Canada is a country bordered North of America and South of Denmark, a country in Europe. is located in the double continent called the Americas, located in the Western Hemisphere.


  1. Alberta¹²
  2. British Columbia¹²
  3. Manitoba¹²
  4. New Brunswick¹²
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador¹²
  6. Nova Scotia¹²
  7. Ontario¹²
  8. Prince Edward Island¹²
  9. Saskatchewan¹²
  10. Quebec²


  1. Northwest Territory¹²³
  2. Nunavut¹²
  3. Yukon¹²³

Media made in Canada

Feature Films

TV Shows


  1. Provinces and Territories that speak English
  2. Provinces and Territories that speak French
  3. Provinces and Territories that speak other languages
    • Chipewyan (Northwest Territory)
    • Cree (Northwest Territory)
    • Gwich’in (Northwest Territory)
    • Innuinaqtun (Northwest Territory, Nunavut)
    • Inuktitut (Northwest Territory, Nunavut)
    • Inuvialuktun (Northwest Territory)
    • North Slavey (Northwest Territory)
    • South Slavey (Northwest Territory)
    • Tłįchǫ (Northwest Territory)
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