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Captain Flowers
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Real Name Flowers
Nicknames Captain
Gender Male
Status Active (Sealed in the Avalon)
Title(s) Captain of Flowers
Allies Farmer Steve, Andor, Martha the Mystic, Ianite, Waglington
Enemies Zangai-shin
Nuetral Jericho, Firefoxx, Syndicate, Mianite
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Captain Flowers was an Minecraftian knight, who in Hanasekai (花世界 Literal meaning: Flower's world?) was a hero who confronted high ranking creatures, beasts and even fought against the Soshi, the elementals of his world. An extra-dimensional traveler with the ability cross between dimensions, was forcilly sent to the world of Mianite by the Zangai-shin (残骸神 Literal meaning: God of remnants?), and deity who were the remnants of the Old World.