Bunny Man is an episode of Urban Legend.


Jesse and Candy has to know who the real Bunny Man is.


The Bunny Man is stalking Jesse and his friend Derek and Derek survived, Jesse died and Candy Sutter find out that her husband died and Derek moves in with Candy and her children and she take a pregnancy test and she tells Derek and the kids and she calls her mother and Derek and Candy knew who the Bunny Man was and the investigator came in and talk with Candy about her ex-husband and it worried her and she getting married to Derek and they get married and Candy and Derek read about the Bunny Man and they knew about Candy, who knows about the Bunny Man and Joshua is crying and they find all the folders and the knew it was Freddy Niskar and Jan and Kelly is calling Candy and they go back into the old abandoned school and find Joshua, their kid as Derek, Candy and Joshua run out of the school and they get in her mother's car and she tells her mother that she is pregnant and Joshua is fast asleep in the car and Candy carry him into his bed and they still wanna 


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