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Someone just made the naughty list......

Carrie: A Bloody Christmas is an 2017 American supernatural thriller drama 2 hour special and is the sequel to Carrie: Judgement Day. It will be directed Kimberly Pierce, produced by Sam Raimi and distributed by Screen Gems, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Summit Entertainment. While the previous special Carrie: The Haunted Dead wasn't fluent enough, it was enjoyable and it still made enough money to make Carrie: Judgement Day and ulitmately, this one. Fans still supported the "Carrie" film franchise, but stated that they were slowly running out of ideas. At this point in time, the franchise was slowly losing its popularity, so it meant a lot for Raimi and Pierce to turn it up a notch. But by the time this special got a theatrical release the week before Christmas, the damage had been done.

This special will feature Chloë Grace Moretz as the main character again. It will also feature Dean Friss, Taylor Launter, Odeya Rush, Miles Teller, Gabriella Wilde, Ian McShane, AJ Cook, Katie Cassidy, Idris Elba, Mouna Traoré, Ashanti Bromfield, Moisés Arias, Sissy Spacek, Nick Nolte and Abby Ryder Fortson.


Almost a year has passed since Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Sean (Taylor Launter) have been married. But issues of trying to avoid the law forced them to take a hiatus and travel to Paris. But just like the past, evil boils over as an sadistic, homicidal and borderline frightning individual (Dean Friss) plans to make every one of her victims part of "her family". And Carries family is now her target. Will this manic triumph or will Carrie get to live another day?


  • Dean Friss as Agnes Lenz
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang
  • Taylor Lautner as Sean Ford
  • Miles Teller as Raymond Ford
  • Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell
  • Ian McShane as Chief Hagens
  • A.J Cook as Detective Morrison
  • Katie Cassidy as Kelli Presley
  • Idris Elba as Lieutenant Nelson
  • Mouna Traoré as Erika Gogan
  • Ashanti Bromfield as Debbie
  • Moisés Arias as Trevor
  • Nick Nolte as Ralph White
  • Sissy Spacek as Caroline White
  • Abby Ryder Fortson as Carrie (age 10)
  • TBA as Jane Smith


At Clarksville hospital, we go in the morgue as some doctors were examining an impaled body of an escaped killer that was just strucked by a Christmas tree while chasing a survival victim.

Doctor #1: Boy, that chick was lucky, otherwise she too would've fell and be impaled like this guy.

Doctor #2: Well, she's gonna be having it rough for awhile. This guy and that other one killed all her friends.

Doctor 1: It sucks, I'll tell you that much.

Suddenly, one of the body bags began to move and they didn't notice it until hands popped out and unzipped the bag.

The doctors were still examining the body at least until one of them was grabbed from behind and his neck was twisted.

Doctor #2: JOSH!!!!

Then the figure we see from behind attacks the second doctor

Doctor #2: NO! NO! PLEASE!!!

Then we see the figure's hand taking a sharp saw and we see their shadows on the wall of the killer stabbing the poor doctor and blood splatters all over the wall.

~Title Sequence~

We then take place at Carrie's new home town of Palm Beach, Florida where decorations for the holidays were being put up. People were shopping and guys were dressed as jolly old Santa's ringing bells for charity, but it hardly snows in Florida anymore.

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it, you could even say it glows

And then we go to the Fords where Carrie was over sleeping on the couch (which was unusual for her) till a phone call woke her up. She was slow to reach for the phone, but she picked it up.

Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz): Hello?

Rachel (Odeya Rush): Hey, Carrie, it's me. Ray and I been at this mall for five minutes and it's already getting packed. Even by mall guards. You know I don't do well in tight spaces. What if someone recognizes me?

Carrie: Rach..... *Sighs and sits up* For once, please chill. You got nothing to worry about. People are just in the spirit of Christmas.

Rachel: Well, that's the thing. I never celebrated Christmas before. I never even had one.

Carrie: Well, don't you worry. Cause I'm gonna help you get through it.

She then hung up and Sean came in with breakfast.

Sean (Taylor Lautner): Morning. Breakfast in bed.  

Carrie: Aww, you're such an angel. Come here.

She pulled Sean towards her and kissed him.

Sean: this your first Christmas?

Carrie: Yeah. With all of you.

