Burn Our Faith is the third album from Australian metal band Red Rose For Ruby (band), released on March 29th 2010. It follows 2009's The Walls of the Insanity.


Reaction to Burn Our Faith was generally positive. Metalix said:

"It’s 2010, and a year ago Red Rose For Ruby released their second album “The Walls of the Insanity”. Now they have churned out album #3, “Burn Our Faith”. With growling vocals and insane guitar riffs and solos, this is by far their most adventurous album yet. The focus on the album is staying true to your faith even when the world comes crashing down. Dealing with apocalyptic events plays through in majority of the songs, and although it is not as emotional as the previous two albums, this may work of RRFR to explore new ground. Their sound is beginning to mature, and it sounds good".

Track listing

  1. "Intro (Hold Close Your Cross)"
  2. "Exuro Nostrum Fides"
  3. "Black Night, Red Dawn"
  4. Without Faith
  5. Fire
  6. The Rivers Run Blood
  7. Day of Reckoning
  8. Unholy Crusade
  9. The Devil's Legion
  10. Death Around Me (I Hold My Beloved Close)
  11. Forty Endless Nights
  12. Our End
  13. Outro (Symphony of the Damned)
  14. Bonus Track: "Never Lie To Me Again"
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