Camp Slaughter 2 Is A Horror Thriller Film and 2 Part of Saga Of Camp Slaughter Starring:Emma Bell,Lea Michelle,Ashley Greene,Nina Dobrev,Nikki Reed,Brianna Evigan,Lacey Chambert,Selena Gomez,Emma Roberts,Candice Accola,Jamie King,Ariana Grande,Elizabeth Gilles,Maggie Grace,Diane Lane,Zacary Levy,Imogen Poots,Margo Harshaman,Emily Browning,Keke Palmer,Ashley Argota And Demi Lovato




  • Emma Bell As Addie Benneth
  • Lea Michelle As Sarah Prescott
  • Ashley Greene As Jill Harvis
  • Nina Dobrev As Mellisa Donovan
  • Nikki Reed As Raven Forbes
  • Brianna Evigan As Amber Keelogs
  • Lacey Chambert As Teresa Mint
  • Selena Gomez As Efie Dollars (Fake Name)/Elena Carver (Real Name) "Killer 1"
  • Emma Roberts As Diana Carver "Killer 2"
  • Candice Accola As Liz Carmack
  • Jamie King As Mederith Carmack
  • Ariana Grande As Cathy Green
  • Elizabeth Gilles As Ana Fields
  • Maggie Grace As Carly Simpson
  • Diane Lane As General Ashlee Minos
  • Zachari Levy As Sean Poots
  • Imogen Poots As Hannah Benson
  • Margo Harshaman As Kiki Leon
  • Emily Browning As Kimmy Leon
  • Keke Palmer As Donna D'Slow
  • Ashley Argota As Darla young
  • Demi Lovato As Nikki Wallace


Nikki Wallace-hanged and decapitated with a barbed wire(Diana)

Kiki Leon and Sean Poots-double decapitation with the ax(Elena)

Darla Young-Stabbed in Eyes by Ice Pike(Diana)

Donna D'Slow-face burned with a blowtorch(Diana)

Cathy Green-stabbed in the face with chainsaw(Elena)

Kimmy Leon-Stabbed in Chest by Machete(Elena)

Carly Simmons-Hanged by Cord(Diana)

General Ashlee  Minos-Decapitateed by Axe(Diana and Elena)

Ana Fields-shot in the eye with a flare(Elena)

Hannah Benson-Head cut in half with a machete(Elena)

Mederith Carmack-multiple shots with arrows (Elena)

Teresa Mint-Stabbed in Back by Axe(Elena) 

Jill  Harvis-Throat Slit by Axe(Elena)

Amber Keelogs-Stabbed in Chest By Ax(Diana)

Diana Carver-Stabbed in Chest by Axe(Addie),Staabed in Back by Axe(Raven)Shots in Chest by Gun(Liz and Mellisa) and stabbed Head by Iron Pipe(Sarah and Elena)


Addie Benneth,Sarah Prescott,Raven Forbes,Mellisa Donovan,Liz Carmack And Elena Carver

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