Sean: And yet you lied to Rachel about it. Didn't you say lying was the first sin?

Carrie: If you wanna get technical, then....yes.

Sean: *chuckles* And to family?

Carrie: Ok. Stop teasing me. It's earlier Christmases was seeing Christian plays of the birth of Jesus. And plus, my Momma and I only ate turkey, prayed and read bibles.

Sean: But didn't she give you any presents?

Carrie nodded "No"

Sean: Oh, you poor baby. Well, you're gonna be stoked of what I got for you.

Carrie: *giggles* I can't wait. I can't even wait for you to see what I got you.

Sean: *smiles* I love you.

Carrie: I love you more.

They kissed again and then Sean got up

Sean: I'll let you enjoy your breakfast.

Carrie: I'd enjoy it more if you ate with me.

Sean smiled and sat back down with her  

Then it cuts back to the mall.

Raymond (Miles Teller): You still having trouble with that thing?

Rachel: What else do you expect, Ray? You know I can't control it as well as Carries.

Raymond: Well, no need to worry. Christmas is that time of year where you'll never need to use it. Cause we, for once, get normal quality time in our lives.

Rachel: I just hope you're right.

On the other side of the mall, Sue (Gabriella Wilde) and Little Carrie (Abby Ryder Fortson) were doing some shopping themselves.

Little Carrie: Momma? How come we're shopping for gifts if Santa is going to deliver ours.

Sue: Well because.....the world is such a big place. And sometimes Santa can't get every present for the good boys and girls. So he sends emails to the parents to help him get the other stuff for them.

Little Carrie: Will he ask me to help when I grow up?

Sue: *Chuckles* I'm sure he will my fairy. Oooooh

Little Carrie: Yay!

Rachel began looking around again and she managed to see Lieutenant Nelson (Idris Elba) from some distance away.

Rachel: *quietly* Holy sh-- Are you kidding me? They're everywhere!

Raymond: What's wrong?

Rachel: The cops are here!

Ray looked over and saw him coming.

Raymond: Put your hoodie on, quick!

She pulled it on and Lieutenant Nelson came by.

Nelson: Oh hello, Raymond

They shake hands.

Raymond: Hey, Lieutenant. So this is what you do when you're not solving cases?

Nelson: Even cops spend spend the holidays with their families. Just getting gifts for the kids. Who's your friend there?

Raymond: Oh this friend Scott. He's a little shy; that's why he wears a hoodie most of the time

Rachel: *Whispers* "He"?

Nelson: I see. Well, I've got to go. Merry Christmas. *Leaves*

Raymond: Merry Christmas.

Rachel took her hoodie off and as soon as Nelson left, she slapped Ray.

Raymond: Owww!

Rachel: Why'd you call me a boy?!

Raymond: I said "He". And it was just a cover up. If I said, "she", he might've suspected something.   

Rachel: I'm well aware of that. But still, Its offensive whenever I'm referred to being someone I'm not.

Raymond: Well, how was I supposed to know?

Rachel: You could've asked.

We cut back to Sean's house where he's at the kitchen getting a drink and the small TV on the counter showed a news report

Reporter: And this just in: a man was found dead in the Pennsylvania train station with his eyes cut out. Though details showed that this is the work of the serial killer.....

Sean switched it to another channel that gave him an idea for Christmas

Announcer: I'll tell you. I mean, it's a snow frenzy in the streets of Paris. Christmas is lighting up the grand Alvess Hotel, Paris's new finest inn hotel where it's a great place to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.....

Sean: Hey.....  

That idea gave him the time to make a reservation.

Sean: Oh man, she's gonna love this.

It took him a couple of hours, but he got it done.

By then, Rachel, Ray, Sue and Little Carrie got home, shivering.

Sean: are y'all cold? It's not even snowing outside.

Raymond: Sean, just because it's not snowing doesn't mean it's freezing like Mr. Freezes ridiculous cheesy ice puns. *shrugs*

Rachel: It felt more like the Ice Age out there.

Sue: Don't get me started with those movies.

Raymond: You're getting me off guard.

Sean: And speaking of freezing, that leads me to my next point.

They all made their way upstairs and saw Carrie knitting and humming. Sean covered her eyes. She giggled and grabbed his hands.

Sean: Guess who.

Carrie: Sean?

