The CW Nickverse is a shared universe of multiple Television Series, based off of hit TV Shows from Nickelodeon, beginning on October 14, 2015, with the premiere of The Phantom, based off of Danny Phantom, which led to the production of multiple other series, including Neutron, El Tigre, The Fairy GodParents, and The Power of JuJu.

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Television Series

The Phantom

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A reboot for the 2004 TV Show, Danny Phantom, began preparation in January 2015, and aired on October 21 that year. The series focuses on the adventures of Danny Fenton (Dylan Sprayberry), who as a child, witnessed the death of his parents, who were scientists exploring the supernatural, in an explosion of their ghost portal. Years later, a teenage Danny accidently re-activated the portal, causing the energy from it to turn Danny half ghost. Now, with the help of his friends, Sam Manson (Kira Kosarin) and Tucker Foley (Trevor Jackson), Danny must use his powers to stop supernatural beings threatening his city, as "The Phantom".


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After The Phantom took off, reboots of other Nickelodeon TV Shows took place, starting with Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, and is planned to premiere in 2017. Uriah Shelton has been cast as Jimmy Neutron, but the rest of the characters have yet to been cast. The series focuses on the life of Jimmy Neutron (Uriah Shelton), a teenage boy that was born with supernatural intelligence, equal to or greater than many of the world's greatest scientists, and must use his brain to save his city of Retroville from danger, often created by his own inventions, as he explores the truth behind his unnatural brain.

El Tigre

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A live-action reboot of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera was originally planned for 2015, but production did not take off, until the premieres of The Phantom and Neutron reopened the idea, set to premiere in 2017, pushed back to 2018. The series stars Kolton Stewart as Manny Rivera, a teenage boy who discovers that his that his thought to be deceased father was a superhero and may be alive, and must use a mystical belt to gain powers to find him, but upon learning that his grandfather is a supervillain, is torn between good and evil.

The Fairy GodParents

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The Fairly OddParents was brought into the Nickverse during Season 5 of The Phantom, in which two episodes introduced Jonny Gray as Timmy Turner, who is trying to find proof of magical properties on Earth to explain a strange being he saw as a kid, hoping to find some in Amity Park, learning of Danny's identity along the way. The second episode featuring Timmy ended with Timmy returning home, where he is greeted by a couple of magic fairies. The posotive reception Gray recieved during the series' two backdoor pilots led to the choice of a full budget pilot of The Fairy GodParents, showing his adventures after leaving Amity Park, with his magic fairies, Cosmo and Wanda, as he comes across danger and chaos, that is usually the result or unforeseen consequence of his wishes.

The Power of JuJu

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Season 3 of Neutron will feature a yet to be cast Tak, originally from Tak and the Power of JuJu, a young boy from a realm of mystical powers, that arrives in Retroville and works with Jimmy to retrieve his magic staff to return to his realm. After the air of it's backdoor pilots on Neutron, The Power of JuJu is planned for a full budget pilot to have the series take off, in which in a mystical realm, Tak is chosen of the gods of JuJu to wield their power in order to vanquish dark magic. 

Nick Legends Unite

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In the middle of Season 7 of the Phantom, characters of My Life as a Teenage Robot recieved their own debut in the shared universe, when Danny encounters a mega equipped robotic teenage girl, JX-9, better known as Jenny, who was built to protect the planet.

Although JX-9 did not recieve her own TV Series, the character was placed in a new TV Series, Nick Legends Unite, a spin-off of each CW Nickverse series, featuring Danny, Jimmy, Timmy, Manny, Tak, and Jenny teaming up to protect their world when their enemies form a team of their own.

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