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Kanji カリバーン
Rōmaji Karibān
Titles & Aliases *Sword in the Stone
  • Holy Royal King Sword
  • Sword of Albion
  • Sword of Mavis
  • Sword of God
Type Holy Sword
Magical Weapon
Magical Sword
Holder Magic
Royal Arms
User(s) *Archangel Mavis (Formally)
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Those who is't pulleth the sw'rd from the stone, shalt becometh the high-king all of albion!
~ One of the two inscriptions on Caliburn

Caliburn is a legendary Holy Sword forged by God, and wielded by the Archangel Mavis to combat against the Darkness. Caliburn is among the most powerful holy swords, just be hide Excalibur, and is able to slice through almost anything in the universe.

When Caliburn was destroyed during the War in Camelot, it was reforged back to its former form, and eventually returned to Arthur.


Caliburn is capable of changing forms, depending on the wielder, and this also includes with Avalon which can also change form along with it.


  • Archangel Mavis - The Archangel Mavis was the First wielder and original wielder of Caliburn. God forged the Sword and gave it to Mavis to combat against the Darkness. Over the ages, God told that Mavis must hide the Sword from Lucifer has God foretold of his rebellion against him, but does not know why, or how. So Mavis venture down to the Jurassic Period of Earth, where she located the human, Sancti Lúminis Claritátem and ask him to keep it safe to wich he agreed and took hold of the majestic sword.
  • Sancti Lúminis Claritátem -Sancti Lúminis Claritátem was the first human to ever wield the Holy Sword. Since wielding it, Sancti has gain advantage over the dinosaurs, and that of other Humans. Sancti was able to fully master the swords abilities and power that allowed him to tame four Raptors, and to make a village/
  • Arthur Pendragon - Arthur obtained Caliburn from pulling it from the stone, and becoming the King of Albion.
  • Artoria Pendragon - Artoria became the wielder when King Arthur retrieved Excalibur from the Lake of Avalon by the Lady of the Lake.
  • Arthur "Uther" Pendragon - Arthur was a wielder of Caliburn, and the most powerful wielder of the magical era (Fairy Tail Era), has he can use both the swords holy energy and light energy to make it so powerful. Has he is also the descendant of the original Arthur, only he is able to wield it.
  • Jade "Artoria" Pendragon - Jade was able to use Caliburn in the Grand Magic Games, and on some missions she and her Father goes on.
  • Samuel - Samuel obtained Caliburn by Jade "Artoria" Pendragon giving it to him to seal in his Vault so no one can use it.


  • Caliburn appears to be female.
  • Caliburn is the Sword in the Stone and first sword wielded by King Arthur in between Late 5th-6th Century AD.
  • It is unknown how Arthur obtained the Sword, its assumed he collected it from his father. But Arthur was captured by bandits.
  • The fact that the sword can't be lifted by anyone other then Arthur and its bloodline is a reference to Mjolnir, has only the one who is worthy can lift and wield Mjolnir.
  • The inscription is the author's made-up inscription, detailing that those who pull the sword, shall be an Holy Knight.

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