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bonnie and bonkers is a revival to disney's bonkers it was gonna have eight seasons but was sadly canceled after one season and 19 episodes after the creators partner made bonkers move on



Bonkers (Jim Cummings)-he retain his personality from his first cartoon

bonnie bunny (Rob Paulson)-he is an out of work bunny who learns to like bonkers after they save roger rabbit who changed his name after people complained about him being similair to bonnie the bunny from five night's at freddy's

miranda wright (Nancy Cartwright)-bonkers second partner she now lives near bonkers

Fall Apart Rabbit (Rob Paulson)-a dimwitted rabbit who can remove his limbs he retains his personality from bonkers

Toots (frank welker)-Bonker's Pet he retains his personality from bonkers

miranda wright (karla devito)-bonkers second partner she oftern helps bonnie and bonkers out

Jitters (jeff bennent)-he retain his personality from bonkers

Fawn Deer (Nancy Cartwright)-bonker's ex love interest who retains her personality from bonkers she is now married to flyscratch

lucky piquel (jim cummings)-bonker's first partner he has moved back due to a worker shortage

blinky bunny (nancy cartwright in the style of bart simposn)-buddy's little nephew he kinda acts like bart simpson sometimes which explains the voice

foxy (Mark hamil)-he is buddy bunny's best friend who is a pirate fox who speaks with an new jersey accent

bianca bunny (tara strong)-buddy's ex fiance due to an arguement bianca still cares for him as she found out about him being fried

golly gopher (paul reubenson)-buddy's best friend ever since space jam: fight for all he has served as his neighbor

bat-mite (paul reubenson)-the magic batman fanboy from another dimension he serves as a narrator for alternate tales and other stuff such as space jam: fight for all and a new tale

tuca (tiffany haddish)-she retains her personality fom tuca and bertie

bertie (holi wong)-she retains her personality from tuca and bertie

chief kanifky (earl boen)-he retains his personality from bonkers

minerva mink (julie brown)-she usually does cameo roles she retains her personality from animaniacs

lucky the leprechaun (stuart townshed)-he retains his personality from the lucky charms commercials

rivet (jennifer hale)-she retains her personality from ratchet and clank rift apart

buster bunny (charlie adler)-he retains his personality from tiny toons adventures but he is bonnie bunny's first cousin

adventure bonnie (tara strong)-he retains his personality from fnafworld but he is now bonnie bunny's second cousin

bonnie bunny (yeardly smith)-she is buddy's sister/brother as he/she is transgender

dnamy (amy sedaris)-a dna combining villainess formerly she turned good after an argy with buddy bonkers and marsupalami

marsupalami (steve mackall)-he retains his personality from raw toonage


bendy (squigglydiggs)-an evil ink demon he tried to capture roger rabbit but was stopped an place in a glass bottle

bubsy (rob paulson)-he stole several disney relics for his games and was stopped and sent to jail

katya (sherry lynn)-an evil thief ounce a star bonkers was in love with she was the serial wedgie giver who was stopped and given an atomic wedgie by bonnie after she tried to leech off him

Al vermin (robert ridgley)-an evil bug he is a gangster who is working for someone 

Eddy Scooper (Robert Englund)-he framed skippy squirrel for robbery just so he could experience summer and marry slappy

Alex Zamm (Jim Cummings)-the real life director of the woody woodpecker movie who dressed as a killer in a hockey mask to get revenge on woody for ruining his career

Scourge The Hedgehog (Jaleel white)-a villain from the sonic comics he framed sonic for multiple crimes

fiona fox (Andrea Libdeman)-A villain from the comics she is scourge's babe

the Destructix (Various)-scourge's team from the comics they tried to defeat bonnnie and bonkers but were defeated and sent to jail

