Cabin In The Woods is a 1997 horror film directed by John Carpenter. The film stars Brandy, Patrick Regis, Tobey Maguire, Sarah Lieving and Justin Hartley


Five Teenagers: Reece (Tobey Maguire), Karen ( Sarah Lieving), Jamal (Patrick Regis), Simone (Brandy) and Toby (Justin Hartley) decide to take a vaction in an islolated cabin in the woods of Kansas. When they arrive there, Simone finds a book called Wiccans Spellbook wich belonged to a woman named Ezmerlda Karver (Lisa Marie Smith). Simone and Karen read back an incantation wich claims it resurrect Ezmerlda from the grave so that she can possess another body for herself. Soon after that, strange things start happening. Karen is pulled onto the ceiling and violently attacked by an invisible force, and Jamal's finger are almost cut off from the window slamming on them. Simone begins to think that these are happening because Ezmerlda came back to life and that she is doing it. Toby dismissess it as a prank and yells at the other un til a hand with two taloned fingers on them cut his head off, splashing blood on everyone. Karen begins thinking of killing herself, but Simone calms her down. Karen is the next killed when Ezmerlda stabs her arm right through her abdomen. Jamal, Simone and Reece try figuring plans to kills Ezmerlda and it almost works, but ends up back firing, ending up Jamal getting killed. Reece is killed as well when Ezmerlda breaks his neck. Ezmerlda then attpemts to take over Simone's body, but Simone uses her lighter to burn the spellbook, wich kills Ezmerlda in the process. Simone runs off into the woods while th cabin burns as the film ends.


Brandy as Simone

Patrick Regis as Jamal

Tobey Maguire as Reece

Sarah Lieving as Karen

Justin Hartley as Toby

Lisa Marie Smith as Ezmerlda

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