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Directed by
Scott Webb

Produced by
James Phillipson

Associate Producer:
Chris Michaelson

Music Score by
Robert Folk

Film Editor:
Roy Tanner

Casting by
Michael Wallace

Art Director:
Doug Scheib

Supervising Director:
Gairden Cooke

Animation Directors:
Warwick Gilbert Chris Cuddington
Don MacKinnon Kevin Roper
Robbert Smit Gus McLaren

Character Design:
Laurie Sharpe

Story Adapated by
Vance Gerry Gary Trousdale
Kirk Wise Joe Ranft
Virgil Geopper James Rogers
George Get Joe Grant
Phil Young Butch Hartman
Keith Tucker Boyd Kirkland
Frank Paur Hank Tucker
Peter Alvarado Robert Taylor
Ralph Baskhi Glen Lovett
Keith Scoble Andy Roper

Layout Artists:
Milton Fredlund Steve Lumley
David Skinner Sebastian Hurpia

Background Artists:
Sue Speer Milan Zahorsky
Richard Zaloudek

Effects Animators:
Graeme Rowley Don McManus
John Brown James Michaels
Bernard Germanetti

Animation Camera:
Graham Sharples Frank Hardie
John Aardal Ralph Migliori

Based on the "Human of the Vegetables" by
D.C. Clark
Dean Thompson

Cel Painting Supervisor:
Alice Clayton
Alexy Allen

Executive in Charge of Production:
Jim Organisation

Executive Producer:
Michael Shires

Animation by
Yoram Gross Films
Akom Production Company

Scrolling Credits

Animators: Hyo Bin Ahn
Joh Hang Deok
Han Yoh Han
Choi Hoon
Lee Hyun Aeh
Joo Hoon Chil
Jung Jae Oohk
Kim Han Soo
Kim Mi Hee
Kim Yung Inn
Kim Yung Oohn
Koh Hyo Seok
Lee Dohk Moh
Lee Guhn
Lee Han Ohk
Lee Ho Joon
Lee Jae Bok
Lee Kang Jin
Lee Soo Jong
Min Kyung Seok
Shin Seong Ho
Seo Hyun Seok
Yoon Seong Oohk
Seong Joon Yong
Won Dong Kwon
Yang Deok Soo
Paul McAdam
Wallace Logue
Richard Jones
Ray Nowland
Susan Beak
Richard Slapczynski
Cam Ford
Peter Gardiner
Rowl Greenhalg
Athol Henry
Greg Ingram
Peter Luschwitz
Vivien Ray
Irena Slapczynski
Assistant Animators: Ingrid Carlstrom
Carolyn Davis
Maggie Geddes
Alex Nicholas
Marie Orr
Mike Stapleton
Marilyn Taylor
Milan Zahorsky Jr.
Cel Painters: Alina Bailey
Ceri Griffin
Ann Lasseray
Dee Lodge
Lucy Owen
Pat Petronio
Corina Poore
Shaun Sewter
Janet Simmonds
Debbie Thaine
Sound Effects Editors: Jim Blodgett
Matt Cope
Mike DePatie
John Detra
Karen Doulac
Ron Fedele
Leonard T. Geschke
Jerry Jacobson
Nick James
Warren Taylor
Michael Tomack
Peter Tomaszewicz

Production Supervisor:
Ken Phillipson

Production Manager:
Thomas Musker

Director of Production:
Sarah Kellaway

Dubbing Mixer:
John Wood

Dialogue Editor:
Patrick Barrett

Special Effects:
Roy Huckerby

Process Effects:
Don Abrams

Supervising Producer:
Richard Kenny

Charles Michael Hill
Michael Reynolds

Creative Producer: Richard Celador

Supervising Story Editor: Steven C. Brown

Supervising Editor: Robert T. Gills

Co-ordinating Animator
Michael Stainback

Production Consultant
Walt Stanchfield

Additional Story Material
Ron Michaels

Assistant to Supervising Editors:
Larry Whelan
Rick Gehr

Music Editor: Emery Kennethson

Orchestrations: Michael Young

Music Supervisor: Richard L. Wallace

Music Co-ordinator: James Davies


Leonard Hulett/Captain Hulett (speaking) Eddie Murphy
Leonard Hulett/Captain Hulett (singing) Freddie Murphy
Mr. Davidson Michael Hordern
Professor Carrot
King Carrot
Alan Oppenheimer
Fetch the Onion Cheech Marin
Robyn Starling Susan Sheridan
Mr. Starling Jimmy Hibbert
Mrs. Johnson Bette Milder
Mr. Nine the Storyteller
Space Man
Dumber the Elephant
Robin Williams
Tomy the Dog
Mr. Cat
Jim Cummings
Barth the Hound Peter Cullen
Delivery Service Neil Ross
Michael Bell
Dr. Ten John Stephenson
Thing Guard Jerry Nelson
Dave Goelz
Richard Hunt
Steve Whitmire
Jim Henson
Frank Oz
Production Controllers: Bob Burrows
Chris Phillips
Andrew Bax
Simon White

Post Production Supervisor: Mike Stern

Post Production Manager: Bob Strew

Post Production Co-ordinator: Clayton Darling

Voice Director: Susan Blu

Production Assistant: Terri Gauskin

Production Co-ordinator: Bernard Edwards

Model Design: Russ Heath

Story Editor: Buzz Dixon

Educational Advisors: Robert T. Selman
Anne P. Selman
Telecine Supervisors: Andrew Golov
Sarah Swiskow

Creative Constulant: Larry Parr

Creative Director: James Benny

Animation Editor: Nigel Rutter

Assistant Editor: Roy Hill

Additional Voices
Keith Scott Robyn Moore
Ross Higgins


"Somebody to Love"
Music and Lyrics by Freddie Murphy
Performed by The Queen

"Killer Queen"
Music and Lyrics by Freddie Murphy
Performed by The Queen

"Fat Bottomed Girls"
Music and Lyrics by Brian May
Performed by The Queen

"Bicycle Ride"
Music and Lyrics by Freddie Murphy
Performed by The Queen

"We Will Rock You"
Music and Lyrics by Brian May
Performed by The Queen

Sound Effects by
Weddington Productions

Voice Recording:
Wally Burr Recording

Main and End Titles Designed by
Saxon/Ross Film Design

Creative Supervisor
John Tartakovsky

Technical Constulants:

Peter Michaelson Chris Wallace
John Tartakovsky Brian Trueman
Robert Wallace Jimmy Hibbert
Peter DeVito Bruce Thompson
Chris Spencer James Howard
Roy Shires James Anderson
Sarah Shires Robert Stevenson
Emily Shires Chuck Johnson
Charlie Barks Max Thomas

Visual Development

Virgil Geopper Eric Dodgers
George Get Carols Alfonso
James Rogers Dan Whitworth
Jack Deakin Jean Flynn
James Thomas Andy Roper
Eric Johnson Ryan Budweiser


Tom Carlisle Craig Payne
Cherise Miller Brian Torres
John Bennett Keith Johnson
Kent Barnes Michael Hitson
Paul Gillis Peter Schreiber

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