The Alien (Charlie Adler)-he kidnapped marvin the martian and tried to humiliate the queen of mars but was stopped by bonnie and bonkers

mr.director (Paul rudd)-he kidnapped bonkers and the warner siblings

baloney (Jeff bennent)-a parody of barney he used an animatronic version of himself to fight bonnie but was stopped when he used his mallet and yakko dropped an anvil on him

chicken boo (frank welker)-he captured rita and runt

schmooze (same as stay tooned)-he tried to turn the world into his image

thomas turkey (rob paulson)-he tried to get bonnie and bonkers to get him out of jail but failed

Robbie Rotten (Tim Curry)-He Was The Shadow Of Doubt who tried to tear down bonnie and slappy's old hideout But he Got Away after he gave slappy an atomic wedgie and ran away

Guest stars

Roger rabbit (Jess Harnell)-he is the first cartoon bonnie and bonkers saved

marvin the martian (eric bauza)-he is the commander of mars bonnie and bonkers saved an alien

the queen of mars (katie soucie)-they had to save her and marvin from an aliem

Sonic The Hedgehog (Jaleel White)-he was framed for multiple crimes

Woody Woodpecker (Eric Bauza)-bonnie and bonkers saved him from the director of his movie Alex Zamm

slappy squirrel (sherri stoner)-she makes a cameo in episode 9 as she has an arguement with bonnie about her leaving his show

the warners (rob paulson jess harnell and tress mcneille)-the siblings from animaniacs who bonnie and bonkers saved from mr.director and baloney

minerva mink (Julie brown)-she made a cameo in how bonnie stole christmas as a patreon at the bar bonnie gave an atomic wedgie to and was picked up by yakko who aroused her by asking if she wanted to go to his home and see his stamp collection

heckle and jeckle (john dimaggio and johnny depp)-the two animated magpie twins heckle hired them to find jeckle

season 1

  1.  the beginning-bonnie bunny out of work cartoon must team up with bonkers to save roger rabbit
  2.  god save the queen of mars-bonnie and bonkers must save the queen of mars and marvin the martian from a evil alien
  3.  relics stolen-several relics are stolen and bonnie and bonkers must recover them
  4.  who framed sonic the hedghog-sonic the hedgehog is framed can bonnie and bonkers prove his innocence?
  5.  woodpecker pecked-there is a madman after woody woodpecker bonnie and bonkers must save him
  6. crooked squirrel-skippy squirrel is framed for stealing bonnie and bonkers must prove his innocence
  7. wedgie time-a serial wedgie giver is on the loose bonnie and bonkers must stop whoever it is
  8. who do it-after a chase after al mcvermin proves that he is working for someone bonnie and bonkers must find out who
  9. back from hiatus-after hiatus alot has happened and right now buddy and bonkers must save heckle when he is kidnapped
  10.  Bobcatnapped-after bonkers is kidnapped by mr.director bonnie has to save him and the warner siblings
  11. how bonnie stole christmas-bonnie after being stood up by slappy attempts to steal christmas in a parody of the famous dr.seuss story but learns the true meaning and is rescued by bonkers and skippy and he and slappy make up and bang
  12. the rita and runt caper-bonnie and bonkers must help rita and runt prove they're innocence when they are framed for many crimes
  13. stay tooned-bonnie and the cast of stay tooned team up to stop schmooze
  14. who's the turkey now?-bonnie and bonkers help a turkey find his supposed killer
  15. love stinks-the gang helps stunky skunk find his admirer
  16. Those Rotten Days-A stranger is trying to tear down bonnie and slappy's old hideout can they stop the demolition?
  17. reunited (and it feels so good)-bonker reunites with lucky piquel and thus bonnie is awestruck but curious as to why he hates toons lucky explains why he hated toons
  18. back from hiatus-buddy and bonkers come back from hiatus and alot has happened as they must stop dnamy using roger rabbit's dna to create an army and save heckle who is kidnapped
  19. paybackimaniacs part 1-bonkers attempts to get payback on the animaniacs and helps buddy get slappy's restraning order against him disposed of


this is based on sam and max

the series is based on the sam and max series from telltale games

starting from bobcatnapped the show shifted it's direction to adults