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This is a sad alternate ending, where NOS-4-A2 had defeated Buzz Lightyear and took over the galaxy, even XR remained under NOS-4-A2's control.


After a long fight, Buzz Lightyear has finally succumbed to NOS-4-A2's reanimated machines. After Buzz was defeated, NOS-4-A2 killed Buzz Lightyear by biting him, making NOS-4-A2 like to suck blood now, not just machine's energy. Maria, Buster, and Captain Nebula were also killed off by NOS-4-A2's henchmen, including XR, who was now a complete vampire robot, with his wheels/legs turning into a hovering device and demonic-looking retractable skeletal wings under his new cape. They then betrayed Zurg and turned Zurg's hornets into vampire hornets and banished Zurg into Prison, where Zurg had eventually died of thirst and starvation. Eventually, both NOS-4-A2 and the vampiric XR now rule the entire galaxy, turning all sapient species and robots into robotic vampires.

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