Death slaughter Is A Horror Thriller Film Starring:Lea Michelle,Ashley Grenne,Crystal Lowe,Nina Dobrev,Meagan Good,Leah Pipes,Jamie Chung,Naya Rivera,Nikki Reed,Vanessa hudgens,Ashley Tisdale,Juliana Guill,Chelan Simmons.Jessica Lowdes,Brianna Evigan,Lacey Chambert,Jessica Harmon,Selena Gomez,Agnes Bruckner,Laura Ramsey And Portia Doubleday


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Lea Michelle As Sarah

Ashley Grenne As Jill

Crystal Lowe As Kelly/suspicious

Nina Dobrev As Melisa

Meagan Good As Loubia

Leah Pipes As Marrie

Jamie Chung As Marnie

Naya Rivera As Cecil

Nikki Reed As Raven

Vanessa hudgens As Claire

Ashley Tisdale As Nicky

Juliana Guill As Abby

Chelan Simmons As Sherry

Jessica Lowdes As Trudie

Brianna Evigan As Amber

Lacey Chambert As Teresa

Jessica Harmon As Fifi

Selena Gomez As Efie/The Killer

Agnes Bruckner As Dylan

Laura Ramsey As Rachel

Portia Doubleday As kerrie


Dylan-Stabbed in Head by Machete

Rachel-Stabbed in Chest

Kerrie-Face Smash



Sherry- Truck by Van

Loubia-Face divided Half by Machete

Abby-Stabbed in Head by Machete

Nicky-Neck Broken

Claire-Stabbed in Troat by Machete

Marnie-Traot Sliced

Cecil-crossed in the chest by Machete

Marrie-Crossed in Chest by Arrow

Kelly-Stabbed in chest by Sarah Stabbed in Back machete by Efie and multiples Shot in Chest by Sarah,Jill,Melisa,amber,Teresa,Raven And Efie


Sarah,Jill,Melisa,Amber,Teresa,Raven And Efie


selena does not die yet

nina has curly hair

ashley has half blonde hair

Sarah has long hair and brown

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