Buena Vista Country is a part animated part live action crossover miniseries and a reboot based on Buena Vista. It includes twelve episodes. Unlike the Buena Vista series - This miniseries served as an R-rated version of the story.


  • Winnie The Pooh and An American Fail
  • Fievel and The 100 Acre Fat Heads
  • The Funny Adventure
  • The Funny Adventure 2
  • Scooby in Thorn Valley
  • The Rodents On The Farm
  • Marian vs Voracity
  • The Goofy Adventures of The Fox and The Hound
  • Hugo the Jungle Animal On The Run
  • Lions and Fraggles
  • Forest Battle
  • Happy Ending in Sherwood Forest


  • Buena Vista Country is directed by Spike Lego.
  • Unlike the Buena Vista series - This series did not feature musical numbers. But features vengeance cursing and nudity.
  • After Buena Vista Country concluded - The Lego family retired from show business and moved into the countryside.
  • Like the classic series Buena Vista - Buena Vista Country debuted in 2010 and later concluded in 2017.


  • Holly Gauthier Frankel as Rita the Fox - the protagonist. She was Robin Hood's younger sister and Hugo's best friend.
  • Lea Salonga as Maid Marian - the deuteragonist and the narrator. She was a retired super heroine called Wonder Fox and Robin's love interest. In the series finale - Marian battled Daphne and became Wonder Fox once more. Marian ends up being with Robin.
  • Mandy Moore as Vixey - the tritagonist. She was Aleu's boss and Tod's love interest.
  • Grey Griffin as Daphne Blake - the antagonist. She was Padme Amidala's older sister and a former member of Mystery Inc. Daphne became Wonder Woman and plotted to rule the enchanted forest. But in the series finale - Marian defeated Daphne. During a fight on a cliff - Daphne's Wonder Woman costume was malfunctioned and fell off the cliff. A nude Daphne ran away and was never seen again.
  • Bronson Pinchot as Hugo the Jungle Animal - Rita's best friend. He fell in love with her since the day they first met. Hugo and Rita brought happiness to the enchanted forest in the series finale.
  • Lacey Chabert as Aleu - Vixey's best friend and sidekick. She was also Balto's daughter.
  • David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck - A grumpy but kind hearted old duck who is the richest duck in the world. He was friends with Marian and helps her prevent the forces of evil from taking over the forest. Scrooge served as the comic relief character of the series.
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