Sean: Yup. *Sits next to her* And I got a great idea to celebrate Christmas.

Carrie: *smiles* I'm listening?

Sean: You ever been to Paris? One of the finest cities in the world. They just opened up this grand hotel which I got a big saving for. You and me can take off for Christmas like we did after Halloween.

Carrie: Aww babe. I'd love that, but I promised Rachel that I'd help her get into the spirit and stuff. Since she's never had a Christmas. Remember?

Sean: Ohh jee. I forgot about that. Hmm....Alright, how 'bout this? We can take Ray and Rachel with us. Cause I think THEY can use a vacation as well.

Carrie: You sure that's ok?

Sean: Yeah. I got enough for four or five people. What'd you say?

Carrie: I say to this.

She hugged him as Sean smiled

Raymond: Sue, will you be alright on your own here?

Sue: Ray, I've had it as worst as all of you have. I think I need a break as well.

Rachel: So that means....

Sue just nodded "No."

Rachel: We just hate for you to miss out on this?

Sue: I'll be fine. I'm just a phone call away. And I promised my daughter I'd spend Christmas with her. *looks down at her*

Raymond: I understand. I just hope this will be a normal one for a change.

Sue: Ray. You promised no more judgement.

Raymond: I know, I'm sorry.

Sue: Anyways, you guys have fun.

In some abandoned attic in Paris, Christmas decorations were up, but NOT in an festive way. Dead bodies and heads were around the place, even the tree was cover with it. The killer was eating something very sick: flesh from it's victims. And there was a girl was whimpering and all tied up and cried harder as the killer approached her

Girl: Please....I wanna go home......

Killer: Shh. There, there. They'll be no sad faces on Christmas.

And then the killer dragged her across the room as she screamed "NO!" and the figure just cuts out her eyes and eats them. Then the killer looks out a window starring at the hotel where Carrie and the others are heading.

Killer: Well, my my my. Who might you be......?

It pulls out a binocular and spots Carrie and the rest and immediately becomes interested.

Killer: Why, lookie here. These folks are clearly on the wrong part of town. You know what they say, "When you've made Santa's good list, you're on somebody else's naughty list." And from the way I already see've been very, very naughty.

Sean and the other three already checked in and saw an interesting view of the city

Carrie: Oh my god....this place is so amazing! How did you manage to afford this?

Sean: You can thank my parents for that, babe. When they left me and Ray with the house, they also left us a huge saving.

Raymond: But it's not like we were billionaires like Batman.

Rachel: *Laughs* Batman.

Sean: Ok, people. Choose a room and be ready at 5. We got some sights to see.

And later, they were out seeing the lights and the giant trees. Sean and Ray were making funny posts and faces during picture taking. Even Carrie and Rachel made happy posts with them. But they had no idea that the killer was watching from the shadows.

Couple of hours later.....

Rachel: *stretching* Ohhhh man. Twas a long day.

Carrie: I see what you did there. It sucks we didn't get to see the Eiffel Tower.

Raymond: Hey, I'm sure we'll have time to see it. Hopefully, the people here stop trying to run us over.

Sean just chuckled.

Sean: We'll see it tomorrow. I promise.

Raymond: Well, till then...I'm turning in.

Rachel watched him go and then followed him. Carrie wraped her arms around Sean from behind.

Carrie: I never thanked you.

Sean: For what?

Carrie: This. Being here in Paris with you. Our siblings. All of it. This is the best Christmas gift ever.

Sean: Well, just wait. Cause this is only the beginning.

Carrie giggled and was unaware that the killer's eye were staring through the peek hole on the door.

Killer: *mumbling to itself* Naughty naughty naughty. You will soon be my family.

Later that night, a college couple named Debbie (Ashanti Bromfield) and Trevor (Moisés Arias) were making out on the couch least till the door bell on their room ranged

Trevor: Ignore it.

Debbie: It could be one of the girls, Trevor.

Trevor: Come on, then.

She got up and answered but there was no one there

Debbie: Weird.

Trevor: Why does that always seem to happen?

She was about to close it 'till she was grabbed by the killer's arms. She screamed.

Trevor: Debbie!!!!

The killer tore out Debbie's eyes and he rushed to them, but was stabbed in the stomach by an old pocket knife and dropped dead as did she.

