about it sounded good just form the tone he conveyed while saying it

Tara: Ok where you going with this?

Ian: Have you ever heard of Carrie White? 

Bleak subtle silence erupts through the room and not once did anyone rupture a single sound after that. Apart from awkard glances from Thomas and Tara petrified expressions from Ian back to Alex not a single word was ushered Ian just grabs Tara's laptop from the corner and signals everyone over to look at the screen. Three swipes and eleven keys presses later the image of Carrie White in her blood-soaked prom dress appears on screen

Ian: That's who I HOPE we're NOT dealing with. 

Tara found no fascination over imploring the history of a dead girl and to her remained as generic as other killers out ther

Tara: Ok covered in blood messy creepy as hell looking eyes.....wait a minute......

She observes closer as she zooms in she begins to slowly get in the picture more specifically as she zoomed into Carrie's soaked face Judging from what occurred yesterday and the image it felt difficult not to put two and two together. Alex just points at the image just to drive it home

Alex: That's her. That's the same girl with Sean from yesterday. The one who broke Kaitlyn's nose.

Tara: The girl we saw yesterday? 

This revelation nearly set Tara's heart on fire

Tara: The way she looked at me before Sean left.....her eyes were dilating back and forth brown and then ink black from first glance. It was very disturbing.

Thomas: You're saying she could change her eye color of that it was more like contacts?

Tara: Hard for me to be specific with what I saw cause she blinked one set than completely different set.

Alex: Could be part of her curse.

It was one thing that for them to discover that Carrie was the same girl they had run into that previous night. It was another to have them believe that she had any special abilities whatsoever seeing how the world which they live in is the equivalent of a messed up home

Tara: Umm.....C-curse? What curse? 

Ian: This girl has been demonized and vilified most of it not all her life. She's the reason why people have been taking beliefs of the supernatural all the more seriously than before. 

All this being said with a bantering expression over Ian's face. Alex had to slap some sense back into him

Thomas: But what curse? What did she do?

Slight sigh leaves the two

Ian: She's responsible for one of the biggest tragedies in national history: The Black Prom Massacre. Started from a fun night ending in a living nightmare. A bloody and cruel prank was pulled on this chick and sets off the blood spills all hell broke loose. I'm not saying her outrage justifies murder like karma always comes around but they practically had it coming.

Alex: She was flexing and breaking bones and pulling shit apart from the force of her telekinesis and I'd be lying if I said I didn't hallucinate from all that.

While this techincally wasn't much of common discovery the fact that they identified a mass murderer who completely embarrassed them last night was terrifying enough now that they knew what she could do. Tara didn't need to say anything since they had already convinced her how dangerous and out put of place this could be.

Thomas however just chuckled it off in complete bewilderment 

Thomas: You're kidding me with this Matilda shit right?

Alex pulls him closer

Alex: Look at my face. Does it look like I'm kidding? 

His face drops in defeat seeing how sincere Alex and Ian's response were.

No time to answer back however as the door opens and just slams shut as fast as it was opened with Kaitlyn removing herself from the campus life for just a few minutes. Cuddling herself against the door and sliding down to her knees, the look on her face practically told the story of a woman scorned. Aggravated and nearly beside herself, she felt the need to pull her hair out in strands. It was more than just her nose that was shattered; it was her dignity and pride and thanks to gossip, even her popularity seemed to be sinking further and further down the drain.

Kaitlyn: Who the FUCK does she think she is?! 

They all just down to the cast over her nose forcing her to change the subject.

Kaitlyn: No. I'm not getting nose surgery. It's just daily visits to the doctor after second period. They said they should have my nose fixed before the weekend.

Tara: Well I don't know what the boys were gonna say.....but I was gonna ask as a friend: How's your nose?

A general remark from her best friend is want all that refreshing for Kaitlyn and yet she chuckled slightly at the remark. As much appreciated she was of her asking that it just wasn't her nose that was getting to her and she just couldn't stomach the thought of not getting what she felt she rightfully earned.

Kaitlyn: If my nose was the only thing that needed to be fixed.....

She slowly stood up infront of everyone who all looked at her in tension.

Kaitlyn:.....that tramp....would not be here ever at all. And whoever she is....she's gonna wish she never met me. Steal my boyfriend. Ass lung me right in the nose! I'm gonna drop her like a bad habit. Rip her up from the inside out! Make her wish SHE WAS NEVER FUCKING BORN!

Her bloodcurdling scream infectious to the eardrum all those in company covered their ears

All that could be said was....

Ian: It would be your funeral if she's what we think she is.

Almost immediately confusion sunk in for Kait

Kaitlyn: What'd you talking about?

Alex couldn't help but to perch his mouth and twitch a little at the response because joe could anyone not have heard of one of the biggest disasters in National History

Alex: Have you heard of the Black Prom Massacre in Chamberlain Maine 2013? 

Kaitlyn: Y---Yeah.....? 

Alex: Rumors of the supernatural quickly blew off the roof that night and Sean's new lady friend.....well.....Tara? 

She turns her laptop and slightly moves it over to Kaitlyn's path as she walked over to take a look at the updated picture. The familiarity was staggeringly apparent but none of it rang any bells for the scorned lover

Kaitlyn: "Carrie White"? 

Alex: Legend has it she's....a real wrath of God type. A night that was suppose to be one to remember....descended into chaos. A bloody madhouse. Literally. 

Kaitlyn: Wait. Stop stop stop stop put a pin on it. None of that makes any sense. Yeah I've heard of Carrie White. But she's supposed to be dead cause they also said her and her psychopathic mother got into some fight to the death and their house fell apart and crushed them both like beetles. So that creepy dimbo can't possibly be her.

Ian: Did you even LOOK at the picture here?

Kaitlyn looked at it but still didn't see the similarity or just refused to see past her blind jealousy and rage: making the entire predicament a lot more strenuous

Kaitlyn: could have been her twin. Or someone who just looks like her. It's very common. Besides my dad said the Black Prom was just a tragic accidental Firestarter. A gas leak got into the furnace blew the whole school up. It's that simple.

Everyone groaned loudly 

Alex: Then how do you explain the town getting decimated on the SAME night?

Kaitlyn: Armageddon. I don't know. Look this whole Carrie urban legend bullshit is just something locals made up to scare some kids. Besides.....say if I did believed in the THIS shit here actually could Carrie White be alive when she wa lst seen in her house falling on her.

Thomas: Because the ability itself is very real. 

Everyone turned directly to him as he sat there feeling awkward as if he was chatting amongst himself. The question of whether or not he believed it was no longer a priority was in thought: it was as to help get through

Thomas: I might explain a little of it. dad actually worked with this....creepy therapist when he studied psychology. She was actually studying telekinesis.

Kaitlyn: Tele---what?

suddenly taken off topic by the mentioning of an otherworldly ability.

Thomas: I don't know to describe it. All my dad said she told him that it's an ability to move things without touching them. And even people.

Ian: Like Star Wars? You make it sound like she's Obi-Wan Kenobi's granddaughter.

Alex: Or Luke Skywalker's. Then again maybe she was named after Carrie Fisher.

Tara: God bless her soul.

Kaitlyn: Guys let's be serious about this. This bullshit is not even supposed to exist. Otherwise the reality we know....never existed at all. But whoever this girl is....whether she's that same Carrie White from that urban legend or if she's fucking Jean Gray from the X-Men! I DON'T CARE! I just want her out of Sean's life for good!

Tara could tell where this was going and she didn't feel all that fond of it

Tara: make it sound like it's simple as swatting a house fly. That's threatening someone's life.

The look she received was the equivalent one who hardly cares less

Ian: What if she's not human?

Alex: Yeah she could be an Alien for all we fucking know. 

Alex piped in as Tara intervenes again. With the latter protesting and protesting onwards Kaitlyn got lost in the shuffle an oddly irritating one at that. Almost nothing that anyone said mattered to her anymore apart from the gratuitous notion to strike at Carrie White where it really hurt

No sooner does she make that clear she felt a vibration in her pocket and looked at her phone rather curious as a Messenger text linked to her Facebook reached to her

From an unknown messenger no less All it read was: 

You hate Carrie White too? Maybe I can help you get her away from your boyfriend.

Kaitlyn frowned in confusion as the protesting continued in the background. No clue as to where this came from but the statement alone made it sound promising. She couldn't help but to reply

Who is this?

A friend maybe. Someone who wants the same thing as you: Carrie White: Humiliated. Exposed. DEAD.

Ok whoever this is This isn't funny. If Ian and Alex put you up to this, I'm not amused. Carrie White died in her house falling on her.

Believe what you may....but I can still help you get her away from your boyfriend. If you trust me.

Just tell me who this.

Meet me alone tomorrow evening and you'll know everything.

Taking a minute to think about it as she eyed at everyone still protesting about weather or not it's the same Carrie or not Kaitlyn found it hard to pass this up Regardless of what she believed she knew she could not let this pass her by when it came to Sean. So with a brief tap of her thumb....

I'll meet you.


She wasn't done just yet however as she continues to type. Given how curiosity had already struck she wanted to learn more

But at least tell me: if what you're saying is true what's in it for you? Why do you hate hate her anyways? 

Took a few seconds longer to respond this time but there is still an answer from the other side

For EVERYTHING. She's the thorn in my sight. The hand caught in my cookie jar. The reason I never sleep well at night knowing I have to live in the same reality as her. So my reasons are my own like yours is your own too. Willing to learn more? Tomorrow night by the Hillsborough Bay.

Make it tonight. I'm free all week. 

Once again Silence ruptures through her ears, blocking out the commotion already within the room as Kaitlyn desperately waits for any sort of response. With that attitude she she would've been blowing her opportunity for said vengeance. Luckily enough the next response assured she'd have nothing to worry about

Fine. 7:00PM tonight.

Seeing all that she needed she tosses her phone aside While she very much appreciated the offer to help her Kaitlyn still was in no way shape or form convinced in anyway that she was dealing with the "Urban Legend" of Carrie White. Not like she cared about it anyways. To her that was old news.  Two things were on her mind: Getting Sean back. And the karaoke night.

Thomas: Who in their right mind wouldn't compare Carrie White to Andrew Detmer? Not seeing a compatible comparison between the two

Ian: Both were outcasts both had powers and both were presumed dead. This however.....

Ian points to the screen again

Ian:.....breaks the entire case wide open. If she can revive herself who's to say--- Realizing how surprisingly nonverbal Kaitlyn was being he just stops himself as everyone just looks over at her. One of those rare instances in which she actually took a moment to stop and think rationally about something: The rapid eye movements the nervous feet the facial muscle contortions; everything from her body language was physically shouting: I am doing this And if that didn't give it away it was that brief little crooked grin perking out from her mouth what did.

Tara: Oh Christ I know that look.

Alex: Kait what's going on?

Kaitlyn: It appears we have a date with destiny tonight.

Following another nerve-wrenching twisted smile no one else knew WHAT exactly that would transpire to given their puzzled and muddled faces. Given the smirk is still visible on Kaitlyn's face however they can only assume it didn't mean anything good.

Meanwhile at that exact hour was more or less a peaceful morning of tranquility.

Sue had left her daughter with her parents to catch up on some loose ends. Meeting Carrie over at the Pop 'N Sons diner, she had figured where else to interact and further develop her "relationship" with a former student turned psychopathic murderer? But recently knowing Sue's innocence, Carrie decided to take a chance with it since the last time they had a competent interaction with one another didn't really work out that well.

What's the worst that could happen again? Sue thought to herself as she and Carrie sat opposite aside one other, sipping latte down. The realization of how Carrie could have survived the night of the worst night of her life plagued Sue to no end; it was one thing for her to actually physically see someone come back after being presumed dead and not resurface as a ghost.

Sue: So how did you get out?

That was the first and only question Sue asked in the meantime desperately gripping for some sort of a response. The young woman dreaded to share more than what she had to she knew it wasn't a good time to come clean of her supposed resurrection as Sue appears to might have thought at first

Carrie had to lie.

Carrie: Basically, all I remember is.....I dragged my mom's body in the cellar and was stuck down there 'till they dug me out. 

Not much could be done to really comprehend Sue's confusion and how much this didn't appear to add up given she was in her and her mom's grave once. Regardless she had to take her word for it.

Sue: Many people thought you died cause....well you did have a grave. I wasn't there when they.....clearly just buried your mom but....I did visit it once and someone.....had the fu---freaking temerity to spray paint on it.

Carrie: I wasn't the most likable girl in the world Sue. So I shouldn't be surprised.   Slight staggering though as she see's Sue holding her hand.

Sue: Except that's long gone now. As far as I'm concerned, everyone seems a bit on the nicer side to you now.

Carrie scoffs twiddling her index finger around the edge of the cup with brief coffee dripping off her finger.

Carrie: I---I wouldn't say "Everyone" just yet. Because at Sean's campus....some people kinda got wigged out around me and there was this girl who....was just as bratty as.....

That raise eyebrows from the other side over the brief realization. The less that name was mentioned the better.

"Oh you mean---" was all Sue ushered upon the realization. Carrie nods just as the waitress came over to refill their mugs. Thanking her on her way back, she noticed how nonchalantly Sue was asking her all these questions as if nothing actually happened. No one else knew so why should they?

Finally, Carrie gets the courage to ask one of her own.

Carrie: You're not scared are you?

Sue: Are you?

Asking that back made Carrie freeze up.

Sue: Look if this girl---

Carrie: Kaitlyn.

Sue: Alright: Kaitlyn. She didn't hurt you or anything did she?

"No", Carrie lied again but the guilt resonates quickly this time. "I mean verbally speaking, she JUST got on my case like I stole Sean from her all cause he doesn't want to go out with her anymore."

Sue: Ohhh really.....? I bet she was jealous. It's funny last night I see you in HIS car from HIS campus and his ex girlfriend has an issue with that. Are you and Sean....pretty close......?

Carrie: What do you mean?

Sue smirked at her again and Carrie, getting the idea where she was going, uncharacteristically giggled embarrassingly, hiding her red cheeks.

Carrie: It's nothing like that. I just met him a month ago. Yeah, he's been sweet and all but....we're not that close

Sue: Not yet. 

Carrie: Sue, stop. 

She couldn't help but giggle mildly under her breath.

Carrie: I mean.....yeah. there's something about him that reminds me a lot of Tommy. But I don't know if it's that or the realization that we had more in common then I thought. He told me his brother....was a little off since their parents died.

Sue: That's tragic.

Carrie: Yeah. But how did you meet him? Because last night---I heard you two say each other's names.

Sue: You caught that, huh? 

Sue chuckles mildly before the smile fades.

Sue: My mom and me were raising what was left over my college funds cause I figured Why not hit the restart button? and we were looking up campuses. We took a tour there and....well, that's when I met him and Ray.

It was nice to hear Sue getting along quicker with others than she ever did though that did relatively little to help Carrie's current situation. Still, it was good to see her on the same page as her.

Carrie: named your daughter after me? 

Carrie changed the topic hoping to learn more about Sue's daughter from Tommy 

Sue: After her Godmother.

She ushered that before pointing directly at Carrie who frowns hearing that.

Sue: I didn't know how else to make up for what happened to you and....well I figured I'd start by naming Isabelle after you. And telling her I named her after her godmother.

The sudden change of names brought into the conversation confused Carrie.

Carrie: Isabelle?

Sue: I can still call her Little Carrie if you like. I hope you wouldn't mind.

Carrie couldn't help but to smile. "Not at all. I mean I---How old is she?"

Sue: She's three. Her birthday was weeks ago. She'll be starting Kindergarten two years from now.

Once again, the fact that Sue and her daughter were doing alright since everything brought genuine joy to Carrie's heart It was nice to see she didn't screw everything up.

Carrie: I'd like to see that. I'm proud of her.

Sue nodded with a smile. 

"Sue?", a familiar voice ushered from afar. The voice was more familiar than Carrie would've liked it to be and as Sue looked over to the left side, what she saw raised her eyebrows wider.


The resurgence of Erika Gogan (Mouna Traore) and her boyfriend George Dawson (Demetrius Joyette) was a pleasant surprise albeit one she wasn't expecting all that much. Soon as Sue stands up, she's greeted with a hug from both of them as well as handshakes.

Then they turn to Carrie.

Once more, there's utter silence.

The smiles don't fade completely but Carrie could tell they were nervous around her mostly because of how quickly their heartbeats accelerated when they approached her and plus, how could they forget such a face? They were a few of the lucky ones who survived the Black Prom and more so, the ones who greeted her when she arrived. As far as memory goes, Carrie remembered all of who she killed at the prom massacre. She did not remember all the names of the people who survived the prom massacre. Those who did, however, weren't as small as a sample as she originally though out of the four hundred forty lives total she killed that night.

However, the name and her face rung a few bells on its own. Although one name was more recognizable than the other, it still didn't make it anymore easier for her.

"Erika Gogan", Carrie remembers.

Erika: Holy mother of Christ, it is you.

She tries to hold in disappointment, briefly flashing a grin but it fades just as fast it appears.

Carrie: In the flesh.

George: You—y-you were—

Carrie: I know. I regret it every day of my life and I'm sorry I lost

Hearing her short but genuine apology made them both feel sympathy in every way possible. Even though they knew almost nothing about the girl, the stories they heard afterwards just made it all that much worse. Finally, the two sit down.

Erika: Lot of people come and go in life. Lots of them have stories that make me think about just how cruel human nature can be. I don't think any of those stories however can compete with yours.

George: Feel embarrassed, if anything. I didn't even bother to visit your grave or discuss it with Sue or even come clean to the media about it......not until I heard the story. Now I just wish I actually paid more attention. Maybe then I could've helped.

