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{{Infobox television|show name = Stanley Mitchell Bloopers|format = [[wikipedia:480i|480i]]/[[wikipedia:576i|576i]] ([[wikipedia:4:3|4:3]] [[wikipedia:SDTV|SDTV]])|num episodes = 193 (370 segments)|runtime = 7 minutes (shorts)<br />11 minutes (original episodes)<br />22 minutes (special episodes)|network = [[Wikipedia:PBS|PBS]]<br />[[Wikipedia:PBS Kids|PBS Kids]]|first aired = May 24, 1992|last aired = August 27, 2010|creator(s) = [[Wikipedia:Joe Murray|Joe Murray]]<br />[[Wikipedia:Stephen Hillenburg|Stephen Hillenburg]]|starring = [[Wikipedia:Tom Kenny|Tom Kenny]]<br />[[Wikipedia:Jennifer Love Hewitt|Jennifer Love Hewitt]]<br />[[Wikipedia:Nicole Oliver|Nicole Oliver]]<br />[[Wikipedia:Bill Fagerbakke|Bill Fagerbakke]]<br />[[Wikipedia:Jeff Bennett|Jeff Bennett]]<br />[[Wikipedia:Clancy Brown|Clancy Brown]]<br />[[Wikipedia:Kath Soucie|Kath Soucie]]<br />[[Wikipedia:Mr. Lawrence|Mr. Lawrence]]|director(s) = Joe Murray<br />Stephen Hillenburg<br />[[Wikipedia:Chris Savino|Chris Savino]] (1994-2003)<br />[[Wikipedia:Aaron Springer|Aaron Springer]] (1997-2009)<br />[[Wikipedia:Butch Hartman|Butch Hartman]] (1995-1999; 2002-2005)<br />Mike Bell (1997-1999)<br />[[Wikipedia:C.H. Greenblatt|C.H. Greenblatt]] (2000-2009)<br />[[Wikipedia:Genndy Tartakvorsky|Genndy Tartakvorsky]] (2002-2010)|executive producer(s) = Tom King<br />[[Wikipedia:Stephen Hillenburg|Stephen Hillenburg]] (seasons 5-9)<br />[[Wikipedia:Joe Murray|Joe Murray]] (seasons 3-10)<br />[[Wikipedia:Butch Hartman|Butch Hartman]] (seasons 1-4)<br />[[Wikipedia:Sherry Gunther|Sherry Gunther]] (seasons 5-10)|image = [[File:Stanley Mitchell title.png|250px]]}}'''Stanley Mitchell Bloopers '''is an American animated television series produced by [[Wikipedia:PBS|PBS]]. The series premiered as a "sneak peek" in May 1992 and it officially premiered on August 13, 1992 and ended on August 27, 2010. The show is produced by [[Wikipedia:Vanguard Animation|Vanguard Animation]], [[Wikipedia:Joe Murray Productions|Joe Murray Productions]] and [[Wikipedia:Rough Draft Korea|Rough Draft Korea]]. With a 18-year run, Stanley Mitchell Bloopers is currently the third longest-running PBS animated series, behind [[Wikipedia:Arthur (TV series)|Arthur]] and [[Wikipedia:Cyberchase|Cyberchase]]. The show became popular because ratings were greatly increased as it span into it's franchise, and is one of PBS's highest-rated series.
== Synposis ==
The series follows the endeavors and adventures of a young boy named Stanley Mitchell that annoys other characters.
