Captivity is a 2017 British horror film directed by Steve McQueen and written by Drew Goddard, McQueen, and Emma Watson. The film stars Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Naomie Harris, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ewan McGregor, Yasmine al Massri, Lena Headey, Bianca Comparato, Eddie Redmayne, Jacob Tremblay, Melanie Scrofano, and Ashley Madekwe.


Anne Weaver (Emma Watson), a freelance photographer, and Jessica Langdon (Carey Mulligan), a doctor, wake up chained to pipes on opposite sides of a dilapidated industrial washroom. Between them is a female corpse lying face down in a pool of blood holding a gun in one hand, and a tape player in the other. They each find tapes in their pockets, instructing Jessica to kill Anne before six o' clock, and Anne to escape. If Jessica fails, her husband David Langdon (Eddie Redmayne) and son Sean (Jacob Tremblay) will die.

Using a hidden message from the tape, Anne and Jessica find two machetes in the toilet, which they discover are unable to cut through their chains when Anne's saw breaks. Jessica deduces the machetes are meant for their feet, and tells Anne they have been captured by the Chauvinist Killer. Flashbacks shows Jessica, during her work, was interrupted by an orderly, named Simon Curtis (Benedict Cumberbatch), while talking about a patient named Smith, who is doing a sex reassignment surgery. He was then questioned by Detectives Edna Marlowe (Naomie Harris), and Gilbert Davis (Ewan McGregor) about his penlight being found at the scene of a Chauvinist crime, and viewed the testimony of Molly Shannon (Lena Headey), the only known survivor of a Chauvinist "game", who believes her ordeal has helped her value being a strong woman, as opposed to a abused wife. Other victims include Gemma Fitz (Ashley Madekwe), who had two hours to escape a maze filled with razor wire, and Lisa Haynes (Melanie Scrofano), who had to use a candle to read the combination covered walls, in order to extract the antidote for the slow-acting poison in her body from a safe. Her naked flesh was smeared in napalm, and she was forced to walk over broken glass. Evidence was found by Detective Bahiyya Ahmed (Yasmine al Massri), who directs Marlowe and Davis to the next cases.

Meanwhile, Diana and Sean are being held captive by a man watching Anne and Jessica through a camera, hidden behind the bathrooms two-way mirror. The house is simultaneously being watched by Edna, who has been discharged from the police force. Flasbacks show, Edna and Gilbert raided the Chauvinist Killer's lair without a warrant or back-up, finding the killer hiding behind a panel. They saved a woman named Laika Bean (Jessica Henwick), but Chauvinist fled after shooting Edna in the chest with a pistol, and Gilbert was killed by a shot gun booby-trap, while pursuing him. After his partners' death, Edna became even more obsessed with closing the case, and continued to stalk Jessica, still convinced she was the one responsible.

In the bathroom, Jessica gives his wallet to Anne, who finds a picture of David and Sean bound and gagged, on the back is a message that reads " X marks the spot, sometimes you see things better with your eyes shut". Anne tells Jessica to turn off the lights, and discovers an "X" written on the wall with fluorescent paint. Jessica breaks the wall, and discovers a small box containing a single bullet, two cigarettes, and a one-way cellphone. They attempt to stage Anne's death using a "poisoned" cigarette, but their plan is foiled when Anne is suddenly electrocuted. Anne recalls being abducted from her apartment by a doll-masked figure, just like the doll giving them instructions through the TV and the tapes. David calls through the cellphone, and tells Jessica not to trust Adnne. Anne reveals she was being paid to follow and photograph Jessica, and Jessica identifies his employer as Edna. After Jessica berates Anne for invading her privacy, Anne shows Jessica photos proving she was having an affair with her medical student, Paz Hortega (Bianca Comparato).

Among Anne's photos is one of a man in Jessica's house. Jessica identifies him as Simon Curtis, revealing he is the one holding David and Sean captive. As they realize this the clock strikes six, and Simon moves to kill David and Sean. He holds the phone to David's ear to tell Jessica she failed, and he attacks him, having removed his restraints. They both fight for the gun, gaining Edna's attention in the process. Jessica, only aware of the sounds of screams and gunshots, is suddenly electrocuted, causing her to lose reach of the phone. In a desperate attempt to save her family, Jessica tears her foot with the machete, and shoots Anne with the corpse's revolver, killing him. Meanwhile, Edna chases Simon into the sewers, and is shot and killed after a brief struggle. Simon enters the bathroom intent on killing Jessica as he acted too late, shooting Jessica in the neck, but only to be knocked to the ground and beaten to death by Anne with a shovel, who is revealed to have suffered a non-fatal shoulder wound.

Jessica slowly dies because of the injury of Simon's shot, but she and Anne manage to reach each other for the first time, and Anne asks for Jessica's forgiveness, which she does. Anne searches Simon's body, and finds another tape player, revealing Simon was another victim, forced to hold the Langdon's captive in order to retrieve the antidote for the slow-acting poison in his body.

"Hello, Mr. Curtis... or, as they called you around the hospital, Simon. I want you to make a choice. There's a slow-acting poison coursing through your system, which only I have the antidote for. Will you murder a father and his daughter... to save your life? Listen carefully, if you will; there are rules"

Anne stares in utter disbelief as the female "corpse" to its feet, revealing herself to be actually a man in disguise, Smith (Gary Oldman), the real Chauvinist Killer who was pretending to be dead the whole time. Smith tells Anne that the key to hre chain was in the bathtub the whole time, which was sucked down the drain when Anne pulled the plug out. Anne attempts to shoot Smith, but loses reach of the gun when Smith electrocutes him with a hidden remote control. Chauvinist then proceeds to turn off the lights, yell game over and slam the door shut, leaving a hysterical Anne to die.



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