Erika: We all should've helped at some point.

"No need to. I don't need the pity", Carrie sips down her mug. The support was well-appreciated albeit unnecessary. "If you could do what I could, but you don't and THEN the bad things happen, they happen because of you. If I knew I was—"

She didn't need to reiterate any further. The point had already been made. So instead, Carrie twists the subject around into a question: one that's always plagued her mind for the last few years.

Carrie: Sue.....

She turns her head over.

Carrie: That was supposed to be you with Tommy that night. Let's pretend it wasn't me. Just pretend that you stuck through with that and went with him. If it was you put in that position and you were the one who was dumped in blood......would that change the outcome of that night? Would you step into my shoes and make the decision I made if you had my powers?

Just like a standardized test question that hits you out of the blue Sue was lost in the shuffle with no clue how to react to that. As much as she respected Carrie she never would go so far as to do what she did but at the same time suffering the life she had would take any sane person over the edge

She couldn't help but to not answer

George: I would. 

He took the initiative answering for her. Immediately all three girls bolt their heads over to him rather sternly; for the wrong person chose the wrong answer.

Sue: What?

Carrie: George that's just wrong.  It was responsible selfish and the only reason why I'm even in this predicament of my life is because I lost control. 

Sue: But just not on your behalf.

Carrie: Either way what happened was inexcusable. And I'm stuck with it forever. Speaking of forever.....

Digging through her pockets she takes out the ring

Carrie: I found this yesterday on campus. Ran into an old man with a very religious tongue and he dropped this. 

Sue couldn't help but notice how quickly Carrie was glossing over it.

Sue: What's it have you so mesmerized?

Carrie pauses as if time has slowing down for this moment of what appeared to be definitive truth in her eyes. If what she thought about this ring was the truth then this would be something that could change not only her life but possibly even those around her also.

As big of a stretch that is she couldn't think too much of it as she hands the ring to Sue. Brief second passes she hands it to Erika

She then passed it to George and then gave it back to Carrie. She didn't expect  anyone to have an answer to what she showed them and didn't get one Nothing but mixed signals and moderate shrugs from each corner of the table with everyone drowning themselves in utter confusion

Carrie: Don't know what this means?

They all nod "No"  in unison. She sighs heavily

Carrie: I could be wrong about this but---

Explaining onwards, her motions did as much as she let her mouth do....

...unaware she was viewed afar from the outside of the cafe.

From an even further distance away, not much can be digested from there. An ominous prescribe lurked near the Greyhound Bus station with the wind blowing harder and the air growing colder. Perched on the edge of the sidewalk barely tipping onto the road laid in wait....the old man. Trailing her from campus, he continued to stare through the tinted windows of the café directly at Carrie as if he was staring at a portrait: an absolutely beautiful work of art. Its texture it shading the color scheme; Everything about that portrait was utter perfection and in his eyes Carrie was that perfect that he had to leave behind as the bus came on his direction.

It breezes past him....and then he finishes.

The soft metallic cling of the doorbell ringing vibrates through Desjardin's earlobes making her way to the front swinging the door open in the late hours of the afternoon transitioning into the early evening. she finds Carrie just standing there oddly casual. Given the hour she has returned however Desjardin had means to be concerned

Carrie: Hey.

A causal remark leaves the young girl much to Desjardin's surprise.

Desjardin: Carri what'd you doing out so late? I was getting worried.

Carrie: Ms. Desjardin it's only eight o'clock.

The two women chuckle

Desjardin: I'm aware. It's just.....when I retired from my gym teaching the last thing I was expecting was for me to live in close quarters with a know that world isn't the same place it used to be.

Carrie: The world never changed. The only thing that has changed was us: Human nature at it's worst vs true innocence exposed. And now they know what happens when one gets pushed too far down.

Desjardin: Can't argue with that. don't think that was fate? 

It was not much time taken before she actually came back with a response however.....

Carrie: Maybe I don't believe in fate anymore. Speaking of which.....

With Carrie stepping out of the way, Desjardin was able to see Sue stepping up to the foor staring face to face with her former gym teacher

Desjardin: Sue? 

Sue: Ms. Desjardin.

The two once again embrace sharing a hug for the first time in four years. 

Desjardin: This really is a pleasant surprise when you think about it.

Sue: Actually.....I don't know if I would call it a surprise.

Carrie seemed to be in agreement given how subtly she shrugged her shoulders 

Carrie: I'll tell you what is a surprise though....we finally made up. 

Desjardin: Really? Well that's wonderful! What'd I miss? Wait don't tell me: She read your mind? 

That question caught Sue off guard but just for the reasons she was expecting. She was almost certain no one else knew about telepathy like that. 

Sue: You know she can do that?

Carrie: Living with me for four years you're bound to learn a lot about me. 

Sue nodded seeing Carrie raised a fair point

Carrie: Anyway.....if you ask me I think we all got a lot of catching up to do. 

Sue nods again in agreement 

Sue: Yes we do. 

Desjardin couldn't argue against that as she too nodded in agreement as well

Desjardin: Well girls why don't we go inside? I got tea ready. 

Desjardin's two former students fallowed her in and got comfortable inside and talked more with hot tea

Meanwhile at the Snell Residents Sue's daughter was having the time of her life running past her grandmother with the T.V. flashing brightly in her face. Deeply on a sugar rush she simply refused to show up so Eleanor barely snatched her on the way back placing her on the couch while talking to her husband over the phone

Eleanor: Sue's out with some friends. It's just me and the munchkin at the house. When should you be getting off? At 10:00? Great. Ok honey love you.

Hanging up she isn't too far to hearing her granddaughter calling out to her 

The remark was a rather interesting one. 

Isabella: Do you really think I need a babysitter? 

Isabella (Little Carrie) was flickering and scrolling to different channels finally letting the sugar wear off

Eleanor: Well baby there are some times when I just won't be able to take you where I need to go. I believe babysitting can be....what's the word....?

Isabelle: If I DID have some kind of other babysitter would they still be letting me up late or reading me a story?

Eleanor: There's first time for everything doll. Depends if you get your little butt up tobedto get that story?

Her granddaughter giggled and hopped off the couch running up the stairs as Eleanor just chuckles slightly before turning to the coffee table. Three dishes from the coffee table coming from little Carrie's huge appetite She picks them up one at a time across from the windows leading outside the house as the rumbling of an engine died down parked directly across from it, eerily titled and lying near the mailbox The drivers door swinging open; two legs step out slamming the door ack down before turning a deep left. Back to the trunk all that was shown from the tailight reflection was a hammer

The denim boots clamping up against the concrete and sidewalk all the way to the backyard didn't help the wet grass sticking to it's soles Itching closer up to the back door revolving around the doorknob ......all while Eleanor continued reading in the living room while listening to classical music was supposed to turn her brain off and help her cool down and relax but it didn't stay that way for long

She jumps from the couch startled when Isabelle jumped back down scared to death yelling hysterically

Isabelle: Grandma! I saw someone in my room! Standing outside my door watching me from the dark and then he went in my closet!

Eleanor: God.....honey what'd you---? 

Isabelle: Grandma I heard him breathing! I'm telling you he's in my closet! The Boogeyman's in my closet! 

Her screams nearly took a lot of her breath out of her

Eleanor: Ok, ok, alright. I got you come on let's have a look. 

As Eleanor kept her granddaughter composure two thoughts had her on edge: Either Isabelle was playing a joke or had a nightmare that was too good to be true. She was a little tired as she stood up from the couch yawning and went up to Isabelle's room who hid behind Eleanor still scared to death as she peaked in the bedroom to find nothing or no one in sight 

Flicking on the lights nothing still popped out as usual. Eleanor chuckled softly assuming the darkness elicited a vision that rendered Isabelle helpless. Further checking her surroundings the closet was her next step. Lo and behold nothing was in there either

Eleanor: See doll there's nothing in here. 

Isabelle: But someone WAS in here! I saw him! Honest!

Hearing her granddaughter on the brink of stress-induced paranoia Eleanor couldn't help but to chuckle again appreciating her unique imagination

Eleanor: I know. I know. But whatever you saw it's gone now. Come on now. Back to bed. 

Isabelle: Please don't leave me alone. 

She still couldn't help but to chuckle slightly giving how this is what most kid go through when terrified of the dark. She picks her up and sits her back in bed none of which wiped the terrified look she gave at her grandmother away 

Eleanor: Everything is ok. You're perfectly safe. 

Eleanor: But---

Eleanor: Shh.....shh. I promise nothing is in the house. I've already looked. Soon as your mom gets him I'll have her check on you to make you feel better. Is that alright? 

The frighten child feeling LITTLE bit better gave a slight nod although she could tell this uneasiness this consternation this dread-filled fear distilled in Isabelle's eyes didn't go away. Eleanor sat up and was about to leave the room till---

Isabelle: Grandma?

Eleanor stopped a little frusterated but looked CALMLY at her grandaughter who pointed at her closet. The door was still cracked opened only smirked peeking through the slight crack. Nothing but light within the inside caught her eye before she finally pushed up against the door

But...... didn't close

Both girls frowned. There was nothing blocking amongst the door as Eleanor briefly checked the edges. Fearing the worst Isabelle shield herself in the comforter only for the door to keep pushing and blocking the light from inside. Nothing was keeping the door shut as Eleanor unfortunately came to conlude; having reached her breaking point she flips the door open then.........

A HOODED FIGURE appears in closet and bursts out tackling Eleanor with the hammer in hand as Isabelle screamed hysterically jumping out of bed. The assailent never bats an eye towards the child; it only swung down the hammer but missed as Eleanor ducks crawling to the foot of the staircase Scared and crying out loud with Assailant approaching and raising the hammer up again, Eleanor rolled over avoiding the hammer careenining down to the wooden steps The scared child hid in the back of the kitchen closet much to Eleanor's dismay but with the Assailant coming down after her she couldn't fathom to reveal herself in case she was next

Finally at a safe enough distance from said assailant Eleanor made a beeline for the kitchen. She grabbed a kitchen knife from the counter and slashes in a frenzy forcing the assailant back a few feet

Eleanor: Get the fuck out of my house you goddamn psycho! 

The only response she got was it methodically approaching her in a manner that made Mrs. Snell attack even more crazier then before. The Assailant finally gets the upper hand but not before disarming her kneeing her square the face and then swinging the hammer across her face. No time flat she laid center on the floor blood tickling down her forehead as she scaled the floor crawling to any safe haven possible all while the Assailant scales the blood trail only to pick up Eleanor's kitchen knife

Slowly admiring the steel texture of the blade before locking directly onto the defenseless grandmother and lunging forward with the knife. Again and again....and AGAIN! The thrusting and the muddled sounds of screaming torture drove Isablelle to tears for there was nothing she could do to avoid the outcome

The Assailant wiped the blood off the knife on it's sleeved arm leaving both the murdered lifeless Eleanor and scared and scared for life Isabelle in the kitchen as it walked out the front door and slamming it with Isabelle crying at her hiding spot poor child

A flustered but cheery Sue was just nearly home finally feeling pleasant with herself after clearing her conscience and catching up with her new and true BFF and former gym teacher now second BFF but as she drove down past the closest red light to her house the mixture of a bright blinding red and blue rendered her without visibility up until dying sirens were heard. The sooner her eyes opened the closer she could witness police cruisers and ambulance crowding her home

Sue: What the he----?

Sue's heart was skipping beats seconds from hitting the sidewalk and approaching the scene. A queasy scaly feeling was crawling up and down her spine the closer she approached her house the presence of these officers and paramedics no only give her dejavu of the after math of the black prom but it choked the life out of the air it might as well've been claustrophobic. She couldn't stand back any longer. She rushed over to the front door only to be stopped by two cops neither of which could allow her hear the scene

Sue: What the hell's going on?! I live here!

Cop: Maim this is an official crime scene. You can't be here. 

That was all they said and that's all they were premitted to say in this instance but Sue didn't care for it was her house her baby was missing and she was denied entry. Loosing her composure she continued to scratch and claw away past the officers only for her to head to meet the hood of a cruiser

Screamung erupted drawing everyones attention to the cruiser as Sue continued to resist a little too hard. She couldn't even notice how there was no more pressure gripped around her arms and head Confusion sank in until she felt yanking around her leg merely pulling her way from the cruiser.  But then the sight of her daughter scared and petrified with what she saw almost nearly as distraught as her mother wouldn't pass her up

Sue: Isabelle! 

Hearing her mom's cry ou to her Little Carrie looked over gasping at the sight of her mother

Isabelle: Mommy!!

She ran to her and Sue grabbed her in the tighest hug she could bar

Sue: Oh my god! My baby. Thank God. What happened are you ok? Where's your Grandma?

Isabelle: The Boogeyman got her. 

The response let alone the tone of her voice left Sue confused although her gut kept telling her otherwise

Sue: Boo--wha---

The sudden cry of Ms. Snell? Brought her attention. Frantically looking over she nods yes

Detective (Jay Herandez): I'm Detective Jones. Homicide unit. I come on behalf of your cousin, Captain Daniels.

Sue: Vanessa? What's going on ere? Where's my mother? 

The question nearly fell on deaf ears in her remark. But really the detective was bound to get the bad news over with

Detective Jones: I'm afraid that's the bad news. Your mother's dead. 

Her eyes bolted wide as her jaw dropped down to the floor in pure dumbfounded shock

Sue: DEAD?!?!?! What'd you mean dead?! 

Her outburst caused her to push Jones out of the way to the door. All she could do was scream and vent and shout her lungs out until cooler heads prevailed 

Detective Jones: We received a report of locals hearing screams coming from your house. There was a break-in that left her ridden with stab wounds. I'm afraid she was murdered maim. 

Sue: Wh--I----

She choked up as she took a moment to fully grasp herself in the abhorrent and disquieting view of her house completley swarmed in police cruisers. No words could be found; looking back and surveying all that encompassed her. However two more officers: one male and one female stepped out of the front door under a brief discussion and Sue recognized the female one

Sue placed Little Carrie down and went over there just as the female officer dismissed the male cop with sincerity 

Cop: Yes Captain. We're on it.

Captain (Amy Jo Johnson): Then why are you still standing there talking to me and not looking? Go. Time is on the essence here. 

He left as she spit rushing him and her eye twitching uncontrollably she snaps her head back in through the doorway surveing the crime scene The Detective shook her head in anger mildly breathing in and out as she walked away from the porch and stepped inside. Not much distance is covered before she heard the cry of Vanessa? hearing from behind.....

Vanessa: I told you to call me Captain---

The bravado act quickly dissolved away once she realized the voice was actually one of her own. Sue's shattered look of vulnerability fiannly broke the static reaction as the female captain turned to her surprise and hugged her youngest cousin tightly

Vanessa:'s really you. 

Sue: In the flesh. Not every day you find your oldest cousin investigating a crime scene at your house. I didn't even know you lived here.

Vanessa: Well believe me. I'm just as surprised as you. Even more surprised they called me to investigate your mom's murder. 

The two take a brief sit down on the def of the steps snsing the topic midly to change. Both were prepared though.

Sue: Becuase she was your family too you know. Your Aunt. Both our mom's were sisters.

Vanassa: I haven't forgotten. But I'm workoholic. Work is work. And there's a lot of the most wanted I'm still trying to put behind bars and a lot of them have a habit of hiding like rabbits.

The perpetuated look on Sue's face just spelled confusion and more than likely was brobably thinking: Why rabbits? 

Vanessa: The thing is.....I find it iteresting in the way they do it. When you chase people like I do for a living the way they run is intereting because the moment in which they stop to hide is when they've already lost. They only get so far and then they squat and then they think they're invisible because they can't run anymore.

Sue: Ok....with that being said and done you have any idea who might be involved with this? 

She only nods her No The typical stepping stone to any murder

Sue: Well Nes.....I know you got a lot going on but.....don't you think now you should take time off? Take time to grieve yourself? Time to---

Vanessa: Sue. I just don't have the time for any of that. I can't even have time with my own parents.

Sue: Don't have the time or don't want to have the time? You haven't talked to your parents in five years. Your hands aren't full as you make it out to be. 

Sue could see her cousin nearly gritting her teeth at the question

Vanessa: It was a business decision to ensure my future. I'm doing what needs to be done so that everyone can be safe.

Sue: But what's the point of it though if you're never around? There is a little girl you didn't even get to know yet because of your job. 

Sue looked back at Little Carrie and looked back at her but only made the Captain change the subject

Vanessa: I'll find who did this......

Vanessa did sniffiled slightly loosely letting her togh guy act diminish before slapping her hand on Sue's shoulder

Vanessa:....and I promise I'll make some time when I can.

A quick flash of a smile later she walks away but not before giving Isabelle another warm hug. As surreal as that felt it just left Sue with even more questions the obvious of which being who and why this happened Unfortunately another car just so happened to pull up as Vanessa walked over to the car where Sue's father stepped out. The look of terror widens his eyes as Vanessa bows her head in shame and just walks off No need for him to think ahead to what happened as Sue just walks up hugs her father tightly squeezing against his chest. It's not long till the terrified Isabelle ran up and joined the hug

Tragedy couldn't have struck harder but victory couldn't feel any more closer for the assailant.

And it continued onwards towards the next day back at the campus where Kaitlyn was meeting up with the skeptical four at the Star Bucks section on campus Having been sit at one table the conversation varied greatly depending on who was nearby or even who was listening. The fact they were discussing whoever they met one night ago when Kait got that unknown text was cryptic enough considering Alex Tara and Ian has no idea where this lead to Kaitlyn however seemed to be satisfied about it much to everyone else's dumbfounding confusion. They expressed no issue with speaking about this

Alex: Ay dios mio. Why did we let you talk us into this?

