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Dream diary about the crime channel named CN Investigation being the replacement of cartoon channel Cartoon Network.

It was in the year 2019 when I was like 12 years old, I have dreamed that I was in my living room trying to turn on the TV to watch Cartoon Network, but literally, there was a new channel that has replaced Cartoon Network. It's called CN Investigation, in which they aired a lot of police-related documentaries programs and criminal documentaries. I guessed there an episode of one program that is kinda similar to World's Wildest Police Videos, but I think they have a different name, and in top-left-corner was a digital on-screen graphic, the graphic was the word CN (with Eagle Bold font) and near the vertical line at the right, was the word Investigation, with the Coco Gothic Regular font, and also I was curious to know what promos (or trailers) would they promote. The first promo or trailer was like a police documentary or something, then the second promo was about gangs, theft, burglary, and murder, the third and final trailer was either a docu-reality comedy series Nathan for You, or it was a police documentary again, and I don’t know if they have commercials, and I guess they had commercial, and I don't know if I saw the bumper of the channel, maybe I did. But then there's someone (it was not my parents lmao, there's one nice person that told me that) that told me to change the channel because it's about crimes all that stuff, and I did because I don't care watching this channel anymore. Those were really weird dreams I had. But what if that was real...


CN Investigation is a free-to-air television network that broadcasts criminal programs, documentaries, and some non-crime-related programs. The channel replaced Cartoon Network with numerous free-to-air services. It was launched in 2019.


  • NOTE: I don't know if the programming list or lineup of this channel is accurate. But I can guess that I can anticipate the programs that were showed on my own CN Investigation dream. Oh, and I don't really know if they had the graveyard slot on this channel, and I have also added one program during the graveyard slot, it is unrevealed if they had more programs on the death slot.

Daytime programming

Graveyard programming