Carnotaurus (SciiFii)

Carnotaurus adohomo (name meaning "meat-eating bull created by man") is a species of large carnivorous abelisaurid theropod dinosaur that originally lived in what is now South America during the Late Cretaceous period, between about 72 and 69.9 million years ago, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and now live in Demons of Argentina enclosure located at Inland Plains section of Cretaceous Park in Sacramento, California.

Carnotaurus adohomo is a lightly built, bipedal predator, measuring 7.5 to 9 m (24.6 to 29.5 ft) in length and weighing at least 1.35 metric tons (1.33 long tons; 1.49 short tons). As a theropod, Carnotaurus adohomo is highly specialized and distinctive. It has thick horns above the eyes, a feature unseen in most other carnivorous dinosaurs, and a very deep skull sitting on a muscular neck. Carnotaurus adohomo is further characterized by small, vestigial forelimbs and long, slender hindlimbs. Carnotaurus adohomo is covered in thick scaly skin and is protected from other similar-sized and smaller predators by thick circular armor that covers its neck, torso, and tail. The distinctive horns and the muscular neck are normally used in fighting conspecifics and/or for rivals that combate each other with quick head blows, either by slow pushes with the upper sides of their skulls, and/or by ramming each other head-on, using their horns as shock absorbers. Carnotaurus adohomo is known to hunt down some of the very large prey such as sauropods, but normally, due to the build of the animal and filling the similar ecological niche to native modern cheetahs, Carnotaurus adohomo normally preys on relatively smaller animals and may even feed on carrion. Carnotaurus adohomo is well adapted for running and is one of the fastest large non-avian theropods. Due to not being fed wild animals in Cretaceous Park, either due to many wild animals being endangered or due to being too expensive (depending on a species of wild animal), Carnotaurus adohomo are fed by the workers with live and/or dead domestic goats, domestic pigs, and/or domestic cattle.

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