Care Heart Family, My Little Ponies: Join Forces:

Planetary World of The Thorough Breezes: Wild Runners:

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Whitby, Ontario, Canada:

My Little Ponies: Super Heroic Herolins:

Sun Light Suspension: Misty rain partcial of Rain:

Review: Revised: By A. George Dave Prince:

Combine Combination From: Consider:

Mystic Fiction; My Little Ponies,:

Care Heart Bear’s: and Rainbow Bright:

The Planetary World OF

The Throrough Breeze’s:

Freedom Wild Wind Runners:

Brown: Stag Sabbilions Horses:

Black: Mare Stallions Horse:

Gray: Charolsoe Horse:

Purple: Araillea Horse:

Blue: Tinkle Twilight Throrough Breathes Horse:

Red: Appulsa Horse:

Green: Commondor, Ember Emblem Horse:

Orange: Tanginious Horse:

Yellow: Mustang:

Golden Horses:

The Silverian Horse:

Pink Shyly Elepie Horse:

Indigo: Horse:

Short Festible Prequel Horses

of talent travelers:

Younger Little Colt Horse:

Be-careful of the differentiation of two different horses:

About the Mustagane: Dusty Foggy dume Mist, Conversion: held in a Conessis net: Leaf held apprension, Captured:  Kenisis: Materialization: will break in to sand particles. Barrior pile Build up sand filtration, plugged the suspect is stuck in a dig hole platonic underground. His scull head is sitting in the sand conversion sink into mud. Materialized into Sand, his skull head sit in the atmospheric breeze.

About Stallion Mare: Harnessless conversion rod control cloudily storms and temperial energy strike lighting, gathering sections of the night hurrying winds. Night Fall Illumination causes shadow of blindness, cannot see blur of darkness. Hidden Shadow Ninja, Rain pelt bring night clarifications, Sun of Radiance of Light that Bring Beautification another detail. Mare draws on the Refractor Illumination of the Moon and the trap heat of Night contrast skys. Atmospheric Heightens cold temeperial speed wind pressure. Winds must fade by themselves. Thorough Breezes Horses stumps their feet with Conessis, Magical activation ability: Each Horse is differentiated, different.

Peguississ: Atmosphere sky Flyers who could sit on the clouds forever however must eventfully come back to surface Ground. Environment eventually is swift and active. Wild Society Soul Creature telepath, and understanding to inhabitance of life: An Environmentalist:

Unicorn: Portal Dimensional Scanmaptic transference of area Location

around the Globalization of Maptic World. Unicorn horn is a Naturalist of Nature on the Environment. The Planet land of Thorough Breeze is from a Distant Planet from Earth: The Galaxy Land of the Step Trotters, and Intelligent.

The Planetary World OF

The Throrough Breezes:

Freedom Wild Wind Runners:

Throrough Breeze once visited the planet Earth, Visiting a Farm where there is a Correll Meadow Field near the Farmer’s home. Horses once help Each other while in search for Dark Hart, The Child asked the horses for help strapping a back pack on the saddle while traveling; became easier. They were Bond of Family. They were stay united as a unit.

Once a child worked for a Magician carrying a Treasure Chest; carrying too much weight, the handlement was over bearing, too heavy came crash down. The Magician not impressed told him to search and find any item he could use. Mention he was “hopeless”, telling him “one day he would teach him to be like him a magician”. Leaving him with a load of work, searching the Treasure Chest, he finds the Forbidden book of Magic.

The Horse divided themselves in sections the Stable Horses decided to help the child with his gatherings while in search. Dark Hart: Nicolas mean while held the power book of forbidden magic morphed switch another child: Steven into Soullest Pharaoh. It was not his intentions to capture Horses or (Care Heart Bears).

The Problem: the Nicolas Morphed into a Soulless Pharaoh transformed his smile once respected with honesty of help became more oppressed, mean and abusive to the Horses. The Child Cart transformed switched into a Chariot. Oppression Captured horses with captivity. Using horses to do his bidding: The Forbidden Book stated to Steven: “the horses would lead him back to their planet.

The Child Chariot coordinated his direction to the Land of the Thorough Breezes to apprend horses even if those who came to investigate that came to the Planet Earth. My Little Ponies were told to stay in world of through Breezes World once thought once be protected. Through all the Commotion a Peguississ could not sit helplessly and wait she must do some about it and left the land of the Throrough Breeze searching for a hero or herolin.

Peguississ left the Planet did not follow directives and went to the Planet Earth. The Peguississ entered the Stellar Ionosphere, Troposphere, and Hemisphere of Earth. A Little Girl working in the stables was swooped up from her duties and flew out of the barn. The Little Girl Meg’s was brought back to Planetary Land of the Throrough Breezes. Ponies; wonder how this Earth human could help? Unicorn gave them location travel map. Misty caves of the wondering Mountains hills they must enter the Steep Forest. They must make a daring visit to see the Misty Dragon. The problem the Dragon had no visitors for a long while just wanted their company however he knew there was a job to do first.

