Cabin On An Island is a 1998 sequel to Cabin In The Woods. It is directed by John Carpenter and Stars: Matthew Lilard, Carmen Electra, Gabrielle Union, Arlen Escarpeta, Ryan Phillipe, Anne Hathaway, and Jared Leto.


Seven Teenagers: Danny, Ingrid, Marlowe, Keira, Donald, Iris, and Jake win a free trip, but when Ezmerlda comes back to life, she literally wants to drag them to hell.


Seven teenagers are on a cruise ship to Hawaii, but during the trip, a storm ensues, which results in all of them being wiped overboard. They take shelter on a tiny island, where they begin to get comfortable. Danny finds a seashell on the shore and discovers a blood-red cross is painted on it. He drops it and it breaks, causing Ezmerlda,s ashes to summon and mold back into her ghostly self. Danny panics and runs away and tells everyone, but they don't believe him. For The next week, everyone begins hearing strange noises as Donald is knocked unconscious by an invisible force. Donald never regains consciousness and dies a few days later. Danny thinks that this is Ezmerlda,s work and he tells everyone about the story of her. He told everyone the only way to survive was under the island in a secret cavern. Ezmerlda however locked the secret entrance, keeping everyone from going to safety. Iris is dragged away by Ezmerlda and then Marlowe is killed when Ezmerlda stabs him in his throat with her bony hand. Keira begins crying and running around like an idiot and Ezmerlda strangles her with a rope. Danny tells everyone to run and they do. Ezmerlda grabs her lighter and burns Jake to death with it. Danny and Ingrid run and Ezmerlda chases them. Ezmerlda grabs Ingrid and possesses her, she then goes after Danny. Danny dodges her and grabs Ezmerlda,s lighter and sets Ingrid on fire. Danny then lures Ezmerlda into the water and once she,s underwater, he pours gasoline and runs. He turns on the lighter and throws it, it explodes killing Ezmerlda. He then builds a raft and walks away.


Matthew Lilard as Danny

Carmen Electra as Ingrid

Gabrielle Union as Keira

Arlen Escarpeta as Marlowe

Ryan Phillipe as Donald

Anne Hathaway as Iris

Jared Leto as Jake

Lisa Marie Smith as Ezmerlda

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