News spreads fast around there, so it didn't take long for the news channel to explain the situation.

News reporter: We have reports on a double homicide that currently took place at the near end of--

Raymond: *turns it off* Enough already. How many times is it gonna repeat the same thing over and over again?

Rachel: In one of your grumpy moods, Ray?

Raymond: Huh? Oh sorry. Just....nothing good was on.

Rachel: I understand. Has Carrie and Sean come out yet?

Raymond: Nope. And knowing them, they'll be in there for awhile.

Rachel: Well, why don't we go out somewhere? We could go see the tower before they do?

Raymond: What, we racing them?

Rachel laughed, then later they head out. Ray saw the crime scene but ignored it and headed for the elevator

Chief Hagens (Ian McShane): What'd we got?

Cop: Same as the others, Chief. Girl's eyes were cut out. The guy here was stabbed in the stomach. But it got his eyes too.

Chief Hagens: Oh Jesus. I want to finger print match on this son of a b**ch and I want it now.

Cop: Yes, sir.

Later, Carrie was brewing coffee as she received a call from the phone in the room and answered.

Carrie: Hello?

Voice: Where's Agnes?

Carrie: Who?

Voice: BILLY!!!! She's my family now. You're my family now.

Carrie was spooked. She hung up and made the room shake with her powers as Sean came out of the room.

Sean: Hey hey, babe. Calm down.

Carrie: S-sorry.

Sean: What happened?

Carrie: I'd rather not say. It'll get in the way of our vacation.

Sean: Come on, you know you can tell me anything.

Carrie: *sighs* I got a phone call from someone asking for someone called "Ag-e, gn, Agnes....". I don't know.

Sean: Wrong number?

Carrie: Uh-huh.

The killer continued to spy on them and soon turned its attention to Rachel and Raymond walking hand in hand.

Killer: Oh, you don't.

They were coming back to the room.

Rachel: So did that make you feel better?

Raymond: You know what? You were right. I do feel much better.

Rachel: See? I told you, baby. Just come to me when you feel hot headed again.

Killer: *From the back corner* Hot headed? Oooh, aren't you naughty?

They came in and Sean and Carrie looked over at them.

Sean: Hey. Where you two been?

Raymond: At the tower. We'd let you know, but you two pretty occupied.

Sean: *Chuckles* Ok, you don't have to be an ass-clown about it, man.

Rachel: Hey, you alright? You looked spooked.

Carrie: I'm fine Momm.....Rachel.

Rachel: You haven't done that in awhile.

Carrie: Yeah....sorry just.....I guess I got preoccupied.

Rachel: Haven't been this far from home, huh?

Carrie: Uhh...besides from the grave, no.

They all chuckled when there was knock at the door.

Raymond: Did anyone order room service?

Sean: No.....

Sean answered anyway and it was the Chief from the crime scene.

Chief Hagens: Good afternoon. My name is Chief Hagans of the Paris Police Department.

Raymond: *Whispers* Oh, great. Here we go again.

Sean: Oh. *Shakes his hand* What can we do for you, Chief?

Chief Hagans: There was a murder across from your room. A couple of college students were found dead with their eyes cut out. You know anything of the disturbance?

Sean: Uh......

Carrie overheard them and began to suspect these murders and that phone call from earlier wasn't just coincidence. She picked up the hotel phone and dial *69

Voicemail Female Voice: Hi. You've reached Alice. Leave me some love and I'll tweet back.

Carrie: *hangs up* We have a problem.

They all look at her.

Raymond: What problem?

Carrie: Well....when you mentioned a murder earlier, I had a phone call from a girl....I mean I don't think it was a girl. I mean the caller's voice was a whisper asking for someone name Agnes. And there was a name.....Billy.

Chief Hagan: No, it can't be.

Sean: Chief?

Chief Hagan: What you're describing is something of the notorious spree killer Billy Lenz. But he died over years ago. However, the name Agnes (Dean Friss) (Yes, really) is the name of his murderous sister who happened to disappear on the same night.

Sean: Billy Lenz? William E. Lenz, right? I've heard of him. He attacked and killed some sorority group couple of years ago.

Raymond: *Whispers* I thought we came here to get away from that.    

Rachel: *whispers* We did.

Chief Hagan: So you think that Billy or Agnes had something to do with this?