Ian: Yeah. You sure your bud thought this through? 

Kaitlyn: Mor like did WE think this through? Whatever the reasons our friend has plan is genius. It'll expose Sean's new admirer's true colors for what she really is which will open his eyes and he'll come crawling back to Momma.

Tara: Well "Momma" did you forget about the murder last night? 

Alex and Ian gazed at her and Tara just groaned out loud seeing how oblivious the boys were to how thos obviously didn't bode well

Tara: Don't you guys watch tv anymore? The news this morning said a woman was murdered by a burglar that broke in her house late last night. A child survived but....police have most of the town under surveillance.

Kaitlyn: Oh people break in and get killed all the time. It's nothing we have to worry about. 

Tara: Seriously Kait? It happened about 20 blocks from here. If there's a serial killer on the loose, we should be worried about these chances. 

Kaitlyn completly ignored her friend's concern

Kaitlyn: Chances in which we can't hope to squander any time soon. 

No one else took that statement lightly as the entire table escalated yelling at Kaitlyn and cutting off one another attracting everyone in the Starbucks. And yet Kaitlyn just walks on out with the other three behind her blocking and drowning literally every word directed at her with questions

Tara: Why are you supporting this? 

Alex: This is only going to cost all of us. Especially if she's who we think she is.

Kaitlyn: We'd be doing the world a favor.

Didn't do HER much favors though 

Ian: So basically our job of setting up a riot is us doing Tampa a favor? 

Kaitlyn: At least they don't have to worry about---Let's just say this "Carrie White" is still alive then the forces of Mephistopheles decide to correct that. I mean do you even prefer her rising from her grave and send us all to kingdom com? Huh? 

Nodody shot back with a quick remake or definite answer. Exactly what Kait expected. 

Kaitlyn: Let's just make one thing clear: This bitch is nowhere NEAR the person you say she is. Carrie White is dead. Dee. Ee. Ay. Dee. DEAD! And even if she isn't and that bimbo with Sean is her and I turn out to be wrong just know we're no where near repeating history. We're rewriting it. And it's your chance to do what nobody else could. 

Tara: And the murders? 

As expected this left Kaitlyn smiling in an irritating smug manner once more

Kaitlyn: Yes, umm, except for the manner that she hasn't done so much as swat a fly since than. Am I cucucachoo or are you fucking mental to do this? I don't want anything to do with this, ok? I have no intentions on facing her again and I sure as hell am not ready to die!"

Ian: Who isn't?" ,

Kaitlyn: No one is!

Ian: But are you seeing the issue here? How do we know there isn't mutilated corpses rotting amongst the Tampa Bay area this very moment? What if she can—What if Thomas is the next victim? Or any one of you? I'm only trying to help make this easier on yourselves because she can't get away with this if we all just stick together."

Every word was falling on deaf ears. Her friends were taking the smart approach and standing their ground and something about this felt insulting to her. It was bad enough with Sean showing her up and turning her down; no one had ever rejected her before. Now that Mandela effect was repeating itself. "As a matter of fact, you know what?" , Kaitlyn pronounces sewing how this wasn't going anywhere. Seeing how that couldn't convince them, she then goes for the subornation tactic: one of which almost always works.

Shrugging off her backpack, perfectly left unzipped, there's stacks of money rolled up in piles packed down to the very bottom of the bag. Nobody even knew what she had until she threw two stacks over to Alex. Only Tara was left with the courtesy to react the more she kept tossing out stacks.

Kaitlyn: "Holy shh—"

somewhere between sick delight and deep regret, refrained from squealing at the sight. Same can be said for the others. "How did—Where did you get this?"

Kaitlyn: Mutual friend. Said we'd all get paid for this too. Twenty-five thousand total for the four of you.

Thomas: "Twenty five—Kait, that's a hundred thousand dollars for—Now you're bribing us? Argh."

She groans slightly, pacing herself; her palms sweaty with the stack of money gripped within her fingers. The other two were in the exact same boat much to Kaitlyns dismay.

Alex: Fellas.......there are so many other ways we can do about this and none of them are gonna end with us on top. The devil came to Maine and left it in ruins. We don't want the same to happen here.

The painful reality behind why Kaitlyn would ever go this far was clear as day and it couldn't have gotten anymore clearer. Neither side of the story however had the cleanest hands available which it made Tara, Ian and Alex's decision all the more difficult. Death was an uncertainty but what wasn't was the thought of letting Carrie run loose. And who's to argue if the price was right?

With the gears starting to shift and turn, slight glimpses of rewiring came through them all. But once again, Tara was the one to react. "Where's Thomas?"

At the police station, apparently.

Despite knowing of Kaitlyns real intentions, he'd be lying if he said she didn't have a point. How long before the next disaster breaks out? How much longer until more lives have been taken? As much as he detested this prank, SOMETHING needed to be done about Carrie.

Thomas needed to inform someone.

Thomas: "We are so fucked",

He admits sighing heavily, for he knew there wasn't much of a chance at turning back. Bursting through the front doors with nobody waiting in the lobby aside from the clerk at the main desk, he did what he felt was necessary and calls out the clerk.

Thomas: Hey, my name is Thomas Holland Jr. I need to speak with a few detectives about something important relating to the murder from yesterday."

The door of the captains' office swings open shortly after a brief moment of clarity with Vanessa smoking and putting out her last cigar before looking up, seeing another one of her fellow detectives, Ray Jones perched by the door, file in hand.

Vanessa: Jones.

Jones: Captain. I've got an informant waiting on the outside. Says he has information on the Eleanor Snell case.

He now had her full undivided attention. Tossing the file towards Vanessa, he didn't need to open it to feel how stacked it was from the inside. She was puzzled upon opening it to the outdated pictures and articles related to information which wasn't too familiar to him. All it did tell her was how they did connect to one event and one event only: the Black Prom.

Skimming through one image after another, her interest only peeked further.

Vanessa: This dates back to 2013's Chamberlain massacre. But what does any of this have to do with my aunt?

Jones: Her daughter and your cousin was a Chamberlain High senior that was a witness to the Black Prom incident as well as one of the lucky survivors. From what we can describe....this old case is linked to the recent murder through the Snell's.

Vanessa: Yeah, except your missing something crucial here, Jones......

She expressed as she bolted up from her chair, files in hand. "The Black Prom was a tragic accident. The Chamberlain fall-out was.....merely a riot caused by a gang war."

Jones: But Captain, I beg to differ. There's rumors on the internet that it was all caused by a girl.

Vanessa: Oh come on.....I've heard of those rumors when I was a rookie. But how can one girl possess a force beyond reality to cause all that?"

I think I can answer that, officers.

They all lift their heads up to see Thomas who was just escorted by another cop to the room. Their attention span shot up a few notches.

Anisha: I have some knowledge that was passed on from my dad who got it from a local psychiatrist: Dr. Paris."

Both detectives looked at him curiously as Thomas sat down at Vanessa's desk.

Jones: ANISHA Paris?

The events of the tragedy spread quickly throughout most of Tampa; made it difficult for Carrie and Desjardin not to catch wind of it. For the last three hours straight they called to check on Sue for the betterment of her condition. Not once did she answer back.

Carrie thought: Understandable. she just needs time to rest and recover it'll be fine.

But then Carrie remembered: she promised Sean that she would explain something anything about her powers after she saw what happened last night.

Carrie was nervous about confessing since the last time she did it almost killed her. But it didn't stop her from coming over....and it felt inevitable at the moment.

And it became apparent once she actually arrived.

For a full ten minutes the two made shoddy eye contact with one another only to look away so as the others presence was felt Sean tried to muster the strength to scoot beside her only to back track seconds later. Tension was impalpable. But the two being inches away from each other while a news report about Eleanor's murder was still being broadcasted on Sean's TV just poisoned some of the atmosphere

But not for long.

53 year old Eleanor Snell mother of 1 was discovered brutally murdered late last night. The police have not released any information or have any susbects in custody. But the town is under strict surveillance---

Carrie: see Sean.....

She started off breaking off the mundaneness of the silence

Carrie: I'm not even certian for sure how I got these powers. The best I could come up with is that I think they're inherited. But there are others who have the same abilities as me.....all over the world.

Local residents are advised to report anything suspicious following any activity---

Sean: This is all news to me. And a's kinda not that common.

Carrie: What do you mean?

Snell was also a former Chamberlain Maine resident which police have not confirmed if she was a survivor of the riot that left the town in shambles.

Sean: Well.....uh....I don't know how to really describe it.

He nearly stumbled to a prominent point, Sean begins with a very faint whisper

Sean: Does the name ......Andrew Detmer mean anything to you?

One Susan Snell. The victim's daughter who was also a survivor to the tragic Black Prom accident who is also now a resident here in this very city.

Silence at first when Carrie basically nods No intrigued she glances her eyes at the TV temporarily shutting it off

Sean: About uh.....five hears ago 2012 there were rumors that this kid discovered some kind of.....alien activity in some cave and was exposed to....some radiation. At least I think that's how it happened. No one ever let that out....but either way....something set the dude offthat almost burned the town down. Tragically he was impaled. And more sadly I heard the guy also had it rough.

Carrie thought long and hard how this Detmer kid's story was paralled like her own tragedies and malfeasances. No one should ever have to go through that. It was awful.

Sean: Sadly again it's been like that for a lot of people lately further proof that the world has been tearing itself apart. But either way.....when I saw you go all Luke Skywalker that night....I didn't know what to say....cause...well, Rat's not a big believer in the Supernatural.

Carrie: The show?

Sean: Well that too. But.....the real thing. Granted I wasn't a fan either until the Detmer story started spreading around.

Carrie grinned mildly as she sat in the couch with her arms folded fully immersing into Sean's but as he scooted a little too close to her, her grin fell and spoke a nervous expression. Any attempt to keep her from blushing and falling for this boy was quickly fading

Carrie: So you believe in magic. Miracles. Supernatural.

Sean: If I didn't I couldn't say no after what happened the other day. But either way it's amazing to know one of my neighbors has the abilty to do what he did. I mean I always wondered on the Discovery channel like how they would have unfocused images of UFO's and Big Foot. The next thing you get told Halloween stories of.....Dracula. Frankenstein. The Wolf Man. And there was Godzilla that Japanese folks lost their shit over.....

Carrie: Most of them however.....

Carrie went silent once she reached over for a book titled THE DARKEST MINDS on the coffe table and glances over the YA book with uneasiness but subtle serenit

Carrie: Are based off events that can transpire or have blurred the lines between human and superhuman. So maybe there is something behind it all. But I don't want what I've done to be another catalyst to something worse than what I can handle. For all I know, I could still create a force that could wipe out everything around me. And....the less I make myself noticeable in public the better.

Sean: never thought of being a superhero? Like make a costume and fight crime? Never thought of that?

Carrie chuckled and shook her hand No

Carrie: That thought never crossed my mind since I could be considered off-limits so....I just try not use them much......

He nods

Sean: So besides Sue....who else knows about your powers?

Carrie: Mss. Desjardin....but that's it.

A part of her sewn yet lacerated hear immediately regretted spilling out the name. Erika and George has no say in the conversation so Carrie felt no need to bring them into it but why would she mention Desjardin unless she was certain she wouldn't be hurt again?

She had no clue why. But it did raise a question of her own that she needed to be certain of

Carrie: You're not....gonna tell your brother or your friends are you....?

Sean: What? No. Ray wouldn't believe me anyway. So....I would advise to try not to use your powers in front of him cause he'd FREAK the freak out. And when he freaks out I freak out so.....yeah that's an atomic bomb if there ever was one.

What was since a grin turned to a soft yet audible giggle from Carrie Sean could almost see the color the cheerfulness of lost innocence returning through her with each passing smirk and smile. Her posture was more upright and she looked more alive than usual.

Whether or not that'd still be the case following his next big question remained to be seen

Risks need to be taken

Sean: isten Carrie....on February 10th there's uh....there's Karaoke night being held right around Orlando. It's some club on the other side of town and I.....

That's as far Sean got before Carrie bolted up from the couch hardly tripping over the table very sloppily

Knowing where Sean was going with this she found it difficult to catch her breath with the only response she had being spastically and viciously shaking her head No

Carrie: I'm sorry's sweet of you to do that but....I can't go with you.

Sean barely had a chance to ask her the question and it was strange to him how she knew that before he asked but then he caught on to what happened the other day: Let me through your head I'm every bit as guilty as you say I am, I never meant to cause you suffering.

Finally, something clicked that telekinesis wasn't all she was hiding from him.

The confusion dwindling away he soon arises from the couch tapping his pointer finger up to his cranium with a paralyzed look plasted over his face. The expression was dead-on asking You read my mind?

All Carrie could do was nod this time

Back on topic Sean needed a reason at least for why karaoke was a n-go. All he did was ask

Sean: Do you mind I ask....why?

But if it was the whole truth she was worried what happened with the others would happen with Sean as well: he'd deem her as a psycopath would fear her and run away his fearlessness with her powers adaptability around such paranormal activities and his loyalty to her spoke a different story. The fact that he stood up for her and was willing to help her make new friends helped her more in the past two weeks then she could've helped herself in the last four years let alone her entire life

But finally she gave in

Carrie: Because.....the last time someone invited me to....somewhere.....I got tricked and fell into a prank that.....scarred me for life. I got humiliated in front of my whole school and.....I can't...

There they were again: the ultimate sign of guilt in the shape of tear-shaped drops. But they got down as far as her cheeks before steel brakes were slammed down in her head. No. No more tears she commanded to her inner child. That was enough sulking in her past life. Her sudden haken composure while now slightly more confident still speeded uncertainty. But one thing's for sure: Even if she didn't leave out the word Prom to avoid possible suspicion it probably wouldn't have stopped the outcome she didn't think she'd have: Sean hugging her following her brief tale

It felt nice. It felt good. Clean, genuine human, SAFE safe enough to where she felt it necessary to hug him back her arms gently scaling behind and wrapping around his back

Sean: I'm sorry to hear about all that.

He barely even gets the words out mentally and visibly dumbfounded over what he heard happened. But....he was still confident

Sean: If someone even DARED to pull a prank like that on you again they'd be getting more than they bargained for.....but nobody would be that stupid enough to make the same mistake twice.

Carrie: Thanks Sean. But....I still don't know....

Sean: Hey, look it's up to you. If you don't want to go, I'm not gonna force you.

Yet ANOTHER realization of a differentiation between Sean and Tommy with Tommy she was hardly given a choice per say when asked to prom despite his intentions. Sean did the exact opposite her which would've made Carrie's next possible answer temptation whether to accept or not

It wasn't like what happened back then would come back and curse her even further but she still wasn't felling up to it. For her it was better to be safe than sorry

Carrie: Thanks....thanks for everything, Sean.

That was all she could think to say but glancing a bright cheery innocent wholesome smile for the first time in years

Sean nodded only to back up slowly from the hug as she looked up at him in the while he looked back in hers.

Running his hand in-between the strains of her beach blonde hair Sean couldn't feel her running his thoughts once more as another akawrd stare of silence between them But then Carrie grips her hand around his intertwining in a moment of subconscious

By the time she see's what he's doing she mentally tried to pull away but ultimately does nothing this time. But she does make an attempt to

Carrie: You sure this is what you want? It's not that I don't but personally you'd be making a huge mistake.

Sean: Best mistake I'd ever make then.

Both tilt slowly towards one another both their eyes closed and when their faces were just an inch from one another......

Hey! Hey! Hey!

A cry usurped through the doorway both quickly snatched their hands away from the other too little too late Ray already saw everything and he was chuckling away; just not in the pretense in which Carrie would get offended


Ray: Sly little devil Sean.

Sean: Nothing happened. We were just uhh.....

Ray: Hey hey hey. I'm not phased or anything nor should you expect me to be. I've seen the way you looked at her every day of the week ok? It's no surprise you're infatuated with this girl.

Embrarrassed he just buries and hides his face away.

Ray: I was going to say any girl other than Kaitlyn willing to---

Sean: Ray.

Ray: No offence Carrie. You're cool. But if yawl wanted to be alone all you had to do was ask.

Sean: Jesus Christ bro come on now. That was the last thing on my mind. Carrie and I was just---

No sooner should he speak his cell begins to vibrate in his back pocket. And it couldn't have come at a worse time. Ignoring the vibration didn't do much to help his cause cause as soon as he did answer it went to Missed call from Scott he jut groans loudly

Sean: Sorry I gotta take this call. Won't be long

He exits the area as Ray basically pays him no mind as he hears the fridge opening pulling out a coke

Carrie: Thought you were at college.

Ray: Just needed to get away a little while. As usual college is chaotic with the meetings and the games and classwork and the----well bascially everything is diffitcult now.

Carrie: When is it ever easy?

Ray: Exactly.

He sluggishly shrugs his book bag off of him before laying down on the sofa breathing as mildly as possible. Very solemn atmosphere as the air breezes past the tip of his nose over to Carrie's direction she twitches slightly as the winds of change slash rather than breeze past her an uneven structure of comfortabilty.

It mader her want to vomit honestly Her wanting more but knowing how far the limitations were pushed inher head to prevent so.

Finally it pushed her to a point where she had to ask Ray.....

Carrie: Why don't you believe in the extraordinary?