== Characters ==
''Main article: [[Stanley Mitchell Bloopers character list]]''
=== Main characters ===
* [[Stanley Mitchell]] (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Tom Kenny|Tom Kenny]])
* Mila Mitchell (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Jennifer Love Hewitt|Jennifer Love Hewitt]])
* Sally Mitchell (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Nicole Oliver|Nicole Oliver]])
* Edward Mitchell (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Bill Fagerbakke|Bill Fagerbakke]])
* James Gunderson (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Jeff Bennett|Jeff Bennett]])
* Richard Gunderson (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Clancy Brown|Clancy Brown]])
* Honey Gunderson (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Kath Soucie|Kath Soucie]])
=== Recurring characters ===
* Ryan Bilsky (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Mr. Lawrence|Mr. Lawrence]])
* Fritz Bilsky (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Charlie Adler|Charlie Adler]])
* Samantha Bilsky (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Sirena Irwin|Sirena Irwin]])
* Mr. Morry (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Jim Cummings|Jim Cummings]])
* Sarah Murphy (voiced by [[Tara Strong]])
== Production ==
Joe Murray was inspired by one of the drawings of a big lady. After drawing her short, he decided to draw a little funny boy, Stanley. Production began in late 1990. In December 1999, the series went on hiatus for one year but it came back in late 2000. In November 2008, it was confirmed that the series will conclude in the summer of 2010. Voice actress Nicole Oliver confirmed on Twitter in September 2010 that the show has ended production.
=== Casting ===
The show feature the voices of: Tom Kenny, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nicole Oliver, Bill Fagerbakke, Jeff Bennett, Clancy Brown and Kath Soucie. Most one-off and background characters are voiced by: Mr. Lawrence, Charlie Adler, [[Jim Cummings]], Carlos Alzaraqui, Devon Starr, Andrea Libman, Sirena Irwin, Dee Bradley Baker, Bob Joles, and Dan Castellanta.
Tom Kenny voices Stanley Mitchell and a number of two characters, including Jimmy Lukeson and Sumo McBride. Jennifer Love Hewitt voices Stanley's older sister Mila Mitchell. Nicole Oliver and Bill Fagerbakke voices the Stanley's parents, Sally and Edward. Jeff Bennett voices the Stanley's best friend James Gunderson and the other character, includes Jonny. Clancy Brown and Kath Soucie voices the James's parents, Richard and Honey.
== Episode Guide ==
''Main article: [[Stanley Mitchell Bloopers episode list]]''
The first season premiered on May 24, 1992 with the series and concluded on July 16, 1993. The second season premiered on October 12, 1993 and concluded on November 23, 1994. The third season premiered on February 26, 1995 and concluded on April 22, 1997. The fourth season premiered on August 14, 1997 and concluded on December 20, 1999. After a 1-year hiatus, the fifth season premiered on December 22, 2000 and concluded on May 14, 2002. The sixth season premiered on September 6, 2002 and concluded on November 9, 2003. The seventh season premiered on February 16, 2004 and concluded on January 17, 2005. The eighth season premiered on May 6, 2005 and concluded on April 24, 2007. The ninth season premiered on August 3, 2007 and concluded on March 1, 2008. The tenth and final season premiered on October 9, 2008 and concluded on August 27, 2010 with the series.
== International broadcast ==
=== United States ===
* [[Wikipedia:PBS|PBS]] (1992-2014; 2016-present)
* [[Wikipedia:Nicktoons Network|Nicktoons Network]] (2002-2014)
=== Canada ===
* [[Wikipedia:YTV|YTV]] (1992-1999)
* [[Wikipedia:Teletoon|Teletoon]] (2000-2014; 2015-present)
* [[Wikipedia:Nickelodeon (Canada)|Nickelodeon]] (2009-present)
* [[Wikipedia:Cartoon Network (Canada)|Cartoon Network]] (2012-present)
=== UK and Ireland ===
== Merchandise ==
== Awards ==
== Spin-off ==
=== Cousin N' Friends ===
''Main article: [[Cousin N' Friends]]''
== Broadcasting history ==
== Media ==
Stanley Mitchell Bloopers went to Netflix on February 7, 2013 for seasons 1-4. Seasons 5-10 were on Xbox Video on July 26, 2014.
== 2018 Reboot ==
On February 20, 2017, A new Stanley Mitchell Bloopers animated series titled "[[The New Stanley Mitchell Show]]" was announced. It will feature Stanley and his friends presenting a new version of the program and having new adventures and confusions. In this reboot, the new main characters called Patchy (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Carlos Alzaraqui|Carlos Alzaraqui]]), Clarence (voiced by [[Wikipedia:Billy West|Billy West]]), Holly (voiced by [[Tara Strong]]). It premiered on January 10, 2018.
== See also ==
* [[Stanley Mitchell Bloopers (franchise)]]
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