Sean: Honestly, yeah. Can't be anyone else.

Chief Hagan: Hmm. Alright. Well, I'll look him up in the database and see if we get anything. Thank you, sir.

Sean: Anything.

Soon the Chief left.

Raymond: Why is it that every time we try to do something productive and fun, something always gets in the way of that?

Sean: That's just the way the world works.

It cuts back to Sue who invited Erika (Mouna Traoré) over to help pass the time.

Erika: Little Carrie's grown half an inch.

Sue: Yeah. She's been growing sweetly like her father.

Erika: Yeah. *Looks at little Carrie playing* I'm sorry Tommy never got to see her.

Sue: He does. Everyday.

Erika: *Chuckles* it true about Carrie? I mean I saw what happened at prom, yes. But....does she really have powers?

Sue: You didn't tell anyone, did you?

Erika: No. My mouth was shut.

Sue: Then.....yeah. She's got telekinesis. And she ain't the only one. Her sister's got 'em too. And there was another who died a couple of years ago. Andrew.....?

Erika: .....Detmer. Yeah, I heard about him. He had just as a sad life like Carrie did.

Sue: Yeah....well, Sean and Ray went to school with him. *Sips her coffee*

Erika: Did they see what happened?

Sue: They don't talk about it.

Erika: Yeah. I didn't mean to bring it up.

Sue: It's ok. I'm used to it.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Carrie borrowed Sean's laptop and looked up Billy Lenz. Growing up with an abusive mother and stepdad, Billy snapped one Christmas Eve and killed them both as his sister, Agnes was left injured, but she survived. For 15 years, Billy was held at Clark's Sanitarium till he broke out and came home where it was run by a college sorority who all but one were murdered by Billy and Agnes. Billy was killed while chasing after the survivor in the hospital as he was impaled by a tree. Agnes was tasered while attacking, but then seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth.

Carrie: Hmm....

She then looked up the survivor Kelli Presley (Katie Cassidy) and found out what she needed to know about her.

So she tracked her down and found the address. She knocked on the door, to no response. She waited, but there was still nothing. So she went to the back.

Kelli: Who's that?

She must've heard the footsteps.

Carrie: *Stopped and turned around* Kelli Presley?

Kelli: Who wants to know?

Carrie: My name is Carrie. Can I come in?

Kelli: Why? Are you another reporter or detective?

Carrie: No. I'm a friend.

Kelli was stunned at first but she soon let her in for tea

Kelli: So....Carrie, what can I do for you?

Carrie: Well, I was hoping I can ask you about Billy Lenz?

Kelli: What?

Carrie: I don't mean to invade your privacy. It's just....have you heard about the recent murders lately?

Kelli: Yeah.

Carrie: Well, there was another at the hotel I'm staying at. A couple of college students were eye gouged late last night. It's been happening to the others before them.

Kelli: Yeah, of course. Billy Lenz was born with a rare liver disease that gave him yellow skin. But the mother hated her son cause he wasn't the child she wanted. Billy's father was murdered by the mother and her boyfriend and they locked him up in the attic. They had a girl named Agnes. But one night, Billy escaped and attacked Agnes and killed the rest of his family. He might've drove Agnes crazy cause she snapped too. They both killed all my friends but I got away. Billy died but....Agnes's body was never found.

Carrie: But, are you sure he died, Kelli?

Kelli: Course. I saw him impaled by a tree.   

Carrie: Well....based on what the news is showing, it looks like he's back.

Kelli: *shocked* What???? No.....not again.!

She cornered herself on the wall and tears filled up as she slowly slumped down to sit.

Carrie: *Sits next to her*. Hey hey, listen. I know this is hard. But I wanna help you.

Kelli: How can you help me against a killer who's probably a zombie?

Carrie: Well....*Sighs* Alright, I'm gonna show you something, but don't be afraid. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Kelli looked at her cross eyed and confused and then Carrie lift her hand to a window and it slowly opened by herself

Kelli: god! *Stands up* How'd you do that?

Carrie: It's just something I was inherited with by my great great great great great great grandfather. But Kelli, I really wanna help.

Kelli didn't know what to say she then looked at Carrie in silence....    

Kelli: What do we do now?

Then it cuts to the Chief at the station.

Chief Hagan: Anything on that bastard yet?

