After the closing of the hellmouth Buffy and Dawn Summers moved to LA. Buffy got a job an apartment. All she wanted was to have a nice simple life with Dawn. One afternoon Buffy had received a call from Willow Rosenburg, her old best friend. Buffy hadn't spoken to her since the closing of the hellmouth. Willow had told her that her old watcher, Rupert Giles, had been killed. Buffy was shocked, she couldn't believe it. She hadn't felt this much pain since she found her mother Joyce dead in her living room. Of course Joyce had died from a tumor, Giles was murdered. A gang of vampires in England found him patrolling with Faith Lehane and killed him. Willow came, and eventually moved to LA to tutor Dawn (who had not yet found out about Giles) and care for Buffy who had became obsessed with Gile's death. While Buffy was reading about his death online Dawn saw everything and was furious with her sister. She demanded that they traveled to England in search of the vampires who have done this. Buffy was very hesitant but eventually said yes. When they got there Dawn and Buffy went out in search of the gang while Willow stayed at the hotel. While Buffy and Dawn were hunting they met up with Faith. Faith traveled to England with Giles to help other potential slayers. When she found out about his death she too was hunting down the gang. They had searched everywhere but they were no where to be found. Then they found Willow in a local cemetery being hounded by the gang. Willow had actually followed them afterwords but was kidnapped by Luc, leader of the gang and Gile's killer. Buffy and Faith fought and killed most of them while Willow took Dawn back to the hotel. Luc didn't fight though, he just let his companions do the dirty work. After Buffy and Faith finished them off Faith left and left Buffy handle Luc. Luc seemed charming yet cold hearted. At first he started admiring Buffy and her abilities then somewhat bragged about killing Giles. That set Buffy off. Buffy tried to stake him but was kicked into a grave stone. She passed out and when she woke up he was gone. When Buffy went back she was so dazed. She couldn't stop thinking about Luc.The next night Willow was somewhat happy to see Buffy back in the game and thought about bringing the scoobies back together. She called Xander Harris who was against the idea but came to England  for Giles. The next night Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Faith, and Xander went out to hunt down more gang members. When they found the gang there was more than 40 vampires. Buffy was shocked and told Willow to go home with Dawn ad lock the doors. Faith Buffy and Xander fought but couldn't win. Most of them were avoiding Buffy though. As Xander was making his way to Luc a vampire named, James, killed him. Buffy was pushed to her limit and killed over 34 vampires. They rest fleed, except Luc. Faith took Xander to a hospital while Buffy and Luc talked and flirted and eventually kissed, what she didn't know was that Willow and Dawn were still watching. They were beyond furious. Willow relapsed and decided to teach Dawn ancient curses and dark magic. Dawn was getting powerful and wanted revenge. When Buffy and Luc met up Dawn found them and killed Luc. Buffy was enraged and fought Dawn until she knew she couldn't win. She fled to the hotel and was greeted by Willow who had also confronted her. Faith returned to find Willow and Dawn about to kill Buffy. Faith shot an arrow at them but it hit Willow. While Willow was unconscious and Faith and Dawn fought Buffy was trying to bless Willow and help her get back to sanity. Faith was about to kill Dawn but Buffy stopped her and helped Willow and Dawn by using light magic against them. As they recovered Buffy swore to finish the rest of the gang.


Buffy: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Faith: Eliza Dushku

Willow: Alyson Hannigan

Dawn: Michelle Trachenberg

Luc: Evan Peters

Xander: Nicholas Brendon

Giles: Anothny Head

Angel: David Boreanaz

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