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Bubbles is a staring character in Go! Go! Dreamy Girls! He was inspired by the character of the same first name in the Animal Crossing series.


Bubbles has long shiny blond-silver like hair that is straightened. She also has a slim body with dark tan skin.


Bubbles is first shown to be demanding and strict towards others. (Just like Mother Parallini who is T.W's mother from Cyberchase) she even has severe anger issues. This was shown also with her name-calling problems. But overall, It is revealed that she is a very selfless person and cares deeply for others.


Gender Female 
Height 5'1 ft 
Weight 130 lbs (58 kg)
Blood Type B-
Birthday Sept 18th, 2002
Sign Virgo
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Turquoise
Likes fashion, being pleased and in the spotlight
Dislikes rules being broker, her own anger issues,
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