Detective Morrison (AJ Cook): Hardly. Chief? Are you sure we're dealing with Billy Lenz? His body was cremated after he was impaled.

Chief Hagan: I'm not really sure, Detective. The kids sounded like....

Detective Morrison: Yeah, but what about the other one?

Chief Hagan: Other one?

Detective Morrison: Agnes Lenz. Who went off on that spree with him. She was never found. Where's Agnes?

Chief Hagan's heart raced so fast, he rushed to his phone.

At the sweat, the phone rang again and Raymond picked it up.

Raymond: Hello.....?

Suddenly, Ray's head was strapped in a bag by the killer. His screams drew Sean and Rachel in.

Rachel: Hey!

She pushed the killer off with her powers as Sean rushed to his brother and pulls the bag off his head

Sean: Ray! Ray? *Taps his cheek* Come on buddy, stay with me!

He breathed in a gasp and the killer rose. They looked over and it looked at them with blond hair and a messed up eye. It was Agnes Lenz.

Agnes: You're my family now.

Sean picked Ray up his shoulders as Rachel pushed her back again to slow her down and they ran out of the room.

Agnes: Ahhhh. Don't run away. We should all be home for Christmas.

And then she chases after them

Then it cuts back to the Chief.

Morrison: Chief, what was that? Chief? Chief?!

Chief Hagans: *Hangs up* I want that hotel surrounded by S.W.A.Ts. Get everyone there out! Now!

Detective: *Nods and speaks in a speaker* All units we have a code: 1010 at Alvess Hotel. I want everyone out and then the building locked down. Suspect armed and extremely dangerous.

Meanwhile, Sean carried Ray on his back and Rachel ran for the elevator with Agnes on their tails but it doesn't seem to work

Sean: Sh**!

Rachel saw Agnes coming and she grabbed her with her powers to hold her

Rachel: I'll hold her as long as I can. Get Ray out of here! Find Carrie!

Agnes: *straining*

Rachel: I would ask you the same question.

Agnes: You won't.....have to. Soon enough, you' part of family.

Rachel: Oh yeah? Well, I got your family right here!

She threw her across the room and the elevator finally worked.

Sean: Come on!

Rachel: *Looks back* Find Carrie.

She closed the doors with her powers with Sean and Ray inside

Sean: Rachel, no!!!

Soon, Carrie and Kelli arrived and saw the hotel surrounded by police and swats

Carrie: Sean....Rachel....

Kelli: What?

Carrie: Not now, come on!

She didn't have time to assess the situation, so she barged inside with Kelli, disregarding the S.W.A.T teams arrival.

When they got inside, they tried using the elevator and when it came down, she saw Sean and Raymond.

Carrie: Ray! Sean!

She hugged them both

Raymond: What happened to you?! For a split second, I thought don't know what it you.

Sean: First time I've heard Ray express concern for you. He's saying that a weird and even more homicidal then Kaityln or that Chris b**ch was after you.

Carrie: And that's why I brought help. I'd like you to meet....

Ray/Sean: Kelli Presley????

Carrie was confused.

Carrie: Why do you always seem to know something I don't?

Raymond: Beats me. I don't know how it works.

Sean: She used to babysit Ray when he was younger.

Carrie: Is there anyone you don't know? Where's Rachel?

Raymond: Oh sh**.

Carrie: She's upstairs?!


Carrie: MOVE!!!

She didn't use the elevator. she flew upstairs and burst out of the floor where Rachel and Agnes were.

Rachel used up all her power and was tired out. Agnes threw the bag over her head and dragged her down the hall 'till Carrie appeared in front of her with black eyes as she pushed Agnes back. She pulled the bag off and held Rachel up

Carrie: Hey....Sis....?

Rachel: C-Carrie.....?

Agnes got up and frowned as Carrie looked back with anger and confronted her

Carrie: She's not your family. Agnes. Nor am I. And your brother is dead.

Agnes: No. My daddy lives in me.

Carrie: What? Hhhuuuuhh?

Agnes quickly threw tranquilizers and Carrie blocked them all. Except for two of them.

Rachel: Carrie!!

Carrie: *woozy* G-go!!!

So she went.

Agnes: Guess I have more time to have fun with you later.

Carrie was woozy and was seconds away from losing consciousness.

