Captain Hulett The Movie is a 1986 American animated mystery and musical buddy film produced by Michael Shires Pictures, originally released to movie theaters on November 14, 1986 by Michael Shires Pictures. The 27th feature in the Michael Shires Animated Classics, the film was directed by Scott Webb. The main characters are all vegetables and fruitties characters. After the failure of Shires's previous animated feature film The Black Cobwebs this simpler film proved to be a success upon its initial release in 1986. As such, the new senior management of the company were convinced that their animation department was still a viable enterprise and this set the stage for the until Paul and Company he's starting Shires Renaissance in 1988.

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  • Captain Hulett The Movie was one of the first animated Shires films to introduce new sound effects for regular use, to replace many of their original classic sounds, which would be used occasionally in later Shires films. However, Paul and Company introduced even more new sound effects. The new sound effects were first introduced with Herman and Katnip The Movie, while The Black Cobwebs released a year after the previous film used the classic Shires SFX. This included some sounds such as the then fifty-year-old Castle thunder and the classic Boofy holler. However, the Shires television animation studio continued extensively using the classic Shires sound effects for several years, while the feature animation studio retired the original sound effects.



  • The film was released on November 14, 1986.


  1. Somebody to Love - Freddie Murphy
  2. Killer Queen - Freddie Murphy
  3. Fat Bottomed Girls - Freddie Murphy
  4. Bicycle Ride - Freddie Murphy
  5. We Will Rock You (End Credits Song) - Freddie Murphy
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