Bubble Guppies is the Crusant dub the show with the same name. It premiered on 5 September 2011 and finished on 14 November 2016 on Nick Jr. (Crusania).

Series Overview

Note: Episodes are listed in the production order.

Season 1
Original Title Crusant Title Translation
Happy Clam Day Gladen Müsling Dag Happy Clam Day
Fishketball Fisketball Fishketball
Build me a Building Byg myg e Byging Build me a Building
The Grumpfish Special De Surnalle Special The Surnalle Special
We Totally Rock Vi Totælt Rock We Totally Rock
Call a Clambulance Ring for e Skel-lænse Call for a Shellbulance
The Legend of Pinkfoot De Legend om Pinkfoot The Legend of Pinkfoot
Bubble Puppy Bubble Puppy Bubble Puppy
Can You Dig It? De Ingravinin The Excavation
Super Shrimptennial Celebration De Stor Reke Fest The Great Shrimp Celebration
Have a Cow Har e Ko Have a Cow
Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf? Vem Vil Ly de Stor Slim Ülv? Who Will Play the Big Bad Wolf?
The Spring Chicken is Coming De Spring Høn er kommar The Spring Hen is coming
Bubble Bites Bubble Kookjes Bubble Cookies
Haunted House Party Parti på e Hjemsøkt Hüs Party at a Haunted House
The Crayon Prix De Farjent Prix The Crayon Prix
Ducks in a Row Ænder i trak Ducks in a Row
The Moon Rocks Män Stens Moon Rocks
Gup, Gup, and Away Guppies i Himmel Guppies in the Sky
Boy Meets Squirrel Brang Møde Ekorn Boy Meets Squirrel

Season 2
Original Title Crusant Title Translation
X Marks the Spot X Indekere de Sted X Indicates the Place
Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish Gladen Jul, Hr. Surnalle Merry Christmas, Mr. Surnalle
The Lonely Rhino De Einsom Neshorn The Lonely Rhino
Bubble Puppy's Fin-Tastic Fairytale Bubble Puppy's Fin-tæstisk Eventry Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale
Firefighter Gil to the Rescue Brandman Gil kommar te Udsüdling Fireman Gil comes to the Rescue
The Cowgirl Parade De Cowgirl Parade The Cowgirl Parade
The Tooth on the Looth Ein Løs Tånd One Loose Tooth
The Beach Ball De Strand Ball The Beach Ball
The Sizzling Scampinis De Cirkushåndling The Circus Act
Construction Psyched Vild for Konstructsjon Wild for Construction
Sir Nonny the Nice Sir Nonny de Snil Sir Nonny the Kind
Bubble-Cadabra Bubble-cadabra Bubble-cadabra
Only the Sphinx Nose De Sphinx's Nes The Sphinx's Nose
Bring on the Bugs De Insekt Parade The Insect Parade
Bubble Duckies Bubble-anderlings Bubble-ducklings
The Triple-Track Train Race De Tre Tog Ræs The Three Train Race
Check it Out Lån e Bøg Borrow a Book
Good Hair Day Gol Hær Dag Good Hair Day

Season 3
Original Title Crusant Title Translation
The Puppy and the Ring Bubble Puppy en de Mægís Ring Bubble Puppy and the Magic Ring
Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish Gol Morgen, Hr. Surnalle Good Morning, Mr. Surnalle
Get Ready for School Klar te Start Skol Ready to Start School
The Police Cop-etition De Polis Könkünser The Police Competition
The Elephant Trunk-a-Dunk Elefant Basketball Elephant Basketball
The Super Ballet Bowl De Stor Ballet  The Great Ballet
The Wizard of Oz-tralia De Trollman om Oz-tralia The Wizard of Oz-tralia
The Artic Life Misjon te Nord Mission to the Artic
Puppy Love Hündvælp Elsk Puppy Love
The Oyster Bunny De Øster Kanin The Oyster Bunny
The Amusement Parking Lot De Frøstilepark The Amusement Park
Party at Sea Festiv på Høv Party at Sea
The Unidentified Flying Orchestra De Ündentifisert Flüer Orchester The Unidentified Flying Orchestra
Come to Your Sense Vi har Fem Sånser We have Five Senses
Puddleball Puddelball Puddleball
The Bubble Bee-athalon De Bubble Bi Könkünser The Bubble Bee Competition
The Running of the Bullfrogs De Stor Skipper Ræs The Great Frog Race
Bubble Scrubbies Bubble Skrubbing Bubble Scrubbing
A Very Guppy Christmas E Gladen Guppy Jul A Merry Guppy Christmas
Fruit Camp Frügt Kamp Fruit Camp
Bubble Kitty Bubble Kætling Bubble Kitten
Gobble Gobble Guppies Gobble Gobble Guppies Gobble Gobble Guppies
Swimtastic Check-Up De Mayorthon The Mayorthon
A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend E Delfin er e Guppy's Best Ven A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend
Super Guppies Super Guppies Super Guppies

Season 4
Original Title Crusant Title Translation
The New Doghouse De Nil Hünd Hüs The New Dog House
The Glitter Games De Prinsess Könkünser The Princess Competition
Costume Boxing Klad-op Könkünser Dress-up Competition
Guppy Style Guppy Stil Guppy Style
Guppy Movers Guppy Hösurs Guppy Movers
Temple of the Lost Puppy Tempel om de Lorn Hündvælp Temple of the Lost Puppy
Batterball Kagball Cakeball
The New Year's Dragon De Nil Jar's Dråge De New Year's Dragon
Space Guppies Rum Guppies Space Guppies
Sheep Doggy Farhünd Sheepdog
Trick-or-Treat, Mr. Grumpy Snil ellar Silk, Hr. Surnalle Nice or Rude, Mr. Surnalle
The Summer Camp Games De Sömmer Kamp Spilen The Summer Camp Games
Bubble Baby Bubble Baby Bubble Baby


  • Mr. Grumpfish is named "Hr. Surnalle", Hr. is short for "Herrå which means "Mr." and in this dub, "Surnalle" is a portmanteau of the word "Sur" (Which is a Crusant word for a grump) and "Canalle" which is a Crusant name.
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