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"Need A Little Company" is an alternate-timeline erotic drama spinoff of the 2002/2016 movie, "Cabin Fever", primarily revolving around main characters, Marcy and Paul. "Need A Little Company" breaks away from the canon story in that both Marcy and Paul survive the catastrophe in the cabin.


A fall break vacation is ruined for five college students when a seriously ill vagrant terrorizes them in their rented cabin. They drive him off, but the following night Karen comes down with the same flesh-eating illness the vagrant had. Friendships break down and fear and suspicion creep in as the remaining four isolate themselves from Karen, and eventually each other, in an attempt to avoid catching the contagious disease themselves.

After a botched attempt to load gravely-ill Karen in to the group's truck to take her to a hospital, Bert takes the truck and drives back to civilization alone, leaving the others isolated in the remote woods. Soon after, Jeff runs off in to the woods, believing that the others have become too exposed to the disease for him to risk staying with them. His girlfriend, Marcy, is heartbroken and angered by Jeff's abandonment.

Marcy and Paul are now the only two healthy people left in the cabin. Marcy laments that they will probably contract the disease eventually and that they are not likely to survive the outbreak. Paul attempts to reassure her. Marcy reasons that, seeing as they will be dead soon and won't have any regrets, they might as well make the most of their final hours by having sex. Paul succumbs to Marcy's aggressive advances and they have passionate sex. The act occurs so spontaneously that Paul didn't even have time to apply a condom, a fact which makes him visibly uncomfortable.

Need A Little Company

Paul becomes distant immediately following the impulsive indiscretion. He has long been in love with Karen and views sleeping with Karen's best friend - while Karen is on her deathbed, no less - as an act of betrayal. Marcy picks up on Paul's discomfort and fears that he might leave the cabin like Jeff. Afraid of being left all alone, Marcy persuades Paul to stay by seducing him once again.

Though Marcy and Paul can scarcely believe it, an ambulance arrives at the cabin some time later, as Bert was able to get back to town and report Karen's condition to the authorities. Paul, Marcy and Jeff are all retrieved from the woods along with their sick friend.

Despite the valiant efforts of her doctors, Karen loses her battle with her disease a full month after becoming infected.

Paul and Marcy share an awkward reunion at Karen's funeral - their first meeting since the cabin. Most of their friends and families know about the traumatic outbreak at the cabin, but their brief affair remains a shameful secret between the two of them.

Following the funeral, Marcy tells Paul that she doesn't feel like being alone on such a sad night and offers him first choice of being her "companion" for the evening. Paul is conflicted, but ultimately agrees to covertly visit her in her motel room later in the evening. He still regrets his previous sexual encounter with Marcy and feels that a repeat performance on the night of Karen's funeral is in extremely poor taste. But he increasingly finds himself overwhelmed by a growing sexual attraction to Marcy.

Paul does indeed sneak off to Marcy's motel room and the pair have passionate, no-strings-attached sex several times during the night. During the intermissions, their pillow talk helps them both work through their grief, trauma and shared guilt over the outbreak, Karen's death and the affair they had.

They part company the morning after, following one final screw, with a kiss and a half-hearted promise to call one another.

Paul returns to college for his final semester, but much to his surprise, Marcy does not. Her friends don't seem sure about what's happened to her and there are conflicting rumors about her backpacking through Europe and having moved back home with her family.

As the months roll on, Paul finds himself increasingly preoccupied with thoughts about Marcy and the brief but exciting sexual trysts he had with her.

With some amateur detective work, Paul discovers Marcy's actual location: a small town called Calloway in Oregon. Following graduation, Paul decides to drive cross-country, ostensibly to visit an old friend. In reality, however, he is going to try and find Marcy, hoping that the meeting will lead to another night of carnal passion.

After several days on the road and some investigative legwork through Calloway, Paul does indeed track Marcy down to the realtor office where she's working as a receptionist. It is a horrifying reunion for both of them. Marcy is horrified because she didn't want anybody from her old life to find her in Calloway. Paul is horrified because Marcy is very heavily pregnant!

As they each recover from the initial shock of meeting in these circumstances, Marcy suggests they head to a nearby diner to talk. She confirms Paul's suspicions: that he is the baby's father. It was conceived when they had sex in the cabin. Tensions arise when Paul recalls that Marcy had assured him they didn't need a condom while they were having sex.

Marcy explains that she has no interest in keeping the baby and that she had arranged an adoption for it. However, Paul's presence now complicates the matter as Marcy had gone through the adoption formalities claiming she couldn't identify the baby's father. As his legal parental rights are equal to hers, his appearance could potentially void the entire adoption process. Marcy pleads with Paul to leave Calloway and not interfere with the adoption. However, Paul is still reeling from the sudden discovery that he is soon to be a father, and doesn't answer Marcy's request definitively.

The conversation about their lovechild is tense but civil. When it is over, Paul politely offers to walk Marcy home. Marcy accepts.

Marcy correctly concludes that the reason for Paul's visit was that he had been lusting after her, following their night of lovemaking in the motel and that he had driven all the way across America in hopes of sleeping with her once more. This proves to be a much-needed ego boost for Marcy, who had begun to feel unattractive due to her pregnancy weight. Feeling inspired to do something crazy - a thrill she hasn't enjoyed in some time - Marcy offers to show Paul how much her breasts, which were quite large to begin with, have grown due to her pregnancy. Paul accepts her offer and the exhibition offers both of them a giddy little thrill.

But Marcy develops a taste for even more excitement and is eager to break the sexual drought that her baby bump has imposed on her. Once again, she propositions Paul; though her pregnancy body has knocked a lot of the confidence out of her game.

Paul is more than willing to tend to her needs. Even though her figure has changed dramatically since he last slept with her, Paul finds himself as irresistibly attracted to Marcy as ever. They have wild sex.

Afterwards, Marcy persuades Paul to spend the night at her home. They openly agree that they will sleep together again before the day is done.