Slight groan of exaggeration comes from Ray having heard the EXACT same question for well over the fifteen thousandth time

Ray: I've seen plenty of icky shit in my days: Edge of tomorrow The Matrix Inception Matilda Exorcist Blade Runner the list goes on and on and on. I'm not saying I hate them. They're some of my favorite types of genres to watch but the fair share of true believers howeveer never ceases to amaze me because's so common now anddays.

Carrie: What is?

Ray: The friction between THAT.....

He illustrates pointing at the TV.

Ray:....and this.

He then leans forward gripping the cushion of the top part of the couch

Ray: Tell me: My brother has seen this one movies about alien technology gifting three teens our age with telekinesis. One of them goes down to the Drak Side and nearly wrecks the entire town. How would YOU react IF that situation were to occur today?

For such an honest question let alone about the same movie Carrie had a difficult time answering to it. Every word not only coordinated back to what Sean said previously but emotional vulnerabilty was a sore thumb for her. Flinchin slightly she was better left not answering

But yet she replies

Carrie: I've....seen enough during my know that's not possible.

Ray: Exactly my point.

Carrie: But....

She stops him there just as he leaps off the couch only to lay back down

Carrie:.....If there were others like him I'm sure they'd think twice before jumping into something reckless. I mean they were just like all of us. They had hopes fears and dreams. But those kinds of people are the ones with nothing to loose because they've already lost their way. They were pushed past boundaries that no one could even subsect had been building up for essentially years on end.....and you can only push someone so far before they snap.

The same kaleidoscopic beats of frustration and angst were essentially drowned out by both confusion and a painful does of sorrow for not only herself but anyone who's suffered through her pain. A familiar question had to be brought up.

Carrie: When did our lives become so complicated?

Ray: For was our parents died. I've never been more divided with my moral psychology than I was that night. I mean, if you take the-----the---the----what happened in Chamberlain those years ago I find it hard to believe that----

Once again Carrie nearly grits her teeth hearing the mentioning of her most infamous sin. There's something about constantly bringing that up the past that risks Carrie to the bone and thus didn't help her case as Ray kept spewing onwards

But it didn't mean he had a point

Ray: Central for what's really imporant. I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter what your perception of life is or how special you want to be....when reality kicks in it leaves a lot to the imagination....and imagination leaves less to be desired.

Nothing but peaceful yet subtle tranquility booms from within Carrie after hearing that not much of it didn't click through to her as it was basically her life story

She only sighs heavily as she just stares at the TV clicking the remote again

Luckily for Sean he finally seemed to be getting an answer from the other side of the phone

Sean: Scott. About time man. Why you hang up so---hmm? What do you mean you wanted to be sure? Of what?

The delay of silence over the other side of the phone didn't really give him much confidence that this was good news if any. Any expressions shown through his eyes dilated from annoyance to fear to horror. He was not all comfortable with what was being said to him on the other side

Sean: What did you see?

The more he found out the more he realized this week jus got worse for them

Sean: Oh my god.

Believe me, I understand the heightened sense of security and caution considering what happened and all.....

These were direct words from Vanessa staring straight at Anisha Paris from her chair in her place of professionalism at the M&R Therapy Center. With Detective Jones just casually standing behind her, arms crossed, the good cop, bad cop approach was clearly in effect. In Vanessa's case, she wouldn't be holding back.

As for Anisha, she just sat there prim in her old winged armchair, legs crossed and fingers intertwined over one knee. If one can sit in a manner that transmits a sense of grace and intelligent poise, she had mastered it.

But god knows Vanessa was determined to outdo that today.

Vanessa: .....but given all you've done for us, why do you continue to make this hard on us?

Anissa remained unfazed at first.

Anisha: I'm sure it's the other way around. I've told you I know nothing about the case or how it could be related to.....

Vanessa: The Black Prom incident?

Inching herself closer to her, her posture straightens and her demeanor takes a full 180 and fast.

Vanessa: I have a cousin who lived through that and that's the only thing that intrigued me to your research. Yet what surprises me is that the grant of the city benefits your case.

Anisha: I'm a part-time lawyer, Lieutenant. I benefit from the DA's office to legalize my research. Many people may think I'm crazy but my work speaks for itself; I have helped a lot of people. So if this is an interrogation, just ditch the chas-chas and get down to business.

Sighing softly, the Lieutenant looked up to Anisha.

Vanessa: I need information on any patients you've had that actually have had psychic psychology over mental abilities triggering an instant force. Like, say.......since the 1954 nuclear tests had created certain chain reactions that spread a wind of radiation with locals breathing in it unknowingly and this triggered any force within them....or their children or grandchildren. Could that be possible that has been developed decades to this day?

Anisha: You'd make a fine scientist, Captain. There are many possibilities that hold a logical explanation. Whether it was nuclear or alien activity.....but it's not like the government will let it get around. People are always going to be afraid or quick to criticize whatever they don't understand. From what I can tell you.....I've had zero patients with that kind of power.

Vanessa: Are you sure about that, Doctor? Because a college student who came to the station earlier today said he ID'd someone, maybe a former patient of yours and claims she's the cause of the Black Prom and Chamberlain destruction.

There on, Anisha was nervous about where she was going with this, but to avoid further suspicion, she had to play along.

Anisha: Really.....and.....who would that be.....?

Vanessa: Carrie.....White.

Dropping the name, Anisha holds herself firmly. Any hint or sign of rebuttal or denial would've been taken into account and more than likely, be speculated and considered as any sign of guilt and participation in the ongoing investigation.

One she did not want to be a part of.

Anisha: Of all the names brought before me, you had to go with that one. I've heard all the stories about her but she's dead.

Vanessa: Yeah......Anisha, I thought the exact same thing.....until Thomas dropped me in on everything.

She could almost smell the stench radiating off of Anisha; slight twitching down in the neck area. Since involuntary muscle movement is often associated with serious neurological conditions, any involuntary muscle movement can trigger fear or anxiety. Anisha was both and she wasn't doing that great of a job at concealing the guilt on her face.

Still, she played along.

Anisha: Kids these days. How do you know he was just pulling a prank on you?

Vanessa: If someone were to be THAT dumb enough to pull a prank on the precinct, he'd be looking at hard time right about now. This leads me......

She whips out a photograph and alerts Anisha, slamming it on the table. Thomas Holland Sr. His father. Is it true he used to work here?

Anisha: I've got nothing else to say.

Vanessa: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

She stops her as she bolts off the cushions just to lean on the leg of the couch.

Anisha: Why is that so?

Vanessa: Do I really need to give you a reason? I really hoped I didn't need to remind you—

She backs Anisha up to a corner which in turn continues to lower her defense down a few pegs.

Vanessa: —but if under any circumstances we find out you're withholding any information that is essential to this investigation, I'm gonna have to hold you accountable as an added accomplice. You don't tell me what you need to know and I promise you, you will serve hard time and you will not be released until you are a senile old woman. I'll make sure they throw away the key.

That bit Anisha at the chomp.

Anisha: Your concern is appreciated, Captain. But whatever happened to Carrie White at the Black Prom is beyond my knowledge and comprehension. That's all I can give you.

Still resilient, still resistant, still interfering with the investigation. Vanessa just sneered at her statement, for she expected this defiant behavior almost indefinitely from her.

Vanessa: Mess with the bull and you get the horns. Check the security cameras.

Jones quickly exits the room. Seeing where they're going with this, Anisha attempts to exit but that's when Vanessa stops her dead in her tracks, slamming the door and holding up a warrant. She was to step aside or be arrested for interference.

No sooner should that happen, Jones comes back in no less than four minutes later.

Jones: There was one piece of footage from the camera that was marked and last taken two days ago. I could see lots of furniture in debris moving around before the camera started shaking and everything cut out. I think it's safe to say that was Carrie.

Now the Prey had been corned by the predator.

Vanessa: You were saying? You never saw her?

Anisha: She came on her own merit, Captain.

Vanessa: Cut the bullshit, alright? You attained withheld information regarding this case and deliberately held it away from me. And just to clarify it again, I said—

Dispatch to Jones.

Hearing the call from dispatch in the middle of this conversation drew Vanessa and Anisha away momentarily, looking at Jones in a rather unconventional manner. No distractions was a strict calling around Vanessa as the look in her eyes just facilitated frustration. When she invests herself deep within the boundaries of her profession, nobody's telling her otherwise.

And Jones could clearly see that.

Jones: I'll take this outside.

No sooner should he move out, he answers.

Jones: This is Jones. Go ahead.

The indistinct chatter from the other side of the radio barely had anything good or concrete to tell him. Only more labor work and dirty business to attend to; the look on his face growing cold and distant, the dumbfounded look of frustration was one thing but what he heard next blew everything out of the water.

It made the case even bigger than what it already was.

Jones: You gotta be kidding me. Since when?

He bolts back into the room, interrupting both women to deliver urgent news. From the look in his face alone, neither of the women liked where this was going; Vanessa caught it early in the midst of reaching for her cuffs to apprehend Anisha.

Vanessa: What's the story upstairs?"

Jones: Bastard struck again. We gotta another dead body.

Vanessa: Alright tell them we're on the way.

Jones: We're on our way.

The two detectives stormed out with Anistasia looked at them fishy as she walked back in her office and pulled out not only Carrie's file.....but Andrew Detmer's file

An hour later at the crime scene photos were being taken yellow tape was being ducked and Vanesa was just......disgusted with the place

Vanessa: Alright I want this entire flour locked up! No one leaves till everyone here is questioned! And cover her up! She's just a kid for Christ sake!

They covered poor Aimee's butchered body

Vanessa: What'd we got Jones.

Jones: Same murder weapon as the last one. Blood poured out too. Whoever the fucker is Cap is fitting some pattern when it comes to their victims blood. We're not sure of anything else but only odd thing finger prints.

Vanessa: Goddammit!

Jones: Don't worry Captain we'll find him.

Vanessa: You better. Or it's your badge!

Jones didn't take too kindly the way his partner just threaten him and Vanessa stormed out to clear her head and as she came out to the hall she happen to notice..........

.....the same old man Carrie ran into when Sean brought her here she happen to put on a curious face seeing him

But when the old man spotted her he turned away and walked out Vanessa ran over there but when she got there he was gone

Vanessa frowned seriously and was startled by one of the officers

Vanessa: JESUS!

Cop: I'm sorry Captain. But I got an intel on the Carrie White Black Prom case. The chief just rang about it just now.

Vanessa: What do you have?

Cop: The case was closed years ago. Carrie White died the same night along with her psychotic mother. Their house fell on both of them. Odd thing was.....some of our officers went to Chamberlain.....they found Carrie White's grave.....was left open.

Vanessa: What do you mean open?

Cop: Like something broke it open. Not dig and I know it's odd but when our officers investigated.....the only things they found wa Margaret White's corps the mother. Carrie White's body......nothing.

Vanessa: That is odd. What about a father?

Cop: No record on him Captain.

Vanessa: Dammit!

She looked where the old man fled puzzled

Vanessa: Or is there?

If the Captain was smart, the whereabouts of the significant others on a dead girl would be the last thing circling in her mind. An actual threat was roaming the streets now and the similarity between both murders she had seen were vastly scary.

The legs contorted, the manner in which the body was stabbed, the lack of blood missing from the scene. No question this assailant knew what it was doing.

She sighs heavily.

As expected, the news got out there and it spread like wildfire. The city was once again put out on high alert and tight and fear was vastly facilitated. Everything was going swiftly in the favor of one and horrendously in the misfortune of another and the town had to suffer just as much as the victims had.

Kaitlyn had every reason to smile about this.

Raymond......not so much.

For those lucky to avoid such a fate, that direction felt miles away from them now. But now the victims' families were left being automatically confined to their own life sentence: having to live with the burden of…..outliving the loved one that made life a little more tolerable, that they were never going to see them again. and it solidified how quickly you can lose anybody at any given time.

A cruel but respectable notion in life that not many individuals respect in this world.

Ray, on the other hand, valued that cold venomous rehabilitating truth for years and having now been branded as a lucky survivor himself……but even now, all grown up, it sure as hell didn’t feel like it.

Bottles on top of bottles of beer and cans of sodas laid disorganized on top of the coffee table across from him with a select few tumbling off towards the TV. Some laid on the couch. Ray could only keep his gaze centered squarely on the television screen on top of him, the screen cascading different shades of red, white, black, and orange as the news does what they do best: exploit.


Cash in.

It’s debatable on what could be a worse version of loss: witnessing it directly in front of you, front and center or sitting in the comforts of your home watching news outlets and media reports constantly rub it in the face of the victims and their families before they even receive the depressing news.

But it’s a painful, sad, and desperately awful sign of heartbreak, when it has to be experienced firsthand and then, brought back to your attention a few hours later for everyone to see yourself…..especially if it was someone close to you.

It’s embarrassing, it’s tasteless and it gives the victims' loved ones zero comfort and time to collect themselves amidst the horrific disaster that befell them.

Aimee’s death hit him hard and with Sean out of the house to check on the aftermath himself with Scott, that left Ray on his own back at the house to drink it all in. He hated it: the fact that Sean was unable to find out long before the news spoiled it for him.

There was a point where Ray contacted Carrie to get her to catch up with what was happening on the news and in the midst of trying to explain everything, he got so flustered up and pissed off about it that he almost choked up over himself on the phone.

There wasn’t much you could’ve done to prevent this.

Ray: It hasn’t even been a day yet and the bastard strikes again. Whoever they call him or her, just know I want a few words with the son of a bitch who did her in.

Good luck with that.

Helpful or hurtful? Insightful or poking fun at him?

Ray couldn’t tell and he had no interest in digging deeper. So much of his energy drained from this ONE report alone and the last thing he wanted was to rest on his back and let it pass.

None of this felt real. And it was breaking him.

Memories are essentially photograph books that only the barrier could be the only editor of—at least that’s what Ray thought. Events such as these only revert him back to a series on infamous and unfortunate events that feel way too similar to this.

And something about this break from normalcy had him ask a question, he’d normally seem inclined to avoid even asking.

Ray: Did Sean ever tell you what happened to our folks?

A momentary lapse of silence for the next few moments. Nothing but white noise.

But eventually, he gets an answer.


Ray: I—I wish I could make it sound less like a cheap ass Screen Gems thriller but…..our father.....he was a good man. At least in our childhood. But he lost his way pretty quickly.....started drinking. Drowning his sorrows, I once said. One night, he went absolutely nuts; destroyed the house. He even attacked our mom. She took a kitchen knife to defend herself and he didn't like that. Not. One. BIT.

Nothing but silence. She lets Ray continue.

Ray: So.....I heard the commotion and when I peeked out, Dad took the knife from her, laughing his ass off as she slapped him again and again. And he looked at me.....he stuck the blade in his own mouth...….

Ok, ok, I get it. You can stop now.

She expresses hurriedly on the other side of the phone, sensing how far Ray was broadening out the extremities just to get his point across. If he was deliberately trying to scare her, consider it done.

No response back from her for the next few seconds.....and for once, the silence was getting unnerving.

Ray had a tendency of thinking with his heart and not so much with his head, too much so that his mouth had gotten him into leaps of trouble in past experiences without him actually getting away with it. It was an utter miracle that he was able to find and make friends and the fact that one of them was ripped away from him, THIS suddenly, it stung.


But in that painful reminiscing of his parent's passing, correlating it to Aimee's demise, Ray let out a heavy sigh. He felt more than just simply sorrow; but in that sorrow, there was also....release.

Surrendering himself to his feelings again meant eventually unchaining....withholding that burden; a task he begrudgingly succeeded at. It, sometimes, can be easy to heal when one allows others to hear their stories.

The last thing Carrie expected Ray to say to her on the other side was.....

Carrie.....take good care of my brother.

And then he hangs up.

Carrie was a little taken back but can understand in a way given what both Sean and Ray told her plus the murders out there....probably is bringing up their past tragedy even her own

Carrie took a breath given she looked out the side window that points out to their house

Carrie could no longer deny her growing feelings for Sean not that her guard is dropped completely she was considering his offer on the karaoke night thing was on her mind

Carrie went up to her room and pulled a toy chest from her closet WITH her powers she opened the chest and what she took from it.....

.....was her prom dress

Carrie had it with her after talking to Anisa all this time and kept it hidden even from Desjardin

Carrie had a hard time having it and part of her the reason she kept it hidden was out of the traumatized sense from her past and it was the last connection she had to her mother

But finally seeing no point of holding on to the past with the new life she was building not knowing what the future will hold but....will no longer live in the past

Carrie closed the toy chest and a minute later she was down stairs with the dress and started a fire in the fire place and when all of a sudden.....


She turns over startled and to see Desjardin shocked as she saw her with the dress and was shocked she thought it was buried in her ruble house in chamberlain so how did Carrie have it now and what was she about to do?

Desjardin: Carrie?? How---how long have you still had that?

Carrie: Anisa somehow had it. I don't know how she got it out of there but I don't think....she' worthy. That's why I had to snag it was the only thing left that.....was close with my mother.....

Desjardin: After everything that's happened...why would you still carry it?

Carrie: Because.....I don't know.....I had a hard time let everything ago I put a brick wall around myself from....just about everything. But with the murders Sue loosing her mother even what happened to Sean's friend Aimee I even learned what happened to his parents and....I've had time to think about it and....I'm not gonna be a victim anymore. I'm ready to start over and.....I'm probably gonna go with Sean to the Karaoke.

Desjardin was amazed and proud of her at the same time even when she told her about Sean

Desjardin:'re well on you're way. You're finally letting go of things. And you're growing up so fast.

Carrie smiled with a brief chuckle

Desjardin: You know they're times I still see the shy little girl that got straight A's in every class.

Carrie: You're still the same kind gym teacher I know too.

