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Burger Time
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Type App store game
Created by Belchfart Studios
Developed by Chris6dProductions
Released February 20, 2017
Cost $0.99
Total sales $11,773,091
Discover your true passion for burgers in this extremely fun and addicting game.

Burger Time is a popular game created by Belchfart Studios and developed by Chris6dProductions, a subsidiary of Chris6dFilms. The game involves a former actor's quest to create the perfect burger after he is fired from his job as an actor, and almost killed by the police.


The game follows a protagonist with an unknown name, simply known as "you". You are an actor about to perform on-stage in front of thousands of people at a theater. In the first level, you are on-stage and must match the movements shown on the screen to deliver a successful performance. While onstage, you happen to look straight ahead and notice a man aiming a sniper rifle at the stage from a long distance away. You immediately duck and jump out of the way. As this occurs, the sniper shoots but misses you (he meant to get you) and kills your boss. Everyone in the theater runs out in a panic.

A few days later, reports come back that the assassin was your brother, who meant to kill you after you stole all his cookies from the cookie jar. You feel immense pain and regret, and as well, since it was your brother, you have been fired from the production. You must walk out of the theater and into the cold, open world. Down the street is a Junxy Burger joint. You must walk there, enter, and ask the girl at the register if they're hiring. She says yes, with a grin.

All of a sudden, police storm the joint and hold you at gunpoint. They tackle you and the girl says "Nope, we're not hiring!" and everyone runs out in a panic. You must then match the movements on the screen to break free, but when you are free a cop shoots his gun at you. The player has 1 second to match the movement on the screen or they die. When the movement is matched, you dodge the bullet and put your hands in the air. You ask the cops what is going on, and they say that they're sending you to jail because you killed a man.

You tell them that that wasn't you, it was your brother, and show them ID. They believe you, and tell you that they were so violent because they're cranky, due to their hunger. They ask you if you could hook them up with some burgers, to which you agree, despite you not working there or even being a good cook. Nonetheless, your lifelong dream was to create the perfect burger that no one else did, and cooking for these cops could be a good start. As soon as you jump behind the counter, put on a Junxy Burger outfit and visor, and look the part, spatula in hand, hordes of hungry people invade the store. They want you to cook them burgers.

Game elements

And so, the rest of the game involves you cooking burgers for an unlimited amount of people. There are many different possible types of burgers people can order, and many ingredients and toppings you must apply. Each burger must be carefully made by you, within a time limit, and then must be given to the correct person. If a person receives the wrong burger, you lose money. A round lasts 5 real-time minutes and you must make and deliver as many burgers as you can within 5 minutes.

During these 5 minutes, an analog clock is displayed which goes from 10 AM to 6 PM within the 5 minutes. When it reaches 6 PM, the 5 minutes are up and you tell everyone to get out, in which they leave, then you leave, then you shut the door and turn the lights off, closing the store for the night.



Types of burgers include:

  • Standard hamburger, which includes the burger, two buns, some seasoning, lettuce, and tomato.
  • Plain burger, which includes only the burger, two buns, and some seasoning.
  • Cheeseburger, which includes the burger, two buns, some seasoning, and cheese.
  • Deluxe Cheeseburger, which includes the burger, two buns, some seasoning, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.
  • Double Killer, which includes two burgers, three buns, seasoning, cheese, and tomato.
  • Healthy Burger, which includes the burger, two buns, and lettuce.
  • Triple Heart-Attacker, which includes three burgers, four buns, two tomatoes, two slices of lettuce, two sets of seasoning, and two slices of cheese.
  • BLT, which includes a burger, two buns, bacon, lettuce and tomato. This was added in Update 1.2.


Sometimes the person may also ask for accessories as well as the burger. Types include:

  • Regular Fries: a regular set of French Fries.
  • Double Fries: two sets of French Fries combined to make one large package.
  • Small Soda: a small ounce soda.
  • Medium Soda: a medium ounce soda.
  • Large Soda: and a LAAAARGE soda!
  • Diet Soda: a diet soda.
  • Water: a water bottle. This was added in Update 1.2.


Ingredients are how burgers are made. These include:

  • The burger itself
  • Slice of cheese
  • Slice of tomato
  • Slice of lettuce
  • Buns
  • Seasoning
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Mayo
  • Bacon

Extra ingredients

Some ingredients such as mustard, ketchup, and mayo can be applied for bonus points, but if the person specifically says not to put something on the burger and you put it, you'll lose money. As well, extra ingredients cannot be added to burgers, as the specific types of burgers require a specific recipe (example: standard hamburgers MUST have 1 burger, 2 buns, 1 set of seasoning, 1 slice of lettuce, and 1 slice of tomato.)


The first round has no limit, the player must make as much money as they can. In the second round, however, the player must make at least $400 to move on. In each round the player must sell more burgers to make more money than the previous round. When they cannot make any more money to meet the demand, the game is over and you can start over at round 1.


  • This was the first app developed by Chris6d, and as such, was a success. Because everything Chris6d does is a success.
  • The main menu has a feature where you can skip the entire first section (story) and cut right to the burger-making aspect of the game. This feature is intended for little kids who may think the first few scenes are too dark for them, as they feature guns, violence, blood, and death.
  • This game has aspects which resemble several other burger-making games, but it is different in its own light.
  • The game initially released for $2.99 in 2017, but in 2019, it was lowered to $1.99. In October 2020, it was lowered to $0.99.