Carl Cupcake is the main antagonist of the The Cupcakes episode, "The Fight". Despite being called "Cupcake", he is actually a con artist who seeks to kill the Cupcakes for no reason.

He is voiced by John O'Hurley, and was animated by the Disney animator, James Baxter.


Freed by Kayla from the jail to seek revenge, he was to steal the Cupcakes' house while Tiffany and Ben stayed at a motel for their wedding anniversary.

After his arrival, the Cupcakes discovered his identity as a robber on a television show, but were captured and tied up before able to stop him. He then started looting the Cupcakes' house, but was eventually thwarted and captured by Gary and Phil. The two had to call for help from a pay phone, since Carl had disabled the house phones. Tiffany and Ben eventually returned home, only to find Carl hog-tied with his mouth taped shut. He deceived Tiffany into freeing him moments before the police arrived, but Carl is caught and was arrested by the police for his cruel actions, tipped by Mr. Cream. Later, Phil and Gary realized that the Cupcakes made a mistake when the police told them what really happen.


Carl Cupcake is a cupcake with blue frosting that has a crooked smile and wears a purple mask with two big bushy purple eyebrows. He has two horns by the side of his head, also making him resemble the devil. One side of his horn is broken, while the other side has blue frosting on its top. He also has two big fists that are attached to two long skinny arms. He wears white gloves over his hands and long brown sleeves that extends from two small gold rings on his sides to white dress cuffs with brown cufflinks. He has two skinny brown legs and the bottom part of his body wears a yellow cupcake lid with white polkadots.


You're a smart young family, Cupcakes, but I hope you're smart enough to keep your mouth shut. To seize my moment.
~ Carl revealing his true colors.


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