Carrie: *woozy* You fake! You're a COWARD! This is your idea of a fair fight?!?!!!

Agnes: No, no, no, little girl.....Only the prelude.

Carrie finally lost conscious due to the tranquilizers.

She later wakes up in a basement surrounded by all the disgusting skin, blood and eyeballs. That's when she realized.....this person was worse then Chris.

She soon saw Agnes lighting candles and saw the body from the girl earlier. Carrie gasped for she recognized her from a missing poster and saw others tied up and restrained. She desperately tried using her powers to break out.

Carrie: What's wrong with you?! These are innocent people!! Why are you doing this?!!

Agnes: *Looks over* They're all my family now.

Carrie: They're not your family!!! If you want someone, then take me. But let them go!

Agnes: Oh no no no. Everyone should be home for Christmas. Billy will be home.

Carrie: Billy's dead, Agnes! You can't hold them against their will!

Agnes:'s Christmas, my pretty. And we all know that Christmas is a time for family for us all to be together.

Carrie: You're insane!

Agnes: And what are you? 

Carrie: I.....*sighs*....used to be a killer myself.

Agnes: In that case....*spins his/her/it's blade around her*......I think we'll have an excellent time together.

Carrie just gulps as it cuts back to Rachel, Sean and Raymond.

Raymond: What do you mean, "You don't know what happened"?!?!!!

Rachel: I'm sorry. I ran before I could see what happened.

Sean: Well, never mind that. we've got to find Carrie.

Raymond: But where could she be?! The killer could have her anywhere.

Kelli: I may know....I was there.

They all look at her. Back at the attic, Agnes was about to gouge Carrie's eyes out till she pushed her back with her powers causing her to fall on the table where the candles were, starting a fire

Carrie frees herself and looks around 'till she locks eyes with Agnes.

Carrie: I'm not leaving you here.

So without hesitating, she lifted him/her up and they both got out of the building before the place burned down.

Carrie also freed the other hostages and they all got out just before it all caught fire. But Agnes grabbed her by the neck. Carrie was to stunned by the pain, she couldn't use her powers

Agnes: Family is forever.

But then Carrie reached for a stick and struck at her bad eye. Agnes shrieked in pain.

And then Carrie ran off.

Meanwhile, Sean and the others arrived at the building only to see it engulfed by the numerous amount of firefighters.

Kelli: My god....

Rachel: Carrie.....*tearing up*

Sean:*drops to his knees*

Believing the person he loved was dead, he sat there in disbelief and cried.

Meanwhile in Maine....

Carrie's grandmother, Caroline (Sissy Spacek) had a sinking feeling that her grandchildren were in danger. So she opened some safe and what she took out was.....Billy Lenz's ashes (Really really). So she conducted a circle and placed his ashes in the middle and began a chant.

Caroline: *Osiris, I call on you. For the sake of my granddaughters. This sacrifice I offer to you: Here lies the ashes of a monster. Let these ashes burn.*

Back in Paris, Carrie limbered in some forest with Agnes on her tail. She fell and couldn't go on

Carrie: Alright....this is it....this is my last chance......

Agnes: *Chuckles* Like I said, my pretty.....You are my family now.

Carrie: Like hell I am.

Carrie used her remaining powers to pulled down a tree hoping to crush Agnes, but it MISSED

Carrie: No.....

Agnes chuckled but then.....

Caroline: *Osiris! Let them burn!!!*

The ashes caught fire and so did Agnes.

Agnes: *Screams* No! Please!

Carrie watched in shock. But she did nothing to save him/her/it.

She backed up and let 'em burn.

Agnes: For....ever......

Carrie: Burn in hell, you sick creep.

She lifted him up carefully and heaved her into the nearest river.

Carrie then got down on her knees to pray and beg God for His forgiveness.

Carrie: Dear God, forgive me if I have sinned. My actions were only to protect my loved ones. They are all I have left. I pray to you that the victims of Agnes Lenz have found peace. Amen.

Meanwhile, Caroline slowly got up after the ashes were completely burned and turned around to see her son, Ralph (Nick Notle).

Caroline: She's safe.

Ralph: *sighs* when will this madness finally end?

Caroline: I can't answer that, Ralph. All we can do is pray.

Ralph: Mother.....pray we will.

