Camel Fingers is an upcoming 2016 comedy film.


Two brothers become stranded in the small, sleepy southern town of Camel Fingers, Arkansas with no money, no car, and no conceivable way out.


  • Ben Affleck as Billy Meyer
  • Casey Affleck as Adam Meyer, Billy's brother
  • Patrick Duffy as Sheriff Marcus O'Toole, the sheriff of Camel Fingers
  • Grant Gustin as Deputy David O'Toole, Sheriff O'Toole's deputy and son
  • Missi Pyle as Jessica Noble, a barmaid
  • Nathan Fillion as Neville Blake, an outlaw
  • Sam Elliott as Calvin "Cal" Farnsworth, a prospector
  • Kate Mara as Lucinda Duke, a cowgirl
  • Shia LaBeouf as Harold Tweedy, a cowboy
  • Norm MacDonald as Luther Pruitt, the mayor of Camel Fingers
  • Mary Steenburgen as Harriet O'Toole, Sheriff O'Toole's kindly wife
  • Morgan Freeman as Ron Tyler, the stationmaster of the Camel Fingers Train Station
  • Nick Offerman as Stanley Russo, the owner of the Camel Fingers General Store
  • Oliver Platt as Rupert Jones, the town's bookish, studious postman
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