Desjardin chuckled and Carrie turned back to the fire place and looked at the dress

Desjardin: You sure you just want to burn it Carrie? We can just throw it away.

Carrie: It won't help me faster. I have to see it gone myself. And once it is everything that reminds me of my mother.....of HER.....

She meant to Chris

Carrie: And if I watch it burn....I can give myself closure.

Desjardin can understand where she's coming from and Carrie folded it to make it small enough and then.....threw it....... the fire

Members in the embers of a wars' forever flame.

From a distance, the fire roasted Carrie from the front, frozen from behind - the fireplace bringing a dancing glow into the very heart of the home with the ashes of the bloody prom dress finally ceasing to exist. It would be skeletal in the light of a new day as if an artist sketched it in charcoal.

Crackling, popping, and sparking amongst the confident golden flame, soon the charred fabric of the dress could no longer be seen. Carrie could finally exhale on her own behalf, decades worth of weight and trauma being carefully lifted off her shoulders; the glow from the fireplace cementing a reawakening of sorts as the ashes of the dress sparkle around her arms and body.

Such ashes would soon be part of a new life, like the plants that recover the earth that was so burnt.

Desjardin notices the sudden sporadic change in Carrie’s body and demeanor. Steadily, Carrie’s chest rises and falls with the sedative qualities of a lullaby, breathing like she was meditating. The room was so quiet that her former teacher could hear each breath with ease.

A smile creeps onto her face.

But who would she be if she didn’t join in on the moment? Having bared some of the responsibility as to what happened to the student she grew to care for like her own daughter, the weight wore as heavily on her shoulders as the former mass murderer; unwilling to see such a thing.

She finds herself crouching down to her knees, cozying up to Carrie next to the fireplace and allowing the warmth to humble her too. Purely on reflex, she wraps her arm around the base of Carrie’s far shoulder, cuddling her and keeping her close.

The pieces of her heart that had been struggling to fit into this world became so quiet when cuddling with her; it was as if they had finally found peace as if they needed some glue to bridge the gaps and connect. Cuddling was, in fact, a stable heartbeat between her and Desjardin….

….for the echoes of its steady sound mended both their broken wings.

Of course, a foreclosure and warning wouldn't hurt.

Desjardin: Listen, it'd be unethical of me NOT to have to remind you of what happened last time. But you have a choice in this now. Whatever you choose to do, I support it.

Carrie: Thanks, Mom….

Again, she lets the word slip out. No attempts were made to rebuttal that, compared to before.

Carrie: I.....wouldn't mind a second opinion, actually.

Desjardin: From who?

Someone else who knows a thing or two about trauma.

Next day is when she would get her wish.

Sue's place of residence felt more empty and devoid of life inside than it looked from a distance away as Carrie couldn’t help but to notice as she stared out the window. Said windows of the house both reflect and absorbed the sunny rays, and in that they sparkle and take on the lively shadows of the leaves…

….never mind the pattern of dirt upon the windowpane was the fingerprints of storms passing, a baggage given to the glass and taken on in silent acceptance. Even in something as mundane as a sticky, smudged window, emotions were spiraling from within for Carrie.

There comes a time to wipe that canvas clean and let it start afresh, yet these memories are their own kind of gold.

Staring at Sue momentarily eyeing back and forth between the door and the table would’ve made for a short conversation.

Only if Sue wasn’t putting pen to paper.

Carrie: Paperwork?

Sue: This? Oh, no. It’s a draft for my book.

Carrie: You’re writing a book?

Sue begrudgingly nodded. No sooner does Carrie detect that slight hesitation in her body language does she read her mind and eventually follows suit, drooping her head down slightly.

Carrie: It’s about me, isn’t it?

She sighs heavily.

Sue: More like a memoir based off how I interpreted the events of what happened in 2013, before and after. Damn writers block. The fact that I had the fucking temerity to ask Norma on how she’d take her—

Carrie: Norma Watson?

Sue: Yeah, she made it out alive as well but you get what I’m saying.

Carrie: I guess.

Momentary pause before Carrie decides to continue onwards albeit changing the topic. She came to her for a second opinion and she was going to do so.

Carrie: Sean invited me to Karaoke.

A massive depressive sigh leaves her.

Sue: Hard not to see that coming.

Carrie: Sean told you?

Sue: Desjardin told me. Said how close you two have become. Funny how around this time, I would always catch Tommy sneaking a peak. I wouldn’t be surprised if he used to gush about you the same way Sean is now.

With a strong sense of guilt, regret and sorrow behind Carries eyes, she just ushers the truth.

Carrie: I still miss him......every day.

Sue: Me too.

Both walk up and hug each other.

Carrie couldn’t help but to feel Little Carrie tugging on her leg, momentarily distracting her. The little girl couldn’t help but to smile at her godmother.

Carrie just picks her up as she sits back down on the couch.

Sue: Look, we can’t speak for one another anymore so all I can say is whether you want to go or not, is all on you. On one hand, I’d like to see you prance around and......go a little crazy. Heh, I mean.....sing a little. Dance a lot. Get ur freak on.

Both ladies chuckle mildly.

Sue: But then again, there’s a.....serial killer running amok putting the town on high alert and Vanessa doesn’t seem to be doing much about it. You know, it always pisses me off that—

Carrie: Vanessa?

Sue caught too little, too late that she let the name slip the tip of her tongue. Carrie had to let the child go, seeing how serious this conversation was shifting.

Sue: She’s the police captain of the Tampa Police Department......and my older cousin.

Not quite what you were expecting, I know. It’s just, the other day she managed to contact me. We had a nice little chat as family matters normally play out.

Slight little pause before she continued.

Sue: Then she told me about you.

This, under no circumstances, surprised Carrie anymore than the first time around. People have been barely ushering a word about her since the tales and stories about her had thankfully died down. The thought of everything coming around full circle was hard for Carrie to stomach.

Carrie: How much did she know?

Sue: EVERYTHING: Date of birth, race, ethnicity, likes, dislikes, last known location,

Carrie: Wha—What? “Last known location?”

Sue: She thinks you’re still alive and.....may or may not be involved with the mass killings recently.

Startled but not so much offended, Carrie just felt her world careening down as she bolted off the couch and just face closed Sue, almost desperate.

Now was not the time for her to get incarcerated.

Carrie: And you said?

Sue: Said that you died. Said that there wasn’t any trace of you around town. And then she dropped the bombshell: she said she caught video footage with you at some psychiatrist appointment a few days ago that—

Carrie: Stop right there.

Her hands buried within the strands of her hair, she squats back down on the couch before sipping her tea away. Staring at the mug for a brief second, she then telepathically tosses the mug across the room as it shatters.

Solitude and tranquility fill the living room as anger and frustration suddenly dissipate into thoughtfulness from the young telekinetic. Once again, the internal struggle in her head was unlimited, playing pinball against the barriers of her brain and the unpatched holes through her heart: a never-ending game of uncertainty and self-doubt.

But a bright spot was reached.

Carrie: I’m going.

Sue: You sure?

She nods.

Carrie had never been sure about anything in her life not even about prom night before until not

Whatever Sue's cousin knew about her or not Carrie wasn't gonna hide anymore that was marked when she burned her dress

Meanwhile we join back with Vanessa at the station as she was on her desk computer looking more into Carrie White and mostly got with what everyone knows already

Black Prom

Chamberlain Armageddon

It was nothing that gave her any leads given she was suppose to be focusing more on the college murders thing caught the Cap's interest

She looked up on Carrie's heritage found more dirt on her than Carrie herself MUCH more.....which she found a picture......of the mysterious old man from the campus

The same one Carrie ran into when Sean brought her to the campus which Vanessa found.....was curious.....

.....later that hour Vanessa drove to a house which she tracked to be the old man's address and when pulling up in front of the front yard she got up noticing the grass hadn't been mowed in weeks

None the less she walked up to the front door and rang the door and took a minute and already the Captain was impatient till the door pulled open revealing the same old man from before

Old man: Can I help you young lady?

Vanessa: I'm Captain Daniels homicide. I hope I could ask you a couple of questions.

The old man could tell she was pretty persistent and gave her a friendly nod

Old Man: I.....was just about to make tea. Like to come in?

Vanessa: Thank you.

He opened the door wide open allowing her to step in

As the man walked back into the kitchen the Cap explored the place and the living room walls had.....crosses everywhere

This guy must have a deeper connection with Margaret than we thought cause he seemed to be much high religious as she was....sort of speaking

The next thing she saw....

....was a crest with a carving writing on it saying:


And besides that crest, laid a dusty ornate 4x6 picture frame positioned directly above the fireplace with a black and white vintage grainy aesthetic that normally comprised the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It was just Margaret White and the old man visible within the framing of the picture with the latter's hands intertwined with hers.

Their wedding day. 1962, December 25th, the birth date of Jesus.

Both of them exchanged a look that felt ghastly but soul-gazing. The two, to Vanessa’s eyes, garnered a pleasing look in their eyes as if some element of internal peace had alighted within them both and begun to sing at that moment. Normally, a photo in a frame brings a sense of permanence and stability that pixels alone cannot, and so one can sit in a sweet and pretty frame where they can see it all day long.

If the lack of other available pictures was anything to write home about, this looked to be not just the only other photo this man had of Margaret but the only physical reminder he had left of her.

Lightbulbs clicking off in the Captain’s head, the conclusion that came to her was a welcome one, as the perceived result to come meant twisting a tight lid back over the mystery of Carrie’s re-appearance.

Tread carefully with that.

The voice does distract the Captain; a result that ended up being her own fault following an involuntary instinct they have to follow since the academy days.

She has to recapture her composure in front of the old man, his motionless hands making room for the two coffee cups of tea, small enough to fit in the palm of a child, holding that magic potent brew only the hardiest of the grown-ups could savor. His aura somehow blackening and illuminating the ambiance of the living room already spelled trouble from Vanessa’s viewpoint.

Old man: That frame and sleeve-buffed glass keeps her safe day and night, perched up on there. And in its….quiet way, it reassures that in her absence, there will come a day when she returns.

Vanessa: You sound quite adamant about that. Do you believe in resurrection?

No such response is uttered from the old man. Just more spooky ambiance from his cracked stare and glum eyes.

He could only slowly reach out to her, offering her the second cup of tea, which she eventually took.

Old man: Death… not the end. It is the doorway for a soul's ironic journey to eternity…..and that soul is the guide.

Says the man who looked the closest like his soul was knee-deep ready to depart from his mortal form; his eyes looking sleep-reprieved as he wrestles his way to his chair behind him.

It wasn’t easy to depress season veterans like Lieutenants and Captains but as the old man’s back almost slumped against the seat, Vanessa found herself physically sick.

The map of wrinkles on his face told of the most incredible journey. His eyelines once told of laughter, of warm smiles and affection turning to unbridled horror. His forehead told of worries past and worries present. But mostly they were so deeply engrained they told or a man who had traveled through nine decades to this moment; to stand here as an old man, beaten, forlorn….

….waiting for the end.

Expectations already being defied, Vanessa now needed to take her time with this man, partially feeling pity for someone just ready to leave.

Vanessa: Sir….

She sits back in the armchair opposite the old man, teacup in hand.

Vanessa: When did she pass?

Old man: April 2013.

Vanessa: My condolences for your loss.

The old man can only bring himself to nod, appreciating her sympathy for his situation that much. But the dial and demeanor for him were subject to change pretty soon.

Vanessa: Are you a Catholic?

Old man: From my dad’s side. Mothers…..

Another delay to a simple response. Twiddling his thumbs, more shallow breathing leaves him before turning back to the Captain.

Old man:….I would prefer not.

Vanessa: Then, in that case, I’d like to ask you for what I came here for: answers.

A simple undisclosed hand movement down into her right pocket caught the slurred but observant eyes of the old man, seeing a crumbled piece of paper in the Captain's pockets.

Unofficially, this was now an interrogation assuming if what he saw resonated with what she wanted in the long run.

Vanessa: Is there any chance you’ve seen this woman?

Another simple photograph stylized in black and white, this time showing Carrie front and center, seemed to finally rejuvenate the old man. Eyes widening and his body shaking, the Captain immediately took notice.

The old man’s expression depleted even further as the Captain pulled up the picture. His hands trembled as he reaches for the photo, barely teetering the edge of the ruffles as if he was massaging the girl's hair. From the first glance alone, Vanessa could tell he either knew this woman or there was more than he was letting on.

Old man: Who is she???

Vanessa: Sir, if—

Old man: Ralph.


Ralph: My name is Ralph.

Vanessa: Well Ralph.....we have a certain possibility.....that this young woman is the supposed Carrie White.

Something about that name made the old man look at her firmly

Vanessa: Have you ever heard of the Black Prom in Chamberlain Mr. Ralph?

Ralph: I haven't.

Vanessa: Four years ago a handful of innocent high school seniors suffered a tragic fate on prom night. Locals believed it was a fire accident but some survivors claimed that Carrie White killed them after some.....prank went bad and claim....she used some kill them all.

Ralph: How tragic....

Vanessa: Yes. But we thought she died when her house fell apart afterwards. White's psychotic mother died but now....after the recent murders and sightings of her.....we have ever reason to believe that Carrie White is alive and well....and suspected to be part of these murders.

Ralph went silent for a moment till.....

Ralph: It brakes my heart to know that someone would jeopardize their entrance into heaven by murder. As I feel sympathy for the Young children of our elderly father that fallen by the hand of who would do the Devil's bidding I even pray that child or whoever is spilling blood of the innocent I pray that the Lord and his Blessen Son will have mercy on their soul. And all those who'd fallow Satan's path.

Vanessa: No disrespect Mr. Ralph but can just answer my question and tell me....if you know anything about Carrie White?

Ralph: Depends.....on a question of my own.

Vanessa: Which is?

Ralph: Who was her mother?

Vanessa: Margaret White.

THAT name made Ralph almost have a heart attack and for some reason he looked back up at the crest again like he was having mild Demisha he panted silently and Vanessa looked at him fishy

Ralph looked down like he was sad and stared at the window under the crest which drew the Captain's attention even more but mild concern

Vanessa: Mr. Ralph?

Ralph: I'm sorry my dear....but I know nothing. After my wife's passing I've hardly been aware of what's happening out there. But I'll find who's REALLY behind these sinful killings. I pray more God will grant you a mercy fate.

Now Vanessa was creeped out but she respected his words and stood up pulling out her card

Vanessa: Well....if you happen to encounter Carrie White or anything suspicious.....give me a call.

Ralph did not even acknowledge her she then left the card on the coffee table and walked the door shutting it

Ralph still stood there looking back up at the crest mainly at Maggie's name

Ralph: Why didn't you tell me Maggie? I understand what I done was my greatest sin.....but you still could have told me.....why didn't you tell me......we.....had a DAUGHTER. Carrie……

As unfamiliar as he became with said name, his eyes continue to glisten further and further upwards the more he looked at the photo. His eyes met parallel with hers; the mere sentiment of how he interpreted all he was seeing irked him the More he stared into Carries blue and dark eyes: the look of a child hurt, betrayed, traumatized, and depressed.

And he wasn’t there for her.

The picture just stares at him mournfully. Her sorrowful, weeping eyes cast down upon him and seemed to look into her soul as if it knew all along. It knew he was guilty. Needless to say, the pain was one thing. Harvesting that pain was a different story.

Ralph: “But he said to me, my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:9.

Folding the photo and stuffing it in his back pocket, he’s quick to storm out the door. He was hoping to right this wrong.

Same goes for the police department via a staff meeting.

The extensive lack of progress and solid leads regarding either case was far from an extensive issue. Set-backs occur all the time but once again, when cases don’t get solved or there’s an extensive lack of progress, the cases will eventually grow cold and all solid leads will be lost. That could not be afforded.

As for Vanessa, the orange-yellow haze of the sunset shines off of her, hanging over the rails of the roof with a pack of Newport cigarettes. The city always looked…..tranquil from this angle but there always laid a deep sickening layer of guilt from within. There's always someone or something out there bound to create more trouble for the department and it's one of those instances that can get the Captain a little flustered.

There's no way to reduce these events and even less of a way to know when they'll even take place and that's what drives the NYPD to somewhat of a frantic state; one that Vanessa always detested and couldn't stand to be in the middle of. She always took this moment to come out and clear her head, at least until she remembered.

She’s never far from anyone, really.

Fresh air won’t do you any good with those, a snark remark follows Jones, creeping up from behind before leaning forward on the rails next to her. He eyes at her boxes of cigarettes before eying up back at her.

She meets his glare emphatically…..

…..before letting go, handing him the box of cigars before he stuffs it in his pocket. Looked as if the pressure seemed to already be sinking in for the Captain and her partner, setting up for their own private little staff meeting away from the drama.

Needless to say, they both looked drained of exhaustion.

Vanessa: Jones. You know, I’ve been thinking—

Jones: That’s dangerous.

She scoffs.

Vanessa: And here I thought I was immune to running towards danger and not the other way around.

Jones: Which explains why you were so eager to take on this case. I could practically taste the--

Vanessa: Please, Danny. There’s a fine between eliciting an emotional response and blatant emotional manipulation. I can’t stand the latter of the two but apparently, my aunt was a civilized EXPERT at it....much to my dismay. I hardly how my cousin managed—

She chokes up on her own words. Gripping the railing, there was a scream from deep within that forced its way from her mouth, it is as if her terrified soul was weary of unleashing a demon. Insomnia, irritation, inconvenience, the recent murder of her aunt had her marked more as a hazard to herself as opposed to the people actively trying to help her.

