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Burst-It Blastoise was an action-adventure fan film that was mistakenly thought a Pokémon parody of Wreck-It Ralph.

On May 25, 2013, it is cancelled because Couy2865 said that he made this ripoff of Wreck-It Ralph by accident and he will never make it again.


When Couy's Arcade closes at night, the various video game characters leave their normal in-game roles and are free to travel to other games. The characters within the game Reflex-It Chespin, Jr. celebrate its titular hero, but loathe the game's villain character, Burst-It Blastoise. At a support group for fan game antagonists, Blastoise reveals his desire to stop being a villain. Ostracized from his game's 30th anniversary celebration, Blastoise believes he can be accepted by earning a medal, just as Chespin does in their game. He learns he can find one in the first person rail shooter game Titan's Duty and enters the game, collecting the medal by climbing the game's central beacon between game sessions. In the process, he accidentally hatches a C.Y.B.R.O.N, one of the game's enemies. The C.Y.B.R.O.N clings to Blastoise as he stumbles into an escape pod that launches him out of the game. Meanwhile, with Blastoise missing, a girl reports to Couy the arcade owner that Reflex-It Chespin, Jr. is malfunctioning. Since broken games get unplugged, leaving their characters homeless, Chespin goes to find Blastoise.

Ralph crash-lands in Power Rush, a kart-racing game. As he searches for his medal, he meets Bunny von Freezches, a glitchy character who takes the medal and uses it to buy entry into a race to determine the game's roster. The other racers, including the game's ruler King Powerpuff, refuse to let Bunny participate, claiming she is not really part of the game. Empathetic towards the friendless Bunny, Blastoise helps build her a kart and discovers that she is a natural racer. Meanwhile, Chespin enters Titan's Duty and encounters Sergeant Rade, the game's no-nonsense leader, who warns that the escaped C.Y.B.R.O.N will multiply and take over any game they enter. As the pair search for Blastoise and the C.Y.B.R.O.N in Power Rush, they separate when Chespin, enamored with Rade, inadvertently reminds her of her late fiancé. Rade finds hundreds of C.Y.B.R.O.N eggs underground, and Chespin becomes imprisoned in King Powerpuff's castle during his search for Blastoise.

Desperate, King Powerpuff hacks the game's code to retrieve Blastoise's medal and offers it to Blastoise, explaining that letting Bunny race would be disastrous for both her and the game. Fearing for Bunny's safety, Blastoise bursts her kart and returns to his own game, but finds that everyone has evacuated, expecting the game to be unplugged in the morning. Ralph then notices Bunny's image on the Power Rush cabinet and realizes she is an intended part of the game, not a glitch. Ralph returns to Power Rush, rescues Chespin and Bunny, and has Chespin reflex the bursted kart. As the race proceeds, the hatched C.Y.B.R.O.Ns attack and Chespin, Rade, and Blastoise battle them. When Bunny catches up to King Powerpuff, her glitching reveals that he is actually Black, a character from an older racing game who sabotaged a newer game out of jealousy, causing both to be unplugged. Bunny escapes from Black, who is consumed by a C.Y.B.R.O.N.

The group flees the doomed game, but Bunny finds she cannot pass through the exit. Rade says the game cannot be saved without a beacon to attract and kill the C.Y.B.R.O.Ns. Blastoise heads to Aero Plant Mountain, an unfinished game track, where he plans on collapsing its bombs into the lava at the bottom to cause a blinding eruption to use as a beacon. Before he can finish, Black, merged with the C.Y.B.R.O.N that had consumed him, carries him away. Blastoise breaks free and dives toward the mountain, intending to sacrifice himself to start the eruption on impact. Bunny in turn uses her glitching abilities to save Blastoise, and the eruption draws Black and the C.Y.B.R.O.Ns to their destruction. Bunny crosses the finish line, restoring her memory and status as Queen Bunny, the game's ruler and lead character, while keeping her advantageous glitching ability. Chespin and Blastoise return to their game in time for Couy to see that it still works, sparing it from being unplugged. Rade and Chespin marry, and the characters of Reflex-It Chespin, Jr. gain a new respect for Blastoise.


  • Burst-It Blastoise, villain of Reflex-It Chespin Jr.
  • Reflex-It Chespin, hero of Reflex-It Chespin Jr.
  • Sergeant Rade, lead character of Titan's Duty
  • Bunny von Freezches, racer/glitch of Power Rush.
  • King Powerpuff/Black, fake ruler of Power Rush and main racer of AngryTime.
  • Blossom Firepunch, racer of Power Rush.
  • Buttercup Vairngrass, racer of Power Rush.
  • Bubbles Waterhead, racer of Power Rush.


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  • This film was before the Skylanders parody of Wreck-It Ralph called Krack-It Kaos becomes released in theaters June 21, 2013.
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