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Carol the Christmas Dog (also known as Carol der Weihnachtshund) is a 2015 English-language German Christmas animated film directed by Alex Reimoldin his directional debut. The film is about a Dachshund who journeys to find a family who will love her and become the best Christmas present. The films features Rachel Crow as the voice of Carol.

The movie met with critical praise and was a box office success in both United States and Germany. The film received the Saphir Award in the category Best Animated Feature in Germany. In addition, the film also received the Contento Award in the category Best Children's Picture in Italy. A sequel is currently in development.


  • Rachel Crow as Carol, a young Saluki who originally was a ship's dog until she escaped and tries to find a human child.
  • Zachary Gordon as Ollie, a teenage stray Border Collie who dislikes humans and was abandoned by his family.
  • Brooklynn Prince as Eleanor Rose, a girl who is living on the streets after she was abandoned by her abusive mother.
  • Al Pacino as Uccisore, a vicious wolf who attempts to harm Eleanor.
  • Julianna Margulies as Summer Murphy, an sympathic nurse at a local hospital who later adopted Eleanor and became a mother.
  • Steve Martin as a kindly old homeless man who cares for Carol.
  • Mila Kunis as Princess, a Persian Cat.
  • Meryl Streep as the Narrator

International Voices of Carol

The character Carol has many noticeable voices actresses.

Language Voice
English Rachel Crow
German Sarah Connor
Italian Laura Pausini
Finnish Alma
Japanese Hikaru Utada
Chinese Jane Zhang
French Vanessa Paradis
Greek Tamta
Hungarian Gigi Radics
Russian Sati Kazanova
Icelandic Björk
Spanish Bebe
Korean Hyuna
Norwegian Aurora
Swedish Lykke Li
Thai Tata Young
Bulgarian Poli Genova
Malaysia Zee Avi