The Dragon dug out from a treasure chest a little tiny Rainbow.

The Rainbow seems like a thicket idem from a store did not look

like much. The Dragon called the misty Rainbow suspension the most powerfully

magic in the world and ask them to use wisely.

The Unicorn,

Brown Sage Stabbilin’s,

Yellow Mustang,

and Black Stallion

The Red Appulsa caught up with them. Together they could help each other.

Soulist Pharaoh searched and found the little Ponies at the Majestic City.

The Yellow Mustagane: Gather leaves and Converted Leaves into blanket Nets, holder toughen harness of Rope. Apprension Captured compelled not able to move and hook by a tree. Soulist horses broke out of the rope and escaped. Thorough Breeze Horses Melted the net with their iron shoe. With the Child Dark Whip he caught the Yellow Mustagane without warning; no-one was prepared.

The Brown Sabbilions: Converted the Tree Bark, twigs, Branches, stump logs converted stump into a steel Cage, This Ponies swung the logs compressing Impacted the Pharaoh wheels hoping to trip him off his the chariot and try a lever tip the horses off their leverage on their sides. The Horses were suppost to fall on surface ground. Distracting the Soulist to curve and dodge. The Logs came from both Right and left side. Log that try to interfere tip off his seat. Brown Stabblin told the Peguississ and the little girl to get a safety distant from here.

They hid in the wood kept a close watching the Stabblin Horse. Then Stabblin shifted Soulless; Front dive support frontal ground. Brown Stabblin with an element of surprise sprung a wooden tree stumps logs converted the stump into a steel cage trapping the chariot and the horses.  Soulless Horses Used their Iron shoe weld melted the iron-bars, capturing the Stabblin Horse.

Unicorn: Used Forest Tree, Stem Flowers: and High Grass as a Cover. Heightening into the sky Soul and Chariot must ascend. As Soon as Soulist touches the surface ground he becomes Vine, High Grass Tangled, with sticky Prickly Burgs, Itchy Poison Ivy, and Rashes all over his body, and Pollination Tears, and Fevers.

Soulless Cell’s repair the damage, heeling him and bring his body and temperature back to normal. Prickle Burgs drop off his body. Chopping the Vines, High Grass, and the horses residual try to trace her, her abouts but cannot locate her; depleting everything in sight to find her. Unaware a Petal Flower: underneath him and his Chariot.

Petal Flower Stretches, covered, closed trapped him while he struggles to get out of the plant; similar to a blanket. Soulless Using horses to do his bidding: The Forbidden Book stated to Steven: “the horses would lead him back to their planet.  Not aware a Flower underneath him. Petal Flower covered him like a blanket. The Problem: The Pharaoh Horses deleted the flower and escaped trapping the Unicorn.

The Red Appulsa: used Heat Body of Water: Gusher Guishers: Steaming the Atmosphere blocking the Inferred site of the Soullest and his horses. For a while the Red Appulsa Scorched Soulless body, Cell again repair the damage. The Red Appulsa Conessis parted the water; Soullest rode his horse between the waters after the horse. Closing the parted water caught Soulless in the center steaming the aquatics liquid below temperature and thought that was over. The Problem: The Pharaoh Horse: Conversion melted heat the ice returning the water back to normal, capturing the Red Appulsa.

Spike the Dragon Spiro hurled Fire at Soulless: Telling him to leave his friends alone.” He also got captured. The Pegasus and Megan were the last of the two. They took out the secret weapon. The Rainbow stood in the atmosphere suspended Motionless. The child Soulist laughed and aiming at the Rainbow with Sun pulse heat Conessis: extension too compression depletion shut down. Hoping he would diminish the Rainbow would not take so long. The little girl heart beating and held on to the Peguississ neck with a hug. She Promise the Peguississ that nothing will happen to her. Trust to protect her, with Shareth friendship she will never let go.

Peguississ:  Because of their love, trust the Peguississ horn heightens the rainbow, became a (Wing Pinnacle) Gain triple power of adaption suspension array light beam of true hope over Soulless Chariot. The Unicorn: and Megan Separated the Child Steven: depleting the Ora cheen energy of the Pharaoh and the Throrough Breeze horses Chariot. The Rainbow reduces the chariot transforming it back into a wheel cart. The Horse Re-materialized returned back to the Environment, Conversion fazed them back to normal.

Bond of Family is back together again. The Pharaoh was an Innocent little boy who never again will caused harm, injure, and cause Oppression, Captivity abuse ever again. The Child was free from the dark Ora energy before both could go home. The Horses decided to welcome the children to the Planetary World of the Throrough Breezes. The Land of Step Trotters: with a colour Morning rainbow of beautification and Illumination Auroara of night purple Rainbow. Horse shoe Rainbow colour from the contrast sky but magnificent. The Children were allowed to come and visit:

Prove Read: A.G.D. Prince:

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