Capucine's mugshot.

Capucine is a major character in Go! Go! Dreamy Girls!. She went to Sweet Amoris High School in the events of My Candy Love, but she moved to Fundale and was found with a positive personality rather than sneaky and vain. She usually tends to be quiet, shy and keep to herself and to others but not Tara, almost as if she's a social outcast or socialy awkward.

Capucine also reveals that she has minor Scoliosis and wear a back brace to keep her back bone straight.


Name: Capucine

Parents: Georgia and Paul

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2 ft

Weight: 105 lbs

Blood type: A-

Birthday: September 7th

Birth year: 1996

Sign: Virgo

Hair color: Light brown with pink streaks

Eye color: Green

Likes: Tara, ballet, charamistic people, pink, bows, fashion, fame, and music

Dislikes: Soiltude, ugly clothing and makeup, rudeness,



Capucine has big, bright green eyes, somewhat pale skin, and caramel-colored hair styled to be in side-swept bangs. because of shy and mysterious personality, her eyes usually seem to look away as if she was plotting something. Her bangs and tips are dyed a light pink color that acts a subtle accent. On her head, she has a hot pink plastic headband with frilly material on the left side. She usually wears a puffy, light pink dress with a thin purple ribbon tied above her waist area. She has a blue cropped jacket with a small, almost covered pink and gold logo. Around her long neck, she wears a pinkish-white pearl necklace. Despite her Scoliosis, she has very good posture and stands up very straight. Her arms are usually behind her back and she looks like she's about to curtsy. 

Capucine's Pajamas are a pink gown with amber stars and amber tracing. Her nightcap matches her gown, but she still wears her headband underneath. The nightgown goes down to her mid-thigh and has yellow ruffles at the collar as well as on the sleeves and bottom. The cap has a yellow band at the bottom and has an amber star hanging on the very end of the night cap. It is very unsure what clothing material the star is made of. Due to it's shininess, it could possibly made from plastic or metal. 


"You think I'm afraid?! Do you think I'm going to lose?! I'M NOT!"

"When you lose a loved cherish that person's memory. It's never a burden... You just...want to do whatever you can. Whatever you make her proud... You just want you do!"

"Do not lose! I want to be strong!"

"Don't leave me behind Tara, There is limit to how much one person can do!"

"Now I can trust only you."

"I can't hurt my counterpart! I need to protect her!"

"After all.. we're friends... right..? "

"Take me to the time when things were fine, It's all BROKEN now."

"Do you know how much it hurts to be loved?"

"It's not over. We're still a family."

"I hate having a window open at night, makes me feel like there's someone out there, just watching me."

 "I'll teach you fear..."


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