The extra hours and cranky mannerisms, she saw as a sacrifice, if it meant she'd serve herself justice. Battered, torn, alone and time extending as if it were made by demon hands, she felt this road was the only way out....

....regardless of bleeding soles.

Jones: You know you don't have to keep this up.

Vanessa: I need to do this for her. If I don't, who will?

Jones faced down trying to understand her point but even if Carrie White is out there alive it's not certain if she's behind this there's billions of notorious serial killers in the world

But as far as he's concerned it's likely she is with everyone pointing with the Black Prom urban legend now a public story many belief it was still Armagedón but Carrie's presence was now erasing that theory

Later Sue's car pulls up by Desjardin's house she was dropping off Carrie there after much talk

Carrie: Thanks Sue. And thanks for heads up on your cousin. Will I have to worry about her coming here?

Sue: No. Let me worry about her. Vanessa may seem serious but she's reasonable.

Carrie: What made her want to be a cop anyway? May I ask...

Sue: Let's just say back in 2012 she was in college.....she....was in this frat party with her sister. She always had good grades but she had a wild streak. Her and her and sister went there for an end of college celebration. They got wasted like skunks. And then....out of nowhere....there was this impact and Vanessa said she saw two guys fighting after something crashed through the roof....and Vanessa said....she saw them.....with YOUR powers?

Carrie: What??

Sue: Trust me I was shocked as you. I thought Vanessa was in grief and stress....until....the Prom.

Carrie: Oh my what happened?

Sue: Vanessa saw her sister get caught in the crossfire. She said she saw the blind blue eyed kid make one wave with some force and.....the minute she was on the ground....her neck cracked from the back.

Carrie gasped putting her hand on her mouth

Carrie: My god.

Sue: Convinced that her sister's death was a murder she worked up to be a homicide detective. She's been obsessed with catching killers ever since.

Carrie: Did she or anyone ever catch the guy who did it?

Sue: I don't know all I do know has Vanessa has never let it go. Her grief drove her to be so determined. Vanessa hasn't been with the family since. Not even her own her parents.

Carrie: I do feel for her. Despite my mom's cruelty her death still get me...

Sue: I know.

Carrie: Either way I'm sorry knowing now your mom wasn't your first tragedy.

Sue gave her newly and TRUE bestie a nod and hug and Carrie soon exited the car

She walked up the porch but stopped looking to her left towards Sean and Ray's house

Sue hadn't left yet cause she wanted to make sure Carrie got in safely but......when seeing her looking at Sean's house and smirked

Sue honked her horn getting Carrie's attention and Sue puckered her lips wrapping her own arms around her shoulders making fun of her and Sean obviously

Carrie scoffed and chuckled at the same time and finally had the nerve to give Sue.....the bird

She laughed and finally drives away leaving Carrie in disbelief

Carrie: Oh my god....some things never change.

Yeah now that they're friends Sue still makes fun of Carrie just in a fun way

But shrugging it off she walked over to Sean's front door stopping for a moment she soon rang the door bell

Took another moment till the door opened with Sean stepping out

Sean: Carrie...

Carrie: Hi. Bad time?

Sean: Not at all. Wanna come in?

Carrie: Actually....I hope you'd come out and talk.

Sean: Sure. Why not?

Sean stepped out closing the door but both unaware...... a distance Kaitlyn came out standing behind a bush watching the duo

They sat on the porch with Kaitlyn pulling out her phone taking pictures like the obsessive nut ex she is

Sean: What's up?

Carrie: Just want to say....I'm sorry about Aimee. I know she was one your closest friends.

Sean: Thanks. I don't know who could have done it and why.

Carrie: You don't think it was her ex do you?

Sean: Nah.....Thomas is an idiot but he doesn't have it in him.

Carrie: Well....either way still sorry.

Sean nodded with Carrie holding his hand which PISSED Kaitlyn while still taking pics

Carrie: Second: I have thought about the Karaoke night.....

Sean: Yeah?

Carrie:.....I'll go.

Sean AND Kaitlyn from her position both widen their eyes and for some reason she wasn't pissed.....

....she grew a most evil smile unimaginable it's like she wanted Carrie to accept why uncertian

She then texted her Mystery Friend: She accepted we're ready for your package and soon disappeared in the shadows

It was only a matter of a few previous hours before Carrie would eventually calm herself and talk herself into accepting. Kaitlyn long since anticipated that response.

Sean was the complete opposite, understandably so. While definitely flattered at her taking up his offer, the circumstances in which she had explained previous events similarly made it almost a dead certainty that such an instance would never occur. Carrie had spoken so vehemently on her past embarrassments and the lonely, misunderstandings that overtook the vast majority of her teenage life, chains that she herself admitted she hadn’t broken entirely free of, some five years later. Trauma has a way of festering deep underneath the skin, prickling away at the soul….

….but Carrie coming here and accepting Sean’s offer was yet another attempt at shedding that skin once again. Last time with Tommy was a literally firestarter in the worst way imaginable.

Here, another opportunity unveiled itself before the young woman, a chance to right both wrongs.

Sean: Are—are you sure about this? I mean, I’d you’re still worried about—

He asked almost sternly, well aware of the ramifications that came before and still presented themselves through Carrie’s point of view. He was totally ok with axing the proposed social gathering if it meant the telekinetic avoided more mental and physical scarring.

All Carrie had to do was shake her head ‘No’. No other way around it, no more delaying the inevitable; she wanted this.

Carrie: There’s still time for me….to try and be a whole person.

She pauses after that statement, identically mirroring those same words to her mother days before the Black Prom, the first instance upon many where she made an initial move to try and mold an identity for herself…..only for her mom to shut her down again. Her eyes droop at the thought of her mother, all thoughts echoing back to that fateful day again.

Before long, her childlike gaze meets up with Seans again.

Carrie: I’ve spent my entire life cloaked in darkness. Well…..I’m done letting fear ruin me. If these are the steps I have to take to move on, I’ll gladly take it…..

She felt this hankering, this impulse to reach out for Sean’s hand, like she was seeking comfort from it; those hands spoke of the kind of precision that only the love and focus of years may bring.

She musters the willpower to resist.

Carrie: And I wouldn’t mind having some help along the way.

The way Sean’s eyes lit back up as his smile crept back on his face told the story therein.

Sean: I—ok. Awesome, thanks. So, umm… I pick you up or—

Carrie: I’ll meet you at the campus. Desjardin can drop me off.

Sean: That’s fair. 6 o’clock?

She nods.

Once more, Sean couldn’t help himself. That smile was one of happiness growing, much as a spring flower opens. I could see how it came from deep inside to light his eyes and spread into every part of him. A person smiles with more than their mouth, and she heard it in his voice, in the choice of his words, and the way he relaxed.

It was beautiful.

Gradually stepping back and away from each other, Sean slowly shuts the door while Carrie backs away from the patio.

The sound of silence festers through the evening air, Carrie's sense of calm being anchored in her new well-earned self-confidence. So many trials faced and only now is she starting to win. She finds herself slowly inching her way back up to the front door, unbeknownst to her that Sean was taking up a similar action.....

....before they eased their backs up against the door, opposite sides of each other.

There was an explosion in their brain; the good sort. The type that carries more possibilities than they could be conscious of, but there were hundreds of ideas there in that buzz of electricity.....Carrie could feel it. And so could Sean. The calling card of adventure, of paths awaiting their feet. Whatever was ahead could be a great challenge, and there could be tears, but it was their adventure to take.

And so, they both smiled again.

Both: YES!

Things were finally looking up

From orphaned at Young age being judged pushed living under hardship to having comfort from one another

However they only had one thing to worry about.....

.....Kaitlyn's car pulled up fast she was both furious but excited at the same time

Furious still about Sean leaving her for a girl she feels she's better than

Weirdly excited about her going to the Karaoke event

With her in a hurry she double parked opened the driver's door by force getting out and slamming it shut storming into the dorms and brushing into Thomas and Alex's dorm catching them both off guard

Thomas: Whoa! Don't you knock?

Kaitlyn: No time for knocking. The plan's in motion. The bitch took the bait she's going with Sean to the Karaoke party. We just need what our new friend promised us.

Alex: So Carrie White will be there?


Seems Kaitlyn had more in common with Chris Hagensen than we thought not heeding to warnings underestimating her rival and just jumping to conclusions

Thomas and Alex scoffed slightly with Kaitlyn not believing them about Carrie Thomas wasn't in the mood for Kaitlyn's bitching he was grieving for Aimee too despite their breakup he still loved her enough to mourn her

Alex on the other hand knew Kaitlyn's logic beliefs were making her denial her obsession with getting Sean back was 100% likely to make her another Carrie White victim but....that was his beliefs

Alex: Sure whatever.

Kaitlyn: Now where's Tera?

Thomas: At Aimee's parents place....who blame me for what happened to her.

Kaitlyn: Ugh! She knows I need her WHO GIVES A RAT'S ASS ABOUT AIMEE?!?!

Both of the Boys looked at her taken back from that harsh rant Kaitlyn yelled out Thomas stood up where Kaitlyn instantly regretted what she said

Kaitlyn: Thomas I'm sorry. I know how much Aimee meant to you. It's the same way Sean means to me. Just picture yourself if Aimee was still alive....BUT you saw her with another man. What would you do?

Thomas didn't know how to answer that he turned away facing down nor he or Alex noticed Kaitlyn grew a smirk seeming she had Thomas under her strings again meaning she clearly didn't care about Aimee at all and meant what she yelled

And whatever Kaitlyn was planning for Carrie at the Karaoke she was likely JUST manipulating Thomas and Alex into helping her Tera too maybe

Maybe her obsession with Sean was getting the best of her or.......

....this whoever her new friend who hates Carrie as she does God knows why was manipulating her using her own grudge either way.....

....Kaitlyn was not turning back from possibly crossing the line

Thomas: I....I don't know. I'd be rash as doesn't matter Aimee's gone and nothing will bring her back.

Kaitlyn: And do you guys like seeing Sean with that twerp?

Not a very hard thing to answer for them

Alex: If she's who we think she is----

Kaitlyn: Which she's NOT.

Alex: IF she was....I guess Sean would be better off without her.

Kaitlyn: And we're gonna do everything in our power to make Sean see she's not worth his time. But I need Tera.

Alex: I'll....try to reach her.

As Alex and Thomas turned away Kaitlyn looked at her phone seeing her mystery friend replied a minute after she sent her text

Excellent. I just need one more galleon of the package and we're all scent.

Kaitlyn paused and moment soon....grew another smirk

She slowly went for the door without Thomas and Alex noticing

Soon as she was out in the hall......

....she replied: I know who can get it from. Just let me make a quick call.

Kaitlyn then went on her call list then made a call before placing it on her ear

Kaitlyn: Scotty honey it's me. Oh I'm fact I'm gonna be waaaaaaay better soon. But...I need to talk to you about something personal. Can you meet me at the parking garage night before Karaoke......ALONE?

The night before Karaoke. Tomorrow night.

Cheese in the trap. And boy oh boy, was Scott shaping up to be a damned fool for either turning her down or for taking her offer in the first place.

~Friday. February 9th.~

~8:00 a.m~

Her hair scrunched and her eyes weary, the peripheral vision of Carrie dimmed into darkness, her eyes closing slightly as the water shooting out from the nozzle spread around and beside her. No longer afraid of the portentous sets of lies her mother cursed before her, no longer a sword hanging over her head, she grew out her demented teachings. Carrie was finally able to lie back and let her wet, mousey hair rest against her face with dispirited sogginess as she simply stood, head slightly bent, letting the water splat against her flesh and roll off.

A somber tune, humming through the young woman vocal chords was only a fraction of what she would present tomorrow.

Carrie: I’ve been shaken…..I’ve been bending backwards…..until I’m broke. Watching all these dreams go up in smoke.......

The song was stuck in her head since the following evening and this morning, it was practically an earworm.

More than just a simple piece of song lyrics, it felt like the perfect interpretation of what defined her life: a common metaphor for overcoming adversity or destruction to create something stronger and more beautiful. The roots in the mythology of the phoenix regenerate out of a pile of ashes.

What her survival embodies amongst herself.

Upon walking at a reasonable pace towards the kitchen area after drying off, the sight before her amongst the coffee table startled her: Balloons, streamers, a birthday cake, two to three cards on the table, and Sue Snell.

While it was no surprise to be surprised, the fact that her birthday was remembered by those closest to her, it was hard to try and hold back any tears of joy. Even though it was really tomorrow.

Sue: Happy 23rd Birthday.

A handshake and a hug later, the two ladies sat down.

Carrie: I, um.....I don’t know what to say......except “Thank You.”

Sue: Well, what are friends for?

She nodded.

Sue: Oh....umm, before I forget, I’d like you to open this first.

Deep within the confines of her purse, she pulls out A red and grey bracelet. Slowly handing it towards her, Carrie’s eyes couldn’t hide her bewilderment but slight confusion.

Carrie: A bracelet?

Sue: Tommy gave this to me around junior year, I believe. Back when the world would kick me ‘till I’m down, he said it would bring good luck even through the hardest of times. After what happened, I'd figured....maybe it'd do the same to you.

Carrie: Something else to remember him by?

Sue: And a part of him will be with you wherever you go.

She felt tears streaming down. Neither woman could hold it back.

Carrie: This is.....this is real nice, Sue. Are you sure you want me to have it? Tommy loved you....and, and maybe Little Carrie should have it since she never knew her dad.

Sue: My daughter actually has a necklace from yours truly. I still have the locket he gave me on our second date. This bracelet.....would give you much more luck than you had before. You deserve it.

Carrie: Thanks.

Sue: Don't thank me yet. That's just my first present.

Carrie: First?

Soon as the door bell rang Desjardin came out of the kitchen and as it open it revealed Sean with a bottle of sparkling water

Sean: Hey there she is....the birthday girl to be.

Carrie: Sean?? Sue did you invite him here?

Sue: Second birthday present.

She chuckled wanting to both knock Sue's block off but glad she invited him as he placed the bottle on the table and walked to Carrie and took her in a hug

Carrie hugged back with an embarrassing smile

Sean: Happy early birthday Carr.

Carrie: Thanks. Is Ray coming?

Sean: Nah he's in the middle of his own thing. And I couldn't turn this down knowing Sue was throwing you a party...couldn't turn you down.

Carrie: You haven't so far.

Sean: Hope I never do.

Desjardin: Sean can you be a gentleman and give me a hand?

Sean: Oh sure.

He fallowed her into the Kitchen with Sue smirking and arms folded and turned to Carrie

Sue: He's waiting for you hone.

Carrie: What? What do you mean?

Sue chuckled as she sat down as they look into the kitchen with Sean helping Rita

Sue: What do you mean: What do you mean ? When you look at him you're floating in the air. When he looks at you he freezes like time has stopped. You guys got it bad.

Carrie: I know we're friends now Sue but I still hate you.

They both chuckle

Carrie: Besides I don't have time for guys right now.

Sue: You mean to tell me going to the Karaoke with him isn't time for guys?

Carrie: Stop it.

They chuckle again

Carrie: Anyway....did you talk to your cousin?

Sue: Yes.....and no. She's been rash on everything. And it was like talking to a brick wall. Vanessa just kept shoving all like: When Captain Daniels gets on the case the case always gets closed.

Carrie: Well after what you told me what happened to her sister I can understand. Speaking of how's little Carrie?

Sue: Isabelle's still shaken up but she's well. She's incredibly strong like her father.

Carrie: I'm still sorry Tommy never got to see her.

Sue: He see's her.....every day.

They grin when suddenly the lights went out catching them off guard seeing Desjardin holding a cake with lit candles and Sean behind her both singing Happy Birthday to Carrie

Sean and Desjardin (Both sing): Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.

Sue soon joins in when Desjardin places the cake on the table

Sean Sue and Desjardin (All sing): Happy Birthday dear Carrie. Happy Birthday to you.

Sean: And many mooooooooore.

Carrie laughed embarrassed and then looked down to her birthday cake took a breath and blew out the candles

One by one, the flames extinguished.

At this age, a birthday is a quiet day. It is a day to reflect on the year that was and what is ahead to strive for: a sort of personal "New Year," one where resolutions can be made, promises to the self. For Carrie, that conundrum was difficult to truly bring to the forefront, her already tainted soul unable to shake off the shackles from her tainted ‘previous life’.

Normally unethical for a cursed soul to have a birthday, let alone be celebrated for it, it was still a ‘get out of jail’ free card she was gifted and the last thing she wanted now was to squander the opportunity to be bolder, to speak louder about the ideas she may have for making a better world, for her life on Earth. A second chance waiting in the winds.

Perhaps that extra bit of bravery, that extra bit of willpower and resolve, was the real gift to herself from….herself and her ultimate wish as she blew out those candles. This time, this year, Carrie would strive to be a better person, then make another resolution the year after.

Ralph only wished he was that fortunate.

He could not shake the fact that Margert had given him a daughter in the result of the misshape between them and given his OWN abilities to read minds

As Carrie explained to Margaret before her powers were inherited through out her family it was passed from her grandmother but skipped Margaret maybe came from Ralph

And now that question is a way cause we only know he can read minds if he has telekinesis it's still to be revealed later but after reading Vanassa's mind after unknowingly revealing Carrie is his daughter he was determine to find her and in hopes to rebuild his broken image and redeem his own immortal soul from the wrong he done to his wife...... doing right with his daughter

Ralph had only two leads on her

One: He remembered seeing her at the campus and only had a short conversation making him realize she hangs around there and seeing Sean with her he assumed she had friends there so he could find any sign of her if she was there

Two: Also from reading Vanessa's mind he learned of Anisa's research on telekinetic and psychic and knew he could possibly find the daughter he never knew he had

So after looking her up to track her with his full faith in the mighty God himself he pays her a visit

In Anisa's office her assistant walked in as she was on her research notes

Assistant: Pardon my intrusion Doctor. But there's a Mr. Ralph White here to see you.

