Camelot is an American Fantasy-Adventure Television Series, and a prequel to the Arthurian legends, based off of the 2008 TV Series, Merlin. Premiering on the CW Television Network, on November 21, 2016, Camelot is highly inspired by the Superman prequel, Smallville. Featuring Ross Lynch, Colin Morgan, Willa Holland, Kira Kosarin, Jadin Gould, Uriah Shelton, and Richard Wilson, as the initial main cast, the series follows the adventures of young Prince Arthur of Camelot and a sorcerer named Merlin, who's destiny is to make sure Arthur becomes the greatest king Camelot has ever seen.


Twelve years after King Uther has banished magic in the Kingdom of Avalon, punishing it's use, a young sorcerer named Merlin arrives in Camelot to learn how to use his magic abilities in secret. Along the way, he meets and befriends King Uther's son, Prince Arthur, and is appointed his squire. While honing his magical abilities, Merlin learns that it is his destiny to protect the young prince and help him become a great leader and the greatest king Camelot has ever known. As the young prince develops his skills and copes with adolescence, he must rise to his calling as heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Camelot.


Main Cast

  • Ross Lynch as Arthur Pendragon, the prince of Camelot and son of King Uther and Queen Igraine, who met Merlin and appointed him his squire. He is a skilled swordsman and uses these skills to stop evil druids. Even when he carries out his father's harsh edicts, he is a good-hearted and compassionate boy, willing to defend anyone that needs it, and becomes the commander of Camelot's Knights. After learning of Merlin's secret, he was originally reluctant to help protect it, but then promised to bring magic back to Camelot when he becomes king, and appoints Merlin as his royal advisor. As he copes with adolescence, Arthur faces many trials to rise to his destiny as King of Camelot.
  • Colin Morgan as Merlin, a young sorcerer that arrived in Camelot to learn how to use his magic with the help of his mentor Gaiuse, only to have to do it in secret, due to magic being banished by King Uther. He also met Prince Arthur, and was appointed his squire for saving his life. While hiding his powers from Arthur, he often used them in secret to save Arthur multiple times, as he learns it is his destiny to protect Arthur and make him a great king. Arthur often seeks his advice, and eventually appoints him as his royal advisor when he becomes king, eventually revealing his powers to Arthur.
  • Willa Holland as Morgana (1-7/Recurring 8-10), the ward of King Uther and a good friend of Arthur since childhood. She offered him a reward from the king, but he denied. After discovering of her latent magical abilities, she tried to convince King Uther to revoke his banishment of magic, but he denied, causing her to grow a hatred for him. Upon learning that Uther is her father she poisoned and kill him, causing Arthur to set out to kill her.
  • Kira Kosarin as Hera Manisle (1-7/Recurring 8), the daughter Sir Orion, one of King Uther's most trusted knights, and Arthur's on again off again romance. In the start of the series she begins getting closer to Arthur and Morgana. After being saved by Arthur multiple times, she began feeling helpless, and asked Morgana to train her in swordsmanship, but in Season 8, she was skilled by a beast sent by Morgana to kill Arthur.
  • Jadin Gould as Guinevere (4-10), Morgana's maid and one of her most trusted friends, who first met Arthur in Season 4, while they both began searching for the truth behind Morgana's presumed death, only to later discover her evil nature. She is strong-headed and willing to protect anyone that needs it, as well as a skilled swordsman, having been taught by her father. Her and Arthur's friendship eventually grew into a romance and they formed a relationship.
  • Uriah Shelton as Sir Lancelot (6-10), a member of the Knights of the Round Table and Arthur's best friend and second in command, as well as a former love interest of Guinevere.
  • Richard Wilson as Gaius (4-8/Recurring 9-10), the court physician and Merlin's guardian and mentor, teaching Merlin to use his magic abilities, as he was once a warlock himself, coming to love Merlin as his own son. Eminently wise, with a long memory, he is King Uther's trusted advisor and is always the first to realize when magic is behind something.

