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C.A.O.S. (Short For Cute Animal Owning Service) was an American Animated Series That aired on Playhouse Shires and Shires Junior and was made by Kitten Entertainment.


A Boy and His Cat take Pets to their loving owners.


C.A.O.S. Employees

  • Pipson Peterson is an 8 year old boy with a motorcycle who does the driving and is fluent in Spanish.
  • Kedi is Pipson’s Cat. He is male in the American Version, But is a female in the British Version. He has the ability to read maps, and despite being a cat, he thinks that worms are tasty.
  • Macy is Pipson’s 10 year old Sister Who is an animal expert.
  • Mr. Walterloo is Pipson and Kedi’s Boss.
  • JK is A Snobbish Human who thinks Pipson is too young to drive.
  • Eve is Macy’s Best Friend, has purple hair, and only works with animals that can handle her driving fastly.
  • Bert is Eve’s Boyfriend (Despite them acting the opposite) and only works with animals who mean no harm.
  • Milo is Mr. Walterloo’s Puppy.
  • Larrot is a Parrot who watches people with his security camera.


  • Poppy the Puppy
  • Elvis the Elephant
  • Bailey the Bush Baby
  • Wyatt the Warthog
  • Henry the Hare
  • The Baby Birds

Other Humans

  • Julian, Rebecca, and Zachary are Three Kids from a animal caring school who follow Pipson and Kedi during their field trip to learn about Pet Delivery.



  • Jose Zelaya - Pipson
  • Aiden Pompey - Kedi
  • Gabriela Eisenburg - Macy
  • Sebastian Aracelus - Mr. Waterloo
  • HD Quinn - JK
  • Constanza Sperakis - Eve
  • Matt Hunter - Bert
  • Harrison Chad - Milo and Freddy
  • Frank Welker - Larrot and The Baby Birds
  • Erica Huang - Poppy, Bailey, and Vanessa


  1. Time to Go with C.A.O.S. (Performed by Pipson, Kedi, and Mr. Waterloo)
  2. Taking This Cutie Home (Performed by Pipson and Kedi)
  3. We Can Do Whatever We Dream (Performed by Pipson and Kedi)
  4. A Friend Like You (Performed by Pipson, Kedi, and Wyatt)
  5. Mrs. Sun (Performed by Macy)
  6. Funtime (Performed by Pipson and Kedi)
  7. Care (Performed by Macy)
  8. Sliding Down The Waterways (Performed by Pipson, Kedi, and Freddy)
  9. I’ve Got Your Hand (Performed by Pipson, Kedi, and Bert)
  10. Yak Along (Performed by Macy, Pipson, Kedi, Milo, and Animals)
  11. Nothing Gets in My Way (Performed by Pipson, Kedi, Macy, and Bert)
  12. Come Together (Performed by Pipson, Kedi, Macy, Mr. Walterloo, Eve, and Bert)
  13. Without My Collar (Performed by Kedi)
  14. Slow and Steady (Performed by Pipson, Kedi, and Tara)
  15. Look at Us Go (Performed by Kedi and Milo)
  16. Do Better Things That Copying (Performed by Pipson, Kedi, and Macy)
  17. Get Crazy (Performed by Pipson and Kedi)
  18. Let’s Be Quiet (Performed by Pipson and Kexi)
  19. Coming Home to You (Performed by Pipson, Kedi, and Hedgie)