Candyman is a 2014 American horror film, it is remake of 1992 horror film. This films stars


The Candyman, a murderous soul with a hook for a hand, is accidentally summoned to reality by a skeptic grad student researching the monster's myth. Helen and Trevor Lyle along with their 17 year old teenage daughter, Claire a senior high school student who went to Chicago High School with her friends to read and learn the Urban Legend about Daniel Robtalittle aka the Candyman and also, he's her great great great grandfather of his bloodline. She's tries to tell her parents when she's one who call his name 5 times in look a mirror with her boyfriend, Michael Robinson, 18 year old thought that she's believes in the monster ghost, Candyman, but her mother didn't believe hear her, and her father was confused and worried about her. Michael was believe in Candyman now and he's thinks she's telling the truth. Helen was about to meet face to face with the Candyman.



  • Anne Hathaway as Helen Lyle
  • Tony Todd as Candyman/Daniel Robitlittle
  • Ashton Kuthcter as Trevor Lyle
  • Lindsey Lohan as Anne-Marie McCoy
  • Melyssa Ford as Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh
  • Matthew Knight as Jake
  • Miko Hughes as Archie Walsh
  • Jon Bon Jovi as Detective Frank Valento
  • Tobin Bell as Dr. Burke
  • Drake Bell as Billy
  • Rory Culkin as Harold
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Policewoman

Miranda Cosegrove as Claire Lyle

Daniel Radcliffe as Michael Robinson

Amanda Seyfried as Clara

Debby Ryan as Monica

Alexandra Daddario as Stacey

Logan Lerman as Danny

Scott Eastwood as Steven "Steve" Burke

Gunnar Hansen as Professor Purcell

Bill Moseley as Marcus Lyle

Madison Pettis as Bree McCoy

Emma Watson as Colleen Lyle

Emmy Rossum as Heather Purcell

Tania Raymonde as Annie Tarrant

Douglas Smith as Paul McKeever

Jake Abal as Ethan Tarrant

Anthony Head as Coleman Tarrant

Missi Pyle as Octlivia Tarrant

Leaven Rambin as Coraline McKeever- De La Paz

Chris Evens as David De La Paz

Alisha Newton as Cristina De La Paz

Keke Palmer as Tamara

Spencer List as Tommy Robinson

Katherine McPhee as Marie Robinson

Josh Hartnett as Matthew Robinson

Chris Brown as Johnny Matthews

Chris Tucker as Detective Jeremy Matthews

Daniel Craig as Heyward Sullivan

Olivia Wide as Coraline Sullivan

MacKenzie Foy as Isabel Robtalittle

Gerard Butler as Detective Bruce McCoy

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