Recurring Cast

  • John Hurt as Kilgharrah, the Great Dragon, a legendary dragon and the last of his kind, imprisoned by King Uther in the Castle's dungeon, guiding Merlin, telling him of his destiny to protect Arthur and make sure he becomes King. In exchange for creating Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur, Merlin freed the dragon only to learn that it's planning to raid Camelot and get revenge for his fallen kin.
  • Melisa Ponzio as Humus, Merlin's mother who spent her whole life worrying that somone would discover Merlin's magic abilities and take him away from her.
  • Peyton Meyer as Will, Merlin's best friend from his village, who was the first person to learn Merlin's secret and accepted it, though he believes Arthur's right as King makes him selfish and doesn't trust him.
  • Logan Williams as Ryan Montgomery (Seasons 1/2), a young boy that first appeared running from his abusive step-parents, who used his powers of telekinesis to steal, until Arthur stopped him. He later appeared after being arrested by Uther, until Arthur and Merlin saved him again, but learned that his powers are killing him from the inside. Despite Merlin's best efforts, he was unable to save Ryan.
  • Asa Butterfield as Mordred (Seasons 2/9-10), a young druid that first appeared escaping King Uther's order to execute him, due to his abilities, with the help of Arthur and Merlin. He later returned and joined the Knights of the Round Table, as Arthur's second-in-command, but Merlin's vision of him joining Morgana comes to light, when Morgana convinces him that Arthur betrayed him.
  • Robert Gorrie as Martin Murtaugh/Drakos, a Knight of the Round Table, loyal to Arthur and the royal family, willing to do anything to prove it, until Merlin learns of a prophecy of the beast that will destroy Excalibur and kill Arthur, and that Martin is the beast, unknown to himself.
  • Ross Lynch as the Wraith, one of the many souls brought to Earth from hell, the Wraith is the strongest of all, going from host to host looking for a strong body, finding one in Arthur's, stealing his blood, gaining Arthur's appearance, strength and skills, as well as his desire for Guinevere.


Season 1

Title Description
Pilot Twelve years after a two year war, King Uther of Camelot has banished the use of magic from Avalon, young sorcerer, Merlin, arrives in Camelot to hone his magic skills under the Castle physician Gaiuse, and meets Prince Arthur, and secretly uses his powers to help him stop an evil druid
Metamorphisis An insect controlling druid, Geoff Hernson begins undergoing transformation into an insect himself, and uses his new abilities to take the girl he loves, Hera, and now Arthur and Merlin must stop him.
Burn Arthur pretends to be a commoner in the next jousting tournament, when a fire controlling druid threatens to burn down the event.
Changeling When Katherine Granta learns that she has the druid ability to morph into the shape of anyone she chooses, Arthur and Merlin earn that she plans to use her power to kill Hera and take her place.
Cool After decades trapped in an enchanted frozen lake, Mark Cabern begins using his new powers to steal body heat from other people, causing Arthur to ruin his plans with Hera, when Morgana finds herself in the middle of Mark's quest for the ultimate source of heat, which he might just find inside Merlin.
Cravings When Jodetha Millecent unknowingly uses vegetables grown in an enchanted garden, she loses her weight faster than expected, but now only body fat satisfies her hunger, which is a problem when Kay invites her to Hera's party.
Blackmail When Merlin uses his powers to save a life, a psychotic villager catches him in the act, and blackmails him into using his magic abilities to steal, but must find away around the blackmail when Arthur sets out to catch the thieves.
Cloaked Arthur and Merlin must get to the bottom of things, when Morgana is attacked by an invisble person, and learn that Jeremy Palmer stripped the oils from a mystical plant to create a potion in order to turn himself invisible.
Leech While saving a commoner, Greg Cipes, from being struck by lightning, Merlin finds that the bolt tansfered his magical abilities to Greg, and must now try to find a way to get them back. Meanwhile, Merlin's mother Humus visits Avalon.
Tempest As the annual festival arrives to Camelot, a large and dangerous twister hits as well, and Merlin might have to risk exposing his powers as Arthur runs straight into the twister to save Hera. Meanwhile, Humus gets trapped in an old crypt with a commoner out to reveal Merlin's secret.
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