That name made Anisa stood up for she knew that was the name of Carrie's name

Assistant: He says he has an appointment.

Anisa for some reason grew a mild grin

Anisa: Bring him in.

The assistant nodded and allowed the old man in who had a serious expression with his hands in his jacket pockets

The assistant left as Anisa's expression did not change nor did Ralph's it was like there was heavy tension between them in silence till Anisa broke it

Anisa: Mr. White....good day. Please have a seat.

Ralph still said nothing as he slowly sat down Anisa sat too and after a moment with more silence......Ralph broke the silence this time

Ralph: You know why I've come.....since I know you been fallowing for years.

Anisa: Proving my theory right you can read minds. And I'm to finally found out about your daughter.

Ralph: You know where she even know why the police are looking for her.

Anisa: I trust they told you about the Black Prom?

Ralph: A tragedy that would not accrue if the children of the Devil had not pull an inhumane prank forcing her to unleash the wrath of God. If Carrie is truly my's my help my child back to light.

Anisa: After all these years in want to reconnect with her?

Ralph: If I known about her years ago....I would've taken her in my care then.

Anisa: And....what of your.....OTHER daughter?

Ralph: They never told me where they're keeping her. So unless you know where she is......

Anisa: Sadly I don't know. And sadly I have to tell you.....Carrie is under the care for her former teacher Rita Desjardin. Since she has the custody.....and.....since you may know from my mind....I know from my research how Carrie....was really conceived.

Ralph faced down in guilt and knowing his own sin was how Carrie was born......

Ralph: Maggie and I....were faithful children to the Lord....we prayed every day and night for his comfort and protection. But something.....lead me to the Devil's path....leading me to drink....changing me....into something.....against all faith.....and one night....the night of our final prayer.....I took my most....heartless.....way. Maggie begged me to stop....and begged the Lord to save her......and soon....she liked it.....SHE LIKED IT!

His outburst made Anisa jump mildly but stayed calm

Ralph: But....I could not stay there after what I done to my wife. I couldn't look at her without hearing her pleading words from that night....and that's why I left.....but if I known the Lord was blessing us with a child.....I would've stayed and maybe.....saved Carrie.....from this traumatizing life.

Anisha: Sir, I—

Snapping his head over to her direction, it startles her. So much so that she almost falls out of her chair. Luckily, she catches her balance before she tumbled over.

Anisha: Ralph.....

She says as she sits down again.

Anisha: I don’t mean to further dampen the mood…..but I don’t think Carrie will be free for long.

Ralph: What matter of treachery can you be chastising about?

Anisha: This might just be an unpopular theory but the events with your daughter and the recent killings from The Arched......I feel as though they might be more connected to each other than I suspected.

Slow, articulated movement flows through Anisha as she reaches beside her, pulling out a file from the filling cabinet with the words “TOP SECRET” plastered over the front of the file. Anisha didn’t, however, show any looks of concern or even worrisome towards Ralph’s behalf. Given what the man had already been through, she figured what she was about to show him was necessary.

He wouldn’t like what he saw but it needed to be done.

Anisha: It probably wasn’t easy, what they told you about that night. So while it would be easier to play it to you by ear, I figured it’s best if you see for yourself.

Reluctantly, she hands the file to him.

His heart sank with every page he flipped.

Ralph: ”Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light”.


Ralph: Take me to her.

Coming back to Carrie and Desjardin's house as hours passed the gang spent the b-day party eating cake laughing and watching Bewitched eps making Carrie feel more whole than ever

But as it was at the beginning of sunset Carrie was outback viewing it unaware Sean came out spotting her and came by beside her leaning on the rail with her with Carrie looking to her right and grinned at him

They were silent at first till Sean broke it by speaking

Sean: This is where I first saw you. I mean I was in my own backyard playing basket ball with Ray.....I sure made an idiot out of myself.

Carrie: I was shy to say.....but I thought it was cute.

Sean grew a slight blush before going on

Sean: In my defense I was still healing from the crap I had with Kaitlyn. Plus it's not everyday you heal anyone special at the same time.

Carrie: That's for sure. It took me four years to heal from my own. FOUR years. And when meeting Sue took long enough to finally forgive her cause of her relationship with......she who must not be named.

Sean: If you don't mind me come you never say her name?

Carrie knew Sean would ask that sooner or later but the only reason she didn't snap or pleaded him not to mention her was cause Carrie was half way fully healed from her rival's cruelty just half way but with the trust Sean built with her her pain and hate.....for You know who did not effect her as it did when Rita and Sue brought her up

Carrie's growing feelings for Sean made her feel safe.....on telling him the dark story with her rivalry.....with the evil....manipulive.....and power hungry.....Chris Hargensen

Carrie: She taunted me so viciously since the 6th Grade one mention of her name would make my blood boil. I don't even.....know why she hated me. Until.....till.....until I....I read her mind and didn't know I was at the time till I learned about my powers. She hated me....cause I preached everything my mother taught me about God. I wanted to show everyone his will to guide them in his path to help them earn their right to gain entry to the gates of Heaven. But....SHE got sick of it she turned everyone against me. Even people who did like me. Each time I ever made a friend for a day she turned them against me. She was convinced I believed everyone would go to hell but my mother and I which is not true. I only wanted to share my beliefs cause I wanted to know theirs making an understanding with one another it would have brought me comfort from everything my mother putted me through. But....SHE.....always got a step ahead of me. She even knew of my crush on Tommy Ross. And knowing Sue did too....she tried so hard to pair them together and it worked. Tommy and Sue only got together cause Chris set them up with a double date with her and her insure he don't ask me out.

This surprising background tail Carrie was telling Sean was making his heart drop every minute

But a lot started to make more perfect sense we all know Chris was the source of Carrie's bully problems course she why Carrie never had friends and if it was true she knew about her crush on Tommy Ross then it WOULD make sense she was the reason Tommy and Sue were together she never wanted Carrie to gain friends or have a relationship

So in a sick twisted way Sue's daughter was born.....cause of her evil manipulating EX friend

Sean was horrified and disgusted he wished he was present during Carrie's tragic events so he could stand up for her against Chris he would not even give into her manipulation no matter how hard she would try Sean would yell at her: FUCK OFF!

If Sean believed if he was at Chamberlain during the 2013 events maybe things could have been different Sean would protected Carrie from Chris's crew maybe make good friends with Tommy but not at first approve of Sue given she was in the crew Sean would even be Carrie's prom date and if they became king and queen he would have taken the bullet pushing Carrie out of the way before the blood would spill on her

If not Sean would take Carrie out of there away from everyone laughing at her NOT to save her victims to save her and comfort her in anyway he could

But when Margret tries to kill Carrie he would try and stop her himself anyway he could

But given none of that happened Sean wanted to believe there was another lifetime where he was in Chamberlain 2013 and stood by Carrie through out her entire hard life

All he could do now.....was help her move on from it more

Sean: I'm really sorry she did all that to you. But....she's dead now. She can't hurt you anymore. But if she wasn't.....I would not side with her if she tried to win my favor over you. In fact the way you describe her....she and Kaitlyn would get along well.

Carrie: They would wouldn't they?

They laughed and a minute after Carrie leaned her head on Sean's shoulder viewing the sunset

Back inside Sue and Desjardin were talking and laughing talking about more events that accrued in the past four years

Sue mentioned her dad encountered an alligator at a golf course scared the hell out of Desjardin Rita then mention her and Carrie had possum problems out back but Carrie dealt with them accidentally with her powers

The talks stop....when the door bell rang startling them Sue hoped it wasn't her cousin given she told Desjardin too she was looking for Carrie which is why she looked through the peak hole seeing......

....Ralph and Anisa standing out on the front porch

A wave of relief washed over her but still, the smile didn’t fade. Nothing about their posture or positioning or the fact they even found Desjardin's address in the first place; something didn’t feel right about that.

Red flow raised up immediately and Sue backed away from the door hastily. Just in time too as the door comes a-knocking yet again.

Desjardin: You’re not gonna get the door?

Sue: I don’t know who they are.

Her former teacher came off perplexed upon hearing that, catching Sue immediately lowering her voice and whispering to her. The room was now suddenly under an aura of discomfort and confusion and all that energy resonated from behind that front door, ready and more than willing to radiate that directional output through the rest of the house if accepted.

And as soon as said door vibrated through its rectangular shape yet again, alerting both student and teacher within close proximity of each other, Desjardin understood why.

The voice from the other side gave it away.

Ms. Desjardin? Ms. Desjardin. Rita, you know who this is. I know our last encounter was less than civil but I promise, I come in peace.

Her eyes bugged wide open; her heart skipping a beat in sync. The last encounter with this woman left Carrie an emotional wreck, rendering the young social outcast into a crippled shell, a slave to her personal demons once again.

The dirty fowl-smelling coppery girth of her former prom dress was the final nail in the coffin. No regular therapist would go to these lengths to ‘help’ one of their patients if any ulterior motives weren’t already stowed in place.

More or less, this confirmed her suspicions about her; that was all the leeway she needed for a quick hop and skip away. Immediately gripping ahold of Sue’s hands, Desjardin has to force them both away from the door, also keeping out of view from the window just in case. Any chances not to glance through the window and spot them would be too riveting.

Rita, please! I just want to talk!

Desjardin: We gotta get Carrie out of here. Come with me and don’t let go.

Sue: And where are we gonna go?

Desjardin: I don’t care; as long as it’s not here.

Finally making the move to the backyard, their attempt at such an effort was immediately thwarted by Carrie herself; barely hearing the commotion at the door, her interests peeked.

Desjardin: Oh! Goodness me! Carrie, you startled us.

Carrie: Why haven’t you answered the door?

Sue: We don’t know who it is.

As if another flag needed to be raised to alarm the three of them about the uber-serious play being dealt in front of them. What was the point in being this loony and skeptical around her if they weren’t frizzled and/or worried enough about what she’ll see on the other side?

Funnily enough, those were Carrie’s exact thoughts.

And with a tiny tilt of her head, she could relate a little to both Desjardin's sudden fear and Sue’s bewildering confusion, skimming about their thoughts and apprehensive hunches regarding Anisha re-appearing at the base of their doorstep.

"She’s back?", Carrie sneers, quick to snap her head over at the door.

Understandably irritated and vexed, she hoped their last meet-up together would be their last, even saying as much before shutting the door in her face. Guess she couldn’t take the hint so why not huge her a friendly reminder?

So up she marched towards the door.

Desjardin: Carrie. Carrie, stop.

Rita reaches for her hand; soon, distraught to see Carrie simply push her off her again, rejecting her pleas.

Sue: No no no, don’t open that door. Please, please…..

Any hopes for a peaceful resolution seemed to be dead in the water. Invading her privacy on multiple occasions and trampling over her plans for, at least, a peaceful commemoration of the day she was…..unwillingly brought into the world. Unworthy she was at even being gifted the chance at celebrating her birthday.

But she’d be damned if she let anyone take away this chance to make it feel like she gained a second chance out of a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

Gripping the door handle and flinging it wide open, Carrie freezes at the sudden image of the old man paired alongside Anisha. Her frustration dissipates to confusion at the drop of a hat.

His eyes lock with hers; the shaded grey in his dull cow eyes almost reflecting off her almost pearlescent whites.

Carrie: Wh—how did you—

Anisha: Well…..he’s actually why I’m here.

Ralph then bridges up an extra step, forcing Carrie back as he slowly steps inside….prematurely and officially branching on home invasion.

If Sue and Desjardin weren’t weirded out by the severe lack of aura from Anisha’s sudden re-emergence, the old man definitely worked around that for them.

His soles barely protruding against the wooden tiles of the floor mirrored his eerie gaze, obstructive silence, and eldritch, ghostly aura. Ralph's wrinkled face crumpled with each step taken, almost backing Carrie up between a metaphysical rock and a hard place in her head; the last thing he wanted for her.

Not that nobody else in the room caught on. Especially Sean; his curiosity also drew him away from the backyard only to immediately be taken aback by the presence of this hobo, this old geezer invading them.

Sean: Hey hey hey! Who are you; what are you doing here?

Carrie; Sean, stop.

She grits her teeth, her eyes now fixated solely on Anisha behind Ralph.

Sean: Sir, please. You've got the wrong house; you got to leave now.

Not obviously getting the memo, this left the older Ford brother brushing past both Ralph and Carrie while grabbing the former's hand. A tiny pause and stare over at Anisha and he pulls.

Tugging on it, the man doesn't budge. Again.



Sean: Hello?! Can you--

The man's silence was nothing short of unnerving. It didn't get any better once Ralph finally broke that silence, speaking with a raspy, almost malfunctioning tone.

Ralph: She has to know.

As expected, confusion.

Sue: I--what?

Sean: 'She has to know?'

Desjardin: Know what?!

A single strand of tears flows down the man's cheek as he resorts to a painful decision, barring his eyes shut.

Carrie suddenly feels blotted up in a cloud of distress, angst, pain, self-doubt, and anger. What he was feeling rushes through Carrie in a psychological whirlwind as she just tilts her head to the side.....



Almost emotionally paralyzed.

I know you’re in pain but let me explain. I did not plan my death; for the accident cost the lives of all who had accompanied me. Truly learning my birthright after years of desolation, I had to ensure everyone wouldn't bother to seek me out. It took me years to feel God's hand grasp over my brain and to feel forgiven; but the more I grasped the consequences of my actions, my pores reflected my shame. I couldn’t muster to stay behind much longer.


So I went onwards on my own path to seek redemption. I focused on helping others. I was doing what the Lord had wanted me to do but in doing so......I lost my humanity. My honor. My pride. My rightful place with him.

Once more, Carrie slightly tilts her head in the other direction not physically reacting to what Ralph needed to say to her.

But only now, do I I see the chaos within you that I passed down. The cataclysmic screams, horror, terror, everything you couldn't possibly fathom about. I thought my family was lost forever......

They mentally let loose their grips on each other, freeing them both from their extensive thoughts and troublesome experiences.

Ralph: But you are.

This wasn’t what Carrie had hoped for. A moment in her life she never asked for. Nor did she want. But it was here now and there wasn’t much left for Carrie to piece together but the obvious; her face softening up.

Her eyes watering.

Carrie: D--Daddy?

Confusion comes as a fog to a once clear and tranquil evening; the scattering of thoughts, like a flower scattering seeds in a strong wind, hoping that they will find soil and grow well.

No other words could be ushered through this household. All Carrie could do was share the same gaping stare of dumbfounding astonishment as her teacher, best friend, and neighbor. Sean almost willingly let go of Ralph's hand after contemplating the thought for a few seconds.

Nobody knew if they could believe it or if they wanted to. The telepathic broadcast of memories and experiences shared between potential father and daughter looked like fair game already.....but what was there to truly take for granted in this world these days?

Anisha: Told you I've met people like you.

Everyone just stares down Anisha before Ralph brings them back to him. Now Carrie was attentive to Anisha’s plan to get through to her.

A far cry and far stretch needed just to obtain an audience with someone gifted with powers beyond Earthly comprehension. But the moment was here now.

Ralph: Dear daughter, I believe you obtained something in your possession that was once my own.

He could feel her defense lowering slightly upon mentioning the ring; not taking an eye off of either of them, Carrie obeyed slightly, telepathically holding up the ring from out the sole of her shoes, holding it as far as she could get it away like she was in point-blank range to the sun.

She wanted nothing to do with it, for who it belonged to let alone what it represented no longer concerned her.

Carrie: What makes you think you deserve this ring?

Ralph: I do not.

Carrie: Then why show your face? Why now?

He sighs heavily.

Ralph: To offer both of us salvation from the chains that hold us hostage…..and to make you understand the only way I can.

Carrie: Understand? You abandoned me.

Again, Ralph nods resentfully.

Carrie: How could you? Why would you leave your family behind? You had a responsibility. I needed a father when my mother didn’t teach me the rightful path and…..and you weren’t there.

A single strand of tears flows down the man's cheek.

Ralph: I didn’t know until then.

Carrie: Don’t do that.


Carrie: Do not lie to me…..

Her voice trembles and the living room fluctuates at the exact affliction of her voice. Immediately, Sue and Desjardin take cover behind the couch while Anisha staggers off the countertop by the window.

Sean stays still where he stood.

Carrie: How long have you known?

He bows his head in shame.

Ralph: Yesterday.

Her mind scours through his head. It was the truth.

Carrie lowered her rage learning the truth as Ralph began to plead

Ralph: Please......don't hate me Carrie. I'm your father. I could never hurt you.

Carrie wasn't sure how to believe that and who can blame her she had been without him all her life and the things she suffered through the only comforts she had was real motherly love from Desjardin and Tommy Ross making her feel accepted for the first time despite he was still with Sue and was her child's father

Carrie's reply was out of hurt and anger

Carrie: did! You hurt me AND MOMMA! She told me what happened between you two! That you were drunk! And you raped her! In a result I was born never knowing you!

Ralph: I know. And I been praying for the Lord's forgiveness ever since. Now I ask for yours.

Carrie: You have some nerve to even dare ask me for forgiveness!

Sean felt Carrie's rage was slowly rising again he was about to run up behind her but Sue held him back nodding to him

Ralph: I understand the pain I caused you and your mother. Maggie never even called me when she was pregnant.