And then they both got down on their knees and hugged each other.

Back at the collapsed building, a fireman came by to the trio.

Fireman: We searched the attic after we put out the fire; but we couldn't find your wife, sir. But if she was dead, their would still be a body. Fires can't burn through that quick.

Raymond: See, bro? It's possible she's still alive.

Sean: Well, how come we hadn't heard anything?

Rachel: She should've called.

Raymond: Well....uh....

Sean's phone vibrated and he answered quickly

Sean: Hello?

Carrie: Hey, baby.

Sean: *Gasps* Carrie??

They looked at him and Rachel tried to listen

Carrie: You guys, ok?

Sean: Yeah. But, where are you?

Carrie: Guess.

Sean looked confused and looked back.

Carrie: *Smiles* Boo. 

Raymond: Whoa!

Carrie was right there behind them.

Rachel: I thought telekinetics couldn't teleport.

Carrie: They can't.

Sean: Then how you'd do it?

Carrie: Doesn't matter. The bottom line is Agnes is dead. I killed him.

Raymond: You sure it wasn't a her?

Sean: Ummm.....

Rachel: Well, I think she was girl or maybe a guy. I mean she/he sounded like a guy. But....

Sean: Guys, it doesn't matter. Agnes is dead. And you? *Approaches Carrie* are back to me.

Carrie smiled and kissed him.

Raymond: *Huffs* Some Christmas vacation. We still almost got our asses killed.

Rachel: Lighten up, honey. Why don't we stay longer for New Years Eve?

Sean: That's not a bad idea. Ray, that could make you feel better.

Raymond: No thanks. I just wanna go home.

Sean: You sure about that?

Raymond: Nah, I'm screwing with ya. I'm staying. I still need to relax anyways.

Rachel just smiled.

Rachel: Oh look.

And she points to the Eiffel Tower.

Raymond: It's amazing.

Sean: Stunning.

Carrie/Rachel: Beautiful......Jinx.

They both laughed and Sean and Ray chuckled as they wrapped their arms around Carrie and Rachel and walked to the tower

  • Ohhhh....I wanna wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.....And ohhhh.....I wanna wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you, baby......

Carrie them used her powers to speak with Sue.

Carrie: Sue, I just want to let you know we'll be over here for a little longer. Things sort of changed. But don't worry. We'll be fine.

Sue was in her sleep, but she heard the message. And she smiled.

Later after sight seeing with Ray and Rachel, Sean and Carrie were in their room sitting on the floor. Carrie gave Sean her present first. He opened it and saw it was a book on tails and myths

Sean: Wow. I've read about these stories since I was a boy. How'd you know I like this?

Carrie: I've seen you read it each time we read together at the city library. I'd been wanting to surprise you.

Sean: Thanks. *kisses her* Your turn.

Sean handed hers as Carrie opened it and gasped.

Carrie: Oh my god.....

It was a heart shaped necklace

Carrie: It's beautiful.

Sean: It'll look more beautiful on you.

He helped her put it on and Carrie smiled and kissed him

Carrie: I love you.

Sean: I love you more. 

~cut to credits~


  • Carrie White
  • Sean Ford
  • Raymond Ford
  • Rachel Lang
  • Chief Hagen
  • Detective Morrison
  • Kelli Presley
  • Erika Gogan


  • Agnes - Caroline uses the ashes of Agnes brother, Billy to set Agnes on fire
  • Debbie - Eyes gouged out by Agnes
  • Trevor - Stabbed in the chest and dropped dead


Despite the effort Kimberly Pierce and Sam Raimi put into the production of Carrie: A Bloody Christmas, the film was bombed by critics across the board and was even nominated a razzie for "Worst Movie Crossover". Movie review aggravator website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of only 20%, making it the lowest Carrie movie ranked by the Tomatometer. The critical conscious stated that, "A severe lack of suspense and a barely recognizable atmosphere surrounds Carrie: A Bloody Christmas as it miserably fails to capitalize on what its predecessors somehow managed to do best."

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Featured Songs

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • ~Mikey Wax - And A Happy New Year~
  • The Afters - What We're Here For
  • Thousand Foot Krutch - War Of Change



  • Carrie (2013)

​MPAA rating

The film is rated R for bloody violence, disturbing images, language and some sexual material.