Carrie: Well I can't blame her. She was afraid of you. And that fear made her into the monster who abused me! Your sin drove her over the edge she lived in constant fear that the Devil would corrupt me! And in a way he did....when I....was drove over the edge at prom night......and it cost innocent lives! Though I gave those who tortured me karma.....there were STILL innocent lives lost in the crossfire!

Ralph: Carrie....I was told everything that happened to you and I am sorry I wasn't there to save you.

That's when Sean realize Ralph had more remorse than what Carrie was seeing they both wished they were there to help her

Ralph: But now that I know I want to make amends with you.

Carrie: No amends can undo the past! They can't bring back the people I murdered at prom night! Nor change what you done to my mother! Nor when you abandoned us both for another woman!

Though Ralph was hurt of his daughter's harsh words he understood why she was saying them Ralph felt he was standing trial

In a way he was

But his pleads continued

Ralph: Carrie there is no excuse for my actions. But what Maggie's fears made her fail to understand was my knowledge of you was just as important. If she only told me about you then maybe things would have been different. I would have protected you. From her and those Godless brats. The Lord taught us forgiveness he would want you to forgive me.

Carrie crossed her arms as her expression lowered but was still far from forgiving him

Carrie: But I don't know how. I'm only your daughter by your own sin.

Ralph: But more importantly of our heavenly father. Even that was my sign from him that I was forgiven by him. I am proud for the woman you have become. I'm even grateful to these special young people for accepting you for who are. I won't ask for absolution only for your forgiveness.

Carrie: I could almost forgive you for abandoning me and leaving momma to torture me. But what you did to her that made her into her own sins seeing her slam her head on the walls slapping herself and cutting herself no! If even gain my forgiveness momma wouldn't if she was still alive! NEVER!

Ralph: Never is too large a word my child.

Carrie had enough Ralph had no right to lecture her on large words

Carrie: I will NEVER forgive you!

Desjardin: Carrie.....

Carrie: He doesn't deserve it! He's one of the main reasons I suffered! He forsaken his wife his daughter and ran away from the things he should have taken responsibility for!

Desjardin: Carrie that's enough!

Carrie: You left the woman on lonesome sitting in her bedroom convulsing in agony with a kid and no way to make ends meet! You turned your back on us!

Ralph was starting to get angry himself

Ralph: And I have paid! Morning moon and night I've paid atrocities! Twenty three years of it!

The lights twitched due to Carrie's powers her rage was boosting again Sean ran between the White's before things were about to get out of hand

Sean: Please! Everyone just calm down! This isn't going any further! Mr.......Ralph whoever you say you are right now the only thing you can do right now is give her time. And Carrie....if this man is your father don't let what he's done in the past cloud your judgment. I understand how you feel right now're finally making progress with yourself. The last thing you need is another relapse from your anxiety.

Carrie: He’s already tasted damnation; there’s no saving him.

Sue: Then who saved you? Were you worth it, then?

Were you worth it?

An emblematic rhetorical question that seemed answerable on the surface, spoken directly from the woman who forgave her for her misdeeds first; Carrie spitting out that going with Desjardin and inching herself back into the land of the living was a nice change of pace for her mental and physical health all but seemed the connoisseur choice.

And yet……she froze. Her mind almost burst, extinguishing all mental capacity within that very moment, her temper once again flickering out with just the infliction of a statement spoken by a voice she grew to trust and love.

Nothing ever was that simple for the poor girl; barely living above poverty in shelter with a woman so begrudgingly behind the times, thus cutting herself off from the world as well. The scapegoat, the outcast, the fish out of water, the butt of everyone’s joke. It wasn’t her intention to lash out the way that she did but the past was the past. The ball was in her court as much as it was Sue and Desjardin for allowing it to get as far as they did and five years later, this is where they were all at.

She never asked to be resurrected. If it was up to her, she could’ve turned down Desjardin’s plea and live out the rest of her days in squalor as she’d share the same fate as the town she destroyed. There was nothing left for her there or away from Maine; no one to comfort her or soothe her flaring tempers and she would’ve been fine with that because deep down, she felt she deserved that.

Carrie had no rebuttal for her question because she knew the truth: she didn’t deserve one. Even after all these years, the guilt still traumatized her and she started she couldn’t accept that she was given a chance to start over….

….and she took it.

But that was ultimately the dilemma: if she knew she didn’t deserve forgiveness or love or a second chance, why didn’t she turn Desjardin down? Why did she forgive Sue? Why did she lower her defenses if she knew she wasn’t worth it?

And ultimately, why should Ralph be the exception?

Her father resorted to walking within miles of her shoes, decades before her time. Secluding himself to the confines of his own self-destruction following his episodes, Ralph found temporary solace being shoved into the dark stinky underbelly of society’s labels with no semblance of grey area in-between.

He had nothing left to live for. Nobody to go home to. No purpose beyond what his guilt compelled him to do: wither up and die.

Carrie: Neither of us deserve this life…..but here we are.

She replies to Sue but redirecting her attention over to Ralph, his spooky eyes becoming more somber the more he stared at her.

Carrie: I don’t want to forgive….

Her eyes close, twitching at the thoughts rushing through her head. Eventually, a conclusion is reached and she ushers…..

Carrie:…..but I would like to—to try.

That was the answer Carrie was looking for: the cycle needed to end. Neither of them was initially evil but they were triggered by the gifts they received and they helped ruin themselves; before long, turning into bitter old ciphers accepting the fates given to them, wholesale with nothing leftover.

All they needed was a chance….and someone to give them hope they can start over.

Now Carrie was offering her absentee father the opportunity he wanted to truly be a part of her life, begrudgingly. His ghastly, stoic scowl crumbled apart by the second, having deeply held in the pain of their estrangement despite the short amount of time he knew.

Tears soaked flooded his eyes. He was heartbroken....but hopeful at the chance now given to him.

Ralph: I’d like that.

Carrie: I know you mean well.....but I can't pretend I wasn't born the way I was from what you caused. When you left momma left me......when you destroyed our family. But I will try......I will try REALLY forgive you. Because I realize you're still in my heart. Despite how angry I am for what you done..........I can't hate you. I don't want to and I never have. I can't live the rest of my days hating the people who hurt me other wise I end up just like She who must not be named. her hate destroyed her when she could have been something better. Made her throw away her future just to ONLY spite me. If I can forgive Sue for her part then......I know I can forgive you too.

Carrie's tears ran hard as did Ralph's

Even Sean and the other two women had shed their own

Carrie wasn't fully ready to forgive her father just yet but knowing she had to for her sake

Carrie: I.....I forgive you......Daddy.

Ralph's tears shed harder he was relieved and Heartbroken at the same time

There was a long moment with silence until Ralph spoke emotionally and glee

Ralph: Thank you.....daughter.

Carrie nodded she wasn't ready to hug him yet but Carrie lifted her hand placing her palm on his old cheek

There was a moment where Carrie's life was once again evolving more weight being lifted off her shoulders

With the White Family increasing again only with love and respect not like what Carrie had with Margret

Later that evening we finally come back with Scott where he sat in his car alone in the parking garage where Kaitlyn told him to meet her

But he had been there for five minutes Scott arrived at the exact time Kaitlyn said to meet her but Kaitlyn was no where to be found

Scott had waited another five minutes and a car did pass Scott saw it but it was a different car and drove up to the upper ramp

Scott got impatient enough to call her but no answer there wasn't even any rings it just went straight to voicemail not even a second after he called

He then text her: I'm here where are you?

Still nothing not even a Seen under his message came on

Scott waited impatiently another minute but still Kaitlyn hadn't turn up

Sighing in disappointment and assuming Kaitlyn purposely stood up cause it wasn't the first time Scott turned his ignition to drive away but......for some reason.....the motor was beeping telling him....he was out of gas

But how.....just 20 minutes ago he had a full tank he went out to check the gas but to his was leaking

This didn't seem right he kneed down to find the gas wire.....was cut.....LITTERALLY

Someone had cut the gas when he was waiting for Kaitlyn which distracted him enough to not notice anything happening behind his car

Scott assumed this was a prank by Alex and Ian and his frustrations with them was soon to be the least of his worries for out of no where......

....Scott felt a sharp burning stab in his back letting out an agonizing yell and was pulled aside falling on the concrete wounded and looking up in terror......

....It was the Arched the terror of Florida and the mystery figure that murdered Eleanor Snell and Aimee

Now Scott was targeted to be the third victim injured by the literal stab in the back and scared his life was at stake Scott backed up and the Arched approached him with it's knife in it's left hand in a tight grip with Scott's blood on the blade

Scott couldn't get up fast enough due to his injury and the Arched was approaching him fast

Scott quickly thinking pulled out his car keys and set off his own car alarm and just as he hoped that forced hooded figure to turn around looking back to the loud noise which gave Scott less than a minute to get up try to ignore the pain in his back holding his wound and run

But the minute he was up The Arched turn back seeing Scott limping as fast as he could and chased after him sprinting to catch up to him

Scott manage to reach a near by elevator and pressed the open button but cause how fast the Arched is it grabbed him from behind just when the elevator doors opened and forced him into the elevator

Scott screamed in terror pleading for his life but the Arched unmercifully SLITS his throat DEEP

Scott dying instantly dying drops to the flour

But the Arched dragged out his lifeless body to another flour to the same car that fallowed Sean and Carrie to the campus before

The Arched opens the left back seat door taking a bucket removing a lid revealing the bucket filled with blood and squeezes out Scott's blood from his neck filling the bucket with it

The choices to become a monster rarely comes off as far more fun and simpler than to become an angel, yet the difference in the effort is night and day. One would have to be truly heartless to continuously snuff out innocents and then suck out a key part of their bodies to store as a souvenir.

If only that was the end of it, though.

A single raise of its hand up to its ear raised suspicions.

Arched: Special delivery en route.

The call is immediately cut off before it turns to the ignition, restarts the engine, and drives out of the parking lot. Its destination: uncertain.

~3:00 a.m : Four hours later~

A large crack erupts, shattering and dispersing glass all amongst the carpet floor of the CityWalks Rising Star in Orlando, Florida. The eroding tip of a crowbar sticks through the broken window, clanking amongst the floor as a hand just sticks through opening the door from the other side.

Cautiously, Thomas just slithers in through the crack of the back door.

Ian follows close behind while Kaitlyn just slams the back-door storming in front of the others and taking the lead. Alex and Tara were absent from this raid. That ever-growing stench of conflict kept creeping and creeping up on Ian and Thomas, telling them both to turn around and walk away. Any person in their right mind wouldn’t think twice on backing out of a conflict with a conflicted mass murderer.

Not Kaitlyn, apparently.

Making it alongside to behind the actual stage for said event, it looked just as large as it did from a mild distance away. Everyone just looks upwards past the stage, the beam support staring them straight in the face.

And once again, that devious venomous smirk appears.

Kaitlyn: If it’s an audience she craves, then the Queen's crown is due.

Ian: I never thought we be breaking in to repeat the Carrie White Urban Legend

Kaitlyn: What'd I keep telling you dumbasses that bullshit is NOT real!

Ian: Take it easy I'm just saying.

Thomas: Kaitlyn I get the deal on this but......even if this works don't you think......Sean will hate you more for this? He was very protective with her back at the lounge. Worse he'll know this was us after what happened before. What if he turns us in?

Kaitlyn: He won't.

Kaitlyn's arrogance made her blind to anything obvious still assuming Sean WILL be hers she even think this will show him what she believes is Carrie's true colors like Chris assumed the bloody prank at prom would show the entire school.

Kaitlyn: This will open his eyes on what she truly is. And he'll come running back in my arms.

Thomas: You sound pretty sure.

Kaitlyn: When you're taught a life time of time of self-confidence you get much what you deserve. Ian you still got our tool for the plan?

Ian: Yep.

Ian bought in....the SAME bucket the Arched had when it killed Scott not too long ago confirming TWO possibilities

Kaitlyn is either the Arched herself......OR......she's working with the Arched

The reason the second possibility is in active is only cause she has a secret ally who she's been texting and offered her a chance to get rid of Carrie once and for all it could have been the Arched texting her all this time and leading Kaitlyn and her friends to pull off this despicable plot and set Scott up by using his crush on her when she told him to meet her alone and then text the Arched

But why would the Arched be obsessed with Carrie this way?

That would be a question to be answered not long from now

Either way it was confirmed Kaitlyn was just as responsible for the murders ONLY to spite Carrie

If you're assuming her gang are responsible too: No

Thomas still loved Aimee and if he knew Kaitlyn had anything to do with her murder he would not fallow in Kaitlyn's plan heck he would either turn her in or kill her himself for Aimee Thomas was just being manipulated by her

As was Ian and Alex given Kaitlyn used their loyalty to her Tera too with her friendship with her but Tera was wondering.....if this was even right like Sue did

So the gang had no idea how far Kaitlyn was going she was just pulling their strings making them as victims to the Arched not murdered but manipulated Kaitlyn had fallen deep all cause she can't have the one man she wants

Ian opened the lid of the bucket revealing the blood of the Arched victims and tied it on the wire above the stage

Ian: All set Kait.

Kaitlyn: Good I'll let our new friend know you guys update Tera and Alex. Meantime....all we do now is wait till tomorrow night.

The sinister plan was in motion

Sunrise arrived as well as her birthday Carrie was up early rehearsing what she'll sing at the Karaoke event tonight

Carrie: Let beauty come out of asher.... Oops!

Carrie chuckled when she messed up the Ashes line

Carrie: That was stupid. Come out of ashes! Perfect!

Carrie continues still messed things up and she got it all right after five minutes passed she had it all right even had the lyrics written up and stored them in her purse

Carrie soon came down with Desjardin watching the news in shock Carrie frowned in confusion and came by her who too gasped in shock

Scott's murder had just become public knowledge

Late last night community college student Scott Heralds was found dead at a local train yard Captain Daniels confirms the victim was murdered for blood was drained out like the previous murder victim Aimee Summers. Another college coed----

Carrie: Scott....

Desjardin: Jesus never ends.

The Police also confirmed that Mr. Heralds was a third victim of the mystery mass murderer: The Arched. Last seen at the Snell residents on the night one Eleanor Snell was murdered marking the beginning of the rein of terror of Orlando's darkest hour.

Desjardin couldn't watch no more she shut it off with the remote

Desjardin: This system is more broken than ever.

Carrie: Poor Scott....I've only met him and Aimee just once when Sean----

The mention of her love interest made her gasp with her hand on her mouth

Carrie: SEAN!

Desjardin: You made need to go see him. He'll probably need you before the event.

Carrie nodded and minutes after having her coffee shower she came out through the front door and ran over to Sean and Ray's house

But little did she know in a distance......

......The Arched itself was watching from a distance like Michael Myers

Carrie rang the bell and sec after....Ray answers

Ray: I had a feeling you'd show up.

Carrie: You heard about Scott didn't you?

Ray: I got a tv.

Carrie:.....where is he?


After hearing about Scott's murder Sean took his frustrations out back throwing his basketball around angry and grief stricken

He didn't bounce the ball around he just kept throwing it up to hoop with force but missed every time when Carrie came out she saw how he was and can't blame him despite her worry for him

Sean through the ball again but it bounced off the plate of the hoop and flew over the fence landing in Desjardin and Carrie's yard

Sean: FUCK!

But to his surprise the ball was flying back up he frowned looking back it was Carrie pulling it back with her telekinesis

Good thing Ray was inside not seeing this or this be another scene

Carrie levitated back in his hands grabbing it and she walked to him and to his surprise hugged him

Carrie: I'm so sorry about Scott.

Sean said nothing he faced down letting out his grief and she held him tighter to comfort him Sean had done all the comforting during Carrie's time with him was HER turn after loosing TWO of his friends on the same month

But minutes after that Sean and Carrie were in his room door closed Sean was barely feeling better after their comforting moment and they looked up everything about the Arched

Carrie was a little puzzled about it and didn't feel right some reason and not cause of the serial killings as Sean read off the topic

Sean: "The Arched. A mass murdering hooded figure locals claim to be the terror of Flordia. Murder count not high but approached as any serial killer. The public names this psycho the Arched due to his appearance and dark arch image. It is public knowledge by far that this killer targets college coeds due to two recent murders that accured."

Sean turned away making Carrie worry more

Carrie: Do you want to stop?

Sean: Nah I'm alright. "Some claimed the urban legend of the Arched is a human vengeful spirit from beyond his own death to hunt those responsible."

That made Carrie more cold down her spine

Sean: Jesus....sounds like a cheesy urban legend from a 1980's movie.

Carrie: Well whoever the Arched is.....I'm sure they'll catch him.

Sean: Part of me just wants to wait it out till they do.

Carrie: What about the Karaoke event?

Sean: You still want to go?

Carrie: Only if you do. There will be security but if you don't feel safe we won't.

Sean was actually about to say consider not going till.....

....his door swung open with Ray walking in with a serious look

Sean: Do you ever knock?

Ray: You know we spent MONTHS preparing for this duet and you want to quit?

Sean: Were you listening

Ray: Thin walls. Look Sean there's gonna be security. I miss Scott and Aimee too but what's more safer than security at a PUBLIC club running a karaoke. Carrie thanks for helping Sean with his grief but we still got rehearsal.

He walked out and Carrie and Sean nodded and chuckled

Carrie: Wow.

Sean: Tell me about it.

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  • Eleanor Snell ~ Hit in the face with hammer and stabbed to death by the Archid 
  • Aimee - Stabbed and sucked of any blood by the Archid
  • Scott Hariolds - slit in the the throat by the Archid
  • ???
  • ???
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  • ???

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